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Talkie Toaster quotes by Rysa Walker
#1. Some things, however, should happen in the correct order. Shoes go on after socks. Peanut butter is applied after the bread comes out of the toaster, not before. And grandchildren are born after their grandparents. #Quote by Rysa Walker
Talkie Toaster quotes by Jen Kirkman
#2. I had no idea that marriage was only supposed to be between two people who wanted to get between the sheets and make more people. What ever happened to marrying for love - or to get on your partner's health insurance policy, or for presents? No one was going to buy two people in their thirties a four-slice toaster if we just continued to live in sin. #Quote by Jen Kirkman
Talkie Toaster quotes by Elizabeth Scott
#3. My full name is Lauren Lee Smith. Of all the names I could have been given, that's the one I got. Lauren Lee Smith. It has all the personality of a toaster. #Quote by Elizabeth Scott
Talkie Toaster quotes by Neil Gaiman
#4. I once made up a story as a wedding present for some friends. It was about a couple who were given a story as a wedding present. It was not a reassuring story. Having made up the story, I decided that they'd probably prefer a toaster, so I got them a toaster, and to this day have not written the story down. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Talkie Toaster quotes by J.K. Rowling
#5. Sitting on top of Mr. Weasley's overflowing in-tray was an old toaster that was hiccuping in a disconsolate way and a pair of empty leather gloves that were twiddling their thumbs. A photograph of the Weasley family stood beside the in-tray. Harry noticed that Percy appeared to have walked out of it. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Talkie Toaster quotes by William Jay Smith
#6. [The Toaster]
A silver-scaled dragon with jaws flaming red
sits at my elbow and toasts my bread.
I hand him fat slices, then one by one
he hands them back when he sees they are done. #Quote by William Jay Smith
Talkie Toaster quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#7. The Israelites got out of Egypt, but Pharoah and his army chased after them. They got to the Red Sea and they couldn't cross it. The Egyptian army was getting closer. So Moses got on his walkie-talkie, the Israeli air force bombed the Egyptians, and the Israeli navy built a pontoon bridge so the people could cross." The mother was shocked. "Is that the way they taught you the story?" "Well, no," the boy admitted, "but if I told it to you the way they told it to us, you'd never believe it." Centuries ago, #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Talkie Toaster quotes by Karl Pilkington
#8. And we've got a toaster and everything. So there is no reason for the wedding. #Quote by Karl Pilkington
Talkie Toaster quotes by Kerrelyn Sparks
#9. Before he had time to figure it out, his walkie-talkie crackled and a voice came on. He punched a button. "Sheriff here. What's up?"
"Someone called about a public disturbance behind schmitty's bar," a woman's voice reported. "Cathy use the proper code number," Billy growled. "There ain't no number for a guy acting like a cockroach!" the woman yelled. "he climbed into their Dumpster and he's wallowing in the trash. #Quote by Kerrelyn Sparks
Talkie Toaster quotes by Neil Pasricha
#10. Honey, have you seen my measuring tape?"
"I think it's in that drawer in the kitchen with the scissors, matches, bobby pins, Scotch tape, nail clippers, barbecue tongs, garlic press, extra buttons, old birthday cards, soy sauce packets thick rubber bands, stack of Christmas napkins, stained take-out menus, old cell-phone chargers, instruction booklet for the VCR, some assorted nickels, an incomplete deck of cards, extra chain links for a watch, a half-finished pack of cough drops, a Scrabble piece I found while vacuuming, dead batteries we aren't fully sure are dead yet, a couple screws in a tiny plastic bag left over from the bookshelf, that lock with the forgotten combination, a square of carefully folded aluminum foil, and expired pack of gum, a key to our old house, a toaster warranty card, phone numbers for unknown people, used birthday candles, novelty bottle openers, a barbecue lighter, and that one tiny little spoon."
"Thanks, honey."
AWESOME! #Quote by Neil Pasricha
Talkie Toaster quotes by Thomas M. Disch
#11. The toaster (lacking real bread) would pretend to make two crispy slices of toast. Or, if the day seemed special in some way, it would toast an imaginary English muffin. #Quote by Thomas M. Disch
Talkie Toaster quotes by Steven Pinker
#12. Why do we say razzle-dazzle instead of dazzle-razzle? Why super-duper, helter-skelter, harum-scarum, hocus-pocus, willy-nilly, hully-gully, roly-poly, holy moly, herky-jerky, walkie-talkie, namby-pamby, mumbo-jumbo, loosey-goosey, wing-ding, wham-bam, hobnob, razza-matazz, and rub-a-dub-dub? I thought you'd never ask. Consonants differ in "obstruency" - the degree to which they impede the flow of air, ranging from merely making it resonate, to forcing it noisily past an obstruction, to stopping it up altogether. The word beginning with the less obstruent consonant always comes before the word beginning with the more obstruent consonant. Why ask why? #Quote by Steven Pinker
Talkie Toaster quotes by Maureen Johnson
#13. When she emerged, Keith was watching the tiny round window of the under-the-counter washing machine.
"Put your clothes in for a wash," he said. "They were disgusting."
Ginny always thought that the only way of getting clothes clean was by drowning them in scalding water and then whipping them around in a violent centrifugal motion that caused the entire washing machine to vibrate and the floor to shake. You beat them clean. You made them suffer. This machine used about half a cup of water and was about as violent as a toaster, plus it stopped every few minutes, as if it were exhausted from the effort of turning itself.
Sluff, sluff, sluff sluff. Rest. Rest. Rest.
Sluff, sluff, sluff, sluff. Rest. Rest. Rest.
"Who thought to put a window on a washing machine?" Keith asked. "Does anyone just sit and watch their wash?"
You mean, besides us?"
"Well," he said, "yeah. Is there any coffee? #Quote by Maureen Johnson
Talkie Toaster quotes by Scott Meyers
#14. Do that, and the best you can hope for is that people will ignore you. More realistically, you'd be skinned alive, or possibly sentenced to ten year hard labor writing microcode for waffle irons and toaster ovens. #Quote by Scott Meyers
Talkie Toaster quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#15. John Adair had little liking for the simple life; he said it was not simple, but the most damnably complicated method of wasting time that had every existed. He liked a constant supply of hot water, a refrigerator, an elevator, an electric toaster, a telephone beside his bed, central heating and electric fires, and anything whatever that reduced the time spent upon the practical side of living to a minimum and left him free to paint.
But Sally [his daughter] did not want to be set free for anything, for it was living itself that she enjoyed. She liked lighting a real fire of logs and fir cones, and toasting bread on an old-fashioned toaster. And she liked the lovely curve of an old staircase and the fun of running up and down it. And she vastly preferred writing a letter and walking with it to the post to using the telephone and hearing with horror her voice committing itself to things she would never have dreamed of doing if she'd had the time to think. "It's my stupid brain," she said to herself. "I like the leisurely things, and taking my time about them. That's partly why I like children so much, I think. They're never in a hurry to get on to something else. #Quote by Elizabeth Goudge
Talkie Toaster quotes by Bruce C.N. Greenwald
#16. In the long run, everything is a toaster. #Quote by Bruce C.N. Greenwald
Talkie Toaster quotes by Noelle August
#17. I already was yours, Ethan. The minute you put my panties in the toaster oven, I knew you were the one."

"Yeah? I'll admit that was an inspired move." #Quote by Noelle August
Talkie Toaster quotes by Calvin Trillin
#18. Since nostaglia is fueled by inflation, could it be that inflation is the result of a conspiracy by the people who are trying to palm off McGovern buttons and Howdy Doody puppets and their Aunt Thelma's toaster as antiques. #Quote by Calvin Trillin
Talkie Toaster quotes by Akinyele
#19. When I need bread, I grab the toaster and stick niggas for they crumbs. #Quote by Akinyele
Talkie Toaster quotes by Lorrie Moore
#20. Love is art, not truth. It's like painting a scenery.' These are the things one takes from mothers. Once they die, of course, you get the strand of pearls, the blue quilt, some of the original wedding gifts - a tray shellacked with the invitation, an old rusted toaster - but the touches and the words and the moaning the night she dies, these are what you seize, save, carry around in little invisible envelopes, opening them up quickly, like a carnival huckster, giving the world a peek. They will not stay quiet. No matter how you try. #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Talkie Toaster quotes by Sadiqua Hamdan
#21. We are all made from the same seeds. It makes sense to say that compassion, love sunshine, water and nourishing seeds will grow into healthy, happy, fulfilled plants. You don't have to like a certain kind of bread or be a bread maker to have faith. God invented more than brand of toasters to spread the seeds of faith. Those who become self-righteous bread makers shall have self-righteous toaster consciousness.
If our belief system excludes us from sharing bread with those who do not believe the exact same manner as we do, that's when its time to re-evaluate our belief system. #Quote by Sadiqua Hamdan
Talkie Toaster quotes by Matt Haig
#22. AS DR DAVID Adam says in his brilliant account of obsessive compulsive disorder, The Man Who Couldn't Stop: 'Only a fool or a liar will tell you how the brain works.'
A brain is not a toaster. It is complex. #Quote by Matt Haig
Talkie Toaster quotes by Christopher Moore
#23. Not unlike the toaster, I control darkness. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Talkie Toaster quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#24. Ariel is capable of whispering the same way a toaster is capable of flight. #Quote by Brenna Yovanoff
Talkie Toaster quotes by James Fahy
#25. I like the human touch. Call me old fashioned, but drones have always given me the creeps. It's hard to relax when a tiny part of your mind suspects the toaster is plotting to kill you. #Quote by James Fahy
Talkie Toaster quotes by Ramez Naam
#26. AI does not keep me up at night. Almost no one is working on conscious machines. Deep learning algorithms, or Google search, or Facebook personalization, or Siri or self driving cars or Watson, those have the same relationship to conscious machines as a toaster does to a chess-playing computer. #Quote by Ramez Naam
Talkie Toaster quotes by Sara Gilbert
#27. You can't be a perfect environmentalist unless you're Ed Begley, Jr., whom I once saw on TV using a bicycle to power his toaster. He's amazing. #Quote by Sara Gilbert
Talkie Toaster quotes by Nintendo
#28. Remember Luigi, Toaster Toast Toast." - Mario Hotel

"Remember Luigi, Where There Fire, There's Burnt Toast." - Mario Hotel

"Greetings Young Traveller, I See That You Have Wandered Into My Store. Would You Like To Partake In One Of My Goods Or Services, I Sell Clothes, Rope, Bombs, You Want It I Got It, As Long As You Have Enough Rupees. Oh, I See You Don't Have Enough Ruppees, Come Back When You're A Bit, Umm, Riche." - The Legend Of Zelda #Quote by Nintendo
Talkie Toaster quotes by Dean Koontz
#29. Appearances are not reality; but they often can be a convincing alternative to it. You can control appearances most of the time, but facts are what they are. When the facts are too sharp, you can craft a cheerful version of the situation and cover the facts the way that you can covered a battered old four-slice toaster with a knitted cozy featuring images of kittens. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Talkie Toaster quotes by Rupert Everett
#30. I think we've been dulled by capitalism. We're just blobs now - we're so worried about how we can keep paying the lease on the car, the mortgage, the lease on the toaster and all that. You can't really think about much else. If you lose that, you lose the whole lot. #Quote by Rupert Everett
Talkie Toaster quotes by Derek Landy
#31. I am what prevents the Accelerator from being a bomb."
"Except you didn't," said Gracious. "Because you weren't around."
"I got bored."
"You're a machine."
"Machines can become bored, too."
Gracious looked suddenly concerned. "My toaster is bored?"
"Perhaps, " said the Engineer. "I do not know many toasters. #Quote by Derek Landy
Talkie Toaster quotes by Joe Bageant
#32. Somebody left the American Dream in the toaster too long. It's now burnt to a crisp. #Quote by Joe Bageant
Talkie Toaster quotes by Veronica Blade
#33. Two gorgeous guys slaving in the kitchen. Doesn't get any better than this.'
'You have low standards,' Chait grinned over his shoulder and dropped bread into the toaster. 'If I had two hot girls in my kitchen, I'd want them naked.'
I stood immobile, seeing Chait and Hayden in my minds eye. Naked, cooking for me.
Hayden glanced my way and chuckled as I dashed away. #Quote by Veronica Blade
Talkie Toaster quotes by Catalina DuBois
#34. If I'm buying an appliance a review is useful because it refers to functionality, which is a very black and white issue. Either a toaster works well or it burns the bread. As for entertainment, I have never and will never read a review before I experience a book or movie for myself. Whether or not a book is good is a matter of opinion. I was born with a brain of my own and am perfectly capable of forming my own opinion. I have never needed anyone to tell me what to read and how to feel about it. There have been award winning best sellers that I have absolutely hated. There have been stories that were heavily criticized that I truly enjoyed. I'm an individual and no one else's opinion is relevant when it comes to my entertainment. Has our society devolved to the point that people are incapable of forming their own opinions and must therefor read someone else's opinion first? #Quote by Catalina DuBois
Talkie Toaster quotes by Dean Koontz
#35. I have avoided becoming stale by putting a little water on the plate, lying on the plate, and having myself refreshed in a toaster oven for 23 minutes once every month. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Talkie Toaster quotes by James Swallow
#36. There was no movement around the discoloured walls, and Lucy turned the Land Rover about in a slow crawl, the tires crunching on the desiccated earth. She scanned the windows, black squares punched through the sides of the silent blockhouses, looking for threats.
As the grumble of the engine died, Marc heard the moan of the steady breeze, and the desolate cluster of buildings seemed like the loneliest place on Earth.
'Stay alert,' said Lucy, reaching down into the wheel well to grab her backpack. 'We don't know what we're gonna find here.' She reached inside and her hand came back with the compact shape of an MP7 sub machinegun. She cocked it with a snap of the receiver, and handed Marc a walkie-talkie. 'Just in case,' she added.
Marc followed her out of the Land Rover, slipping out of the door with his bag over one shoulder. He had the Glock ready, close to his chest and his finger resting on the trigger guard. He felt acutely aware of every tiny detail around them, the crumbling rocks beneath his boots, the heavy heat of the late afternoon sun, the weight of the loaded gun #Quote by James Swallow
Talkie Toaster quotes by Eva Indigo
#37. I figured if I hoped hard enough, you wouldn't stand a chance, that even if you were straight, you'd succumb to my sparkling charm and wit and you'd convert just for me."

I almost choked on the last sip of my wine. "And you'd win the toaster oven," I teased.

"Yes, #Quote by Eva Indigo
Talkie Toaster quotes by Russell Brand
#38. Democracy is a gleaming Excalibur - let's not use it just to mend the toaster. #Quote by Russell Brand
Talkie Toaster quotes by Alfred Hitchcock
#39. Television is like the American toaster, you push the button and the same thing pops up everytime. #Quote by Alfred Hitchcock
Talkie Toaster quotes by Dave Buschi
#40. Lip was in his element. Him and his languages. His linguistic abilities didn't just stop at Pig Latin, like the rest of us. He was also pretty savvy with the computer kind. Pascal, Basic, JavaScript, those were child's play to him. He knew the completely worthless programming languages, as well. Like IronPython, IPTSCRAE, TenCore, SystemVerilog; some of the names were so ridiculous they sounded like Klingon gibberish: "Metalua, KUKA, Nemerle…" Because you never knew when you'd need to communicate with a toaster. #Quote by Dave Buschi
Talkie Toaster quotes by Charlie Sheen
#41. The last time I used? What do you mean? I used my toaster this morning. #Quote by Charlie Sheen

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