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Tangerina Calorias quotes by Chris Colfer
#1. Welcome to your very first lesson," she was happy to announce. "Before we begin, I have one question to ask you. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a wound and a scar? Between weakness and strength? And between hatred and love?"
Emerelda raised her hand. "Is it time?" she asked.
"Correct!" Madame Weatherberry cheered.
"How did you know that?" Tangerina asked.
"She's an hour late and she's dressed in clocks," Emerelda said. "I figured it was a safe bet."
"Time is the most complex device in the universe," Madame Weatherberry went on. "It is both the problem and the solution to most of life's dilemmas. It heals all wounds, but in the end, it takes us all. Unfortunately, time is rarely in anyone's favor. We have too little or too much but never the time we want or need. Sometimes we're born into a time that doesn't value us, and too often, we let those times determine how we value ourselves. So for your first assignment, you are going to get rid of any unfavorable opinions, insecurities, or self-hatred that the times have instilled within you. If we are going to successfully change the world's perspective of us, we must start by hanging our perspective of ourselves. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Tangerina Calorias quotes by Chris Colfer
#2. The patient bird gets the worm," Skylene said with a confident nod. "That's another classic phrase."
Tangerina rolled her eyes and pulled her friend aside.
"Skylene, the phrase is 'The early bird gets the worm," she said. "It's supposed to encourage people to wake up early."
"Oh," Skylene said. "But that's not very encouraging for an early worm. #Quote by Chris Colfer

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