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Sugar Coating quotes by Rochelle Paige
#1. I'm not used to sugar-coating my words, Delia. I call 'em like I see 'em and sometimes I can be a dick." This wasn't news to me, not after the way he'd ended our conversation this morning. "Is that supposed to be an apology?" His chest shook as he laughed, the sound wrapping around me as I felt the reverberations on my cheek. "More like a heads up. You wanna do this thing with me, you better be prepared to brace and take me as I am - in bed and out." "This thing?" "Baby, you just gave yourself to me. When you got on your knees and crawled over my body so I could eat your pussy while you sucked my dick? That was the start of something between us. I'm not sure what to call it. Words are your thing, not mine. Feel free to put a name to it. #Quote by Rochelle Paige
Sugar Coating quotes by Winston Graham
#2. Yes, it was a "beautiful" sermon, tugging the emotions and conjuring up pictures of greatness and peace. But were they talking about the decent peppery ordinary old man he knew, or had the subject strayed to the story of some saint of the past? Or were there perhaps two men being buried under the same name? One perhaps had shown himself to Ross, while the other had been reserved for the view of men like William-Alfred. Ross tried to remember Charles before he was ill, Charles with his love of cockfighting and his hearty appetite, with his perpetual flatulence and passion for gin, with his occasional generosities and meannesses and faults and virtues, like most men. There was some mistake somewhere. Oh well, this was a special occasion...But Charles himself would surely have been amused. Or would he have shed a tear with the rest for the manner of man who had passed away? #Quote by Winston Graham
Sugar Coating quotes by Sarah Hawkes Valente
#3. In order to embrace holiness without the stumbling blocks of attractive sin, we must stop sugar-coating and glamorizing what slips and sneakily slides off the straight and narrow. Putting lipstick and diamonds on a corpse will not prevent it from rotting! #Quote by Sarah Hawkes Valente
Sugar Coating quotes by Rachel Carson
#4. We urgently need an end to these false assurances, to the sugar coating of unpalatable facts. It is the public that is being asked to assume the risks that the insect controllers calculate. The public must decide whether it wishes to continue on the present road, and it can do so only when in full possession of the facts. #Quote by Rachel Carson
Sugar Coating quotes by Kresley Cole
#5. You look like utter hell," Circe told me.

"I wish you'd stop sugar-coating things, Water Witch. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Sugar Coating quotes by Chaz Bundick
#6. I've always thought that reviews and knowing how much your fans appreciate or don't like something, that's the sugar coating. I'm trying not to think about those things. #Quote by Chaz Bundick
Sugar Coating quotes by Tina J. Richardson
#7. Autism. STOP sugar coating it to make it easier to swallow. I don't have a superpower, sparkles or rainbows. I'm me. I need to be accepted for being me. In the world I live in, I have a disability #Quote by Tina J. Richardson
Sugar Coating quotes by O. Henry
#8. A good story is like a bitter pill, with the sugar coating inside of it. #Quote by O. Henry
Sugar Coating quotes by Cassandra Dee
#9. The big man grunted heavily again, dick blasting away inside, coating my inner channel with baby batter. #Quote by Cassandra Dee
Sugar Coating quotes by Sugar Ray Leonard
#10. I fought tall fighters, short fighters, strong fighters, slow fighters, sluggers and boxers. It was either learn or get knocked off. #Quote by Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Coating quotes by Richard Brautigan
#11. In Watermelon Sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar. #Quote by Richard Brautigan
Sugar Coating quotes by Cath Crowley
#12. If my like for you was a football crowd, you'd be deaf 'cause of the roar. And if my like for you was a boxer, there'd be a dead guy lying on the floor. And if my like for you was sugar, you'd lose your teeth before you were twenty. And if my like for you was money, let's just say you'd be spending plenty. #Quote by Cath Crowley
Sugar Coating quotes by Tom Robbins
#13. Intimacy is the principal source of the sugars which this life is sweetened! #Quote by Tom Robbins
Sugar Coating quotes by Pat Sinclair
#14. MAKES 36 BARS 2 cups (242 g) all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon (5 mL) baking soda ½ teaspoon (2.5 mL) salt ½ cup (114 g) butter, softened 1½ cups (300 g) sugar ½ cup (118 mL) sour cream 1 teaspoon (5 mL) vanilla 2 eggs 1 cup (150 g) mashed ripe bananas (2 medium) 1 cup (114 g) chopped walnuts Frosting ½ cup (114 g) firmly packed brown sugar ¼ cup (57 g) butter ¼ cup (59 mL) whipping cream or milk 1 teaspoon (5 mL) vanilla 2½ cups (288 g) powdered #Quote by Pat Sinclair
Sugar Coating quotes by Hayley Williams
#15. Oh yeah, I don't eat a lot of candy on tour. When I get home, man, I love candy. Oh, man, and ice cream. I can't eat it on tour because of the sugar and my throat. #Quote by Hayley Williams
Sugar Coating quotes by Flora Rheta Schreiber
#16. God fearing and man hating. Sugar sugar. There was so much sugar in the way they pretended to treat each other that I suffered from diabetes of the soul. #Quote by Flora Rheta Schreiber
Sugar Coating quotes by Devon Monk
#17. Shamus ordered half a cup of house brew. Then he proceeded to fill the cup up the rest of the way with milk and sugar. Lots of sugar.
"Sure you got enough milk in your sugar?" I asked as we strolled out of the shop and headed south.
He flipped me off. "You drink your coffee your way, and I'll drink my coffee the right way. #Quote by Devon Monk
Sugar Coating quotes by George Nations
#18. The 5th Marine Division had suffered such severs casualties, they were able to bring our entire Division back to Hawaii in only 5 or 6 ships. We docked in Hilo and boarded a single train normally used to haul sugar cane to mill. These were open flat cars, the weather was beautiful, the scenery fantastic. As our train gets underway the Marines break out their Jap flags captured on Iwo Jima. There were hundreds of Jap flags flying from on end of the train to the other. This was a beautiful sight. The victors had returned home. I've never felt so proud to be a part of anything like this before in my life. There were no spectators, no one watching us, no crowd, no cheering, no band, only the remainder of a proud 5th Marine Division returning home. For some reason I preferred it this way, no one could understand our feelings at this time. #Quote by George Nations
Sugar Coating quotes by Jason Gann
#19. To open the majority of peoples' minds to something new is difficult. I always think that, as long as it's funny underneath, then you can argue that a teaspoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. #Quote by Jason Gann
Sugar Coating quotes by Bethany Hamilton
#20. Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice. #Quote by Bethany Hamilton
Sugar Coating quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#21. I hate being sugar-lipped, especially by a bleating goat in pinstripes. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Sugar Coating quotes by Suzanne Palmieri
#22. You can't measure other people's love, Sugar. #Quote by Suzanne Palmieri
Sugar Coating quotes by Tobey Maguire
#23. I'm not into sugar for kids, but you don't want your kid to be the carrot kid. There's always the kid at the birthday parties carrying a bag of carrots. You've got to let them eat a little cake. #Quote by Tobey Maguire
Sugar Coating quotes by Sarah Kay
#24. I want her to know that this world is made out of sugar. It can crumble so easily but don't be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it. #Quote by Sarah Kay
Sugar Coating quotes by Jenna Lopez
#25. Atkins diet is not a "quick diet" as it is often presented. It is more a way of life. In obese individuals with cardiovascular disease, high blood sugar or triglycerides, or persons with epilepsy Atkins diet shows up as very successful long-term solution. #Quote by Jenna Lopez
Sugar Coating quotes by Jane Fonda
#26. Seven Guidelines For a Healthy Diet
1. Substitute low-fat foods for high-fat foods
2. Cut down on meat-eat low on the food chain
3. Avoid salty and sugary foods
4. Cut down on sugar
5. Emphasize whole grains
6. Beware of alcohol
7. Emphasize the Healthy Five:
Raw unsalted nuts and sesame seeds
Sprouted seeds such as soybeans
Fresh raw wheat bran and wheat germ
Yogurt and kefir
Fresh fruits and vegetables #Quote by Jane Fonda
Sugar Coating quotes by Sam Harris
#27. Becoming sensitive to the background causes of one's thoughts and feelings can - paradoxically - allow for greater creative control over one's life. It is one thing to bicker with your wife because you are in a bad mood; it is another to realize that your mood and behavior have been caused by low blood sugar. This understanding reveals you to be a biochemical puppet, of course, but it also allows you to grab hold of one of your strings: A bit of food may be all that your personality requires. Getting behind our concious thoughts and feelings can allow us to steer a more intelligent course through our lives (while knowing, of course, that we are ultimately being steered). #Quote by Sam Harris
Sugar Coating quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#28. Hooray for me, I'm so very lucky. Not only do I have the biggest piece of cake, it's a corner piece with a sugar-paste flower on top, and everyone else is sick with envy. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Sugar Coating quotes by Gary Taubes
#29. Cohen testified that there was no 'direct relationship' linking heart disease to dietary fats, and that he had been able to induce the same blood-vessel complications seen in heart disease merely by feeding sugar to his laboratory rats. Peter Cleave testified to his belief that the problem extended to all refined carbohydrates. 'I don't hold the cholesterol view for a moment,' Cleave said, noting that mankind had been eating saturated fats for hundreds of thousands of years. 'For a modern disease to be related to an old-fashioned food is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard in my life ... but, when it comes to the dreadful sweet things that are served up ... that is a very different proposition. #Quote by Gary Taubes
Sugar Coating quotes by Libba Bray
#30. Gemma, you see how it is. They've planned our entire lives, from what we shall wear to whom we shall marry and where we shall live. It's one lump of sugar in your tea whether you like it or not and you'd best smile even if you're dying deep inside. We're like pretty horses, and just as on horses, they mean to put blinders on us so we can't look left or right but only straight ahead where they would lead. Please, please, please, Gemma, let's not die inside before we have to. #Quote by Libba Bray
Sugar Coating quotes by Samuel Johnson
#31. ALKERMES (ALKE'RMES) n.s.In medicine, a term borrowed from the Arabs, denoting a celebrated remedy, of the form and consistence of a confection; whereof the kermes berries are the basis. The other ingredients are pippin-cyder, rose-water, sugar, ambergrease, musk, cinnamon, aloes-wood, pearls, and leaf-gold; but the sweets are usually omitted. The confectio alkermes is chiefly made at Montpelier, which supplies most part of Europe therewith. The grain, which gives it the denomination, is nowhere found so plentifully as there.Chambers. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Sugar Coating quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#32. His loss. I know a hell of a lot more about headstrong teenage girls than he does."
Colin gave her his most quelling look. "You're baiting him again."
Ryan studied first one of them and then the other. "What's going on with you two?"
Unfortunately, they spoke together, automatically making them look like liars. Sugar Beth recovered first and handled the situation in her own way. "Relax, Ryan. Colin's done his best to get rid of me, but I'm blackmailing him with some unsavory facts I've unearthed about his past, which may or may not involve the ritual deaths of small animals, so if my body ends up in a ditch somewhere, tell the police to start their interrogations with him. Plus you might warn everybody to be careful with their cats. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Sugar Coating quotes by Sir Arthur Sullivan
#33. Tax reform has been used as a crutch, as a smokescreen and as candy coating for the hard choices that have to be made. #Quote by Sir Arthur Sullivan
Sugar Coating quotes by Terry Pratchett
#34. Someone broke from the scrum and, punching and kicking, staggered towards the Klatchian goal.
"Isn't that man your butler?" said Ahmed.
"One of your soldiers said he bit a man's nose off."
Vimes shrugged. "He's got a very pointed look if I don't use the sugar tongs, I know that. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Sugar Coating quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#35. The sugar maple is remarkable for its clean ankle. The groves of these trees looked like vast forest sheds, their branches stopping short at a uniform height, four or five feet from the ground, like eaves, as if they had been trimmed by art, so that you could look under and through the whole grove with its leafy canopy, as under a tent whose curtain is raised. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Sugar Coating quotes by Edwidge Danticat
#36. Perhaps there had been joy for them in finding that sugar could be made from blood. #Quote by Edwidge Danticat
Sugar Coating quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#37. What are you smiling about?" Rider asked. Willow glanced at him and flushed. "That must have been some daydream you were having."
If you only knew, Willow thought.
"Come on, Freckles, it's time you get back to the ranch. I have work to do."
His big work-roughened hand swallowed hers as he helped her to her feet. Against her will, her body responded to its warmth. She snatched her hand away, garnering a searching expression in his dark brown eyes.
She quickly excused her reaction with a flirty smile. "I promised not to touch you, remember?"
"Yes,but I dont't recall promising not to touch you." He wiggled his brows in a comical imitation of an evil villain in a bad play.
She laughed and shook her head. "Help me mount Sugar before I decide to wipe that grin off your face."
"And how do you propose to do that?" he asked, retrieving the horses and returning to he side. He bent down, cupped his hands, and boosted her into the mare's saddle. "You weren't planning on slapping my face again, I hope," he said, reaching for Sultan's reins.
"Oh,no, nothing like that." She batted her lashes coquettishly, the affect intensified by the naughty twinkle in her eyes.
"You better stop looking at me like that, or I'll have to follow Sultan's example and break down your door tonight."
"I don't think Juan would be too happy about making me two new doors. It wasn't easy explaining what happened to the first one! #Quote by Charlotte McPherren
Sugar Coating quotes by Michael Dell
#38. I have no doubt that in the future, wearable devices like Fitbit will know my blood pressure, hydration levels and blood sugar levels as well. All of this data has the potential to transform modern medicine and create a whole new era of personalized care. #Quote by Michael Dell
Sugar Coating quotes by Dick Schaap
#39. Sugar Ray Leonard was as close as anyone came after Ali to being Ali, but he wasn't Ali. #Quote by Dick Schaap
Sugar Coating quotes by Henry Van Dyke
#40. A river is the most human and companionable of all inanimate things. It has a life, a character, a voice of its own; and it is as full of good fellowship as a sugar maple is of sap. It can talk in various tones, loud or low, and of many subjects grave and gay ... For real company and friendship there is nothing, outside of the animal kingdom, that is comparable to a river. #Quote by Henry Van Dyke
Sugar Coating quotes by Christopher Titus
#41. I say we spend some money, clean up some junkies and make them all go work for the Red Cross. You ever give blood to the Red Cross? Little paper hatted trainee kid, just sticking you full of holes. Golly, jeez, this is way harder than the deep fryer, how does this work? You get an ex-junkie in there, bap-bap, he's gonna find a vein. You're in, you're out, you got sugar cookie and you're happy! #Quote by Christopher Titus
Sugar Coating quotes by Michael Moss
#42. Every time the good giants try to cut back on salt, sugar, fat calories, inevitably Wall Street raises its hand and is looking at the sales figures and the revenue and saying, 'Thou shalt not result in any loss of profit.' There's huge continuing pressure on the food companies. #Quote by Michael Moss
Sugar Coating quotes by Marcel Proust
#43. All I could remember was her smile. Unable to picture the loved face, however strenuously I tried to make myself remember it, I was for ever irritated to find that my memory had retained exact replicas of the striking and futile faces of the roundabout man and the barley-sugar woman, just as the bereaved, who each night search their dreams in vain for the lost beloved, will find their sleep is peopled by all manner of exasperating and unbearable intruders, whom they have always found, even in the waking world, more than dislikable. Faced with the impossibility of seeing clearly the object of their grief, they come close to accusing themselves of not grieving, just as I was tempted to believe that my inability to remember the features of Gilberte's face meant that I had forgotten her and had stopped loving her. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Sugar Coating quotes by Josh Radnor
#44. I distinguish sentiment from sentimentality. Sentimentality makes your skin crawl. It's like too much sugar. But, sentiment is a great feeling. #Quote by Josh Radnor
Sugar Coating quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#45. His kisses were so hungry and male, which isn't bad. Every kiss said he could never have enough, but he wasn't going to stop trying. They were so hormonal. I wanted his sugar roughness. Girl's kisses are deliberate and polished. When she kisses me - when I kiss her - she doesn't want me. She has me and knows it. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
Sugar Coating quotes by Allie Brosh
#46. She knew that if I was allowed even a tiny amount of sugar, not only would I become intensely hyperactive, but the entire scope of my existence would funnel down to the singular goal of obtaining and ingesting more sugar. My need for sugar would become so massive #Quote by Allie Brosh
Sugar Coating quotes by Elizabeth Flock
#47. Says Momma: "I got handed lemons, too, y'know but I learned how to make lemonade with them… No one ever told me I had to add sugar but that's life for you. It ain't sweet. #Quote by Elizabeth Flock
Sugar Coating quotes by David Rakoff
#48. But thanks to my rapidly dividing cells, I no longer have that feeling - although I remember it very well - that if I just buckled down to the great work at hand, lived more authentically, stopped procrastinating, cut out sugar, then my best self was just there right around the corner. Yeah, no. I'm done with all that. I #Quote by David Rakoff
Sugar Coating quotes by Upasana Banerjee
#49. The sugar coated negligence to the risks that could have changed our lives ... the moments we ran away to avoid daring a chance and we sigh at the thought " i wish i hd the courage to " ... #Quote by Upasana Banerjee

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