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Tea Party Favor quotes by Matt Taibbi
#1. The problem with the Tea Party is that it's been used in a way that scares people into supporting an agenda that's counter to their own interests. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Tea Party Favor quotes by Gail Collins
#2. The Tea Party people say they're angry about socialism, but maybe they're really angry about capitalism. If there's a sense of being looked down upon, it's that sense of failure that's built into a system that assures everyone they can make it to the top, but then reserves the top for only a tiny fraction of the strivers. #Quote by Gail Collins
Tea Party Favor quotes by Peg Bracken
#3. The fact is, the cocktail party has much in its favor. Going to one is a good way of indicating that you're still alive and about, if such is the case, and that you're glad other people are, without having to spend an entire evening proving it. #Quote by Peg Bracken
Tea Party Favor quotes by Michael Ruse
#4. Being a philosophical naturalist does not mean that one thinks that science can provide all of the answers. That is scientism and that is wrong. I don't think a billion buckets of science could speak to the problems raised by the Tea Party. Being a philosophical naturalist does not mean that one thinks that the only truths are those of science. I think the claim just made in the last sentence is true but I don't think it is a claim of science. It means that you use science where you can and you respect and try to emulate its standards. #Quote by Michael Ruse
Tea Party Favor quotes by Harry Reid
#5. Anarchists have taken over (the GOP). #Quote by Harry Reid
Tea Party Favor quotes by Anne Lamott
#6. We all have the dark, ignorant shadow inside us. I have worked endlessly to reveal it and heal it in me, but of course there's some primitive weird stuff in me. The Tea Party is about exhorting white supremacy, though, so I've had a tiny bit of trouble experiencing sympathy. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Tea Party Favor quotes by Martha Finley
#7. God calls us to a wild adventure, not a tea party, my dear. I don't follow Jesus because he can give me a life without pain. I follow him because he is good. Someday I will follow him right through death, and into our Heavenly Father's house.
Aunt Wealthy #Quote by Martha Finley
Tea Party Favor quotes by Tim Scott
#8. And the Tea Party represents many of us who believe that we are taxed enough already. We believe in free markets. #Quote by Tim Scott
Tea Party Favor quotes by Tim Allen
#9. I was gone so much in my first marriage. I love the moments when I engage with my youngest daughter now. It's not my thing to sit on the ground and play tea party, but I'll do it because it's a moment that will stick with me forever. #Quote by Tim Allen
Tea Party Favor quotes by J.R. Ward
#10. Then again, when you were facing the right person? None of the things they talked about on television, no Vera Wang dress, no champagne waterfall, no DJ or place setting or party favor mattered. "'I, #Quote by J.R. Ward
Tea Party Favor quotes by David Frum
#11. But the thought leaders on talk radio and Fox do more than shape opinion. Backed by their own wing of the book-publishing industry and supported by think tanks that increasingly function as public-relations agencies, conservatives have built a whole alternative knowledge system, with its own facts, its own history, its own laws of economics. #Quote by David Frum
Tea Party Favor quotes by Michael Steele
#12. There is no struggle, rift, fight between those who claim the banner of the tea party and those who are in the Republican Party. We work together. #Quote by Michael Steele
Tea Party Favor quotes by Hanna Rosin
#13. One way the Tea Party has benefited female candidates - and the conservative movement generally - is by consciously steering clear of social issues. #Quote by Hanna Rosin
Tea Party Favor quotes by James Wolcott
#14. The days when the words 'Hollywood actor' framed Ronald Reagan like bunny fingers as an ID tag and an implied insult seem far-off and quaint: nearly everybody in politics - candidate, consultant, pundit, and Tea Party crowd extra alike - is an actor now, a shameless ham in a hoked-up reality series that never stops. #Quote by James Wolcott
Tea Party Favor quotes by Louis Pullig De Gouy
#15. Soup is cuisine's kindest course. It breathes reassurance; it steams consolation; after a weary day it promotes sociability, as the five o'clock cup of tea or the cocktail hour. #Quote by Louis Pullig De Gouy
Tea Party Favor quotes by Peter Welch
#16. Historically, the minority party in Congress votes against raising the debt limit, forcing the majority party to whip its members into casting politically painful votes in favor. #Quote by Peter Welch
Tea Party Favor quotes by Jim Hightower
#17. Populism is at its essence [ ... ] just determined focus on helping people be able to get out of the iron grip of the corporate power that is overwhelming our economy, our environment, energy, the media, government. [ ... ] One big difference between real populism and what the Tea Party thing is, is that real populists understand that government has become a subsidiary of corporations. So you can't say, let's get rid of government. You need to be saying let's take over government. #Quote by Jim Hightower
Tea Party Favor quotes by Thomas Frank
#18. In its quest for prosperity, the Party of the People declared itself wholeheartedly in favor of a social theory that forthrightly exalted the rich - the all-powerful creative class. For many cities and states, this was the economic strategy; this was what our leaders came up with to revive the urban wastelands and restore the de-industrialized zones. The Democratic idea was no longer to confront privilege but to flatter privilege, to sing the praises of our tasteful new master class. True, this was all done with an eye toward rebuilding the crumbling cities where the rest of us lived and worked, but the consequences of all this "creative class" bootlicking will take a long time to wear off. #Quote by Thomas Frank
Tea Party Favor quotes by Matt Taibbi
#19. I mean, people who say that the Tea Party isn't a grassroots movement, I think, are incorrect. I think in some respects, it is a grassroots movement. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Tea Party Favor quotes by Karl Rove
#20. Crossroads is second to none in our support of Tea Party candidates. In 2010 and '12, we spent over $30 million for Senate candidates who were Tea Party candidates. We spent almost $20 million for House candidates who were Tea Party candidates. #Quote by Karl Rove
Tea Party Favor quotes by Jim DeMint
#21. I think people are confused about what the Tea Party is. I mean, they were a broad cross-section of Americans who came together concerned about our debt and our spending. And they're interested in constitutional, limited government. And so they're not one group of people. They're thousands of small groups all over the country. #Quote by Jim DeMint
Tea Party Favor quotes by Katie Pavlich
#22. I think it's interesting that people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi said that the Tea Party was dead and they weren't influential and yet they're still talking about the Tea Party. #Quote by Katie Pavlich
Tea Party Favor quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#23. Newt Gingrich had to work hard - getting Republican candidates to sign the Contract with America - to nationalize the election that swept Republicans to victory in 1994. A Democratic anti-Tea Party campaign would do that for the Republicans - nationalize the election, gratis - in 2010. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Tea Party Favor quotes by Brooks Haxton
#24. One day, I spent a long time with Isaac drawing a tea party for dinosaurs. On a huge piece of brown packaging paper we drew allosaurs and tyrannosaurs sitting on little chairs, with hind legs politely crossed #Quote by Brooks Haxton
Tea Party Favor quotes by Timothy Snyder
#25. Both fascism and communism were responses to globalization: to the real and perceived inequalities it created, and the apparent helplessness of the democracies in addressing them. Fascists rejected reason in the name of will, denying objective truth in favor of a glorious myth articulated by leaders who claimed to give voice to the people. They put a face on globalization, arguing that its complex challenges were the result of a conspiracy against the nation. Fascists ruled for a decade or two, leaving behind an intact intellectual legacy that grows more relevant by the day. Communists ruled for longer, for nearly seven decades in the Soviet Union, and more than four decades in much of eastern Europe. They proposed rule by a disciplined party elite with a monopoly on reason that would guide society toward a certain future according to supposedly fixed laws of history. We #Quote by Timothy Snyder
Tea Party Favor quotes by Tracy Alderman
#26. It's one thing to have your partner tell you he or she has multiple personalities, and it's another to walk in on your partner and find him or her sitting on the bedroom floor, speaking in a child like voice, having a tea party with stuffed animals. #Quote by Tracy Alderman
Tea Party Favor quotes by Rand Paul
#27. I ran for office originally as part of this Tea Party Movement because we were upset with Republicans who've doubled the debt. We were upset with Republicans that bailed out the banks. #Quote by Rand Paul
Tea Party Favor quotes by Ron Fournier
#28. Like a cowboy saddling a bucking stallion, Republican leaders tried to tame the Tea Party while riding it to victories. #Quote by Ron Fournier
Tea Party Favor quotes by Rick Ungar
#29. You really have to wonder how long it will take for Tea Party devotees to realize just how badly they are being used. #Quote by Rick Ungar
Tea Party Favor quotes by Gideon Rachman
#30. The tea party venerates the Constitution while despising the political system it has produced. #Quote by Gideon Rachman
Tea Party Favor quotes by Daniel Tosh
#31. Even the klan revamped their image by losing the hoods and changing their name to the Tea Party. #Quote by Daniel Tosh
Tea Party Favor quotes by Greg Fitzsimmons
#32. Since first hearing the story as a child, any mention of the 'Boston Tea Party' has elicited in me an excitement that is uniquely American. When I heard rumblings that there was a new Tea Party, I got goose bumps. I love tea, I love parties, I hate taxes; I'm in! It seemed that most of America joined in my excitement! #Quote by Greg Fitzsimmons
Tea Party Favor quotes by Mike Lofgren
#33. Ever since it formed, the Tea Party has struck me as a kind of weird generational echo, forty years on, of the young leftists of the late 1960s. The 1960s leftists, like the Tea Party now, had unrealistic goals and were hostile to compromise. Both saw themselves as cultural forces up against a shadowy establishment. Both treated politics as street theater and had a curious fondness for using violent rhetoric and making apocalyptic pronouncements. Generationally speaking, the 1960s Left and the Right of today are the same group... p. 232 #Quote by Mike Lofgren
Tea Party Favor quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#34. Nursing a grudge only perpetuates the offender's power over you. He continues to live in your head, reinforcing your frustration, polluting your imagination with thoughts of getting even. Don't let him get away with that. He may or may not deserve forgiveness, but you deserve better than to waste your energy being angry at him. Letting go is the best revenge. Forgiveness is the identifying marker of the stronger party to the dispute. It is truly a favor you do yourself, not an undeserved gesture to the person who hurt you. Be kind to yourself and forgive. #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Tea Party Favor quotes by Matt Taibbi
#35. Our world isn't about ideology anymore. It's about complexity. We live in a complex bureaucratic state with complex laws and complex business practices, and the few organizations with the corporate willpower to master these complexities will inevitably own the political power. On the other hand, movements like the Tea Party more than anything else reflect a widespread longing for simpler times and simple solutions - just throw the U.S. Constitution at the whole mess and everything will be jake. For immigration, build a big fence. Abolish the Federal Reserve, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Education. At times the overt longing for simple answers that you get from Tea Party leaders is so earnest and touching, it almost makes you forget how insane most of them are. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Tea Party Favor quotes by Ben Shapiro
#36. If Republicans triumph in 2014, it will undoubtedly be as a result of Obamacare. In 2010, Republicans soared to historic victory because the much-maligned Tea Party spearheaded mass resistance to Obama's takeover of the healthcare industry. #Quote by Ben Shapiro
Tea Party Favor quotes by Bill Maher
#37. I love the Tea Party. They are the ultimate beer goggles. They make everything look better. #Quote by Bill Maher
Tea Party Favor quotes by Jim Webb
#38. The NAACP believes the Tea Party is racist. The Tea Party believes the NAACP is racist. #Quote by Jim Webb
Tea Party Favor quotes by Luke Scott
#39. I think what the Tea Party movement is - I'm all for it; they're out there fighting for our rights, fighting for what our forefathers stood for. #Quote by Luke Scott
Tea Party Favor quotes by J.B. Salsbury
#40. I believe in us. Since we were little and you'd play tea party with all my Dino Trucks. I knew you were it for me. I got off course and fucked things up, but I'm back on track and I'm coming for you, Sadie Slade. #Quote by J.B. Salsbury
Tea Party Favor quotes by Ben Shapiro
#41. President Obama has only had two major policy victories during his tenure: the stimulus package and Obamacare. Both are massively unpopular. The stimulus package launched the Tea Party movement. Obamacare led to the Republican wipeout of 2010. #Quote by Ben Shapiro
Tea Party Favor quotes by Newt Gingrich
#42. Part of why the Tea Party so deeply threatened the elite media is the tea party looked around and suddenly realized, there are more of us than there are of them. #Quote by Newt Gingrich
Tea Party Favor quotes by Colin Powell
#43. You can't just have slogans, you can't just have catchy phrases. You have to have an agenda. And I think what the Republican Party has to do, if it's going to incorporate the tea party efforts in it, is to come up with an agenda that the American people can see, touch, and actually believe in, and something they believe in. #Quote by Colin Powell
Tea Party Favor quotes by Sharron Angle
#44. I'll tell you the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out. #Quote by Sharron Angle
Tea Party Favor quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#45. Unlike the Tea Party, who see themselves as the customers of government, people in the Occupy Wall Street movement understand that we are the government. Stated most simply, we are trying to run a 21st-century society on a 13th-century economic operating system. It just doesn't work. #Quote by Douglas Rushkoff
Tea Party Favor quotes by Andrew Rilstone
#46. I was sent a copy of Richard Dawkins' amusing book, The God Delusion, by an anonymous donor, so I feel I should at least try to review it. This isn't easy. I got as far as page 36 before chucking it across the room in disgust. I was in the Boston Tea Party on Park Street in Bristol. I warned the other customers to get out of my line of fire first. #Quote by Andrew Rilstone
Tea Party Favor quotes by Bo Brown
#47. We are not past racism. It took us 500 and however many years to get us where we are; it's not gonna change in one day or in one election. We made a step maybe, which they'll try and take away from us as soon as they can. But I mean what the fuck is the Tea Party about? It's not about "tea"; it ain't about "trans", either. #Quote by Bo Brown
Tea Party Favor quotes by Marion Coutts
#48. At a party someone takes my arm and whispers to me, 'Strong Woman.' Dear God. My magic vanishes. My power dissolves like powder in water. Weakness is in those nattering companionably all around me. I want please to be one of the weak. The weak are held close and given tea. They are hugged and warmed by the fire. The strong are revered but kept at a distance. They live outside the village. #Quote by Marion Coutts

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