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Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Rupi Kaur
#1. i always get myself into this mess.
i always let him tell me i am beautiful and half believe it. i always jump thinking he will catch me at the fall. i am hopelessly a lover, and a dreamer, and that will be the death of me #Quote by Rupi Kaur
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Rupert Brooke
#2. I said I splendidly loved you; it's not true.
Such long swift tides stir not a land-locked sea.
On gods or fools the high risk falls–on you–
The clean clear bitter-sweet that's not for me.
Love soars from earth to ecstasies unwist.
Love is flung Lucifer-like from Heaven to Hell.
But–there are wanderers in the middle mist,
Who cry for shadows, clutch, and cannot tell
Whether they love at all, or, loving, whom:
An old song's lady, a fool in fancy dress,
Or phantoms, or their own face on the gloom;
For love of Love, or from heart's loneliness.
Pleasure's not theirs, nor pain. They doubt, and sigh,
And do not love at all. Of these am I #Quote by Rupert Brooke
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Lynn Steger Strong
#3. I want to tell her that I'm scared I'm too wore out, worn down, that this constant anxious ache that I have now isn't about my job or kids or all the ways life isn't what it should be, that maybe it's just me, it's most of who I am. That I loved so much believing that there was such a thing as fixing, getting better. That knowing that's not true, that it's all just more of the same, exhausts me more than all those nights that I can't sleep, the miles that I run. #Quote by Lynn Steger Strong
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by David Livingstone
#4. Shall I tell you what supported me through all those years of exile among a people whose language I could not understand and whose attitude towards me we always uncertain and often hostile? It was this: "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world". #Quote by David Livingstone
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Tim Robbins
#5. I'm fairly competant as a director and actor, but I am Mr. Neurotic as a writer. I just don't have enough confidence in my abilities to take criticism well. I take it personally. Start with 'It's a masterpiece,' and then tell me what you think could be changed. #Quote by Tim Robbins
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Dinah-Jane Hansen
#6. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a singer, but my family would tell me to choose another dream. I'm glad I stuck it out because I am proof that you can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it. #Quote by Dinah-Jane Hansen
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#7. My life is not this steeply sloping hour,
in which you see me hurrying.
Much stands behind me; I stand before it like a tree;
I am only one of my many mouths,
and at that, the one that will be still the soonest.
I am the rest between two notes,
which are somehow always in discord
because Death's note wants to climb over
but in the dark interval, reconciled,
they stay there trembling.
And the song goes on, beautiful. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Ricki Lake
#8. My birth experience is not right for everyone, but it was so right for me. I am changed because of that experience, i saw my power and I felt my power, and it's gotten me through a lot of hardship. I tell myself that if i could get through that, I can get through anything. I think women are losing an opportunity by not aspiring to have births in which they are active participants. #Quote by Ricki Lake
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Deidre Huesmann
#9. How old did they tell you I am?" she demanded, hurrying to match his pace.

Joel shook his head. "If my mother ever taught me anything, it was to never question a lady's age. #Quote by Deidre Huesmann
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Derek Hough
#10. Don't jump to conclusions over first impressions.

They're often dead wrong. When I first met Mark, I thought he was spoiled. When I met Shirley, I assumed she was tough as nails. But getting to know them both as a member of their family, I saw how wrong I was. Shirley is a teddy bear, a caring, loving person who would do anything for me. And Mark? I think of him as a brother, in every sense of the word. I've learned to make a special effort to get to know the people who put up walls and seem cold or tough. It's like an onion; you have to peel back the layers. I'm sure some of my DWTS partners made an assumption about who I was the first time they worked with me. They probably thought I was a tough taskmaster and cursed me out for putting them through this! But anyone who truly knows me will tell you, I'm harder on myself than I am on anyone else. And I'm a softie who loves to goof around. But to see that side of me, you need to move past the first impression. What's the lesson here? Dig a little deeper. Get to know people and what makes them tick. Don't make an assumption till you know someone a lot better. Think of all the people you might have dismissed who could have been great friends, mentors, or allies, if you'd only given them the chance.
Perfect example: dancing with Lil' Kim on DWTS. She had recently spent time in jail and I remember thinking, Oh my gosh, I'm afraid I'm going to get shanked in the middle of the dance! Then I realized I was judging her #Quote by Derek Hough
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#11. Oh, how awful is truth on earth! That exquisite creature, that gentle spirit, that heaven - she was a tyrant, she was the insufferable tyrant and torture of my soul! I should be unfair to myself if I didn't say so! You imagine I didn't love her? Who can say that I did not love her! Do you see, it was a case of irony, the malignant irony of fate and nature! We were under a curse, the life of men in general is under a curse! (mine in particular). Of course, I understand now that I made some mistake! Something went wrong. Everything was clear, my plan was clear as daylight: "Austere and proud, asking for no moral comfort, but suffering in silence." And that was how it was. I was not lying, I was not lying! "She will see for herself, later on, that it was heroic, only that she had not known how to see it, and when, some day, she divines, it she will prize me ten times more and will abase herself in the dust and fold her hands in homage" - that was my plan. But I forgot something or lost sight of it. There was something I failed to manage. But, enough, enough! And whose forgiveness am I to ask now? What is done is done. By bolder, man, and have some pride! It is not your fault!...
Well, I will tell the truth, I am not afraid to face the truth; it was her fault, her fault! #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Rachel Vincent
#12. Great. "So not only am I not-human, but Death is my arch foe?" Who, me? Panic? "Anything else you want to tell me, while we're confessing? #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#13. Tell that incurable disease "Even if you refuse to leave me alone, when I am thrown to the fires, we will be destroyed together, and what will you have gained by not leaving me alone #Quote by Bangambiki Habyarimana
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Pablo Neruda
#14. Never an illness, nor the absence
of grandeur, no,
nothing is able to kill the best in us,
that kindness, dear sir, we are afflicted with:
beautiful is the flower of man, his conduct,
and every door opens on the beautiful truth
and never hides treacherous whispers.
I always gained something from making myself better,
better than I am, better than I was,
that most subtle citation:
to recover some lost petal
of the sadness I inherited:
to search once more for the light that sings
inside of me, the unwavering light. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Julie Klassen
#15. You needn't play, Mr. Weston," Emma said. "I only agreed to play for Lizzie's sake, so . . ." "Oh, come, Miss Smallwood. Please tell me you don't shun all things athletic as you did as a girl." A teasing light shone in his eyes. "Afraid you'll lose?" Emma huffed. "I am not afraid to lose. I know I shall. This isn't chess, after all." One eyebrow rose. "Oh, ho! A shot to the heart. The lady recalls soundly trouncing me, I see. Then you must give me a chance to redeem myself." He set aside his hat and adopted a ready stance, bouncing lightly from foot to foot. He looked fifteen years old all over again. Emma felt a grin lift a corner of her mouth. "Oh, very well. But promise not to laugh too hard." "I promise. #Quote by Julie Klassen
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Lia Habel
#16. Pam," Issy attempted, voice high with fear. "I can tell you, from this side of the really need to calm down."
"I will shoot you in the face if you say one more word to me," I fumed.
"So noted."
"I am so glad that I am an only child," Coalhouse remarked quietly. #Quote by Lia Habel
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Jon Wiederhorn
#17. Bobby conjured up something that scared him to death and he ran out of the house and never came back. Of course you're supposed to close those doors but they never did… I found these cards dating back to the Salem witch trials that were at a house in New York where we lived with Raven, and they were covered in human blood. They were horrifying. I took about ten of them and they almost destroyed my life…The toilets flushed black and there was infestation of flies. Objects were flying off the counters at us. The house smelled like Rosewater Lavender, which was an old cologne people used in the 1600's. We would tell the spirit to leave but it would go into another room. I was someone who didn't believe in any of this and in two weeks I had to become an expert or it would have killed me and my son. Finally I found out who it was, what it was and I had to return it to Salem. Since then it has been a process of getting rid of the residual effects. I had an exorcism done several times….I am a very religious person because of it today. I won't go into it any further but I will say that Cliff Burton of Metallica had the other half of the artifacts that I had and I really believe they killed him #Quote by Jon Wiederhorn
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Jarod Kintz
#18. I'll tell him this isn't just a job to me, it's a career, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I'll surely never take for granted. Will I work nights, weekends, and holidays? There's nothing I've ever wanted to do more. Am I OK with making $8.50/hr and no benefits? $8.50?! That's exactly my desired pay, and I'll be so grateful and content with it that I'll never, ever ask for a raise. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Audrey Hepburn
#19. I am not beautiful. My mother once called me an ugly duckling. But,listed separately, I have a few good features. #Quote by Audrey Hepburn
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Witness Lee
#20. Abraham was a man who lived in oneness with God. If I live in oneness with a certain brother day after day, there will be no need for him to tell me of many things. I will already know what he likes and what he does not like, what pleases him and what offends him. If I love him and live in oneness with him, whatever I say and do will be in accordance with his likes or dislikes. I am sorry to say that many Christians [791] do not live in oneness with God. When important matters arise, they kneel down and pray, "O Lord, what is Your will?" Eventually, they do not follow God's will but their own concept. We do not know God's will by praying in such a way. If we would know God's will, we must live in oneness with Him. If we live in oneness with Him, He will not need to tell us what He desires, because we shall already know it by being one with Him. #Quote by Witness Lee
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#21. Questioner: How can we know ourselves?

Krishnamurti: You know your face because you have often looked at it reflected in the mirror. Now, there is a mirror in which you can see yourself entirely – not your face, but all that you think, all that you feel, your motives, your appetites, your urges and fears. That mirror is the mirror of relationship: the relationship between you and your parents, between you and your teachers, between you and the river, the trees, the earth, between you and your thoughts. Relationship is a mirror in which you can see yourself, not as you would wish to be, but as you are.
I may wish, when looking in an ordinary mirror, that it would show me to be beautiful, but that does not happen because the mirror reflects my face exactly as it is and I cannot deceive myself. Similarly, I can see myself exactly as I am in the mirror of my relationship with others. I can observe how I talk to people: most politely to those who I think can give me something, and rudely or contemptuously to those who cannot. I am attentive to those I am afraid of. I get up when important people come in, but when the servant enters I pay no attention. So, by observing myself in relationship, I have found out how falsely I respect people, have I not?
And I can also discover myself as I am in my relationship with the trees and the birds, with ideas and books. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Carrie Brownstein
#22. To me, the grotesque is like a sonic manifestation of reality. I don't know how you could look out onto our world and see only beauty. And I like beautiful things. I like the aesthetically harmonious. But I am much more attracted to something that is off-kilter. It is a truer reflection of not only nature, but the human spirit - the state of the world. I just think everything feels a little off. #Quote by Carrie Brownstein
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Stephanie Lahart
#23. Racism, hate, and bigotry are EVIL and WICKED no matter how you try to rationalize it. I couldn't imagine living my life with this crap in my heart. I love building new relationships and I enjoy learning about different cultures! If people would change their thinking and open up their hearts, they'd be amazed at the beautiful relationships that they could have. And, for the record, I couldn't imagine ALL of my friends being black. There are too many amazing people from different backgrounds that I still have yet to meet. NO WAY would I limit my relationships based on race, absolutely not! I am free to like and love who I want to and I won't allow anybody to persuade me with their opinions. I have my own mind! I'm my own person! I refuse to dislike and/or hate another race 'just because!' I am Stephanie Lahart: BOLD. BRAVE. STRONG. #Quote by Stephanie Lahart
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#24. Simi. Return to me. (Acheron) 'Return to me, Simi.' Don't go frying the goddess. Don't go frying Thanatos. I am not a yo-yo, akri. I am a Simi. I hate it when you get me all excited about going to kill something and then tell me no. I don't like that. It boring. You don't ever let me have any fun anymore. (Simi) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Veronica Roth
#25. You okay?" he says, touching my cheek. His hand cradles the side of my head, his long fingers slipping through my hair. He smiles and holds my head in place as he kisses me. Heat spreads through me slowly.And fear, buzzing like an alarm in my chest.
His lips still on mine,he pushes the jacket from my shoulders.I flinch when I hear it drop,and push him back,my eyes burning. I don't know why I feel this way. I didn't feel like this when he kissed me on the train.I press my palms to my face,covering my eyes.
"What? What's wrong?"
I shake my head.
"Don't tell me it's nothing." His voice is cold.He grabs my arm. "Hey. Look at me."
I take my hands from my face and lift my eyes to his.The hurt in his eyes and the anger in his clenched jaw surprise me.
"Sometimes I wonder," I say,as calmly as I can, "what's in it for you. This...whatever it is."
"What's in it for me," he repeats. He steps back,shaking his head. "You're an idiot,Tris."
"I am not an idiot," I say. "Which is why I know that it's a little weird that,of all the girls you could have chosen,you chose me.So if you're just looking,you know...that..."
"What? Sex?" He scowls at me. "You know, if that was all I wanted, you probably wouldn't be the first person I would go to."
I feel like he just punched me in the stomach. Of course I'm not the first person he would go to-not the first, not the prettiest,not desirable. I press my hands to my abdomen and look away, fightin #Quote by Veronica Roth
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Cassandra Clare
#26. I will add that I do not believe his admiration of my person, dazzling through I am, to be sincere. He told me I was a beautiful, sparkling lady. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Michael Buckley
#27. Please, don't hate me because I am beautiful. #Quote by Michael Buckley
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Callie Hart
#28. You're the most beautiful fucking thing I have ever witnessed with my own two eyes. I am watching you just as much as you're watching me…and I don't trust myself to look away. #Quote by Callie Hart
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#29. Dear Valentine,' said the young man, 'you are too far above my love for me to dare speak of it to you, yet every time that I see you I need to tell you that I adore you, so that the echo of my own words will gently caress my heart when I am no longer with you. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Cynthia Ozick
#30. I'm afraid that the act of writing is so scary and anxiety-filled that I never laugh at all. In fact, when people tell me that such and such a scene or story is comical, I tend to gape. I did not intend comedy - ever, as far as I know. It's probably all a mistake. I am essentially a lugubrious writer. Ha ha! #Quote by Cynthia Ozick
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Sonali Dev
#31. This might baffle you, but despite not being a physician, I do have some pride. Although most certainly not enough to withstand the kind of beating you're capable of dealing it. The kind of beating you've repeatedly dealt it from the first time we've met. You're right, I value honesty, so I'll tell you that I make it a practice not to find women who insult me at every opportunity attractive."
Color flooded her cheeks and traveled down her neck. Finally, she stepped away from him, too, and found the back of a chair to clutch. She looked entirely devastated. Had no one ever denied her anything? He hated the hurt in her eyes. But it was done now.
"How is telling you I'm attracted to you an insult?"
He pressed the back of his hand into his forehead. It made him feel like a drama queen in some sort of musical farce. Which this had to be. "Telling me how unworthy I am of your attraction, that's the insulting part. And, no, that's not all it is. Even if you hadn't told me at every opportunity how inferior to you I am... all I do is cook... every assumption you've made about me is insulting. Culinary school is definitely college. And Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most competitive institutions in the world. The fact that that's so wholly incomprehensible to you... that's the insulting part. And it wasn't thrown in my overly privileged lap either. I had to work my bottom off to make it in."
Ammaji had sold her dowry jewels to pay for his application, something her fa #Quote by Sonali Dev
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by William Goldman
#32. I am not a planner. I follow. Tell me what to do and no man alive does it better. But my mind is like fine wine; it travels badly. #Quote by William Goldman
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#33. It is the reflection of my face. Often in these lost days I study it: I can understand nothing of this face. The faces of others have some sense, some direction. Not mine. I cannot even decide whether it is handsome or ugly. I think it is ugly because I have been told so. But it doesn't strike me. At heart, I am even shocked that anyone can attribute qualities of this kind to it, as if you called a clod of earth or a block of stone beautiful or ugly. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Ramona Ausubel
#34. Petra, people tell me that I will 'move on' and I can't believe it. But if it ever does happen, and I forget to feel this pressing absence of you, if I make it through a meaningless party and don't remember to hate everyone for their peaceful lives until the morning, please know that I am already sorry. I am going to try to be brave like you asked me to, but I don't have any idea yet what that means. Is it braver to allow the sadness of your leaving to spread into each of my bones until it is as big as you were to me? Or is it braver to let you drift out into what may very well be a brighter, finer place than this and be happy to think of your joy there? I hope, Petra, that I get it right. #Quote by Ramona Ausubel
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Veronica Roth
#35. Hello," she says. "My name is Amanda Ritter. In this file I will tell you only what you need to know. I am the leader of an organization fighting for justice and peace. This fight has become increasingly more important--and consequently, nearly impossible--in the past few decades. That is because of this."
Images flash across the wall, almost too fast for me to see. A man on his knees with a gun pressed to his forehead. The woman pointing it at him, her face emotionless.
From a distance, a small person hanging by the neck from a telephone pole.
A hole in the ground the size of a house, full of bodies.
And there are other images too, but they move faster, so I get only impressions of blood and bone and death and cruelty, empty faces, soulless eyes, terrified eyes.
Just when I have had enough, when I feel like I am going to scream if I see any more, the woman reappears on the screen, behind her desk.
"You do not remember any of that," she says. "But if you are thinking these are the actions of a terrorist group or a tyrannical government regime, you are only partially correct. Half of the people in those pictures, committing those terrible acts, were your neighbors. Your relatives. Your coworkers. The battle we are fighting is not against a particular group. It is against human nature itself--or at least what it has become."
This is what Jeanine was willing to enslave minds and murder people for--to keep us all from knowing. To keep us all ig #Quote by Veronica Roth
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Riley Hart
#36. Tell me of your family," Prince Merrick continued.
"Um…yes, sir. It is just my mother and my sisters Emily and Elizabeth. As you know, we lost my father."
"I am sorry for your loss," the prince said, not for the first time. "And you take care of them?" he prompted before pulling the carrot from a stunned Cassius and feeding it to the horse.
"Yes, I am all they have, but I want to care for them. They're my family. I love them. My sisters…especially Emily, she is my heart."
Their eyes caught again, and Cassius could have sworn he saw a grin in the prince's stare. "We have that in common too, then. My family is everything to me, and I love my sister more than anything."
"I can see that, Your Highness, in the way you spoke with her today #Quote by Riley Hart
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Christine Feehan
#37. I told you,lifemate, you're always taking off my clothes."
"Then stop wearing the damn things," he responded gruffly,his hands at her tiny waist, his mouth finding her flat stomach. "Someday my child will be growing right here," he said softly, kissing her belly. His hands pinned her thighs so that he could explore easily without interruption. "A beautiful little girl with your looks and my disposition."
Savannah laughed softly, her arms cradling his head lovingly. "That should be quite a combination. What's wrong with my disposition?" She was writhing under the onslaught of his hands and mouth,arcing her body more fully into his ministrations.
"You are a wicked woman," he whispered. "I would have to kill any man who treated my daughter the way I am treating you."
She cried out,her body rippling with pleasure. "I happen to love the way you treat me,lifemate," she answered softly and cried out again when he merged their bodies, their minds, their hearts and souls.
The future might be uncertain, with the society dogging the footsteps of their people,but their combined strength was more than enough to see them through. And together they could face any enemy to ensure the continuation of their race. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by L.J. Shen
#38. Tell me you still want to be my friend.' I gnaw at my lower lip.
'I do. I am. I've always been your friend, Skull Eyes. Even four years ago. #Quote by L.J. Shen
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Homer
#39. Goddess, ... do not be angry with me about this. I am quite aware that my wife Penelope is nothing like so tall or so beautiful as yourself. She is only a woman, whereas you are an immortal. Nevertheless, I want to get home, and can think of nothing else. #Quote by Homer
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#40. Am I caught in a self-centred, narrow little cell which refuses to look beyond? Do I see it when you come along and tell me that my brain is the brain of all mankind? #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Iris Murdoch
#41. Today there is a pleasant very light haze over the whole sky, and the sea has a misleadingly docile silvered look, as if the substantial wavelets were determined to stroke the rocks as hard as they could without showing any trace of foam. It is a compact radiant complacent sort of sea, very beautiful. There ought to be seals, the waves themselves are almost seals today, but still I scan the water in vain with my long-distance glasses. Enormous yellow-beaked gulls perch on the rocks and stare at me with brilliant glass eyes. A shadow-cormorant skims the glycerine sea. The rocks are thronged with butterflies. The temperature remains high. I wash my clothes and dry them on the lawn. I have been swimming every day
and feel very fit and salty. Still no move from Lizzie, but I am not worried. I feel happy in my silence. If the gods have some treat in store for Lizzie and me, good. If not, also good. I feel innocent and free. Perhaps it is all that swimming. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by Lydia Davis
#42. The fact that he does not tell me the truth all the time makes me not sure of his truth at certain times, and then I work to figure out for myself if what he is telling me is the truth or not, and sometimes I can figure out that it's not the truth and sometimes I don't know and never know, and sometimes just because he says it to me over and over again I am convinced it is the truth because I don't believe he would repeat a lie so often. Maybe the truth does not matter, but I want to know it if only so that I can come to some conclusions about such questions as: whether he is angry at me or not; if he is, then how angry; whether he still loves her or not; if he does, then how much; whether he loves me or not; how much; how capable he is of deceiving me in the act and after the act in the telling. #Quote by Lydia Davis
Tell Me I Am Beautiful quotes by E.F. Benson
#43. Marcia was silent a moment. Then a sort of softer gleam came into her angry eye.

"Tell me some more about her," she said.

Adele clapped her hands.

"Ah, that's splendid," she said. "You're beginning to feel kinder. What we would do without our Lucia I can't imagine. I don't know what there would be to talk about."

"She's ridiculous!" said Marcia relapsing a little.

"No, you mustn't feel that," said Adele. "You mustn't laugh at her ever. You must just richly enjoy her."

"She's a snob!" said Marcia, as if this was a tremendous discovery.

"So am I: so are you: so are we all," said Adele. "We all run after distinguished people like--like Alf and Marcelle. The difference between you and Lucia is entirely in her favour, for you pretend you're not a snob, and she is perfectly frank and open about it. Besides, what is a duchess like you for except to give pleasure to snobs? That's your work in the world, darling; that's why you were sent here. Don't shirk it, or when you're old you will suffer agonies of remorse. And you're a snob too. You liked having seven--or was it seventy?--Royals at your dance."

"Well, tell me some more about Lucia," said Marcia, rather struck by this ingenious presentation of the case.

"Indeed I will: I long for your conversion to Luciaphilism. Now to-day there are going to be marvellous happenings... #Quote by E.F. Benson

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