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T P Grish quotes by T.P. Grish
#1. There was balance, harsh and violent like the noxious air in a swamp. But balance, nonetheless. Then somewhere in the fickle mists of creation came humanity, clawing and afraid, grasping and ambitious. Enveloped in a dangerous world, these creatures lived as scavengers; afraid of the greater things of the world. They were beset by disease, lack of claws or fangs, and the lack of habitat to call their own. Lefeyhdie had not provided any particular prey or plant for them to eat. These fleshy, naked beings were doomed to die of attrition. Curiously, these beings never stopped Doing, or Thinking. Breeding to strengthen their numbers. Sharpening rocks, shaping wood, gathering leaves and sticks for clothing and shelter. Eventually they had settlements of great number, crude but effective tools of war. Ancient forces began to pay attention to the growing incursion, plaguing them, slaying stragglers at night. But still the humans held on to the edge of the precipice, knuckles white with effort'. #Quote by T.P. Grish
T P Grish quotes by T.P. Grish
#2. Bah, he still saw the same stupidity. The image of the hanged man in the farming community of Yondern flashed through his mind. Now there was a war brewing between the Steelwielders and some foreign religion. More mindless loss over beliefs and mythology. But.. he could not deny the noble features in his companions. Although Perfidian was too blithe and Elaina too didactic, they had risked their life to do what was right. He did owe them his life. He could not deny the nobility he saw in many different people, bits and pieces of nobility that shined through under pressure. The guards who risked their lives to protect the villagers, Markham who flew at the dangerous dwarf, swords flashing; even an Eruthian merchant who stopped in his journey to share tales with complete strangers'. #Quote by T.P. Grish
T P Grish quotes by T.P. Rajeevan
#3. How much
I want you,
I don't know. #Quote by T.P. Rajeevan
T P Grish quotes by T.P. Louise
#4. Father never approved of my toys
Saw them as child's playthings
I was a child

They were my world
I ruled there
And he stepped on them
Destroying them

And in turn
Destroyed me
I should have been left to play
Now I must step on everything #Quote by T.P. Louise
T P Grish quotes by James Chadwick
#5. If we ascribe the ejection of the proton to a Compton recoil from a quantum of 52 x 106 electron volts, then the nitrogen recoil atom arising by a similar process should have an energy not greater than about 400,000 volts, should produce not more than about 10,000 ions, and have a range in the air at N.T.P. of about 1-3mm. Actually, some of the recoil atoms in nitrogen produce at least 30,000 ions. In collaboration with Dr. Feather, I have observed the recoil atoms in an expansion chamber, and their range, estimated visually, was sometimes as much as 3mm. at N.T.P.

These results, and others I have obtained in the course of the work, are very difficult to explain on the assumption that the radiation from beryllium is a quantum radiation, if energy and momentum are to be conserved in the collisions. The difficulties disappear, however, if it be assumed that the radiation consists of particles of mass 1 and charge 0, or neutrons. The capture of the a-particle by the Be9 nucleus may be supposed to result in the formation of a C12 nucleus and the emission of the neutron. From the energy relations of this process the velocity of the neutron emitted in the forward direction may well be about 3 x 109 cm. per sec. The collisions of this neutron with the atoms through which it passes give rise to the recoil atoms, and the observed energies of the recoil atoms are in fair agreement with this view. Moreover, I have observed that the protons ejected from hydrogen by the radiati #Quote by James Chadwick
T P Grish quotes by Terry Pratchett
#6. Only an academic could state the obvious and pass it off as wisdom." -Moist Von Lipwig (T.P., Going Postal) #Quote by Terry Pratchett
T P Grish quotes by Olivier BEAL
#7. M S S S T S C P U E S A L L I A E C E E G P N L D D M Q A C I G U A Q P D T U D S A C C A E U A A Q F L T E I E A P N A E C L S E U A H 0 E E I E E E O O A N P P A A N P X E P S A A E E R E E U E L A N R U E E U N E I U R E R S N R U L E O S N T O O R N I A U S N U I 0 R U S P T N U R E E E M D P C T E T R R S A S R A R R E M I R E E S X T E T M T C A E U T D U M C E I T E T S 0 B R T E T P E C E E E A T E D S G S N B D E M R R A T E T C T E R L T R T 0 E T S E I S L L E E I O T E E E E T E R H S E E O 0 R E A T E I E E N R T S U E E T I 0 E S L R E B E R S R R 0 E U U E U E 0 C R S C 0 T T 0 I I 0 B B 0 L L 0 E E #Quote by Olivier BEAL
T P Grish quotes by T.P. Graf
#8. The vastness and splendor of a created world
lies beyond our mind, mired as it is in
our senseless stupidity and destruction.
Blind we remain to the persistent hope - the gratitude of life
lived out instinctively, beautifully, in grace perfected -
of the panda
of the polar bear
of the emperor penguin.
Creatures each given to a hardship of existence for which we,
in our malnourished philosophic quest,
would render not worth the effort. Pass then,
creatures of the ice and snow
into the annals of extinction,
where later regret can bring no resurrection.
If what we do brings you to this fateful end, so be it.
We've saved you the trouble of struggling on.
Besides beauty, what do you have to offer us?
Where is your value-proposition that we can
exploit for our profit, anyway? #Quote by T.P. Graf

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