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Famous Quotes About Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Rachel Klein
#1. I spent most of this weekend sitting on the sofa reading Proust. The only time my mother left her studio, which she locked behind her, was to go to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house. #Quote by Rachel Klein
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Susan Bernhardt
#2. Another holiday, another murder. At least no one got murdered at Thanksgiving dinner! How did I end up, in the season of peace and goodwill toward men, investigating another homicide?"
~ Kay Driscoll

Murder Under the Tree (A Kay Driscoll Mystery Book 2) - Coming November 14. #Quote by Susan Bernhardt
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Sue Grafton
#3. I used to have a crow named Albert. Bertie, when I got to know him better. I got him when he was just a little guy and had him for years. A young crow doesn't navigate well and they'll sometimes crash-land. They're called branchers at that age-that's about all they can do, lumber awkwardly from branch to branch. Sometimes they get stuck and they wail like babies until you get 'em down. Bertie must have bitten off a bit more than he could chew and he'd tumbled to the ground. I had a cat named Little John who brought him in, squawking hellishly. LJ and I had a tussle to see who was going to take possession. Fortunately for Bertie, I won the contest. He and the cat became friends later, but it was touch-and-go for a while there. LJ was pissed off because he thought this was Thanksgiving dinner and I was getting in his way (Dietz) #Quote by Sue Grafton
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Alina Klein
#4. The two officers followed Mom out of the kitchen, passing untouched rolls, stuffing, and a turkey resting in its own congealed juices on a platter. I stared at our spoiled Thanksgiving dinner. #Quote by Alina Klein
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Cindy Margolis
#5. My favorite meal is turkey and mashed potatoes. I love Thanksgiving, it's just my favorite. I can have Thanksgiving all year round. #Quote by Cindy Margolis
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Greg Behrendt
#6. I love to eat. That's why I got so fat; I love to eat. If I don't walk away from a meal hurting, I didn't do it right. If I don't walk away from Thanksgiving dinner feeling like I've been turkey-f**ked in a gingerbread prison, I didn't do it right. #Quote by Greg Behrendt
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Dan Ariely
#7. (Giving your mother-in-law a gift is a good idea, but paying her for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner is not recommended, even if both gestures would cost you the same amount of money.) #Quote by Dan Ariely
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Seanan McGuire
#8. Thanksgiving dinner with my family is awesome," I deadpanned. "Now drink your gold before somebody comes along and mutates you into a twisted parody of humanity. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Grandpa Jones
#9. May your stuffing be tasty May your turkey plump, May your potatoes and gravy Have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious And your pies take the prize, And may your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off your thighs! #Quote by Grandpa Jones
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Elin Hilderbrand
#10. Three geese stuffed with apples and onions, served with a Roquefort sauce, stuffing with chestnuts, potato gratin, curried carrots, brussel sprouts with bacon and chives- #Quote by Elin Hilderbrand
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Patricia Briggs
#11. Warren and his boyfriend had put on a Thanksgiving dinner for their friends who didn't have families to go home to. Being gay meant they had a number of friends with no welcoming families. Mary #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Ina Garten
#12. If you think about a Thanksgiving dinner, it's really like making a large chicken. #Quote by Ina Garten
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Jennifer Granholm
#13. As governor, when I visited our troops in Kuwait and Iraq, I served them Thanksgiving dinner. It was a small gesture compared to their sacrifice. #Quote by Jennifer Granholm
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
#14. The concept of time, as it's commonly understood by normal
people with normal jobs and normal goddamn lives, doesn't
exist on the road. The nights spread out like the dark,
godforsaken highways that distinguish them, and the days run
together like Thanksgiving dinner smothered in gravy. You
never really know where you are or what time it is, and the outside
world starts to fade away.
It's cool. #Quote by Tiffanie DeBartolo
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#15. Agriculture is a business that has been up to its bib overalls in politics since the first Thanksgiving dinner kickback to the Indians for subsidizing Pilgrim maize production with fish head fertilizer grants. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Gail Caldwell
#16. The rest of the family tree had a root system soggy with alcohol ... One aunt had fallen asleep with her face in the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner; another's fondness for Coors was so unwavering that I can still remember the musky smell of the beer and the coldness of the cans. Most of the men drank the way all Texas men drank, or so I believed, which meant that they were tough guys who could hold their liquor until they couldn't anymore
a capacity that often led to some cloudy version of doom, be it financial ruin or suicide or the lesser betrayal of simple estrangement. Both social drinkers, my parents had eluded these tragic endings; in the postwar Texas of suburbs and cocktails, their drinking was routine but undramatic. #Quote by Gail Caldwell
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Amy Poehler
#17. Matt asked me to join the Upright Citizens Brigade, a relatively young sketch group. They needed a girl. I had heard of their shows around town, which seemed like a mixture of improvisation and performance art. They had done a show where each member sat on a street corner and had a Thanksgiving dinner. They did a show where they pretended a member was committing suicide. They did a show where they took an audience member for a virtual-reality tour out into the streets of Chicago. Most of their stuff was about getting the audience out of their chairs and out of their comfort zone. The Upright Citizens Brigade name came from a fake big bad corporation that was mentioned in one of their shows. The idea was this group had co-opted the name and was causing chaos on purpose - picture Occupy Wall Street if they renamed themselves "Halliburton Inc." Like I said, Matt had big ideas. He had a big plan for the UCB and I wanted to be part of it. I grabbed his coattails and held on tight. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Tom DeLonge
#18. Spending so much time on the road, I get to fart all the time. Then when it's, like, Thanksgiving dinner and I'm sitting with my grandmother, I can't fart for, like, two hours. #Quote by Tom DeLonge
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Johnny Carson
#19. A two-pound turkey and a fifty-pound cranberry-that's Thanksgiving dinner at Three Mile Island. #Quote by Johnny Carson
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Stacey Ballis
#20. The next forty minutes are a festival of soul eating. I know many immigrant families incorporate their traditional dishes into the Thanksgiving feast, but not my folks. Our menu is Norman Rockwell on crack. Turkey with gravy. Homemade cranberry relish and the jellied stuff from the can. Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green bean casserole. Cornbread stuffing and buttery yeast rolls. The only nods to our heritage are mustard-seed pickled carrots and dill-cucumber salad, to have something cool and palate-cleansing on the plate. A crazy layered Jello-O dish, with six different colors in thin stripes, looking like vintage Bakelite.
Jeff and the girls show up just in time for desserts... apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan bars, cheesecake brownies, and Maria's flan. #Quote by Stacey Ballis
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Julie Powell
#21. The good thing about starting your Thanksgiving feast with Oeufs en Gelée is that everything afterward is going to taste pretty goddamned great by comparison, and by the time we'd gotten through the gorgeously crisp and moist goose, the prunes stuffed with duck liver mousse, the cabbage with chestnuts, the green beans, and the creamed onions, aspic was largely forgotten, and we didn't even mind much that I had begun the Thanksgiving preparations with the absolutely insane idea that I would make chocolate soufflé for dessert once we were finished with dinner. This, of course, being the delusion of a diseased mind. #Quote by Julie Powell
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Noah Wyle
#22. Our family holidays always include our animals. On Thanksgiving, we love to walk around our farm and visit with our rescued pigs, goats, horses, emus and many other rescued animals. We give them all special vegetables that day, and the whole family enjoys a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. We know that the animals are giving thanks that day, and we are also giving thanks for the joy they bring to our lives. #Quote by Noah Wyle
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Peter Kreeft
#23. Prayer is like Thanksgiving dinner. It takes one hour to eat it and ten hours to prepare it. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Jane Goodall
#24. Michael Pollan likens consumer choices to pulling single threads out of a garment. We pull a thread from the garment when we refuse to purchase eggs or meat from birds who were raised in confinement, whose beaks were clipped so they could never once taste their natural diet of worms and insects. We pull out a thread when we refuse to bring home a hormone-fattened turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. We pull a thread when we refuse to buy meat or dairy products from cows who were never allowed to chew grass, or breathe fresh air, or feel the warm sun on their backs.
The more threads we pull, the more difficult it is for the industry to stay intact. You demand eggs and meat without hormones, and the industry will have to figure out how it can raise farm animals without them. Let the animals graze outside and it slows production. Eventually the whole thing will have to unravel.
If the factory farm does indeed unravel - and it must - then there is hope that we can, gradually, reverse the environmental damage it has caused. Once the animal feed operations have gone and livestock are once again able to graze, there will be a massive reduction in the agricultural chemicals currently used to grow grain for animals. And eventually, the horrendous contamination caused by animal waste can be cleaned up. None of this will be easy.
The hardest part of returning to a truly healthy environment may be changing the current totally unsustainable heavy-meat-eating culture of increasin #Quote by Jane Goodall
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Ray Palla
#25. Why go to so much trouble when Cranberry Juice, Chicken Broth, and Vodka tastes just like Thanksgiving Dinner, and you can enjoy it alone. #Quote by Ray Palla
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Duncan Hines
#26. If the soup had been as warm as the wine;
if the wine had been as old as the turkey;
and if the turkey had had a breast like the maid,
it would have been a swell dinner. #Quote by Duncan Hines
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Harper Lee
#27. When Atticus came home to dinner he found me crouched down aiming across the street. "What are you shooting at?"
"Miss Maudie's rear end."
Atticus turned and saw my generous target bending over her bushes. He pushed his hat to the back of his head and crossed the street. "Maudie," he called, "I thought I'd better warn you. You're in considerable peril."
Miss Maudie straightened up and looked toward me. She said,"Atticus, you are a devil from hell. #Quote by Harper Lee
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Renata Adler
#28. So it is to be another Christmas, then, and another New Year's on my own. Well, it is all right. I have grown used to it, have come almost to prefer it. Those days for most adults, it is generally acknowledged, and perhaps for all but the fewest children are so grim. Along with birthdays and of course Thanksgiving, only worse. Why observe them, then, unless one is for the sake of the children, or the office, or someone else's sake, obliged to. Well, no reason. #Quote by Renata Adler
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Philippa Gregory
#29. When we lay awake after making love I could hear the sleepy birds settling in their nests in the thatch. We had a little pallet bed, a table and two stools, a fireplace where we warmed up our dinner from the palace, and nothing more. We wanted nothing more. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Herbert Hoover
#30. The slogan of progress is changing from the full dinner pail to the full garage. #Quote by Herbert Hoover
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Logan Mankins
#31. I have a good house for hosting, so we had the barbecues, and some of the guys over for Thanksgiving, even Christmas. #Quote by Logan Mankins
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Jan Karon
#32. I have just four words to leave with you. Four words that have spoken volumes of truth into my life.'
He wanted the words to stay in the room, to remain long after he had gone. Though no one wished to hear Paul's radical injunction, it had to be told.
'In everything, give thanks.'
This was the lifeboat in any crisis. Over and over again, he had learned this, and over and over again, he had to be reminded. #Quote by Jan Karon
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Dave Goldberg
#33. I go home, I have dinner with my wife and kids, and after my kids go to bed, I'm back online doing stuff. #Quote by Dave Goldberg
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Stuart Chase
#34. For the individual, as I can testify, a brief grounding in semantics, besides making philosophy unreadable, makes unreadable most political speeches, classical economic theory, after-dinner oratory, diplomatic notes, newspaper editorials, treatises on pedagogics and education, expert financial comment, dissertations on money and credit, accounts of debates, and Great Thoughts from Great Thinkers in general. You would be surprised at the amount of time this saves. #Quote by Stuart Chase
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by George R R Martin
#35. Explain to me why it is more noble to kill ten thousand men in battle than a dozen at dinner. #Quote by George R R Martin
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by A. J. Jacobs
#36. Her passion is hard to forget. I still remember one dinner at my grandfather's house. The whole extended family was there, and Marti, at the time, refused to eat at the same table where flesh was being served. Half the family was fine with that. But the other half wanted chicken. The solution? We had to set up two separate tables in the dining room
a meat table and a nonmeat table. My diplomatic grandparents didn't want to take sides, so they sat at a third table in the middle, a dietary DMZ/ #Quote by A. J. Jacobs
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#37. I think that is a better thing than thanksgiving: thanks-living. How is this to be done? By a general cheerfulness of manner, by an obedience to the command of Him by whose mercy we live, by a perpetual, constant delighting of ourselves in the Lord, and by a submission of our desires to His will. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Kristen Ashley
#38. If Colt called and said he and Feb were coming in for dinner, Stavros would build a table for them with his bare hands if he had to. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#39. They make their pride," he said, "in making their dinner cost much; I make my pride in making my dinner cost little." When asked at table what dish he preferred, he answered, "The nearest. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Charles Lamb
#40. Much depends upon when and where you read a book. In the five or six impatient minutes before the dinner is quite ready, who would think of taking up the Faerie Queen for a stopgap, or a volume of Bishop Andrews's Sermons? #Quote by Charles Lamb
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Lierre Keith
#41. There is no place left for the buffalo to roam. There's only corn, wheat, and soy. About the only animals that escaped the biotic cleansing of the agriculturalists are small animals like mice and rabbits, and billions of them are killed by the harvesting equipment every year. Unless you're out there with a scythe, don't forget to add them to the death toll of your vegetarian meal. They count, and they died for your dinner, along with all the animals that have dwindled past the point of genetic feasibility. #Quote by Lierre Keith
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by G.M. Frazier
#42. After dinner, Mary Alice and I went for a walk. We didn't talk, we just held hands. I found it curious that so much of this, our last full day together, had been spent just being together. (...) [P]robably no more than two dozen words had been exchanged between us. I could sense that for the first time, the heartsoreness that had plagued me at times over the past several weeks whenever I contemplated this moment was now visiting Mary Alice. As such, we were both adrift in a sea of sadness where words seemed vapid and superfluous. A plaintive expression, a momentary gesture, a fleeting touch: these were all enough to convey thousands of words of emotion that crowded our hearts and rendered our eyes heavy with tears. #Quote by G.M. Frazier
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Billy Graham
#43. Thanksgiving is recognition of a debt that cannot be paid. We express thanks, whether or not we are able otherwise to reimburse the giver. #Quote by Billy Graham
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Bryce Harper
#44. It's not like I'm out eating McDonald's and Del Taco every night. I eat good: my mom fixes dinner every single night - baked chicken, fish - she cooks a great meal every single night. #Quote by Bryce Harper
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by George Clooney
#45. If people see me having dinner with a beautiful woman, they immediately believe that I'm having a love affair with her. Of course that's rubbish. I'm not a playboy! #Quote by George Clooney
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Amber Dermont
#46. Everyone at Bellingham would know me, know who I was, by dinner. Would they consider me the hero or the fuckup? All I had wanted was to be anonymous. #Quote by Amber Dermont
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by George Lincoln Rockwell
#47. A leopard doesn't change his spots just because you bring him in from the jungle and try to housebreak him and turn him into a pet. He may learn to sheathe his claws in order to beg a few scraps off the dinner table, and you may teach him to be a beast of burden, but it doesn't pay to forget that he'll al ways be what he was born: a wild animal. #Quote by George Lincoln Rockwell
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#48. Nero drove them out at full throttle, under heavy pursuit. The transport went careening down the street, sending pedestrians and other vehicles in all directions.
"Nero!" Darling shouted. "Some of us aren't suicidal back here."
"Then strap your ass down. Or lose it." Nero jerked to the right.
This time, Darling landed on Hauk.
Hauk put him back on his feet. "Nuh-uh. You have to buy me dinner before you crawl on top of me, baby. No one gets a free ride on the Hauk train. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Lew Wasserman
#49. We had an interesting thing at that first dinner. It was prior to the availability of several new hotels in Los Angeles, and we were more or less committed to the old Ambassador Hotel that has the famous Coconut Grove. #Quote by Lew Wasserman
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Anna Pump
#50. I love simple foods as well as grand. Dinners that take a half-hour from skillet to plate are as important as a five-course dinner. A meal that can materialize in an hour and be presented with care, love and pride is something every busy person longs to be able to do. #Quote by Anna Pump
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Jill Shalvis
#51. Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something you'd like to have dinner with. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Gloria Furman
#52. It's then that Jesus gives us more of himself, proving over and over that he is enough, that he is good, that there is more joy in him than in the grain and wine that abound (Psalm 4:7) - or in the kids who never make messes and the dinner that prepares itself and the schedules that operate seamlessly. He is better. #Quote by Gloria Furman
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by George Washington Carver
#53. The rapid growth of industry, the ever increasing population and the imperative need for more varied, wholesome and nourishing foodstuff makes it all the more necessary to exhaust every means at our command to fill the empty dinner pail, enrich our soils, bring greater wealth and influence to our beautiful South land, which is synonymous to a healthy, happy and contented people. #Quote by George Washington Carver
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Elia Kazan
#54. The first thing you should do with an actor is not sign a contract with him. Take him to dinner. And take him for a walk afterwards. #Quote by Elia Kazan
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Christopher Buckley
#55. I can clear a dinner table in less than 60 seconds, moaning like a dockyard Elijah about the deficit and the inevitable reckoning. #Quote by Christopher Buckley
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Gail Carriger
#56. They decided the mummy would be unwrapped, for the titillation of the ladies, just after dinner. #Quote by Gail Carriger
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Zach Cregger
#57. I think a generation ago, dads went to work, they came home, and they had their dinner, had a drink, and then went to bed. I don't know what it was like in your house, but that is how it was in mine. I think it is cool to have the dads in the trenches and doing the real parenting work. #Quote by Zach Cregger
Thanksgiving Dinner quotes by Liane Moriarty
#58. After we left the hospital this afternoon, Mum and I went over to Alice's place to meet Ben and the kids. We all had pizza for dinner. (Thankfully Roger had a Rotary meeting; I was not in the mood for Roger. I can't think of anyone ever being in the mood for Roger, except for Mum, presumably, and Roger, of course.) We didn't tell the children that Alice had lost her memory. We just said she'd hit her head at the gym but she was going to be fine. #Quote by Liane Moriarty

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