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Strolling quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#1. Every walk is a sort of crusade, preached by some Peter the Hermit in us. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Strolling quotes by John Jakes
#2. Libraries are magical places. There's nothing quite like strolling the hushed aisles, letting your eye rove along dimly lit shelves. Each spine, each title, seems to beckon with a promise of incredible wonders, surprises, and adventures. #Quote by John Jakes
Strolling quotes by Henry Miller
#3. A little later, strolling about the town, I, stopped into a shop near the museum, where they sold souvenirs and post-cards. I looked over the cards leisurely; the ones I liked best were soiled and wrinkled. The man, who spoke French fluently, offered to make the cards presentable. He asked me to wait a few minutes while he ran over to the house and cleaned and ironed them. He said he would make them look like new. I was so dumbfounded that before I could say anything he had disappeared, leaving me in charge of the shop. After a few minutes his wife came in. I thought she looked strange for a Greek woman. After a few words had passed I realized that she was French and she, when she learned that I hailed from Paris, was overjoyed to speak with me. We got along beautifully until she began talking about Greece. She hated Crete, she said. It was too dry, too dusty, too hot, too bare. She missed the beautiful trees of Normandy, the gardens with the high walls, the orchards, and so on. Didn't I agree with her? I said NO, flatly. "Monsieur!" she said, rising up in her pride and dignity, as if I had slapped her in the face.

"I don't miss anything," I said, pressing the point home. "I think this is marvellous. I don't like your gardens with their high walls, I don't like your pretty little orchards and your well-cultivated-fields. I like this …" and I pointed outdobrs to the dusty road on which a sorely-laden donkey was plodding along dejectedly. "But it's not civilized," sh #Quote by Henry Miller
Strolling quotes by William Jacob Holland
#4. Happy is the man who has acquired the love of walking for its own sake! #Quote by William Jacob Holland
Strolling quotes by Tracey Emin
#5. Strolling on the plateau of life, desperate for the mountain, I never thought that I would get this far. It's only art that has carried me through, given me faith in my own existence. But now I am approaching a point in my life where I desire more ... #Quote by Tracey Emin
Strolling quotes by Michael Uslan
#6. If you talk about genres - I don't care if you're talking about war, Westerns, science fiction, horror, fantasy, humor, romance - anything you can find, strolling the aisles of a Borders or a Barnes & Noble, I can bring you many comic books representing each genre. #Quote by Michael Uslan
Strolling quotes by Scott B. Pruden
#7. By the standards of a tourist strolling past looking for a quick lunch, the place was a dive. The sign on the window was small and easy to miss, and the antique feel of the place wasn't the prepackaged, old-shit-on-the-wall nostalgia that came with so many chain restaurants. The cafe was just old, and everything about it said old. But Jon liked it that way, if only because it kept the tourists away and spared him from hearing imported ignorance when there was plenty of local ignorance to go around. #Quote by Scott B. Pruden
Strolling quotes by Adam Zagajewski
#8. Music heard with you
at home or in the car
or even while strolling
didn't always sound as pristine
as piano tuners might wish -
it was sometimes mixed with voices
full of fear and pain,
and then that music
was more than music,
it was our living
and our dying. #Quote by Adam Zagajewski
Strolling quotes by Louis L'Amour
#9. It is an old custom of these people to pick up a stone and toss it on the pile. Perhaps it is a symbolical lightening of the load they carry, perhaps a small offering to the gods of the trails. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Strolling quotes by Saint John Chrysostom
#10. It is possible to offer fervent prayer even while walking in public or strolling alone or seated in your shop ... while buying or selling ... or even while cooking. #Quote by Saint John Chrysostom
Strolling quotes by Katie Kacvinsky
#11. I think falling in love should come with a warning label: CAUTION - side effects may include breaking up, accompanied by heartache, severe mood swings, withdrawal from people and life itself, wasted hours obsessing over bitter reflections, a need to destroy something (preferably something expensive that shatters), uncontrollable tear ducts, stress, a loss of appetite (Cheetos and Dr. Pepper exempt), a bleak and narrow outlook on the future, and an overall hatred of everyone and everything (especially all the happy couples you see strolling hand-in-hand, placed on your path only to exacerbate your isolation and misery). All above reactions will be intensified with the consumption of one or more alcoholic beverages. #Quote by Katie Kacvinsky
Strolling quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#12. For a strolling damsel a doubtful reputation bears. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Strolling quotes by Sarah Waters
#13. She sang that night like - I cannot say like an angel, for her songs were all of champagne suppers and strolling in the Burlington Arcade; perhaps, then, like a fallen angel - or yet again like a falling one: she sang like a falling angel might sing with the bounds of heaven fresh burst behind him, and hell still distant and unguessed. And as she did so, I sang with her - not loudly and carelessly like the rest of the crowd, but softly, almost secretly, as if she might hear me the better if I whispered rather than bawled. #Quote by Sarah Waters
Strolling quotes by Julia Cameron
#14. I started writing morning pages just to keep my hand in, you know, just because I was a writer and I didn't know what else to do but write. And then one day as I was writing, a character came sort of strolling in and I realized, Oh my God, I don't have to be just a screenwriter. I can write novels. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Strolling quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#15. For [Jane Austen and the readers of Pride and Prejudice], as for Mr. Darcy, [Elizabeth Bennett's] solitary walks express the independence that literally takes the heroine out of the social sphere of the houses and their inhabitants, into a larger, lonelier world where she is free to think: walking articulates both physical and mental freedom. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Strolling quotes by Damien Echols
#16. Normally Halloween was like Christmas for me. I would anticipate it for weeks, decorating myself and the house, as well as strolling around the neighborhood, admiring everyone else's decorations. Nothing lifts my spirit like a scarecrow in the front yard. #Quote by Damien Echols
Strolling quotes by Colson Whitehead
#17. She watches the people through the sooted panes. They walk slower than they do when she reports to work and when she leaves work, and differently still from weekend strolling. They are the tin men and rag dolls who wake after hours in the toy store. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
Strolling quotes by Victor Hugo
#18. Letter

You can see it already: chalks and ochers;
Country crossed with a thousand furrow-lines;
Ground-level rooftops hidden by the shrubbery;
Sporadic haystacks standing on the grass;
Smoky old rooftops tarnishing the landscape;
A river (not Cayster or Ganges, though:
A feeble Norman salt-infested watercourse);
On the right, to the north, bizarre terrain
All angular--you'd think a shovel did it.
So that's the foreground. An old chapel adds
Its antique spire, and gathers alongside it
A few gnarled elms with grumpy silhouettes;
Seemingly tired of all the frisky breezes,
They carp at every gust that stirs them up.
At one side of my house a big wheelbarrow
Is rusting; and before me lies the vast
Horizon, all its notches filled with ocean blue;
Cocks and hens spread their gildings, and converse
Beneath my window; and the rooftop attics,
Now and then, toss me songs in dialect.
In my lane dwells a patriarchal rope-maker;
The old man makes his wheel run loud, and goes
Retrograde, hemp wreathed tightly round the midriff.
I like these waters where the wild gale scuds;
All day the country tempts me to go strolling;
The little village urchins, book in hand,
Envy me, at the schoolmaster's (my lodging),
As a big schoolboy sneaking a day off.
The air is pure, the sky smiles; there's a constant
Soft noise of children spelling things alou #Quote by Victor Hugo
Strolling quotes by Charles Dickens
#19. If I could not walk far and fast, I think I should just explode and perish. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Strolling quotes by Charlie Cook
#20. And what exactly is nature walking? It's any and every kind of walking you can do in the natural world. The activity encompasses strolling, striding, sauntering, stepping, treading, tramping, traipsing, traversing, rambling, roving, roaming, racewalking, hiking, meandering, wandering, wending, pacing, peregrinating, perambulating ... in natural surroundings. #Quote by Charlie Cook
Strolling quotes by Milan Kundera
#21. It's a great consolation to think that when we've long been in the grave our noses will still be strolling the earth. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Strolling quotes by Kresley Cole
#22. He jolted, maybe because he'd just heard the voice of a rare female; or because I was strolling around outside the cages. "Indiana."

Still? Damn it! "Who runs this place?"

Overhearing our hushed exchange, a burly guy with a bandana over his head turned toward me and said, "Solomón, the leader of the Skins."


Pops said, "Those are Sol's fanatical followers."

Bandana added, "They consider us the Shirts." Shirts and Skins. As in football? Who makes up this shit? #Quote by Kresley Cole
Strolling quotes by Thomas Traherne
#23. To walk abroad is, not with eyes, But thoughts, the fields to see and prize; Else may the silent feet, Like logs of wood, Move up and down, and see no good, Nor Jor nor glory meet. #Quote by Thomas Traherne
Strolling quotes by Shana Abe
#24. Bundled in my shawl and uniform, I might have been partaking in any one of Mrs. Westcliffe's permitted after-supper al fresco activities, like:
Strolling to the edge of the rose garden to admire the sunset.
Strolling to the edge of the orchard to admire the sunset.
Strolling to the edge of the bridge to admire the sunset.
At England's foremost educational opportunity for young women, strolling to the brink of things was allowed. Leaving the green-plunging beyond brinks-was not. #Quote by Shana Abe
Strolling quotes by Horace Kephart
#25. It is one of the blessings of wilderness life that it shows us how few things we need in order to be perfectly happy. #Quote by Horace Kephart
Strolling quotes by William Gay
#26. The near dark streets where Friday night's business began to accomplish itself, strolling couples, arm in arm, girls bright as just pricked flowers, halfdrunk belligerent men herded homeward by fierce women with bitter persecuted faces ... #Quote by William Gay
Strolling quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#27. I know I found his lips and let him caress me without realizing that I, too, was crying and didn't know why. That dawn, and all the ones that followed in the two weeks I spent with Julian, we made love to one another on the floor, never saying a word. Later, sitting in a cafe or strolling through the streets, I would look into his eyes and know, without any need to question him, that he still loved Penelope. I remember that during those days I learned to hate that seventeen-year-old girl (for Penelope was always seventeen to me) whom I had never met and who now haunted my dreams. I invented excuses for cabling Cabestany to prolong my stay. I no longer cared whether I lost my job or the grey existence I had left behind in Barcelona. I have often asked myself whether my life was so empty when I arrived in Paris that I fell into Julian's arms - like Irene Marceau's girls, who, despite themselves, craved for affection. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Strolling quotes by Billy Rose
#28. Me and my shadow Strolling down the avenue Oh, me and my shadow Not a soul to tell our troubles to And when it's twelve o'clock we climb the stairs We never knock 'cause nobody's there Just me and my shadow All alone and feeling blue #Quote by Billy Rose
Strolling quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#29. I suppose there has been nothing like the airports since the age of the stage-stops - nothing quite as lonely, as sombre-silent. The red-brick depots were built right into the towns they marked - people didn't get off at those isolated stations unless they lived there. But airports lead you way back in history like oases, like the stops on the great trade routes. The sight of air travellers strolling in ones and twos into midnight airports will draw a small crowd any night up or two. The young people look at the planes, the older ones look at the passengers with a watchful incredulity. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Strolling quotes by J.B. Priestley
#30. The people who pretend that dying is rather like strolling into the next room always leave me unconvinced. Death, like birth, must be a tremendous event. #Quote by J.B. Priestley
Strolling quotes by Leslie Stephen
#31. The English literary movement at the end of the 18th century was obviously due in great part, if not mainly, to the renewed practice of walking. #Quote by Leslie Stephen
Strolling quotes by Gary Snyder
#32. Walking is the great adventure, the first meditation, a practice of heartiness and soul primary to humankind. Walking is the exact balance beween spirit and humility. #Quote by Gary Snyder
Strolling quotes by Julien Smith
#33. What you're missing is that the path itself changes you. #Quote by Julien Smith
Strolling quotes by Kyoshi Takahama
#34. Walking around an early spring garden- going nowhere. #Quote by Kyoshi Takahama
Strolling quotes by Mary Quant
#35. A woman is as young as her knees. #Quote by Mary Quant
Strolling quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#36. Some do not walk at all; others walk in the highways; a few walk across lots. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Strolling quotes by Joseph Campbell
#37. The most evident distinguishing sign is man's organization of his life according primarily to mythic, and only secondarily economic, aims and laws. Food and drink, reproduction and nest-building, it is true, play formidable roles in the lives no less of men than of chimpanzees. But what of the economics of the Pyramids, the cathedrals of the Middle Ages, Hindus starving to death with edible cattle strolling all around them, or the history of Israel, from the time of Saul to right now? #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Strolling quotes by Colin Fletcher
#38. Details of the many walks I made along the crest have blurred, now, into a pleasing tapestry of grass and space and sunlight. #Quote by Colin Fletcher
Strolling quotes by Richard Rogers
#39. Everyone has the right to walk from one end of the city to the other in secure and beautiful spaces. Everybody has the right to go by public transport. Everybody has the right to an unhampered view down their street, not full of railings, signs and rubbish. #Quote by Richard Rogers
Strolling quotes by Martin Heidegger
#40. Philosophy, then, is that thinkins with which one can start nothing and about which housemaids necessarily laugh. Such a definition of philosophy is not a mere joke but is something to think over. We shall fo well to remember occasionally that by our strolling we can fall into a well whereby we may not reach ground for quite some time. #Quote by Martin Heidegger
Strolling quotes by Amy Grant
#41. I was in Sarasota, Florida, on a spring-break trip with my friends Bruce and Karen Moore. Bruce and I were waiting on the beach for the rest of our crew when and a man and his grown kids came strolling up the sand. They looked at me for a minute, sort of hesitating, and then asked, "Would you mind taking a picture?" "Sure," I said, and quickly arranged all of us in a line, putting myself in the middle and motioning to Bruce to come snap the photo. Right about that time, the father said, "Actually, we were wondering if you could take a picture just of us." An understandable mistake on my part, but really embarrassing. Bruce has had a field day reminding me of that one ever since.

Lesson learned: Never assume anything about your own importance. It's a great big world, and all of us are busy living our lives. None of us knows all the time and effort that another person puts into his or her passion. #Quote by Amy Grant
Strolling quotes by Stewart Udall
#42. Society as we know it is almost a conspiracy against human health. One of the main forces working to counteract that is the trailsman. #Quote by Stewart Udall
Strolling quotes by Mark Kurlansky
#43. Newlyn does not look like the Cornish towns on either side: Penzance and Mousehole. Those are resort towns where British vacationers practice that peculiarly British pastime of strolling the beaches and walkways, bundled in sweaters and mufflers. But Newlyn is a fishing town - or, increasingly, an out-of-work fishing town. #Quote by Mark Kurlansky
Strolling quotes by Jamie Luner
#44. Hiking is the best workout! ... You can hike for three hours and not even realize you're working out. And, hiking alone lets me have some time to myself. #Quote by Jamie Luner
Strolling quotes by Helen Simonson
#45. He envisaged her in the heaven he had learned about in childhood: a grassy place with blue sky and a light breeze. He could no longer picture the inhabitants with anything as ridiculous as wings. Instead he saw Nancy strolling in a simple sheath dress, her low shoes held in her hand and a shady tree beckoning her in the distance. The rest of the time, he could not hold on to this vision and she was only gone, like Bertie, and he was left to struggle on alone in the awful empty space of unbelief. #Quote by Helen Simonson
Strolling quotes by Bruce Willis
#46. There is nothing better than strolling down the beach the way God made you. #Quote by Bruce Willis
Strolling quotes by Kirk Douglas
#47. Streets crowded with people strolling, or sitting at outdoor cafes. And always, talking, gesturing, singing, laughing. I liked Rome immediately.Everybody was a performer. #Quote by Kirk Douglas
Strolling quotes by Michael  Bowe
#48. Having grown up in this little town, I had attended countless street fairs, but I still felt comforted by the Norman Rockwell-esque nature of the scene as I felt like I was strolling in an oil painting of another era rather than an actual town. From my experience as a reporter in Philadelphia, our city streets and suburban neighborhoods were tougher and grittier than ever before and so there was something comforting about small-town America. The feeling of community was much stronger, the streets much softer and warmer. Three times each summer, people drove long distances to Shelbyville to attend street fairs, but the truth was that the booths weren't any different than the booths at the street fairs in their cities and neighborhoods. They came to be comforted. #Quote by Michael Bowe
Strolling quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#49. Ask a woman if she has been harassed, or if she thinks about rape regularly, and she will almost always say "no" initially. Who wants to think about rape? Ask her, however, if she makes eye contact when she walks down the street, where and when she loiters for pleasure on a warm day, if she runs by herself at night, or if she pays for cabs instead of peacefully strolling home. Then ask her why. We are taught to fear rape but not to question its pervasive threat or doubt how "natural" it is or isn't. #Quote by Soraya Chemaly
Strolling quotes by Fela Durotoye
#50. If the path you are walking today won't lead you to your desired destination, then you are STROLLING #Quote by Fela Durotoye
Strolling quotes by Lorraine Heath
#51. This time James Swindler strode into the room. It had always irritated Jack that Swindler had the uncanny knack to give the impression he belonged, regardless of the surroundings. He'd probably look comfortable strolling through Buckingham Palace. #Quote by Lorraine Heath
Strolling quotes by David Douglas
#52. The wilderness is a place of rest - not in the sense of being motionless, for the lure, after all, is to move, to round the next bend. The rest comes in the isolation from distractions, in the slowing of the daily centrifugal forces that keep us off balance. #Quote by David Douglas
Strolling quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#53. Not long since, a strolling Indian went to sell baskets at the house of a well-known lawyer in my neighborhood. "Do you wish to buy any baskets?" he asked. "No, we do not want any," was the reply. "What!" exclaimed the Indian as he went out the gate, "do you mean to starve us?" Having seen his industrious white neighbors so well off - that the lawyer had only to weave arguments, and, by some magic, wealth and standing followed - he had said to himself: I will go into business; I will weave baskets; it is a thing which I can do. Thinking that when he had made the baskets he would have done his part, and then it would be the white man's to buy them. He had not discovered that it was necessary for him to make it worth the other's while to buy them, or at least make him think that it was so, or to make something else which it would be worth his while to buy.

I too had woven a kind of basket of a delicate texture, but I had not made it worth any one's while to buy them. Yet not the less, in my case, did I think it worth my while to weave them, and instead of studying how to make it worth men's while to buy my baskets, I studied rather how to avoid the necessity of selling them. The life which men praise and regard as successful is but one kind. Why should we exaggerate any one kind at the expense of the others? #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Strolling quotes by Bill Bryson
#54. Four times I was honked at for having the temerity to proceed through town without the benefit of metal. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Strolling quotes by Joe Teti
#55. Let's go Matt; we aren't strolling through Central Park here. #Quote by Joe Teti
Strolling quotes by Jim Thompson
#56. Strolling down a white-graveled walk to the cliff above the ocean, he let his eyes rove aimlessly over the expanse of sea and sand: The icy-looking whitecaps, the blinking, faraway sails of boats, the sweeping, constantly searching gulls. Desolation. Eternal, infinite. Like Dostoevski's conception of eternity, a fly circling about a privy, the few signs of life only emphasized the loneliness. #Quote by Jim Thompson
Strolling quotes by Gary Snyder
#57. The lessons we learn from the wild become the etiquette of freedom. #Quote by Gary Snyder
Strolling quotes by Linji Yixuan
#58. The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on earth. #Quote by Linji Yixuan
Strolling quotes by Jules Renard
#59. Walks. The body advances, while the mind flutters around it like a bird. #Quote by Jules Renard
Strolling quotes by Kimberly Derting
#60. She had several books she'd been wanting to read, but instead she sprawled out on the couch surrounded by pillows and blankets, and spent the hours flipping channels between Judge Judy, The People's Court, Maury, and Jerry Springer, and rounded out her afternoon with Dr. Phil and Oprah. All in all, it was a complete waste of a day. At least until school got out.
Jay showed up after school with a bouquet of flowers and an armful of DVDs, although Violet couldn't have card less about either...he was all she wanted. She couldn't help the electric thrill of excitement she felt when he came strolling in, grinning at her foolishly as if he hadn't seen her in weeks rather than hours. He scooped her up from the couch and dropped her onto his lap as he sat down where she had been just a moment before. He was careful to arrange her ankle on a neatly stacked pile of pillows beside him.
He stubbornly refused to hide his affection for her, and if Violet hadn't known better she would have sworn that he was going out of his way to make her self-conscious in her own home. Fortunately her parents were giving them some space for the time being, and they were left by themselves most of the time.
"Did you miss me?" he asked arrogantly as he gently brushed his lips over hers, not bothering to wait for an answer.
She smiled while she kissed him back, loving the topsy-turvy feeling that her stomach always got when he was so close to her. She wound her arms around his neck, forge #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Strolling quotes by Karl Philipp Moritz
#61. I now resolved to go to bed early, with a firm purpose of also rising early the next day to revisit this charming walk; for I thought to myself, I have now seen this temple of the modern world imperfectly; I have seen it only by moonlight. #Quote by Karl Philipp Moritz
Strolling quotes by Christina Dodd
#62. Jermyn saw Amy strolling toward him, a seductive roll to her hips, discarding her clothing as she walked. She was smiling, teasing him as she stepped out of her petticoats and stood clad in her sheer chemise. Her nipples showed through the cream silk, puckered with desire for him - "
Amy's disagreeable tone shredded his fantasy. "My lord, you have been staring at the chessboard for a full five minutes. Would you like me to make your move for you?"
He jumped like a lad with his fingers caught in the jam pot. The rickety chair beneath him groaned.
"Now, Amy, you must be patient with His Lordship," Miss Victorine chided. "He's spent the day manacled by his ankle and he's ready to snarl like a lion."
"More like a small, ill-tempered badger," Amy muttered.
Jermyn looked across the long length of the table at her. He sat on one end, she sat on the other. She wore the most contrary expression, and her eyes sparkled with irritation. She made it most difficult to indulge in a dream about her. #Quote by Christina Dodd
Strolling quotes by Jacob M. Appel
#63. Arnold had never given much thought to whether or not he loved America - but now it seemed pretty obvious to him that he didn't. Not in the way Nathan Hale had loved America. Or even in the way his late father, a Dutch-Jewish refugee, had loved America. In fact, he found the idea of sacrificing his life for his country somewhat abhorrent. Moreover, it wasn't that he disliked abstract loyalties in general. He loved New York, for instance: Senegalese takeout at three a.m., and strolling through the Botanical Gardens on the first crisp day of autumn, and feeding the peacocks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. If Manhattan were invaded - if New Jersey were to send an expeditionary force of militiamen across the Hudson River - he'd willingly take up arms to defend his city. He also loved Sandpiper Key in Florida, where they owned a time-share, and maybe Brown University, where he'd spent five years of graduate school. But the United States? No one could mistake his qualified praise for love. #Quote by Jacob M. Appel
Strolling quotes by Suzanne Wright
#64. Long after the celebrations were over, as she was fixing him a late-night snack in her lodge - their lodge, she asked without looking at him, "Are you sure you're okay with being a member of both packs? I mean, you don't feel like you've betrayed Trey?" It would be stupid, but she could understand it.
From his seat at the kitchen table, he replied, "Hmm." He had no idea what she'd asked. Come on, did she really expect him to understand a word she said when she was strolling around in nothing but a tank top and a pair of boy shorts? It was one of the hottest things ever and gave him little peaks of that ass he loved. It didn't matter that he'd been inside her only twenty minutes ago. He could never get enough of her.
Confused by his response, she looked over her shoulder . . . and rolled her eyes. "Could you stop ogling my ass for just one second?"
"Hmm. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Strolling quotes by Charles Bukowski
#65. she died of alcoholism
wrapped in a blanket
on a deck chair
on an ocean

all her books of
terrified loneliness

all her books about
the cruelty
of loveless love

were all that was left
of her

as the strolling vacationer
discovered her body

notified the captain

and she was quickly dispatched
to somewhere else
on the ship

as everything
continued just
she had written it. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Strolling quotes by Bill Bryson
#66. On the morning of our second day, we were strolling down the Champs-Elysées when a bird shit on his head. 'Did you know a bird's shit on your head?' I asked a block or two later.
Instinctively Katz put a hand to his head, looked at it in horror – he was always something of a sissy where excrement was concerned; I once saw him running through Greenwood Park in Des Moines like the figure in Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' just because he had inadvertently probed some dog shit with the tip of his finger – and with only a mumbled 'Wait here' walked with ramrod stiffness in the direction of our hotel. When he reappeared twenty minutes later he smelled overpoweringly of Brut aftershave and his hair was plastered down like a third-rate Spanish gigolo's, but he appeared to have regained his composure. 'I'm ready now,' he announced.
Almost immediately another bird shit on his head. Only this time it really shit. I don't want to get too graphic, in case you're snacking or anything, but if you can imagine a pot of yoghurt upended onto his scalp, I think you'll get the picture. 'Gosh, Steve, that was one sick bird,' I observed helpfully.
Katz was literally speechless. Without a word he turned and walked stiffly back to the hotel, ignoring the turning heads of passers-by. He was gone for nearly an hour. When at last he returned, he was wearing a windcheater with the hood up. 'Just don't say a word,' he warned me and strode past. He never really warmed to Paris after that. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Strolling quotes by Roberto Bolano
#67. Among them the nameless girl, with her guillotine mouth, strolling through the past and the future like a movie face. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Strolling quotes by Pupola
#68. I had forgotten the joy of strolling around on a moonlit night.

It was far too long in the past where rain fell light against my skin. My spine tingled, and my little arm hairs would stick straight out. I strolled around where wishes and wonders hibernated. I had it for the briefest moments, perhaps in some weird kind of eternity, if you philosophized about it in the right way. Yet, I couldn't turn away from what I knew was inescapable. #Quote by Pupola
Strolling quotes by Jacob M. Appel
#69. Battery Park resonates with lust as the sun approaches its zenith. A primal impulse takes hold of the young couples strolling the gravel walkways, the newlyweds who have paused to admire DeModica's bronze bull, the truant teens laid out on the cool grass. Maybe because all flesh tantalizes in the early summer, in the right light, or because, at this time of year, there is more flesh exposed, midriffs, cleavage, inner thighs, the park is suddenly transformed into a dynamo of panting and groping. This desire is not the tender affection of evening, the wistful intimacy of the twilight's last gleam. It is raw, concupiscent hunger. #Quote by Jacob M. Appel
Strolling quotes by Tali Sharot
#70. It's a curious fact, because Friday is a day of work and Sunday is a day for pleasure, so you would expect people to enjoy Sunday more, right? But we don't. It's not because we really like being in the office and can't stand strolling in the park and having a lazy brunch. We prefer Friday to Sunday because Friday brings with it the thrill of anticipating the weekend ahead. In contrast, on Sunday the only thing to look forward to is work on Monday. #Quote by Tali Sharot
Strolling quotes by Horace Kephart
#71. The man with the knapsack is never lost. No matter whither he may stray, his food and shelter are right with him, and home is wherever he may choose to stop. #Quote by Horace Kephart
Strolling quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#72. It makes me angry that you hate yourself for something that somebody else made you do. Don't let them take any more. Don't you do that Andres."
"None of this does any good, Grace. All these visits, all this talking, all this strolling down fucking memory lane. It doesn't help. And you know why it doesn't help? Because everything that's happened - it lives so deep inside me that the only way I can ever get rid of it is to die."
"That's not true, Andres."
"It is true. Happiness isn't in the cards for everyone, Grace. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Strolling quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#73. For that moment at least they seemed to give up external plans, theories, and codes, even the inescapable romantic curiosity about one another, to indulge in being simply and purely young, to share that sense of the world's affliction, that outgoing sorrow at the spectacle of Our Human Condition which anyone this age regards as reward or gratuity for having survived adolescence.
For them the music was sweet and painful, the strolling chains of tourists like a Dance of Death. They stood on the curb, gazing at one another, jostled against by hawkers and sightseers, lost as much perhaps in that bond of youth as in the depths of the eyes each contemplated. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Strolling quotes by Terry Pratchett
#74. But magic is never as simple as people think. It has to obey certain universal laws. And one is that, no matter how hard a thing is to do, once it has been done it'll become a whole lot easier and will therefore be done a lot. A huge mountain might be scaled by strong men only after many centuries of failed attempts, but a few decades later grandmothers will be strolling up it for tea and then wandering back afterward to see where they left their glasses. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Strolling quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
#75. Indolence, of course, is an absolutely crucial part of the creative process: you do not find poets sitting in rows in cavernous word factories, staring at screens. They are rather to be found lolling on the sofa or strolling through the groves, nursing their melancholic temperaments and losing themselves in extended reveries. #Quote by Tom Hodgkinson
Strolling quotes by William James
#76. The supreme contemporary example of such an inability to feel evil is of course Walt Whitman. "His favorite occupation," writes his disciple, Dr. Bucke "seemed to be strolling or sauntering about outdoors by himself, looking at the grass, the trees, the flowers, the vistas of light, the varying aspects of the sky, and listening to the birds, the crickets, the tree frogs, and all the hundreds of natural sounds. #Quote by William James
Strolling quotes by Colin Fletcher
#77. Mostly, two miles an hour is good going. #Quote by Colin Fletcher
Strolling quotes by Carlos Castaneda
#78. All paths lead nowhere, so it is important to choose a path that has heart. #Quote by Carlos Castaneda
Strolling quotes by Jennifer Estep
#79. Finn had finished his coffee run and was strolling back down the hallway, a mug of his steaming chicory brew in his left hand. He saw Vinnie heading toward him, sighed, and reached around behind his back with his right hand. Finn came up with a gun, which he leveled at Vinnie's head.
The Ice elemental froze in the doorway.
"Why don't you be a good boy, Vinnie, and go sit down," Finn said in a pleasant voice before taking a sip of his coffee. His eyes never left the other man, and his gun never wavered. Finn could be a bad-ass when he had to, just like me. #Quote by Jennifer Estep
Strolling quotes by Henry Miller
#80. She stood there waiting for me to approach, as though absolutely certain that I would take her by the arm and continue strolling down the avenue. #Quote by Henry Miller
Strolling quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#81. Fare well we call to hearth and hall
Though wind may blow and rain may fall
We must away ere break of day
Over the wood and mountain tall
To Rivendell where Elves yet dwell
In glades beneath the misty fell
Through moor and waste we ride in haste
And wither then we cannot tell
With foes ahead behind us dread
Beneath the sky shall be our bed
Until at last our toil be sped
Our journey done, our errand sped
We must away! We must away!
We ride before the break of day! #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Strolling quotes by Kimberly Derting
#82. Jay showed up after school with a bouquet of flowers and an armful of DVDs, although Violet couldn't have cared less about either . . . he was all she wanted. She couldn't help the electric thrill of excitement she felt when he came strolling in, grinning at her foolishly as if he hadn't seen her in weeks rather than hours. He scooped her up from the couch and dropped her onto his lap as he sat down where she had been just a moment before. He was careful to arrange her ankle on a neatly stacked pile of pillows beside him.
He stubbornly refused to hide his affection for her, and if Violet hadn't known better she would have sword that he was going out of his way to make her self-conscious in her own home. Fortunately her parents were giving them some space for the time being, and they were left by themselves most of the time.
"Did you miss me?" he asked arrogantly as he gently brushed his lips over hers, not bothering to wait for an answer.
She smiled while she kissed him back, loving the topsy-turvy feeling that her stomach always got when he was so close to her. She wound her arms around his neck, forgetting that she was in the middle of the family room and not hidden away in the privacy of her bedroom.
He pulled away from her, suddenly serious. "You know, we didn't get much time alone yesterday. And I didn't get a chance to tell you . . ."
Violet was mesmerized by the thick timbre of his deep voice. She barely heard his words but rather concentrated #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Strolling quotes by Milan Kundera
#83. Now what was tiring had disappeared and only the beauty remained.
Saturday found him for the first time strolling alone through Zurich, breathing in the heady smell of his freedom. New adventures hid around each corner. The future was again a secret. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Strolling quotes by Harlan Coben
#84. It reminded him of the Sound of Music. Myron liked the ole Julie Andrews musical well enough. who didn't? but he always found one song particularly dumb. One of the classics, actually. My Favorite Things. The song made no sense. Ask a zillion people to list their absolute favorite things, and how many of them are going to list doorbells for crying out loud.
You know what, Milly, I love doorbells. To hell with strolling on a quiet beach, or reading a great book, or making love or seeing a broadway musical. Doorbells, Milly, doorbells really punch my ticket. Sometimes I just run up to people's houses and press their doorbells and, well, I think i am man enough to admit I shutter. #Quote by Harlan Coben
Strolling quotes by Gina Damico
#85. Lex jogged up to her uncle. "Why are we heading for DeMyse if they're just going to arrest us the minute we get there?"
"They won't. The mayor and I go way back. Trust me, you'll be safe."
"I have trusted you implicitly ever since I came to Croak, and look where it's gotten me."
"Strolling through Death Valley on Thanksgiving," he said with a wink. "Don't say I never show you a good time. #Quote by Gina Damico
Strolling quotes by Robert Pattinson
#86. Frankly, I have no sex appeal. Just strolling in Los Angeles, London, or Paris, you will find a bunch of young guys like me. I am not James Dean. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Strolling quotes by Nora Roberts
#87. Are you staying in tonight, Moshe?" she asked as she passed by the cat who lounged on her bed. When he only opened his eye in acknowledgement, she breezed out of the room. "Okay,don't wait up." Shelby dropped her purse on top of the box that held Myra's lamps and prepared to lift both when someone knocked on the door. "You expecting someone?" she asked Auntie Em.The bird merely fluttered her wings,unconcerned. Hefting the box,Shelby went to answer.
Pleasure.She had to acknowledge it as well as annoyance when she saw Alan. "Another neighborly visit?" she asked, planting herself in the doorway. She skimmed a glance down the silk tie and trim, dark suit. "You don't look dressed for strolling."
THe sarcasm didn't concern him-he'd seen that quick flash of unguarded pleasure. "As a public servant, I feel an obligation to conserve our natural resources and protect the environment." Reaching over,he clipped a tiny sprig of sweet pea into her hair. "I'm going to give you a lift to the Ditmeyers'. You might say we're carpooling. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Strolling quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#88. Deacon met my glare with an impish grin. "Anyway, did you celebrate Valentine's Day when you were slumming with the mortals?"

I blinked. "Not really. Why?"

Aiden snorted and then disappeared into one of the rooms.

"Follow me," Deacon said. "You're going to love this. I just know it."

I followed him down the dimly-lit corridor that was sparsely decorated. We passed several closed doors and a spiral staircase. Deacon went through an archway and stopped, reaching along the wall. Light flooded the room. It was a typical sunroom, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, wicker furniture, and colorful plants.

Deacon stopped by a small potted plant sitting on a ceramic coffee table. It looked like a miniature pine tree that was missing several limbs. Half the needles were scattered in and around the pot. One red Christmas bulb hung from the very top branch, causing the tree to tilt to the right.

"What do you think?" Deacon asked.

"Um… well, that's a really different Christmas tree, but I'm not sure what that has to do with Valentine's Day."

"It's sad," Aiden said, strolling into the room. "It's actually embarrassing to look at. What kind of tree is it, Deacon?"

He beamed. "It's called a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree."

Aiden rolled his eyes. "Deacon digs this thing out every year. The pine isn't even real. And he leaves it up from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day. Which thank the g #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Strolling quotes by Christine O'Neil
#89. I turned around, still trying to catch my breath, and there he was, strolling by, a cocky grin splitting his sinfully beautiful face.

Mac Finnegan, who had decided that being the new kid wasn't bad enough, so he had to actively go out of his way to make enemies. Mac Finnegan, who wanted to turn my world upside down rather than minding his own business. Mac Finnegan, who didn't know the meaning of live and let live.

Mac Finnegan, who clearly had no idea who he was fucking with. #Quote by Christine O'Neil
Strolling quotes by Ranjani Ramachandran
#90. Strolling around. Eyes met and I forgot. He didn't.
Something deeper. Something stronger.
Hands touched and I forgot. He didn't.
He loved me.
Slowly and gradually, he gave me all that he felt. But he didn't realise giving could mean giving it away. Gave all of it until it faded.
They say energy in the universe remains constant.
Now I love him. He doesn't. #Quote by Ranjani Ramachandran
Strolling quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#91. As the four young women proceeded to a hallway leading toward the morning room, they encountered Lord St. Vincent, who was strolling in the opposite direction.
Elegant and dazzling in his formal clothes, he paused and regarded Evie with a caressing smile. "You appear to be escaping from something," he remarked.
"We are," Evie told her husband.
St. Vincent slid his arm around Evie's waist and asked in a conspiratorial whisper, "Where are you going?"
Evie thought for a moment. "Somewhere to powder Daisy's nose."
The viscount gave Daisy a dubious glance. "It takes all four of you? But it's such a little nose."
"We'll only be a few minutes, my lord," Evie said. "Will you make excuses for us?"
St. Vincent laughed gently. "I have an endless supply, my love," he assured her. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Strolling quotes by Mark Twain
#92. The true charm of pedestrians does not lie in the walking, or in the scenery, but in the talking. #Quote by Mark Twain
Strolling quotes by William Henry Ashley
#93. Having now reached a point where danger might be reasonably apprehended from strolling war parties of Indians, spies were kept in advance and strict diligence observed in the duty of sentinels. #Quote by William Henry Ashley
Strolling quotes by J.K. Rowling
#94. Even the weather seemed to be celebrating; as June approached, the days became cloudless and sultry, and all anybody felt like doing was strolling onto the grounds and flopping down on the grass with several pints of iced pumpkin juice, perhaps playing a casual game of Gobstones or watching the giant squid propel itself dreamily across the surface of the lake. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Strolling quotes by Judith McNaught
#95. In some ways it seemed wrong that he lived here now, in this solitary place. At least part of the time he ought to be walking into ballrooms and strolling into gardens in his superbly tailored black evening clothes, making feminine heartbeats triple. With a wan inner smile at her attempted impartiality, Elizabeth told herself men like Ian Thornton probably performed a great service to society-he gave them something to stare at and admire and even fear. Without men like him, ladies would have nothing to dream about. And much less to regret, she reminded herself.
Ian had not so much as turned to glance her way, and so it was little wonder that she jumped in surprise when he said without looking at her, "It's a lovely evening, Elizabeth. If you can spare the time from your letter, would you like to go for a walk?"
"Walk?" she repeated, stunned by the discovery that he was evidently as aware of what she was doing as she had been aware of him, sitting at the table. "It's dark out," she said mindlessly, searching his impassive features as he arose and walked over to her chair. He stood there, towering over her, and there was nothing about the expression on his handsome face to indicate he had any real desire to go anywhere with her. She cast a hesitant glance at the vicar, who seconded Ian's suggestion. "A walk is just the thing," Duncan said, standing up. "It aids the digestion, you know."
Elizabeth capitulated, smiling at the gray-haired man. "I'll just get a wrap #Quote by Judith McNaught
Strolling quotes by Dan Kiley
#96. A garden should feel like a walk in the woods. #Quote by Dan Kiley
Strolling quotes by Ken Follett
#97. If earls' daughters were allowed to marry whom they please, we'd all be ruled by strolling minstrels and dark-eyed outlaws. #Quote by Ken Follett
Strolling quotes by Aysha Akhtar
#98. We are acknowledging the interconnectedness of our lives with other animals. Their well-being is not separate from ours. On the contrary, we share the same fate.
Moving forward, how we choose to be with animals will depend on how willing we are to be with them. Not as predator and prey, not as master and servant. But as kin, as partners, and as friends, strolling shoulder to shoulder along the dips and rises that stretch before us. We lose nothing when we do so. What we gain is our health, our happiness, our humanity. And friendships that are irreplaceable. #Quote by Aysha Akhtar
Strolling quotes by Camille Paglia
#99. I see far stronger and more charismatic personalities strolling around Philadelphia's neighborhoods than are being featured in most of today's bland daytime soaps. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Strolling quotes by Loren Eiseley
#100. The inorganic world out of which life has emerged and into which, in season, it falls back, possesses the latent capacity for endless ramification and diversity. A few chance elements which appear thoroughly stable in their reactions dress up as for a masked ball and go strolling, hunted and hunter together. Their forms alter through the ages. They are shape-shifters, role-changers. Like flying lizard or ancestral men, they run their course and vanish, never to return. The chemicals of which their bodies were composed lie all about us but by no known magic can we return a lost species to life. Life, in fact, is the product of singular and unreturning contingencies of which the inorganic world disclaims knowledge. Only its elements, swept up in the mysterious living vortex, evoke new forms, new habits, and new thoughts. #Quote by Loren Eiseley
Strolling quotes by Thomas Browne
#101. We carry within us the wonders we seek without us. #Quote by Thomas Browne
Strolling quotes by Richelle Mead
#102. I just rely on natural talent," said Adrian, strolling up to the start of the Dragon's Lair. "When you have such a wealth of it to draw from, the danger comes from having too much. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Strolling quotes by Georges Bataille
#103. To others, the universe seems decent because decent people have gelded eyes. That is why they fear lewdness. They are never frightened by the crowing of a rooster or when strolling under a starry heaven. In general, people savor the "pleasures of the flesh" only on condition that they be insipid.
But as of then, no doubt existed for me: I did not care for what is known as "pleasures of the flesh" because they really are insipid; I cared only for what is classified as "dirty." On the other hand, I was not even satisfied with the usual debauchery, because the only thing it dirties is debauchery itself, while, in some way or other, anything sublime and perfectly pure is left intact by it. My kind of debauchery soils not only my body and my thoughts, but also anything I may conceive in its course, that is to say, the vast starry universe, which merely serves as a backdrop. #Quote by Georges Bataille
Strolling quotes by Heraclitus
#104. The path up and down is one and the same. #Quote by Heraclitus
Strolling quotes by Ivan Doig
#105. For as long as there are men and women, some things in life will best be done arm in arm, and strolling in a flower garden is one. #Quote by Ivan Doig
Strolling quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#106. I've been meaning to ask," Breckenridge said, "jus how you came to topple backward off that rail." He looked at her. "What with one thing and another, the point slipped my mind."
Heather met his gaze. "Mine, too."
he read her eyes, then, brows rising, looked in the direction in which the twins had gone. "Ah. Perhaps that's one of those questions that are better off left unasked."
"It's certainly one of those better left unanswered." Sliding her hand from his and retaking his arm, she started them strolling again.
Breckenridge was quiet for a while, then he looked up at the manor and said, "Will you think it odd of me to suggest that we should, perhaps, leave the Vale and your sometimes unnerving relatives by marriage as soon as we possibl can?"
"How about tomorrow?" She glanced up at his face.
He caught her gaze. "Immediately after breakfast. It's too late to set out today."
She nodded. "Indeed." She looked ahead. "And besides I have plans for tonight."
"Do you?"
"Of course." She met his gaze, her own filled with love and unexpected understanding. "The announcement you made a few minutes ago deserves and appropriate response, don't you think?"
He inclined his head. "Indubitably." After a moment, he added, "Who knows? With the right form of response, you might even induce me to utter the words again."
She laughed. "A challenge." She met his gaze. "A challenge we can wrestle with, wrestle over back and forth, for the rest o #Quote by Stephanie Laurens
Strolling quotes by Seymour Cassel
#107. The whole idea of a festival to me is that filmmakers get to interact. You see someone strolling, you get to meet them and tell them you like their work, you admire their story. #Quote by Seymour Cassel
Strolling quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#108. Walking ... is how the body measures itself against the earth. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Strolling quotes by Michel De Certeau
#109. It seems thus possible to give a preliminary definition of walking as a space of enunciation. #Quote by Michel De Certeau
Strolling quotes by Michael Paterniti
#110. We continued our strolling, for that is exactly what it was: strolling. This was not something I did in real life, either. It was always more like "rushing," or "hustling," or "guy-walking-like-weird-Olympic-walker. #Quote by Michael Paterniti
Strolling quotes by Bill Bryson
#111. You can get some sense of the immaterial quality of clouds by strolling through fog - which is, after all, nothing more than a cloud that lacks the will to fly. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Strolling quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#112. If you come to think of it, what a queer thing Life is! So unlike anything else, don't you know, if you see what I mean. At any moment you may be strolling peacefully along, and all the time Life's waiting around the corner to fetch you one. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Strolling quotes by Margaret Atwood
#113. I thought of myself as an itinerant brain
the equivalent of a strolling player of Elizabethan times, or else a troubadour, clutching my university degree like a cheap lute. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Strolling quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#114. An evil man threw tobacco in the macaque-rhesus eyes.' Oleg was struck dumb. Up to then he had been strolling along smiling with knowing condescension, but now he felt like yelling and roaring across the whole zoo, as though the tobacco had been thrown into his own eyes. 'Why?' Thrown into its eyes, just like that! 'Why? It's senseless! Why?' - Kostoglotov #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Strolling quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#115. I believe in the magic of books. I believe that during certain periods in our lives we are drawn to particular books
whether it's strolling down the aisles of a bookshop with no idea whatsoever of what it is that we want to read and suddenly finding the most perfect, most wonderfully suitable book staring us right in the face. Unblinking. Or a chance meeting with a stranger or friend who recommends a book we would never ordinarily reach for. Books have the ability to find their own way into our lives. #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Strolling quotes by Wendell Berry
#116. If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Strolling quotes by Rick Riordan
#117. The god's expression was calm and content, as if he'd just come home from a lovely evening strolling through the Fields of Punishment, enjoying the screams of the damned. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Strolling quotes by Michael Servetus
#118. In the inhalation and exhalation there is an energy and a lively divine spirit, since He, through his spirit supports the breath of life, giving courage to the people who are in the earth and spirit to those who walk on it. #Quote by Michael Servetus
Strolling quotes by Thomas B. Griffith
#119. Just to be seen strolling to or from a helicopter on the White House lawn, shouting an evasive answer to Sam Donaldson, must seem to the Reagans not quite satisfactory enough of a 7 PM presence, and this inane scene certainly galls the press. #Quote by Thomas B. Griffith
Strolling quotes by Livy
#120. At last he was to feel that he had the town, as it were, in his pocket, and was ready for anything. Accordingly he sent a confidential messenger to Rome, to ask his father what step he should next take, his power in Gabii being, by God's grace, by this time absolute. Tarquin, I suppose, was not sure of the messenger's good faith: in any case, he said not a word in reply to his question, but with a thoughtful air went out to the garden. The man followed him, and Tarquin, strolling up and down in silence, began knocking off poppy-heads with his stick. The messenger at last wearied of putting his question and waiting for the reply, so he returned to Gabii supposing his mission to have failed. He told Sextus what he had said and what he had seen his father do: the king, he declared, whether from anger, or hatred, or natural arrogance, had not uttered a single word. Sextus realized that though his father had not spoken, he had, by his action, indirectly expressed his meaning clearly enough; so he proceeded at once to act upon his murderous instructions. #Quote by Livy
Strolling quotes by Jason Schwartzman
#121. In a city where you walk around, it's impossible to plan your day and your life as accidents will happen, you'll overhear things, bump into people, and take unexpected turns. #Quote by Jason Schwartzman
Strolling quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
#122. There is one way by which a strolling player may be ever secure of success; that is, in our theatrical way of expressing it, to make a great deal of the character. To speak and act as in common life is not playing, nor is it what people come to see; natural speaking, like sweet wine, runs glibly over the palate and scarcely leaves any taste behind it; but being high in a part resembles vinegar, which grates upon the taste, and one feels it while he is drinking. #Quote by Oliver Goldsmith
Strolling quotes by Aldo Leopold
#123. Some paintings become famous because, being durable, they are viewed by successive generations, in each of which are likely to be found a few appreciative eyes.
I know a painting so evanescent that it is seldom viewed at all, except by some wandering deer. It is a river who wields the brush, and it is the same river who, before I can bring my friends to view his work, erases it forever from human view. After that it exists only in my mind's eye.
Like other artists, my river is temperamental; there is no predicting when the mood to paint will come upon him, or how long it will last. But in midsummer, when the great white fleets cruise the sky for day after flawless day, it is worth strolling down to the sandbars just to see whether he has been at work. #Quote by Aldo Leopold
Strolling quotes by Kevin Kelly
#124. And they discovered something very interesting: when it comes to walking, most of the ant's thinking and decision-making is not in its brain at all. It's distributed. It's in its legs. #Quote by Kevin Kelly
Strolling quotes by G. M. Trevelyan
#125. Before modern times there was Walking, but not the perfection of Walking, because there was no tea. #Quote by G. M. Trevelyan
Strolling quotes by A.R. Ammons
#126. With the first step, the number of shapes the walk might take is infinite, but then the walk begins to define itself as it goes along, though freedom remains total with each step: any tempting side road can be turned into an impulse, or any wild patch of woods can be explored. The pattern of the walk is to come true, is to be recognized, discovered. #Quote by A.R. Ammons
Strolling quotes by Frank Stallone
#127. One night I was standing on Third Avenue playing my guitar, when this big Irish policeman came strolling by, and stopped to listen to my singing and playing. When I was done, he politely handed me a ticket for disturbing the peace, while at the same time telling me how much he liked my voice. I wish I still had that ticket. #Quote by Frank Stallone
Strolling quotes by Seneca The Elder
#128. There's some end at last for the man who follows a path; mere rambling is interminable. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Strolling quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#129. It was a pleasure and a privilege to walk with him [H.D. Thoreau]. He knew the country like a fox or a bird, and passed through it as freely by paths of his own. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Strolling quotes by Grace Fiorre
#130. The memory slowly faded away. I could feel tears strolling down my snout from my eyes. I missed my father ... He did what he could to save me that day. #Quote by Grace Fiorre
Strolling quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#131. Tenways showed his rotten teeth. 'Fucking make me.'
'I'll give it a try.' A man came strolling out of the dark, just his sharp jaw showing in the shadows of his hood, boots crunching heedless through the corner of the fire and sending a flurry of sparks up around his legs. Very tall, very lean and he looked like he was carved out of wood. He was chewing meat from a chicken bone in one greasy hand and in the other, held loose under the crosspiece, he had the biggest sword Beck had ever seen, shoulder-high maybe from point to pommel, its sheath scuffed as a beggar's boot but the wire on its hilt glinting with the colours of the fire-pit. He sucked the last shred of meat off his bone with a noisy slurp, and he poked at all the drawn steel with the pommel of his sword, long grip clattering against all those blades. 'Tell me you lot weren't working up to a fight without me. You know how much I love killing folk. I shouldn't, but a man has to stick to what he's good at. So how's this for a recipe…' He worked the bone around between finger and thumb, then flicked it at Tenways so it bounced off his chain mail coat. 'You go back to fucking sheep and I'll fill the graves.'
Tenways licked his bloody top lip. 'My fight ain't with you, Whirrun.'
And it all came together. Beck had heard songs enough about Whirrun of Bligh, and even hummed a few himself as he fought his way through the logpile. Cracknut Whirrun. How he'd been given the Father of Swords. How he'd killed his f #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Strolling quotes by Wallace Stevens
#132. I was the world in which I walked. #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Strolling quotes by Antonio Machado
#133. Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking. #Quote by Antonio Machado
Strolling quotes by Jonathan Swift
#134. I enjoyed perfect health of body, and tranquillity of mind; I did not feel the treachery or inconstancy of a friend, nor the injuries of a secret or open enemy. I had no occasion of bribing, flattering, or pimping, to procure the favour of any great man, or of his minion; I wanted no fence against fraud or oppression: here was neither physician to destroy my body, nor lawyer to ruin my fortune; no informer to watch my words and actions, or forge accusations against me for hire: here were no gibers, censurers, backbiters, pickpockets, highwaymen, housebreakers, attorneys, bawds, buffoons, gamesters, politicians, wits, splenetics, tedious talkers, controvertists, ravishers, murderers, robbers, virtuosos; no leaders, or followers, of party and faction; no encouragers to vice, by seducement or examples; no dungeon, axes, gibbets, whipping-posts, or pillories; no cheating shopkeepers or mechanics; no pride, vanity, or affectation; no fops, bullies, drunkards, strolling whores, or poxes; no ranting, lewd, expensive wives; no stupid, proud pedants; no importunate, overbearing, quarrelsome, noisy, roaring, empty, conceited, swearing companions; no scoundrels raised from the dust upon the merit of their vices, or nobility thrown into it on account of their virtues; no lords, fiddlers, judges, or dancing-masters. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Strolling quotes by Mao Zedong
#135. I have just drunk the waters of Changsha
And come to eat the fish of Wuchang.
Now I am swimming across the great Yangtze,
Looking afar to the open sky of Chu.
Let the wind blow and waves beat,
Better far than idly strolling in a courtyard.
Today I am at ease.
"It was by a stream that the Master said--
'Thus do things flow away!' "
Sails move with the wind.
Tortoise and Snake are still.
Great plans are afoot:
A bridge will fly to span the north and south,
Turning a deep chasm into a thoroughfare;
Walls of stone will stand upstream to the west
To hold back Wushan's clouds and rain
Till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges.
The mountain goddess if she is still there
Will marvel at a world so changed. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Strolling quotes by Victoria Moran
#136. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to live within walking distance of either beauty or convenience, if not both. (48) #Quote by Victoria Moran
Strolling quotes by Douglas Wilson
#137. I don't have any beef against wealthy people enjoying superior food . . . I do have a beef against upper middle class NPR listeners strolling down to farmer's markets as though they were earthy peasants in touch with the rhythms of the earth. Why are they in touch with the rhythms of the earth? Well, because they are wealthy enough to pay three times more for corn on the cob than a guy who lives in a trailer on the edge of town, works at the sawmill, and buys his corn on the cob at Sam's Club, the Philistine (pp. 87-88) #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Strolling quotes by Emo Philips
#138. I was feeling a bit down, I went to a therapist a few times, at a hundred bucks a pop. But then I realized that no therapy session would ever cheer me up half as much as if I was just strolling along and found a hundred dollar bill. #Quote by Emo Philips
Strolling quotes by Edmund White
#139. Paris ... is a world meant for the walker alone, for only the pace of strolling can take in all the rich (if muted) detail. #Quote by Edmund White
Strolling quotes by Paul Fleischman
#140. A fact bobbed up from my memory, that the ancient Egyptians prescribed walking through a garden as a cure for the mad. It was a mind-altering drug we took daily. #Quote by Paul Fleischman
Strolling quotes by Avina Celeste
#141. The care of your body is one of the most important investments you can make. What good are expensive clothes, cars, and clutter when your body is sick from neglect? No purchase is worth more than the value of your wellness. Think about your priorities. Is an hour of browsing social media worth more than an hour of strolling peacefully through nature? Is having an unhealthy meal out worth more than eating a healthy home cooked meal? You choose what abuse and neglect to your body is worth it. You can choose to think that love for your life and your well being are worth more than anything else. #Quote by Avina Celeste
Strolling quotes by Zhuangzi
#142. Zhuangzi and Huizi were strolling along the dam of the Hao River when Zhuangzi said, "See how the minnows come out and dart around where they please! That's what fish really enjoy!"
Huizi said, "You're not a fish - how do you know what fish enjoy?"
Zhuangzi said, "You're not I, so how do you know that I don't know what fish enjoy?"
Huizi said, "I'm not you, so I certainly don't know what you know. On the other hand, you're certainly not a fish - so that still proves that you don't know what fish enjoy!"
Zhuangzi said, "Let's go back to your original question, please. You asked me how I know what fish enjoy - so you already knew that I knew it when you asked the question. I know it by standing here beside the Hao. #Quote by Zhuangzi
Strolling quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#143. I read the paragraph again. A peculiar feeling it gave me. I don't know if you have ever experienced the sensation of seeing the announcement of the engagement of a pal of yours to a girl whom you were only saved from marrying yourself by the skin of your teeth. It induces a sort of
well, it's difficult to describe it exactly; but I should imagine a fellow would feel much the same if he happened to be strolling through the jungle with a boyhood chum and met a tigress or a jaguar, or what not, and managed to shin up a tree and looked down and saw the friend of his youth vanishing into the undergrowth in the animal's slavering jaws. A sort of profound, prayerful relief, if you know what I mean, blended at the same time with a pang of pity. What I'm driving at is that, thankful as I was that I hadn't had to marry Honoria myself, I was sorry to see a real good chap like old Biffy copping it. I sucked down a spot of tea and began brooding over the business. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Strolling quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#144. I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. #Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
Strolling quotes by Kenneth Womack
#145. Close your eyes.
Be with me.
Imagine that I am stepping off of the front stoop of my old apartment building. That I am strolling along the Upper West Side, like always. Just like any other morning.
It is a splendid, sunlit day, and I am wearing my brand-new Gucci pumps. Walking across 110th Street, I take the rustic, parkside staircase into the tiled recesses of the Cathedral Parkway station. It may have originally opened in 1904, but for my money it doesn't look a day over 60.
I wonder, sometimes, what it must have been like to be alive back then, when all of this was different. Before the city had made, erased, and remade itself fifty times over. In my fantasy world, everything must have been slower - easier, even. I like to think that if we could somehow slow down the passage of time, if we could eke just a little bit more out of each minute, then we could get more depth out of life. That things might taste a bit richer, more diffuse. That we could experience the fullness of sound. That we could feel things more deeply - and longer. #Quote by Kenneth Womack
Strolling quotes by Laurie R. King
#146. I felt instantly at home, and wanted only to dismiss Alistair, along with the rest of Justice Hall, that I might have a closer look at the shelves.I had to content myself instead with a strolling perusal, my hands locked behind my back to keep them from reaching out for Le Morte D'Arthur, Caxton 1485 or the delicious little red-and-gilt Bestiary, MS Circa 1250 or ... If I took one down, I should be lost. So I looked, like a hungry child in a sweet shop, and trailed out on my guide's heels with one longing backward glance. #Quote by Laurie R. King
Strolling quotes by Thomas Kincade
#147. Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with beauty of sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cozy cottage. #Quote by Thomas Kincade
Strolling quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#148. You get that one chance; and damn it, you've got to take it! If there's one lesson I know I will take with me for eternity, its that there are those things that might happen only once, those chances that come walking down the street, strolling out of a café; if you don't let go and take them, they really could get away! We can get so washed out with a mindset of entitlement– the universe will do everything for us to ensure our happiness– that we forget why we came here! We came here to grab, to take, to give, to have! Not to wait! Nobody came here to wait! So, what makes anyone think that destiny will keep on knocking over and over again? It could, but what if it doesn't? You go and you take the chance that you get; even if it makes you look stupid, insane, or whorish! Because it just might not come back again. You could wait a lifetime to see if it will...but I don't think you should. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Strolling quotes by Rolf Potts
#149. If in doubt about what to do in a place, just start walking through your new environment. Walk until your day becomes interesting - even if this means wandering out of town and strolling the countryside. Eventually you'll see a scene or meet a person that makes your walk worthwhile. If you get "lost" in the process, just take a bus or taxi to a local landmark and find your way back to your hotel from there. #Quote by Rolf Potts
Strolling quotes by Zhuangzi
#150. I know the joy of fishes in the river through my own joy, as I go walking along the same river. #Quote by Zhuangzi
Strolling quotes by Terry Pratchett
#151. The chorus was filing on to be A Busy Marketplace, in which various jugglers, gypsies, sword swallowers and gaily dressed yokels would be entirely unsurprised at an apparently drunken baritone strolling on to sing an enormous amount of plot at a passing tenor. #Quote by Terry Pratchett

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