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Take Care Your Family quotes by Gena Showalter
#1. Their mother had always stressed the importance of taking care of yourself first, your family second and everyone else not at all..
darkest surrender #Quote by Gena Showalter
Take Care Your Family quotes by Sarah  Clay
#2. But be grateful that your dad left you with two people who loved you both, who provided you with an amazing childhood" She reaches out for my hand and I let her take it in hers "For whatever reason he had, he still made sure you were safe and taken care of, it could have been worse Ry. You could have been left with someone who hated your very existence. #Quote by Sarah Clay
Take Care Your Family quotes by John Adams
#3. Your Letters concerning Miss N. have given me as much Concern as they ought-not knowing the Character nor what to advise, but feeling all a Fathers Tenderness, longing to be at home that I might enquire and consider and take the Care I ought. #Quote by John Adams
Take Care Your Family quotes by Steve Jobs
#4. Design is not limited to fancy new gadgets. Our family just bought a new washing machine and dryer. We didn't have a very good one so we spent a little time looking at them. It turns out that the Americans make washers and dryers all wrong. The Europeans make them much better – but they take twice as long to do clothes! It turns out that they wash them with about a quarter as much water and your clothes end up with a lot less detergent on them. Most important, they don't trash your clothes. They use a lot less soap, a lot less water, but they come out much cleaner, much softer, and they last a lot longer. We spent some time in our family talking about what's the trade-off we want to make. We ended up talking a lot about design, but also about the values of our family. Did we care most about getting our wash done in an hour versus an hour and a half? Or did we care most about our clothes feeling really soft and lasting longer? Did we care about using a quarter of the water? We spent about two weeks talking about this every night at the dinner table. We'd get around to that old washer-dryer discussion. And the talk was about design. We ended up opting for these Miele appliances, made in Germany. They're too expensive, but that's just because nobody buys them in this country. They are really wonderfully made and one of the few products we've bought over the last few years that we're all really happy about. These guys really thought the process through. They did such a great job #Quote by Steve Jobs
Take Care Your Family quotes by Terri Irwin
#5. Bindi and I had been in Oregon for a few days, visiting family, and we planned to catch up with Steve in Las Vegas. But she and I had an ugly incident at the airport when we arrived. A Vegas lowlife approached us, his hat pulled down, big sunglasses on his face, and displaying some of the worst dentistry I've ever seen.
He leered at us, obviously drunk or crazy, and tried to kiss me. I backed off rapidly and looked for Steve. I knew I could rely on him to take care of any creep I encountered.
Then it dawned on me: The creep was Steve. In order to move around the airport without anyone recognizing him, he put on false teeth and changed his usual clothes. I didn't recognize my own husband out of his khakis.
I burst out laughing. Bindi was wide-eyed. "Look, it's your daddy." It took her a while before she was sure. #Quote by Terri Irwin
Take Care Your Family quotes by Josefina Vazquez Mota
#6. Today I'm committed to take care of your families like I've taken care of mine. I want to make Mexico the best country to live in. #Quote by Josefina Vazquez Mota
Take Care Your Family quotes by Edward B. Lewis
#7. The most important person to thank is ... my mother. She gave me four golden rules to live by: be a proud black man, take care of your family, make education a priority, and try to do the right thing. #Quote by Edward B. Lewis
Take Care Your Family quotes by Paul Zane Pilzer
#8. The act of being an entrepreneur is a theological act: it is a belief that God has given you the tools to go out, make money and take care of your family. #Quote by Paul Zane Pilzer
Take Care Your Family quotes by Georgette Heyer
#9. You are shameless!" he said angrily.
"Nonsense! You only say so because I drove your horses," she answered. "Never mind! I will engage not to do so again."
"I'll take care of that!" he retorted. "Let me tell you, my dear Cousin, that I should be better pleased if you would refrain from meddling in the affairs of my family!"
"Now, that," said Sophy, "I am very glad to know, because if ever I should desire to please you I shall know just how to set about it. I daresay I shan't, but one likes to be prepared for any event, however unlikely."
He turned his head to look at her, his eyes narrowed, and their expression was by no means pleasant. "Are you thinking of being so unwise as to cross swords with me?" he demanded. "I shan't pretend to misunderstand you, Cousin, and I will leave you in no doubt of my own meaning! If you imagine that I will ever permit that puppy to marry my sister, you have yet something to learn of me!"
"Pooh!" said Sophy. "Mind your horses, Charles, and don't talk fustian to me. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Take Care Your Family quotes by Caitlin Moran
#10. Jesus, I'm sorry. I have wasted your time with a fake deal. I acknowledge that this means you are of the case, and that I am now totally on my own in saving the family from destruction. I shall go back to not believing in you again. We will revert to our former positions. Sorry about all that. Take care. Lots of love to God. Amen. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Take Care Your Family quotes by Christine Feehan
#11. Life is to be lived. It doesn't really matter the how and why of things. It matters how you choose to live. I taught you to live life large. Tha's all, Wyatt. Love when you can. Laugh. Sing. And take care of your family and friends and then your community. It's not always easy, but it's good and at the end of it all, you'll be satisfied. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Take Care Your Family quotes by Stewart Brand
#12. What does it take to build something so that it's really easy to make comfortable little modifications in a way that once you've made them, they feel integral with the nature and structure of what is already there? You want to be able to mess around with it and progressively change it to bring it into an adapted state with yourself, your family, the climate, whatever. This kind of adaptation is a continuous process of gradually taking care. #Quote by Stewart Brand
Take Care Your Family quotes by Riley Hart
#13. Would you like me to draw you a bath, Your Highness?" Cassius asked, his throat unfamiliarly rough.
"No, Cassius. I…"
Instinctively, Cassius lowered his head. The prince was not going to let this go, was he? Cassius knew he would not, so he would have to approach it head on. "I apologize, Your Highness…for the ride. I do not know why it happened, and it won't happen again. I can't…" Cassius shook his head. "I know it was inappropriate. It is wrong. That I am wrong. But please…I need to care for my family."
He closed his eyes, wishing he could have swallowed the words he'd just spoken before they'd gotten the chance to escape his mouth. He hadn't meant to admit he fancied men. Not to the prince. But maybe he would be rewarded for his honesty. The prince was kind. Maybe he would take pity on Cassius - even though Cassius despised pity - since he knew Cassius had family to care for. #Quote by Riley Hart
Take Care Your Family quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#14. I give you today this simple principle of social progress - adopt a neighborhood, make the problems of that neighborhood your own problems and work to solve them in any manner possible. See your neighborhood as your very own family and act upon that sense of responsibility and eventually the whole world will have enough individuals to take care of all the problems of all the neighborhoods in the world. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Take Care Your Family quotes by Thomas More
#15. for your lords are readier to feed idle people than to take care of the sick; and often the heir is not able to keep together so great a family as his predecessor did. #Quote by Thomas More
Take Care Your Family quotes by Rachel Caine
#16. How is he?"
"Your father."
Of all the things Claire had expected, that wasn't it, and it took her a minute of honest puzzlement to try to work out why someone like Frank Collins would even care.
She finally said,"He's doing okay. I talked to my mom yesterday; the doctors think they can fix his heart problem. He's feeling a lot better."
Frank nodded. "Good. Family's important," he said. "Maybe too important, sometimes. Iknow how much I screwed it up with Shane. Can't blame the kid for hating me now."
It was almost a . . . question? And if it was a question, what could Claire say?
Yeah, he hates your guts. That probably wasn't what Frank was hoping to hear.
"Just take care of him," she said. "That's what you're supposed to do. Stop using him, and start protecting him. I know he thinks he doesn't need it, but sometimes he does. Sometimes we all do."
Now Frank did look up, and Claire felt a blush building in her face as he stared at her like he was actually seeing her for a change.
"He did okay," Shane's dad finally said. "Picking you. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Take Care Your Family quotes by Jason Momoa
#17. How far would you go to protect your family? I'm a father, I'm a son, I'm a grandson, and I'm a husband. If someone were to hurt the women in my life and the law didn't take care of it, what would I do? Pretty awful things. #Quote by Jason Momoa
Take Care Your Family quotes by Liz Braswell
#18. There are a lot of things that aren't fair, Aladdin."
She drew back from him, still holding his hands, and looked into his eyes.
"That's just the way life is- which is why it's so important for us Street Rats to take care of each other. That's a good instinct you have. You should always look out for your friends and your family. Because no one is looking out for us.
But that doesn't mean you should become a thief."
Aladdin looked at the ground, chagrined.
She put her hand under his chin to make him look up at her.
"Don't let life's unfairness, don't let how poor you are decide who you are. You choose who you will be, Aladdin. Will you be a hero who looks after the weak and powerless? Will you be a thief? Will you be a beggar- or worse? It's up to you, not the things-or people- around you. You can choose to be something more. #Quote by Liz Braswell
Take Care Your Family quotes by Vicki Laveau-Harvie
#19. Scratch me and you get grief. It will well up surreptitiously and slip away down any declivity, perhaps undermining the foundations but keeping a low profile and trying not to inconvenience anybody.

Scratch my sister at your peril however, because you'll get rage, a geyser of it, like hitting oil after drilling dry, hot rock for months and it suddenly, shockingly, plumes up into the sky, black and viscous, coating everything as it falls to earth.

Take care when you scratch. #Quote by Vicki Laveau-Harvie
Take Care Your Family quotes by Daniel Friberg
#20. For women: In your autumn years, having a successful career behind you will be nothing compared to having a large family, with grandchildren and everything else that comes with it.
This is also the best and most natural method for ensuring your retirement benefits - a few decades from now, your children and grandchildren will be far more inclined to take care of you than the rapidly crumbling European welfare states will.
Besides, passing your genes on is a far worthier goal in life than slaving for some multinational corporation, which will forget all about you the second you retire.
Furthermore, the plummeting birth rates of Europe must be reversed.
Make sure to have at least three children, and raise them well.
In this regard, the future of Europe rests squarely in your hands. #Quote by Daniel Friberg
Take Care Your Family quotes by Katy Regnery
#21. The first time you sit in comfortable silence;
The first time you realize you enjoy his company more than anyone else's;
The first time you look like hell and he couldn't care less;
The first time you talk until dawn;
The first time you bring him home to meet the family;
The first time you're naked together and you don't feel a shred of insecurity;
The firt time you realize that you don't want anyone else but him;
The first time you see a future with him;
The first time you take a trip together;
The first big blowup fight;
The first time you realize he's your home;
The first time you realize taht he loves you as much as you love him. #Quote by Katy Regnery
Take Care Your Family quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#22. If you have a difficult relationship, and you want to make peace with the other person, you have to go home to yourself. Go home to your garden and cultivate the flowers of peace, compassion, understanding, and joy. Only after that can you come to your partner and be patient and compassionate.
When we commit to another person, we make a promise to grow together, sharing the fruit and progress of practice. It is our responsibility to take care of each other. Every time the other person does something in the direction of change and growth, we should show our appreciation. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Take Care Your Family quotes by Dana Marie Bell
#23. ....you "gotta do what you gotta do" to take care of your family before you could play. #Quote by Dana Marie Bell
Take Care Your Family quotes by Chris Hogan
#24. Your retirement is an opportunity to live out your dreams and take care of your family. Don't leave it to chance. #Quote by Chris Hogan
Take Care Your Family quotes by Grant Cardone
#25. Wake up! No one is going to save you. No one is going to take care of your family or your retirement. No one is going to "make things" work out for you. The only way to do so is to utilize every moment of every day at 10X levels. #Quote by Grant Cardone
Take Care Your Family quotes by Riley Hart
#26. Tell me of your family," Prince Merrick continued.
"Um…yes, sir. It is just my mother and my sisters Emily and Elizabeth. As you know, we lost my father."
"I am sorry for your loss," the prince said, not for the first time. "And you take care of them?" he prompted before pulling the carrot from a stunned Cassius and feeding it to the horse.
"Yes, I am all they have, but I want to care for them. They're my family. I love them. My sisters…especially Emily, she is my heart."
Their eyes caught again, and Cassius could have sworn he saw a grin in the prince's stare. "We have that in common too, then. My family is everything to me, and I love my sister more than anything."
"I can see that, Your Highness, in the way you spoke with her today #Quote by Riley Hart
Take Care Your Family quotes by Michka Assayas
#27. The more you experience love, the more full of it you should be. But the opposite sometimes happens, because you fear the loss of life. You fear the vulnerability that can take the goodness of it away. This might have happened because when i was just a kid, i had the sense that your whole life can change with a death in the family. It's like they say - at least i say - It's the loss of money that leads to the love of it. You know, the people who care about money are never the people who made a lot. They're the people who have lost a lot. And I think that might be true in relationships, when if you've lost somebody important to you early on, you live in fear of that the rest of your life. I suppose that's one of the things that I would fear, and that might explain the rage you referred to earlier, which is real in me, at some point, it really is. An odd thing to own up to, but I do know it's true. #Quote by Michka Assayas
Take Care Your Family quotes by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg
#28. New mothers enter the world of parenting feeling much like Alice in Wonderland.
- Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth and also one of the most challenging.
- Motherhood is a process. Learn to love the process.
- There is a tremendous amount of learning that takes place in the first year of your baby's life; the baby learns a lot, too.
- It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the fantasy of what you thuoght motherhood would be like, and what you thought you would be like as a mother, with reality.
- Take care of yourself. If Mommy isn't happy, no one else in the family is happy either.
- New mother generally need to lower their expectations.
- A good mother learns to love her child as he is and adjusts her mothering to suit her child. #Quote by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg
Take Care Your Family quotes by Abigail Spencer
#29. It's all about how can you take care of yourself when furthering your life's goals and ambitions, and purpose and whatever you choose - family, career - to maintain a really balanced, whole, healthy outlook. #Quote by Abigail Spencer
Take Care Your Family quotes by Magic Johnson
#30. My father was a great example of a strong and good man and Christian man, and my mother taught all my six sisters how to be young ladies and mothers and how to take care of your family. And so I think they were - they still are - great examples for all of us to their kids and to the world, too. #Quote by Magic Johnson
Take Care Your Family quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#31. The fact is, race is a constant factor in American life. Yet reacting to every incident, real or imagined, is crippling, tiring, and ultimately counter productive. I grew up in a family that believed that you might not be able to control your circumstances, but you can control your reaction to them. There was no room for being a victim or depending on the white man to take care of you. #Quote by Condoleezza Rice
Take Care Your Family quotes by Michele Borba
#32. How well do you take care of your appearance? Do you walk around the house with your hair uncombed and wear unkempt clothes? How well do you take care of your health? Your stress? Do you go to pieces, have an extra drink, start screaming and yelling when the pressures of family, work and parenting get to be too much? Or can you hold it together, take a nap, go for a walk, kiss your husband, practice yoga, exercise, or make a joke? How well do you take care of your spirituality? Your intellectual growth? Your interests? How do they affect your child? you do to nourish the images that are most important to you? #Quote by Michele Borba
Take Care Your Family quotes by Lance Stephenson
#33. Everybody wants to make as much money as possible. Take care of your family. It's not about the money; it's about status. I want to be ranked amongst all the players. I don't want to just have all this money. I want to be that guy. #Quote by Lance Stephenson
Take Care Your Family quotes by August Wilson
#34. Like you? I go out of here every morning… bust my butt…putting up with them crackers everyday…cause I like you? You about the biggest fool I ever saw. It's my JOB. It's my RESPONSIBILITY! You understand that? A man got to take care of his family. You live in my house… sleep on my bed clothes…fill you belly up with my food… cause you my son. You my flesh and blood. Not 'cause I like you! Cause it's my duty to take care of you. I OWE a responsibility to you! Let's get this straight right here… before it go along any further… I ain't got to like you. Mr. Rand don't five me money come payday cause he likes me. He gives me cause he OWE me. I done give you everything I had to give you. I gave you your life! Me and your mama worked that out between us. And liking your black ass wasn't part of the bargain. Don't try and go through life worrying about if somebody like you or not. You best be making sure they doing right by you. You understand what I'm saying, boy?"

- August Wilson, Fences, 1986. #Quote by August Wilson
Take Care Your Family quotes by J.R. Ward
#35. I'm right here," he said. "Dad's right here. I'm going nowhere. Just gonna wait until you're ready to come out into the world, and then your mom and I are going to take care of you. So you hang tight, we
clear? Do your thing, and we'll wait for however long it takes."
With his free hand, he took Layla's palm, and put it over his own.
"Your family is right here. Waiting for you ... and we love you."
It was totally stupid to talk to what was, no doubt, nothing but a bundle of cells. But he couldn't help
it. The words, the actions ... they were at once totally his, and yet coming from a place that was foreign to him.
Felt right, though.
Felt ... like what a father was supposed to do. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Take Care Your Family quotes by Masha Du Toit
#36. But he's still your family, right? You run together. See, that's important. Nothing's more important. But you can't," she coughed again, "you can't have a pack that's so big that just everybody's in it. I'm not saying you shouldn't care about people. Try to help them. But you can't take it all on yourself, girl. That's all I'm saying. #Quote by Masha Du Toit
Take Care Your Family quotes by Dave DeBronkart
#37. Think about the possibility: why is it that iPhones and iPads advance far faster than the health tools that are available to you to help take care of your family? #Quote by Dave DeBronkart
Take Care Your Family quotes by Bernard Schaffer
#38. Listen, Stephen King used to write in the washroom of his trailer after his kids went to sleep. Harlan Ellison wrote in the stall of a bathroom of his barracks during boot camp. Elmore Leonard got up at 5 AM every morning to write before work.
Every time my alarm goes off at 5 AM and I don't want to get up, or I would rather sit down after work and play a videogame, I think about those guys. Take care of your family. They need you and love you. Make time for them. Then stop screwing around and finish your damn book. #Quote by Bernard Schaffer
Take Care Your Family quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#39. Oh, do you, Milo? You're so selfish. You don't see the bigger picture." "What's the bigger picture?" "You're still here looking for handouts. Who's going to take care of me?" "I'm on my knees here, Mom. Not for me, for my family. For my wife. For a beautiful grandson you have totally ignored." "He's kind of a brat. I'll be in his life when he gets a little impulse control." "He's not even four." "I have needs. I'm tired of this child-worshipping culture. You're just a slave to it, Milo." "I'm only trying to be a decent dad." "Don't waste your time. It's not in your genes. Besides, try making some money. That might be a good dad move. For heaven's sake, the system's rigged for white men and you still can't tap in." "You're right, Mom. What can I say? But still, it would mean a lot to me if you made a little more of an effort with Bernie." "Bernie schmernie. This is my decade." "Okay, you wrinkled old spidercunt, have it your way. #Quote by Sam Lipsyte
Take Care Your Family quotes by Suzanne Collins
#40. I brought you this." Gale holds up a sheath. When I take it, I notice it holds a single, ordinary arrow. "It's
supposed to be symbolic. You firing the last shot of the war."
"What if I miss?" I say. "Does Coin retrieve it and bring it back to me? Or just shoot Snow through the head herself?"
"You won't miss." Gale adjusts the sheath on my shoulder.
We stand there, face-to-face, not meeting each other's eyes. "You didn't come see me in the hospital." He doesn't answer, so finally I just say it. "Was it your bomb?"
"I don't know. Neither does Beetee," he says. "Does it matter? You'll always be thinking about it."
He waits for me to deny it; I want to deny it, but it's true. Even now I can see the flash that ignites her, feel
the heat of the flames. And I will never be able to separate that moment from Gale. My silence is my answer.
"That was the one thing I had going for me. Taking care of your family," he says. "Shoot straight, okay?" He touches my cheek and leaves. I want to call him back and tell him that I was wrong. That I'll figure out a way to
make peace with this. To remember the circumstances under which he created the bomb. Take into account my own inexcusable crimes. Dig up the truth about who dropped the parachutes. Prove it wasn't the rebels. Forgive him. But since I can't, I'll just have to deal with the pain. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Take Care Your Family quotes by Vanessa Lachey
#41. When I became a mother of two, I decided to work with brands that remind me of family because they're my No. 1 priority. Now I'm partnering with Puffs to encourage people to get out and not hibernate inside. People should enjoy the holiday season, and if you do have a runny nose or the sniffles, Puffs is there to take care of your symptoms. #Quote by Vanessa Lachey
Take Care Your Family quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#42. As you wish. But I felt several personal items here while I was a guest at the house party, so if you don't mind, I'll fetch those before I leave." That would give him an excuse to find her room and make her listen.
"Very well." As Jackson headed for the door, Stoneville called out, "Your room is in the west wing, isn't it?"
Jackson halted to eye him warily. "Yes. Why?"
"You may not know that there's a shortcut through the south wing." The marguess stared steadily at him. The family resided in the south wing. "Indeed, I would love your opinion on a piece of art. I'm thinking of selling it, and you might know of a buyer. It's a fine military painting by Goya hanging right next to Celia's door, if you'd care to take a look on your way past."
He couldn't believe it-Stoneville was telling him how to find Celia's room.
"Just remember," Stoneville added, "if you should happen to run into anyone, explain that I wanted your opinion about some art."
"I appreciate your faith in my judgment, my lord," he said. "I will certainly take a look at that painting."
Stoneville's gaze hardened as he stood. "I trust that you'll behave like a gentleman while you're passing that way."
He bit back a hot retort-his lordship was one to talk. But the fact that the man was helping him with Celia was a small miracle, and he wasn't about to ignore that. "Yes. A perfect gentleman."
"Good. I'll hold you to that. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Take Care Your Family quotes by Schoolboy Q
#43. We're living or dying. We're already dead, the living dead. So do what you gotta do. Take care of your family, of yourself as a whole, and everything will be alright. #Quote by Schoolboy Q
Take Care Your Family quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#44. Christopher dressed her in his shirt, surrounding her in soft white linen that retained the scent of his body.
"I should put on my own clothes and go home," Beatrix said. "My family knows I'm here with you unchaperoned. And even they have their limits."
"You'll stay the rest of the afternoon," Christopher said evenly. "You're not going to invade my house, have your way with me, and dash off as if I were some errand you had to take care of."
"I've had a busy day," she protested. "I've fallen from a horse, and seduced you, and now I'm bruised and sore all over."
"I'll take care of you." Christopher looked down at her, his expression stern. "Are you going to argue with me?"
Beatrix tried to sound meek. "No, sir."
A slow smile crossed his face. "That was the worst attempt at obedience I've ever seen."
"Let's practice," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Give me an order and see if I don't follow it."
"Kiss me."
She pressed her mouth to his, and there was silence for a long time afterward. His hands slipped beneath the shirt, tormenting gently until she pressed herself against him. Her insides felt molten, and she weakened all over, wanting him.
"Upstairs," he said against her lips, and picked her up, carrying her as if she weighed nothing.
Beatrix blanched as they approached the door. "You can't take me upstairs like this."
"Why not?"
"I'm only wearing your shirt."
"That doesn't matter. Turn the door #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Take Care Your Family quotes by Cassandra Clare
#45. Simon opened the door and was not surprised to find Jace standing outside of it.
"Here," Simon said, handing him the letter.
"Took you long enough," Jace said.
"Now we're even," said Simon. "Go party in the Herondale house with your weird family."
"I plan to," said Jace, and smiled a sudden, strangely endearing smile. He had a chipped tooth. The smile made him seem like he was Simon's age, and maybe they were friends after all. "Good night, Wiggles."
"Yes, Wiggles. Your nickname? It's what you always made us call you. I almost forgot your name was Simon, I'm so used to calling you Wiggles."
"Wiggles? What does that . . . even mean?"
"You would never explain," Jace said with a shrug. "It was the big mystery about you. As I said, good night, Wiggles. I'll take care of this."
He held up the letter and used it to make a salute.
Simon shut the door. He knew most people on the hall had probably done everything they could to make sure they heard that exchange. He knew that in the morning he would be called Wiggles and there was nothing he would ever be able to do about it.
But it was a small price to pay to get a letter to Isabelle. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Take Care Your Family quotes by Jonathan Kuiper
#46. There is nothing greater in this world then love. Many things in this world have limits and expiration dates, but love is constant and everywhere. More important, it can take many forms and even when we lose those we care about, their love continues as long as we are open to receiving and reciprocating that love. Don't let the physical world dictate who you are and how to act, open your mind to something greater and as a result you will always find peace within your heart. #Quote by Jonathan Kuiper
Take Care Your Family quotes by Benny Green
#47. Just to have that sense of family, it gives you something that you know you need to take care of for the rest of your life. People gave it to him, and he passed it on to us. #Quote by Benny Green
Take Care Your Family quotes by Brandi Glanville
#48. No matter how old you are, there's no cozier feeling than to have your mom take care of you. #Quote by Brandi Glanville
Take Care Your Family quotes by Charmaine T. Davis
#49. We goan start promptly at seven o'clock, so be sure to take care of all your bodily needs and functions before we get started. #Quote by Charmaine T. Davis
Take Care Your Family quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#50. Sweetheart," West murmured kindly, "listen to me. There's no need to worry. You'll either meet someone new, or you'll reconsider someone you didn't appreciate at first. Some men are an acquired taste. Like oysters, or Gorgonzola cheese."
She let out a shuddering sigh. "Cousin West, if I haven't married by the time I'm twenty-five... and you're still a bachelor... would you be my oyster?"
West looked at her blankly.
"Let's agree to marry each other someday," she continued, "if no one else wants us. I would be a good wife. All I've ever dreamed of is having my own little family, and a happy home where everyone feels safe and welcome. You know I never nag or slam doors or sulk in corners. I just need someone to take care of. I want to matter to someone. Before you refuse-"
"Lady Cassandra Ravenel," West interrupted, "that is the most idiotic idea anyone's come up with since Napoleon decided to invade Russia."
Her gaze turned reproachful. "Why?"
"Among a dizzying array of reasons, you're too young for me."
"You're no older than Lord St. Vincent, and he just married my twin."
"I'm older than him on the inside, by decades. My soul is a raisin. Take my word for it, you don't want to be my wife."
"It would be better than being lonely."
"What rubbish. 'Alone' and 'lonely' are entirely different things." West reached out to smooth back a dangling golden curl that had stuck against a drying tear track on her cheek. "Now, go bathe your fa #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Take Care Your Family quotes by Dave Ramsey
#51. Your greatest asset is your paycheck. Disability insurance protects you and your family if you are unable to work by providing income which will help pay your bills and take care of your family. It's just as important as life insurance. #Quote by Dave Ramsey
Take Care Your Family quotes by Deyth Banger
#52. Don't worry, don't worry we will take care for your family members. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Take Care Your Family quotes by Casey McQuiston
#53. What are we even defending here, Philip? What kind of legacy? What kind of family, that says, we'll take the murder, we'll take the raping and pillaging and the colonizing, we'll scrub it up nice and neat in a museum, but oh no, you're a bloody poof? That's beyond our sense of decorum! I've bloody well had it. I've sat about long enough letting you and Gran and the weight of the damned world keep me pinned, and I'm finished. I don't care. You can take your legacy and your decorum and you can shove it up your fucking arse, Philip. I'm done. #Quote by Casey McQuiston
Take Care Your Family quotes by Hal Elrod
#54. If you're just snoozing every day until the last possible moment you have to head off to work, show up for school, or take care of your family, and then coming home and zoning out in front of the television until you go to bed (this used to be my daily routine), I've got to ask you: When are you going to develop yourself into the person you need to be to create the levels of health, wealth, happiness, success, and freedom that you truly want and deserve? When are you going to actually live your life instead of numbly going through the motions looking for every possible distraction to escape reality? What if your reality - your life - could finally be something that you can't wait to be conscious for? #Quote by Hal Elrod
Take Care Your Family quotes by Chris Stewart
#55. In the time you will live, there will be heroes around. Simple men, honest men who work two jobs, go to school, raise a family, and serve our God. An older couple who have the courage to seek out the truth while enduring the scorn and ridicule of their children and friends. A young man, a special spirit, who will take on a body that is deformed- and yet you will never see hime unhappy or without a smile on his face. A young mother who will care for a daughter while she suffers a painful death, and yet never doubt or loose faith that her Father loves them both.
In your worl famous people will be hard to find. But you will be surrounded by heroes, you will meet them everyday. They will be the simple people who struggle but never give up, those who strive to be happy despite the cares of the physical world, those who dream of the day when they will find the truth, those who search for understanding as to why they were born, why there is pain, or what it all means, and yet continure to endure, knowing in their soul, somewhere deep inside, that there has to be an answer.
These are the heroes that our Father needs down on earth. And you will be a hero. We already know that. #Quote by Chris Stewart
Take Care Your Family quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#56. Kazi of Brightmist...you are the love I didn't know I needed.
You are the hand pulling me through the wilderness,
The sun warming my face.
You make me stronger, smarter, wiser.
You are the compass that makes me a better man.
With you by my side, no challenge will be too great.
I vow to honor you, Kazi, and do all I can to be worthy of your love.
I will never stumble in my devotion to you, and I vow to keep you safe always.
My family is now your family, and your family, mine.
You have not stolen my heart, but I give it freely,
And in the presence of these witnesses, I take you to be my wife."

He squeezed my hand. His brown eyes danced, just as they had the first time he spoke those vows to me. It was my turn now. I took a deep breath. Were any words enough? But I said the ones closest to my heart, the ones I had said in the wilderness and repeated almost daily when I lay in a dark cell, uncertain where he was but needing to believe I would see him again.

"I love you, Jase Ballenger, and I will for all my days. You have brought me fullness where there was only hunger,
You have given me a universe of stars and stories,
Where there was emptiness.
You've unlocked a part of me I was afraid to believe in,
And made the magic of wish stalks come true.
I vow to care for you, to protect you and everything that is yours.
Your home is now my home, your family, my family.
I will stan #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Take Care Your Family quotes by Al Smith
#57. You take care of you and your family first. Then you go to your neighborhood, and then you spread it on out within the community. #Quote by Al Smith
Take Care Your Family quotes by Amanda Palmer
#58. When you accept somebody's offer for help, whether it's in the form of food, crash space, money, or love, you have to trust the help offered. You can't accept things halfway and walk through the door with your guard up. When you openly, radically trust people, they not only take care of you, they become your allies, your family. Sometimes people will prove themselves untrustworthy. When that happens, the correct response is not: Fuck! I knew I couldn't trust anybody! The correct response is: Some people just suck. Moving right along. #Quote by Amanda Palmer
Take Care Your Family quotes by Kristen Ashley
#59. And I grew up in a close family, and I always knew I wanted one of those too. So, I cannot promise you life is gonna run perfect. I cannot tell the future. What I can say is, what we have when you and me are tossin' a ball or mannin' the grill or sittin' at the table doin' your homework, that means something to me. It's important to me. And when something's important, you take care of it. #Quote by Kristen Ashley

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