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Famous Quotes About Tax Day

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Tax Day quotes by George Washington
#1. No taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant. #Quote by George Washington
Tax Day quotes by Albert Bushnell Hart
#2. Taxation is the price which civilized communities pay for the opportunity of remaining civilized. #Quote by Albert Bushnell Hart
Tax Day quotes by Harvey MacKay
#3. Day in and day out, your tax accountant can make or lose you more money than any single person in your life, with the possible exception of your kids #Quote by Harvey MacKay
Tax Day quotes by John Marshall
#4. The power to tax is the power to destroy. #Quote by John Marshall
Tax Day quotes by Tim Bishop
#5. While the wealthiest families completely benefit from the tax cuts targeted towards the upper brackets, middle-income families were hit with the unwelcome surprise of higher taxes on tax day. #Quote by Tim Bishop
Tax Day quotes by Bob Dole
#6. The purpose of a tax cut is to leave more money where it belongs: in the hands of the working men and working women who earned it in the first place #Quote by Bob Dole
Tax Day quotes by Will Rogers
#7. Alexander Hamilton started the U.S. Treasury with nothing, and that was the closest our country has ever been to being even. #Quote by Will Rogers
Tax Day quotes by Mark Twain
#8. I shall never use profanity except in discussing house rent and taxes. #Quote by Mark Twain
Tax Day quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#9. Last time I looked at a [pay]check, I said to myself, 'Who the hell is FICA? And when I meet him, I'm going to punch him in the face. Oh my God, FICA is killing me.' #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Tax Day quotes by Winston Churchill
#10. There's no such thing as a good tax. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Tax Day quotes by Douglas Adams
#11. He's spending a year dead for tax reasons. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Tax Day quotes by Conan O'Brien
#12. It's April 15, tax day. The federal tax code is over 74,000 pages long. But stick with it because after page 72,000, it gets really good. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Tax Day quotes by Russell B. Long
#13. A tax loophole is something that benefits the other guy. If it benefits you, it is tax reform. #Quote by Russell B. Long
Tax Day quotes by John Sherman
#14. We are told that this is an odious and unpopular tax. I never knew a tax that was not odious and unpopular with the people who paid it. #Quote by John Sherman
Tax Day quotes by David Letterman
#15. Today is tax day. A lot of people are hoping they get refunds. And that's just the folks here in the audience. #Quote by David Letterman
Tax Day quotes by Ronald Reagan
#16. The taxpayer: That's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Tax Day quotes by Will Rogers
#17. The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets. #Quote by Will Rogers
Tax Day quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#18. there is no such thing as a good tax #Quote by Winston S. Churchill
Tax Day quotes by Cass Sunstein
#19. There is no liberty without dependency. That is why we should celebrate tax day. #Quote by Cass Sunstein
Tax Day quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#20. Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Tax Day quotes by Herman Wouk
#21. Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today. #Quote by Herman Wouk
Tax Day quotes by Thomas H. Cook
#22. A horribly protracted death that would stretch into the indefinite future, a death not in one month or two or even three but one that might go on and on, with the whole process of dying getting worse every single day for years and years and years. #Quote by Thomas H. Cook
Tax Day quotes by Phillips Brooks
#23. The danger facing all of us--let me say it again, for one feels it tremendously--is not that we shall make an absolute failure of life, nor that we shall fall into outright viciousness, nor that we shall be terribly unhappy, nor that we shall feel that life has no meaning at all--not these things. The danger is that we may fail to perceive life's greatest meaning, fall short of its highest good, miss its deepest and most abiding happiness, be unable to render the most needed service, be unconscious of life ablaze with the light of the Presence of God--and be content to have it so--that is the danger. That some day we may wake up and find that always we have been busy with the husks and trappings of life--and have really missed life itself. For life without God, to one who has known the richness and joy of life with Him, is unthinkable, impossible. That is what one prays one's friends may be spared--satisfaction with a life that falls short of the best, that has in it no tingle and thrill which come from a friendship with the Father. #Quote by Phillips Brooks
Tax Day quotes by J. Robert Spencer
#24. When you're doing physical comedy, everybody's involved, not just the actors. Everybody's behind the scenes following them, and we've got Jillian the cinematographer running after them, then we've got three guys behind her who are cable-wranglers running with her so she doesn't trip on it. Every day was a mad-dash to the finish line. Every day was so stressful. Every day was so fun. #Quote by J. Robert Spencer
Tax Day quotes by Laz Alonso
#25. It's funny because when I got 'Jarhead' and 'Avatar' and all those movies, 'Leprechaun' still to this day airs on BET. I was thinking, 'Will they just let it go? I finally have a body of work that can speak much better to what I can do than just Leprechaun.' #Quote by Laz Alonso
Tax Day quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#26. From the twilight of day till the twilight of evening, a leopard, in the last years of the thirteenth century, would see some wooden planks, some vertical iron bars, men and women who changed, a wall and perhaps a stone gutter filled with dry leaves. He did not know, could not know, that he longed for love and cruelty and the hot pleasure of tearing things to pieces and the wind carrying the scent of a deer, but something suffocated and rebelled within him and God spoke to him in a dream: "You live and will die in this prison so that a man I know of may see you a certain number of times and not forget you and place your figure and symbol in a poem which has its precise place in the scheme of the universe. You suffer captivity, but you will have given a word to the poem." God, in the dream, illumined the animal's brutishness and the animal understood these reasons and accepted his destiny, but, when he awoke, there was in him only an obscure resignation, a valorous ignorance, for the machinery of the world is much too complex for the simplicity of a beast. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Tax Day quotes by Noorilhuda
#27. He wrote to his father every day. His platoon called his dad a girlfriend. #Quote by Noorilhuda
Tax Day quotes by Hayden Panettiere
#28. I'm just afraid somebody's going to stab me one day and think that my power is real and they expect me to start healing. #Quote by Hayden Panettiere
Tax Day quotes by Rosemary Clement-Moore
#29. I didn't say I was going to find the Mad Monk."
"But you will," he said, placing his worn and stained Stetson on his head. "You've got that look about you.
"What look is that?" I asked, tired of his family maligning mine. "A Goodnight look?"
"A responsible one." He adjusted his hat, in a motion I'd seen Ben make a dozen times that day, right before he drove home his point. "Like you're the girl who takes care of things. So take care of it, dammit. #Quote by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Tax Day quotes by Don Rickles
#30. I can sit all day in a comfortable chair and watch ball games, but I don't need a blanket. #Quote by Don Rickles
Tax Day quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#31. No,' Dahlia said, 'because I think people like him think work is supposed to be drudgery punctuated by very occasional moments of happiness, but when I say happiness, I mostly mean distraction. You know what I mean?'

'No, please elaborate.'

'Okay, say you go into the break room,' she said, 'and a couple people you like are there, say someone's telling a funny story, you laugh a little, you feel included, everyone's so funny, you go back to your desk with a sort of, I don't know, I guess afterglow would be the word? You go back to your desk with an afterglow, but then by four or five o'clock the day's just turned into yet another day, and you go on like that, looking forward to five o'clock and then the weekend and then your two or three annual weeks of paid vacation time, day in day out, and that's what happens to your life. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Tax Day quotes by Douglas Adams
#32. People often ask where I get my ideas from, sometimes as often as eighty-seven times a day. This is a well-known hazard for writers, and the correct response to the question is first to breathe deeply, steady your heartbeat, fill your mind with peaceful, calming images of birdsong and buttercups in spring meadows, and then try to say, "It's very interesting you ask that ... " before breaking down and start to whimper uncontrollably. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Tax Day quotes by Kanye West
#33. Only One

As I lay me down to sleep
I hear her speak to me

[Verse 1]
Hello 'Mari, how ya doin'?
I think the storm ran out of rain, the clouds are moving
I know you're happy, cause I can see it
So tell the voice inside ya' head to believe it
I talked to God about you, he said he sent you an angel
And look at all that he gave you
You asked for one and you got two
You know I never left you
Cause every road that leads to heaven's right inside you
So I can say

[Hook 1]
Hello my only one, just like the morning sun
You'll keep on rising till the sky knows your name
Hello my only one, remember who you are
No you're not perfect but you're not your mistakes

[Verse 2]
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh the good outweighs the bad even on your worst day
Remember how I'd say
Hey hey one day you'll be the man you always knew you could be
And if you knew how proud I was
You'd never shed a tear, have a fear, no you wouldn't do that
And though I didn't pick the day to turn the page
I know it's not the end every time I see her face, and I hear you say

[Hook 2]
Hello my only one, remember who you are
You got the world cause you got love in your hands
And you're still my chosen one
So can you understand? One day you'll understand

So hear me out, hear me out
I won't go, I won't go#Quote by Kanye West
Tax Day quotes by Stephanie Meyer (Twilight)
#34. It's Twilight", Edward murmured. "It's the safest time of day for us", he said, answering the unspoken question in my eyes. "The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way... The end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don't you think?" He smiled wistfully.
"I like the night. Without the dark, you'd never be able to see the stars." I frowned. "Not that you see them here much. #Quote by Stephanie Meyer (Twilight)
Tax Day quotes by Milton Friedman
#35. Whenever you try to do good with someone else's money, you are committed to using force. How can you do good with somebody else's money, unless you first take it away from them? The only way you can take it away from them is the threat of force: you have a policeman, tax collector, who comes and takes it from them. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Tax Day quotes by Jay Leno
#36. Jesse Jackson's in trouble. They're going after this tax thing. Jesse said he will amend his taxes to show the money that he paid to his mistress. See, he has just one mistress. Jesse uses the standard mistress deduction. As opposed to Clinton, who had to itemize. #Quote by Jay Leno
Tax Day quotes by Luke Wilson
#37. As long as you're getting along, it's nice to work with someone you know well. #Quote by Luke Wilson
Tax Day quotes by Daniel Day-Lewis
#38. There's nothing worse than finding yourself in a situation, a very demanding piece of work, and knowing that you're not a true ally to the person who's in charge of all that. #Quote by Daniel Day-Lewis
Tax Day quotes by Wallis Simpson
#39. All this was mine; but I was a long time learning that wisdom and experience are things apart; that to taste life is not to be confused with understanding what life is really all about. The shared experiences, the wisdom so freely proffered by others, in words and in example, rarely swayed me for long. Came another day and the import was gone, and only the echo of the laughter remained. Experience was a revolving sun in the warmth of which I was content to bask. #Quote by Wallis Simpson
Tax Day quotes by Thomas Gray
#40. From toil he wins his spirits light, From busy day the peaceful night; Rich, from the very want of wealth, In heaven's best treasures, peace and health. #Quote by Thomas Gray
Tax Day quotes by Valenciya Lyons
#41. The day Cami nearly succeeded at her suicide attempt was the worst day of Kaci's life. Cami was the only sister that she had, and she couldn't imagine spending the rest of her life without her. #Quote by Valenciya Lyons
Tax Day quotes by Noam Chomsky
#42. If you ask the CEO of some major corporation what he does, he will say, in all honesty, that he is slaving 20 hours a day to provide his customers with the best goods or services he can and creating the best possible working conditions for his employees. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Tax Day quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#43. Wanna lose 1200 Calories a month? Drink a liter of ice water a day. You burn the energy just raising the water to body temp. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Tax Day quotes by Sara Paretsky
#44. The day of the march, we were forbidden to go to the march site. The man I worked for, the Presbyterian minister, knew we would want to be sort of martyrs for the cause and risk arrest. He didn't want any of that going on. So he made us stay in the neighborhood. #Quote by Sara Paretsky
Tax Day quotes by NARUTO4HOKAGE
#45. Dude. I'm just so out of it today. I just read and read and sulked and sulked all day. And then it was all fan girl of tucker and then, fuck u tucker #Quote by NARUTO4HOKAGE
Tax Day quotes by Bobby Orr
#46. Growing up in Canada, most kids from Canada dream of playing in the NHL, and they also hope one day to be on a Stanley Cup team. That was a big goal. #Quote by Bobby Orr
Tax Day quotes by Wendy Webb
#47. Then the truth began to reveal itself, as it always does. truth seeks the light of day,needs it just like we need air, and so it finds ways to seep out of the sturdiest. most skillfully hidden boxes
even those buried deeply in the hearts of the dead. #Quote by Wendy Webb
Tax Day quotes by Jon Ronson
#48. Discover the time of day when you write best, and write then. For me it's about 7 am to noon. For other people it's overnight. Try not to do anything other than write between those times. #Quote by Jon Ronson
Tax Day quotes by Royal Robbins
#49. When it's been a long day of climbing, and I feel like I can't go any farther, I concentrate on the next three feet. And then the next three feet; and then the next three feet. Pretty soon, I'm at the top. #Quote by Royal Robbins
Tax Day quotes by Elizabeth Vaughan
#50. No, no, my heart's fire, you misunderstand my words." Keir shifted to Xyian. "When I spoke that word, and made that pledge to you, I didn't really understand what it meant."

He shifted slightly, pulling me closer. "It doesn't just mean for years and years, for the rest of our lives. Or as we would say, to the snows and beyond."

"Oh?" I still wasn't sure what he was trying to say.

"'Forever' means every day, every breath. Through the mistakes that we make, through the love that we share between our bodies, through illness we suffer, through sorrow, frief, and joy.

All of it, Lara. #Quote by Elizabeth Vaughan
Tax Day quotes by Renzo Piano
#51. The day I went to see my father to say I wanted to become an architect, he was a bit surprised, because for him being a builder is much more than being just an architect. He was very angry, and I never thought I could do something else. #Quote by Renzo Piano
Tax Day quotes by Armstrong Williams
#52. Let's remember the children who come from broken homes, surrounded by crime, drugs, temptation, their peers having babies out of wedlock, but who still manage to get a good education despite the many obstacles they face every day. #Quote by Armstrong Williams
Tax Day quotes by H.W. Brands
#53. I believe my mother was smart enough to know that in the night, you are willing to tell all. If she waited until the next day, she knew she'd get one-syllable answers. #Quote by H.W. Brands
Tax Day quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
#54. Labor is the only prayer that Nature answers: It is the only prayer that deserves an answer - good, honest, noble work. #Quote by Robert G. Ingersoll
Tax Day quotes by Rachel Astarte Piccione
#55. Solitude is a gift you give yourself every day. #Quote by Rachel Astarte Piccione
Tax Day quotes by Rhys Darby
#56. Back in the day, Barry Crump not only had these stories that talked about that kind of rustic personality, but also, he spoke volumes, I guess, of the relationships in the stories that he told in these books. #Quote by Rhys Darby
Tax Day quotes by Andrew Lewis Conn
#57. Of course, most failures aren't so public in nature. Most failures happen quietly, unspectacularly, and their effects are cumulative. Most of the time failure doesn't reveal itself in a moment but wraps around you over a lifetime, adding heaviness to your step until one day you recognize you've been wearing failure on your face all along, that your failures have decorated your breast like the medallions of an army general's coat, that they've stripped away what's best in you, like rain peeling away the layers of a freshly painted house. #Quote by Andrew Lewis Conn
Tax Day quotes by Danny Wallace
#58. Sometimes the little opportunities that fly at us each day can have the biggest impact. #Quote by Danny Wallace
Tax Day quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#59. Laughter is day, and sobriety is night; a smile is the twilight that hovers gently between both, more bewitching than either. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Tax Day quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#60. There are guys bleeding to death who don't know it, they're smiling, they're talking, they don't feel pain because they're in shock, they ask you for some water and then they're dead. On D-day I ran past a guy lying on his spilled guts with his eyes closed and his thumb in his mouth. Eisenhower's speech had been read to us over the loudspeaker by our commander when we crossed the channel that morning. What valor and inspiration were in his words- all about how we were embarked on a great crusade, that the hopes and prayers of a liberty loving people were going with us ... I got gooseflesh when he asked for the blessing of almighty god on this great and noble undertaking. But how to reconcile that with spilled guts on a beach and flies in the eyes of some dead nineteen year old kid who traded his life for some words on paper? #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
Tax Day quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#61. Thou wilt always rejoice in the evening if thou has spent the day profitably. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis