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Sweet Peril quotes by Wendy Higgins
#1. Ready to s-snuggle?" he asked Kaidan, a slight clatter in his voice. Only Blake could joke on a night like this and get away with it.
Kaidan shook his head and undressed down to his boxers, too, the tension finally shedding away from his frame. "I swear, mate. If I feel something poke me in the back ... "
Blake's laugh was dry. "I'm pretty sure my junk froze off, man, so don't worry. #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Sweet Peril quotes by Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
#2. Lunch started off tense after our heated moment. Thank goodness for Blake. Kai was warm toward him, reserving his coolness for me. I watched, keeping quiet. They fought over the last piece of General Tso's shrimp, and I had to laugh when the little thing went flying in the air and landed in a wet footprint next to the pool.

"You can have it," Kaidan graciously offered, and Blake shoved him one last time. #Quote by Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
Sweet Peril quotes by Wendy Higgins, Sweet Reckoning
#3. I watched him swallow, then close his eyes as a shiver ran through his body. When he opened his eyes again, color poured through the air around him - the vivid, hot pink of passionate love.

Kai was showing me his colors. #Quote by Wendy Higgins, Sweet Reckoning
Sweet Peril quotes by Wendy Higgins
#4. Anna ... the night of the summit, when you were saved, it was the only time in my life I've thenked God for anything
Those words. They would melt me over and over for all time #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Sweet Peril quotes by Joan Bauer
#5. He stood up, put the tree back under the grow light. 'There. That's what's going to happen to us. It's called grafting. Taking something from one place and fixing it to another until they grow together. We didn't start from the same tree, but we're going to grow together like we did. #Quote by Joan Bauer
Sweet Peril quotes by Erica Cameron
#6. In the last three months, I've started having creepy dreams that give me a glimpse of the future. Or sometimes a portal will open up in the middle of the night and something will try to kill me. There's no way to know which one I'm gonna get hit with each day. It's kinda like playing Russian roulette every night with a drunk who hates you. #Quote by Erica Cameron
Sweet Peril quotes by Seanan McGuire
#7. Because the air had smelled so sweet, and the sky had been black velvet, spangled with points of diamond light that didn't flicker at all, only burned constant and cold. Because the grass had been wet with dew, and the trees had been heavy with fruit. Because she had wanted to know what was at the end of the long path between the trees, and because she hadn't wanted to turn back before she understood everything. Because for the first time in forever, she'd felt like she was going home, and that feeling had been enough to move her feet, slowly at first, and then faster, and faster, until she had been running through the clean night air, and nothing else mattered, or would ever matter again. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Sweet Peril quotes by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
#8. Love knows no virtue, no profit; it loves and forgives and suffers
everything, because it must. It is not our judgment that leads us;
it is neither the advantages nor the faults which we discover, that
make us abandon ourselves, or that repel us.
It is a sweet, soft, enigmatic power that drives us on. We cease to
think, to feel, to will; we let ourselves be carried away by it, and
ask not whither? #Quote by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
Sweet Peril quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#9. To hearts which near each other move From evening close to morning light,The night is good; because, my love,They never say good-night. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Sweet Peril quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#10. Turn off the light, she says as she walks away, creating a small woosh that smells sweet and chemical. It makes me sad because it's the smell she makes when she's leaving. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Sweet Peril quotes by Elle Aycart
#11. She snorted. "I doubt it. Waxing hurts."

"I'd kiss it better afterward, babe. I promise. I'll rake my teeth over the smooth skin and lick every inch of your sweet pussy all night long until you're dizzy from coming and beg me to stop. Your folds will be so sensitive the smallest friction will set you off. #Quote by Elle Aycart
Sweet Peril quotes by John Bolton
#12. I haven't given up on the possibility that sweet reason will prevail. #Quote by John Bolton
Sweet Peril quotes by Thomas Case
#13. If we are taught by God in affliction we are blessed. When God teaches, he applies his instruction to the heart. He commands light to shine out of darkness (2 Corinthians 4:6). The Holy Spirit brings divine truths in such a clear and convincing light that the soul sits down fully satisfied. The soul both sweetly and freely acquiesces in the revealed truths. When God teaches, the soul experiences truth as David (Psalm 119:71). Some only know notionally, but David knew by experience; he became more acquainted with the Word. He knew it more, loved it better, and was more transformed in the nature of it. Thus, Paul, "I know who I have believed" (2 Timothy 1:12) – "I have experienced his faithfulness and his all-sufficiency; I can trust my all with him. I am sure he will keep it safe to that day." Those taught of God in affliction can speak experimentally, in one degree or another. They can speak of their communion with God (Psalm 23:4). The sweet singer of Israel had comfortable presence. Those taught of God can say: "As we have heard, so we have seen. I have experienced this word upon mine heart, and can set my seal that God is true." God's teaching is a powerful teaching. It conveys strength as well as light. Truth only understood needs to be put into action and practice. God's teachings are sweet to the taste. David rolled them as sugar under his tongue, and received more sweetness than Samson from his honeycomb. Luther said he would not live in paradise without the Word, but #Quote by Thomas Case
Sweet Peril quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#14. Father, may my song today be a sweet sound in Your ears-even if in Yours alone. Amen. #Quote by Aiden Wilson Tozer
Sweet Peril quotes by Don Darkes
#15. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold and there is no sweeter dish than outliving an enemy #Quote by Don Darkes
Sweet Peril quotes by Fiona Apple
#16. I let the beast in too soon I don't know how to live without his hand on my throat. I fight him always and still. Oh, darling it's so sweet. You think you know how crazy, how crazy I am. #Quote by Fiona Apple
Sweet Peril quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#17. For all that is high is not holy, nor is everything that is sweet good; every desire is not pure; nor is everything that is dear to us pleasing unto God. Willingly do I accept that grace whereby I am made humbler and more wary and more ready to renounce myself. He who is made learned by the gift of grace and taught wisdom by the stroke of the withdrawal thereof, will not dare to claim any good thing for himself, but will rather confess that he is poor and needy. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
Sweet Peril quotes by Jane Austen
#18. Fanny Price was at this time just ten years old, and though there might not be much in her first appearance to captivate, there was, at least, nothing to disgust her relations. She was small of her age, with no glow of complexion, nor any other striking beauty; exceedingly timid and shy, and shrinking from notice; but her air, though awkward, was not vulgar, her voice was sweet, and when she spoke her countenance was pretty. Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram received her very kindly; and Sir Thomas, seeing how much she needed encouragement, tried to be all that was conciliating: but he had to work against a most untoward gravity of deportment; and Lady Bertram, without taking half so much trouble, or speaking one word where he spoke ten, by the mere aid of a good-humoured smile, became immediately the less awful character of the two. #Quote by Jane Austen
Sweet Peril quotes by Jamshaid
#19. Having a daughter means...
Seeing a thousand rainbows every day
A thousand sweet dreams every night
A thousand occasions of sweet success
And a thousand reasons to laugh and smile #Quote by Jamshaid
Sweet Peril quotes by Pindar
#20. War is sweet to them that know it not. #Quote by Pindar
Sweet Peril quotes by Richard Payment
#21. Words have not been made to describe the state of meditation. Language allows us to bite around the edges, to nibble and taste, but never to report the essence. But still we try. Like a dream, never reported while it happens. Like an uncaged song, sweet and alive, but flying high. Like the moment of artistic creation, bright and new, unsullied. Meditation is an open window. We sit at the sill. A vista is revealed. There is no judgement, no anticipation, no memory or regret. In meditation we are without judgement. We sit alone, but there is no loneliness. #Quote by Richard Payment
Sweet Peril quotes by Lance Morrow
#22. As they marched, the crowds lining the route broke into applause, a sweet and deeply felt spontaneous pattering that was a sort of communal embrace. Welcome home. #Quote by Lance Morrow
Sweet Peril quotes by William Shakespeare
#23. The last taste of sweets is sweetest last. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Sweet Peril quotes by Sophie Swetchine
#24. The symptoms of compassion and benevolence, in some people, are like those minute guns which warn you that you are in deadly peril. #Quote by Sophie Swetchine
Sweet Peril quotes by Augustine
#25. But what do I love when I love my God? Not the sweet melody of harmony and song; not the fragrance of flowers, perfumes, and spices; not manna or honey; not limbs such as the body delights to embrace. It is not these that I love when I love my God. And yet, when I love Him, it is true that I love a light of a certain kind, a voice, a perfume, a food, an embrace; but they are of the kind that I love in my inner self, when my soul is bathed in light that is not bound by space; when it listens to sound that never dies away; when it breathes fragrance that is not borne away on the wind; when it tastes food that is never consumed by the eating; when it clings to an embrace from which it is not severed by fulfillment of desire. This is what I love when I love my God. #Quote by Augustine
Sweet Peril quotes by Alice Hoffman
#26. The evening had turned sweet and blue. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Sweet Peril quotes by Alice Hoffman
#27. Children would beg for a peppermint drop each time he walked into town, and they'd follow behind, asking for a second and a third. When he died suddenly, while working late at his office, every boy and girl in the village reported smelling mint in the night air, as if somehing sweet had passed them right by. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Sweet Peril quotes by Herman Melville
#28. Aside from higher considerations, charity often operates as a vastly wise and prudent principle-a great safeguard to its possessor. Men have committed murder for jealousy's sake, and anger's sake, and hatred's sake, and selfishness' sake, and spiritual pride's sake; but no man that ever I heard of, ever committed a diabolical murder for sweet charity's sake. Mere self-interest, then, if no better motive can be enlisted, should, especially with high-tempered men, prompt all beings to charity and philanthropy. #Quote by Herman Melville
Sweet Peril quotes by Peter Abelard
#29. And now, my friend, I am going to expose to you all my weaknesses. All men, I believe, are under a necessity of paying tribute at some time or other to Love, and it is vain to strive to avoid it. I was a philosopher, yet this tyrant of the mind triumphed over all my wisdom; his darts were of greater force than all my reasonings, and with a sweet constraint he led me wherever he pleased. #Quote by Peter Abelard
Sweet Peril quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#30. The Honey is sweet, but the Bee has a Sting. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Sweet Peril quotes by Julian Of Norwich
#31. Be a Gardener. Dig a ditch. Toil and sweat. And turn the earth upside down. And seek the deepness. And water plants in time. Continue this labor. And make sweet floods to run, and noble and abundant fruits to spring. Take this food and drink, and carry it to God as your true worship. #Quote by Julian Of Norwich
Sweet Peril quotes by Dean Koontz
#32. As he entered her, as the piston of lovemaking grew slick with her clear oils, she thought about being
crushed to death in his arms, and she - thought how odd it was for her to consider such a thing, and how
much stranger still to consider it without fear and with something very like desire, a melancholy longing, a
curiously pleasant anticipation, not a death wish but a sweet resignation,
and she knew that Dr. Cauvel
would say this was a sign of her sickness, that now she was prepared
to surrender even her ultimate
(the fundamental responsibility for her own life, for deciding whether or not she was
worthy of life), and he would say that she needed to rely more on herself and less on Max, but she didn't
care, didn't care at all; she just felt the power, Max's power, and began to call his name, dug her fingers
into his unyielding muscle and surrendered
willingly. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Sweet Peril quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#33. Wealth is certainly a most desirable thing, but poverty has its sunny side, and one of the sweet uses of adversity is the genuine satisfaction which comes from hearty work of head or hand, and to the inspiration of necessity, we owe half the wise, beautiful, and useful blessings of the world. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Sweet Peril quotes by Amy Hill Hearth
#34. Life is short, and it's up to you to make it sweet.
Sarah L. (Sadie) Delany #Quote by Amy Hill Hearth
Sweet Peril quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#35. They knew that love snatched in the face of danger and death was doubly sweet for the strange excitement that went with it. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Sweet Peril quotes by Kate Morton
#36. the sun seeming to hesitate in the process of setting, as if it couldn't bear to end the day. It was teetering on the horizon, throwing ribbons of pink and mauve across the sky like life ropes, and the air was sweet with jasmine. #Quote by Kate Morton
Sweet Peril quotes by Morris Chestnut
#37. I like to eat sweets. When I go to a restaurant, I'll read the dessert menu before I even look at the entrees. #Quote by Morris Chestnut
Sweet Peril quotes by Simon Cowell
#38. The only people with power today are the audience. And that is increasing with Twitter, Facebook, and everything else. We cater to their likes and dislikes, and you ignore that at your peril. #Quote by Simon Cowell
Sweet Peril quotes by Penny Watson
#39. Ami leaned into his side and inhaled the fresh scent of man. "Uh, no. Sometimes my biological clock threatens to explode like a ticking bomb, that's all. Rachel is so lucky. Nat is a doll. Doug adores them. Don't mind me, I'm just wishing my laundry pile was filled with boxer shorts and Cinderella T-shirts. I'll get over it."
"Why do you have to get over it," Marcus asked gently. "Sounds like a nice dream to me."
... a few pages later
Things were looking up. If he could just convince her his boxer shorts belonged in her laundry basket, he'd be right on board with her six-month plan #Quote by Penny Watson
Sweet Peril quotes by Nadia Bjorlin
#40. Most actors don't grow up with sweet, vanilla parents. #Quote by Nadia Bjorlin
Sweet Peril quotes by George Vecsey
#41. It is hard to imagine the World Series being held in the sweet hazy sunshine of late September rather than the sour night air of late October, but that is precisely what has transpired in baseball over the past 50 years, a deterioration from light to darkness. #Quote by George Vecsey
Sweet Peril quotes by Francine Pascal
#42. The Pi Betas had accepted the fact that Rose was Mexican, but it was obvious they would just as soon ignore it. And they seemed to assume Rose wanted to do that, too. The other girls might not be overtly disturbed by the fact that Rose was a chicana, but they certainly were not going to encourage her to explore her heritage. No, if Rose joined the Pi Betas, she would have to deny the biggest part of herself. She would have to become completely American. #Quote by Francine Pascal
Sweet Peril quotes by Shelly Thacker
#43. He had won. He could release her at any time. But her lips... those soft, sweet petals were parting tremulously at the touch of his tongue, and she was granting him entry to the warmth of her mouth. He thrust boldly inside, wanting but one taste of her. Only one. #Quote by Shelly Thacker
Sweet Peril quotes by Alison Hawthorne Deming
#44. Earth's immune system - its rapid response team of self-protection - becomes invigorated at times of peril. And one sees it at play now in the upwelling of grassroots work aimed at finding a sustainable future. #Quote by Alison Hawthorne Deming

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