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Swim The Fly quotes by Don Calame
#1. Oh, by the way," Coop announces as he weaves his DeathBot ship through a barrage of space debris on his laptop screen. "In case you didn't know. It's national 'That's What She Said' Day."
I give him a thumbs-up. "I like it."
We're camping out in Sean's backyard tonight. It's another one of our traditions. One night, every summer, we buy a ton of junk food and energy drinks and set up Sean's six-person tent in the far corner of his yard.
We've got an extension cord running from the garage so that we can rough it in style, with computers and a TV and DVD player. There's a citronella candle burning in the middle of the tent to ward off mosquitoes and to mask the thick stink of mildew. Everyone's brought sleeping bags and pillows, but we aren't planning on logging too many Zs.
Sean enters the tent carrying his Xbox. "I don't think there are enough sockets for all of these."
I waggle my eyebrows at Coop. "That's what she said."
Coop busts up.
Sean stands there, looking confused. "I don't get it."
"That's what she says," Coop says, sending him and me into hysterics.
Sean sighs and puts the Xbox down. "I can see this is going to be a long night."
"That's what she said," me and Coop howl in chorus.
"Are you guys done yet?"
Coop is practically in tears. "That's what she said."
"Okay. I'll just keep my mouth shut," Sean grumbles.
"That's what she said." I can barely talk I'm laughing so hard.
"Enough. No more. M #Quote by Don Calame
Swim The Fly quotes by Jon Kalman Stefansson
#2. Those who read so much literature that they think they can swim to the Moon should be allowed to live longer.
The world can't afford to lose such people. #Quote by Jon Kalman Stefansson
Swim The Fly quotes by Eliza Lentzski
#3. I was trying to drown my sorrows," I explained, looking down into the bottom of my glass, "but my sorrows learned to swim. #Quote by Eliza Lentzski
Swim The Fly quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#4. Vitragta [a state of freedom from all worldly attachments] is the only way to 'swim' across lifetimes. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Swim The Fly quotes by Ann-Marie MacDonald
#5. Rats may scamper across it and remain rats. Birds may fly above it and remain
birds; they may alight and tear and eat and prick up their heads to stare motionless
and beady for a moment before pecking and eating again, and remain birds. But no
man may venture into this space between the lines and remain a man. That is the
difference. No man may enter, either stealthily on his belly alone, or noisily on two
feet racing through glue with a thousand versions of himself firing, falling, on either
side as far as the eye can see, and remain a man. It is possible to become a man
once more if you make it back behind your line again, but you suspend your
humanity for your sojourn in between. That is why the place is called No Man's Land. #Quote by Ann-Marie MacDonald
Swim The Fly quotes by Lobengula
#6. Did you ever see a chameleon catch a fly? The chameleon gets behind the fly and remains motionless for some time, then he advances very slowly and gently, first putting forward one leg and then the other. At last, when well within reach, he darts his tongue and the fly disappears. England is the chameleon and I am that fly. #Quote by Lobengula
Swim The Fly quotes by Gregory Frost
#7. I make no apologies for you. After all, each one of us is little more than the meager residue of the infinite unrealized possibilities of our lives. #Quote by Gregory Frost
Swim The Fly quotes by Julius Malema
#8. Jacob Zuma built a 2 million rand swimming pool, but no one in the family knows how to swim #Quote by Julius Malema
Swim The Fly quotes by Lara St. John
#9. Let me be very honest and just say that if any airline would let me take the violin and the laptop on board I would fly that airline all the time. #Quote by Lara St. John
Swim The Fly quotes by Jon   Anderson
#10. Force the bit between the mouth of freedom didn't we learn to fly
Remember to sail the skies
Distant suns
Will we reach
Winds allow
Other skylines
Other skylines to hold you #Quote by Jon Anderson
Swim The Fly quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#11. There was a time in Africa the people could fly. Mauma told me this one night when I was ten years old. She said, Handful, your granny-mauma saw it for herself. She say they flew over trees and clouds. She say they flew like blackbirds. When we came here, we left that magic behind. #Quote by Sue Monk Kidd
Swim The Fly quotes by Maya Angelou
#12. I never expected anyone to take care of me, but in my wildest dreams and juvenile yearnings, I wanted the house with the picket fence from June Allyson movies. I knew that was yearning like one yearns to fly. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Swim The Fly quotes by Winston Churchill
#13. If the Almighty were to rebuild the world and asked me for advice, I would have English Channels round every country. And the atmosphere would be such that anything which attempted to fly would be set on fire. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Swim The Fly quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#14. I was thinking about honour. It's a thing that changes doesn't it? I mean, a hundred and fifty years ago we would have had to fight if challenged. Now we'd laugh. There must have been a time when it was rather an awkward question."
"Yes. Moral theologians were never able to stop dueling
it took democracy to do that."
"And in the next war, when we are completely democratic, I expect that it will be quite honourable for officers to leave their men behind. It'll be laid down in King's Regulations as their duty
to keep a cadre going to train new men to take the place of prisoners."
"Perhaps men wouldn't take too kindly to being trained by deserters."
"Don't you think that they'd respect them more for being fly? I reckon our trouble is that we're in the awkward stage
like a man challenged to a duel a hundred years ago. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Swim The Fly quotes by Blaise Pascal
#15. The mind of the greatest man on earth is not so independent of circumstances as not to feel inconvenienced by the merest buzzing noise about him; it does not need the report of a cannon to disturb his thoughts. The creaking of a vane or a pully is quite enough. Do not wonder that he reasons ill just now; a fly is buzzing by his ear; it is quite enough to unfit him for giving good counsel. #Quote by Blaise Pascal
Swim The Fly quotes by Erwin W. Lutzer
#16. Suffering does not reflect unfavorably on the promises of Scripture. We take heart that there is another world coming, in which all of the promised blessings will be realized. Just as God does not create a single fish without creating water in which it can swim, so God does not create longings for eternity without creating an eternity in which those longings will be fulfilled. #Quote by Erwin W. Lutzer
Swim The Fly quotes by Alfonso Maria De Liguori
#17. At present sinners banish the remembrance and thought of death, and thus seek for peace (although they never find it) by leading a life of sin; but when they shall be in the agonies of death, about to enter into eternity, "when distress cometh upon them, they will seek for peace, and there will be none," then can they no longer fly from their evil conscience; they will seek peace, but what peace can be found by a soul laden with sins, which sting it like so many vipers? #Quote by Alfonso Maria De Liguori
Swim The Fly quotes by Bruce Lee
#18. If you want to learn to swim jump into the water. On dry land no frame of mind is ever going to help you. #Quote by Bruce Lee
Swim The Fly quotes by Mark Twain
#19. Credit, that rare bird of security and peace, rested with none, but stood with upraised wings, ready to fly off at the first rumor of suspicion. #Quote by Mark Twain
Swim The Fly quotes by Neil Shubin
#20. Whole batteries of genes are turned on and off during fly development, and this
pattern of gene activity serves to demarcate the different regions of the fly. #Quote by Neil Shubin
Swim The Fly quotes by Melanie Dickerson
#21. Their gowns and masks look lovely." "Not as lovely as yours," Jorgen said without hesitating. Her heart seemed to fly out of her chest and soar around the arched ceiling of the ballroom of Thornbeck Castle. Jorgen Hartman, rescuer of damsels in peril, might . . . perhaps . . . love her. But #Quote by Melanie Dickerson
Swim The Fly quotes by Gail D. Storey
#22. I felt like a bird pushed too soon from the nest, then blamed for learning to fly the wrong way. #Quote by Gail D. Storey
Swim The Fly quotes by Kate Furnivall
#23. Water was a state of mind. If you think it your friend when you swim in the river or wash away the dirt, why call it your enemy when it comes from the heavens? From the cup of the gods themselves. #Quote by Kate Furnivall
Swim The Fly quotes by Richard Price
#24. I'd love to be a saxophonist. I don't know why, but I pretend I'm the saxophonist when I listen to music. I have about as much chance playing the sax as I do learning how to fly. #Quote by Richard Price
Swim The Fly quotes by Alex Morritt
#25. Despite the Bank of England gaining independence for setting UK monetary policy in 1998 and in the process being freed from political meddling; it has recently come under renewed attack from the lunatic fringe within the UK's Conservative Party, especially amongst arch Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg (a.k.a. JackOff Grease-Smug to his growing number of detractors) who appear hell-bent on undermining the current bank governor's every move. When Mark Carney rightly sounds the alarm bells of the potential dangers to the UK economy resulting from a 'no deal' Brexit, he should be allowed to offer those wise words of warning without being subjected to Rees-Mogg's tiresome whining and monotonous droning on about politically motivated statements. It's high time this pestilent gnat modified his tune before a large fly swat of public outrage takes him down. #Quote by Alex Morritt
Swim The Fly quotes by David Mitchell
#26. I think about pinball, and how being a kid's like being shot up the firing lane and there's no veering left or right; or you're just sort of propelled. But once you clear the top, like when you're sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen, suddenly there's a thousand different paths you can take, some amazing, others not. Tiny little differences in angles and speed'll totally alter what happens to you later, so a fraction of an inch to the right, and the ball'll just hit a pinger and a dinger and fly down between your flippers, no messing, a waste of 10 p. But a fraction to the left and it's action in the play zone, bumpers and kickers, ramps and slingshots and fame on the high-score table. #Quote by David Mitchell
Swim The Fly quotes by Amy Leach
#27. [God's] words do not rain down like rocks on those he speaks to; they mount up with wings or leap through brambles or swim blackly in ponds. They sleep hainging from trees, stomachs full of hunted insects, or grow tall and imperious and leafy in the forest. Many, if not most, of his words hope never to be heard - rooting blindly throught their dirt-homes or proliferating on the tops of mountains, they are dismayed when they are discovered, and rush away. His words are not repetitive: the only thing his words have in common with each other is that they are strange and they are themselves - they move on their own, through gutters and caves and swamps and the sky, and some of his words, when they get tired of hearing his name over and over, and wish to hear him speak, escape out the back door, like ferrets, like me. #Quote by Amy Leach
Swim The Fly quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#28. From: Beth Fremont
To: Jennifer Scribner-Snyder
Sent: Thurs, 09/30/1999 3:42 PM
Subject: If you were Superman ...
... and you could choose any alter ego you wanted, why the hell would you choose to spend your Clark Kent hours - which already suck because you have to wear glasses and you can't fly - at a newspaper? Why not pose as a wealthy playboy like Batman? Or the leader of a small but important nation like Black Panther? Why would you choose to spend your days on deadline, making crap money, dealing with terminally crabby editors? #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Swim The Fly quotes by William J. Bernstein
#29. No one in his right mind would walk into the cockpit of an airplane and try to fly it, or into an operating theater and open a belly. And yet they think nothing of managing their retirement assets. I've done all three, and I'm here to tell you that managing money is, in its most critical elements even more demanding than the first two. #Quote by William J. Bernstein
Swim The Fly quotes by Tahmima Anam
#30. It was like that with her mother – memory upon memory stacked together like the feathers in a wild bird, there to keep her warm, or when she needed to, fly. She was the wings of her, the very wings. #Quote by Tahmima Anam
Swim The Fly quotes by Larissa Qat
#31. What is the price of freedom! I'm not talking about the physical restraining kind, but the spiritual, mental, emotional kind! If we glance at a tiny bird, it represents the ultimate freedom, the ability to fly, to rise above all, to look down on earth while getting tickled by clouds of cotton candy. But the price of this bird's freedom is living off scrapes of food & sippes of water!
I guess the price of freedom is all about living in content. If u need to spread ur wings wide and fly off into the horizon, you need to learn that what you already have can certainly set you FREE! #Quote by Larissa Qat
Swim The Fly quotes by Emile Zola
#32. Every wave is a water sprite who swims in the current, each current is a path which snakes towards my palace, and my palace is fluidly built at the bottom of the lake, in the triangle of earth, fire and water. #Quote by Emile Zola
Swim The Fly quotes by Glenn Cooper
#33. communication between each universe is impossible because we're glued to our own three-dimensional membrane by the physical forces of quantum mechanics like a fly is glued to flypaper. Only gravity, which is responsible for the warping of space-time, can make the jump into other universes." "How far away are they?" "Maybe closer than you think. A lot closer than you think. One set of calculations concerning gravity says that other universes can be as close as a millimeter away from us. #Quote by Glenn Cooper
Swim The Fly quotes by Alain Bremond-Torrent
#34. Sundays are like confetti floating in the air in slow motion, in the evening they reach the ground and you hope a bit of wind could blow on them so they could fly a bit longer. #Quote by Alain Bremond-Torrent
Swim The Fly quotes by Mirela Stancu
#35. Goodnight moon
I don't see you, but I feel you
What should I say or do?
You're always there when I am dreamin'
You make me smile
You make me cry
I feel the earth just spinning

Goodnight, moon
I'll wait for you in every evening
To fill my heart with hope
When everything is hopeless
To make me your companion
And fly between my dreams

Don't be upset, I'm yours in every night
Just sometimes fell asleep to quick
And I'm to tired, so much tired
To tell you my Goodnight #Quote by Mirela Stancu
Swim The Fly quotes by J.M. Barrie
#36. I can give you the power to fly to her house," the Queen said, "but I can't open the door for you. #Quote by J.M. Barrie
Swim The Fly quotes by Christiaan Barnard
#37. For a dying man it is not a difficult decision [to agree to become the world's first heart transplant] ... because he knows he is at the end. If a lion chases you to the bank of a river filled with crocodiles, you will leap into the water convinced you have a chance to swim to the other side. But you would not accept such odds if there were no lion. #Quote by Christiaan Barnard
Swim The Fly quotes by Ovid
#38. Our advantages fly away without aid. Pluck the flower.
[Lat., Nostra sine auxilio fugiunt bona. Carpite florem.] #Quote by Ovid
Swim The Fly quotes by Amanda Ripley
#39. Women are far more likely to follow orders to evacuate, especially women with children. At the same time, women were much more likely to die during the South Asian tsunami. In some villages it was 3 to 1. And that was party because of the average strength it takes to hold onto something. Also it was cultural; women were less likely to know how to swim, as were children. So much of this is based on how we develop our own survival skills before something goes wrong: Even if nothing goes wrong, it might be good to know how to swim. #Quote by Amanda Ripley
Swim The Fly quotes by Daniel Altman
#40. As developing countries became bigger traders, it was clear that the old way of doing business wouldn't fly. To get them back to the bargaining table, the wealthy countries had to offer something more: a new round of talks that would use trade as a tool to help developing countries grow. #Quote by Daniel Altman
Swim The Fly quotes by Thomas Hardy
#41. Her heart longed for some ark into which it could fly and be at rest. Rough or smooth she did not care, so long as it was warm. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Swim The Fly quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#42. If Cosgrove means to play games, then so do I. I will marry him because I must, but I shall not be a lamb- or a cow- led to the slaughter. If he intends to destroy my spirit, he will find it a difficult task. I am not some fly whose wings he can pull off and then step on. I'm... I'm a bee, and I shall sting him back. #Quote by Suzanne Enoch
Swim The Fly quotes by Ray Bradbury
#43. I always figured we were born to fly, one way or other, so I couldn't stand most men shuffling along with all the iron of the earth in their blood. I never met a man who weighed less than nine hundred pounds. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Swim The Fly quotes by Bob Dylan
#44. With your silhouette when the sunlight dims
Into your eyes where the moonlight swims,
And your match-book songs and your gypsy hymns,
Who among them would try to impress you?
-Bob Dylan, "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" (1966) #Quote by Bob Dylan
Swim The Fly quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#45. Already it is twilight down in the Laredito. Bats fly forth from their roostings in courthouse and tower and circle the quarter. The air is full of the smell of burning charcoal. Children and dogs squat by the mud stoops and gamecocks flap and settle in the branches of the fruit trees. They go afoot, these comrades, down along a bare adobe wall. Band music carries dimly from the square. They pass a watercart in the street and they pass a hole in the wall where by the light of a small forgefire an old man beats out shapes of metal. They pass in a doorway a young girl whose beauty becomes the flowers about.

They arrive at last before a wooden door. It is hinged into a larger door or gate and all must step over the foot-high sill where a thousand boots have scuffled away the wood, where fools in their hundreds have tripped or fallen or tottered drunkenly into the street. They pass along a ramada in a courtyard by an old grape arbor where small fowl nod in the dusk among the gnarled and barren vines and they enter a cantina where the lamps are lit and they cross stooping under a low beam to a bar and belly up one two three.

There is an old disordered Mennonite in this place and he turns to study them. A thin man in a leather weskit, a black and straightbrim hat set square on his head, a thin rim of whiskers. The recruits order glasses of whiskey and drink them down and order more. There are monte games at tables by the wall and there are whores at another #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Swim The Fly quotes by Dean Norris
#46. Investment banks started recruiting at Harvard back in the day, and they'd fly me down to New York City and I was so poor so I would take advantage of the free flight, the per diem, the hotel. And then I would go audition for stuff. #Quote by Dean Norris
Swim The Fly quotes by Erin Hanson
#47. There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly? #Quote by Erin Hanson
Swim The Fly quotes by Janet G. Nestor
#48. Love can flow like the river, fly with the bird, sing with the crickets at night. It is in the energy of the river, the flight of the bird, the song from the cricket. There is nowhere where love is not. #Quote by Janet G. Nestor

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