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Famous Quotes About Szentirmai Kos

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Szentirmai Kos quotes by Gaja J. Kos
#1. We're all monsters. The world won't let us survive otherwise. But we're not dispassionate. However damaged, we still have hearts. #Quote by Gaja J. Kos
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Tom Robbins
#2. Maybe the affecting aspect was that Madame Ko's tanukis sparked in an onlooker's muscles a kinetic memory of the innocent freedom of early childhood, when one could let one's body go all akimbo on the slightest whim, could bounce, flop, and skip about in pure corporeal joy without embarrassment, judgement, or restraint.
Or maybe there was a more "mature" associations, memories, say, of being falling-down drunk at the company picnic-but now crazy little animals were serving as surrogates, allowing one to vicariously relive those deliciously liberating and rebellious moment while maintaining one's veneer of civilized respectability, protecting in the process, one's marriage, one's standing in the community, one's job.
Or maybe, on a strictly subconscious level, circusgoers recognized in the antics of the tanukis-antics that appeared goofy and bumbling yet, at the same time, brave and successful-an analogy to their own blindly hopeful gyrations in a complex, impermanent universe where every happy dance was danced in the lengthening shadow of death. And maybe they were inspired, if only for a night, to emulate the tanuki capacity for self-enjoyment, a gift that ought to be the birthright of every Homo sapiens.
or maybe not. Maybe all those interpretations are just so much god-fodder (The God-Fodder, The God-Fodder II), the very sort of bullshit responsible, some say, for keeping alive a modicum of divine interest in our discredited race. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Eric Newby
#3. Bhogpur is two kos from Bhagmalpur," he said. If Bhogpur is two kos from Bhagmalpur, then it may be possible to make a reasonable guess at our position. It depended on what he meant by a kos.
"There are seventy rassis in one kos," Karam Chand said.
"There are twelve hundred laggis in one kos," said Bhosla in a sudden garrulous outburst.
"There are three thousand six hundred gaj in one kos, said Jagganath, the youngest boatman.
"Now I am telling you," said G. "If one kos is three thousand six hundred gaj, there are three miles and eighty yards in one kos." If this was so, we had not travelled more than five miles since the previous morning.*
* There is also a gaukos, a rather vague measure - the distance a cow's bellow can be heard. #Quote by Eric Newby
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Gaja J. Kos
#4. Every sensation makes a person who they are. Even pain. #Quote by Gaja J. Kos
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Epicharmus Of Kos
#5. The wise man must be wise before, not after, the event. #Quote by Epicharmus Of Kos
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Tiki Kos
#6. Magic lies in the little things #Quote by Tiki Kos
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Epicharmus Of Kos
#7. The gods sell to us all the goods which they give us. #Quote by Epicharmus Of Kos
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Charles Foster Johnson
#8. Zuniga Hides the Evidence ... Like the craven coward he is, Markos Zuniga, rising young star of the Democrats, has now removed the page at Daily Kos where he wrote "Screw them" about the four Americans torn apart and hung from a bridge in Fallujah. #Quote by Charles Foster Johnson
Szentirmai Kos quotes by George A. Kos
#9. Evil surrounds everyone, but not everyone is able to confront it. #Quote by George A. Kos
Szentirmai Kos quotes by Amber Belldene
#10. She took hold of him through his pants. I want this inside me five minutes ago. #Quote by Amber Belldene

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