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Swych App quotes by Natalie Massenet
#1. If you're a teenager in Palo Alto launching an app, you know from the outset how you plan to finance your business. #Quote by Natalie Massenet
Swych App quotes by Ma Huateng
#2. On all open platforms, regardless of whether it's Facebook or the Apple App Store, the largest segment is entertainment and games. It's the largest revenue segment. And it's the same for Tencent. #Quote by Ma Huateng
Swych App quotes by Kevin Systrom
#3. Mobile has created a totally different dynamic for discovering apps. You're sitting in a bar, and your friend is taking some pictures, and then you ask what app they're using. #Quote by Kevin Systrom
Swych App quotes by Maggie Young
#4. Seasoned digital daters are like lions who have had their prey killed, butchered, and served to them on a tray in their artificial habitat for so long that they've forgotten how to hunt. #Quote by Maggie Young
Swych App quotes by Philip Clayton
#5. Marxism criticizes the world's dominant economic system, which allows people to amass as much wealth as they can and to spend it as they wish. Should we be surprised that this critique generates backlash? To acquire things and to use them selfishly is a big part of human nature. Technological advances - the new smartphone, the new app, the new car - make each new toy more enticing and addictive. Today technology, more than religion, has become the opium of the people. In developed and developing countries alike, people long to acquire more and consume more. #Quote by Philip Clayton
Swych App quotes by Mishka Shubaly
#6. There is no Google maps app for your life. There is no clearly marked destination - a blue dot - with an illuminated purple line showing you the correct path, where you should go and how you should get there and when you have deviated from it. And that really sucks. #Quote by Mishka Shubaly
Swych App quotes by John Sculley
#7. I think that the health care industry is so complex that it doesn't necessarily start with a single killer app. You go back to the early days of the personal computer - when I joined the industry, we really didn't know what the killer app was going to be. #Quote by John Sculley
Swych App quotes by Leah Busque
#8. The Gmail app is definitely the app I use the most. I am always running from meeting to meeting, so it keeps me up-to-date with everything going on. I actually e-mail more often from my iPhone than my laptop, so having a nicely designed e-mail app is really important. #Quote by Leah Busque
Swych App quotes by John Berger
#9. The real question is: to whom does the meaning of the art of the past properly belong ? To those who can app|y it to their own lives, or to a cultural hierarchy of relic specialtsts? #Quote by John Berger
Swych App quotes by Gillian Flynn
#10. There's no app for a bourbon buzz on a warm day in a cool, dark bar. The world will always want a drink. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Swych App quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#11. I had never in my life made something for someone else that wasn't a cup of tea. True, I could download a food app on my phone or leaf through one of the cookbooks Leander kept on the counter (though I didn't want to consider why he owned a copy of 38 Meals for Your Picky Toddler), but I was intelligent. I was capable. I could figure this out for myself.
An hour later, I nudged open the bedroom door, carrying a tray.
Watson sat up on his elbows. "What do you have there?" he asked, his voice coated in sleep.
"I made you breakfast."
"How domestic of you." He picked up his glasses from the bedside table and put them on. "That's - that's a rather large plate you've got there. Plates?"
"This is tray one of four," I said, placing it at the end of the bed.
He blinked at me. Perhaps he was still tired.
"Don't begin eating until you see all your options," I told him, and went off to fetch the next platter.
By the time I'd arranged it all on my coverlet to my satisfaction, Watson had roused himself appropriately. He'd put on one of my oversized sleep shirts - CHEMISTRY IS FOR LOVERS - and poured himself a cup of coffee. That surprised me; he usually took tea.
"I need real caffeine to deal with this. #Quote by Brittany Cavallaro
Swych App quotes by Sam Branson
#12. Whether through TV, film, online, app, or web, we will find ways to tell our stories with authenticity, and engage with our viewers beyond traditional means. #Quote by Sam Branson
Swych App quotes by Lindsey Vonn
#13. I love the cowbell. I think it's awesome. My family got the cowbell app on their iPhones. It's a classic part of ski racing. #Quote by Lindsey Vonn
Swych App quotes by Mike Krieger
#14. It took less time to build 'Instagram' than it did for me to get my work visa. The app was an instant hit, and Facebook agreed to acquire the startup for about $1 billion in April 2012. #Quote by Mike Krieger
Swych App quotes by Fred Wilson
#15. If you are successful, you will be cloned. That's life. In fact, it's a sign that you've made it when clones of your website, mobile app, and business start cropping up. #Quote by Fred Wilson
Swych App quotes by Jarod Kintz
#16. App idea: in real time track trends as swarms of keywords form, and use this data to invest in the next unicorn #startup.

You'll be able to ride that #startup unicorn like you are Billy the Kid, as you watch your profits shoot up. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Swych App quotes by DJ Khaled
#17. They don't want you to wear the Saint Lauren fur, they don't want you to break App Store, they don't want you to be the biggest boss in the game. So what we go'n do is we go'n win more. #Quote by DJ Khaled
Swych App quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#18. Tap the Skull and Crossbones app. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Swych App quotes by Tara Sivec
#19. In fact, gone are the days of having sex at all. I have resorted to jerking off alone in the bathroom after my wife's asleep. It's a sad, lonely existence when you have to take your cell phone into the shitter so you don't wake your wife when you pull up the YouPorn app and crank one out. The worst part is the SpongeBob SquarePants shower curtain in the bathroom. Do you know how difficult it is to keep an erection while SpongeBob is staring at you with his big, googly eyes and you keep hearing the song "Jellyfishin', Jellyfishin', Jellyfishin" in your head? #Quote by Tara Sivec
Swych App quotes by Lauren Landish
#20. Listen babe, I'm thinking, if you want to stay the weekend, bring some more stuff over. You know, just in case you want to stay longer or something."

I smile. "Careful there, love. You're going to regret it when I bring in a hundred pairs of shoes and take over your closet."

"You don't have a hundred pairs of shoes."

I laugh, mockingly evil. "Bwahaha, after this app hits number one and I get gamer coding bankroll, I might go shoe shopping!"

Derrick laughs. "Add in a couple more pairs of fuck-me pumps, and I'm happy. You can wear them while I make you scream my name in ecstasy. #Quote by Lauren Landish
Swych App quotes by Abigail Roux
#21. We've been playing chess with this iPhone app. He hasn't made a move in so long our last game got forfeited. Ten days, or something like that."
"You two play chess on your phones?" Ty asked.
"Yeah." Zane shrugged. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Swych App quotes by Dan Ariely
#22. We're actually trying to develop an iPhone app, now that the Droid is out, we'll do it for that as well, if we ever learn how to program on this thing. But the idea is that to make money concrete. So, you can do this app, and it's not out there, but you can do the app. And you say, "I like vacation in the Bahamas, shoes, lattes, and books." And now, when you are tempted to buy something, that thing translates in terms of the things you are interested in. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Swych App quotes by Sophia Bush
#23. I started, whenever I got to a city, just getting on Style Seat, which is the most incredible app for any girl who doesn't have 100 stylists at her fingertips. I can see who's well-rated and whose portfolio I like, and then book an appointment all from my phone, which made having bangs a lot easier. #Quote by Sophia Bush
Swych App quotes by Nick Bilton
#24. The app saved three minutes of my time. But in the process, it cut a neighborhood business out of the economic equation. And, in a way, I had cut off myself from the inconvenient, maddening, but all-too-necessary messiness of human interaction. #Quote by Nick Bilton
Swych App quotes by Marco Arment
#25. With a Web and iPhone app, I try to find new and tiny ways to delight my customers. They may not notice, but it helps drive goodwill and makes your product remarkable. #Quote by Marco Arment
Swych App quotes by Nba 2k18 Locker Codes
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Swych App quotes by Blake Shelton
#27. There needs to be an app that edits what I say versus what I want to say. #Quote by Blake Shelton
Swych App quotes by Brendan Iribe
#28. You put on this set of goggles, and within seconds, your brain is convinced you're now in a different, virtual environment. You're somewhere else, and that somewhere else may be a video game, it may be in a real-time movie, a museum exhibit, or a medical surgical training app. #Quote by Brendan Iribe
Swych App quotes by Anonymous
#29. When developing a Windows Store business app you should consult the following checklists to accelerate development while ensuring that a maintainable and testable app is produced. #Quote by Anonymous
Swych App quotes by Anonymous
#30. Now AR Rahman app for music lovers #Quote by Anonymous
Swych App quotes by Ashutosh
#31. At BanyanBrain you can get services related to iPhone app development and game development in India. Our focus is to make perfect and very innovative apps and games because we believe in quality and we will help to grow your business. #Quote by Ashutosh
Swych App quotes by J.R. Ward
#32. Butch tightened his grip on his cell and wished there were an app that let you reach through a phone and bitch slap someone. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Swych App quotes by Leila Janah
#33. FlipBoard is the 'W Magazine' of the iPad-app world. The sleek interface makes content from your friends' Facebook and Twitter feeds much easier on the eyes by displaying them in a magazine format. #Quote by Leila Janah
Swych App quotes by George Saunders
#34. In the old days, a liberal and a conservative (a "dove" and a "hawk," say) got their data from one of three nightly news programs, a local paper, and a handful of national magazines, and were thus starting with the same basic facts (even if those facts were questionable, limited, or erroneous). Now each of us constructs a custom informational universe, wittingly (we choose to go to the sources that uphold our existing beliefs and thus flatter us) or unwittingly (our app algorithms do the driving for us). The data we get this way, pre-imprinted with spin and mythos, are intensely one-dimensional. #Quote by George Saunders
Swych App quotes by Theresa-Marie Rhyne
#35. Every day I create a new color study using an online or mobile app. So, I decided to write a book on Applying Color Theory to Digital Media and Visualization to teach others how easy it is and the joy in doing their own color studies. #Quote by Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Swych App quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#36. I still enjoy the tactile sensation of holding a book. But when I need to read fast for work, I use the Kindle App on my iPad. #Quote by Jonathan Tropper
Swych App quotes by Elle Kennedy
#37. We go quiet as the next episode picks up exactly where it left off. Antoine manages to subdue Marie-Thérèse, and the two proceed to argue for ten minutes. Don't ask me about what, because it's in French, but I do notice that the same word - héritier - keeps popping up over and over again during their fight.

"Okay, we need to look up that word," I say in aggravation. "I think it's important."

Allie grabs her cell phone and swipes her finger on the screen. I peek over her shoulder as she pulls up a translation app. "How do you think you spell it?" she asks.

We get the spelling wrong three times before we finally land on a translation that makes sense: heir.

"Oh!" she exclaims. "They're talking about the father's will."

"Shit, that's totally it. She's pissed off that Solange inherited all those shares of Beauté éternelle."

We high five at having figured it out, and in the moment our palms meet, pure clarity slices into me and I'm able to grasp precisely what my life has become.

With a growl, I snatch the remote control and hit stop.

"Hey, it's not over yet," she objects.

"Allie." I draw a steady breath. "We need to stop now. Before my balls disappear altogether and my man-card is revoked."

One blond eyebrow flicks up. "Who has the power to revoke it?"

"I don't know. The Man Council. The Stonemasons. Jason Statham. Take your pick."

"So you're too muc #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Swych App quotes by Amanda Crew
#38. If I had an idea for a genius app, don't you think I would be getting it made immediately? #Quote by Amanda Crew
Swych App quotes by Linda Barlow
#39. I'm taking notes for the Good Boyfriend app on my smartphone. Velvety dark chocolate, check. What are your favorite flowers?" "Tulips. There's a Good Boyfriend App?" She was laughing openly again. "If there isn't, there should be. An alarm goes off on birthdays and important anniversaries, and there's a little Google map of the female anatomy so you know exactly where to flick your tongue during oral sex. #Quote by Linda Barlow
Swych App quotes by Stewart Butterfield
#40. One of the advantages of something like Slack is that I tap on the app icon, and it's just the people at my company and just the people I work with. There's a strong boundary there which aids in comprehension. It's one less molecule of glucose in my brain to manage it all. #Quote by Stewart Butterfield
Swych App quotes by Susan Orlean
#41. I've tried a lot of different apps to manage Twitter on my phone (I use Hootsuite on my laptop), but I think the official Twitter app is really good. #Quote by Susan Orlean
Swych App quotes by Steve Bivans
#42. I swear, they need to make an app for Facebook that has little electrodes hooked up to our private parts, so when we see some idiot spouting off about something he really doesn't know jack shit about, as soon as we reach for the keyboard, it sends 110 volts coursing through our dis-functioning erectiles, or better yet, through HIS, before he posts it to begin with. #Quote by Steve Bivans
Swych App quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#43. Our strategy is very horizontal. We're trying to build a social layer for everything. Basically, we're trying to make it so that every app everywhere can be social, whether it's on the web or mobile or other devices. So inherently, our whole approach has to be a breadth-first approach rather than a depth-first one. #Quote by Mark Zuckerberg
Swych App quotes by Natalie Massenet
#44. One of my goals is that, at a dinner party some time in the future, someone will say, 'Oh, my nephew is starting a ready-to-wear brand', and 20 people will turn around and say, 'Is he? Can we invest?' in the same way that, now, if you were to say, 'My nephew is starting a mobile app,' everyone would say, 'Oh, smashing! Can I invest?' #Quote by Natalie Massenet
Swych App quotes by Tyler, The Creator
#45. Golf Media is basically my brain in one place. It does just about everything except cure asthma. If you find an app that cures asthma, definitely let me know. #Quote by Tyler, The Creator
Swych App quotes by Kimberly Kinrade
#46. She flipped through the pages of her apps, as if Apple made an app for Escape from a deserted island. #Quote by Kimberly Kinrade
Swych App quotes by Steve Huffman
#47. I use the default iOS calendar app. I've tried others, but it's my favorite, and I can't live without it. If it's not on my calendar, I'm not aware of it, whatever it is. #Quote by Steve Huffman
Swych App quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#48. There's no present left. This is the problem for a novelist. [The problem] is the present is gone. We're all living in the future constantly ... Back in the day Leo Tolstoy
what a sweetheart of a count and of a writer
in the 1860's he wanted to write about the Napoleonic Campaign, about 1812. If you write about 1812 in 1860, a horse is still a horse. A carriage is still a carriage. Obviously, there are been some technological advancements, et cetera, but you don't have to worry about explaining the next killer [iPhone] app or the next Facebook because right now things are happening so quickly. ("Gary Shteyngart: Finding 'Love' In A Dismal Future", NPR interview, August 2, 2010) #Quote by Gary Shteyngart

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