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Swishes In Basketball quotes by Kobe Bryant
#1. If you really want to be great at something you have to truly care about it. If you want to be great in a particular area, you have to obsess over it. #Quote by Kobe Bryant
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Don Meyer
#2. Our goal as a team is to keep playing as a group for as long as we can because you will never have that team again. It is like a dying limb, you have to prune it off and let another one grow in its place. That is the way you have to do it, but it still hurts losing these guys and that team because they and you have put so much effort into building a team. Even if you win that last game (and a national championship), it hurts badly because the players know they will never have that same special group of guys together on the same team again. Somebody always goes and somebody new always comes in. #Quote by Don Meyer
Swishes In Basketball quotes by George Raveling
#3. Everybody in the world is talking about Canada ... outside of the US, there is probably no country in the world that is producing more blue-chip young basketball talent than Canada. #Quote by George Raveling
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Stephen King
#4. It was another year or two before I discovered that drat and draft were different words. During that same period I remember believing that details were dentals and that a bitch was an extremely tall woman. A son of a bitch was apt to be a basketball player. When you're six, most of your Bingo balls are still floating around in the draw-tank (27-8). #Quote by Stephen King
Swishes In Basketball quotes by John McPhee
#5. Bradley is one of the few basketball players who have ever been appreciatively cheered by a disinterested away-from-home crowd while warming up. This curious event occurred last March, just before Princeton eliminated the Virginia Military Institute, the year's Southern Conference champion, from the NCAA championships. The game was played in Philadelphia and was the last of a tripleheader. The people there were worn out, because most of them were emotionally committed to either Villanova or Temple-two local teams that had just been involved in enervating battles with Providence and Connecticut, respectively, scrambling for a chance at the rest of the country. A group of Princeton players shooting basketballs miscellaneously in preparation for still another game hardly promised to be a high point of the evening, but Bradley, whose routine in the warmup time is a gradual crescendo of activity, is more interesting to watch before a game than most players are in play. In Philadelphia that night, what he did was, for him, anything but unusual. As he does before all games, he began by shooting set shots close to the basket, gradually moving back until he was shooting long sets from 20 feet out, and nearly all of them dropped into the net with an almost mechanical rhythm of accuracy. Then he began a series of expandingly difficult jump shots, and one jumper after another went cleanly through the basket with so few exceptions that the crowd began to murmur. Then he started to perform #Quote by John McPhee
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Moses Malone
#6. I never thought I'd lead the NBA in rebounding, but I got a lot of help from my team-mates - they did a lot of missing. #Quote by Moses Malone
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#7. I put a basketball in front of George Clooney's door and sprayed it with supermodel perfume to lure him out. #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Steve Nash
#8. Besides P.E., geography was my best class in high school. I was in this gifted class when I was younger, and it was wicked! #Quote by Steve Nash
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Russell Westbrook
#9. I have a certain taste, and I might be like, 'I like this,' when other people are like, 'I can't wear that.' And in basketball, I might be able to do things other guys might not. #Quote by Russell Westbrook
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Demetri Martin
#10. When I was younger, I'd get very empirical with myself. "I have a hypothesis about myself. I'll put myself in a situation, see what happens, then I'll draw a conclusion based on the empirical evidence. Hypothesis: I can play basketball." So I'd try. "Conclusion: I cannot play basketball." #Quote by Demetri Martin
Swishes In Basketball quotes by John Carpenter
#11. I just aim for basketball season to start. I don't really care about anything else in life. #Quote by John Carpenter
Swishes In Basketball quotes by James Naismith
#12. Basketball really had its origin in Indiana, which remains the center of the sport. #Quote by James Naismith
Swishes In Basketball quotes by David Foster Wallace
#13. A dad standing up near the stands' top with a Toshiba viewfinder to his eye takes a tomahawking baton directly in the groin and falls forward onto somebody eating a Funnel Cake, and they take out good bits of several rows below them, and there's an extended halt to the action, during which I decamp
steering clear of the sixteen-year-olds on the basketball court
and as I clear the last row yet another baton comes wharp-wharping cruelly over my shoulder, caroming viciously off big R.'s inflated thigh. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Magic Johnson
#14. We cut him off and there was nowhere for him to go but out of bounds ... It's still the greatest move I've ever seen in basketball, the all-time greatest. #Quote by Magic Johnson
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Tiger Woods
#15. A lot of times I blend in a little bit easier because I'm not like a basketball player who's going to stand out because of his height. #Quote by Tiger Woods
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Al McGuire
#16. I'm not saying that they were Einsteins; they were marginal students. But every ballplayer whoever touched me has moved up his station in life. And the players moved up my station. #Quote by Al McGuire
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Jack McMahon
#17. Here's a six-foot-ten guy in sneakers and the lady's asking me, 'Profession?' #Quote by Jack McMahon
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Biz Markie
#18. We're out playing ball in the gym, I put boogers on the basketball and pass it to him. #Quote by Biz Markie
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Oscar Robertson
#19. I'm sorry that the young athletes in basketball will not get the chance to play (in the Olympics) anymore, and live that dream. #Quote by Oscar Robertson
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Gary Gulman
#20. With basketball, if a guy is having an off night you still can say he's a good athlete. But with a comedian, you see them in front of the wrong audience - and they can look like complete amateurs. It's remarkable. #Quote by Gary Gulman
Swishes In Basketball quotes by George Karl
#21. Just because we play in the NBA or coach in the NBA doesn't mean we are not human. We are supermen. For me, getting shot is scary. #Quote by George Karl
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Mike Krzyzewski
#22. Champions play as they practice. Create a consistency of excellence in all your habits. #Quote by Mike Krzyzewski
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Pat Summitt
#23. If you want to be in the game you better shoot 75% from the line. #Quote by Pat Summitt
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Michael Jordan
#24. I heave the basketball; I know it sails in a parabola, exhibiting perfect symmetry, which is interrupted by the basket. It's funny, but it is always interrupted by the basket. #Quote by Michael Jordan
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Phil Jackson
#25. There's a lot of chatter in basketball and, rightfully, you want players to be talking to each other ... But sometimes in practice, it gets too verbose ... so I tried to take things out of the ordinary and make them special so they'd understand the difference. #Quote by Phil Jackson
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Terry Rozier
#26. I'm just trying to keep myself in basketball shape and take care of my body while I can. #Quote by Terry Rozier
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Sherman Alexie
#27. You must be a rich man," she said. "Not much of a warrior, though. You keep letting me sneak up on you."
You don't surprise me," he said. "The Plains Indians had women who rode their horses eighteen hours a day. They could shoot seven arrows consecutively, have them all in the air at the same time. They were the best light cavalry in the world."
Just my luck," she said. "An educated Indian."
Yeah," he said. "Reservation University."
They both laughed at the old joke. Every Indian is an alumnus.
Where you from?" she asked.
Wellpinit," he said. "I'm a Spokane."
I should've known. You got those fisherman's hands."
Ain't no salmon left in our river. Just a school bus and a few hundred basketballs."
What the hell you talking about?"
Our basketball team drives into the river and drowns every year," he said. "It's a tradition."
She laughed. "You're just a storyteller, ain't you?"
I'm just telling you things before they happen," he said. "The same things sons and daughters will tell your mothers and fathers."
Do you ever answer a question straight?"
Depends on the question," he said.
Do you want to be my powwow paradise? #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Michael Arrington
#28. There are lots of things that I will probably never experience in this life. Military combat. Being dictator of a small central American country. Dunking a basketball. Being a famous rock star. Or walking on Mars. But one thing I have been, and will always be, is an entrepreneur. #Quote by Michael Arrington
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Taya Kyle
#29. My world had stopped, but the outside one kept going. On Saturday, one week after the murder, Bubba had a basketball game. He wanted to go. I wanted him to go, too.
And if he went, I was going, too. Even though I hadn't been out of the house except to go to the funeral home.
A friend picked Bubba up early so he could get there for the pregame warm-up. When it came time to leave to watch the game, I decided to run rather than drive. It was five minutes by car, and I thought it wouldn't take long to trot over.
I was wrong about that.
Four or five of the men at the house accompanied me, including my brother-in-law Jeff, who had just gone through an operation and was still recovering. I'm sure his rehab plan didn't include running alongside a half-crazy woman, but he did anyway, without a complaint or even a "Hey, slow down."
We got to the church gym just in time for the game. I felt such pure joy watching Bubba play. It was one of the very few times that whole month that I was able to completely forget my grief and feel fully myself. They were fleeting moments, but they loom large now in my memory, little islands of relief in a sea of dread.
We all walked home. The men tossed a ball back and forth with Bubba. They couldn't replace Chris, but they provided an enormous, unstated reassurance to Bubba that he would never be alone. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Kimberly Derting
#30. Violet had carefully chosen some long-hanging, loose-fitting basketball shorts to wear over her swimsuit, in hopes of keeping her injuries at least partially hidden. But it didn't take long before one . . . and then two . . . and then at least twenty of her friends had noticed her bandages peeking out from beneath the swishing fabric, and she was forced to recount her morning accident.
Jay loved hearing her tell the story, and every time he heard her talking about it, he would come over so that he could interject, and of course embellish, his role in the events. In his version, he was her champion, practically carrying her from the woods and performing near-miraculous medical feats to save her legs from complete amputation. Violet, and annoyingly every other girl within earshot, couldn't help but giggle while he jokingly sang his own praises.
Violet happened to walk up just in time to hear Jay recounting his version once more to a group of eager admirers.
"Hero? I wouldn't say hero . . ." he quipped.
Violet rolled her eyes, turning to Grady Spencer, a friend of theirs from school. "Can you believe him?"
Grady gave her a concerned look. "Seriously, are you okay, Violet? It sounds like it was pretty bad."
Violet was embarrassed that Jay's exaggerations were actually dredging up real sympathy from others. "It's fine," she assured him, and when Grady didn't look convinced, she added, "Really, I just tripped."
She reached out and shoved Jay. "Wil #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Swishes In Basketball quotes by Scottie Pippen
#31. It's hard to put it in perspective right now. I'm starting to feel a little emotional about what's going to happen Friday night. Getting your number put in the rafters is always something that as a kid ... you dream of seeing happen to you. #Quote by Scottie Pippen

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