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Tennis And Love quotes by Christine Evangelou
#1. Rescue your heart when you feel you need to
Choose to share it with those that value and appreciate everything you are
And everything you are not.
Hold your heart in your hands and cherish its riches.
Love in its purest form comes without judgement or conditions,
But you need to value your heart first so that others can love you there too. #Quote by Christine Evangelou
Tennis And Love quotes by Patricia Briggs
#2. But that is the dual gift of love, isn't it? The joy of greeting and the sorrow of good-bye. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Tennis And Love quotes by Jordin Sparks
#3. 'Sparkle' fell into my lap. I had heard a little bit about it, that it was being redone in early 2011. I was just kind of like, 'Oh, that would be really cool,' and not really thinking too much about it, and then it came through my agency. I read it, I fell in love with the script and I went in to audition. #Quote by Jordin Sparks
Tennis And Love quotes by Anonymous

Listen to me, O friend.

Be thou a yogi, a monk, a priest,
A devout lover of God,
A pilgrim searching for Happiness, Bathing in holy rivers,
Visiting sacred shrines,
The occasional worshipper of a day,
A great reader of books, Or a builder of many temples -
My love aches for thee.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved.

This vain struggle,
This long toil,
This ceaseless sorrow,
This changing pleasure,
This burning doubt,
This burden of life,
All these will cease, O friend -
My love aches for thee.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved.

Have I pilgrimage the earth,
Have I loved the reflections,
Have I chanted, singing in ecstasy,
Have I donned the robe,
Have I put on ashes,
Have I listened to the temple bells,
Have I grown old with study,
Have I searched,
Was I lost?
Yea, much have I known -
My love aches for thee.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved,

O friend,
Wouldst thou love the reflection,
If I can give thee the reality?
Throw away thy bells, thine incense,
Thy fears and thy gods,
Set aside thy systems, thy philosophies.
Put aside all these.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved.

O friend,
The simple union is the best.

This is the way to the heart of the Beloved. #Quote by Anonymous
Tennis And Love quotes by Ilona Andrews
#5. We are going to war, my daughter. I love you very much, my Blossom."
"I love you too, Father."
We sat together and looked at the city until finally he rose, drew his cloak over his head, and left, melting into the traffic.
Erra appeared next to me, her form so thin it was a mere shadow.
"Good-bye, brother," she whispered. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Tennis And Love quotes by Sarina Bowen
#6. I am in love with you." My eyes filled instantly. I didn't think he'd go there, and it hurt me to hear it. "Well, don't be," I said, my voice a scrape. "I'm a mess, Zach." "I'm not scared of messes." "I can't be anybody's girlfriend" He stiffened. "You can't, or you won't? #Quote by Sarina Bowen
Tennis And Love quotes by Leigh Newman
#7. Maybe it's easier to think about dishonesty and what kind of trouble you can get into as a writer when love and honesty collide and you sidestep that collision, either because you want to protect somebody or you want to blame somebody - which are the usual impulses in love: protection and blame, frequently at the same time - so you don't exactly tell the truth. #Quote by Leigh Newman
Tennis And Love quotes by T.E. Antonino
#8. Your're beautiful in every way. If someone tells you differently, pity them for they've lost their way. #Quote by T.E. Antonino
Tennis And Love quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#9. A great deal may be done by severity, more by love, but most by clear discernment and impartial justice. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Tennis And Love quotes by Eric Thomas
#10. Fall in love with the process, and the results will come. #Quote by Eric Thomas
Tennis And Love quotes by Taylor Swift
#11. Nashville is my home, and the reason why I get to do what I love. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Tennis And Love quotes by Stephanie Wrobel
#12. The bond between a mother and daughter is sacred. You know better than anyone that no matter how awful they are, we still find it in our hearts to love them. #Quote by Stephanie Wrobel
Tennis And Love quotes by Victoria L. White
#13. Loving yourself is being honest with yourself and then giving yourself the space to heal and transform. #Quote by Victoria L. White
Tennis And Love quotes by Auliq Ice
#14. All I want is to love you and fill you with happiness. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Tennis And Love quotes by Juvenal
#15. What? Am I to be a listener only all my days? Am I never to get my word in - I that have been so often bored by the Theseid of the ranting Cordus? Shall this one have spouted to me his comedies, and that one his love ditties, and I be unavenged? Shall I have no revenge on one who has taken up the whole day with an interminable Telephus or with an Orestes which, after filling the margin at the top of the roll and the back as well, hasn't even yet come to an end? No one knows his own house so well as I know the groves of Mars, and the cave of Vulcan near the cliffs of Aeolus. What the winds are brewing; whose souls Aeacus has on the rack; from what country another worthy is carrying off that stolen golden fleece; how big are the ash trees which Monychus hurls as missiles: these are the themes with which Fronto's plane trees and marble halls are for ever ringing until the pillars quiver and quake under the continual recitations; such is the kind of stuff you may look for from every poet, greatest or least. Well, I too have slipped my hand from under the cane; I too have counselled Sulla to retire from public life and take a deep sleep; it is a foolish clemency when you jostle against poets at every corner, to spare paper that will be wasted anyhow. But if you can give me time, and will listen quietly to reason, I will tell you why I prefer to run in the same course over which Lucilius, the great nursling of Aurunca drove his horses. #Quote by Juvenal
Tennis And Love quotes by Kristen Callihan
#16. Every inch, Ivy," he whispers against them.
I open my eyes and smile. My arms wind around his neck, holding him close. "You said that once, before your last game. But you never really told me what it means."
Gray's hands move to my waist. "Before you, it meant I'll fight for every inch of yardage, never give up until I'm in the end zone. But now?" His blue eyes meet mine. "It means I'll fight for every inch of you. That I love every inch of you. #Quote by Kristen Callihan
Tennis And Love quotes by Nancy Yuktonis Solak
#17. Totally contrary to my genetic makeup, contrary to my usual behavior and preferences, contrary to all logic, I fell madly in love with Italy, its people and its chaos. #Quote by Nancy Yuktonis Solak
Tennis And Love quotes by Emma Stone
#18. I think I was drawn to comedy originally because when I was really young, by the time I was eight I had seen movies like The Jerk, Animal House, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles with my dad, and I knew them by heart. I loved them and my dad loved them, and we would laugh together, and I would think, 'This is love.' I just wanted to make people feel like that. #Quote by Emma Stone
Tennis And Love quotes by Robert Frost
#19. Oh, come forth into the storm and rout
And be my love in the rain. #Quote by Robert Frost
Tennis And Love quotes by Nicky Charles
#20. Pushing through her own feeling of panic to find what Kane was trying to communicate to her. It was a bit of a jumble and she strained to make sense of it, finally grasping a repeated thread: I love you. Be ready. #Quote by Nicky Charles
Tennis And Love quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#21. After you give yourself the chance to get to know yourself, love on yourself, and finally put yourself first, you'll be like a kid in the candy store, because your life is so sweet. This is because you've accepted your flaws, you've learned how to say no without regret, you're giving yourself so much attention and are loving yourself to the moon and back.
You are in your 'Ahah' moment, and goodness gracious, you are in the zone where nobody can interrupt your inner peace. As others' houses of cards fall down, you press forward because that isn't your problem. You are taking happy steps, your mind is on cruise control, and you've created a new and improved plan for your life. Life is good! #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Tennis And Love quotes by Rachel Brathen
#22. Gather the scattered fragments of your broken heart. Pick them up off the floor and weave them into the tapestry of your life so that when you find the light again-and you will- you'll remember that love can only be lost because it was once found.

You are healing and you are growing and everything you are is good enough. #Quote by Rachel Brathen
Tennis And Love quotes by Jill Alexander Essbaum
#23. Make no mistake: everything has a variant. Like versions of truth, like versions of love, there are versions of sleep. The deepest sleep is meant only for children and perfect fools. Everyone else must pay each night her restless due. #Quote by Jill Alexander Essbaum
Tennis And Love quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#24. Virtue is the stepping stone to love; love is the stepping stone to enlightenment, and enlightenment is the stepping stone to freedom. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Tennis And Love quotes by Marie Coulson
#25. Don't go tarring me with that brush! I'm nothing like him. I never cheat and I never lie. The woman I end up with would be my princess. I'd treat her
like damn royalty and worship the ground she walks on. I'd tell her every day how much I love her and every night how much she means to me. So
don't you ever tell me I'm like all the rest Amy. I'm not! #Quote by Marie Coulson
Tennis And Love quotes by Kevin Conroy
#26. I guess I am basically most comfortable when I'm alone. As a kid, I was very much a loner. I love long distance running and long distance biking. A director once pointed out that those are all very isolated exercises you do for hours at a time. #Quote by Kevin Conroy
Tennis And Love quotes by Piyush Rohankar
#27. God gifted me this life, But the days pass by without a choice, And to keep discovering the same old things, Oh to find myself on the verge of nowhere. I keep reminding my loneliness, Everything is but just a passing phase… #Quote by Piyush Rohankar
Tennis And Love quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#28. Always, it was claimed of her, she was strong and she was capable. You are not loved for being strong and capable if you are a female but if you are a female and you are strong and capable you will make your way without love. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Tennis And Love quotes by David D. Burns
#29. Most mental health professionals, including clinicians and researchers, endorse the deficit theory. They're convinced that we wage war simply because we don't know how to make love. We desperately want loving, satisfying relationships but lack the skills we need to develop them. #Quote by David D. Burns
Tennis And Love quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#30. We could not learn love in the abstract any more than we could learn patience and the other cardinal virtues. Just as we cannot know the "fellowship of his sufferings" without suffering, we also come to know real fellowship with our fellowmen only by serving them. #Quote by Neal A. Maxwell
Tennis And Love quotes by Peter Kreeft
#31. We sinned for no reason but an incomprehensible lack of love, and He saved us for no reason but an incomprehensible excess of love. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Tennis And Love quotes by Bear Grylls
#32. Juice Plus+ is great stuff that I have used through all of my expeditions. What I like about it is that the research behind it is so strong. It is 100% natural, is whole food based, and I love the fact that it provides raw, anti-oxidant fruit and veg in a capsule form. For me it fulfills a key part of my nutrition, training and recovery needs. #Quote by Bear Grylls
Tennis And Love quotes by Anna Hackett
#33. So, I may not be an expert on fathers, but I know that anyone who makes you feel less than worthy, especially someone who I believe is supposed to love and protect you, is not worth your effort. #Quote by Anna Hackett
Tennis And Love quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#34. I am not separate from you, my neighbour.
If you are my enemy then I am my own enemy.
If you are my friend then I am my own friend.
Today, I have stripped off my masks
and come to know myself.
I am Christian. I am Jew. I am Muslim and Hindu.
I am European and African. Asian and South American.
I am man. I am woman. I am intersexed.
I am homosexual. I am heterosexual and asexual.
I am abled. I am disabled.
I am all these things because you are,
and you are all these things because we are.
I exist in relation to each of you, this is what gives my being meaning.
Why must I label myself like a bottle of wine?
When I am the bottle, the wine, and the drunkenness.
Why must I label myself at all?
When I am the flesh, the light, and the shadow.
When I am the voice, the song, and the echo.
Tell me why I must label myself
when I am the lover, the beloved, and love.
I am not separate from you, my neighbour.
And you are not separate from humanity.
We are all mirrors, reflecting one another in perpetuity. #Quote by Kamand Kojouri
Tennis And Love quotes by A.E. Housman
#35. White in the moon the long road lies, The moon stands blank above; White in the moon the long road lies That leads me from my love. Still hangs the hedge without a gust, Still, still the shadows stay: My feet upon the moonlit dust Pursue the ceaseless way. The world is round, so travellers tell, And straight through reach the track, Trudge on, trudge on, 'twill all be well, The way will guide one back. But ere the circle homeward hies Far, far must it remove: White in the moon the long road lies That leads me from my love. #Quote by A.E. Housman

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