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Surfings New quotes by Janet Evanovich
#1. Any intelligent woman would have made a dignified retreat, but this was New Jersey, where dignity always runs a poor second to the pleasure of getting in someone's face. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Surfings New quotes by John Zachary Young
#2. There is a case for saying that the creation of new aesthetic forms has been the most fundamentally productive of all forms of human activity. Whoever creates new artistic conventions has found methods of interchange between people about matters which were incommunicable before. The capacity to do this has been the basis of the whole of human history. #Quote by John Zachary Young
Surfings New quotes by Amelia Earhart
#3. Experiment! Meet new people. That's better than any college education ... By adventuring; about, you become accustomed to the unexpected. The unexpected then becomes what it really is ... the inevitable. #Quote by Amelia Earhart
Surfings New quotes by Joy  Wilson
#4. You're with a girl. She's brown-haired and side-swept. I imagine that she's the kind of girl who can easily shop for jean shorts, and speaks kindly more often than not. She seems like the kind of girl who hates New York City because it wreaks havoc on her shoes (really she just thinks it's a big and scary place), but once had the time of her life in Spain on a backpacking trip when she was 23. Her gaze is focused on the embracing couple as near strangers capable of judgement. She stands bolted next to you like you're her anchor in the social storm.

You two seem finely matched… but what do I know? (Nothing at all.)

I accidentally saw a picture of you and it reminded me that I was dating a man rightfully shaking his fist at God, while trying to hold my hand with the other. I was reminded of how fiercely we tried to hold our relationship together, and how devastated and relieved we were in its destruction. There's water under that bridge.

I accidentally saw a picture of you. No big deal. I wrote about it. #Quote by Joy Wilson
Surfings New quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#5. When you incline to have new clothes, look first well over the old ones, and see if you cannot shift with them another year, either by scouring, mending, or even patching if necessary. Remember, a patch on your coat, and money in your pocket, is better and more creditable, than a writ on your back, and no money to take it off. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Surfings New quotes by Edith Wharton
#6. Cherished it for being small and inconvenient, and thus keeping out the "new people" whom New York was beginning to dread and yet be drawn to; and the sentimental clung to it for its historic associations, and the musical for its excellent acoustics, always so problematic a quality in halls built for the hearing of music. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Surfings New quotes by Taras Grescoe
#7. * Engineers have had to invent a new category for the commuter trains of Mumbai, whose Western Railway Line is the world's single most crowded public transport corridor. When fourteen or more people are standing per square meter - above 275 percent capacity - the train has attained "Super Dense Crush Load." In Mumbai, of course, this means people are actually sitting on the roof and hanging out the open doors. #Quote by Taras Grescoe
Surfings New quotes by Grace Green
#8. Your perfume. . .' His tone held a faint hint of surprise. 'I'd somehow expected you to wear something more. . .sultry. I don't recognize this fragrance.'
'It's new," Courtenay said tersely. 'It's called Get Lost. You've probably never encountered it before. #Quote by Grace Green
Surfings New quotes by Edgar H Schein
#9. The culture of Do and Tell does not teach us how to change pace, decelerate, take stock of what we are doing, observe ourselves and others, try new behaviors, build new relationships. #Quote by Edgar H Schein
Surfings New quotes by Hillary Scott
#10. I've been told I'm an old soul, but I'm only 25. I have the old with the new in me, and my house reflects that. #Quote by Hillary Scott
Surfings New quotes by Archimedes
#11. Spoken of the young Archimedes: ... [he] was as much enchanted by the rudiments of algebra as he would have been if I had given him an engine worked by steam, with a methylated spirit lamp to heat the boiler; more enchanted, perhaps for the engine would have got broken, and, remaining always itself, would in any case have lost its charm, while the rudiments of algebra continued to grow and blossom in his mind with an unfailing luxuriance. Every day he made the discovery of something which seemed to him exquisitely beautiful; the new toy was inexhaustible in its potentialities. #Quote by Archimedes
Surfings New quotes by Cecilia Malmstrom
#12. We are deeply concerned about the situation in Russia with regards to human rights. There are several examples of this situation, such as the new law requiring NGOs to register as "foreign agents", the law banning homosexual "propaganda", problems with the rule of law and arbitrary judicial processes, and court rulings against the opposition. #Quote by Cecilia Malmstrom
Surfings New quotes by David S.Goyer
#13. New platforms are emerging: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Xbox. And film actors are gravitating towards television, because there are basically better roles there. Television is making the kind of epics and genres that the movie studios used to make, and often doing it better with more complex narratives and corresponding budgets. #Quote by David S.Goyer
Surfings New quotes by Avina Celeste
#14. With the new year having just begun, many of us have tried to change our habits, all of them, all at once. The best way to change your habits is to change them one at a time, to start small and gradually work your way up. Choose a habit, whether it be to stop doing something or start doing something, and focus all your time and intention on that habit. If you start trying to split your attention between multiple activities, you will soon find that you lose your motivation, focus, and energy. Small regular actions are far more beneficial than large irregular actions. #Quote by Avina Celeste
Surfings New quotes by A.S. Byatt
#15. Try to avoid falseness and strain. Write what you really know about. Make it new. Don't invent melodrama for the sake of it. Don't try to run, let alone fly, before you can walk with ease. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Surfings New quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#16. As Elizabeth Blackmar and Ray Rosenzweig wrote in their magisterial history of [Central Park in NYC]: 'The issue of demoncratic access to the park has also been raised by the increasing number of homeless New Yorkers. Poor people
from the 'squatters' of the 1850s to the 'tramps' of the 1870s and 1890s to the Hooverville residents of the 1930s
have always turned to the park land for shelter ... The growing visibility of homeless people in Central Park osed in the starkest terms the contradiction between Americans' commitment to democratic space and their acquiescence in vast disparities of wealth and power. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Surfings New quotes by Jeremy Robert Johnson
#17. The night was vibrating with new potential, the beautiful after-haze of adrenaline and bad ideas fully embraced. Ugly thoughts crept in, forcing me to write off a growing list of concerning data: My old dealer gone mad and roaming the sewers; Egbert's hand - notably short on its middle and ring fingers - reaching out to me with three tiny pill baggies; gas-masked kids dodging conscious thought like a plague; a trafficked tranny more concerned with evading cops than finding love. #Quote by Jeremy Robert Johnson
Surfings New quotes by Gregory Maguire
#18. It's unbecoming," she agreed. "A perfect word for my new life. Unbecoming. I who have always been unbecoming am becoming un. #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Surfings New quotes by Rohinton Mistry
#19. In twenty-four years of proofreading, flocks of words flew into my head through the windows of my soul. Some of them stayed on and built nests in there. Why should I not speak like a poet, with a commonwealth of language at my disposal, constantly invigorated by new arrivals? #Quote by Rohinton Mistry
Surfings New quotes by Caitlin Doughty
#20. We need to reform our funeral industry, introducing new practices
that aren't so profit-oriented, and that do more to include the family.
But we cannot begin to reform - or even question!-our death systems
when we act like little Jean de Brébeufs, falsely convinced we have it
right while all these "other people" are disrespectful and barbarous.

This dismissive attitude can be found in places you'd never expect.
Lonely Planet, the largest guidebook publisher in the world, included the idyllic Trunyan cemetery in their book on visiting Bali. In Trunyan, the villagers weave bamboo cages for their dead to decompose in, and then stack the skulls and bones out in the lush
green landscape. Lonely Planet, instead of explaining the meaning behind these ancient customs, advised wise travelers to "skip the ghoulish spectacle. #Quote by Caitlin Doughty
Surfings New quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#21. Soon thereafter, a maid brought Poppy a tray of neat boxes tied with ribbons. Opening them, Poppy discovered that one was filled with toffee, another with boiled sweets, and another with Turkish delight. Best of all, one box was filled with a new confection called "eating-chocolates" that had been all the rage at the London Exhibition.
"Where did these come from?" Poppy asked Harry when he returned to her room after a brief visit to the front offices.
"From the sweet shop."
"No, these," Poppy showed him the eating-chocolates. "No one can get them. The makers, Fellows and Son, have closed their shop while they moved to a new location. The ladies at the philanthropic luncheon were talking about it."
"I sent Valentine to the Fellows residence to ask them to make a special batch for you." Harry smiled as he saw the paper twists scattered across the counterpane. "I see you've sampled them."
"Have one," Poppy said generously.
Harry shook his head. "I don't like sweets." But he bent down obligingly as she gestured for him to come closer. She reached out to him, her fingers catching the knot of his necktie.
Harry's smile faded as Poppy exerted gentle tension, drawing him down. He was suspended over her, an impending weight of muscle and masculine drive. As her sugared breath blew against his lips, she sensed the deep tremor within him. And she was aware of a new equilibrium between them, a balance of will and curiosity. Harry held still, letting he #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Surfings New quotes by Ray Winstone
#22. I know I've got to pay some tax, but I hate the fact that they collect millions of pounds a day from the congestion charge and I don't see anything or anyone benefitting from it. Where are the new hospitals? #Quote by Ray Winstone
Surfings New quotes by Marianne Von Werefkin
#23. Art is not made only one way, art is a point of view? Rembrandt in our days would be Rembrandt again, because the work of the master is his self. But in order to be Rembrandt in ourdayshe would have used new ways that would give a new culture. #Quote by Marianne Von Werefkin
Surfings New quotes by Henry Cloud
#24. There is nothing that you are presently doing that you did not have to learn. At one time the things you are now able to do were unfamiliar and frightening. This is the nature of life. But the important thing to remember is that you can learn. Once you realize that you are able to learn new things and handle new situations, you cease fearing the future. #Quote by Henry Cloud
Surfings New quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#25. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Surfings New quotes by Hannah Arendt
#26. The concept of unlimited expansion that alone can fulfill the hope for unlimited accumulation of capital, and brings about the aimless accumulation of power, makes the foundation of new political bodies - which up to the era of imperialism always had been the upshot of conquest - well-nigh impossible. #Quote by Hannah Arendt
Surfings New quotes by Jettie Necole
#27. She'd been caught up in that image, that flash, man's nuclear stamp, and had not really understood what happened after. #Quote by Jettie Necole
Surfings New quotes by Ian McKellen
#28. That was the big effect Lord of the Rings had on me. It was discovering New Zealand. And even more precious were the people- not at all like the Australians. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Surfings New quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#29. Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. They are but improved means to an unimproved end, an end which it was already but too easy to arrive at; as railroads lead to Boston or New York. We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Surfings New quotes by Phil McGraw
#30. A year from now, you're gonna weigh more or less than what you do right now. #Quote by Phil McGraw
Surfings New quotes by Josip Novakovich
#31. Justin Hermann is one of the best new voices in short fiction-deep and entertaining as hell, with many funny lines, unexpected turns of events, and great insights. Wonderful stories: each one is a trip! #Quote by Josip Novakovich
Surfings New quotes by Aldous Huxley
#32. In 1984 the lust for power is satisfied by inflicting pain; in Brave New World, by inflicting a hardly less humiliating pleasure. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Surfings New quotes by Harold Norse
#33. I'm not a man, I can't earn a living, buy new things for my family.
I have acne and a small peter.

I'm not a man. I don't like football, boxing and cars.
I like to express my feeling. I even like to put an arm
around my friend's shoulder.

I'm not a man. I won't play the role assigned to me- the role created
by Madison Avenue, Playboy, Hollywood and Oliver Cromwell,
Television does not dictate my behavior.

I'm not a man. Once when I shot a squirrel I swore that I would
never kill again. I gave up meat. The sight of blood makes me sick.
I like flowers.

I'm not a man. I went to prison resisting the draft. I do not fight
when real men beat me up and call me queer. I dislike violence.

I'm not a man. I have never raped a woman. I don't hate blacks.
I do not get emotional when the flag is waved. I do not think I should
love America or leave it. I think I should laugh at it.

I'm not a man. I have never had the clap.
I'm not a man. Playboy is not my favorite magazine.
I'm not a man. I cry when I'm unhappy.
I'm not a man. I do not feel superior to women
I'm not a man. I don't wear a jockstrap.
I'm not a man. I write poetry.
I'm not a man. I meditate on peace and love.
I'm not a man. I don't want to destroy you #Quote by Harold Norse

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