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Sweeter With Time quotes by Gwyneth Paltrow
#1. I just had a baby. I'm not going to work unless it's something really special and meaningful, because I can't imagine missing all that time with my daughter. #Quote by Gwyneth Paltrow
Sweeter With Time quotes by Esther Hicks
#2. You can be fully satisfied with where you are, understanding that you're eternally evolving. When you get into that place of feeling appreciation of where you are and of who you are, and appreciation of what you are, and you accept that you are a never-ending, always unfolding Being, then you can stand in that delicate balance of being optimistic about what is to come, without being unhappy about where you stand. Find a way of eagerly anticipating future changes, while at the same time you are in love and satisfied with who, what, where and how you be. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Sweeter With Time quotes by Angela Quarles
#3. Here before you lies the memorial to St. Cefnogwr, though he is not buried here, of course." At her words, an uncanny knowing flushed through Katy and, crazy-of-crazy, transfixed her. "Why? Where is he?" Traci stepped forward, hand on her hip. A you're-right-on-cue look crossed the guide's face. She pointed to the ceiling. Traci scoffed. "I meant, where's the body?" Her American southern accent lent a strange contrast to her skepticism. Again, the tour guide's arthritic finger pointed upward, and a smile tugged at her lips, the smokers' wrinkles on her upper lip smoothing out. "That's the miracle that made him a saint, you see. Throughout the twelve hundreds, the Welsh struggled to maintain our independence from the English. During Madog's Rebellion in 1294, St. Cefnogwr, a noble Norman-English knight, turned against his liege lord and sided with the Welsh - " "Norman-English?" Katy frowned, her voice raspy in her dry throat. "Why would a Norman have a Welsh name and side with the Welsh?" She might be an American, but her years living in England had taught her that was unusual.

"The English nicknamed him. It means 'sympathizer' in Welsh. The knight was captured and, for his crime, sentenced to hang. As he swung, the rope creaking in the crowd's silence, an angel of mercy swooped down and - " She clapped her hands in one decisive smack, and everyone jumped. "The rope dangled empty, free of its burden. Proof, we say, of his noble cause. He's been venerated ever since #Quote by Angela Quarles
Sweeter With Time quotes by Rachel Caine
#4. Claire, I-Look, my life is one long series of screw-ups and bad decisions, and I know that. I own that. But you ... I just want you to be happy. And it cuts me when you're not."
"I'm happy with you."
She heard the smile in his voice this time. "So what do you really want? A storybook life in Vampireville, with your life on the line every day and a half?"
"I'm considering it," she said. And she was. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Sweeter With Time quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#5. And the lamp having at last resigned itself to death.
There was nothing now but firelight in the room,
And every time a flame uttered a gasp for breath
It flushed her amber skin with the blood of its bloom. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Sweeter With Time quotes by Jessica Zayas
#6. I'd pick memories & quality time with those I love over fame & material fortune any day, those are life's true riches. #Quote by Jessica Zayas
Sweeter With Time quotes by Yash Chopra
#7. The reason for his seven-year hiatus in direction: My son Aditya made Mohabbatein (2000), which took a lot of time and energy. Then we started looking for a script for me to direct. Nothing seemed to excite us both. There's a complete bankruptcy of screenwriting in our cinema. I wanted a very earthy and Indian subject. I was tired of the promos on television. With semi-clad girls, they all looked the same. Of course Dhoom (2004) has them too. But I'd personally not make a film like that. #Quote by Yash Chopra
Sweeter With Time quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#8. Stories are amazing and powerful because they can resonate with people depending on their needs and experiences and speak truths we need to hear in that moment in time. #Quote by Sue Monk Kidd
Sweeter With Time quotes by George Orwell
#9. They don't want to have a good time, they merely want to slump into middle age as quickly as possible. After the frightful battle of getting her man to the altar, the woman kind of relaxes, and all her youth, looks, energy, and joy of life just vanish overnight. It was like that with Hilda. Here was this pretty, delicate girl, who'd seemed to me - and in fact when I first knew her she was - a finer type of animal than myself, and within only about three years she'd settled down into a depressed, lifeless, middle-aged frump #Quote by George Orwell
Sweeter With Time quotes by George Lakoff
#10. Charles Fillmore has observed (in conversation) that English appears to have two contradictory organizations of time. In the first, the future is in front and the past is behind: In the weeks ahead of us . . . (future) That's all behind us now. (past) In the second, the future is behind and the past is in front: In the following weeks . . . (future) In the preceding weeks . . . (past) This appears to be a contradiction in the metaphorical organization of time. Moreover, the apparently contradictory metaphors can mix with no ill effect, as in We're looking ahead to the following weeks. Here it appears that ahead organizes the future in front, while following organizes it behind. #Quote by George Lakoff
Sweeter With Time quotes by Michelle Leighton
#11. Mother, stop it!" I shout. She takes a step back as if I'd physically slapped her. "Not all guys that look a certain way or dress a certain way or act a certain way are the same. You've tried all my life to drive me toward the kind of guy you wanted me to be with. You made me feel as though there was something wrong with me for liking anyone who rode a motorcycle or drove a muscle car or played in a band. But there was never anything wrong with them, Mom. They just weren't for me. I wouldn't have wanted to end up with any of them. Not now. But you don't see that. You don't see that now and you didn't see that then. You could never be like a normal mother, one who holds her daughter when she cries and tells her that one day she'll find Mr. Right, that one day love will be worth it. That was just beyond you. You had to do your best, at every possible opportunity, to convince me that the only way I'd ever be happy would be with a guy like Lyle, one who is so focused on his job and his money that he doesn't have time for love. But Mom, if falling in love means risking getting hurt, then I'm okay with that. Because finally, for once, I've found someone worth the risk. I wouldn't have missed out on Cash for the world, Mom. Did it ever occur to you that it took all those heartbreaks, all those tears, all those failed attempts to be able to recognize something real when I found it? Can't you just be happy for me and leave us in peace? #Quote by Michelle Leighton
Sweeter With Time quotes by Sorin Cerin
#12. We pass through Time from birth in order to have from where to come, together with death. #Quote by Sorin Cerin
Sweeter With Time quotes by Haruki Murakami
#13. People with places to go and people with no place to go; people with a purpose and people with no purpose; people trying to hold time back and people trying to urge it forward #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Sweeter With Time quotes by Margaret Weis
#14. "Turn my back on the world..." the historian repeated softly and slowly, his head moving to face the mage. "Turn my back on the world!" Emotion rarely marred the surface of Astinus's cold voice, but now anger struck the placid calm of his soul like a rock hurled into still water.
"I? Turn my back on the world?" Astinus's voice rolled around the library as the thunder had rolled previously. "I am the world, as you well know, old friend! Countless times I have been born! Countless deaths I have died! Every tear shed - mine have flowed! Every drop of blood spilled - mine has drained! Every agony, every joy ever felt has been mine to share!
"I sit with my hand on the Sphere of Time, the sphere you made for me, old friend, and I travel the length and breadth of this world chronicling its history. I have committed the blackest deeds! I have made the noblest sacrifices. I am human, elf, and ogre. I am male and female. I have borne children. I have murdered children. I saw you as you were. I see you as you are. If I seem cold and unfeeling, it is because that is how I survive without losing my sanity! My passion goes into my words. #Quote by Margaret Weis
Sweeter With Time quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#15. Gansey asked, "Do you have time to run an errand with us? Do you have work? Homework?"
"No homework. I got suspended," Blue replied.
"Get the fuck out," Ronan said, but with admiration. "Sargent, you asshole."
Blue reluctantly allowed him to bump fists with her as Gansey eyed her meaningfully in the rearview mirror.
Adam swivelled the other way in his seat - to the right, instead of to the left, so that he was peering around the far side of the headrest. It made him look as if he were hiding, but Blue knew it was just because it turned his hearing ear instead of his deaf ear towards them. "For what?"
"Emptying another student's backpack over his car. I don't really want to talk about it."
"I do," Ronan said.
"Well, I don't. I'm not proud of it."
Ronan patted her leg. "I'll be proud for you."
Blue cast a withering look in his direction, but she felt grounded for the first time that day. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Sweeter With Time quotes by Alice Taylor
#16. Mrs. Casey, do you love Christmas?
Well you know, she answered reflectively, Christmas can be a sad time for people too. It's a remembering time for us older ones. We remember the people who are gone.
Oh, I never thought of that, I told her in surprise.
Well that's youth for you, she said; you don't start to look back over your shoulder until there is something to look back at, and around Christmas I tend to think of the Christmases past and the people gone with them. #Quote by Alice Taylor
Sweeter With Time quotes by Michael Pollan
#17. A charge often levied against organic agriculture is that it is more philosophy than science. There's some truth to this indictment, if that it what it is, though why organic farmers should feel defensive about it is itself a mystery, a relic, perhaps, of our fetishism of science as the only credible tool with which to approach nature ... The peasant rice farmer who introduces ducks and fish to his paddy may not understand all the symbiotic relationships he's put in play
that the ducks and fishes are feeding nitrogen to the rice and at the same time eating the pests. But the high yields of food from this ingenious polyculture are his to harvest even so. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Sweeter With Time quotes by Thomas Mars
#18. When you play in a band, you're in phase with people. When you're a DJ, you're totally off-phase. Your work time is 3 A.M. - 5 A.M. and I don't think you can connect. You're miserable the whole time. Whenever I see a DJ in the airport, they are always on the verge of crying. #Quote by Thomas Mars
Sweeter With Time quotes by Robert Carlyle
#19. Early days, I was a bit racked , particularly when I did Hitler, for CBS . That was hellish. That stayed with me for quite a long time. #Quote by Robert Carlyle
Sweeter With Time quotes by Sameh Elsayed
#20. It is only called patience when it ends up with results that Justify the time awaited, the emotions given and the tears spent. #Quote by Sameh Elsayed
Sweeter With Time quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#21. It was long before I could believe that human learning had no clear answer to this question. For a long time it seemed to me, as I listened to the gravity and seriousness wherewith Science affirmed its positions on matters unconnected with the problem of life, that I must have misunderstood something. For a long time I was timid in the presence in learning, and I fancied that the insufficiency of the answers which I received was not its fault, but was owing to my own gross ignorance, but this thing was not a joke or a pastime with me, but the business of my life, and I was at last forced, willy-nilly, to the conclusion that these questions of mine were the only legitimate questions underlying all knowledge, and that it was not I that was in fault in putting them, but science in pretending to have an answer for them. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Sweeter With Time quotes by Nicholas Winton
#22. Everyone thinks my story should be marked by heroism, but there was no risk to myself. You see, no-one in Prague at that time thought they were going to be at war with England. #Quote by Nicholas Winton
Sweeter With Time quotes by Arthur Balfour
#23. I look forward to a time when Irish patriotism will as easily combine with British patriotism as Scottish patriotism combines now. #Quote by Arthur Balfour
Sweeter With Time quotes by Rachel Robinson
#24. It's better this way anyways. I probably need to find someone to settle down with. It's about that time. Have the two point five kids, fake orgasms, and wallow in a stagnant career. #Quote by Rachel Robinson
Sweeter With Time quotes by Joss Stirling
#25. But I've kept first of March as my birthday as I like to tease Zed about dating an older woman. And my parents wouldn't understand if I told them about the soulfinder bond and tried to change it."
"They don't know?"
"Well, I think they've picked up that there's something special between Zed and me but I'm not sure how I'd even start to explain to non-savants. I was exactly overjoyed when Zed filled me in about it all the first time."
"What did you do?"
"Thumped him with a shopping bag and told him he was a jerk."
"Ouch. #Quote by Joss Stirling
Sweeter With Time quotes by Jennifer Echols
#26. Because at some time in the last five days, I jad freaking fallen in love with John After #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Sweeter With Time quotes by Lynn Povich
#27. What led to our revolt? Why did our generation suddenly realize that our place in society was changing--and had to change? In part, we were carried by the social and political currents of our time...But even with the social winds in our sails and the women's movement behind us, each of us had to overcome deeply held values and traditional social strictures. The struggle was personally painful and professionally scary. What would happen to us? Would we win our case? Would we change the magazine? Or would we be punished? Who would succeed and who would not? And if our revolt failed, were our careers over--or were they over anyway? We knew that filing the suit legally protected us from being fired, but we didn't trust the editors not to find some way to do us in.

Whatever happened, the immediate result is that it put us all on the line. "The night after the press conference I realized there was no turning back," said Lucy Howard. "Once I stepped up and said I wanted to be a writer, it was over. I wanted to change Newsweek, but everything was going to change. #Quote by Lynn Povich
Sweeter With Time quotes by Jeff Ryan
#28. But Zelda was never about plot. Indeed, one's head could explode if all the games were considered one story, since Link is always meeting Zelda and villainous Gannon for the first time. Imagine trying to explain why James Bond has stayed forty years old for forty years, while changing faces and hair color. Better to accept the story as a constant retelling, and don't dwell on continuity matters. Mario has made a cottage industry of jokes about how Bowser had only one playbook - kidnap the princess - and this time it'll work! He's utterly incapable of coming up with any other plan. Aside from that one time he obtained a degree in hotel management. #Quote by Jeff Ryan
Sweeter With Time quotes by Donna Freitas
#29. It's difficult to stop trying with the one you love. You always hope that this next time might work, might change everything for the better. #Quote by Donna Freitas
Sweeter With Time quotes by Philip Pullman
#30. Lyra wanted to talk to the bear, and if he had been human, she would already be on familiar terms with him; but he was so strange and wild and cold that she was shy, almost for the first time in her life. So as he loped along, his great legs swinging tirelessly, she sat with the movement and said nothing. Perhaps he preferred that anyway, she thought; she must seem a little prattling cub, only just past babyhood, in the eyes of an armored bear.
She had seldom considered herself before, and found the experience interesting but uncomfortable, very like riding the bear, in fact. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Sweeter With Time quotes by Greg Gordon
#31. One area that I now consider safe to follow after any past hero of the faith is in their personal devotion and relationship to Jesus Christ. Each of these men knew God. They spent much time with God. The reason I put our thoughts in this direction is that from personal devotion and walking with God comes our callings and gifts. That is the place where God calls us into his purpose and will for our lives. #Quote by Greg Gordon
Sweeter With Time quotes by James Rozoff
#32. Such places exist among the endless abodes of every major city, places that seem to be sanctuaries from the present, immune to the hustle and bustle, the sound and fury that in the end change nothing. Like long unopened books sitting upon dusty shelves, there exist people filled with knowledge that has somehow been saved from extinction. But buried as they are by time, there abides in them yet a seed awaiting the proper condition for germination. There is some process that occurs in dormancy, some subtle shifting of the fabric of reality that science has yet to discover. From such forgotten places as these occasionally springs, in some unseen future, a gigantic oak whose day has come. #Quote by James Rozoff
Sweeter With Time quotes by George W. Bush
#33. "Americans do not presume to equate God's purposes with any purpose of our own ... "[Prayer] teaches us to trust, to accept that God's plan unfolds in his time, not our own. #Quote by George W. Bush
Sweeter With Time quotes by Barbara Browning
#34. his is exactly what I mean about rabbit holes. I love them. I don't find them a waste of time at all. The Internet works like the subconscious - I'm sure somebody's said that already, it's so obvious, I just can't think who it would have been. The point is, this is how dreamwork works: you wake up and think, "Why the hell did I dream that my 2nd grade teacher was masturbating my dental hygienist?" If you were in analysis, you'd probably be able to figure it out if you really wanted to, just like you could probably eventually figure out why YouTube thinks some SpongeBob SquarePants video is related to Natalya Makarova dancing the dying swan. I do like to understand some of the connections, and for others to remain mysterious. This is how I feel about my subconscious as well. And I never really find it a waste of time. If you think about it, you always find something out. Gray seems to be wasting a lot of time, but in his quiet way, he's figuring out how to deal with the fact that the people we love die. I really don't think that's a waste of time. Also, for the record, I really don't think looking at art (MJ, Pina, Merce) over and over and over, trying to understand what it's trying to tell you, is a waste of time. I think it may be the most meaningful thing we do. I tell my graduate students this all the time. Don't let anybody make you feel bad about this. #Quote by Barbara Browning
Sweeter With Time quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#35. I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien

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