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Surveys quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#1. She couldn't survey the wreck of the world with an air of casual unconcern. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Surveys quotes by Matthieu Ricard
#2. These general surveys have found that the sense of happiness is higher in countries that ensure their inhabitants' basic resources, greater security, autonomy, and freedom, as well as sufficient educational opportunities and access to information. People are manifestly happier in countries where personal freedoms are guaranteed and democracy secure. This is only to be expected: citizens are happier in a climate of peace. Regardless of economic conditions, those who live under military rule are unhappier. #Quote by Matthieu Ricard
Surveys quotes by Tony Blair
#3. I don't think it's surprising we will have to look for them. I'm confident that when the Iraq Survey Group has done its work we will find what's happened to those weapons because he had them. #Quote by Tony Blair
Surveys quotes by Craig S. Keener
#4. All Christian churches in China practice some form of healing, including Three-Self churches. In fact, according to some surveys, 90% of new believers cite healing as a reason for their conversion. This is especially true in the countryside where medical facilities are often inadequate or non-existent. - Edmond Tang #Quote by Craig S. Keener
Surveys quotes by Susan Ee
#5. Dee checks to make sure his mic is turned off. 'It's not about common sense.' Dee surveys the crowd with some pride.

Dum also checks to make sure his mic is off. 'It's not about logic or practicality or anything that makes a remote amount of sense.' He sports a wide grin.

'That's the whole point of a talent show,' says Dee, doing a spin onstage. 'It's illogical, chaotic, stupid, and a whole hell of a lot of fun.' Dee nods to Dum. 'It's what sets us apart from monkeys. What other species puts on talent shows? #Quote by Susan Ee
Surveys quotes by Ted Haggard
#6. You know all the surveys say that evangelicals have the best sex life of any other group. #Quote by Ted Haggard
Surveys quotes by William McNamara
#7. We must, like a painter, take time to stand back from our work, to be still, and thus see what's what ... True repose is standing back to survey the activities that fill our days. #Quote by William McNamara
Surveys quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#8. But women bear the brunt of this bias. According to patient surveys,
women are more likely than men to have been advised to lose weight by a
health care provider. #Quote by Maya Dusenbery
Surveys quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#9. The answer to all questions of life and death, "the absolute solution" was written all over the world he had known: it was like a traveller realising that the wild country he surveys is not an accidental assembly of natural phenomena, but the page in a book where these mountains and forests, and fields, and rivers are disposed in such a way as to form a coherent sentence; the vowel of a lake fusing with the consonant of a sibilant slope; the windings of a road writing its message in a round hand, as clear as that of one's father; trees conversing in dumb-show, making sense to one who has learnt the gestures of their language... Thus the traveller spells the landscape and its sense is disclosed, and likewise, the intricate pattern of human life turns out to be monogrammatic, now quite clear to the inner eye disentangling the interwoven letters. And the word, the meaning which appears is astounding in its simplicity: the greatest surprise being perhaps that in the course of one's earthly existence, with one's brain encompassed by an iron ring, by the close-fitting dream of one's own personality - one had not made by chance that simple mental jerk, which would have set free imprisoned thought and granted it the great understanding. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Surveys quotes by Meik Wiking
#10. But one of the main reasons why Denmark does so well in international happiness surveys is the welfare state, as it reduces uncertainty, worries and stress in the population. You can say that Denmark is the happiest country in the world or you can say that Denmark is the least unhappy country in the world. The welfare state is really good (not perfect, but good) at reducing extreme unhappiness. Universal and free health care, free university education and relatively generous unemployment benefits go a long way towards reducing unhappiness. #Quote by Meik Wiking
Surveys quotes by Jeffrey Pfeffer
#11. With respect to trust, people tell me that it is essential for organizational functioning. Maybe, but most surveys of trust find that trust in leaders is low and nonetheless, organizations role along quite nicely. #Quote by Jeffrey Pfeffer
Surveys quotes by Chevy Chase
#12. You may have read that I went to M.I.T. In 1982 I filled out a Who's Who survey with joking responses, and they never bothered to check the facts. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Surveys quotes by Graham Joyce
#13. George Orwell's '1984' frequently tops surveys of our greatest books: it's not a celebration of poetic language. It's decidedly anti-literary, a masterpiece of personal and political narrative sequence. And its subject matter is crucial, because what '1984' shows is that language can be a dirty trick. #Quote by Graham Joyce
Surveys quotes by Francis Fukuyama
#14. Interstate wars in Latin America have been so infrequent and politically unimportant that many major surveys of Latin American history barely cover them. Compared to Europe and ancient China, or indeed North America, war had a marginal effect on state building. Charles Tilly's aphorism "war made the state, and the state made war" remains true, but begs the question of why wars are more prevalent in some regions than in others. #Quote by Francis Fukuyama
Surveys quotes by Sally Fernandez
#15. careful evaluation of various surveys has taken place and support the idea that the number of qualified scientists believing global warming is primarily man-made is less than three percent - rather than ninety-seven percent. #Quote by Sally Fernandez
Surveys quotes by Paul Nitze
#16. Based on a detailed investigation of all the facts and supported by the testimony of the surviving Japanese leaders involved, it is the Survey's opinion that certainly prior to 31 December 1945 and in all probability prior to 1 November 1945, Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war, and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated. #Quote by Paul Nitze
Surveys quotes by David Brin
#17. But honestly, if you do a rigorous survey of my work, I'll bet you'll find that biology is a theme far more often than physical science. #Quote by David Brin
Surveys quotes by Peter Singer
#18. A majority of people in these surveys also said that America gives too much aid
but when they were asked how much America should give, the median answers ranged from 5 percent to 10 percent of government spending. In other words, people wanted foreign aid 'cut' to an amount five to ten times greater than the United States actually gives! #Quote by Peter Singer
Surveys quotes by Don DeLillo
#19. She said, "What would you do if you left?" "I'm not sure. Get a doctorate maybe. I know some people who work in think tanks. I'd want to talk to them. Sound them out." She gave him a sour look. The term made her unhappy - think tank - and he didn't blame her. Passive, mild, middle-aged, ivory-towerish. People rustling papers in redoubts of social strategy. Situation reports, policy alternatives, statistical surveys. He #Quote by Don DeLillo
Surveys quotes by Peter Haggett
#20. The Place of Religion in Chicago is a clearly written account of a little-studied aspect of American landscape. Based on unique field surveys and supported by photographs, tables, and beautifully crafted maps, the book will form a lasting contribution to our understanding of an overlooked element of the American urban scene: the religious landscape of a major metropolis. #Quote by Peter Haggett
Surveys quotes by Allan Berube
#21. No census was taken of the number of gay men and lesbians who entered the military. But if Alfred Kinsey's wartime surveys were accurate and applied as much to the military as to the civilian population, at least 650,000 and as many as 1.6 million male soldiers were homosexual. #Quote by Allan Berube
Surveys quotes by Aristophanes
#22. Only by being suspended aloft, by dangling my mind in the heavens and mingling my rare thought with the ethereal air, could I ever achieve strict scientific accuracy in my survey of the vast empyrean. Had I pursued my inquiries from down there on the ground, my data would be worthless. The earth, you see, pulls down the delicate essence of thought to its own gross level. #Quote by Aristophanes
Surveys quotes by N. Eldon Tanner
#23. Children must learn obedience, and parents must exact obedience from them. Love your children, let them know that you love them; but remember that it is no favor to a child to let him do things he should not do. I have seen the results of many surveys and know from personal experience that children want some direction and control in their lives and want to live up to the expectations of those who are responsible for directing their lives. #Quote by N. Eldon Tanner
Surveys quotes by L. Neil Smith
#24. The fact is that surveys which media people openly admit to show that fewer than twelve percent of their customers believe they're doing a good job, while the average profit margin in television is in the neighborhood of eighty percent. #Quote by L. Neil Smith
Surveys quotes by Sarah Bower
#25. Agatha surveys the garden, its rows of crinkled spring cabbages and beanstalks entwining bowers of hawthorn and hazel. The rosemary is dotted with pale blue stars of blossom and chives nod heads of tousled purple. New sage leaves sprout silver green among the brittle, frost-browned remains of last year's growth. Lily of the valley, she thinks, that will be out in the cloister garden at Saint Justina's by now. #Quote by Sarah Bower
Surveys quotes by J.D. Vance
#26. we're a pessimistic bunch. What is more surprising is that, as surveys have found, working-class whites are the most pessimistic group in America. More pessimistic than Latino immigrants, many of whom suffer unthinkable poverty. More pessimistic than black Americans, whose material prospects continue to lag behind those of whites. While reality permits some degree of cynicism, the fact that hillbillies like me are more down about the future than many other groups - some #Quote by J.D. Vance
Surveys quotes by Caroline Knapp
#27. In one of the largest surveys of its kind to date, nearly 30,000 women told researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine that they'd rather lose weight than attain any other goal, a figure that alone suggests just how complicated the issue of appetite can be for women. This is the primary female striving? The appetite to lose appetite?
In fact, I suspect the opposite is true: that the primary, underlying striving among many women at the start of the millennium is the appetite for appetite: a longing to feel safe and secure enough to name one's true appetites and worthy and powerful enough to get them satisfied. #Quote by Caroline Knapp
Surveys quotes by Alistair Cooke
#28. When television came roaring in after the war (World War II) they did a little school survey asking children which they preferred and why - television or radio. And there was this 7-year-old boy who said he preferred radio because the pictures were better. #Quote by Alistair Cooke
Surveys quotes by Cleveland Abbe
#29. As a great man's influence never ends, so also there is not definite finality, no end, to a great survey; it runs along for centuries, ever responsive to the strain of the increasing needs of a growing population and an enlarging domain. #Quote by Cleveland Abbe
Surveys quotes by Scott Hall
#30. Survey says: one more for the bad guys. #Quote by Scott Hall
Surveys quotes by Quint Studer
#31. Don't wait till you get bigger to put in place key items, such as staff surveys, peer interviewing for hiring and clear standards of behavior [developed by staff]. #Quote by Quint Studer
Surveys quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#32. Our employee engagement surveys showed a 30 percent improvement in lost sick days in one year. People are calling in sick less because they are feeling more empowered, more of a sense of ownership, and more connected." Jump-Starting #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
Surveys quotes by Stephen Covey
#33. The leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire situation, and yells, 'Wrong jungle!' ... Busy, efficient producers and managers often respond ... 'Shut up! We're making progress!' #Quote by Stephen Covey
Surveys quotes by Edith Wharton
#34. There are moments when a man's imagination, so easily subdued to what it lives in, suddenly rises above its daily level, and surveys the long windings of destiny. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Surveys quotes by Herbie Brennan
#35. A stunning survey of the latest evidence for intelligent life on Mars. Mac Tonnies brings a thoughtful, balanced and highly accessible approach to one of the most fascinating enigmas of our time. #Quote by Herbie Brennan
Surveys quotes by Michelle Alexander
#36. The racial dimension of mass incarceration is its most striking feature. No other country in the world imprisons so many of its racial or ethnic minorities. The United States imprisons a larger percentage of its black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid. In Washington, D.C., our nation's capitol, it is estimated that three out of four young black men (and nearly all those in the poorest neighborhoods) can expect to serve time in prison. Similar rates of incarceration can be found in black communities across America.

These stark racial disparities cannot be explained by rates of drug crime. Studies show that people of all colors use and sell illegal drugs at remarkably similar rates. If there are significant differences in the surveys to be found, they frequently suggest that whites, particularly white youth, are more likely to engage in drug crime than people of color. That is not what one would guess, however, when entering our nation's prisons and jails, which are over-flowing with black and brown drug offenders. In some states, black men have been admitted to prison on drug charges at rates twenty to fifty times greater than those of white men. And in major cities wracked by the drug war, as many as 80 percent of young African American men now have criminal records and are thus subject to legalized discrimination for the rest of their lives. These young men are part of a growing undercaste, permanently locked up and locked out of mainstre #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Surveys quotes by Charles Hartshorne
#37. I think my great book is Born to Sing: An Interpretation and World Survey of Bird Song . #Quote by Charles Hartshorne
Surveys quotes by Hermann Von Helmholtz
#38. There is a kind, I might almost say, of artistic satisfaction, when we are able to survey the enormous wealth of Nature as a regularly ordered whole a kosmos, an image of the logical thought of our own mind. #Quote by Hermann Von Helmholtz
Surveys quotes by William J. Clinton
#39. We are here to celebrate the completion of the first survey of the entire human genome. Without a doubt, this is the most important, most wondrous map ever produced by human kind. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Surveys quotes by Camille Paglia
#40. As a scholar who regularly surveys archival material, I think that, a century from now, cultural historians will find David Horowitz's spiritual and political odyssey paradigmatic for our time. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Surveys quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#41. They took a survey: Why do men get up in the middle of the night? Ten percent get up to go to the bathroom and 90 percent get up to go home. #Quote by Rodney Dangerfield
Surveys quotes by Zygmunt Bauman
#42. The notion that we know all there is to know about people and their needs and that all these data are pinned down exactly and fully explained by the market, the state, sociological surveys, ratings, and everything else that turns people into the Global Anonymous. #Quote by Zygmunt Bauman
Surveys quotes by Scott McClellan
#43. In survey after survey, the Iraqi people say, 'We want to choose our leaders.' #Quote by Scott McClellan
Surveys quotes by William Cameron Townsend
#44. The task of getting the Gospel in an adequate way to every ethnic person is tremedous. There is but one solution. I'm sure that it isn't man, money, surveys, not talk. They all have their place, but if the basis of all of it isn't fervent, believing prayer, they are in vain. And prayer should not only be the basis but it should permeate and vitalize the whole work. #Quote by William Cameron Townsend
Surveys quotes by John Dewey
#45. A good aim surveys the present state of experience of pupils, and forming a tentative plan of treatment, keeps the plan constantly in view and yet modifies it as conditions develop. The aim, in short, is experimental, and hence constantly growing as it is tested in action. #Quote by John Dewey
Surveys quotes by Brit Hume
#46. Surveys have shown going back as far as you and I can remember that people have perceived a leftward tilt in the basic coverage that they get on TV news. #Quote by Brit Hume
Surveys quotes by Tony Blair
#47. The Iraq Survey Group has already found massive evidence of a huge system of clandestine laboratories, workings by scientists, plans to develop long range ballistic missiles. #Quote by Tony Blair
Surveys quotes by Willard Van Orman Quine
#48. The three main medieval points of view regarding universals are designated by historians as realism, conceptualism, and nominalism. Essentially these same three doctrines reappear in twentieth-century surveys of the philosophy of mathematics under the new names logicism, intuitionism, and formalism. #Quote by Willard Van Orman Quine
Surveys quotes by Theocritus
#49. Faults are beauties, when survey'd by love. #Quote by Theocritus
Surveys quotes by Margaret Fuller
#50. All great expression, which on a superficial survey seems so easy as well as so simple, furnishes after a while, to the faithful observer, its own standard by which to appreciate it. #Quote by Margaret Fuller
Surveys quotes by Mark Mason
#51. I automate some tasks and delegate many others. Doing research, job organization, data processing, field surveys, and plan preparation can be tedious, detailed work. #Quote by Mark Mason
Surveys quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#52. Knowing that Draco's hopeful face had probably been drilled into him by months of practice did not make it any less effective, Harry observed. Actually it did make it less effective, but unfortunately not ineffective. The same could be said of Draco's clever use of reciprocation pressure for an unsolicited gift, a technique which Harry had read about in his social psychology books (one experiment had shown that an unconditional gift of $5 was twice as effective as a conditional offer of $50 in getting people to fill out surveys). Draco had made an unsolicited gift of a confidence, and now invited Harry to offer a confidence in return ... and the thing was, Harry did feel pressured. Refusal, Harry was certain, would be met with a look of sad disappointment, and maybe a small amount of contempt indicating that Harry had lost points. #Quote by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Surveys quotes by Carl Sagan
#53. Perhaps, in retrospect, there would be little motivation even for malevolent extraterrestrials to attack the Earth; perhaps, after a preliminary survey, they might decide it is more expedient just to be patient for a little while and wait for us to self-destruct. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Surveys quotes by James Surowiecki
#54. Academics, who work for long periods in a self-directed fashion, may be especially prone to putting things off: surveys suggest that the vast majority of college students procrastinate, and articles in the literature of procrastination often allude to the author's own problems with finishing the piece. #Quote by James Surowiecki
Surveys quotes by James Tugend
#55. The whole issue of the effects of trash like this is awash in confucion. Studies sow that men who watch porn commit fewer rapes. It also has bad affects on young children, who mostly watch it on the internet around page 11, and later and try to emulate what they saw, with disastrous results. Reduces people to objects. Same with that kind of writing. I wrote a book (Selling Sex In The 21st Century) after years of research, including these subjects, and science and surveys are not consistent, do not explain the reality. Variety is the reality. Most theories are sometimes right, sometimes wrong. It's easy to gab on to a position andchapmion it, but the truth isn't so simple. . #Quote by James Tugend
Surveys quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#56. I'm sure if you could survey the unborn they would prefer the chance for life over the options of solar power. #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
Surveys quotes by Bob Benson
#57. Experiencing a massage therapy session is its own best advertisement for changing perceptions. A recent national consumer survey found Americans had overwhelmingly positive feelings about their massage experience. Ninety-four percent express favorable feelings. Fully 85 percent expressed very favorable feelings about their most recent massage, with 37 percent rating it a perfect ten-out-of-ten. What is striking is that there are very few detractors. Most of those who haven't yet received a massage simply haven't felt a need for it #Quote by Bob Benson
Surveys quotes by Norman Foster
#58. Surveys often show people would prefer a detached house with a lawn and driveway to an apartment. I understand this. It's not my place to presume to tell people where they can live. But perhaps that dream will simply not be possible in the future. #Quote by Norman Foster
Surveys quotes by Jennifer Senior
#59. Drawing from 1.7 million Gallup surveys collected between 2008 and 2012, researchers Angus Deaton and Arthur Stone found that parents with children at home age fifteen or younger experience more highs, as well as more lows, than those without children ... And when researchers bother to ask questions of a more existential nature, they find that parents report greater feelings of meaning and reward
which to many parents is what the entire shebang is about. #Quote by Jennifer Senior
Surveys quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#60. The hawk is aerial brother of the wave which he sails over and surveys, those his perfect air-inflated wings answering to the elemental unfledged pinions of the sea. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Surveys quotes by David Korten
#61. More and more surveys in the US are indicating a change in values taking place among consumers, who become more concerned about quality of life, food, health and the environment. #Quote by David Korten
Surveys quotes by John Dryden
#62. He with a graceful pride, While his rider every hand survey'd, Sprung loose, and flew into an escapade; Not moving forward, yet with every bound Pressing, and seeming still to quit his ground. #Quote by John Dryden
Surveys quotes by Adam Davidson
#63. Happiness quantification sounds a bit wishy-washy, sure, and through a series of carefully administered surveys across the globe, economists and psychologists have certainly confronted a fair number of sticky issues around how to measure, and even define, happiness. #Quote by Adam Davidson
Surveys quotes by John Podhoretz
#64. You'd think experienced political professionals would know better than to place their trust in exit polls, notoriously inaccurate surveys that had John Kerry winning the 2004 election by five points when he actually lost by three. #Quote by John Podhoretz
Surveys quotes by Conor Oberst
#65. I'm always fascinated when people really fervently believe, because I have such a hard time believing anything. When people have real faith in something, it's fascinating to me. And the fact that so many people, in surveys, so many people say they do. It kind of blows my mind. #Quote by Conor Oberst
Surveys quotes by Joseph Addison
#66. When all thy mercies, O my God, My rising soul surveys, Transported with the view I'm lost, in wonder, love and praise. #Quote by Joseph Addison
Surveys quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#67. The pool of illegal immigrants is like a qualified bunch of people. You don't have to do surveys. You don't have to interview them. You know they are ready-made Democrat voters. Not only that, they are readymade Democrat constituents. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Surveys quotes by Atul Gawande
#68. In 2008, the national Coping with Cancer project published a study showing that terminally ill cancer patients who were put on a mechanical ventilator, given electrical defibrillation or chest compressions, or admitted, near death, to intensive care had a substantially worse quality of life in their last week than those who received no such interventions. And, six months after their death, their caregivers were three times as likely to suffer major depression. Spending one's final days in an I.C.U. because of terminal illness is for most people a kind of failure. You lie on a ventilator, your every organ shutting down, your mind teetering on delirium and permanently beyond realizing that you will never leave this borrowed, fluorescent place. The end comes with no chance for you to have said goodbye or "It's O.K." or "I'm sorry" or "I love you."

People have concerns besides simply prolonging their lives. Surveys of patients with terminal illness find that their top priorities include, in addition to avoiding suffering, being with family, having the touch of others, being mentally aware, and not becoming a burden to others. Our system of technological medical care has utterly failed to meet these needs, and the cost of this failure is measured in far more than dollars. The hard question we face, then, is not how we can afford this system's expense. It is how we can build a health-care system that will actually help dying patients achieve what's most important to them #Quote by Atul Gawande
Surveys quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#69. Surveys suggest that about one third of all women worldwide face beatings in the home. Women aged fifteen through forty-four are more likely to be maimed or die from male violence than from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents, and war combined. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Surveys quotes by Walter Mosley
#70. The person who controls history controls their fate. The man who can tell you what happened, or did not happen, is lord and master of all he surveys. #Quote by Walter Mosley
Surveys quotes by Healthy Body Books
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Surveys quotes by Allen Ginsberg
#72. Fourth Floor, Dawn, Up All Night Writing Letters
Pigeons shake their wings on the copper church roof
out my window across the street, a bird perched on the cross
surveys the city's blue-grey clouds. Larry Rivers
'll come at 10 AM and take my picture. I'm taking
your picture, pigeons. I'm writing you down, Dawn.
I'm immortalizing your exhaust, Avenue A bus.
O Thought, now you'll have to think the same thing forever! #Quote by Allen Ginsberg
Surveys quotes by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
#73. The collective benefits of higher education will not be asserted unless the public can be engaged in defining them. A student's future returns on his or her personal investment of time and money will seem more critical than the public benefits to be derived from ensuring that all students become people of character as well as of competence. An institution's prowess in potentially lucrative lines of scientific research will seem more essential to its mission than its participation in the development of an aesthetically engaged and broadly humane society. Unless there is public discussion that can help support the balancing of public and private priorities, colleges and universities will dance only to the private ambitions that ensure continuing high levels of enrollment and high ratings in the various surveys of satisfaction that give institutions a boost in national rankings. #Quote by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Surveys quotes by Arne Duncan
#74. Surveys show that many talented and committed young people are reluctant to enter teaching for the long haul because they think the profession is low-paying and not prestigious enough. #Quote by Arne Duncan
Surveys quotes by Martin Seligman
#75. Perhaps the single most robust fact across many surveys is that married people are happier than anyone else. #Quote by Martin Seligman
Surveys quotes by Ouida
#76. The Christian religion, outwardly and even in intention humble, does, without meaning it, teach man to regard himself as the most important of all created things. Man surveys the starry heavens and hears with his ears of the plurality of worlds; yet his religion bids him believe that his alone out of these innumerable spheres is the object of his master's love and sacrifice. #Quote by Ouida
Surveys quotes by Richard Louv
#77. In a famous Middletown study of Muncie, Indiana, in 1924, mothers were asked to rank the qualities they most desire in their children. At the top of the list were conformity and strict obedience. More than fifty years later, when the Middletown survey was replicated, mothers placed autonomy and independence first. The healthiest parenting probably promotes a balance of these qualities in children. #Quote by Richard Louv
Surveys quotes by J. Frank Dobie
#78. The boundaries of culture and rainfall never follow survey lines. #Quote by J. Frank Dobie
Surveys quotes by Thomas Frank
#79. As you may recall, Truman was extremely unpopular when he finally left Washington in 1953, thanks largely to the Korean War. Today, however, he is thought to have been a solidly good president, a 'Near Great' even, in the terminology of those surveys of historians they do every now and then. #Quote by Thomas Frank
Surveys quotes by Shashi Tharoor
#80. Who knows whence this creation had its origin?
He, whether He fashioned it or whether He did not,
He, who surveys it all from the highest heaven,
He knows - or maybe even He does not know.
- Rig Veda, X.129 1
'Maybe even He does not know!' I love a faith that raises such a fundamental
question about no less a Supreme Being than the Creator of the Universe
Himself. Maybe He does not know, indeed. Who are we mere mortals to claim a
knowledge of which even He cannot be certain? #Quote by Shashi Tharoor
Surveys quotes by David Mitchell
#81. Nowadays, in Japan, when mother, or baby, or mother and baby die in childbirth, people say, 'Ah…they die because gods decide so.' Or, 'They die because bad karma.' Or, 'They die because o-mamori - magic from temple - too cheap.' Mr. de Zoet understand, it is same as bridge. True reason of many,. Many death of ignoration. I wish to build bridge from ignoration," her tapering hands form a bridge, "to knowledge. This," she lifts, with reverence, Dr. Smellie's text, "is piece of bridge. One day, I teach this knowledge…make school…students who teach other students…and in future, in Japan, many less mothers die of ignoration." She surveys her daydream for just a moment before lowering her eyes. "A foolish plan. #Quote by David Mitchell
Surveys quotes by John Berger
#82. The camera relieves us of the burden of memory. It surveys us like God, and it surveys for us. Yet no other god has been so cynical, for the camera records in order to forget. #Quote by John Berger
Surveys quotes by John Gorrie
#83. Physiology is the basis of all medical improvement and in precise proportion as our survey of it becomes more accurate and extended, it is rendered more solid. #Quote by John Gorrie
Surveys quotes by Henry Beston
#84. We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. Remote from universal nature and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate for having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein do we err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings: they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth. #Quote by Henry Beston
Surveys quotes by Anonymous
#85. In many ways, the U.S. bureaucracy has moved away from the Weberian ideal of an energetic and efficient organization staffed by people chosen for their ability and technical knowledge. The system as a whole is less merit-based: rather than coming from top schools, 45 percent of recent new hires to the federal service are veterans, as mandated by Congress. And a number of surveys of the federal work force paint a depressing picture. According to the scholar Paul Light, "Federal employees appear to be more motivated by compensation than mission, ensnared in careers that cannot compete with business and nonprofits, troubled by the lack of resources to do their jobs, dissatisfied with the rewards for a job well done and the lack of consequences for a job done poorly, and unwilling to trust their own organizations. #Quote by Anonymous
Surveys quotes by Ilona Andrews
#86. When a lion stalks a herd, he sneaks in close, lies down, and surveys them to choose his victim. He takes his time. The deer or buffalo have no idea he's near. He finds his prey and then he explodes from his hiding place and grabs it. Even if another, perfectly serviceable animal ends up within his reach, he isn't going to alter his course. He has chosen, and he would rather go hungry than change his mind. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Surveys quotes by Atul Gawande
#87. People with serious illness have priorities besides simply prolonging their lives. Surveys find that their top concerns include avoiding suffering, strengthening relationships with family and friends, being mentally aware, not being a burden on others, and achieving a sense that their life is complete. #Quote by Atul Gawande
Surveys quotes by George Karl
#88. Financial literacy is not an end in itself, but a step-by-step process. It begins in childhood and continues throughout a person's life all the way to retirement. Instilling the financial-literacy message in children is especially important, because they will carry it for the rest of their lives. The results of the survey are very encouraging, and we want to do our part to make sure all children develop and strengthen their financial-literacy skills. #Quote by George Karl
Surveys quotes by Frank Bruni
#89. After all, a creature without passionate conviction doesn't cling to extremes. He surveys the scenery and makes sure his outfit doesn't clash. #Quote by Frank Bruni
Surveys quotes by Ilona Andrews
#90. But I would be damned if I'd let Curran intimidate me into caving in.
"I see. I retrieve the surveys the Pack let slip through its fingers, and in return you bring me here against my will, interrogate me, and threaten me with bodily harm. I'm sure the Order will be amused to learn the Pack kidnapped its representative."
Curran nodded thoughtfully. "Aha. Who's going to tell them?"
Um . . . Good question. He could kill me and nobody would ever find my body. The Order wouldn't even investigate that hard; they might just chalk it up to the flare-related craziness.
"I guess I'll just have to kick your ass and break out of here." I bravely drank the rest of the soup from the bowl, abandoning all propriety. Probably shouldn't have said that.
"In your dreams."
"We've never had our rematch. I might win." Probably shouldn't have said that, either. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Surveys quotes by Oliva Gaines
#91. Mary Elizabeth's hand flew up again, but Toshi ignored her. Many of his student surveys would come back, with comments that he appeared to be unfeeling. That was untrue. He felt everything. Right now, the main emotion coursing through his body was disdain. #Quote by Oliva Gaines
Surveys quotes by Barack Obama
#92. Surveys show our standing around the world is higher than when I was elected to this office, and when it comes to every important international issue, people of the world do not look to Beijing or Moscow to lead - they call us. #Quote by Barack Obama
Surveys quotes by J.D. Greear
#93. Surveys show that more than 50 percent of people in the U.S. have prayed the sinner's prayer and think they're going to heaven because of it even though there is no detectable difference in their lifestyles from those outside of the church. On this issue- the most important issue on earth- we have to be absolutely clear. We need to preach salvation by repentance before God and faith in the finished work of Christ. #Quote by J.D. Greear
Surveys quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#94. But because we accept the sanctity of life, the responsibility that comes with freedom and the supreme sacrifice of Christ expressed so well in the hymn: 'When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died. My richest gain I count but loss and pour contempt on all my pride.' #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Surveys quotes by Donella Meadows
#95. World fertility surveys indicate that anywhere from one third to one half of the babies born in the Third World would not be if their mothers had access to cheap, reliable family planning, had enough personal empowerment to stand up to their husbands and relatives, and could choose their own family size. #Quote by Donella Meadows
Surveys quotes by Geoffrey Nunberg
#96. The Italian historian Armando Petrucci has done more than anyone else to revive interest in public writing. His groundbreaking Public Lettering: Script, Power, and Culture surveys the forms and uses of epigraphic writing from classical antiquity to the twentieth century. #Quote by Geoffrey Nunberg
Surveys quotes by Rachel Vincent
#97. The other three incoming calls were from his building superintendent, his pharmacy and a telephone survey company."
"Bastards. They always call during dinner."
Liv laughed as I slid the sliced steak onto a platter and topped it with sautéed vegetables. "Forget crime lords and corrupt politicians - telemarketers are the root of all evil."
"Now you're getting it. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Surveys quotes by Robin Baker
#98. Surveys of many cultures around the world consistently show that, in looking for a long-term partner, women prefer men who have, or have the potential of, wealth, status, stability and durability. #Quote by Robin Baker
Surveys quotes by Richard N. Bolles
#99. a vast majority of employers now Google your name - yes, Google has become both noun and verb - before they'll consider hiring you. There's your new resume, using the word resume loosely. Bye, bye, control. Statistics are hard to come by, and they tend to be all over the map. Some are from very old surveys or very limited surveys (such as 100 employers). What we know for sure is that somewhere between 35% and 70% of employers now report that they have rejected applicants on the basis of what they found through Google. Things that can get you rejected: bad grammar or gross misspelling on your Facebook or LinkedIn profile; anything indicating you lied on your resume; any badmouthing of previous employers; any signs of racism, prejudice, or screwy opinions about stuff; anything indicating alcohol or drug abuse; and any - to put it delicately - inappropriate content, etc. #Quote by Richard N. Bolles
Surveys quotes by David Letterman
#100. Interesting survey in the current Journal of Abnormal Psychology: New York
City has a higher percentage of people you shouldn't make any sudden moves
around than any other city in the world. #Quote by David Letterman
Surveys quotes by Frederic Tuten
#101. We sleep and nap in bed--my two piled up mattresses on the bare wooden floor. We are silent, dreamy. She surveys my photographs crowded on the wall. I have no particular subject, no special theme. The Brooklyn Bridge at dawn will do, tugs and their milky wake, elms fading in the fading light, my postman and his green mailbag. It's the shooting the excites me. Printing is the fatiguing task after the action, the dressing of the game after the hunt. #Quote by Frederic Tuten
Surveys quotes by Jay Leno
#102. According to a survey in this week's Time magazine, 85% of Americans think global warming is happening. The other 15% work for the White House. #Quote by Jay Leno
Surveys quotes by Rachel Caine
#103. Take the back door," she said. "Claire, you and your strang friend-"
"Eve," they both said simultaneously, and Eve held out her fst for a bump. "Or, you could call me Eve the Great, Mistress of All She Surveys. Eve for short. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Surveys quotes by Harvey Pekar
#104. There was a survey done a few years ago that affected me greatly. it was discovered that intelligent people either estimate their intelligence accurately or slightly underestimate themselves, but stupid people overestimate their intelligence and by huge margins. (And these were things like straight up math tests, not controversial IQ tests.) #Quote by Harvey Pekar
Surveys quotes by Sarumathi Jayaraman
#105. Our latest research shows that in every city across the United States in which we conducted surveys with restaurant workers, the restaurants that mistreated their workers were more likely to engage in unsafe food-handling practices that sicken customers. It made sense- if a restaurant was not a responsible employer, how could we expect that restaurant to be responsible with our health and safety? #Quote by Sarumathi Jayaraman
Surveys quotes by Jay Leno
#106. A survey has shown that the average man has had sex in a car 15 times. Something to keep in mind next time you're looking for a used car. #Quote by Jay Leno
Surveys quotes by Aulus Persius Flaccus
#107. Please not thyself the flattering crowd to hear;
'Tis fulsome stuff, to please thy itching ear.
Survey thy soul, not what thou does appear,
But what thou art. #Quote by Aulus Persius Flaccus
Surveys quotes by Bao Shu
#108. From her perch more than a kilometer aboveground, she surveys the city that never sleeps, glittering and coruscating in the rain like a metaphor for her glamorous life. #Quote by Bao Shu
Surveys quotes by John Allen Paulos
#109. There is something inhuman and vaguely pornographic about statistics ... Pornography, on the other hand, with its loosely bound sequences of storyless sexual couplings often has the feel of a statistical survey. #Quote by John Allen Paulos
Surveys quotes by Anna Letitia Barbauld
#110. And when midst fallen London, they survey The stone where Alexander's ashes lay, Shall own with humbled pride the lesson must By Time's slow finger written in the dust. #Quote by Anna Letitia Barbauld
Surveys quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#111. Any survey of the free world's defense structure cannot fail to impart a feeling of regret that so much of our effort and resources must be devoted to armaments. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Surveys quotes by Anonymous
#112. Who knows for certain?
Who shall here declare it?
Whence was it born, whence came creation?
The gods are later than
this world's formation;
Who then can know the origins of the world?
None knows whence creation arose;
And whether he has or has not made it;
He who surveys it from the lofty skies.
Only he knows-
or perhaps he knows not. #Quote by Anonymous
Surveys quotes by Jonathan Meades
#113. I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was a child. I did want to be a cartographer but that was partly because I liked Ordnance Survey maps and when I used to go to my grandparents' house from Southampton Station one went past the headquarters of the Ordnance Survey. #Quote by Jonathan Meades
Surveys quotes by Edwin Percy Whipple
#114. Humor implies a sure conception of the beautiful, the majestic and he true, by whose light it surveys and shape s their opposites. It is a humane influence, softening with mirth the ragged inequities of existence, prompting tolerant views of life, bridging over the space which separates the lofty from the lowly, the great from the humble. #Quote by Edwin Percy Whipple
Surveys quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#115. Linnaeus, setting out for Lapland, surveys his "comb" and "spare shirt," "leathern breeches" and "gauze cap to keep off gnats," with as much complacency as Bonaparte a park of artillery for the Russian campaign. The quiet bravery of the man is admirable. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Surveys quotes by Carl Sagan
#116. All over the world there are enormous numbers of smart, even gifted, people who harbor a passion for science. But that passion is unrequited. Surveys suggest that some 95 percent of Americans are "scientifically illiterate." That's just the same fraction as those African Americans, almost all of them slaves, who were illiterate just before the Civil War - when severe penalties were in force for anyone who taught a slave to read. Of course there's a degree of arbitrariness about any determination of illiteracy, whether it applies to language or to science. But anything like 95 percent illiteracy is extremely serious. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Surveys quotes by Jarod Kintz
#117. Sometimes I feel like the tenth dentist in the 9 out of 10 dentists surveys. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Surveys quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#118. The noise of the town some floors below was greatly muted. In a state of complete mental detachment, he went over the events, the circumstances and the stages of destruction in their lives. Seen in the frozen light of a restrictive past, everything seemed clear, conclusive and indisputable. Now it seemed unthinkable that a girl of seventeen shoudl be so naive; it was particularly unbelieveable that a girl of seventeen should set so much store by love. If the surveys in the magazines were to be believed, things had changed a great deal in the twenty-five years since Annabelle was a teenager. Young girls today were more sensible, more sophisticated. Nowadays they worried more about their exam results and did their best to ensure they would have a decent career. For them, going out with boys was simply a game, a distraction motivated as much by narcissism as by sexual pleasure. They later would try to make a good marriage, basing their decision on a range of social and professional criteria, as well as on shared interests and tastes. Of course, in doing this they cut themselves off from any possibility of happiness--a condition indissociable from the outdated, intensely close bonds so incompatible with the exercise of reason--but this was their attempt to escape the moral and emotional suffering which had so tortured their forebears. This hope was, unfortunately, rapidly disappointed; the passing of love's torments simply left the field clear for boredom, emptiness and an anguis #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
Surveys quotes by Xavier Mayne
#119. Let me understand,' Omar said, his brow furrowed in concentration. 'When played with cars, people could get killed. But when played with kissing, people could get...kissed.' He mused on this for a second. 'It seems like the better option.'

'You'd think,' replied Kaitlyn. 'But if you were to survey one hundred high school boys, ninety-eight of them would tell you they'd rather die in a fiery crash than be caught kissing another guy.'

'What about the other two?'

'Statistically, they're already kissing each other #Quote by Xavier Mayne
Surveys quotes by William H. Calvin
#120. It takes a heavy commitment to quality education for all to avoid that stratification of society, those needless degrees of separation. But even the present-day United States has lost what commitment it used to have to free education of high quality. Anyone reading the annual surveys of science literacy (another example: fewer than half of Americans know that the earth orbits the sun once a year) has to wonder how badly most people are going to be left behind, further along into the 21st century, whether they too will become "stubborn, apathetic, and perverse" toward a scientific and technological world they must view as magical, beyond their comprehension, accessible only via the right incantations. #Quote by William H. Calvin
Surveys quotes by Isaac Asimov
#121. Innumerable surveys have made it quite clear that when a respectable elderly man makes up to a giggling young lady, it is not the giggling young lady so accosted that is offended by the action, but rather the granite-faced dowager, standing unnoticed by her side, who is. It is she who makes derogatory remarks concerning dirty old men, and is quite likely to attack him with an umbrella. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Surveys quotes by Michelle Alexander
#122. Studies show that people of all colors use and sell illegal drugs at remarkably similar rates.10 If there are significant differences in the surveys to be found, they frequently suggest that whites, particularly white youth, are more likely to engage in drug crime than people of color.11 That is not what one would guess, however, when entering our nation's prisons and jails, which are over-flowing with black and brown drug offenders. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Surveys quotes by Thomas S. Monson
#123. Recent surveys of Church members have shown a serious erosion in the number of families who have a year's supply of life's necessities. Most members plan to do it. Too few have begun ... It is our sacred duty to care for our families, including our extended families. #Quote by Thomas S. Monson
Surveys quotes by Ashwin Sanghi
#124. Though it is very easy to do valuations, eyeballs and brand prominence surveys, you should never allow any of them to influence the balance sheet. #Quote by Ashwin Sanghi
Surveys quotes by Peter M. Senge
#125. Chris Argyris criticized "good communication that blocks learning," arguing that formal communication mechanisms like focus groups and organizational surveys in effect give employees mechanisms for letting management know what they think without taking any responsibility for problems and their role in doing something about them. These mechanisms fail because "they do not get people to reflect on their own work and behavior. They do not encourage individual accountability. #Quote by Peter M. Senge
Surveys quotes by Cordelia Fine
#126. University of Otago social historian Hera Cook provides a beautiful illustration of exactly this point in her rich account of the sexual revolution.49 Cook notes that in eighteenth-century England, women were assumed to be sexually passionate. But drawing on economic and social changes, fertility-rate patterns, personal accounts, and sex surveys and manuals, Cook charts the path toward the sexual repression of the Victorian era. This was a time of reduced female economic power, thanks to a shift from production in the home to wage earning, and there was less community pressure on men to financially support children fathered out of wedlock. And so, in the absence of well-known, reliable birth control techniques, "women could not afford to enjoy sex. The risk made it too expensive a pleasure."50 #Quote by Cordelia Fine
Surveys quotes by Ha-Joon Chang
#127. The feeling of insecurity is inimical to our sense of wellbeing, as it causes anxiety and stress, which harms our physical and mental health. It is no surprise then that, according to some surveys, workers across the world value job security more highly than wages. #Quote by Ha-Joon Chang
Surveys quotes by Piers Anthony
#128. I maintain an ongoing survey of Internet Publishing and self publishing, so that it is now possible for any writer with a book to get it published at nominal cost or free, and to have it on sale at booksellers like #Quote by Piers Anthony
Surveys quotes by Max Weber
#129. It is true that the path of human destiny cannot but appal him who surveys a section of it. But he will do well to keep his small personal commentarie to himself, as one does at the sight of the sea or of majestic mountains, unless he knows himself to be called and gifted to give them expression in artistic or prophetic form. In most other cases, the voluminous talk about intuition does nothing but conceal a lack of perspective toward the object, which merits the same judgement as a similar lack of perspective toward men. #Quote by Max Weber
Surveys quotes by Lin Yutang
#130. To glorify the past and paint the future is easy, to survey the present and emerge with some light and understanding is difficult. #Quote by Lin Yutang
Surveys quotes by Amanda Ripley
#131. The Korean private market had unbundled education down to the one in-school variable that mattered most: the teacher. It was about as close to a pure meritocracy as it could be, and just as ruthless. In hagwons, teachers were free agents. They did not need to be certified. They didm;t have benefits or even guaranteed base salary; their pay was determined by how many students signed up for their classes, by their students' test-score growth, and, in many hagwons, by the results of satisfaction surveys given to students and parents. #Quote by Amanda Ripley
Surveys quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#132. The newspapers kept stroking my fear. New surveys provided awful statistics on just about everything. Evidence suggested that we were not doing well. Researchers gloomily agreed. Environment psychologists were interviewed. Damage had 'unwittingly' been done. There were 'feared lapses'. There were 'misconceptions' about potential. Situations had 'deteriorated'. Cruelty was on the rise and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The populace was confounded, yet didn't care. Unpublished studies hinted that we were all paying a price. Scientists peered into data and concluded that we should all be very worried. No one knew what normal behavior was anymore, and some argued that this was a form of virtue. And no one argued back. No one challenged anything. Anxiety was soaking up most people's days. Everyone had become preoccupied with horror. Madness was fluttering everywhere. There was fifty years of research supporting this data. There were diagrams illustrating all of these problems – circles and hexagons and squares, different sections colored in lime or lilac or gray. Most troubling were the fleeting signs that nothing could transform any of this into something positive. You couldn't help being both afraid and fascinated. Reading these articles made you feel that the survival of mankind didn't seem very important in the long run. We were doomed. We deserved it. I was so tired. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Surveys quotes by Yiyun Li
#133. Sometimes I imagine that writing is a survey I carry out, asking everyone I encounter, in reality or in fiction: How much of your life is lived to be known by others? To be understood? How much of your life is lived to know and understand others? But like all surveys the questions are simplifications. How much does one trust others to be known, to be understood; how much does one believe in the possibilities of one person's knowing and understanding another. #Quote by Yiyun Li
Surveys quotes by Raul Grijalva
#134. The majority of surveys throughout this Nation show that the American people are advocating for a comprehensive and realistic approach to immigration reform. #Quote by Raul Grijalva
Surveys quotes by Stephen Harper
#135. This party will not take its position based on public opinion polls. We will not take a stand based on focus groups. We will not take a stand based on phone-in shows or householder surveys or any other vagaries of pubic opinion. #Quote by Stephen Harper
Surveys quotes by Robert Montgomery
#136. How sublime Upon a time-blanch'd cliff to muse, and, while The eagle glories in a sea of air, To mingle with the scene around! - Survey The sun-warm heaven ... #Quote by Robert Montgomery
Surveys quotes by Gavin Newsom
#137. Cultural tourism surveys consistently rate San Francisco's art industry as a core reason for visiting. #Quote by Gavin Newsom
Surveys quotes by Fred Lowe Soper
#138. It was not feasible to lose time in making careful surveys or extensive preliminary studies of possible control methods; learn how to get rid of Anopheles gambiae by actually getting rid of Anopheles gambiae. #Quote by Fred Lowe Soper
Surveys quotes by Amanda McKittrick Ros
#139. Have you ever visited that portion of Erin's plot that offers its sympathetic soil for the minute survey and scrutinous examination of those in political power, whose decision has wisely been the means before now of converting the stern and prejudiced, and reaching the hand of slight aid to share its strength in augmenting its agricultural richness? #Quote by Amanda McKittrick Ros
Surveys quotes by Epictetus
#140. Survey and test a prospective action before undertaking it. Before you proceed, step back and look at the big picture, lest you act rashly on raw impulse. #Quote by Epictetus
Surveys quotes by T. S. Eliot
#141. Poetry, if it is not to be a lifeless repetition of forms, must be constantly exploring "the frontiers of the spirit." But these frontiers are not like the surveys of geographical explorers, conquered once for all and settled. The frontiers of the spirit are more like the jungle which, unless continuously kept under control, is always ready to encroach and eventually obliterate the cultivated area. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Surveys quotes by George C. Marshall
#142. A similar statement appears in the US Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report (European War) (30 September 1945): The great lesson to be learned in the battered towns of England and the ruined cities of Germany is that the best way to win a war is to prevent it from occurring. #Quote by George C. Marshall
Surveys quotes by Michel De Certeau
#143. The media transforms the great silence of things into its opposite. Formerly constituting a secret, the real now talks constantly. News reports, information, statistics, and surveys are everywhere. #Quote by Michel De Certeau
Surveys quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#144. Hope is an explorer who surveys the country ahead. That is why we know so much about the Hereafter and so little about the Heretofore. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Surveys quotes by John Calvin
#145. No man can survey himself without forthwith turning his thoughts towards the God in whom he lives and moves; because it is perfectly obvious, that the endowments which we possess cannot possibly be from ourselves; nay, that our very being is nothing else than subsistence in God alone. #Quote by John Calvin
Surveys quotes by Bertrand Russell
#146. It is one of the defects of modern higher education that it has become too much a training in the acquisition of certain kinds of skill, and too little an enlargement of the mind and heart by an impartial survey of the world. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Surveys quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#147. A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Surveys quotes by Cynthia Carroll
#148. Our objective is to begin a national conversation to better support individuals and families living with ASD in Canada. The Summit will review the recent National Needs Assessment Survey and provide leaders with a better understanding of ASD surveillance across the country. We are pleased that Minister Bergen will be part of this important discussion. #Quote by Cynthia Carroll
Surveys quotes by David Sheff
#149. If Nintendo had been an American company playing by the rules such companies follow, it would have given up long before there was any indication of success - that is, after Arakawa's original market surveys, when the AVS failed, or when there was resistance at the first trade shows. Many American companies are so wedded to market research that the devastating results of focus groups have signaled death knells. Had Nintendo been American, the company would probably have retreated when retailers in New York declined to place orders, or when it took more than a year for big sales numbers to appear. But commitment to an idea and pure tenacity are inherent in Japanese business philosophy - and certainly to Japanese business successes. #Quote by David Sheff
Surveys quotes by Stephen Colbert
#150. Luckily, a recent survey published in the American Sociological
Review revealed that atheists are the least trusted group in
America - less trusted, even, than homosexuals. It makes sense at least we trust the homosexuals with our hair. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Surveys quotes by Patricia Espinosa
#151. A recent government survey found that 47 percent of all women report being the victims of either physical, emotional, sexual or economic violence. But 84 percent of those who are victims of domestic violence remain silent. #Quote by Patricia Espinosa
Surveys quotes by T. Colin Campbell
#152. One way to identify the optimal human diet, pretty obvious to all but fundamentalist reductionists, is to survey and compare populations as they already exist, and see what they eat and how healthy they are. #Quote by T. Colin Campbell
Surveys quotes by Donald Trump
#153. I don't hire a lot of number-crunchers, and I don't trust fancy marketing surveys. I do my own surveys and draw my own conclusions. #Quote by Donald Trump
Surveys quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#154. In this country, the health concerns and the environmental concerns are as deep as in Europe. All the surveys show that. But here, we didn't have the cultural dimension. This is a fast-food culture. #Quote by Jeremy Rifkin
Surveys quotes by Mark Ireland
#155. Many people profess a belief in the existence of a spiritual realm, often aligning with their religious training or background. (Recent surveys indicate that, on average, between 48 percent and 59 percent of Europeans claim to believe in an afterlife, while between 72 percent and 74 percent of people in the United States assert a belief in life after death.) But when confronted with the loss of a child, a spouse, or another deeply loved person, one may find that his or her belief set is deeply challenged, and some suffer a crisis of faith. #Quote by Mark Ireland
Surveys quotes by Conan O'Brien
#156. A new survey reveals that women would rather give up sex than give up the remote control for the TV. Men, on the other hand, would be willing to have sex with the remote for the TV. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Surveys quotes by Mary Ritter Beard
#157. Wherever we go, across the Pacific or Atlantic, we meet, not similarity so much as 'the bizarre'. Things astonish us, when we travel, that surprise nobody else. #Quote by Mary Ritter Beard
Surveys quotes by Alexandra Robbins
#158. In one survey, respondents listed Princeton as one of the country's top ten law schools. The problem? Princeton doesn't have a law school #Quote by Alexandra Robbins
Surveys quotes by Steve Sabol
#159. When we started NFL Films, there were no focus groups, there were no demographic studies, there were no surveys. Every decision that we made, we made with our hearts, not with our heads. And, in the very beginning, we really didn't even have a business plan. #Quote by Steve Sabol
Surveys quotes by Diana Butler Bass
#160. All those statistics - the ones about decline - point toward massive theological discontent. People still believe in God. They just do not believe in the God proclaimed and worshipped by conventional religious organizations. Some of the discontented - and there are many of them - do not know what to call themselves. So they check the "unaffiliated" box on religion surveys. They have become secular humanists, agnostics, posttheists, and atheists and have rejected the conventional God. Others say they are spiritual but not religious. They still believe in God but have abandoned conventional forms of congregating. Still others declare themselves "done" with religion. They slink away from religious communities, traditions that once gave them life, and go hiking on Sunday morning. Some still go to church, but are hanging on for dear life, hoping against hope that something in their churches will change. They pray prayers about heaven that no longer make sense and sing hymns about an eternal life they do not believe in. They want to be in the world, because they know they are made of the same stuff as the world and that the world is what really matters, but some nonsense someone taught them once about the world being bad or warning of hell still echoes in their heads. They are afraid to say what they really think or feel for fear that no one will listen or care or even understand. They think they might be crazy. All these people are turning toward the world because they intuit that #Quote by Diana Butler Bass
Surveys quotes by Samuel Johnson
#161. Few men survey themselves with so much severity as not to admit prejudices in their own favor. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Surveys quotes by Mike McCue
#162. Even in the face of massive competition, don't think about the competition. Literally don't think about them. Every time you're in a meeting and you're tempted to talk about a competitor, replace that thought with one about user feedback or surveys. Just think about the customer. #Quote by Mike McCue
Surveys quotes by Harley Manning
#163. This is a promising new source of insight that can supplement survey data but can't replace it for the foreseeable future. That's because the tools have a ways to go before they can accurately gauge sentiment about specific customer interactions as precisely and consistently as a survey. You should consider this option when your measurement program matures, but start out with the tried-and-true approach of fielding surveys. #Quote by Harley Manning
Surveys quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#164. Global surveys show that the world sees Trump's America as the #1 threat to world peace. Not Isis. Not China or Russia or North Korea. Trump and his brainwashed MAGA minions are now the #1 threat to world peace. #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Surveys quotes by Lionel Fisher
#165. It's the opening line of a football game returned for a touchdown. Or fumbled.

It's what orange juice is to breakfast, the first minutes of a blind date, a salesman's opening remarks.

It sets the tone, lights the stage, greases the skids for everything to follow.

It's the most important part of everything you'll ever write because if it doesn't work, whatever follows won't matter. It won't get read.

It's your opening paragraph. And enough can't be said about its importance.

Seduction. That's basically what leads are all about--enticing the reader across the threshold of your book, novel or article--because nothing happens until you get 'em inside.

And you literally have only seconds to do it because surveys show that eight out of ten people quit reading whatever it is they've started after the first fifty words. #Quote by Lionel Fisher
Surveys quotes by Matthew Reilly
#166. I snorted. 'For a great sultan who is lord and ruler of all that he surveys, his English is lamentably poor. He can't even spell England properly.'
Still holding the note, Mr Ascham looked up at me. 'Is that so? Tell me, Bess, do you speak his language? Any Arabic or Turkish-Arabic?'
'You know that I do not.'
'Then however lamentable his English may be, he still speaks your language while you cannot speak his. To me, this gives him a considerable advantage over you. Always pause before you criticise, and never unduly criticise one who has made an effort at something you yourself have not even attempted. #Quote by Matthew Reilly
Surveys quotes by James Buchan
#167. When William the Conqueror commissioned a great survey of his English realm at Gloucester in 1085, the result was a work so thorough, fair, dispassionate, and wide-ranging that it seemed to the succeeding generations to have come from another world. #Quote by James Buchan
Surveys quotes by Peter Sloterdijk
#168. The human being does not hop out of the magician's hat in the way that the ape climbs down from the tree; he also does not emerge from the hand of a creator who surveys everything in advance with his foreknowledge. He is the product of a production that is not itself a human being. The human being was not yet what he would become before he became it. #Quote by Peter Sloterdijk

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