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Tattoo Is Art quotes by Thom Mayne
#1. Architecture is a negotiated art, and it's highly political, and if you want to make buildings, there is diplomacy required. #Quote by Thom Mayne
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#2. The art of happiness is also the art of suffering well. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Colleen Hoover
#3. Attraction isn't something that only happens once, with one person. It's part of what drives humans. Our attraction to each other, to art, to food, to entertainment. Attraction is fun. So when you decide to commit to someone, you aren't saying, ' I promise I'll never be attracted to anyone else.' You're saying, 'I promise to commit to you, despite my potential future attraction to other people. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Melissa Marr
#4. Do you ever wonder if what you look at is the same thing everyone else is seeing?'
He went even stiller at her side. 'Sometimes I'm sure it isn't the same ... but that's not so bad is it? Seeing the world in a different way?'
Creative vision creates art' he motioned around the gallery 'that shows the rest of the world a new angle. That's a beautiful thing. #Quote by Melissa Marr
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#5. Beauty plus pity-that is the closest we can get to a definition of art. Where there is beauty there is pity for the simple reason that beauty must die: beauty always dies, the manner dies with the matter, the world dies with the individual. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Derren Brown
#6. In magic we have a variety of "uses" for our art beyond magic itself, which reminds me of the notion of art therapy. The rendering of art inferior to therapy is an interesting one: interesting in the sense that it makes me want to vomit angrily. #Quote by Derren Brown
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Eugene Ionesco
#7. I believe that in the history of art and of thought there has always been at every living moment of culture a will to renewal. This is not the prerogative of the last decade only. All history is nothing but a succession of crises - of rupture, repudiation and resistance. When there is no crisis, there is stagnation, petrifaction and death. All thought, all art is aggressive. #Quote by Eugene Ionesco
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Gichin Funakoshi
#8. The secret principle of martial arts is not vanquishing the attacker, but resolving to avoid an encounter before its occurrence. To become an object of an attack is an indication that there was an opening in one's guard, and the important thing is to be on guard at all times. #Quote by Gichin Funakoshi
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Plato
#9. Hence it is from the representation of things spoken by means of posture and gesture that the whole of the art of dance has been elaborated. #Quote by Plato
Tattoo Is Art quotes by T.D. Jakes
#10. The brilliance of morning is in sharp contrast with the darkness of night - Woman thou art loosed #Quote by T.D. Jakes
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Philipp Meyer
#11. Man today lives in a coffin of flesh. Hearing and seeing nothing. The Land and Law are perverted. The Good Book says I will gather you to Jerusalem to the furnace of my wrath. It says thou art the land that is not cleansed. I concur. We need a great fire that will sweep from ocean to ocean and I offer my oath that I will soak myself in kerosene if promised the fire would be allowed to burn. #Quote by Philipp Meyer
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Joan Rivers
#12. Somehow, some way, every person in the arts has to find an accommodation with disappointment and embarrassment. They are the pollen in the air we breathe. If you must go into the arts, go into them for yourself alone. On some basic level you must enjoy the act of doing it ... Otherwise, you are going to end up frustrated and unhappy. Recognition in the arts is luck and gravy. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Octavio Paz
#13. Art for Duchamp, all the arts, obey the same law: meta-irony is inherent in their very spirit. It is an irony that destroys its own negation and, hence, returns in the affirmative. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Robert Smithson
#14. A vacant white room with lights is still a submission to the neutral. Works of art seen in such spaces seem to be going through a kind of esthetic convalescence. #Quote by Robert Smithson
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Friedrich Durrenmatt
#15. The art of the cuisine, when fully mastered, is the one human capability of which only good things can be said. #Quote by Friedrich Durrenmatt
Tattoo Is Art quotes by James Elkins
#16. What kinds of problems, and what kinds of meanings, happen in the paint? Or as one historian puts it, 'What is thinking in painting, as opposed to thinking about painting?' These are important questions, and they are very hard to answer using the language of art history. #Quote by James Elkins
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Tinsel Korey
#17. Everybody is in your business, gossiping and being mean spirited. It's different. Sometimes I'm like, "Do I want to do this?," because it's not about the art anymore. It's a struggle. There's part of me that wants to share my gift, which is art, and if I don't, am I taking away something that the Creator gave me to share? At the same time, I don't want to be a part of feeding the dumbing down of society. #Quote by Tinsel Korey
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Rebecca West
#18. Bad art is maintained by the neurotic, who is deadly afraid of authentic art because it inspires him to go on living, and he is terrified of life. #Quote by Rebecca West
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Francis M. Nevins Jr.
#19. This may not be art as art commonly goes; the lack of discipline, of control, would seem to rule it out of that category. And yet Woolrich's lack of control over emotions is a crucial element in his work, not only because it intensifies the fragility and momentariness of love but also because it tears away the comfortable belief, evident in some of the greatest works of the human imagination such as Oedipus Rex, that nobility in the face of nothingness is possible. And if Woolrich's work is not art as commonly understood, there is an art beyond art, whose form is not the novel or story but the scream; and of this art Woolrich is beyond doubt a master. ("Introduction") #Quote by Francis M. Nevins Jr.
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Karen Swallow Prior
#20. The topic was eloquence, something Christians had been conflicted about since the first-century church when Paul wrote that in bringing the gospel, he did not come with "eloquence." A few centuries later, Saint Augustine wrestled with the value of eloquence, associating it with his pagan background and training in Greek rhetoric while simultaneously employing it winsomely in his Christian writings. Such suspicion of beauty and form, whether in art, literature, speech, or human flesh, has shadowed Christian thought throughout the history of the church; sadly so, considering God is the author of all beauty. #Quote by Karen Swallow Prior
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Larry Correia
#21. Wait a second, is a snooty book critic actually admitting to judging books by their covers? #Quote by Larry Correia
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Sam Lake
#22. Prose is an art form, movies and acting in general are art forms, so is music, painting, graphics, sculpture, and so on. Some might even consider classic games like chess to be an art form. Video games use elements of all of these to create something new. Why wouldn't video games be an art form? #Quote by Sam Lake
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Joseph Kosuth
#23. When objects are presented within the context of art (and until recently objects always have been used) they are as eligible for aesthetic consideration as are any objects in the world, and an aesthetic consideration of an object existing in the realm of art means that the object's existence or functioning in an art context is irrelevant to the aesthetic judgment. #Quote by Joseph Kosuth
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Jonathan Hickman
#24. I have an architecture degree; that's what my college degree is in. And that sucked. I started doing Web and CD-ROM development really early on, and then that grew into being an art director and doing advertising work. #Quote by Jonathan Hickman
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#25. Here is everything I know about France: Madeline and Amelie and Moulin Rouge. The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, although I have no idea what the function of either actually is. Napoleon, Marie Antoinette, and a lot of kings named Louis. I'm not sure what they did either, but I think it has something to do with the French Revolution, which has something to do with Bastille Day. The art museum is called the Louvre and it's shaped like a pyramid and the Mona Lisa lives there along with that statue of the women missing her arms. And there are cafes and bistros or whatever they call them on every street corner. And mimes. The food is supposed to be good, and the people drink a lot of wine and smoke a lot of cigarettes.
I've heard they don't like Americans, and they don't like white sneakers. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Herbert Read
#26. An enormous amount of art and literature is erotic in the sense that it stimulates vague sexual emotions, but it has no pornographic intention or effect because "it leaves everything to the imagination." The consumer has to invent his own images, and it is felt, I do not know with what justification, that there is no harm in this. #Quote by Herbert Read
Tattoo Is Art quotes by William Morris
#27. So I say, if you cannot learn to love real art; at least learn to hate sham art and reject it. It is not because the wretched thing is so ugly and silly and useless that I ask you to cast it from you; it is much more because these are but the outward symbols of the poison that lies within them; look through them and see all that has gone to their fashioning, and you will see how vain labour, and sorrow, and disgrace have been their companions from the first-and all this for trifles that no man really needs! #Quote by William Morris
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Frances Fong
#28. Sadness is the ambrosia of all art. #Quote by Frances Fong
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Seamus Heaney
#29. The end of art is peace. #Quote by Seamus Heaney
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Keith Murray
#30. Leibniz mapped the principles concerning the conservation of energy, but nobody has yet scientifically diagrammed the conservation of emotion - have they? How is this subsumed pain vented? Is it released in my art? I hope so, but I also suspect that it's emitted in my sleep. #Quote by Keith Murray
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Timothy G Cameron
#31. I'm in charge of what I say; you're in charge of what you hear. #Quote by Timothy G Cameron
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Tom Robbins
#32. The most useful thing about art is it's uselessness. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Stephen Curry
#33. Basketball isn't just a sport. It is an art, one that must be mastered to succeed. #Quote by Stephen Curry
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Stephen King
#34. I don't want to think too much about art, you see. I don't want to attend symposia, listen to papers, or discuss it at cocktail parties ... What I want to do is clutch my heart and fall down when I see it. (Mr. Nannuzzi to Edgar) #Quote by Stephen King
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Joshua Reynolds
#35. Gardening as far as Gardening is Art, or entitled to that appellation, is a deviation from nature; for if the true taste consists, as many hold, in banishing every appearance of Art, or any traces of the footsteps of man, it would then be no longer a Garden. #Quote by Joshua Reynolds
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Hiroshi Sugimoto
#36. Art is technique: a means by which to materialize the invisible realm of the mind. #Quote by Hiroshi Sugimoto
Tattoo Is Art quotes by M.B. Dallocchio
#37. Fine art is the discipline of breaking rules. #Quote by M.B. Dallocchio
Tattoo Is Art quotes by Wallace Stegner
#38. The writers I admired and still admire were not carpenters, but more like sculptors. Their art was and is a real probing of real and troubling human confusions. #Quote by Wallace Stegner

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