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Technique quotes by Douglas Wilson
#1. In Acts 14:1, we are told, "At Iconium Paul and Barnabas went as usual into the Jewish synagogue. There they spoke so effectively that a great number of Jews and Gentiles believed." This is what should be sought in Christian schools, not just teaching, but effective teaching. Christian content alone is insufficient. It must be presented in a certain way, and that way cannot be reduced to technique. Nevertheless, God has graciously made it possible to bring people the truth by how the truth is presented. #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Technique quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
#2. English fans love spectacular players like Alan Shearer and that is exactly what United have now signed. He has magic in his boots. The first thing you notice about him is that he is incredibly quick and very, very powerful for such a young man. He has great, close control and his technique is excellent. He believes he can do anything with the ball, and that confidence makes him very special indeed. #Quote by Cristiano Ronaldo
Technique quotes by Alfred Eisenstaedt
#3. I don't use an exposure meter. My personal advice is: Spend the money you would put into such an instrument for film. Buy yards of film, miles of it. Buy all the film you can get your hands on. And then experiment with it.That is the only way to be successful in photography. Test, try, experiment, feel your way along. It is the experience, not technique, which counts in camera work first of all. If you get the feel of photography, you can take fifteen pictures while one of your opponents is trying out his exposure meter. #Quote by Alfred Eisenstaedt
Technique quotes by Gerhard Richter
#4. I don't create blurs. Blurring is not the most important thing; nor is it an identity tag for my pictures. #Quote by Gerhard Richter
Technique quotes by Richard Mitchell
#5. His jargon conceals, from him, but not from us, the deep, empty hole in his mind. He uses technological language as a substitute for technique. #Quote by Richard Mitchell
Technique quotes by Roy DeCarava
#6. I don't really think that the technique really determines the veracity of the image. It's what the image does to the viewer that determines whether it's right or wrong. #Quote by Roy DeCarava
Technique quotes by John Coltrane
#7. After all the investigation, all of the technique-doesn't matter! Only if the feeling is right. #Quote by John Coltrane
Technique quotes by Cameron C. Taylor
#8. So often we look for a magic secret or new technique that will produce tremendous returns and results with little or no work. Those seeking this magic secret will never find it - for the secret to success is to continually live and apply basic, simple fundamentals over a long period of time. #Quote by Cameron C. Taylor
Technique quotes by Ellen Von Unwerth
#9. I think that the obsession with technique is a male thing. Boy's toys. They love playing ... I would rather search for a new model or location. #Quote by Ellen Von Unwerth
Technique quotes by Alejandro Jodorowsky
#10. The only thing a master can teach is how to learn about yourself. There are no secrets. They are only techniques to waken yourself. #Quote by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Technique quotes by Jackson Pollock
#11. You can't learn techniques and then try to become a painter. Techniques are a result. #Quote by Jackson Pollock
Technique quotes by Georges Doriot
#12. There is always a critical job to be done. There is a sales door to be opened, a credit line to be established, a new important employee to be found, or a business technique to be learned. The venture investor must always be on call to advise, to persuade, to dissuade, to encourage, but always to help build. Then venture capital becomes true creative capital - creating growth for the company and financial success for the investing organization #Quote by Georges Doriot
Technique quotes by Rudolf Nureyev
#13. Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration. #Quote by Rudolf Nureyev
Technique quotes by Arthur Miller
#14. The closer they come to transcending technique and the memorization of lines
the closer to really beginning to act, in short
the more Chinese they begin to seem. Happy now approaches Miss Forsythe to pick her up in the restaurant with a wonderful formality, his back straight, head high, his hand-gestures even more precise and formal, but with a comic undertone that ironically comes closer to conveying the original American idea of the scene than when he was trying to be physically sloppy and "relaxed"
that is, imitating an American. I think that by some unplanned magic we may end up creating something not quite American or Chinese but a pure style springing from the heart of the play itself
the play as a nonnational event, that is, a human circumstance. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Technique quotes by Phyllis Logan
#15. Working is a great distraction technique. #Quote by Phyllis Logan
Technique quotes by Steven Pressfield
#16. We master the technique of our jobs. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Technique quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#17. Young Tchitcherine was the one who brought up political narcotics. Opiates of the people.

Wimpe smiled back. An old, old smile to chill even the living fire in Earth's core. "Marxist dialectics? That's not an opiate, eh?"

"It's the antidote."

"No." It can go either way. The dope salesman may know everything that's ever going to happen to Tchitcherine, and decide it's no use - or, out of the moment's velleity, lay it right out for the young fool.

"The basic problem," he proposes, "has always been getting other people to die for you. What's worth enough for a man to give up his life? That's where religion had the edge, for centuries. Religion was always about death. It was used not as an opiate so much as a technique - it got people to die for one particular set of beliefs about death. Perverse, natürlich, but who are you to judge? It was a good pitch while it worked. But ever since it became impossible to die for death, we have had a secular version - yours. Die to help History grow to its predestined shape. Die knowing your act will bring will bring a good end a bit closer. Revolutionary suicide, fine. But look: if History's changes are inevitable, why not not die? Vaslav? If it's going to happen anyway, what does it matter?"

"But you haven't ever had the choice to make, have you."

"If I ever did, you can be sure - "

"You don't know. Not till you're there, Wimpe. You can't say."

"That does #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Technique quotes by Lindsay Buroker
#18. Sespian opened his mouth, paused, closed it, then shook his head ruefully. "It's very easy to be drawn into what you're saying, and I catch myself wanting to nod and agree. Maybe I should take notes on your technique."
Amaranthe blushed and felt like she should stutter an apology, but she hadn't done anything to be embarrassed about, had she?
"It's her eyes", Sicarius said, startling her..
Yara glanced over her shoulder at him, apparently, surprised to hear him speak, but soon turned her attention back to the tracks. She seemed to be believe she should remain silent for the discussion.
Sespian scratched his jaw. "Yes, maybe so. They're like a doe's. Warm and earnest and ... "
"Wholesome. Sicarius's eyes glinted, and Amaranthe scowled at him. #Quote by Lindsay Buroker
Technique quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#19. As for techniques and processes, as seen in the works themselves, neither public nor artists will find anything about them here. Those things are learned in the studio and the public is interested only in the results. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Technique quotes by Noam Chomsky
#20. Somebody will be able to overcome any encryption technique you use! #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Technique quotes by Helen Mirren
#21. Ill-informed intuition is fantastic - it's what great art is. So really old painters or writers or actors are brilliant, because they've finally reached the point when they can let go of al technique. #Quote by Helen Mirren
Technique quotes by Rickie Fowler
#22. I'm one of a few guys on the PGA Tour who doesn't work with an instructor. I'm not saying mechanics don't matter. But I play my best when I focus on staying in a good place mentally and keep the technique simple. #Quote by Rickie Fowler
Technique quotes by Rohan Nath
#23. Please challenge me because
whenever I am challenged, I learn a
way to survive and a brilliant
technique to fight. #Quote by Rohan Nath
Technique quotes by Ron Ben-Israel
#24. Repetitiveness and discipline are the secrets of cake decorating. The art comes from the meticulous technique, the way it does for a dancer. #Quote by Ron Ben-Israel
Technique quotes by Brian Eno
#25. I've discovered this new electronic technique that creates new speech out of stuff that's already there. #Quote by Brian Eno
Technique quotes by Eliza Bennett
#26. Using my own hand as a base material, I considered it a canvas upon which I stitched into the top layer of skin using thread to create the appearance of an incredibly work worn hand. By using the technique of embroidery, traditionally employed to represent femininity and applying it to the expression of it's opposite, I hope to challenge the pre-conceived notion that 'women's work' is light and easy. Aiming to represent the effects of hard work arising from employment in low paid ancillary jobs such as cleaning, caring, and catering, all traditionally considered to be 'women's work' #Quote by Eliza Bennett
Technique quotes by Noam Chomsky
#27. It's a class war, and a war on young people too ... that's why tuition is rising so rapidly. There's no real economic reason for that. It's a technique of control and indoctrination. And this is really the first organized, significant reaction to it, which is important. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Technique quotes by Daniel James Brown
#28. Somewhere among them - those green and untested boys - lay much of the stock from which he would have to select a crew capable of going all the way. The trick would be to find which few of them had the potential for raw power, the nearly superhuman stamina, the indomitable willpower, and the intellectual capacity necessary to master the details of technique. And which of them, coupled improbably with all those other qualities, had the most important one: the ability to disregard his own ambitions, to throw his ego over the gunwales, to leave it swirling in the wake of his shell, and to pull, not just for himself, not just for glory, but for the other boys in the boat. #Quote by Daniel James Brown
Technique quotes by Beryl Dov
#29. The ABCs of Going Down
If you use the alphabet technique
when you go down on a woman for the first time,
remember to skip the letter 'X'~
otherwise she might feel she was targeted. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Technique quotes by David Rakoff
#30. Sheila taught me a survival technique for getting through seemingly intolerable situations-boring lunches, stern lectures on attitude or time management, those necessary breakup conversations, and the like: maintaining eye contact, keep your face inscrutable and masklike, with your faintest hint at a Gioconda smile. Keep this up as long as you possibly can, and just as you feel you are about to crack and take a letter opener and plunge it into someone's neck, fold your hands in your lap, one nestled inside the other, like those of a supplicant in a priory. Now, with the index finger of your inner hand, write on the palm of the other, very discreetly and undetectably, "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you ... " over and over again as you pretend to listen. You will find that this brings a spontaneous look of interest and pleased engagement to your countenance. Continue and repeat as necessary. #Quote by David Rakoff
Technique quotes by Immortal Technique
#31. I try to take people at face value and then beyond, taking them out of face value and out of the category of being Black, Latino, Asian, White, Jewish, Muslim or Christian or Atheist, none of that matters to me. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Technique quotes by H.G. Wells
#32. These politicians impressed him as being the most shortsighted and sceptical men he had ever met. They lived in a little world that was bounded on the one side by "office" and on the other by the constituencies, and they seemed unable to imagine that it was not an eternal world. One tall man, he observed, in the year of grace 1941 was wearing a long frock-coat and a peculiar half-stiff collar reminiscent of that great parliamentary hand, Mr. Gladstone. They talked with one another about divisions; the government majority had dropped to twenty; and they talked about a scene in the House. The P.M.'s manners were becoming intolerable. Then with an air of relaxation they turned to Rud. The possibility of altering opinions in the constituencies seemed a very theoretical one to them. No doubt there were these waves of opinion in the country, and an intelligent parliamentary politician observed them and dodged about among them, but it was quite outside their technique to consider how the pressures of opinion could accumulate and be directed. #Quote by H.G. Wells
Technique quotes by John Maynard Keynes
#33. It economics is a method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of the mind, a technique of thinking which helps its possessor to draw correct conclusions. #Quote by John Maynard Keynes
Technique quotes by Immortal Technique
#34. And crying out to the sky cause he was lonely and scared
But only the devil responded, cause God wasn't there
And right then he knew what it was to be empty and cold
And so he jumped off the roof and died with no soul #Quote by Immortal Technique
Technique quotes by Hiroshi Sugimoto
#35. Art is technique: a means by which to materialize the invisible realm of the mind. #Quote by Hiroshi Sugimoto
Technique quotes by Zbigniew Brzezinski
#36. The society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details. It will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world. #Quote by Zbigniew Brzezinski
Technique quotes by Walter Russell
#37. The beauty of a piece of music is not in its technique but in the Soul of its creator; nor is it in the
sound vibrations of the piece but in the silence of the Light from which the sound springs. #Quote by Walter Russell
Technique quotes by Geoffrey Boycott
#38. When I was playing the game we never had the benefit of TV or video to analyse our techniques or look at faults, we depended on other cricketers to watch us and then tell us what they thought we were doing wrong. #Quote by Geoffrey Boycott
Technique quotes by Bob Dylan
#39. Every singer has three or four or five techniques, and you can force them together in different combinations. Some of the techniques you discard along the way, and pick up others. But you do need them. It's just like anything. You have to know certain things about what you're doing that other people don't know. Singing has to do with techniques and how many you use at the same time. One alone doesn't work. There's no point to going over three. But you might interchange them whenever you feel like it. It's a bit like alchemy. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Technique quotes by Martha Graham
#40. Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for
liberation. #Quote by Martha Graham
Technique quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#41. Meditation is the most extraordinary thing if you know how to do it, and you cannot possibly learn from anybody; and that's the beauty of it. It isn't something you learn, a technique, and therefore there is no authority. Therefore if you will learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, the way you talk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy. If you are aware of it without any choice, all that is part of meditation, and as you go, as you journey, as that movement goes, all that movement is meditation. Then that movement is endless, timeless. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Technique quotes by Philip Larkin
#42. I am not sure, once a poet has found out what has been written already, and how it was written - once, in short, he has learnt his trade - that he should bother with literature at all. Poetry is not like surgery, a technique that can be copied. Every operation the poet performs is unique, and need never be done again. #Quote by Philip Larkin
Technique quotes by Dave Barry
#43. Let's talk about how to fill out your 1984 tax return. Here's an often overlooked accounting technique that can save you thousands of dollars: For several days before you put it in the mail, carry your tax return around under your armpit. No IRS agent is going to want to spend hours poring over a sweat-stained document. So even if you owe money, you can put in for an enormous refund and the agent will probably give it to you, just to avoid an audit. What does he care? It's not his money. #Quote by Dave Barry
Technique quotes by Vandana Shiva
#44. I saw some women had written that the cloning of Dolly was wonderful since it showed that women could have children without men. They didn't even understand that this was the ultimate ownership of women-of embryos, of eggs, of bodies-by a few men with capital and control techniques, that it wasn't freedom from men but total control by men. #Quote by Vandana Shiva
Technique quotes by Douglas Valentine
#45. Using the eye of God technique, taped broadcasts were pitched at specific VCI members. A typical broadcast would say, "We know you, Nguyen Van Nguyen; we know where you live! We know you are a communist traitor, a lackey of Hanoi, who illegally collects taxes in Vinh Thanh Hamlet. Soon the soldiers and police are coming for you. Rally now, Nguyen Van Nguyen; rally now while there is still time! #Quote by Douglas Valentine
Technique quotes by William Klein
#46. The New York book was a visual diary and it was also kind of personal newspaper. I wanted it to look like the news. I didn't relate to European photography. It was too poetic and anecdotal for me ... the kinetic quality of new york, the kids, dirt, madness - I tried to find a photographic style that would come close to it. So I would be grainy and contrasted and black. Id crop, blur, play with the negatives. I didn't see clean technique being right for New York. I could imagine my pictures lying in the gutter like the New York Daily News. #Quote by William Klein
Technique quotes by Viacheslav Platonov
#47. In my opinion the teaching of volleyball technique, ... , must always be correlated with tactical tasks. #Quote by Viacheslav Platonov
Technique quotes by Frederick Lenz
#48. In writing Snowboarding to Nirvana I have intentionally written an inspirational spiritual adventure story, which will hopefully provide people with metaphysical techniques, spiritual knowledge, hope and a brighter view of life. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Technique quotes by Milton Friedman
#49. Since the 1930s the technique of buying votes with the voters' own money has been expanded to an extent undreamed of by earlier politicians. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Technique quotes by Heather Moehn
#50. Using the Worst-Case Scenario Technique

Another way to correct inaccurate expectations is to imagine what would happen if the worst possible scenario occurred. Pretend that everything has gone wrong at once. Picture all the details and then exaggerate them. As you visualize the worst situation possible, you may start to laugh. The scene will seem so ridiculous that you realize there is not the slightest chance that it will take place.

Lupe used the worst-case scenario technique after deciding that she really wanted to join the yearbook committee. The students in the group met after school once a week, and Lupe felt anxious about attending her first meeting. She was certain she would clamp up when people spoke to her. The morning before the meeting, she relaxed and imagined the worst things that could happen. She pictured herself saying something and everyone ignoring her. She pictured her face getting so red that it looked like she was going to explode. Then she imagined people laughing at her, saying she didn't belong.
This exercise helped Lupe realize that her fears were unfounded. That afternoon, after a little pep talk and a few deep breaths, Lupe walked into the meeting. She was relieved that people were genuinely happy to have her there. She felt proud that she was able to be involved in a situation that she would have previously avoided. #Quote by Heather Moehn
Technique quotes by Brian Goetz
#51. Accessing shared, mutable data requires using synchronization; one way to avoid this requirement is to not share. If data is only accessed from a single thread, no synchronization is needed. This technique, thread confinement, is one of the simplest ways to achieve thread safety. When an object is confined to a thread, such usage is automatically thread-safe even if the confined object itself is not. #Quote by Brian Goetz
Technique quotes by Michelle J. Sorensen
#52. As in other Buddhist Tantric techniques, recommended preliminaries for these practices include developing skill at both calm-abiding (zhi gnas; śamatha) and insight meditation (lhag mthong; vipaśyanā). As in earlier Buddhist teachings, many Chöd dehadāna practices emphasize renunciation, purification, and self-transformation through the accumulation of merit and the exhaustion of demerit. Rather than suggesting that one must wait to accumulate adequate merit before offering the gift of the body, however, Chöd provides the opportunity for immediately efficacious offering of the body through techniques of visualization. Using a technique which echoes the traditional Buddhist teaching of the of the mind-made body (manomayākāya), the practitioner engages in visualizations which allow her to experience the non-duality of agent and object as she offers her body.

The process of giving the body as a means of attainment is commonly articulated in Chöd practice texts (sgrub pa; sādhana). These practice texts exhibit the framework of mature Tantra sādhana, including the stages of generating bodhicitta, going for refuge, meditating on the four immeasurables, and making the eight-limbed offering. Generally speaking, the main section of a developed Chöd sādhana has three components. The first two - a transference of consciousness (nam mkha' sgo 'byed) practice, and a body maṇḍala (lus dkyil) practice - have distinctly purifying purposes. The Chöd transference of consciousness pr #Quote by Michelle J. Sorensen
Technique quotes by William Hurt
#53. The Alexander Technique has helped me to undo knots, unblock energy and deal with almost paralysing stage fright #Quote by William Hurt
Technique quotes by Miguel Nicolelis
#54. We started all this research way back in the early 1990s, developing a technique that allows us to record the electrical signals produced by neurons simultaneously. #Quote by Miguel Nicolelis
Technique quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#55. When they were in school, Peter used to say that everything you do is a self-portrait. It might look like 'Saint George and the Dragon' or 'The Rape of the Sabine Women,' but the angle you use, the lighting, the composition, the technique, they're all you. You are every color and brushstroke. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Technique quotes by Ezra Pound
#56. The technique of infamy is to start two lies at once and get people arguing heatedly over which is the truth. #Quote by Ezra Pound
Technique quotes by Immortal Technique
#57. I spend a lot of time out there. I've got a lot of family that lives in Inglewood and surrounding areas. So I'm right in the hood, every time I go there I go see my peoples. I rep real hard for the people that I see that are the counterparts of what I'm trying to do out here, out there. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Technique quotes by Verity Stob
#58. Lisp is still #1 for key algorithmic techniques such as recursion and condescension. #Quote by Verity Stob
Technique quotes by Peter Kreeft
#59. For the wise men of old, the cardinal problem of human life was how to conform the soul to objective reality, and the solution was wisdom, self-discipline, and virtue. For the modern, the cardinal problem is how to conform reality to the wishes of man, and the solution is a technique. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Technique quotes by David Sikhosana
#60. Losses are necessary, as long as they are associated with a technique to help you learn from them #Quote by David Sikhosana
Technique quotes by Laura Oliva
#61. Ever since he could remember, he'd people-watched to pass time. When he was younger, everyone told him it was rude. He hadn't stopped; merely perfected his technique. #Quote by Laura Oliva
Technique quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#62. I never studied anything about film technique in school. Eventually, I realized that cinema and theater are not so different: from the gut to the heart to the head of a character is the same journey for both. #Quote by Ralph Fiennes
Technique quotes by Philip Pullman
#63. [I]n adult literary fiction, stories are there on sufferance. Other things are felt to be more important: technique, style, literary knowingness. Adult readers who do deal in straightforward stories find themselves sidelined into a genre such as crime or science fiction, where no one expects literary craftsmanship. But stories are vital. Stories never fail us, because, as Isaac Bashevis Singer says, "events never grow stale." There's more wisdom in a story than in volumes of philosophy. [Contemporary writers, however,] take up their stories as with a pair of tongs. They're embarrassed by them. If they could write novels without stories in them, they would. Sometimes they do. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Technique quotes by Marcello Lippi
#64. What happened in the United changing room has happened to me 50 times in my career. I have kicked bottles of mineral water, bags and shoes but I never hit a player. It's a question of technique, and the Scots must have a better technique. #Quote by Marcello Lippi
Technique quotes by John Manchester
#65. He did the same thing to me. It's a classic torture technique. Pull someone's fingernails out and they're wanting Mommy so badly that they fall into the arms of the very monster who did it to them. #Quote by John Manchester
Technique quotes by Trevor Rabin
#66. I never actually had a guitar lesson. I taught myself the guitar from piano exercise books, which led me to have a pretty good technique on the guitar and allowed me to find different ways to do things. #Quote by Trevor Rabin
Technique quotes by Rudy Vallee
#67. As for radio and movies, I like the movies better, although the work is much harder. The cinema has microphone technique, staging, and glamour all wrapped up into one. #Quote by Rudy Vallee
Technique quotes by Alberta Neal
#68. Roll the paper, stick and shape it. After that roll another paper strip, stick and shape it. Do that again and again! These are three simple steps which define the technique named quilling. #Quote by Alberta Neal
Technique quotes by John Layman
#69. This is Poyo. Poyo was exposed to a near-lethal amount of radiation as an egg, during the first stages of a government experiment to create mutant super soldiers
trained in exotic martial arts technique by Tibetan Kung Fu fightin' monks
and given strange bio-enhancements during a rash of farm animal abductions by extra-terrestrials. Nah, just kidding. None of that shit is true. Poyo is just really, really bad ass. #Quote by John Layman
Technique quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#70. For Lacan, psychoanalysis at its most fundamental is not a theory and technique of treating psychic disturbances, but a theory and practice that confronts individuals with the most radical dimension of human existence. It does not show an individual the way to accommodate him- or herself to the demands of social reality; instead it explains how something like 'reality' constitutes itself in the first place. It does not merely enable a human being to accept the repressed truth about him- or herself; it explains how the dimension of truth emerges in human reality. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Technique quotes by Thomas S. Kuhn
#71. The man who is striving to solve a problem defined by existing knowledge and technique is not, however, just looking around. He knows what he wants to achieve, and he designs his instruments and directs his thoughts accordingly. Unanticipated novelty, the new discovery, can emerge only to the extent that his anticipations about nature and his instruments prove wrong ... There is no other effective way in which discoveries might be generated. #Quote by Thomas S. Kuhn
Technique quotes by Edward Weston
#72. An excellent conception can be quite obscured by faulty technical execution or clarified by faultless technique. #Quote by Edward Weston
Technique quotes by Wolfgang Puck
#73. It was a revolution, but now it is an evolution. People know more ingredients, people know more techniques, and people look for more ingredients they've never looked for before. In the '80s, you couldn't find raw tuna in any restaurant that wasn't Japanese. Now, you can't find any restaurant without it or sashimi. #Quote by Wolfgang Puck
Technique quotes by Peter Jackson
#74. Motion-capture is not a genre. Motion-capture is a tool and technique and what we tried to do was to really use both motion-capture and traditional animation to build a system. #Quote by Peter Jackson
Technique quotes by Neil Rackham
#75. The traditional selling models, methods, and techniques that most of us have been trained to use work best in small sales. For now, let me define small as a sale which can normally be completed in a single call and which involves a low dollar value. Unfortunately, these tried-and-true low-value sales techniques, most of them dating from the 1920s, don't work today. #Quote by Neil Rackham
Technique quotes by Immortal Technique
#76. We're rhyming; we're carrying the banner representing hardcore hip-hop to the death. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Technique quotes by Miyavi
#77. Sometimes I just rely on technique on stage, but it's not about technique. It's about how much you want to deliver the message to the audience. That's all. #Quote by Miyavi
Technique quotes by Mikhail Baryshnikov
#78. It doesn't matter how high you lift your leg. The technique is about transparency, simplicity, making an earnest attempt. #Quote by Mikhail Baryshnikov
Technique quotes by Edward Tenner
#79. If we define technology as a modification of the environment, then we must recognize the complementary principle of technique: how that modification is used in performance. New objects change behavior, but not always as inventors and manufacturers imagine. And changes in behavior of people, as of bears and dogs, inspire new hardware, which in turn engenders more innovations.4 #Quote by Edward Tenner
Technique quotes by Cozy Powell
#80. I remember John walking on and starting to play, and my mouth sort of dropped open in disbelief at the power of the playing coming across the stage - and the technique! I've never, ever seen another drummer play quite the way he did. #Quote by Cozy Powell
Technique quotes by Immortal Technique
#81. I wasn't always a revolutionary, I used to live life like a criminal even though I was going through high school or college, or the fact that I was smart, had no bearing on that. People can have intelligence all the way but have no direction. Not all criminals are idiots. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Technique quotes by Stephen Fry
#82. Talent is inborn, but technique is learned. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Technique quotes by John Bolton
#83. Negotiation is not a policy. It's a technique. It's something you use when it's to your advantage, and something that you don't use when it's not to your advantage. #Quote by John Bolton
Technique quotes by Wylie Dufresne
#84. Every dish doesn't have to be showy, and every dish doesn't have to slap you in the face with technique. #Quote by Wylie Dufresne
Technique quotes by Leslie Nielsen
#85. The violence or the vaudeville style of comedy is a technique all by itself. You get up there, and you are a comedian, and you're doing one thing. That is, you're going to make the audience laugh. #Quote by Leslie Nielsen
Technique quotes by Wright Morris
#86. Life, raw life, the kind we lead every day, whether it leads us into the past or the future, has the curious property of not seeming real enough. We have a need, however illusive, for a life that is more real than life. It lies in the imagination. Fiction would seem to be the way it is processed into reality. If this were not so we should have little excuse for art. Life, raw life, would be more than satisfactory in itself. But it seems to be the nature of man to transform - himself, if possible, and then the world around him - and the technique of this transformation is what we call art. #Quote by Wright Morris
Technique quotes by Jael McHenry
#87. It's a French technique. Soups get screened, and sauces. Forced through a tamis or a chinois. Everything that comes out is smooth and all the rough parts get left behind, thrown away. I don't want to be screened. #Quote by Jael McHenry
Technique quotes by Steven Brust
#88. The tools are real. The viewer is real, you, the artist, is real and a part of everything you paint. You connect yourself to the viewer by sharing something that is inside of you that connects with something inside of him. All you have as your guide is that you know what moves you. All you have to do it with is a brush, some chemical and canvas, and technique. #Quote by Steven Brust
Technique quotes by William Safire
#89. The noun phrase straw man, now used as a compound adjective as in 'straw-man device, technique or issue,' was popularized in American culture by 'The Wizard of Oz.' #Quote by William Safire
Technique quotes by Adam Baldwin
#90. Stillness as a technique is still really captivating to me. #Quote by Adam Baldwin
Technique quotes by Frederick Lenz
#91. You become someone else when you meditate. It isn't just a little technique. If you really pursue it, you change radically - you evolve. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Technique quotes by G.H. Hardy
#92. Pure mathematics is on the whole distinctly more useful than applied. For what is useful above all is technique, and mathematical technique is taught mainly through pure mathematics. #Quote by G.H. Hardy
Technique quotes by Milton Friedman
#93. Fundamentally, there are only two ways of co-ordinating the economic activities of millions. One is central direction involving the use of coercion - the technique of the army and of the modern totalitarian state. The other is voluntary co-operation of individuals - the technique of the market place. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Technique quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
#94. Larousse Gastronomique has always been the first and last word on classic European techniques and recipes. I love that it has expanded its reach to cover world cuisines and modern culinary innovations, making it more indispensable than ever. #Quote by Marcus Samuelsson
Technique quotes by Skin Care
Silky smooth skin! Who doesn't want it today? But all those shaving, waxing and tweezing procedures are difficult to get done repeatedly in a day to day life. Laser Hair Removal is one of the medical & cosmetic procedures that make the task easier and remove the unwanted skin hairs permanently. So that you can wear your favorite denim shorts and sleeveless tops anytime you want.

How does Laser Hair Removal help?
Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by means of exposure of skin to pulses of laser light. The laser light is transmitted to the skin which is absorbed by the melanin in hair root and helps to damage the hair follicles that produce hairs. It is important for you to know that laser hair removal is not a one-day process, it requires several sittings to get the desired results.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
Removal of hair by means of laser light is a safe procedure. In addition to the removal of unwanted hair, this technique offers some advantages over other traditional procedures of hair removal.

Can be used to treat unwanted hair from face, leg, arm, underarms, and other areas without any significant pain.
Removes hair safely without causing any skin damage.
The speedy procedure as laser light can remove a significant fraction of hairs in short time.
Laser hair removal results in permanent reduction of hairs. Some hairs which are left after treatment are lighter and th #Quote by Skin Care
Technique quotes by Olga Trujillo
#96. I was shocked and terrified to hear Dr. Summer say I had what was formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Is that like Sybil? Am I like the woman in The Three Faces of Eve? My head began to spin. What do I have inside of me? Is there a crazy person in there? What am I? I felt like a freak. I was afraid to have anyone know. I have a mental illness. People make fun of people like me. Upon hearing my diagnosis, I stopped thinking of myself as smart, creative, or clever. Even though Dr. Summer had worked hard to help me understand that I had developed an amazingly adaptive survival technique, I no longer thought of it that way at all.

I was overwhelmed by fear and shame. The words multiple personality disorder echoed in my mind. I thought of all the ways people with multiple personalities were ridiculed and marginalized: They're locked away in mental institutions. They are really sick. I'm not going to be the subject of people's jokes. I am a lawyer. I work at the U.S. Department of Justice. The more I thought about it, the deeper my despair grew. #Quote by Olga Trujillo
Technique quotes by W. H. Auden
#97. To pray is to pay attention to something or someone other than oneself. Whenever a man so concentrates his attention - on a landscape, a poem, a geometrical problem, an idol, or the True God - that he completely forgets his own ego and desires, he is praying. The primary task of the schoolteacher is to teach children, in a secular context, the technique of prayer. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Technique quotes by Walter Russell
#98. There is no necessity for a technique or formula for meditation. Inner feeling, or inner knowing, is the silent voice of inspiration. #Quote by Walter Russell
Technique quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#99. Christianity is not about good people getting better. If anything, it is good news for bad people coping with their failure to be good. The heart of the Christian faith is Good News, not good advice, good technique, or good behavior. Too many people have walked away from the church, not because they're walking away from Jesus, but because the church has walked away from Jesus. #Quote by Tullian Tchividjian
Technique quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#100. This, Tony, is a living land, not a construction site. This is
real and breathing, not a fabrication that can be bullied into
being. When you choose technique over relationship and
process, when you try and shortcut the speed of growing
awareness and force understanding and maturity before its time,
this - he pointed down and over the length #Quote by Wm. Paul Young
Technique quotes by David Gilmour
#101. My technique is laughable at times. I have developed a style of my own, I suppose, which creeps around. I don't have to have too much technique for it. I've developed the parts of my technique that are useful to me. I'll never be a very fast guitar player. I don't really know what to say about my style. There's always a melodic intent in there. #Quote by David Gilmour
Technique quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#102. Sahasrara is your awareness. When it is enlightened, you get into the technique of the Divine. Now there are two techniques - the technique of the Divine and the technique that you follow. You cannot act as Divine but you can use the Divine power and maneuver it. #Quote by Nirmala Srivastava
Technique quotes by Eric Hoffer
#103. Starting out from the fact that the frustrated predominate among the early adherents of all mass movements and that they usually join of their own accord, it is assumed:
1) that frustration of itself, without any proselytizing prompting from the outside, can generate most of the peculiar characteristics of the true believer;
2) that an effective technique of conversion consists basically in the inculcation and fixation of proclivities and responses indigenous to the frustrated mind. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Technique quotes by Roger Scruton
#104. Unlike every other product that is now manufactured for the table, wine exists in as many varieties as there are people who produce it. Variations in technique, climate, grape, soil and culture ensure that wine is, to the ordinary drinker, the most unpredictable of drinks, and to the connoisseur the most intricately informative, responding to its origins like a game of chess to its opening move. #Quote by Roger Scruton
Technique quotes by Philip Selznick
#105. It has been well said that an effective leader must know the meaning and master the technique of the educator. #Quote by Philip Selznick
Technique quotes by Jacques Ellul
#106. Human life as a whole is not inundated by technique. It has room for activities that are not rationally or systematically ordered. But the collision between spontaneous activities and technique is catastrophic for the spontaneous activities. #Quote by Jacques Ellul
Technique quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#107. I have had no "guidance or teaching" from others to speak of, but taught myself; no wonder my technique, considered superficially, differs from that of others. But that's no reason for my work to remain unsaleable. I feel pretty sure that the large "Sorrow," "The Old Woman of the Geest," the "Old Man," and others, will find a purchaser someday. #Quote by Vincent Van Gogh
Technique quotes by Tim Fargo
#108. Don't tell me about your effort. Show me your results. #Quote by Tim Fargo
Technique quotes by Bedrich Smetana
#109. By the grace of God and with His help, I shall one day be a Liszt in technique and a Mozart in composition #Quote by Bedrich Smetana
Technique quotes by Wolfgang Weingart
#110. For me, typography is a triangular relationship between design idea, typographic elements, and printing technique. #Quote by Wolfgang Weingart
Technique quotes by Candida Fink
#111. Can you sleep-deprive your way out of a depressed episode? Some researchers think that it may be possible. Using a technique called TSD (total sleep deprivation), researchers subjected depressed bipolar patients to three cycles of sleep deprivation, each consisting of a 36-hour period of sleeplessness followed by a 12-hour sleep-in. After the sessions, over half the participants reported feeling less depressed. The trouble is, TSD runs about a 10 percent risk of kicking a bipolar sufferer into hypomania or mania - about the same rate as SSRI antidepressants. In addition, the positive effects of TSD generally wear off as soon as you return to your normal sleep/wake cycle. Researchers continue to study the potential benefits of TSD when used in combination with other therapies, but the only solid conclusion that researchers have reached is that TSD is definitely not something you should try on your own. #Quote by Candida Fink
Technique quotes by Paul Caponigro
#112. Photography is not easy. You know it takes a painter or a sculpture or a musician years to perfect their technique. Then they're free to make an expression in a matter of moments. It takes moments for a photographer to perfect his technique. And then it takes years for him to make it into something that is truly creative and worthwhile. #Quote by Paul Caponigro
Technique quotes by Sadie Grubor
#113. A woman with super long platinum blonde hair, a fake tan, injected bubble gum pink lips, and a large boob job came in. Phoebe showed her where to set up in front of us and we all sat patiently.
"Hello, I'm Tandy" I almost rolled my eyes at her name, given her appearance. She placed a case on the coffee table in front of us, opened it, and pulled out rubber penises. I almost shot my drink out of my nose, again. "I will be instructing you on proper blow job technique."
"Oh my God, Phoebe." I shouted at her.
"Yeah," Viola clapped her hands and reached out to be the first to get a rubber practice penis. #Quote by Sadie Grubor
Technique quotes by Abigail Roux
#114. You're late," Thiago said in a flat voice. Nikolaus opened his mouth to apologize, but Remy smiled cheekily and shocked Nikolaus by wrapping his arm around him and pulling him closer as if they'd been friends all of their lives. "I was teaching Niko the proper technique for getting lost in the woods," Remy claimed seriously. "He took to the lesson real well. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Technique quotes by Michael O'Brien
#115. J.K. Rowling is a talented storyteller, but she has also used the style and technique of modern television and cinema media, which seizes the imagination by pummelling it, bombarding it with powerful stimuli, in a rapid pace, with plenty of emotional rewards. #Quote by Michael O'Brien
Technique quotes by Morihei Ueshiba
#116. The world will continue to change dramatically, but fighting and war can destroy us utterly. What we need now are techniques of harmony, not those of contention. The Art of Peace is required, not the Art of War. #Quote by Morihei Ueshiba
Technique quotes by Louis Kronenberger
#117. The technique of winning is so shoddy, the terms of winning are so ignoble, the tenure of winning is so brief; and the specter of the has-been-a shameful rather than a pitiable sight today-brings a sudden chill even to our sunlit moments. #Quote by Louis Kronenberger
Technique quotes by Liam Hemsworth
#118. I'm all about working with directors that are doing different techniques and I think everyone has their way of getting it to the place that they think is best. #Quote by Liam Hemsworth
Technique quotes by Czeslaw Milosz
#119. We have become indifferent to content, and react, not even to form, but to technique, to technical efficiency itself. #Quote by Czeslaw Milosz
Technique quotes by Aldous Huxley
#120. And no wonder; for the new technique of "subliminal projection," as it was called, was intimately associated with mass entertainment, and in the life of civilized human beings massed entertainment now plays a part comparable to that played in the Middle Ages be religion. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Technique quotes by Elliott Hundley
#121. Anyone who's ever put a stamp on an envelope or a note on their refrigerator knows what it's like to make a collage. There's no esoteric technique. #Quote by Elliott Hundley
Technique quotes by Wu Guanzhong
#122. There is no standard way of using painting techniques. #Quote by Wu Guanzhong
Technique quotes by Bill Crow
#123. Roger (Kellaway) amazed us all. Blessed with great technique, he could play any style, from ragtime to space music. Whatever style he chose to play at the moment would be filled with wonderful surprises that kept the rest of us continually delighted. #Quote by Bill Crow
Technique quotes by Mike Colter
#124. When you're acting, it's all about you and the person in front of you, and I think in life we forget to apply the same technique, and we get caught up in the panic of what we're trying to do - how overwhelmingly daunting the task of trying to become an actor is. #Quote by Mike Colter
Technique quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
#125. Thick and creamy egg, fragrant roast quail... and the rice! It all makes such a hearty, satisfying combination!
Wait, something just crunched?
"See, there are five parts to a good chicken-and-egg rice bowl.
Chicken... eggs... rice... onions... and warishita.
*Warishita is a sauce made from a combination of broth, soy sauce and sugar.*
"I seared the quail in oil before putting it in the oven to roast. That made the skin nice and crispy... while leaving the meat inside tender and juicy.
For the eggs, I seasoned them with salt and a generous pinch of black pepper to give them some bite and then added cream to make them thick and creamy! It's the creaminess of the soft-boiled egg that makes or breaks a good chicken-and-egg bowl, y'know.
Some milk made the risotto extra creamy. I then mixed in onions as well as ground chicken that was browned in butter. I used the Suer technique on the onions. That should have given some body to their natural sweetness.
For the sauce, I sweetened some Madeira wine with sugar and honey and then added a dash of soy sauce. Like warishita in a regular chicken-and-egg rice bowl, this sauce ties all the parts of the dish together. Try it with the poached egg. It's seriously delicious!
Basically I took the idea of a Japanese chicken-and-egg rice bowl...
... and rebuilt it using only French techniques!"
"Yukihira! I wanna try it too!"
"Oh, uh, sorry. I only made that one."
You #Quote by Yuto Tsukuda
Technique quotes by Jim Bouton
#126. The pitching coach was bugged by the author's technique because he had never seen anyone do it before, and besides, it wasn't the coach's idea. #Quote by Jim Bouton
Technique quotes by Henri Cartier-Bresson
#127. I'm always amused by the idea that certain people have about technique, which translate into an immoderate taste for the sharpness of the image. It is a passion for detail, for perfection, or do they hope to get closer to reality with this trompe I'oeil? They are, by the way, as far away from the real issues as other generations of photographers were when they obscured their subject in soft-focus effects. #Quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Technique quotes by H.M. Forester
#128. The worst of all was to be faced with the interrogation technique of Thirty Seconds. The interrogator would say something and you had to respond quickly, without once repeating yourself or using the personal pronoun. Very few dissidents could last the full thirty seconds, and a refusal to comply was taken as equal proof of dissidence. #Quote by H.M. Forester
Technique quotes by Rajneesh
#129. Drop dreaming and you are there where you have really been always, but you were never aware. All meditation techniques are just antidream efforts, just dream-negating devices. #Quote by Rajneesh
Technique quotes by Immortal Technique
#130. I hate it when they tell us how far we've came to be; as if our people's history started with slavery. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Technique quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#131. To understand a sentence means to understand a language. To understand a language means to be master of a technique. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Technique quotes by Isabel Allende
#132. When you make an omelet, as when you make love, affection counts for more than technique. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Technique quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
#133. Those who would like to become writers attend courses on writing poetry and prose and analyze their own work and that of other writers in development. Teachers teach them that talent is not required and that anyone, who wants to be a writer, can do it if they only master the technique of writing and master the formulas of the genre that they choose. With a little brain storming ideas written on cards, as well as designs and plans on the table, one can even write a novel in a month. There is no secret; the whole secret is in the technique, a little research, and the rest is solved by form, according to a formula, in which it is all nicely wrapped up and packaged.
And so, a bestseller is born. #Quote by Dejan Stojanovic
Technique quotes by Sophie Ristelhueber
#134. We have at our disposal modern techniques for seeing everything, apprehending everything, yet we see nothing. #Quote by Sophie Ristelhueber
Technique quotes by Andy C.E. Brown
#135. Imagining success can be a great motivation technique. The more you view yourself as successful, the better you will feel about yourself and the job at hand. Focusing on the positives can breed success. #Quote by Andy C.E. Brown
Technique quotes by Roald Dahl
#136. The Alexander Technique works ... I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who has neck pains or back pain. #Quote by Roald Dahl
Technique quotes by John French Sloan
#137. Originality is a quality that cannot be imitated. The technique of the language, on the other hand, is something that belongs to all who can understand it. #Quote by John French Sloan
Technique quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#138. I've been kissed by men who did a very good job. But they don't give kissing their whole attention. They can't. No matter how hard they try parts of their minds are on something else. Missing the last bus - or their chances of making the gal - or their own techniques in kissing - or maybe worry about jobs, or money, or will husband or papa or the neighbors catch on. Mike doesn't have technique ... but when Mike kisses you he isn't doing anything else. You're his whole universe ... and the moment is eternal because he doesn't have any plans and isn't going anywhere. Just kissing you. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Technique quotes by Jimmy Page
#139. I don't deal in technique. I deal in emotions. #Quote by Jimmy Page
Technique quotes by Terence McKenna
#140. Every culture that's ever existed has operated under the illusion that it understood 95% of reality and that the other 5% would be delivered in the next 18 months, and from Egypt forward they've been running around believing they had a perfect grip on things and yet we look back at every society that preceded us with great smugness at how naive they all were. Well, it never occurs to us, then, that maybe we're whistling in the dark too! That the universe is stranger than you CAN suppose, and that that openness that that perception imparts is a great joy, a great blessing, because then you can live your life not in service to some fascistic metaphor but in service to the living mystery: the fact that you're not going to understand it; it is not going to yield to logic; or magic; or any other technique that's been developed ... #Quote by Terence McKenna
Technique quotes by Louis Oosthuizen
#141. My putting strategy is simple: If you're not making putts, don't be afraid to change your technique. #Quote by Louis Oosthuizen
Technique quotes by Plutarch
#142. While in the case of his iron money, as I have explained, Lycurgus arranged for heavy weight to be matched by low value, he did the opposite for the currency of speech. Here he developed the technique of expressing a wide range of ideas in just a few, spare words. #Quote by Plutarch
Technique quotes by Pina Bausch
#143. To understand what I am saying, you have to believe that dance is something other than technique. We forget where the movements come from. They are born from life. When you create a new work, the point of departure must be contemporary life
not existing forms of dance. #Quote by Pina Bausch
Technique quotes by Danny Meyer
#144. Constant, gentle pressure is my preferred technique for leadership, guidance, and coaching. #Quote by Danny Meyer
Technique quotes by Richard North Patterson
#145. Before Bin Laden did everything but advertise. Yet he had to blow up the Twin Towers just to get the attention of anyone outside the intelligence community. So what did we do? We invaded the wrong country, killed the wrong madman, and too often used the wrong interrogation techniques on the wrong people-all because our leaders lost contact with the truth. #Quote by Richard North Patterson
Technique quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#146. You spent so much time explaining yourself, your work to others - what it meant, what you were trying to accomplish, why you had chosen the colors and subject matter and materials and application and technique that you had - that it was a relief to simply be with another person to whom you didn't have to explain anything. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Technique quotes by Sarah Mayberry
#147. One of the best lovers in Hollywood. What would a title like that encompass exactly? she wondered. Technique? Enthusiasm? Or was it more about equipment? #Quote by Sarah Mayberry
Technique quotes by Idries Shah
#148. Instant Reading. A certain famous Fakir was claiming in the village that he could teach an illiterate person to read by a lightning technique. Nasrudin stepped out of the crowd: 'Very well, teach me – now.' The Fakir touched the Mulla's forehead, and said: 'Now go home immediately and read a book.' Half an our later Nasrudin was back in the market-place, clutching a book. The Fakir had gone on his way. 'Can you read now, Mulla?' the people asked him. 'Yes, I can read – but that is not the point. Where is that charlatan?' 'How can he be a charlatan if he has caused you to read without learning?' 'Because this book, which is authoritative, says: "All Fakirs are frauds". #Quote by Idries Shah
Technique quotes by Grantland Rice
#149. Golf is 20 percent mechanics and technique. The other 80 pecent is philosophy, humor, tragedy, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie, cussedness and conversation. #Quote by Grantland Rice
Technique quotes by Edward Abbey
#150. I discovered that I was not opposed to mankind but only to man-centeredness, anthropocentricity, the opinion that the world exists solely for the sake of man; not to science, which means simply knowledge, but to science misapplied, to the worship of technique and technology, and to that perversion of science properly called scientism; and not to civilization but to culture. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Technique quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#151. I never tell my boyfriend that I'm busy when I'm not. No matter how effective they are, cheap techniques like that just don't agree with me. So it's always okay, it's always all right. In my opinion the surest way to hook a man is to be as open with him as possible. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Technique quotes by Stephen Nachmanovitch
#152. Many musicians are fabulously skilled at playing the black dots on the printed page, but mystified by how the dots got there in the first place and apprehensive of playing without dots. Music theory does not help here; it teaches rules of the grammar, but not what to say. When people ask me how to improvise, only a little of what I can say is about music. The real story is about spontaneous expression, and it is therefore a spiritual and a psychological story rather than a story about the technique of one art form or another. #Quote by Stephen Nachmanovitch
Technique quotes by John Gardner
#153. All writers, given adequate technique - technique that communicates - can stir our interest in their special subject matter, since at heart all fiction treats, directly or indirectly, the same thing: our love for people and the world, our aspirations and fears. The particular characters, actions, and settings are merely instances, variations on the universal theme. #Quote by John Gardner
Technique quotes by Renee Fleming
#154. You finally have to learn to pull all the different kinds of teaching and training and coaching together on you own, so that your voice and body and technique for a sound that is consistent and solid. #Quote by Renee Fleming
Technique quotes by Martha Graham
#155. I use the words gods and goddesses principally, I think, to mean beautiful bodies - bodies that are absolute instruments. And I believe in discipline, I believe in a very definite technique. #Quote by Martha Graham
Technique quotes by Miroslav Vitous
#156. I continued studying by myself in the field of jazz with my own technique of improvisation, walking bass lines, rhythms, all kinds of stuff, which I created for myself. #Quote by Miroslav Vitous
Technique quotes by Frederick Lenz
#157. The strategy of winning is gaining personal power. There are no techniques to learn that will cause you to win. You need power, balance and wisdom to win and to learn from your loses. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Technique quotes by Geoffrey Harvey
#158. A turning point in the criticism of Hardy's poetry came in his centenary year, in which W. H. Auden (1940) recorded his indebtedness to Hardy for his own education in matters of poetic technique.

In a radio interview, Larkin defended his liking for Hardy's temperament and way of seeing life: 'He's not a transcendental writer, he's not a Yeats, he's not an Eliot; his subjects are men, the life of men, time and the passing of time, love and the fading of love'.
Larkin freely acknowledges the influence on him of Hardy's verse, which results in his rejection of Yeats as a poetic model.


It is a similar kind of response that gave rise to an important study by Donald Davie (1973). Davie feels that 'in British poetry of the last fifty years (as not in America) the most far-reaching influence, for good or ill, has been not Yeats, still less Eliot or Pound, not Lawrence, but Hardy', and that this influence has been deleterious. #Quote by Geoffrey Harvey
Technique quotes by Gerhard Richter
#159. This superficial blurring has something to do with the incapacity I have just mentioned. I can make no statement about reality clearer than my own relationship to reality; and this has a great deal to do with imprecision, uncertainty, transience, incompleteness, or whatever. But this doesn't explain the pictures. At best it explains what led to their being painted. #Quote by Gerhard Richter
Technique quotes by Henry Hallett Dale
#160. Littlewood, on Hardy's own estimate, is the finest mathematician he has ever known. He was the man most likely to storm and smash a really deep and formidable problem; there was no one else who could command such a combination of insight, technique and power. #Quote by Henry Hallett Dale
Technique quotes by J. Robert Oppenheimer
#161. The history of science is rich in example of the fruitfulness of bringing two sets of techniques, two sets of ideas, developed in separate contexts for the pursuit of new truth, into touch with one another. #Quote by J. Robert Oppenheimer
Technique quotes by John M. McKeller
#162. JIT is a technique used to eliminate the waste of excess inventory. Parts and materials are "pulled" through the production process only as needed, rather than "pushed" out onto the production floor in large quantities. Accountants justifiably see inventory as an asset because it represents an investment by the company. From a JIT perspective, however, it is an avoidable cost that must be minimized. Any costs that do not contribute to the value of the output are to be eliminated. #Quote by John M. McKeller
Technique quotes by Richard Gere
#163. Everyone seems to think they know what acting techniques are. Techniques just help you get to a certain place, but if the thing is happening just by itself, you don't need those techniques. #Quote by Richard Gere
Technique quotes by Gore Verbinski
#164. Animation is a technique, not a genre. #Quote by Gore Verbinski
Technique quotes by Tov Rose
#165. Most people do not realize that the Apostle John was actually using terminology familiar to 1st Century Jewish people. It was familiar, because it was language read in the Targums in the Synagogue every week. What John was doing by stating his first sentence in the manner was very similar to the technique used at the time (and today in some Orthodox Jewish sects), whereby one person would recite the first verse of a Psalm, and the students (or members of the Synagogue), would begin to recite the rest of the Psalm. Jesus did this as is recorded in the New Testament. The hearers should have understood to recite the entirety of Psalm 22 in response, "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, 'Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?" that is, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?'" Matthew 27:46 #Quote by Tov Rose
Technique quotes by Ralph Fletcher
#166. G.K. Chesterton once said: If something is worth doing, it is worth doing badly. I live by this philosophy when I teach writing. It seems to me vastly more important that a student try a new technique in her writing, and use it imperfectly, than never try the technique at all. #Quote by Ralph Fletcher
Technique quotes by Lisa Birnbach
#167. from The Prep Pantheon: An All-Time Great Alumni Association

Caroline Kennedy. Concord Academy '75. Harvard '80. On technical points Preppier than Mummy. During four years at Harvard Square, an unnatural fiber never went near her body (except for the shell of her L. L. Bean down vest). Her lacrosse game was ruthless, her brunch technique dazzling (smoked heavily, sat with the descendents of three other presidents). #Quote by Lisa Birnbach
Technique quotes by Virat Kohli
#168. My focus had always been the on-side. My coach wanted me to work on the offside strokes since he was convinced of my ability and timing on the leg side. I worked hard and firmed up my defensive technique. I am happy getting runs all around the wicket now, and getting a lot of boundaries. No one calls me a 'leggie batsman' anymore. #Quote by Virat Kohli
Technique quotes by Theodore Levitt
#169. Selling concerns itself with the tricks and techniques of getting people to exchange their cash for your product. It is not concerned with the values that the exchange is all about. And it does not, as marketing invariable does, view the entire business process as consisting of a tightly integrated effort to discover, create, arouse and satisfy customer needs. #Quote by Theodore Levitt
Technique quotes by Martha Graham
#170. What makes a great dancer is not technique. What makes a great dancer is passion. #Quote by Martha Graham
Technique quotes by Louis Kahn
#171. A Work of Art ... is not a living thing ... that walks or runs.But the making of a life.That which gives you a reaction.To some it is the wonder of Man's Fingers.To some it is the wonder of the Mind.To some it is the wonder of Technique.And to some it is how Real it is.To some, how Transcendent it is.Like the 5th Symphony it presents itself. #Quote by Louis Kahn
Technique quotes by Immortal Technique
#172. They [people of Afghanistan] didn't want Al-Qaeda in their country. They didn't appreciate the Taliban taking control. But they really have an incredible amount of dignity. And by that, they are grateful for America's help in ridding them of the Taliban. The average, ordinary person is glad that their daughter can go to school now. There's no public executions, no banning of soccer games. The difference is, they're appreciative, but they don't want any prolonged military presence of the United States there. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Technique quotes by Fergie
#173. I finally found the product that helps mend my damaged hair and prevent breakage. Avon's Advance Techniques Damage Repair 3D Rescue Leave-In Treatment makes it look and feel healthier. #Quote by Fergie
Technique quotes by Heather Moehn
#174. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Even when you feel at ease, you may still experience tightness in your body. People with chronic anxiety often have a hard time telling when their muscles are completely relaxed because feeling tense is their natural state.
Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a two-step technique that helps you recognize when your muscles are tense and when they are relaxed. First, you deliberately tense certain muscle groups. Second, you release the tension and become aware of how the relaxed muscles feel.
It is recommended that you practice PMR every day in a quiet place with no distractions until you feel capable of performing the practice in social situations. Ultimately, you will be able to use PMR whenever you feel any anxiety. #Quote by Heather Moehn
Technique quotes by Robert Doisneau
#175. The photographer must be absorbent - like a blotter, allow himself to be permeated by the poetic moment ... His technique should be like an animal function ... he should act automatically. #Quote by Robert Doisneau
Technique quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#176. Hence, what he wants - and it is openly admitted - is to implement nationalistic imperialism with methods he has borrowed from Marxism, including its technique of mass organization. But the success of this mass organization is to be ascribed to the masses and not to Hitler. It was man's authoritarian freedom-fearing structure that enabled his propaganda to take root. Hence, what is important about Hitler sociologically does not issue from his personality but from the importance attached to him by the masses. And what makes the problem all the more complex is the fact that Hitler held the masses, with whose help he wanted to carry out his imperialism, in complete contempt. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Technique quotes by Brad Pitt
#177. When I first moved to L.A., I discovered Roy London. I didn't know anything about the arts, the profession; I had no technique, I knew nothing, I'm fresh from Missouri. I sat in on a few classes, and they just felt a little guru-ish and just didn't feel right to me. Until I met Roy. #Quote by Brad Pitt
Technique quotes by Meg Cabot
#178. Sometime, the only way you can make someone listen is with your fist. This is not a technique espoused, I know by the diagnostic manuals on most therapists' shelves.
Then again nobody ever said I was a therapist. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Technique quotes by John Simon
#179. Although most informed balletomanes would place artistry above technique, artistry without a strong technique is a flaccid, bloodless thing indeed, whereas technique without much artistry can still dazzle us in the manner of the circus or sports arena translated to a higher plane. Though the perfect blend of the two elements is the consummation devoutly to be wished, the real enemy of good ballet is not the slight preponderance of one or the other but the prevalence of pantomime
the turning of dance into second-rate theater. #Quote by John Simon
Technique quotes by Amitabh Bachchan
#180. I don't use any techniques; I'm not trained to be an actor. I just enjoy working in films. #Quote by Amitabh Bachchan
Technique quotes by Christopher Plummer
#181. Theater roles are written by the great masters. The greatest literature that you can possibly know are the theater roles like King Lear, Hamlet, and all of those great roles. So all you do is you dive into these unchallenged roles and see how far you can get, what kind of accolades you can get, and how good you can be in them. In movie roles, you can actually improve them by knowing a lot about your own stage technique, which helps a great deal in the cinema and how you can project inner humor even though the particular dialogue is not necessarily funny, but you can infuse it with humor. #Quote by Christopher Plummer
Technique quotes by Katie Ledecky
#182. I try to make the good days great and take something positive from the days I'm not feeling good - work on technique or something like that. #Quote by Katie Ledecky
Technique quotes by Paul Monette
#183. And just getting into bed with somebody wasn't the magic solution, because people could hide their terrors in pure technique - depersonalizing so completely the body embraced that they felt nothing at all. #Quote by Paul Monette
Technique quotes by Steve Albini
#184. Cooking is about presenting flavors and other aspects of food in a way that makes best use of them and makes an engaging, satisfying meal. Taste necessarily comes into it along with technique. Some ingredients require cooking, cleaning or otherwise denaturing them, some are fine as they are. #Quote by Steve Albini
Technique quotes by Fritz Reiner
#185. The best conducting technique is that which achieves the maximum musical result with the minimum effort. The only general rule is to infuse all gestures with precision, clarity, and vitality. #Quote by Fritz Reiner
Technique quotes by Woody Shaw
#186. Now, as for this new breed of musicians with their 'ultrasonic' conservatory technique, I say: So What. Tell me a story from the heart of your soul and what your existence in this Universe is all about! #Quote by Woody Shaw
Technique quotes by A.J. Flowers
#187. Put your manuscript down, I'd recommend at least two months. Six would be ideal. You really need to get away from it long enough to change your mindset. Unless you have a photographic memory, this technique will work. You'll transform into the one thing you crave feedback from: a reader. #Quote by A.J. Flowers
Technique quotes by Ron Livingston
#188. There is technique to it-he is just standing there flexing his arm, and I am standing there making faces as if I am being choked. You keep your head in a certain angle for the camera. #Quote by Ron Livingston
Technique quotes by Ingo F. Walther
#189. When children paint, they express their ideas rather than their perception, and when Picasso had recourse to such a technique, then that was his personal response to his approaching death. #Quote by Ingo F. Walther
Technique quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
#190. Challenge, the way anything that came under discussion could be claimed or rejected by either side. Time and time again the power of an idea or a piece of art was assessed by either its beauty or its technique or its usefulness, and time and time again my wife was surprised by how rarely anything on earth satisfies all three camps. He #Quote by Helen Oyeyemi
Technique quotes by Paul Brunton
#191. All methods and techniques - and of course all human beings who propound them - are merely instruments to help the student obtain a methodless, technique-free, teacherless state. #Quote by Paul Brunton
Technique quotes by A.J. Muste
#192. Those who can bring themselves to renounce wealth, position and power accruing from a social system based on violence and putting a premium on acquisitiveness, and to identify themselves in some real fashion with the struggle of the masses toward the light, may help in a measure - more, doubtless, by life than by words - to devise a more excellent way, a technique of social progress less crude, brutal, costly and slow than mankind has yet evolved. #Quote by A.J. Muste
Technique quotes by Eddie Murphy
#193. Whenever I am on camera or doing anything on mic, I don't have any process at all. I just do it and, when I'm finished, it goes away. There is no process. I wish there were some techniques to it. I just turn it on and off, and then I go home. #Quote by Eddie Murphy
Technique quotes by Sydney Greenstreet
#194. Pictures are much harder to do than the theater ... You're at the mercy of the camera angles and the piecemeal technique. #Quote by Sydney Greenstreet
Technique quotes by Ben Horowitz
#195. To succeed at selling a losing product, you must develop seriously superior sales techniques. In addition, you have to be massively competitive and incredibly hungry to survive in that environment. #Quote by Ben Horowitz
Technique quotes by Brendan Daly
#196. There is a great amount of precision within each individual's technique and role in the play. When you put 22 of them out there, it can look chaotic but when you break down individual performance, it looks less so. #Quote by Brendan Daly
Technique quotes by Julius Evola
#197. When an ascesis is understood as a technique for the conscious creation of a force that can be applied, in the first place, at any level, then the disciplines taught by the doctrine of awakening can be recognized as those that incorporate the highest degree of crystallinity and independence. #Quote by Julius Evola
Technique quotes by Richard Estes
#198. An actor can do a play on Broadway for three years. Every night he's expressing the same emotion in exactly the same way. He has developed a technique to convey those feelings so that he can get the ideas across. Or a musician may not want to play that damn music at all, but he has a booking and has to do it. #Quote by Richard Estes
Technique quotes by Alexandr Dolgopolov
#199. I had classic technique - one of the best techniques when I was like 10, 12, but then I changed. #Quote by Alexandr Dolgopolov
Technique quotes by Joan Sutherland
#200. Technique is the basis of every pursuit. If you're a sportsman or you're a singer or a swimmer, well that comes under sport but you have to develop a basic technique to know what you're doing at any given time. #Quote by Joan Sutherland

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