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Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#1. Music is a language, a universal language. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Rick Riordan
#2. How do we beat her? I asked.
You pretty much don't, Horus said. She is the incarnation of the sun's wrath. Back in the day when Ra was active, she would have been much more impressive, but still.She's unstoppable. A born killer. A slaying machine
"Okay, I get it!" I yelled. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Swamy Ra quotes by Jo Ah-ra
#3. No matter where you are or who you're with, don't forget to smile. A smile makes the world go round. It becomes your strength and confidence in this world. Because that's the secret to true beauty. #Quote by Jo Ah-ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Karen Hawkins
#4. By Ra, you're an impertinent, saucy - " "Careful, Hurst. We just kissed, so according to you, I shall now interpret every thing you say in a very negative manner and might burst into tears and run shrieking off to a convent. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#5. If you're not mad at the world, you don't have what it takes #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Aron Ra
#6. In a failed attempt to ease my concerns over that, a few emails came to me explaining how some other members of the board were even less competent than McLeroy. For example, Vice Chairman David Bradley famously said, "This critical thinking stuff is gobbledygook. Students need to be able to jump to their own conclusions." Yes, #Quote by Aron Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Aron Ra
#7. Only accurate information has practical application, so it doesn't matter what you wanna believe. All that matters is why we should believe it too, and how accurate your perception can be shown to be. #Quote by Aron Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Rick Riordan
#8. Zia's senile grandfather? Nope. That was Ra, god of the sun, first divine pharaoh of Egypt and archenemy of Apophis. Last spring we'd gone on a quest to find him and revive him from his twilight sleep, trusting he would rise in all his glory and fight the Chaos snake for us. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Swamy Ra quotes by Jayant Swamy
#9. When we are young, we have stars in our eyes. We have dreams. We romanticize the unattainable. Once the dream is attained, everything seems dreary. Once we are There, we realize there is no There. There is now Here. Disillusionment follows. Life is drudgery. Yet it is important to dream. #Quote by Jayant Swamy
Swamy Ra quotes by Savitri Devi
#10. Whether Hindus or Greeks, Egyptians or Japanese, Chinese, Sumerians, or ancient Americans
or even Romans, the most "modern" among people of antiquity
they all placed the Golden Age, the Age of Truth, the rule of Kronos or of Ra or of any other gods on earth
the glorious beginning of the slow, downward unfurling of history, whatever name it be given
far behind them in the past. #Quote by Savitri Devi
Swamy Ra quotes by Tim Gane
#11. My favorite record shop was called Recommended Records, in South London near where I lived - they did all the original Faust reissues that came out in 1979, and they also did a lot of Sun Ra stuff. They were a great record shop. #Quote by Tim Gane
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#12. But recently I began to feel that maybe I wouldn't be able to do what I want to do and need to do with American musicians, who are imprisoned behind these bars; music's got these bars and measures you know. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#13. I wanna kiss you!" I shouted. "Like the wind kisses the ra-i-ain! #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Swamy Ra quotes by Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi
#14. Today's Quote of the Day is an excerpt from 'The Religion of God (Divine Love)' by His Divine Eminence RA Gohar Shahi (http://thereligionofgod.com/)

'Had all humanity called upon God by one name, all would have been united inwardly despite different religions. #Quote by Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi
Swamy Ra quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#15. The dawn is killing me off, the fog is on the windows, the [ra]coons have robbed the cans, and down in Rio its 8 a.m. and the whores who missed last night are already out on the beach in their fine little bikinis and if I could get my hands on just one of them I would be God's happiest man. But that's not likely tonight, so I'll get some sleep and wake up tomorrow with a fix on the Hell's Angels.
- to Angus Cameron in a letter dated 06/28/1965 #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Swamy Ra quotes by Wayne Kramer
#16. In Detroit, it was an average night to go and hear the Stooges, Parliament-Funkadelic and the MC5 on the same show. We were all into the 'Free Jazz' movement, the musics of Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra; and experimenting with guitar sounds, and trying different beats, and pushing the rhythm farther... #Quote by Wayne Kramer
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#17. wings greater than wings
wings greater than walls #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#18. the case is even stronger, and the parallel with madness is yet more strange. For it was our case against the exhaustive and logical theory of the lunatic that, right or wrong, it gradually destroyed his humanity. Now it is the charge against the main deductions of the materialist that, right or wrong, they gradually destroy his humanity; I do not mean only kindness, I mean hope, courage, poetry, initiative, all that is human. For instance, when materialism leads men to complete fatalism (as it generally does), it is quite idle to pretend that it is in any sense a liberating force. It is absurd to say that you are especially advancing freedom when you only use free thought to destroy free will. The determinists come to bind , not to loose . They may well call their law the "chain" of causation. It is the worst chain that ever fettered a human being. You may use the language of liberty, if you like, about materialistic teaching, but it is obvious that this is just as inapplicable to it as a whole as the same language when applied to a man locked up in a mad-house. You may say, if you like, that the man is free to think himself a poached egg. But it is surely a more massive and important fact that if he is a poached egg he is not free to eat, drink, sleep, walk, or smoke a cigarette. Similarly you may say, if you like, that the bold determinist speculator is free to disbelieve in the reality of the will. But it is a much more massive and important fact that he is not free to ra #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#19. In some far off place, many light years in space, I'll wait for you. Where human feet have never trod, where human eyes have never seen. I'll build a world of abstract dreams and wait for you. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Rick Riordan
#20. That sounded about as likely as Apophis and Ra becoming Facebook buddies, but I decided not to say anything. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#21. I'm not a prophet. I'm a destiny-changer. It's all right to prophesy, but the best thing to do is change things, if you've got the power. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Natalie Dormer
#22. As a child, I was prancing around in my mother's high heels and a ra-ra skirt, singing 'Material Girl' into my hairbrush. #Quote by Natalie Dormer
Swamy Ra quotes by Subramanian Swamy
#23. I think there is a misunderstanding about Indians' traditional views. India did send army into Goa, India did send an army into and fought a war in Kashmir in 1948, India did get Hyderabad by force ... I think the narrow projection on the international ... arena distorted India's image. #Quote by Subramanian Swamy
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#24. Those who will not dance will have to be shot #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Winna Efendi
#25. You have to let go of those feelings, Ra. Anger, fear, regret. It's the only way you can forgive yourself and love again. #Quote by Winna Efendi
Swamy Ra quotes by Rick Riordan
#26. Ra warbled, 'Hel-lo-o-o-o-o!' and stumbled to his feet. He began #Quote by Rick Riordan
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#27. I use music as a medium to talk to people. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#28. I'm not a minister, I'm not a philosopher, I'm not a politician, I'm in another category. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Ted Nugent
#29. I'm aware of Yusef Lateef and Sun Ra and John Coltrane. My music cup runneth over. I try to encourage people: don't cut anything off, don't limit yourself. Give it a good listen: you might find something in that goofy Sun Ra noise, that dissonance. Before I learned 'official musicality' - which you should avoid at all costs - I listened to some Sun Ra and Yusef Lateef and John Coltrane and that's where 'Journey to the Center of the Mind' came from. When you intentionally and aggressively pursue musical communication with those powerfully impactful musical geniuses, you will pick up something. #Quote by Ted Nugent
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#30. I'm one that will cause people to scratch
their heads in wonderment
in search of their hollow hearts
and look in their souls and wonder,
Where did he come from? What is he? #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Subramanian Swamy
#31. We [India in 70s] certainly were capable of producing eight to ten bombs, at a cost of about $250,000 each; and we had Boeing 707s to deliver them if we needed it, so I think we had a crude capability already at that time. #Quote by Subramanian Swamy
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#32. A prophet is not without honor except in his own country among his own people. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#33. What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Aron Ra
#34. So secular humanism is not a religion in any sense, legal or otherwise, and neither is atheism. Religion must include a professed conviction, and mythical characters hardly counts as that. So atheism alone is no more a religion than health is a disease. One may as well argue over which brand of car pedestrians drive. #Quote by Aron Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Sri Annamalai Swamy
#35. Take the mind back to its source and plunge it into the peace-giving waters of the Self. If you once make this pilgrimage, you will never need to go looking for happiness or peace in any other place. #Quote by Sri Annamalai Swamy
Swamy Ra quotes by Ra Un Nefer Amen
#36. We can be at peace through the realization that the adversity is beneficial to act as the genuine demand for wisdom and spiritual power. #Quote by Ra Un Nefer Amen
Swamy Ra quotes by Ricky Gervais
#37. Next time someone tells me they believe in God, I'll say 'Oh which one? Zeus? Hades? Jupiter? Mars? Odin? Thor? Krishna? Vishnu? Ra? ... ' If they say 'Just God. I only believe in the one God,' I'll point out that they are nearly as atheistic as me. I don't believe in 2,870 gods, and they don't believe in 2,869. #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#38. In the world of tomorrow, the new man will 'think' the place he wants to go, then his mind will take him there. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#39. At first there was nothingthen nothing turned itself inside-out and became something #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#40. Bach and Beethoven, all of them, they had to write something to please the upper structure, those with money and power. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#41. I think of myself as a complete mystery. To myself. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by James Joyce
#42. The ree the ra the ree the ra the roo. Lord, I mustn't lilt here. #Quote by James Joyce
Swamy Ra quotes by Sun Ra
#43. History is His story. You haven't heard my story. #Quote by Sun Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Aron Ra
#44. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbour's." This is a thought crime. Not only is it in violation of the most basic of all American principles, it could also be argued that coveting thy neighbor's goods is the primary motivation behind our capitalist economy. There #Quote by Aron Ra
Swamy Ra quotes by Rick Riordan
#45. Thank Ra!" She exclaimed.
"Yeah, I'm alive."
"No, I almost jumped in after you. I hate the water! #Quote by Rick Riordan

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