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Famous Quotes About Sundaresan Jayaraman

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Sundaresan Jayaraman quotes by Indu Sundaresan
#1. But Mehrunnisa did not know then, would never know, by giving her blessings to this marriage she had set into progress a chain of events that would eventually erase her name from history's pages. Or that Arjumand would become the only Mughal woman posterity would easily recognize. Docile, seemingly tractable and troublesome Arjumand would eclipse even Mehrunnisa, cast her in a shadow...because of the monument Khurram would build in Arjumand's memory - the Taj Mahal. #Quote by Indu Sundaresan
Sundaresan Jayaraman quotes by Indu Sundaresan
#2. But nothing could be held true for the rest of one's life, every coveted thing in the end was maya, illusion, a myth, and this the great sages of India had always understood --- little was real. We were put on this earth transitorily; we deposited our genes in offspring; deluded ourselves that we would be missed when we were gone; pretended that money, wealth, titles, and land were to be desired. But every such thing was ephemeral, prone to change. The only reason to live was love. #Quote by Indu Sundaresan
Sundaresan Jayaraman quotes by Sarumathi Jayaraman
#3. Our latest research shows that in every city across the United States in which we conducted surveys with restaurant workers, the restaurants that mistreated their workers were more likely to engage in unsafe food-handling practices that sicken customers. It made sense- if a restaurant was not a responsible employer, how could we expect that restaurant to be responsible with our health and safety? #Quote by Sarumathi Jayaraman
Sundaresan Jayaraman quotes by Indu Sundaresan
#4. This great Mughal Emperor [Akbar] was illiterate; he could neither read nor write. However, that had not stopped Akbar from cultivating the acquaintance of the most learned and cultured poets, authors, musicians, and architects of the time - relying solely on his remarkable memory during conversations with them. #Quote by Indu Sundaresan
Sundaresan Jayaraman quotes by Indu Sundaresan
#5. Troubles when voiced are carried away on the wind; they have no place uopn which to perch. #Quote by Indu Sundaresan
Sundaresan Jayaraman quotes by Indu Sundaresan
#6. front courtyard of his house. In an inner courtyard, #Quote by Indu Sundaresan

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