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Famous Quotes About Supplementary Retirement

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Supplementary Retirement quotes by John C. Bogle
#1. The multiple failings of our flawed financial sector are jeopardizing, not only the retirement security of our nation's savers but the economy in which our entire society participates. #Quote by John C. Bogle
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Cat Osterman
#2. I've had moments where I realize my body isn't going to withstand many more seasons, but I am very satisfied with my career and I am trying not to look at retirement as a sad thing. #Quote by Cat Osterman
Supplementary Retirement quotes by William Greider
#3. Obviously, people with low or even moderate incomes could not afford such savings rates, and even diligent savings from their low wages would not be enough to pay for either retirement or healthcare. #Quote by William Greider
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Ken Buck
#4. Well, we certainly need to raise the retirement age. I've told my 19-year-old and my 22-year-old that they're not going to be getting retirement benefits at age 62. #Quote by Ken Buck
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Geoffrey Miller
#5. Thus, consumption taxes tend to reduce conspicuous consumption and promote longer-term retirement security, family wealth, social welfare, technical progress, and economic growth. In essence, income taxes penalize people for what they contribute to society (labor and capital), whereas consumption taxes penalize people for what they take out of society (new retail purchases). So, to tax experts, it is no surprise that U.S. and U.K. citizens spend too much and don't save enough, relative to what would be optimal for society and even for themselves. #Quote by Geoffrey Miller
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Arthur Koestler
#6. If time is treated in modern physics as a dimension on a par with the dimensions of space, why should we a priori exclude the possibility that we are pulled as well as pushed along its axis? The future has, after all, as much or as little reality as the past, and there is nothing logically inconceivable in introducing, as a working hypothesis, an element of finality, supplementary to the element of causality, into our equations. It betrays a great lack of imagination to believe that the concept of "purpose" must necessarily be associated with some anthropomorphic deity. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#7. It is one of the enjoyments of retirement that you are able to drift through the day at your own pace, easy in the knowledge that you have put hard work and achievement behind you. #Quote by Kazuo Ishiguro
Supplementary Retirement quotes by LaVell Edwards
#8. Considering retirement? When that happens, I don't want that to be the story of whatever the season it is. I don't want to have to be talking about it all the time. My plan is when the time is up, it'll be time to hang it up. When that comes, it'll come. But right now, I don't have any clue as to when that'll be. It's been that way the last couple of years ... I've often felt if I ever get to a point where I don't want to go recruiting and can't get excited about it, then maybe it's time. That's a pretty good indication that's probably it. And I haven't reached that point at all yet. #Quote by LaVell Edwards
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Ella Harris
#9. A retired husband is often a wife's full-time job. #Quote by Ella Harris
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Charles Taylor Manatt
#10. The Republican Party is a friend of Social Security the way Colonel Sanders was a friend of chickens. #Quote by Charles Taylor Manatt
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Marc Singer
#11. I believe that the biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to their retirement is they do not plan for it. They take the same route as Alice in the story from "Alice in Wonderland," in which the cat tells Alice that surely she will get somewhere as long as she walks long enough. It may not be exactly where you wanted to get to, but you certainly get somewhere. #Quote by Marc Singer
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Franklin Lushington
#12. This, I suppose, constitutes one of the greatest dangers of retiring, the sudden cutting off of motive power while the mechanism is still running at top speed. It would be so much better and easier, if it were possible, to cut off the motive power gradually; in other words to retire by slow and easy stages, instead of being in full production one day, crying "Come on! Come on!" and turning aimlessly around the next still saying "Come on!" but for no reason. #Quote by Franklin Lushington
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Dick Van Dyke
#13. I found out retirement means playing golf, or I don't know what the hell it means. But to me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing. #Quote by Dick Van Dyke
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Scott Rigell
#14. I've declined every congressional benefit I could decline, federal health insurance, the retirement program, the 403(b) program, which I think is overly generous. I've got self-imposed term limits of six terms if I have the privilege to serve that long. #Quote by Scott Rigell
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Dan Ariely
#15. When it comes to the mental world, when we design things like health care and retirement and stock markets, we somehow forget the idea that we are limited. I think that if we understood our cognitive limitations in the same way that we understand our physical limitations ... we could design a better world. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Supplementary Retirement quotes by George Karl
#16. Financial literacy is not an end in itself, but a step-by-step process. It begins in childhood and continues throughout a person's life all the way to retirement. Instilling the financial-literacy message in children is especially important, because they will carry it for the rest of their lives. The results of the survey are very encouraging, and we want to do our part to make sure all children develop and strengthen their financial-literacy skills. #Quote by George Karl
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Regis Philbin
#17. I'm moving on. I should have made that clear when I made the announcement. I guess I wasn't clear. If people think you're leaving a show after all these years, you might be retiring. So I understand where they're coming from, but I should have impressed the fact that I hope I'm just moving on right now. #Quote by Regis Philbin
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
#18. Birds sing in vain to the ear, flowers bloom in vain to the eye, of mortified vanity and galled ambition. He who would know repose in retirement must carry into retirement his destiny, integral and serene, as the Caesars transported the statue of Fortune into the chamber they chose for their sleep. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Joan Of Arc
#19. All battles are first won or lost, in the mind. #Quote by Joan Of Arc
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Seneca The Younger
#20. Retirement without literary amusements is death itself, and a living tomb. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Idowu Koyenikan
#21. The more your money works for you, the less you have to work for money. #Quote by Idowu Koyenikan
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Tom Shadyac
#22. TRUTH: Worry has little to do with waking up. It has little to do with anything of value. Yes, entire industries have been created in homage to worry: auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, 401(k)s, retirement accounts. But do you not see what all of this is? It is making yourself sick in order to lay up something for a sick day. It is you, Fear, trying to control what cannot be controlled. And what is it you want to control so desperately? #Quote by Tom Shadyac
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Alphonse De Lamartine
#23. Modesty and dew love the shade. #Quote by Alphonse De Lamartine
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Richard Lamm
#24. Many seniors understand that Social Security is social insurance as opposed to a program where we put money aside for our own retirement. But most elderly individuals think they're getting their money back. So it isn't selfishness as much as a misunderstanding. #Quote by Richard Lamm
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#25. Deep caring about each other's fate does seem to be on the decline, but I do not believe that New Age narcissism is much to blame. The external causes of our moral indifference are a fragmented mass society that leaves us isolated and afraid, an economic system that puts the rights of capital before the rights of people, and a political process that makes citizens into ciphers.

These are the forces that allow, even encourage, unbridled competition, social irresponsibility, and the survival of the financially fittest. The executives who brought down the major corporations by taking indecent sums off the top while wage earners of modest means lost their retirement accounts were clearly more influenced by capitalist amorality than by some New Age guru. #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Samuel Johnson
#26. Other things may be seized by might, or purchased with money, but knowledge is to be gained only by study, and study to be prosecuted only in retirement. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Anthony Robbins
#27. The Retirement Savings Drain: The Hidden & Excessive Costs of 401(k)s, #Quote by Anthony Robbins
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Mark Allen Smith
#28. Early retirement, Dalton. Teach yourself to type with your toes and you
can start writing your memoirs. #Quote by Mark Allen Smith
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Paula Wall
#29. Retirement is like sex. Men love to talk about it but when the time finally comes they're good for about fifteen minutes then they're dying to put their tie back on. #Quote by Paula Wall
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Chris Matthews
#30. I look back to the Great Depression, and what Roosevelt was able to do in very difficult times, to get Social Security through back in the time when it was seen as - well, it wasn't what it is today. It was sort of a last-ditch, if you really need it, you got it, but, today, it's much more a part of your retirement program. #Quote by Chris Matthews
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Francis De Sales
#31. Almost all those who have written concerning the devout life have had chiefly in view persons who have altogether quitted the world; or at any rate they have taught a manner of devotion which would lead to such total retirement. But my object is to teach those who are living in towns, at court, in their own households, and whose calling obliges them to a social life, so far as externals are concerned. #Quote by Francis De Sales
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#32. Instead of planning the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, America should be preparing the shuttles for their next step in space: evolving, not shutting them down and laying off thousands of people. #Quote by Buzz Aldrin
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Tony Judt
#33. the welfare states of western Europe were not politically divisive. They were socially re-distributive in general intent (some more than others) but not at all revolutionary - they did not 'soak the rich'. On the contrary: although the greatest immediate advantage was felt by the poor, the real long-term beneficiaries were the professional and commercial middle class. In many cases they had not previously been eligible for work-related health, unemployment or retirement benefits and had been obliged, before the war, to purchase such services and benefits from the private sector. Now they had full access to them, either free or at low cost. Taken with the state provision of free or subsidized secondary and higher education for their children, this left the salaried professional and white-collar classes with both a better quality of life and more disposable income. Far from dividing the social classes against each other, the European welfare state bound them closer together than ever before, with a common interest in its preservation and defense. #Quote by Tony Judt
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Carol Vorderman
#34. For now I'm building up stories for the retirement home! #Quote by Carol Vorderman
Supplementary Retirement quotes by James Joyce
#35. It is their segnall for old Champelysied to seek the shades of his retirement and for young Chappielassies to tear a round and tease their partners lovesoftfun at Finnegan's Wake. #Quote by James Joyce
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Robert Fogel
#36. In 1890, nearly everyone died on the job, and if they lived long enough not to die on the job, the average age of retirement was 85. #Quote by Robert Fogel
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Steve Repak
#37. If your retirement plan is to win the lottery, you will have to work forever as a greeter at the local shopping center and eat cat food for supper. #Quote by Steve Repak
Supplementary Retirement quotes by Paul Ryan
#38. So, in Europe, they're cutting people's retirement and health benefits. And that's what we want to avoid from happening. They're raising taxes, entering a recession. That's the kind of economic program that President Obama has put in place. #Quote by Paul Ryan

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