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Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Richard Yates
#1. Rachel came carefully downstairs one morning, in a dressing gown that wasn't quite clean, and stood at the brink of the living room as though preparing to make an announcement. She looked around at each member of the double household - at Evan, who was soberly opening the morning paper, at Phil, who'd been home from Costello's for hours but hadn't felt like sleeping yet, and at her mother, who was setting the table for breakfast - and then she came out with it.

"I love everybody," she said, stepping into the room with an uncertain smile. And her declaration might have had the generally soothing effect she'd intended if her mother hadn't picked it up and exploited it for all the sentimental weight it would bear.

"Oh Rachel," she cried, "What a sweet, lovely thing to say!" and she turned to address Evan and Phil as if both of them might be too crass or numbskulled to appreciate it by themselves. "Isn't that a wonderful thing for this girl to say, on a perfectly ordinary Friday morning? Rachel, I think you've put us all to shame for our petty bickering and our selfish little silences, and it's something I'll never forget. You really do have a marvelous wife, Evan, and I have a marvelous daughter. Oh, and Rachel, you can be sure that everybody in this house loves you, too, and we're all tremendously glad to have you feeling so well."

Rachel's embarrassment was now so intense that it seemed almost to prevent her from taking her place at the table; #Quote by Richard Yates
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Friedrich Schiller
#2. O tender yearning, sweet hoping!
The golden time of first love!
The eye sees the open heaven,
The heart is intoxicated with bliss;
O that the beautiful time of young love
Could remain green forever. #Quote by Friedrich Schiller
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Sarah Strohmeyer
#3. That's what dessert means to me: a dollop of sweet love in an otherwise cold world. #Quote by Sarah Strohmeyer
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Panashe Chigumadzi
#4. Tsitsi and the rest of the nation who now found themselves degreed and broke, her parents and the parents of the nation with degreed children and still broke, had thought-convinced themselves-that the poverty of their lives could be eliminated by 'professionalisation'. #Quote by Panashe Chigumadzi
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Michele Sinclair
#5. Well,then why don't we go hunting tomorrow?" he offered cheerfully, knowing that a sunny disposition right now would rankle his friend.
Bronwyn flashed Tyr a radiant smile. "What a sensible suggestion. After the past few days,it would be refreshing to spend some time with a charming gentleman and give me a chance to get away from certain...frustrations," she said as her gaze leisurely swept over Ranulf. "I can show you the choice spots."
Tyr let go a low chuckle. No wonder the women at court never interested Ranulf. None of them had the audaciousness needed to penetrate his thick shell. Tyr returned Bronwyn's smile and picked up a handful of almonds. "That would be great.It will also give you a chance to meet more of the men."
Ranulf didn't move, but his knuckles turned white. "The last thing the men need is a woman around who enjoys toying with their emotions."
"I do not toy,my lord,but I suspect manners and general kindness may appear that way to someone who has the emotional capacity of a stone." her voice had risen at least an octave, giving away her confusion and hurt pride.
Oblivious,Ranulf slowly shifted his gaze to hers and grated back, "If I am a stone,madam,then perhaps it is because I look like one.I'm sorry that I don't have Tyr's smile or Tory's sweet nature.Men like me do not appeal to women like yourself. I would be a half-wit to think otherwise. #Quote by Michele Sinclair
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#6. I arise from dreams of thee, And a spirit in my feet Has led me- who knows how? To thy chamber-window, Sweet! #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Liz Reinhardt
#7. Sweet on the street, alpha in the sheets. #Quote by Liz Reinhardt
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Andrew Wilson
#8. [Patricia Highsmith] was a figure of contradictions: a lesbian who didn't particularly like women; a writer of the most insightful psychological novels who, at times, appeared bored by people; a misanthrope with a gentle, sweet nature. #Quote by Andrew Wilson
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Jung Chang
#9. Meanwhile, Mme Mao and her cohorts were renewing their efforts to prevent the country from working. In industry, their slogan was: "To stop production is revolution itself." In agriculture, in which they now began to meddle seriously: "We would rather have socialist weeds than capitalist crops." Acquiring foreign technology became "sniffing after foreigners' farts and calling them sweet." In education: "We want illiterate working people, not educated spiritual aristocrats." They called for schoolchildren to rebel against their teachers again; in January 1974, classroom windows, tables, and chairs in schools in Peking were smashed, as in 1966. Mme Mao claimed this was like "the revolutionary action of English workers destroying machines in the eighteenth century."
Mme Mao launched a fresh attack on foreign culture. In early 1974 there was a big media campaign denouncing the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni for a film he had made about China, although no one in China had seen the film, and few had even heard of it or of Antonioni. This xenophobia was extended to Beethoven after a visit by the Philadelphia Orchestra. #Quote by Jung Chang
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#10. I think that those of us who are what are called intellectuals make a terrible mistake in overvaluing the yen we have for the arts, books, etc. There is a sweet, fine quality in life that has nothing to do with this, and more and more I find myself valuing myself with those people. #Quote by Sherwood Anderson
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Toni Morrison
#11. O Jesus, I could be a mule or plow the furrows with my hands if need be or hold those rickety walls up with my back if need be if I knew that somewhere in this world in the pocket of some night I could open my legs to some cowboy lean hips but you are trying to tell me no and O my sweet Jesus what kind of cross is that? #Quote by Toni Morrison
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Elan Mastai
#12. When someone dies they get very cold and very still. That probably sounds obvious, but when it's your mother it doesn't feel obvious - it feels shocking. You watch, winded and reeling, as the medical technicians neutralize the stasis field and power down the synthetic organ metabolizer. But the sentimental gesture of kissing her forehead makes you recoil because the moment your lips touch her skin you realize just how cold and just how still she is, just how permanent that coldness and that stillness feel. Your body lurches like it's been plunged into boiling water and for the first time in your life you understand death as a biological state, an organism ceasing to function. Unless you've touched a corpse before, you can't comprehend the visceral wrongness of inert flesh wrapped around an inanimate object that wears your mother's face. You feel sick with guilt and regret and sadness about inconsequential anecdote. You can't remember anything thoughtful or sweet or tender that you ever did even though logically you know you must have. All you can recall is how often you were small and petty and false. She was your mother and she loved you in a way nobody ever has and nobody ever will and now she's gone. #Quote by Elan Mastai
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by William Shakespeare
#13. Wilt thou be gone? it is not yet near day:
It was the nightingale, and not the lark,
That pierc'd the fearful hollow of thine ear;
Nightly she sings on yon pomegranate tree:
Believe me, love, it was the nightingale.

Rom. It was the lark, the herald of the morn,
No nightingale: look, love, what envious streaks
Do lace the severing clouds in yonder east:
Night's candles are burnt out, and jocund day
Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops:

I must be gone and live, or stay and die.

Jul. Yon light is not daylight, I know it, I:
It is some meteor that the sun exhales,
To be to thee this night a torch-bearer,
And light thee on thy way to Mantua:
Therefore stay yet; thou need'st not to be gone,

Rom. Let me be ta'en,, let me be put to death;
I am content, so thou wilt have it so.
I'll say yon grey is not the morning's eye,
'T is but the pale reflex of Cynthia's brow;

Nor that is not the lark, whose notes do beat
The vaulty heaven so high above our heads:
I have more care to stay than will to go:
Come, death, and welcome! Juliet wills it so,
How is't my soul? let's talk; it is not day.

Jul. It is, it is; hie hence, be gone, away!
It is the lark that sings so out of tune,
Straining harsh discords and unpleasing sharps.
Some say the lark makes sweet division;
This doth not so, for she divideth us:

#Quote by William Shakespeare
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by George Carlin
#14. I have things that are strident and confrontational, and I have a lot of things that are childlike and innocent and sort of sweet. So, somewhere in between lies the middle of me. #Quote by George Carlin
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Hannah Woolley
#15. Vain man is apt to think we were merely intended for the world's propagation and to keep its human inhabitants sweet and clean; but, by their leaves, had we the same literature he would find our brains as fruitful as our bodies. #Quote by Hannah Woolley
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Shane Kuhn
#16. He was a self-righteous know-it-all who had the breath of a dung beetle, a gray ponytail he barely pulled together from the bozo ring of hair clinging to his balding, freckled dome, and loved to drink, of all things, tea. Usually it was some sickly sweet-smelling herbal crap that was made in the hippie wasteland of Boulder, Colorado. The box was festooned with the image of a happy, dancing bear in a field of multicolored flowers and the tea had some idiotic name like Tai Chai. After work one evening, I snatched the box of tea bags from the break room and changed the recipe. I wasn't really worried that any other employees would use one of the tea bags because NO ONE DRINKS FUCKING TEA AT WORK, especially not the totally useless, noncaffeinated fairy tears reserved for old maids to sip while they watch Murder, She Wrote in bed with their legion of cats. #Quote by Shane Kuhn
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Julia Hoban
#17. I guess what scares me the most now is the thought that I won't be able to protect you #Quote by Julia Hoban
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Cynthia Hand
#18. I'll never forget the way he tastes. It's not anything I can describe, a little sweet and a whole lot of spice, and it feels, in that moment, absolutely right. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Charles Dickens
#19. My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Jim Butcher
#20. Why?" I asked him tiredly. "What would it have changed? What could you possibly have said that would have made a difference?"
"That I was your brother, Harry," he said. "That I loved you. That I knew a few things about denying the dark parts of your nature. And that we would get through it." He put his elblows on his knees and rested his forehead on his hands. "That we'd figure it out. That you weren't alone."
He was right. It was just that simple. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Walter Cronkite
#21. The sweet smell of the South, of Camellias and Azaleas, clings to Beaufort's ancient and historic buildings. #Quote by Walter Cronkite
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Dan Pearce
#22. When I date women now, I have learned to simply not care what they think about it. I'm the same person I always have been. Faithful. Dependable. Kind. Sweet. Funny. Awesome. And if they want to discount me because of something as insignificant and irrelevant as me experiencing attraction to men as well, then they don't get me in their lives. They don't deserve me. #Quote by Dan Pearce
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#23. The Devil's Rose

You would never take a rose from a beast.
If his callous hand were to hold out a scarlet flower, his grip unaffected by pricking thorns, you would shrink from the gift and refuse it. I know that is what you would do.

But the cunning beast will have his beauty.

He hunts not in hopeless pursuit, for fear would have you sprint all the day long. Thus, he turns toward the shadows and clutches the rosebud, crunching and twisting until every delicate petal is detached. One falls not far from your feet, and you notice the red spot in the snow.

The color sparkles in the sunlight, catching your curious eye. No beast stands in sight; there is nothing to fear, so you dare retrieve the lone petal. The touch of temptation is velvet against your thumb. It carries a scent you bring to your nose, and both eyes close to float on a cloud of perfume.

As your lashes lift, another scarlet drop stains the snow at a near distance. A glance around perceives no danger, and so your footprints scar the snowflakes to retrieve another rosy leaflet as soft and sweet as the first. Your eyes shine with flecks of golden greed at the discovery of more discarded petals, and you blame the wind for scattering them mere footprints apart. All you want is a few, so you step and snatch, step and snatch, step and snatch.

Soon, there is enough velvet to rub against your cheek like a silken kerchief. Your collection of one-plus #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#24. We must learn to suffer whatever we cannot avoid. Our life is composed, like the harmony of the world, of dischords as well as different tones, sweet and harsh, sharp and flat, soft and loud. If a musician liked only some of them, what could he sing? He has got to know how to use all of them and blend them together. So too must we with good and ill, which are of one substance with our life. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Shaye Evans
#25. It'd take a lot more than a quick fuck to lose me, Lockland."
He smiled and nipped my lower lip.
"Plus," I murmured, pulling back, "your cock is pretty nice. I think my ass would miss it. #Quote by Shaye Evans
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Tabatha Vargo
#26. Aren't you suppose to say something sweet to me? "
"You were the reason, Red."
"Reason for what?"
"That my heart beat again. #Quote by Tabatha Vargo
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Seneca The Younger
#27. Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by William Shakespeare
#28. Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by J.M. Barrie
#29. Oh, you mysterious girls, when you are fifty-two we shall find you out; you must come into the open then. If the mouth has fallen sourly yours the blame: all the meanness your youth concealed have been gathering in your face. But the pretty thoughts and sweet ways and dear, forgotten kindnesses linger there also, to bloom in your twilight like evening primroses. #Quote by J.M. Barrie
Sweet Boyfriends quotes by Erin Jamison
#30. He reached out and intertwined our hands. Gently urging me forward he whispered, Have I lost you love? #Quote by Erin Jamison

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