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Svaka Cast quotes by Eloisa James
#1. There was some rustling as the gown was cast over the soprano's shoulders, or so Lina assumed, and then the alto and Madame Rocque started cooing.
But the soprano cut through it decisively. 'I look like an orange without its rind,' she said firmly. #Quote by Eloisa James
Svaka Cast quotes by Donal Og Cusack
#2. I believe hurling is the best of us, one of the greatest and most beautiful expressions of what we can be. For me that is the perspective that death and loss cast on the game. If you could live again you would hurl more, because that is living. You'd pay less attention to the rows and the mortgage and the car and all the daily drudge. Hurling is our song and our verse, and when I walk in the graveyard in Cloyne and look at the familiar names on the headstones I know that their ownders would want us to hurl with more joy and more exuberance and more (as Frank Murphy used to tell us) abandon than before, because life is shorter than the second half of a tournament game that starts at dusk. #Quote by Donal Og Cusack
Svaka Cast quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#3. For verily it is not deep words that make a man holy and upright; it is a good life which maketh a man dear to God. I had rather feel contrition than be skilful in the definition thereof. If thou knewest the whole Bible, and the sayings of all the philosophers, what should all this profit thee without the love and grace of God? Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, save to love God, and Him only to serve. That is the highest wisdom, to cast the world behind us, and to reach forward to the heavenly kingdom. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
Svaka Cast quotes by Dara Torres
#4. Being an Olympic Medalist was a team effort. So I am honored to be a part of CBS Sports' WE NEED TO TALK cast of iconic women. Being part of a show with some of my broadcasting and sports idols is an honor. #Quote by Dara Torres
Svaka Cast quotes by Roy H. Williams
#5. Words are mere shadows cast by ideas. But the ideas they represent are real. #Quote by Roy H. Williams
Svaka Cast quotes by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
#6. When the prophet read this verse: If God wishes to guide anyone, He expands his breast for Islam (6 : 125), he was asked as to the meaning of expansion of breast and he said: This is light. When it is cast into heart, it expands. He was asked: Has it got any sign? The Prophet replied: Yes, to be separate from this world of deceit, to turn to the hereafter and to prepare for death before it actually comes. #Quote by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
Svaka Cast quotes by A.E. Housman
#7. We now to peace and darkness And earth and thee restore Thy creature that thou madest And wilt cast forth no more. #Quote by A.E. Housman
Svaka Cast quotes by D.W. Wilkin
#8. Is it a paradox to firmly state in one breath that you don't believe in an almighty, and in that same instance, cast your eyes heavenward with your biggest "why me" look? #Quote by D.W. Wilkin
Svaka Cast quotes by Stephen R. Lawhead
#9. Alea iacta est. The die has been cast. #Quote by Stephen R. Lawhead
Svaka Cast quotes by William Shakespeare
#10. Thus conscience does make cowards of us all; And thus the native hue of resolution Is slicked o'er with the pale cast of thought #Quote by William Shakespeare
Svaka Cast quotes by Aeschylus
#11. In the lack of judgment great harm arises, but one vote cast can set right a house. #Quote by Aeschylus
Svaka Cast quotes by Ridley Scott
#12. It's everything and I always make decisions about the cast. #Quote by Ridley Scott
Svaka Cast quotes by P.C. Cast
#13. He's not the brightest crayola in the pack. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Svaka Cast quotes by Pele
#14. When football stars disappear, so do the teams, and that is a very curious phenomenon. It is like in the theatre, in a play, where there is a great star. If the star is not well, the whole cast suffers. #Quote by Pele
Svaka Cast quotes by James O'Barr
If I were an Angel I would cast away my wings and halo, forever
Just to spend one more moment near you,
To touch the soft white milk of your skin,
To count every freckle on your nose,
To feel the silky smooth drift of your hair over my face,
To feel your breath hot on my mouth.
I would forget the music of every sunrise
To just once more hear you sigh,
I would laugh in absolute joy at the irony
Of the angel who gave away his divinity, for all eternity,
To fell the warm glow of an earth-bound love,
If just for one single moment.
J O'Barr #Quote by James O'Barr
Svaka Cast quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#16. With rope-ladders learned I to reach many a window, with nimble legs did I climb high masts: to sit on high masts of perception seemed to me no small bliss; To flicker like small flames on high masts: a small light, certainly, but a great comfort to cast-away sailors and shipwrecked ones!
By diverse ways and wendings did I arrive at my truth; not by one ladder did I mount to the height where mine eye roveth into my remoteness. And unwillingly only did I ask my way - that was always counter to my taste! Rather did I question and test the ways themselves.
A testing and a questioning hath been all my travelling: and verily, one must also learn to answer such questioning! That, however - is my taste: Neither a good nor a bad taste, but my taste, of which I have no longer either shame or secrecy.
"This is now my way - where is yours?" Thus did I answer those who asked me "the way." For "the way" - it doth not exist! #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Svaka Cast quotes by Margaret Atwood
#17. Farewells can be shattering, but returns are surely worse. Solid flesh can never live up to the bright shadow cast by its absence. Time and distance blur the edges; then suddenly the beloved has arrived, and it's noon with its merciless light, and every spot and pore and wrinkle and bristle stands clear. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Svaka Cast quotes by E.L. James
#18. He has some explaining to do, but right now I want to revel in the feel of his comforting, protective arms around me. And in that moment it occurs to me; any explanations on his part have to come from him. I can't force him - he's got to want to tell me. I won't be cast as the nagging wife, constantly trying to wheedle information out of her husband. It's just exhausting. I know he loves me. I know he loves me more than he's ever loved anyone, and for now, that's enough. The realization is liberating. I stop crying and step back. #Quote by E.L. James
Svaka Cast quotes by E. M. Forster
#19. We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Svaka Cast quotes by Victoria Jackson
#20. I think the reason they cast me as the good girls is because they couldn't find any in Hollywood. #Quote by Victoria Jackson
Svaka Cast quotes by Willem Dafoe
#21. I guess they often cast me as the bad guy, because I'm not, er, conventional looking. I look sort of violent. I'm the odd one out, the outsider. #Quote by Willem Dafoe
Svaka Cast quotes by Epictetus
#22. You journey to Olympia to see the work of Phidias; and each of you holds it a misfortune not to have beheld these things before you die. Whereas when there is no need even to take a journey, but you are on the spot, with the works before you, have you no care to contemplate and study these?

Will you not then perceive either who you are or unto what end you were born: or for what purpose the power of contemplation has been bestowed on you?

"Well, but in life there are some things disagreeable and hard to bear."

And are there none at Olympia? Are you not scorched by the heat? Are you not cramped for room? Have you not to bathe with discomfort? Are you not drenched when it rains? Have you not to endure the clamor and shouting and such annoyances as these? Well, I suppose you set all this over against the splendour of the spectacle and bear it patiently. What then? have you not received greatness of heart, received courage, received fortitude? What care I, if I am great of heart, for aught that can come to pass? What shall cast me down or disturb me? What shall seem painful? Shall I not use the power to the end for which I received it, instead of moaning and wailing over what comes to pass? #Quote by Epictetus
Svaka Cast quotes by Brian Tracy
#23. Cast aside your doubts. Make a total commitment to living the life you were meant to live. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Svaka Cast quotes by Lynn Cullen
#24. Did Mr. Poe write as a boy?
Dear me, yes. It was all he had, what with losing his mother as a toddling child and then being cast aside by his foster father. I think sometimes his pen was his only friend in the world #Quote by Lynn Cullen
Svaka Cast quotes by Soyen Shaku
#25. Upon retiring, sleep as if you had entered your last sleep. Upon awakening, leave your bed behind you instantly as if you had cast away a pair of old shoes. #Quote by Soyen Shaku
Svaka Cast quotes by Magda Szabo
#26. Don't think that when you come with the injection they won't already know what's going to happen. But you needn't feel sorry for a single one. Being put down is more merciful than being cast out and going stray, with all its perils. Feed them full of meat before you finish them off. None of them are used to meat, and if you add a little sedative, you won't even have to chase them. #Quote by Magda Szabo
Svaka Cast quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#27. Gentlemen, let us suppose that man is not stupid. (Indeed one cannot refuse to suppose that, if only from the one consideration, that, if man is stupid, then who is wise?) But if he is not stupid, he is monstrously ungrateful! Phenomenally ungrateful. In fact, I believe that the best definition of man is the ungrateful biped. But that is not all, that is not his worst defect; his worst defect is his perpetual moral obliquity, perpetual - from the days of the Flood to the Schleswig-Holstein period. Moral obliquity and consequently lack of good sense; for it has long been accepted that lack of good sense is due to no other cause than moral obliquity. Put it to the test and cast your eyes upon the history of mankind. What will you see? Is it a grand spectacle? Grand, if you like. Take the Colossus of Rhodes, for instance, that's worth something. With good reason Mr. Anaevsky testifies of it that some say that it is the work of man's hands, while others maintain that it has been created by nature herself. Is it many-coloured? Maybe it is many-coloured, too: if one takes the dress uniforms, military and civilian, of all peoples in all ages - that alone is worth something, and if you take the undress uniforms you will never get to the end of it; no historian would be equal to the job. Is it monotonous? May be it's monotonous too: it's fighting and fighting; they are fighting now, they fought first and they fought last - you will admit, that it is almost too monotonous. In short, on #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Svaka Cast quotes by Ginette Paris
#28. A myth is a fantasy, a preferred lie, a foundational story, a hypnotic trance, an identity game, a virtual reality, one that can be either inspirational or despairing. It is a story in which I cast myself; it is my inner cinema, the motion picture of my inner reality - one that moves all the time. No diagnosis can fix the myth, no cure can settle it, because our inner life is precisely what, in us, will not lie still. #Quote by Ginette Paris
Svaka Cast quotes by Julia P. Lynde
#29. No one is just anything. You all cast ripples throughout the world with small actions sometimes having such profound effect. #Quote by Julia P. Lynde
Svaka Cast quotes by P.C. Cast
#30. I was crazy about Heath. And his blood. Erik was an amazing guy who I really, really liked. Loren was completely delicious. Jeesh, I sucked. - Zoey Redbird (Ch 20) #Quote by P.C. Cast
Svaka Cast quotes by Wilkie Au And Noreen Cannon Au
#31. We are called to cast our cares upon the Lord, not our responsibility (1 Pet 5:7). #Quote by Wilkie Au And Noreen Cannon Au
Svaka Cast quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#32. One question I feel compelled to ask; Before they agreed to marry, did all the Cynster females behave as irrationally as Heather is?"
He glanced briefly up, but Richard didn't look up from the lure he was tying off as he unperturably replied, "Prickly at the best of times, then 'have-at-you' the instant you set a foot, nay, a toe, wrong?"
"Then yes." Richard straightened, tipping his head as he examined his lure. "It seems to be a family failing, even when they're not Cynster-born."
Breckenridge humphed.
He was carefully placing the fresh hook into his clamp when Richard continued, "There seems to be this prevailing wisdom, not just over marrying for love, but what that actually equates to. They seem to all have it firmly in their heads that without some cast-iron assurance, preferably in the form of an open declaration from us, then no matter the reality of any love, that love won't be solid and strong."
Unwinding the vise to release his completed lure, Richard grimaced. "It's almost as if they think that unless we state our feelings out aloud, we won't know what they-our feelings-are." He snorted. "As if we somehow might not notice that our lives have suddenly shifted to revolve solely about them and their well-being."
Breckenridge grunted in masculine agreement.
"Sadly," Richard said, selecting another hook, "it appears futile to expect them to go against the familial grain. #Quote by Stephanie Laurens
Svaka Cast quotes by Alice Hoffman
#33. Everything was red, the air, the sun, whatever I looked at. Except for him. I fell in love with someone who was human. I watched him walk through the hills and come back in the evening when his work was through. I saw things no woman would see: that he knew how to cry, that he was alone. I cast myself at him, like a fool, but he didn't see me. And then one day he noticed I was beautiful and he wanted me. He broke me off and took me with him, in his hands, and I didn't care that I was dying until I actually was. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Svaka Cast quotes by Antonin Sertillanges
#34. Judas does not love. He does not love and that is why he betrays. He does not love, and that is why, having cast aside treason because it horrifies him, he ends by detesting himself without repenting. Self-hatred is salutary only when associated with the love of God. Alone it is homicidal; it has the power to destroy everything and it has no power at all to repair. #Quote by Antonin Sertillanges
Svaka Cast quotes by Jaime Buckley
#35. There is no limit as to what we can learn. Through study, we can learn from the past. Experience can empower us to handle the present. For those who desire to learn of the future, dreams hold a subtle key.
Not all things we see, as we sleep, should be cast aside as non-consequential rubbish. It is true that the mind can play many tricks ... but it can also send you messages meant to be deciphered at a later date. #Quote by Jaime Buckley
Svaka Cast quotes by Langston Hughes
#36. My personal experience has been that in my 25 years of writing, I have not been asked to do more than four or five commercial one-shot scripts. These were performed on major national hook-ups but produced for me no immediate additional jobs or requests. One script for BBC was done around the world with an all-star cast. #Quote by Langston Hughes
Svaka Cast quotes by Allen Drury
#37. Be kind, be decent, be generous, be tolerant, compassionate, and understanding. Be fast to praise, slow to judge. Remember, we're all human, and don't cast the first stone. #Quote by Allen Drury

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