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Switchboard Phone quotes by Neil Gaiman
#1. I'm probably slightly more famous than I've been comfortable with. Famous enough to have my phone calls returned is about as famous as I want to be. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Switchboard Phone quotes by Charles Bukowski
#2. they can't believe
that the loveless people
the streets
the loneliness
the walls
are mine too.
and when I hang up the phone
they think I have held back my

I don't write out of
when the phone rings
I too would like to hear words
that might ease
some of this.

that's why my number's
listed. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Switchboard Phone quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
#3. I don't see anything wrong with a cell phone. That's great. You have a flat tire in the middle of the night; it works better than digging in your pocket for a quarter and looking for a payphone eight miles down the road. #Quote by Billy Bob Thornton
Switchboard Phone quotes by Matt Shifley
#4. I love the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team for many reasons and they have given me some wonderful memories. When I look back, I don't think about the games they lost but I remember going to see the games when I was a little boy with my grandfather. I remember talking to my mom on the phone after the Cardinals won the World Series in 2006 while I was dressed up in my Captain of the Fallopian Swim Team Halloween costume. I remember taking my lovely wife to her first Cardinals game where she broke out in hives due to the heat and humidity. I remember the joy I felt as I sat with my little man watching our first Cardinals game together at Busch Stadium. I know I need to take my obsession down a notch but in the end it is worth it because it takes me back to times I will never forget and always cherish. #Quote by Matt Shifley
Switchboard Phone quotes by Bob Newhart
#5. Cell phones have gotten so small, you can't tell who's a cell phone user and who's a schizophrenic. #Quote by Bob Newhart
Switchboard Phone quotes by Anonymous
#6. By May, the four largest phone companies had promised to make it technologically possible to text 911 anywhere in the country, for local response services that want that option. Already some locations within cities like Los Angeles and Greenville, S.C., are offering the service with at least one telephone carrier. #Quote by Anonymous
Switchboard Phone quotes by Dolly Parton
#7. I never thought, in my lifetime, that you'd be able to watch movies, read books and listen to music from a phone, but I guess the technology of tomorrow is here today. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Switchboard Phone quotes by Julie James
#8. I guess you'll just have to get used to having a police car outside the grocery store, the gym, and wherever it is you go for lunch with your friends," Jack lectured. "And this goes without saying: you need to be careful. The police surveillance is a precautionary measure, but they can't be everywhere. You should stick to familiar surroundings, and be vigilant and alert at all times."

"I got it. No walking through dark alleys while talking on my cell phone, no running at night with my iPod, no checking out suspicious noises in the basement."

"I seriously hope you're not doing any of those things anyway."

"Of course not."

Jack pinned her with his gaze.

She shifted against the counter. "Okay, maybe, sometimes, I've been known to listen to a Black Eyed Peas song or two while running at night. They get me moving after a long day at work."

Jack seemed wholly unimpressed with this excuse. "Well, you and the Peas better get used to running indoors on a treadmill."

Conscious of Wilkins's presence, and the fact that he was watching her and Jack with what appeared to be amusement, Cameron bit back her retort.

Thirty thousand hotel rooms in the city of Chicago and she picked the one that would lead her back to him. #Quote by Julie James
Switchboard Phone quotes by Frank Abagnale
#9. I use a shredder for bank statements and phone bills. Most people use ribbon shredders that cut things straight: we can put those back together in an hour. Look for a security microcut shredder, which cuts papers into confetti. #Quote by Frank Abagnale
Switchboard Phone quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#10. I think when you are an aspiring writer, you must write every day. It's not as though anybody will call you up on the phone and say, "I understand you are a very promising, aspiring writer and I'm going to give you this assignment." You have to create it yourself or it's never going to happen. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Switchboard Phone quotes by Swae Lee
#11. I'll hear a beat and think, 'How can I make this a banger?' I'll write the lyrics on my phone or on a piece of paper, and either way, it's going to be a slapper. #Quote by Swae Lee
Switchboard Phone quotes by Cassandra Clare
#12. Alec didn't recognize the woman, but he recognized that tone of voice.
He knew how it was to lay claim to what you loved, a§ the more
insistently because people doubted the love that belonged to you. Alec
wasn't sure what to say, so he did one of his favorite things. He produced
his phone and found a rea§y good picture, walked up to the dais, and
showed it to them both.
"›is is my son, Max. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Switchboard Phone quotes by Mariana Zapata
#13. I palmed my cell and looked down at the screen, triple-checking the address that Boogie had texted me, just in case.

Yep, it was still correct.

I opened my text messaging app before I forgot and shot my sister a new message. She still hadn't replied to me about needing a date to the quinceañera.

Me: I'm going into a house I've never been in before. If I don't text you back in an hour, call the cops. The address is 555 Rose Hill Lane.

I stopped, thought about it, and sent her another message.

Me: Don't invite anyone I don't like to my funeral.

Then I sent her another one.

Me: And don't forget to drop my laptop in a swamp if something happens.

I thought about it for another second.

Me: And don't forget you're the only one I want to clean out my nightstand. Wear gloves and don't judge me.

I slipped my phone back into my purse as I stopped in front of what had to be at least an eight-thousand-square-foot home and eyed the combination of brick and stone walls, telling myself that I had to do this. Boogie had asked.

And the sooner I did this, the sooner I could go home. #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Switchboard Phone quotes by Carrie Jones
#14. Then my cell phone buzzes again. I can't quite get it out of my pocket because my arm is so bloody. Astley reaches down and pulls it out for me.
"You're blushing," he says.
"You just reached in my pocket. It's kind of intimate."
He smiles a wicked smile and hands me the phone. "There is candy in here as well."
"Skittles," I explain. "I like them. #Quote by Carrie Jones
Switchboard Phone quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#15. Someone has already taken out a Minolta cellular phone and called for a car, and then, when I'm not really listening, watching instead someone who looks remarkably like Marcus Halberstam paying a check, someone asks, simply, not in relation to anything, "Why? " and though I'm very proud that I have cold blood and that I can keep my nerve and do what I'm supposed to do, I catch something, then realize it: Why? and automatically answering, out of the blue, for no reason, just opening my mouth, words coming out, summarizing for the idiots: "Well, though I know I should have done that instead of not doing it, I'm twenty-seven for Christ sakes and this is, uh, how life presents itself in a bar or in a club in New York, maybe anywhere, at the end of the century and how people, you know, me, behave, and this is what being Pat rick means to me, I guess, so, well, yup, uh..." and this is followed by a sigh, then a slight shrug and another sigh, and above one of the doors covered by red velvet drapes in Harry's is a sign and on the sign in letters that match the drapes' color are the words THIS IS NOT AN EXIT. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Switchboard Phone quotes by Benjamin Percy
#16. My voice is rather quirky. It's abysmally low. People often think I'm putting it on at first. Think drunk Darth Vader. Or Barry White singing country. It suits my dark material. When I do readings, I really play it up and go subterranean. I can make the phone book sound terrifying. #Quote by Benjamin Percy
Switchboard Phone quotes by Cameron Van Der Burgh
#17. I woke up on the plane this morning and was turning on my phone and I had to put my pin number in. That's when I realized that since the age of 10 I've been using 2012 as my pin number. But now that I've won gold in the 2012 Olympics, I've achieved that goal and, for the first time in 14 years, I'll have to change my pin. #Quote by Cameron Van Der Burgh
Switchboard Phone quotes by Julia Roberts
#18. What a relief. I didn't have to check the toilet for anything or the light bulbs or the phone. It was just good old-fashioned friendship. #Quote by Julia Roberts
Switchboard Phone quotes by Karen  Lynch
#19. Chris smiled at me, showing two ridiculously cute dimples and a few feet away a waitress dropped an empty cup she had cleared from a table. Blushing, she muttered an apology and hurried inside.

I scowled at him, refusing to be swayed by his charm.

"I see," he murmured, nodding slightly as if he had just solved a puzzle.
"See what?" Ignoring my question, he pulled out a cell phone, hit a number and held the phone out to me. I hesitated for a few seconds then took the phone and put it to my ear.
"What's up, Chris?" said a familiar deep voice on the other end.
"Good question," I responded tersely.
"I told Chris you'd recognize him if he got too close." Was that amusement in his tone?
"Great. You won the bet. Buy him a beer or whatever." I glanced at Chris, saw that he looked amused now, too and I grew even more agitated. "I thought we had an understanding when you left here last week."
"And what understanding would that be?" I gritted my teeth. "The one where you go your way and I go mine and we all live happily ever after."
"I don't recall that particular arrangement," he replied in his infuriatingly easy manner. "I believe I told you I'd be seeing you again."
I opened my mouth but words would not come out. People say 'I'll be seeing you' all the time when they say good bye. It doesn't mean anything. It certainly doesn't mean they will send their friends to stalk you.
"What do you want from me, Niko #Quote by Karen Lynch
Switchboard Phone quotes by David Parlett
#20. I will not attempt to describe Gin-Rummy in detail as you can call up any insane asylum and get any patient on the 'phone and learn all about it in no time, as all lunatics are bound to be Gin players, and in fact the chances are it is Gin-Rummy that makes them lunatics. Damon Runyon, The Lacework Kid #Quote by David Parlett
Switchboard Phone quotes by Evan Sutter
#21. We all need a technological detox; we need to throw away our phones and computers instead of using them as our pseudo-defence system for anything that comes our way. We need to be bored and not have anything to use to shield the boredom away from us. We need to be lonely and see what it is we really feel when we are. If we continue to distract ourselves so we never have to face the realities in front of us, when the time comes and you are faced with something bigger than what your phone, food, or friends can fix, you will be in big trouble. #Quote by Evan Sutter
Switchboard Phone quotes by Jennifer Crusie
#22. Who was the moron on the phone?"
"Carl Avery," Kate said. "A long-standing client and potential felon. #Quote by Jennifer Crusie
Switchboard Phone quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#23. You added yourself to my contacts list?' I gasp. When did he do that? I mentally sprint through our meeting, settling on my visit to the toilet when I left my portfolio and phone on the table. I can't believe he went through my phone! 'I need to be able to get hold of you. #Quote by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Switchboard Phone quotes by Tony Hsieh
#24. Zappos uses call center technology to track average call time per agent. But the goal isn't to reduce this average - it's more important that we make an emotional connection with the customer, rather than just quickly getting them off the phone. #Quote by Tony Hsieh
Switchboard Phone quotes by Lee Child
#25. Thomas Brant watched them go. He used his cell phone and called his boss, a man named Curtis Mauney. #Quote by Lee Child
Switchboard Phone quotes by Paige Tyler
#26. He went back to snapping pictures, this time getting close-ups of each SWAT member. "The ones who're only interested in muscular men who kick in doors and shoot things." Her lips twitched. "Versus men who do what? Take pictures and eavesdrop on police scanners?" "And program their own phone apps," he told her. "Trust me. That skill is in high demand these days. #Quote by Paige Tyler
Switchboard Phone quotes by Mark Consuelos
#27. Sometimes we're at hotels, and I'll answer the phone. They'll say, 'Mr. Ripa, your breakfast is coming upstairs.' And I'm like, Is my father-in-law here? But, obviously, I'm proud either way - Ripa or Consuelos. #Quote by Mark Consuelos
Switchboard Phone quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#28. He always kept me just on the edge of crazy. Feeling like I wanted him too much, which just made me want him more." "That sounds excruciating. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Switchboard Phone quotes by David Sheff
#29. I would miss having Nic in my life. I would miss his funny phone messages and his humor, the stories, our talks, our walks, watching movies with him, dinners together, and the transcendent feeling between us that is love.
I would miss all of it.
I miss it now.
And here it sinks in: I don't have it now. I have not had it whenever Nic has been on drugs.
Nic is absent, only his shell remains. I have been afraid - terrified - to lose Nic, but I have lost him. #Quote by David Sheff
Switchboard Phone quotes by Karen McManus
#30. She hands me her phone and points to a post on my timeline from Yale University: To err is human @BronwynRojas. We look forward to receiving your application. #Quote by Karen McManus
Switchboard Phone quotes by Alecia Whitaker
#31. That's cool," he says.
"Yeah," I say, and we go into another marathon pause.
"So..." he finally says. "Think you can start talking to me again?"
"Oh,so you noticed the silencio treatment?" I tease. My horoscope in Seventeen this month encourages me to "take a romantic risk," so I'm going for it.
"Yeah,I noticed when I had to do Actividad thirty-three as both fruit vendor and customer," he says, and I can hear him grinning through the phone. #Quote by Alecia Whitaker
Switchboard Phone quotes by Barton Gellman
#32. It turns out that American Express honors recurring payments even if the vendor is unable to supply an accurate card number and expiration date. An Amex phone representative said this is a feature, not a bug, which makes sure my bills are paid. #Quote by Barton Gellman
Switchboard Phone quotes by Yara Shahidi
#33. For me, personally, I'm usually not on my phone that much. I prefer listening to old radio shows and watching foreign films than tweeting. #Quote by Yara Shahidi

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