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Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Tina Fey
#1. I'm not that good looking ... nobody is that good looking. I have seen a lot of movie stars, and maybe four are amazing looking. The rest have a team of gay guys who make it happen. #Quote by Tina Fey
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Kristi Cook
#2. I'll tell you about Ryder. He's the star quarter back of our Division 1A state championship football team. Top student in our class, he doesn't even have to work for it. He plays the piano like some kind of freaking prodigy, and I wouldn't be surprised if he composed sonatas or something in his spare time.
Oh, and did I mention that he's gorgeous? Of course he is. Six foot four, two hundred ten pounds of swoon-worthy good looks. Spiky dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, and full-on dimples. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Nelly
#3. I won an MVP trophy with the St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association. I didn't even start. I was a sub on this team. This was, like, an All-Star game where we had athletes from different teams, different mixtures. We had, like, the only black team in the league, basically. We had four players go to the All-Star game. #Quote by Nelly
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Eve Golden
#4. Joan Blondell had it all: looks, talent, energy, humor. If she never became a top-flight superstar, the fault lies mostly with Warner Brothers. At MGM, Joan could have easily had Jean Harlow's career; at Paramount, Claudette Colbert's or Carole Lombard's; at Fox, Loretta Young's; at RKO, Ginger Rogers'. Some of the fault lies, too, with Blondell herself, who later admitted, "The instant they said 'cut!' I was whammo out of that studio and into the car . . . In order to be a top star and remain a top star and to get all the fantastic roles that you yearned for, you've got to fight for it and you've got to devote your twenty-four hours to just that; you've got to think of yourself as a star, operate as a star; do all the press that is necessary . . . What meant most to me was getting home, and that's the truth." But if Joan Blondell got slightly lost in the shuffle at Warners, she still managed to turn in some delightfully snappy performances and typify the warm-hearted, wisecracking Depression dame. And when she aged, she did so with grace and humor. #Quote by Eve Golden
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Nyrae Dawn
#5. All those other summers and those other kisses and everything else we shared, my dad choosing some random lake in some random town to stay in one year, the fights and the screw ups that helped us learn and gave us experiences with other people. They were all meant to happen, and our paths were supposed to cross over and over again. Until we found that point, the bright star in the summer sky that would be ours forever. #Quote by Nyrae Dawn
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by John D. MacDonald
#6. By five minutes of four I was checked into the hotel. They had a lot of room. They had three conventions going and they still had a lot of room. Once inside the hotel, I was right back in Miami. Same scent to the chilled air, same skeptical servility, same glorious decor - as if a Brazilian architect had mated an air terminal with a manufacturer of cotton padding. Lighting, dramatic. At any moment the star of the show will step back from one of the eight (8) bars and break into song and the girlies will come prancing in. Keep those knees high, kids. Keep laughing. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by K. Ancrum
#7. Four light-years from the second largest pulsar, past the black dust and the white. In a small circle of golden light, made by a careful teenage star, I found you," Aexandria said seriously. "No matter what I did or said, there you stood. Like a fixed point, and the Earth moved around you. #Quote by K. Ancrum
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Rio Ferdinand
#8. Four years ago maybe we thought we were inferior to Brazil, subconsciously we didn't see ourselves beating them. Now we believe in ourselves, we can be on the pitch with any team in the world and think we can win. #Quote by Rio Ferdinand
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Katie McGarry
#9. Ladies first." I couldn't wait for this game to be over so I could teach her how to break properly. Images of her body pressed against mine, bending over the table, caused my jeans to get tighter.
"Your funeral," she sang and my lips turned up at her flash of confidence. Echo twirled her pool cue like a warrior going into battle, never once taking her eyes off the cue ball. She leaned over the table. I focused on her tight ass. My siren ate me alive with every movement. As she took aim, she no longer resembled the fragile girl at school, but a sniper.
The quick and thunderous cracking of balls caught me off guard. The balls fell into the pockets in such rapid succession, I lost count. Echo rounded the table, once again twirling the cue, studying the remaining balls like a four-star general would a map.
Damn - the girl knew how to play. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Richard Williams
#10. Every few years, in the world of sport, someone ascends to the most rarefied of all levels - the one at which it becomes news not when they win, but when they lose. It must have been like that in the early Fifties, when a tubby Italian called Alberto Ascari was stitching together nine Grand Prix wins in a row, a record not even Fangio, Clark or Senna could match. Or when the great Real Madrid side of Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas won the first five European Cup finals, between 1956 and 1960. Or when Martina Navratilova dominated Wimbledon's Centre Court, winning nine ladies' singles titles in thirteen years. The current Australian cricket team is in just such a run at present, having just completed nine consecutive victories, putting them four wins away from establishing an all-time record. And then there is Tiger Woods. #Quote by Richard Williams
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Kiefer Sutherland
#11. I've had some amazing people in my life. Look at my father - he came from a small fishing village of five hundred people and at six foot four with giant ears and a kind of very odd expression, thought he could be a movie star. So go figure, you know? #Quote by Kiefer Sutherland
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Doug Collins
#12. The 76ers hold a special place in my heart and I am intrigued by the opportunity to return to Philadelphia, where I was part of a rebuilding program, joining the team the year after it went 9-73 and going to the NBA Finals just four years later. #Quote by Doug Collins
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Tom Standage
#13. When George Washington ran for election to Virginia's local assembly, the House of Burgesses, in 1758, his campaign team handed out twenty-eight gallons of rum, fifty gallons of rum punch, thirty-four of wine, forty-six of beer, and two of cider - in a county with only 391 voters. #Quote by Tom Standage
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Cy Young
#14. Too many pitchers, that's all, there are just too many pitchers Ten or twelve on a team. Don't see how any of them get enough work. Four starting pitchers and one relief man ought to be enough. Pitch 'em every three days and you'd find they'd get control and good, strong arms. #Quote by Cy Young
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Stephen H. Segal
#15. Sometimes, parody or pastiche shows a deeper love for the original source material than a hundred official sequels ever could. In forty years, has there really ever been a better Star Trek movie than Galaxy Quest--or a better Fantastic Four movie than The Incredibles? #Quote by Stephen H. Segal
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Elif Batuman
#16. Light from even a nearby star was four years old by the time it reached your eyes. Where would I be in four years? Simple: where you are. In four years I'll have reached you. #Quote by Elif Batuman
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Seth Green
#17. I was four years old when I saw 'Star Wars', and it has been significantly important throughout my entire life. #Quote by Seth Green
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by M T Anderson
#18. Jasper was clearly impressed. "Katie," he said, "I didn't realize you knew so much about dinosaurs."
"Yeah," said Katie resentfully. "I had to redo a class project on them when I was in fifth grade. They asked us to make a model of a dinosaur, so I made one by covering one of my old Star-Wonder Glitter Ponies with clay. You know, I gave him wings and stuff. The teacher didn't like it because he said there wasn't a real dinosaur that had wings and four legs. And a pink-and-blue sparkly mane. He gave me a D-minus and said it was a sad day for paleontology. #Quote by M T Anderson
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#19. ... one, two, three, four, six, Good Lord, eight? Eight packs? Furthermore, had I actually been feeling said person's eight pack? And, dear God, I was counting. I had touched each muscle. And great, my hand was still firmly placed against the guy's stomach.
I jerked my hand back and closed my eyes.
"Were you just counting my abs?" His voice sounded amused. It also sounded like a movie star voice, the type that makes you want to jump into the TV screen. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Roman Collins
#20. For many years, it was believed that the pyramids were created on the sweat, blood and tears of slaves (with Hollywood often portraying this notion in films) but instead, we now know that they were built by a specialized team of around 5000 permanent employees and aided by up to 20,000 men on a temporary basis. These temporary employees would provide labor and other skills for around four months before being sent home. The #Quote by Roman Collins
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Bill Klem
#21. There are one-hundred fifty-four games in a season and you can find one-hundred fifty-four reasons why your team should have won every one of them. #Quote by Bill Klem
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Noah Galloway
#22. Proper procedure for invading a house is to take a four-man team and "stack" it outside the door. That means the men are essentially in a line--numbered on through four. Number four comes around to check that no one has booby-trapped the house. He nods to number one. Number one then leans back on number two, number two leans back on number three, number three then pushes back forward on number two, number two pushes back on number one, number one nods to number four, and number four kicks in the door. Number one runs in, followed by two, three, and four. Everyone makes sure that the room is clear and then everyone stacks back in place for the next door. This is the way you move strategically and stealthily through the house until all is secure and any targets are apprehended.
We arrived at our target house and Jerry was all fired up to knock in the door. We are all stacked up and I was number one, so I was the point man and Jerry was number four so he was the door kicker. We were all ready to roll until all of a sudden I saw something and held my hand up to motion, STOP! Then I put my finger next to my mouth and motioned for everyone to shush. There was a broken window in the door. I reached in through the jagged, broken glass and without making a sound I turned the knob. I just opened the door. I could see the look on Jerry's crestfallen face. I had ruined Jerry's moment. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Mike Krzyzewski
#23. For a college basketball player or coach, to reach the Final Four is la-la land. You've achieved, you've got your stamp of approval. My first team to do that was in 1986. Then we did it in '88, '89 and '90. #Quote by Mike Krzyzewski
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Lexa Doig
#24. It doesn't matter if you're staying at a four-star hotel, you will never have your whole closet with you. #Quote by Lexa Doig
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Jeffrey R. Immelt
#25. I think that if you run a big company, you've got to, four or five times a year, just say, 'Hey team, look, here's where we're going.' If you do it 10 times, nobody wants to work for you. If you do it zero times, you have anarchy. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Immelt
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Beano Cook
#26. You'll never have a 16-team playoff in college football. The most that could happen would be four teams in the next century. But after that, I'm dead, so who cares? #Quote by Beano Cook
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Peter F. Drucker
#27. Entrepreneurial management in the new venture has four requirements: It requires, first, a focus on the market. It requires, second, financial foresight, and especially planning for cash flow and capital needs ahead. It requires, third, building a top management team long before the new venture actually needs one and long before it can actually afford one. And finally, it requires of the founding entrepreneur a decision in respect to his or her own role, area of work, and relationships. #Quote by Peter F. Drucker
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#28. A team hops on one mind, walks on two, sprints on three, and soars on four. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Jim Leyland
#29. I had 11 years of managerial experience and four years of coaching before I managed a big-league team. To me, it was important, because I learned a lot through trial and error. And it's tough to have to go through trial and error when you're a big-league manager. #Quote by Jim Leyland
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Kristen Ashley
#30. Later," I said to the room at large as I didn't want to appear rude.
For some reason this was met by Shirleen saying, "I'll put money down that she's living with him in four days."
My confused gaze swung to Shirleen but she was looking at the movie star glamour girl who was looking at me.
"Three days," Glamour girl said, smiling at me and I thought, in other circumstances, I would have liked to meet her.
"A week, she's got spirit," The other black lady said. She was smiling at me too, not like I was the butt of some joke, but in a kind way.
I opened the outer door.
Before it closed behind me, I heard Luke say strangely, "Tonight."
Then everyone laughed. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Algernon Charles Swinburne
#31. And with light lips yet full of their swift smile,
And hands that wist not though they dug a grave,
Undid the hasps of gold, and drank, and gave,
And he drank after, a deep glad kingly draught:
And all their life changed in them, for they quaffed
Death; if it be death so to drink, and fare
As men who change and are what these twain were.
And shuddering with eyes full of fear and fire
And heart-stung with a serpentine desire
He turned and saw the terror in her eyes
That yearned upon him shining in such wise
As a star midway in the midnight fixed.
Their Galahault was the cup, and she that mixed;
Nor other hand there needed, nor sweet speech
To lure their lips together; each on each
Hung with strange eyes and hovered as a bird
Wounded, and each mouth trembled for a world;
Their heads neared, and their hands were drawn in one,
And they saw dark, though still the unsunken sun
Far through fine rain shot fire into the south;
And their four lips became one burning mouth. #Quote by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Erin Beaty
#32. In the pillared bowl atop the tower, a great pyre blazed, casting a golden glow over the granite walls. The bloody body of a man painted with the white four-pointed star of Kimisara hung by his neck below.
"I think that Kimisar you saw is still here," Alex observed dryly. #Quote by Erin Beaty
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Dan Monson
#33. Every team begins the year with the goal of going to the NCAA tournament. Until somebody takes that dream away, you pursue it. The reality is, we're a long way off from being in the NCAA tournament. For us to do that is a pipe dream. But if we were to win our last four, we're 8-8 in the best conference in the country. We'd have an opportunity. #Quote by Dan Monson
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Mark Millar
#34. I'm just running through this list of potential nannies and wondered if we should go for a superhero this time. Do you think Wolverine would be interested? He seems to be on every other team right now ... #Quote by Mark Millar
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by George Vecsey
#35. Hockey suffers from being compared to itself in ways that other sports are not. Every four years, some of us fawn over Olympic hockey, a great event with bigger rinks, minimal goonishness and national pride in addition to the heightened skills of veritable all-star squads. #Quote by George Vecsey
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Candace Schuler
#36. Roxanne Archer designed her strategy like a four-star general - or a stalker. #Quote by Candace Schuler
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by David Paul Kirkpatrick
#37. For the life of us all - whether we be star or starfish - is made of four ingredients, ingredients that can be found in the recipe to Alice's hot-milk cake.

Those ingredients are earth, fire, air, and water. But as Theo walked down the snowy vein of Cockle Cove Road and into the arctic air that surrounded the sea, he sensed that fifth element, which poets and religions and pregnant women and jazz musicians point to - that fifth element of spirit.

He sensed that fifth ingredient with the cat. Surely, she is knowing. Surely, she has a soul. As the snowflakes dropped onto his pea coat, Theo thought that this was not only the snow descending upon the mantel of his coat, but the sacred ephemerals that he, like Ahanu and Reverend Cummings, believed ran through all living things. It was the fifth element of which the great masters - Moses, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and Big Thunder - spoke. The Sacral Spirit. We were put on this magical planet, not to dominate and consume her, but to care for her and love her. To harrow gently. To harvest gratefully. To build reasonably. #Quote by David Paul Kirkpatrick
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by David Winner
#38. The ultimate space-measurer in Dutch football is of course, Johan Cruyff. He was only seventeen when he first played at Ajax, yet even then he delivered running commentaries on the use of space to the rest of the team, telling them where to run, where not to run. Players did what the tiny, skinny teenager told them to do because he was right. Cruyff didn't talk about abstract space but about specific, detailed spatial relations on the field. Indeed, the most abiding image of him as a player is not of him scoring or running or tackling. It is of Cruyff pointing. 'No, not there, back a little... forward two metres... four metres more to the left.' He seemed like a conductor directing a symphony orchestra. It was as if Cruyff was helping his colleagues to realize an approximate rendering on the field to match the sublime vision in his mind of how the space ought to be ordered. #Quote by David Winner
Team Four Star Vegeta quotes by Michael Chabon
#39. In children's drawings, all houses have chimneys, all monkeys eat bananas, and every rocket is a V-2. Even after decades of stepped-back multistage behemoths, chunky orbiters, and space planes, the midcentury-modern Enterprise, the polyhedral bulk of Imperial star destroyers and Borg cubes, the Ortho-Cyclen disk of Millennium Falcon - in our deepest imaginations the surest way to the nearest planet remains a trim cigar tapering to a pointed nose cone, poised on the tips of four swept-back axial fins. #Quote by Michael Chabon

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