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Team Meetings quotes by Emma Chase
#1. I don't go to church. Not anymore. I'm a lot of things, but a hypocrite really isn't one of them. If you're not going to play by the rules, you don't show up for team meetings. #Quote by Emma Chase
Team Meetings quotes by Sean O'Neil
#2. We're not saying not to hold regular team meetings and require attendance. We are saying, understand the unintended consequences of doing so, and be aware of the value of that meeting for each person. Weigh those factors against your perceived value of the meeting for all, and then decide whether you're going to insist on attendance. #Quote by Sean O'Neil
Team Meetings quotes by Rob Thurman
#3. Smote.' I haven't gotten to use that word since my days upstairs. I kind of miss it. Lots of pomp and circumstance in a word like that." He tapped his chin as the smile became sly. "Downstairs we just say slaughter or massacre or team-building exercise. #Quote by Rob Thurman
Team Meetings quotes by Karina Halle
#4. Maybe we should come back after we call the hazmat team." "Great idea," I yelled back. "They can spray you both down for your crotch rot while they're at it. #Quote by Karina Halle
Team Meetings quotes by Blake Griffin
#5. Every season is so much different and you go through your ups and downs, you figure your team out, you get to play against great teams. Some of the best competition there's been since I've been in the league. Just every night, night in and night out we get to play against the top guys, the top teams. It's a lot of fun. #Quote by Blake Griffin
Team Meetings quotes by Jim Harbaugh
#6. I love people, I really do. I'm a people person. I think that's a strength of mine. I love being around people, especially in a team setting. #Quote by Jim Harbaugh
Team Meetings quotes by Yvonne Pierre
#7. Don't build a team that will fuel your 'ego'. Build a team that has the skills, desire & passion for fueling the 'vision'. #Quote by Yvonne Pierre
Team Meetings quotes by Anonymous
#8. Getting a job done fast is fruitless if it isn't done right. Individuals and Teams must constantly evaluate their progress. If an individual or Team starts to lose focus, they must take a step back and review. #Quote by Anonymous
Team Meetings quotes by Olivia Stuck
#9. I have a great management team and great agents that assist me, and I take roles in feature films that I hope will show my other talents other than just comedy. #Quote by Olivia Stuck
Team Meetings quotes by Sean Bean
#10. If you're going to support a football team, do it 100 per cent. #Quote by Sean Bean
Team Meetings quotes by John C. Reilly
#11. I mean I was very shy but I was also very extroverted because I was doing plays. I'd been doing plays since I was a little kid. But, I did feel like an outsider because I went to like a 'college-prep' kind of high school that had a really big football team and was known for its program so I was like this weird boy that did plays. #Quote by John C. Reilly
Team Meetings quotes by Pete Buttigieg
#12. The possibility of highly visible failure has an exceptional power to propel us to want to succeed, and that power can be harnessed to motivate a team or even a community to do something difficult. #Quote by Pete Buttigieg
Team Meetings quotes by Atul Gawande
#13. Teamwork may just be hard in certain lines of work. Under conditions of extreme complexity, we inevitably rely on a division of tasks and expertise - in the operating room, for example, there is the surgeon, the surgical assistant, the scrub nurse, the circulating nurse, the anesthesiologist, and so on. They can each be technical masters at what they do. That's what we train them to be, and that alone can take years. But the evidence suggests we need them to see their job not just as performing their isolated set of tasks well but also as helping the group get the best possible results. This requires finding a way to ensure that the group lets nothing fall between the cracks and also adapts as a team to whatever problems might arise. #Quote by Atul Gawande
Team Meetings quotes by Maureen F. McHugh
#14. Wuxi Engineering Complex wasn't detailed by a team, it was detailed by one woman, using, of course, feedback from the departments that would be using the building." I gape. "Exactly," she says, smiling. "A team would not have constructed the building as a unit, but as a series of connected, but compromised and adjusted, ideas." "It can't be done. It had to have taken years." "It did take over two years, but it can be done. #Quote by Maureen F. McHugh
Team Meetings quotes by Peter Senge
#15. We learn together in teams. This involves a shift from a spirit of advocacy to a spirit of enquiry. #Quote by Peter Senge
Team Meetings quotes by Iain Duncan Smith
#16. Well football teams are perhaps easier to control than political parties, I'm sure the Prime Minister would agree with me, but yeah I think every team needs discipline and a sense of self-belief and that's important, that's what leadership's all about. #Quote by Iain Duncan Smith
Team Meetings quotes by Michael Bergdahl
#17. Servant leadership is the foundation and the secret of Sam Walton's ability to achieve team synergy. #Quote by Michael Bergdahl
Team Meetings quotes by Marv Levy
#18. Bill Polian and I agreed when we first came together with the Buffalo Bills that we'd bring players only of high character to the team. #Quote by Marv Levy
Team Meetings quotes by Thomas Friedman
#19. The merger of globalization and the I.T. revolution means new products are being phased in and out so fast that companies cannot afford to wait until the end of the year to figure out whether a team leader is doing a good job. #Quote by Thomas Friedman
Team Meetings quotes by Gilbert Arenas
#20. I hate it when you see talented teams with a lot of scorers and they can't get along with each other. #Quote by Gilbert Arenas
Team Meetings quotes by Johan Cruijff
#21. When you're playing against a team that has two great central defenders, the best option is to play without a striker. #Quote by Johan Cruijff
Team Meetings quotes by Sven-Goran Eriksson
#22. He was magnificent; very clever with outstanding technique. He could pass the ball over five yards or fifty; he could see things to set up other people; he could shoot and he could score goals. If you gave me Paul Scholes and ten others, I would be happy. I would tell them to give him the ball and then we would have a good team. #Quote by Sven-Goran Eriksson
Team Meetings quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#23. There are people who, on meeting a successful rival, no matter in what, are at once disposed to turn their backs on everything good in him, and to see only what is bad. There are people, on the other hand, who desire above all to find in that lucky rival the qualities by which he has outstripped them, and seek with a throbbing ache at heart only what is good. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Team Meetings quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#24. He smiled, thinking that for just an instant, it was easy to imagine they were still married, both of them on the same team, both of them still in love.
Except, of course, that they weren't. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Team Meetings quotes by John C. Maxwell
#25. Do you value people who won't benefit you or only those who might contribute in some way to your success? Great team players truly value others as people, and they know and relate to what others value. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Team Meetings quotes by Tiffany Snow
#26. His lips twitched at my defiance. He moved his face even nearer to mine, our lips inches apart.
"You feel that?" he nearly whispered, his voice low and intent. "You feel that rage inside? Burning hot in the pit of your stomach?"
Confused, I hesitantly nodded. What was he doing?
"That's what's going to keep you alive, " he said. "Hold on to it. Fear will only sign your death warrant. Stay mad, princess. #Quote by Tiffany Snow
Team Meetings quotes by Joel Osteen
#27. When I used to play sports, I'd be the one cheering the team on, 'Come on, we can beat these guys!' That's just in me. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Team Meetings quotes by Deb Caletti
#28. I've come to the conclusion that it's all about fear- fear that your kid won't come out on top, be a success. Forcing him into these brutal encounters will a) make a dame sure he is a success, and b) all you to see evidence of that success with the added bonus of a cheering crowd. This means that sports are supported with an almost desperate enthusiasm. The football team gets catered dinners before a fame. Honor Society is lucky if it gets a cupcake. Academic success-forget it. That requires too much imagination. There's no scoreboard. #Quote by Deb Caletti
Team Meetings quotes by Matt Cullen
#29. Christian guys had a reputation for being soft or not being tough enough to play the game. But every chapel we've had, our team fighter has been in there. Stu Grimson is very outspoken. Dan Bylsma, the head coach at Pittsburgh, was one guy that really helped me a lot. #Quote by Matt Cullen
Team Meetings quotes by Sydney J. Harris
#30. The public examination of homosexuality in our contemporary life is still so coated with distasteful moral connotations that even a reviewer is bound to wonder uneasily why he was selected to evaluate a book on the subject, and to assert defensively at the outset that he is happily married, the father of four children and the one-time adornment of his college boxing, track and tennis teams. #Quote by Sydney J. Harris
Team Meetings quotes by Eric Gagne
#31. One thing about this game: It's really frustrating. In hockey, if you team's losing, you can start a fight. You can get your frustrations out. #Quote by Eric Gagne
Team Meetings quotes by Jack Welch
#32. The thing it taught me was that winning's a helluva lot more fun than losing. It also taught me that the team with the best players that worked together the best wins. #Quote by Jack Welch
Team Meetings quotes by Will Ferrell
#33. On the set of an independent film you can tell that nobody is doing it for the money. Everyone is there because they love the script. A smaller budget sort of unifies everyone; it's a real team effort and that's amazing. But these opportunities just don't present themselves that often for me, so basically any chance I get to do something different I jump on it. #Quote by Will Ferrell
Team Meetings quotes by Ben Horowitz
#34. Yes, yoga may make your company a better place to work for people who like yoga. It may also be a great team-building exercise for people who like yoga. Nonetheless, it's not culture. #Quote by Ben Horowitz
Team Meetings quotes by Holly Black
#35. I'm sick of you all acting like I'm this English freak raining on your little math-science parade. Sung seems to think my contribution to this team is a little less than everyone else's."
"Anyone can memorize book titles!" Sung shouted. "Oh, please.Like I care what you think? You don't even know the difference between Keats and Byron. #Quote by Holly Black
Team Meetings quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#36. If Sophie hadn't used my magic in her body," Elodie summed up, "she would've been dead like, ten times by now."
Okay, it was only twice, I grumbled inside.
Elodie ignored me. "And no," she said, raising my hand to cut off Jenna's next question. "I can't possess anyone else. Trust me, I've been trying to get inside Lara Casnoff ever since we got here. Which…sounds really wrong."
I felt my shoulders shrug. "Anyway, you looked like you were about to eat your own lip, and that's totally gross, so I figured I oughta swoop in and put your mind at ease. Last night, when I was trying my hardest to possess anyone who's not this freak, I overheard the Casnoffs talking. Apparently, turning a vampire into a demon seems like an awesome idea, so that's why you're here. No staking on the agenda."
Usling Elodie as a spy hadn't even occurred to me. Oh my God, this is perfect! I shouted. Well, mentally shouted. Of course! They can't see you unless you want them to; you can go anywhere in the school, and-
Jeez, not so loud, she interrupted. I'm in your head, so use your inside inside voice.
Elodie went to brush my hair out of my eyes, muttering, "God, how does she live like this?"
If you promise to stop taking over whenever you feel like it, I promise to get a hot oil treatment, I replied, and she snorted.
Jenna folded her arms tightly across her chest. "So, what-you're like, helping us now?"
My eyes rolled. "No, I'm on Team Take Over The World With #Quote by Rachel Hawkins

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