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Strikes quotes by Alexander Pope
#1. Court-virtues bear, like gems, the highest rate,
Born where Heav'n influence scarce can penetrate.
In life's low vale, the soil the virtues like,
They please as beauties, here as wonders strike. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Strikes quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#2. Just as China achieved much more than India in the realm of public health and education under an austere Communist regime, so its economic growth under a capitalist-friendly government strikes a visitor from India as nothing less than spectacular. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
Strikes quotes by Mitch Albom
#3. You say you should have died instead of me. But during my time on earth, people died instead of me, too. It happens every day. When lightning strikes a minute after you are gone, or an airplane crashes that you might have been on. When your colleague falls ill and you do not. We think such things are random. But there is a balance to it all. One withers, another grows. Birth and death are part of a whole. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Strikes quotes by Scarlett Johansson
#4. Everything you do is different, and you find different chords in every character that you play that strike true with you. #Quote by Scarlett Johansson
Strikes quotes by Neal Shusterman
#5. Eventually your body will learn the alliances it has to make with itself,' Kenny had said - as if Cam was a factory full of strike-prone workers, or worse, a clutch of slaves forced into unwanted labor. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Strikes quotes by Warren Ellis
#6. He wasn't pleased with himself for appraising the girl in the tank. He thought of her as half-pretty, the sort of girl one would find modeling for art classes in dire community colleges. Putting her cheap panties and her ex-boyfriend's shirt back on to wander around the easels afterward and wondering how grotesque she must really be, to have summoned up the deformities whacked down in merciless charcoal strikes. #Quote by Warren Ellis
Strikes quotes by Maximilian Schell
#7. Directing is like meeting a woman. You don't know her, but something strikes you, and then you just have to go into it. #Quote by Maximilian Schell
Strikes quotes by Spencer Bachus
#8. Today, the technology is there to give early and normally ample warning when a powerful tornado approaches. When a tornado strikes, all of us are at risk. #Quote by Spencer Bachus
Strikes quotes by Thomas More
#9. On his mounting the scaffold to be beheaded: 'I pray you, Master Lieutenant, see me safely up, and for my coming down, let me shift for myself.' To the executioner: 'Pick up thy spirits, Man, and be not afraid to do thyne office; my neck is very short; take heed, therefore thou strike not awry, for saving of thyne honesty.' #Quote by Thomas More
Strikes quotes by David J. Lieberman
#10. Suicide is the dumbest possible way of getting revenge. Why is that? Because the people you want to strike back at are the very same folks who won't even remember you a week after you're gone, while the people you want to spare most
the people who love you
are the ones who will have to live with the pain of your suicide for the rest of their lives. #Quote by David J. Lieberman
Strikes quotes by Tony Abbott
#11. When politicians complain about the media, it strikes me as resembling footballers complaining about the umpire. #Quote by Tony Abbott
Strikes quotes by John Gardner
#12. The writer's characters must stand before us with a wonderful clarity, such continuous clarity that nothing they do strikes us as improbable behavior for just that character, even when the character's action is, as sometimes happens, something that came as a surprise to the writer himself. We must understand, and the writer before us must understand, more than we know about the character; otherwise neither the writer nor the reader after him could feel confident of the character's behavior when the character acts freely. #Quote by John Gardner
Strikes quotes by Jeff Greenfield
#13. It strikes me as a sound, honest statement for a prospective voter to say: 'Look, I haven't given this election a minute's thought, and it's just not fair for me to cancel out the vote of someone who actually gives a damn.' Indeed, it's not just sound and honest - it's the ethically responsible thing to do. #Quote by Jeff Greenfield
Strikes quotes by Nick Trout
#14. Here was my lesson in the reach of veterinary medicine, in how an animal doctor may not be the one standing up when disaster strikes and someone shouts, 'Is there a doctor in the house?' but occasionally, if he or she is lucky, a vet can help heal a sick loved one. #Quote by Nick Trout
Strikes quotes by Kresley Cole
#15. What are you trying to prove?" Lucia demanded.
Between strikes, he bellowed, "That you should no' have left me!"
"You were going to do it to me
don't bother denying it!" When he didn't, she said, "Then why are you different?" Another volley of arrows. "What gives you the right to risk yourself?"
He snapped, "Because you could move on if something happened to me. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Strikes quotes by Morihei Ueshiba
#16. Move like a beam of light: fly like lightning, strike like thunder, whirl in circles around a stable center #Quote by Morihei Ueshiba
Strikes quotes by David Neeleman
#17. With high trust, success comes faster, better, and at lower cost. #Quote by David Neeleman
Strikes quotes by Marissa Meyer
#18. Thing is, you were pretty memorable that night, too, what with being publicly humiliated, almost shot in the head, and ultimately arrested. So it strikes me as odd that you seem to be doing everything you can to figure out a way to go back there. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Strikes quotes by Timothy Keller
#19. Think of people you consider fanatical. They're overbearing, self-righteous, opinionated, insensitive, and harsh. Why? It's not because they are too Christian, it's because they are not Christian enough. They are fanatically zealous and courageous, but they are not fanatically humble, sensitive, loving, emphatic, forgiving, or understanding- as Christ was ... What strikes us as overly fanatical is actually a failure to be fully committed to Christ and his gospel. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Strikes quotes by Alex Ferguson
#20. I have nothing but praise for the boy. He is easily the best player in the world. His contribution as a goal threat is unbelievable. His stats are incredible. Strikes at goal, attempts on goal, raids into the penalty box, headers. It is all there. Absolutely astounding. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Strikes quotes by Tulsi Gabbard
#21. It makes no sense for us to consider going back there and getting involved in what truly is a religious civil war. What real difference would (air strikes) make on the ground? And secondly, is it in the best interests of the United States to do that? I would say that those questions are not being answered in a compelling way that would cause me to support that. #Quote by Tulsi Gabbard
Strikes quotes by Haruki Murakami
#22. Actually, I'm extremely dissatisfied with being who I am. It's nothing to do with my looks or abilities or status or any of that. It simply has to do with being me. The situation strikes me as grossly unfair. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Strikes quotes by Leonid Andreyev
#23. Who strikes man with love
God or the Devil? #Quote by Leonid Andreyev
Strikes quotes by Paul Acampora
#24. Look both ways before you cross the street," she tells me.
I start to protest, but then it strikes me that if I am very lucky I will one day be able to offer annoying safety tips to my own children one day. #Quote by Paul Acampora
Strikes quotes by Tara West
#25. You wish for what's called wooing. This customary game, where the man shows the woman that resistance is impractical, strikes me as quite pointless. #Quote by Tara West
Strikes quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#26. Sometimes, when tragedy strikes, people give up hope that they can expect anything more from life, when the real quest is finding out what life expects from them. #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
Strikes quotes by Jeremy Scahill
#27. The first drone strike outside of a declared war zone was conducted in 2002, yet it was not until May 2013 that the White House released a set of standards and procedures for conducting such strikes.3 Those guidelines offered little specificity, asserting that the United States would conduct a lethal strike outside an "area of active hostilities" only if a target represents a "continuing, imminent threat to U.S. persons," without providing any sense of the internal process used to determine whether a suspect should be killed without being indicted or tried.4 The implicit message on drone strikes from the Obama administration has been Trust, but don't verify.5 #Quote by Jeremy Scahill
Strikes quotes by China Mieville
#28. For the Right, strikes are both devilish and pathetic, have both terrible and absolutely no effects. #Quote by China Mieville
Strikes quotes by Aldous Huxley
#29. He does his work very well,' put in Henry, with hypocritical generosity.
'I know. But that's all the more reason for severity. His intellectual eminence carries with it corresponding moral responsibilities. The greater a man's talents, the greater his power to lead astray. It is better than one should suffer than that many should be corrupted. Consider the matter dispassionately, Mr Foster, and you will see that no offence is so heinous as unorthodoxy of behavior. Murder kills only the individual - and, after all, what is an individual?' With a sweeping gesture he indicated the rows of microscopes, the test-tubes, the incubators. 'We can make a new one with the greatest ease - as many as we like. Unorthodoxy threatens more than the life of a mere individual; it strikes at Society itself. Yes, at Society itself,' he repeated. 'Ah, but here he comes. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Strikes quotes by Tim Ryan
#30. Millions of working, uninsured Americans go to bed every night worrying what will happen to them and their families if a major illness or injury strikes. #Quote by Tim Ryan
Strikes quotes by Haruki Murakami
#31. The proposition that we can look into another person's heart with perfect clarity strikes me as a fool's game. I don't care how well we think we should understand them, or how much we love them. All it can do is cause us pain. Examining your own heart, however, is another matter. I think it's possible to see what's in there if you work hard enough at it. So in the end maybe that's the challenge: to look inside your own heart as perceptively and seriously as you can, and to make peace with what you find there. If we hope to truly see another person, we have to start by looking within ourselves. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Strikes quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#32. The big occurrences in life, the serious ones, have for me always been nearly impossible to recognize because they never feel big or serious. In the moment, you have to pee, your arm itches, or what people are saying strikes you as melodramatic or sentimental, and it's hard not to smirk. You have a sense of what this type of situation should be like - for one thing, all-consuming - and this isn't it. But then you look back, and it was that; it did happen. #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Strikes quotes by Hugh Evans
#33. History shows that all protest movements rely on symbols - boycotts, strikes, sit-ins, flags, songs. Symbolic action on whatever scale - from the Montgomery Bus Boycott to wearing a simple wristband - is designed to disrupt our everyday complacency and force people to think. #Quote by Hugh Evans
Strikes quotes by Emily Dickinson
#34. Some Arrows slay but whom they strike - But this slew all but him - Who so appareled his Escape - Too trackless for a Tomb #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Strikes quotes by Claire Baxter
#35. True love is rarely convenient. It usually strikes at the most inopportune moments. Rather like lightening. There's never a good time to be hit by that either. Bam. Too late to argue. #Quote by Claire Baxter
Strikes quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
#36. The person who takes every opportunity to "pick on" others is often mistakenly called "sadistic". In reality, this person is a misdirected masochist who is working towards his own destruction. The reason a person viciously strikes out against you is because they are afraid of you or what you represent, or are resentful of your happiness. They are weak, insecure, and on extremely shaky ground when you throw your curse, and they make ideal human sacrifices. #Quote by Anton Szandor LaVey
Strikes quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#37. The media is something that affects a lot of people, so you're constantly trying to strike a balance between respecting something and not caring about it. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Strikes quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#38. But, it is well known, what strikes the capricious mind of the poet is not always what affects the mass of readers. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Strikes quotes by Marvin Kalb
#39. Matt Drudge's role in the Monica Lewinski scandal] strikes me as a new and graphic power of the Internet to influence mainstream journalism. And I suspect that over the next couple of years that impact will grow to the point where it will damage journalism's ability to do its job professionally, to check out information before publication, to be mindful of the necessity to publish and broadcast reliable, substantiated information. #Quote by Marvin Kalb
Strikes quotes by Michael Scott
#40. Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice ... strike three. #Quote by Michael Scott
Strikes quotes by Chad Harbach
#41. When I write for 'n+1,' I begin by doing a lot of reading, to try to convince myself I'm not stupid. Then I scribble down a paragraph here, a paragraph there, when a notion strikes. Then I see if I can arrange those notions in a way that yields an argument. #Quote by Chad Harbach
Strikes quotes by Gautama Buddha
#42. One who never punishes any living creature either strong or weak, who never kills or even strikes another, such a one I call brahmin. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Strikes quotes by Ann Coulter
#43. Liberals love to strike generous, humanitarian poses with other people's lives. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Strikes quotes by Frank Herbert
#44. You can't stop a mental epidemic. It leaps from person to person across parsecs. It's overwhelmingly contagious. It strikes at the unprotected side, in the place where we lodge the fragments of other such plagues. Who can stop such a thing? Muad'dib hasn't the antidote. The thing has roots in chaos. Can orders reach there? #Quote by Frank Herbert
Strikes quotes by Charles Darwin
#45. When we compare the individuals of the same variety or sub-variety of our older cultivated plants and animals, one of the first points which strikes us is, that they generally differ more from each other than do the individuals of any one species or variety in a state of nature. And if we reflect on the vast diversity of the plants and animals which have been cultivated, and which have varied during all ages under the most different climates and treatment, we are driven to conclude that this great variability is due to our domestic productions having been raised under conditions of life not so uniform as, and somewhat different from, those to which the parent species had been exposed under nature. There is, also, some probability in the view propounded by Andrew Knight, that this variability may be partly connected with excess of food. It seems clear that organic beings must be exposed during several generations to new conditions to cause any great amount of variation; and that, when the organisation has once begun to vary, it generally continues varying for many generations. No case is on record of a variable organism ceasing to vary under cultivation. Our oldest cultivated plants, such as wheat, still yield new varieties: our oldest domesticated animals are still capable of rapid improvement or modification. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Strikes quotes by Ford Frick
#46. I don't care if half the league strikes. Those who do will encounter quick retribution. All will be suspended, and I don't care if it wrecks the league for 10 years. This is the United States of America, and one citizen has as much right to play as another. #Quote by Ford Frick
Strikes quotes by Ilona Andrews
#47. I sighed and put Slayer between the front seats. "Stay here. Guard the car."
Saiman shut the door. "Is the sword sentient?"
"No. But I like to pretend it is. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Strikes quotes by Jools Holland
#48. My love is new music, I tend to go and see a lot of bands, while [co-producer] Mark Cooper spends his time reading the press. It's often the new acts that strike a chord, because they aren't seen on other shows. #Quote by Jools Holland
Strikes quotes by Jon Stewart
#49. If you try to hit a grand slam, you're going to strike out. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Strikes quotes by Charlie Munger
#50. Black-Scholes is a know-nothing system. If you know nothing about value - only price - then Black-Scholes is a pretty good guess at what a 90-day option might be worth. But the minute you get into longer periods of time, it's crazy to get into Black-Scholes. For example, at Costco we issued stock options with strike prices of $30 and $60, and Black-Scholes valued the $60 ones higher. This is insane. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Strikes quotes by Jincy Willett
#51. We are so lonely here, with only our loved ones for company. We kill, maim, insult our loved ones, or dream of doing so, to keep from going mad. And then disaster strikes. God, how we love disaster. #Quote by Jincy Willett
Strikes quotes by Jim Butcher
#52. I took a big dose of Tylenol the original, since I didn't have my Tylenol 3 or its lesser-known, short-lived cousin, Tylenol Two: The Pain Strikes Back. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Strikes quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#53. Above all, avoid lying, especially lying to yourself. Keep watching out for your lies, watch for them every hour, every minute. Also avoid disgust, both for others and yourself: whatever strikes you as disgusting within yourself is cleansed by the mere fact that you notice it.

Avoid fear, too, although fear is really only a consequence of lies. Never be afraid of your petty selfishness when you try to achieve love and don't be too alarmed if you act badly on occasion. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Strikes quotes by Mark Twain
#54. The lightning there is peculiar; it is so convincing, that when it strikes a thing it doesn't leave enough of that thing behind for you to tell whether-Well, you'd think it was something valuable, and a Congressman had been there. #Quote by Mark Twain
Strikes quotes by Aleister Crowley
#55. On the Path of the Wise there is probably no danger more deadly, no poison more pernicious, no seduction more subtle than Spiritual Pride; it strikes, being solar, at the very heart of the Aspirant; more, it is an inflation and exacerbation of the Ego, so that its victim runs the peril of straying into a Black Lodge, and finding himself at home there. #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Strikes quotes by Max Fink
#56. The differential diagnosis of catatonia According to an old story, there are three different types of baseball umpires. The first says: "I call them lballs and strikes] as they are"; the second says: "I call them as I see them"; and the third says: "What I call them is what they become. #Quote by Max Fink
Strikes quotes by William Hazlitt
#57. In exploring new and doubtful tracts of speculation, the mind strikes out true and original views; as a drop of water hesitates at first what direction it will take, but afterwards follows its own course. #Quote by William Hazlitt
Strikes quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#58. Well, now I tell you, I never seen good come o' goodness yet. Him as strikes first is my fancy; dead men don't bite; them's my views - amen, so be it. And #Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
Strikes quotes by Frederic Bastiat
#59. Trade protection accumulates upon a single point the good which it effects, while the evil inflicted is infused throughout the mass. The one strikes the eye at a first glance, while the other becomes perceptible only to close investigation. #Quote by Frederic Bastiat
Strikes quotes by Lionel Shriver
#60. What strikes me as people in diners rail at each other at the counter when before they ate in silence is not how imperiled they feel, but how safe. Only a country that feels invulnerable can afford political turmoil as entertainment. But #Quote by Lionel Shriver
Strikes quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#61. Do you see, Arren, how an act is not, as young men think, like a rock that one picks up and throws, and it hits or misses, and that's the end of it. When that rock is lifted, the earth is lighter; the hand that bears it is heavier. When it is thrown, the circuits of the stars respond, and where it strikes or falls the universe is changed. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Strikes quotes by Michael Pollan
#62. The great virtue of a diversified food economy, like a diverse pasture or farm, is its ability to withstand any shock. The important thing is that there be multiple food chains, so that when any one of them fails-when the oil runs out, when mad cow or other food-borne diseases become epidemic, when the pesticides no longer work, when drought strikes and plagues come and soils blow away-we'll still have a way to feed ourselves. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Strikes quotes by Edward T. Welch
#63. Then, when shame strikes, it is so nasty you have to numb yourself, and what better anesthetic than your addiction? It is the perfect vicious circle. #Quote by Edward T. Welch
Strikes quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#64. I find something repulsive about the idea of vicarious redemption. I would not throw my numberless sins onto a scapegoat and expect them to pass from me; we rightly sneer at the barbaric societies that practice this unpleasantness in its literal form. There's no moral value in the vicarious gesture anyway. As Thomas Paine pointed out, you may if you wish take on a another man's debt, or even to take his place in prison. That would be self-sacrificing. But you may not assume his actual crimes as if they were your own; for one thing you did not commit them and might have died rather than do so; for another this impossible action would rob him of individual responsibility. So the whole apparatus of absolution and forgiveness strikes me as positively immoral, while the concept of revealed truth degrades the concept of free intelligence by purportedly relieving us of the hard task of working out the ethical principles for ourselves. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Strikes quotes by Cesare Pavese
#65. The words that strike us are those that awake an echo in a zone we have already made our own - the place where we live - and the vibration enables us to find fresh starting points within ourselves. #Quote by Cesare Pavese
Strikes quotes by Lord Byron
#66. No hand can make the clock strike for me the hours that are passed. #Quote by Lord Byron
Strikes quotes by Alice Miller
#67. Sadism is not an infectious disease that strikes a person all of a sudden. It has a long prehistory in childhood and always originates in the desperate fantasies of a child who is searching for a way out of a hopeless situation. #Quote by Alice Miller
Strikes quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#68. A good form strikes all eyes pleasantly, long before they have any science on the subject; and a beautiful face sets twenty hearts in palpitation, prior to all consideration of the mechanical proportions of the features and head. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Strikes quotes by Leigh Brackett
#69. Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative in extreme circumstances. #Quote by Leigh Brackett
Strikes quotes by Doug Harvey
#70. Balls and strikes are the basic tenet to everything in baseball. From the perspective of hitting, pitching, offense and defense, it's all about the strike zone and how the battle is waged there between the pitcher and hitter. #Quote by Doug Harvey
Strikes quotes by Edward Steichen
#71. You know ... that a blank wall is an apalling thing to look at ...
The wall of a museum - a canvas - a piece of film - or a guy sitting in front of a typewriter. Then, you start out to do something - that vague thing called creation. The beginning strikes awe within you. #Quote by Edward Steichen
Strikes quotes by John Sununu
#72. I believe our foreign assistance should be scrutinized, should be debated, and that we should strike the right balance, but in all cases the foreign assistance that we provide around the world should be used to further our national security interests. #Quote by John Sununu
Strikes quotes by C.S. Lewis
#73. One word. All you've been saying is quite right, I shouldn't wonder. I'm a chap who always liked to know the worst and then put the best face I can on it. So I won't deny any of what you said. But there's one more thing to be said, even so. Suppose we have only dreamed, or made up, all those things-trees and grass and sun and moon and stars and Aslan himself. Suppose we have. Then all I can say is that, in that case, the made-up things seem a good deal more important than the real ones. Suppose this black pit of a kingdom of yours is the only world. Well, it strikes me as a pretty poor one. And that's a funny thing, when you come to think of it. We're just babies making up a game, if you're right. But four babies playing a game can make a play-world which licks your real world hollow. That's why I'm going to stand by the play world. I'm on Aslan's side even if there isn't any Aslan to lead it. I'm going to live as like a Narnian as I can even if there isn't any Narnia. So, thanking you kindly for our supper, if these two gentlemen and the young lady are ready, we're leaving your court at once and setting out in the dark to spend our lives looking for Overland. Not that our lives will be very long, I should think; but that's a small loss if the world's as dull a place as you say. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Strikes quotes by Kyle Muntz
#74. I wish to try my hand at a novel," he said. "Just scribbling, I assure you, but it strikes me as such a noble art, requiring none of the monetary resources of opera or drama, nor the erudition of poetry. Perchance a publisher could be found. I'd be satisfied by the printing of even a score of copies, if only to hold the bound work in my hands. It gives a unique satisfaction, I assume, the writing of a novel. #Quote by Kyle Muntz
Strikes quotes by Michael Specter
#75. Just because you read a report in the 'New York Times,' the 'Economist,' or, yes, 'The New Yorker' doesn't make it true. But we do know that a few people have evaluated that story with what strikes me as fairly objective standards of reason. #Quote by Michael Specter
Strikes quotes by Nicola Yoon
#76. We're kindling amid lightning strikes, a lit match and dry wood, fire danger signs and a forest waiting to be burned. #Quote by Nicola Yoon
Strikes quotes by Dave Barry
#77. I bought Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1415926, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows RSVP, The Best of Windows, Windows Strikes Back, Windows Does Dallas, and Windows Let's All Buy Bill Gates a House the Size of Vermont. #Quote by Dave Barry
Strikes quotes by Julian Barnes
#78. It strikes me that this may be one of the differences between youth and age: when we are young, we invent different futures for ourselves; when we are old, we invent different pasts for others. #Quote by Julian Barnes
Strikes quotes by Tijan
#79. He came back up with a brighter smile. "And I'm proven right, again! You guys should hire me for this talent I have. Mom, I bet you have a better sex life with that Garrett dude than you did with dad."
He turned towards James. "And dad, I bet your sex life is pretty good with Analise. She strikes me as the slutty type."
He grinned broadly. "And David ... I don't know you that well, but you strike me as conservative. You're only going to be with a conservative woman, maybe one that looks exotic though. I can tell you have control issues. You don't like anyone who is wilder than you, probably why you had problems with your ex, huh? As for the current one, she's hot under the covers, but I don't know if you want her to be." He shook his head in sympathy. "You might want to take care of that. #Quote by Tijan
Strikes quotes by Sun Tzu
#80. The skillful tactician may be likened to the shuai-jan. Now the shuai-jan is a snake that is found in the Ch'ang mountains. Strike at its head, and you will be attacked by its tail; strike at its tail, and you will be attacked by its head; strike at its middle, and you will be attacked by head and tail both. #Quote by Sun Tzu
Strikes quotes by Octavio Paz
#81. Two Bodies"

Two bodies face to face
are at times two waves
and night is an ocean.

Two bodies face to face
are at times two stones
and night a desert.

Two bodies face to face
are at times two roots
laced into night.

Two bodies face to face
are at times two knives
and night strikes sparks.

Two bodies face to face
are two stars falling
in an empty sky. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Strikes quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#82. When the lightning strikes one of us, it strikes both #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Strikes quotes by Willie Stargell
#83. I'm always amazed when a pitcher becomes angry at a hitter for hitting a home run off him. When I strike out, I don't get angry at the pitcher, I get angry at myself. I would think that if a pitcher threw up a home run ball, he should be angry at himself. #Quote by Willie Stargell
Strikes quotes by Henry Rollins
#84. Youth is fleeting and life is short, you might as well strike hard. Anything else is just average. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Strikes quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#85. One of the first things that strikes us about the men and women in Scripture is that they were disappointingly non- heroic. We do not find splendid moral examples. We do not find impeccably virtuous models. That always comes as a shock to newcomers to Scripture: Abraham lied; Jacob cheated; Moses murdered and complained; David committed adultery; Peter blasphemed. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Strikes quotes by Horace
#86. Lightning strikes the tops of the mountains. #Quote by Horace
Strikes quotes by Marcus Garvey
#87. I trust that you will so live today as to realize that you are masters of your own destiny, masters of your fate; if there is anything you want in this world, it is for you to strike out with confidence and faith in self and reach for it. #Quote by Marcus Garvey
Strikes quotes by Trevor Treharne
#88. The entire Jesus concept, that human sacrifice should be the substratum of a moral religion of love, strikes me as incongruous. God condemned us and Jesus saved us, and they are actually the same being? Christianity is the idea that you are so abhorrent that God had to kill himself. He had to embody the human form and send himself on a bizarre suicide mission just to revoke the disgustingness of the humans he created. I balk at suggestions that these ideas dictate to the concepts of morality and love. #Quote by Trevor Treharne
Strikes quotes by Desiderius Erasmus
#89. Besides, it happens (how, I cannot tell) that an idea launched like a javelin in proverbial form strikes with sharper point on the hearer's mind and leaves implanted barbs for meditation ... #Quote by Desiderius Erasmus
Strikes quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#90. There are those who seek me a lifetime but never we meet,
And those I kiss but who trample me beneath ungrateful feet.
At times I seem to favor the clever and the fair,
But I bless all those who are brave enough to dare.
By large, my ministrations are soft-handed and sweet,
But scorned, I become a difficult beast to defeat.
For though each of my strikes lands a powerful blow,
When I kill, I do it slow ... #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Strikes quotes by Mitt Romney
#91. It strikes me as odd that the free exercise of religious faith is sometimes treated as a problem, something America is stuck with instead of blessed with. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Strikes quotes by Sylvia Townsend Warner
#92. Possessiveness cannot accept; it cannot even strike a fair bargain; it has to confer. #Quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Strikes quotes by Che Guevara
#93. I knew that the moment the great governing spirit strikes the blow to divide all humanity into just two opposing factions, I would be on the side of the common people #Quote by Che Guevara
Strikes quotes by Andrés Cruciani
#94. Being a man is the weeding and the watering and the fertilizing. Doing it not just once but ten thousand times. Not just when the mood strikes but precisely when it doesn't. When there's nothing you'd rather less than change another diaper, warm another bottle. Nothing you'd rather than sleep cause you ain't since the baby arrived shrieking like a banshee - #Quote by Andrés Cruciani
Strikes quotes by John Grierson
#95. The life of the village became more and more affected by strikes and lock-outs. #Quote by John Grierson
Strikes quotes by Marco Rubio
#96. Let me begin by saying that we have to understand who ISIS is. ISIS is a radical Sunni group. They cannot just be defeated through air strikes. Air strikes are a key component of defeating them, but they must be defeated on the ground by a ground force. And that ground force must be primarily made up of Sunni Arabs themselves, Sunni Arabs that reject them ideologically and confront them militarily. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Strikes quotes by John Heywood
#97. When the iron is hot, strike. #Quote by John Heywood
Strikes quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#98. There are also hunger strikes. Hunger strikes are noble and sometimes necessary. If you're a political prisoner in China or North Korea (where the entire country is on a hunger strike, not by choice), I get it. For you, it's life or death. But at Harvard, it's about a press clipping and maybe getting a better grade or a higher class of hand job. So when an undergrad adopts a hunger strike in order to get someone to divest from oil, I say, let the twerp starve. Most of them are overfed, pudgy masses of soft tissue - it wouldn't hurt if these sad sacks lost a few pounds. They might even understand the plight of the average Venezuelan, who operates under conditions American activists see as utopian, when they're really nightmarish. How about the next time one of our coeds feels a hunger strike coming on, we exchange her with someone who's genuinely starving? #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
Strikes quotes by Robert Galbraith
#99. Ilsa looked slightly aggrieved at the news that Robin still intended to marry someone other than Strike, but before she could say anything else Strike's mobile buzzed in his pocket. #Quote by Robert Galbraith
Strikes quotes by C.S. Lewis
#100. Your Majesty would have a perfect right to strike off his head," said Peridan. "Such an assault as he made puts him on a level with assassins."
"It is very true," said Edmund. "But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did." And he looked very thoughtful. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Strikes quotes by Chuck Close
#101. Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightening to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. #Quote by Chuck Close
Strikes quotes by Oswald Chambers
#102. Conviction of sin is one of the rarest things that ever strikes a man. It is the threshold of an understanding of God. Jesus Christ said that when the Holy Spirit came He would convict of sin, and when the Holy Spirit rouses the conscience and brings him into the presence of God, it is not his relationship with men that bothers him, but his relationship with God. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Strikes quotes by Mike Dooley
#103. In all tests of character, when two viewpoints are pitted against one another, in the final analysis the thing that will strike you the most, is not who was right or wrong, strong or weak, wise or foolish ... but who would go to the greatest lengths in considering the other's perspective. #Quote by Mike Dooley
Strikes quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#104. Lightning always strikes in the same place twice," said Mma Ramotswe. "Whatever people say to the contrary. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Strikes quotes by Geoffrey Harvey
#105. The setting, concerns, and mood of The Woodlanders are consonant with the Wessex of the earlier novels. There is an element of nostalgia in Hardy's treatment of the woodlands of Little Hintock. Although such rural economies were very much alive in Hardy's day, he strikes an elegiac note in his evocation of a world that will inevitably pass away. However, the woodlands do not form the backdrop to an idyllic pastoral of humanity living in tranquil harmony with nature. The trees, which are such a dominant presence in the novel, compete with each other for nourishment and light, are vulnerable to disease and damage, and are frightening in their moaning under the lash of the storm. The woodlands represent the Darwinian struggle for existence that Hardy sees as extending not only to the inhabitants of this little world but also beyond ... #Quote by Geoffrey Harvey
Strikes quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#106. If you have decided to change the world, don't read the books about the dimensions of the world! Be like a meteorite; strike the world with your ideas with utter courage and with infinite fearlessness! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Strikes quotes by Robert Browning
#107. When a man's busy, why leisure Strikes him as wonderful pleasure: 'Faith, and at leisure once is he? Straightway he wants to be busy. #Quote by Robert Browning
Strikes quotes by Benicio Del Toro
#108. You deal with failure - strike, strike, strike - all the time. Acting is like that. You have to have a very thick skin in a way - your hair is too dark, you're too ugly for the part, your audition wasn't good. #Quote by Benicio Del Toro
Strikes quotes by James Berardinelli
#109. Seventeen years after its intial release, The Empire Strikes Back is still as thrilling and involving as ever. Because of the high quality of the original product, it doesn't show a hint of dating. Neither [ Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope nor Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi ] were able to match the narrative scope of Empire , which today remains one of the finest and most rousing science fiction tales ever committed to the screen. #Quote by James Berardinelli
Strikes quotes by Terry Goodkind
#110. Evil is not one large entity, but a collection of countless, small depravities brought up from the muck by petty men. Many have traded the enrichment of vision for a gray fog of mediocrity--the fertile inspiration of striving and growth, for mindless stagnation and slow decay--the brave new ground of the attempt, for the timid quagmire of apathy. Many of you have traded freedom not even for a bowl of soup, but worse, for the spoken empty feelings of others who say that you deserve to have a full bowl of soup provided by someone else. Happiness, joy, accomplishment, achievement . . . are not finite commodities, to be divided up. Is a child's laughter to be divided and allotted? No! Simply make more laughter! Every person's life is theirs by right. An individual's life can and must belong only to himself, not to any society or community, or he is then but a slave. No one can deny another person their right to their life, nor seize by force what is produced by someone else, because that is stealing their means to sustain their life. It is treason against mankind to hold a knife to a man's throat and dictate how he must live his life. No society can be more important than the individuals who compose it, or else you ascribe supreme importance, not to man, but to any notion that strikes the fancy of the society, at a never-ending cost of lives. Reason and reality are the only means to just laws; mindless wishes, if given sovereignty, become deadly masters. Surrendering reason to fa #Quote by Terry Goodkind
Strikes quotes by Sarah MacLean
#111. Benedick looked to the ceiling as though begging for divine patience. Or for the Lord to strike his sister down. Callie couldn't quite discern which. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Strikes quotes by Allan Boesak
#112. What always strikes me in the story of Cain and Abel is how often the word "brother" is used. Cain killed his "brother." God says it was "the blood of your brother." The killing was done to another human being, a child of God like you, breaking that sacred bond of common humanity. #Quote by Allan Boesak
Strikes quotes by Roseanne Barr
#113. I'm never going to get married again. Three strikes, you're out. I think if I would try to get married again in California, I have to go to prison, don't I? I think you only get three. #Quote by Roseanne Barr
Strikes quotes by Mark Lawrence
#114. It strikes me that in this Hell a man of sufficient will, a man willing to sacrifice anything, might bend the world itself around his desire and create of himself whatsoever he wished. It also strikes me that I am not such a man. Snorri's #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Strikes quotes by Nadifa Mohamed
#115. As their figures recede, it strikes Filsan as ironic that they had delayed fleeing so they could take as many of their possessions as possible, but now those very possessions prevent their flight. #Quote by Nadifa Mohamed
Strikes quotes by Jeffrey Toobin
#116. In public at least, Roberts himself purports to have a different view of the Court than his conservative sponsors. "Judges are like umpires," he said at his confirmation hearing. "Umpires don't make the rules; they apply them." Elsewhere, Roberts has often said, "Judges are not politicians." None of this is true. Supreme Court justices are nothing at all like baseball umpires. It is folly to pretend that the awesome work of interpreting the Constitution, and thus defining the rights and obligations of American citizenship, is akin to performing the rote […] task of calling balls and strikes. When it comes to the core of the Court's work, determining the contemporary meaning of the Constitution, it is ideology, not craft or skill, that controls the outcome of cases. #Quote by Jeffrey Toobin
Strikes quotes by Steve Munsey
#117. Now I am going to speak a word and this is the word and here's the word. When the clock strikes 2.08. There are eight songs in the Bible. Noah started the world over with eight people. On the eighth day the Bible says Jesus appeared. Thomas because was not a believer but on the eighth day he showed up and Thomas was a believer. Actually Jesus was resurrected on the eighth day ... #Quote by Steve Munsey
Strikes quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#118. It strikes me as gruesome and comical that in our culture we have an expectation that man can always solve his problems ... This is so untrue that it makes me want to cry-or laugh. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Strikes quotes by Johann Kaspar Lavater
#119. He who seldom speaks, and with one calm well-timed word can strike dumb the loquacious, is a genius or a hero. #Quote by Johann Kaspar Lavater
Strikes quotes by Newt Gingrich
#120. I think to close half of Magic Kingdom for the purpose of a White House invitation town hall meeting on a phony main street on behalf of a phony president just strikes me as weird. #Quote by Newt Gingrich
Strikes quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#121. When love has left us in the lurch and nothing ever strikes a chord anymore, we may come to realize a vacuum of the lost vibrations of happiness and an absence of the ethereal and exalting feel of harmony that we only become aware of, after time passes by and everything has expired. ("Amour en friche") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Strikes quotes by E. E. Cummings
#122. I have found what you are like the rain (Who feathers frightened fields with the superior dust-of-sleep. wields easily the pale club of the wind and swirled justly souls of flower strike the air in utterable coolness deeds of gren thrilling light with thinned newfragile yellows lurch
in the woods which stutter and sing And the coolness of your smile is stirringofbirds between my arms;but i should rather than anything have(almost when hugeness will shut quietly)almost, your kiss #Quote by E. E. Cummings
Strikes quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#123. My God, whose son, as on this night, took on Him the form of man, and for man vouchsafed to suffer and bleed, controls thy hand, and without His behest, thou canst not strike a stroke. My God is sinless, eternal, all-wise, and in Him is my trust, and though stripped and crushed by thee, -though naked, desolate, void of resource- I do not despair:where the lance of Guthrum now wet with my blood, I should not despair. I watch, I toil, I hope, I pray: Jehovah, in His own time, will aid. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Strikes quotes by Gore Vidal
#124. I'd still like to be the President, of course, and I think the best way to do that would be to raise an army and seize the Capital. This strikes me as true democracy. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Strikes quotes by Ishmael Reed
#125. I'm sure that a previous generation of Jews who published radical newspapers and journals would be critical of [David] Simon's projects. These were left wingers who suffered casualties in some of bloodiest strikes in American history. #Quote by Ishmael Reed
Strikes quotes by Boy George
#126. Leigh [ Bowery] would make up stories about people committing suicide or going on hunger strikes because they were refused entry at the door. #Quote by Boy George
Strikes quotes by John Gardner
#127. Mastery is not something that strikes in an instant, like a thunderbolt, but a gathering power that moves steadily through time, like weather. #Quote by John Gardner
Strikes quotes by Matt Damon
#128. There are a lot of things that I really question - the legality of the drone strikes, these NSA revelations. Jimmy Carter came out and said we don't live in a democracy. That's a little intense when an ex-president says that. So you know, he's got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor. #Quote by Matt Damon
Strikes quotes by Lefty Kreh
#129. Allowing the fly to sink to the fish's level, the angler makes a retrieve. The fly comes directly at the fish, which suddenly sees its approach. As the small fly get nearer, the fish moves forward to strike, but the tiny fly doesn't flee at the sight of the predator. Instead it continues to come directly toward the fish. Suddenly the fish realizes intuitively that something is wrong(its never happened before), so it flees until it can assess the situation. An opportunity for the angler has been lost. #Quote by Lefty Kreh
Strikes quotes by Leigh Brackett
#130. Plot is people. Human emotions and desires founded on the realities of life, working at cross purposes, getting hotter and fiercer as they strike against each other until finally there's an explosion - that's Plot. #Quote by Leigh Brackett
Strikes quotes by Max Scheler
#131. The precepts "Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you" ... are born from the Gospel's profound spirit of individualism, which refuses to let one's own actions and conduct depend in any way on somebody else's acts. The Christian refuses to let his acts be mere reactions - such conduct would lower him to the level of his enemy. The act is to grow organically from the person, "as the fruit from the tree." ... What the Gospel demands is not a reaction which is the reverse of the natural reaction, as if it said: "Because he strikes you on the cheek, tend the other" - but a rejection of all reactive activity, of any participation in common and average ways of acting and standards of judgment. #Quote by Max Scheler
Strikes quotes by Frederick Lenz
#132. Its funny how human beings tend to think that they're the masters of the earth never realizing that the earth, for a time, simply tolerates its tenants and then, when the mood strikes, it shifts its continents around. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Strikes quotes by Cassandra Clare
#133. I'm afraid to answer that. I've heard that when I speak, it makes American women wish to strike me with umbrellas. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Strikes quotes by Zoe McKnight
#134. Somehow I thought I had it all figured out, thought that I could predict everyone's moves. I drew the puppet strings and laid preemptive strikes, but none of this was ever in my control. #Quote by Zoe McKnight
Strikes quotes by Dixie Waters
#135. When a man strikes another man, he better have a good reason. There is never a good reason for a man to strike a woman. #Quote by Dixie Waters
Strikes quotes by Nina LaCour
#136. Sometimes inspiration strikes; other times you have to hunt it down. #Quote by Nina LaCour
Strikes quotes by Patricia Clapp
#137. There are times when the midsummer sun strikes cold, and when the leaping flames of a hearthfire give no heat. Times when the chill within us comes not from fears we know, but from fears unknown-and forever unknowable. #Quote by Patricia Clapp
Strikes quotes by Suzanne Collins
#138. Well, I've spent a lot of time in your libraries at night," said Ripred.
"You come up and read books?" asked Gregor.
"Read them, eat them, whatever mood strikes me," he said. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Strikes quotes by Peter L. Bergen
#139. Bin Laden was 200 miles away from the area where all of these drone strikes were taking out his key leaders, he was able to indulge in his hobbies ... and he was making occasional video tapes and audio tapes to the wider world. #Quote by Peter L. Bergen
Strikes quotes by Joseph M. Chiron
#140. out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them. #Quote by Joseph M. Chiron
Strikes quotes by Hans F. Sennholz
#141. Most politicians are ever eager to regulate industrial and commercial activity and strike at the economic elite with confiscatory taxation. Unfortunately, regulation and taxation tend to hamper economic activity, inhibit productivity, and depress levels of living. #Quote by Hans F. Sennholz
Strikes quotes by Bobby Heenan
#142. Tito Santana is like a cue-ball. The more you strike him, the more english you get out of him. #Quote by Bobby Heenan
Strikes quotes by Pietro Metastasio
#143. An old warrior is never in haste to strike the blow. #Quote by Pietro Metastasio
Strikes quotes by Mary Crocker Cook
#144. It also strikes me that male-to-male bonding can create a gender role conflict, as it challenges the myth of full independence. Heroism is an exception. In fact, heroism has a long tradition as part of manhood. Bonds formed through natural disaster or war are exceptions to the typical "self-reliance" rules. These are op-portunities for men to experience a type of connection with each other that is ordinarily prohibited by the "rules" of manhood. #Quote by Mary Crocker Cook
Strikes quotes by Frederick Buechner
#145. They are prepared for a God who strikes hard bargains but not for a God who gives as much for an hour's work as for a day's. They are prepared for a mustard-seed kingdom of God no bigger than the eye of a newt but not for the great banyan it becomes with birds in its branches singing Mozart. They are prepared for the potluck supper at First Presbyterian but not for the marriage supper of the lamb ... #Quote by Frederick Buechner
Strikes quotes by Peter Gelderloos
#146. Besides the fact that the typical pacifist is quite clearly white and middle class, pacifism as an ideology comes from a privileged context. It ignores that violence is already here; that violence is an unavoidable, structurally integral part of the current social hierarchy; and that it is people of color who are most affected by that violence. Pacifism assumes that white people who grew up in the suburbs with all their basic needs met can counsel oppressed people, many of whom are people of color, to suffer patiently under an inconceivably greater violence, until such time as the Great White Father is swayed by the movement's demands or the pacifists achieve that legendary "critical mass." [...] Nonviolence declares that the American Indians could have fought off Columbus, George Washington, and all the other genocidal butchers with sit-ins; that Crazy Horse, by using violent resistance, became part of the cycle of violence, and was "as bad as" Custer. Nonviolence declares that Africans could have stopped the slave trade with hunger strikes and petitions, and that those who mutinied were as bad as their captors; that mutiny, a form of violence, led to more violence, and, thus, resistance led to more enslavement. Nonviolence refuses to recognize that it can only work for privileged people, who have a status protected by violence, as the perpetrators and beneficiaries of a violent hierarchy. #Quote by Peter Gelderloos
Strikes quotes by Voltaire
#147. Everything I see about me is sowing the seeds of a revolution that is inevitable, though I shall not have the pleasure of seeing it. The lightning is so close at hand that it will strike at the first chance, and then there will be a pretty uproar. The young are fortunate, for they will see fine things. #Quote by Voltaire
Strikes quotes by Nate Silver
#148. When catastrophe strikes, we look for a signal in the noise - anything that might explain the chaos that we see all around us and bring order to the world again. #Quote by Nate Silver
Strikes quotes by Marcel Proust
#149. That abominable and sensual act called reading the newspaper, thanks to which all the misfortunes and cataclysms in the universe over the last twenty-four hours, the battles which cost the lives of fifty-thousand men, the murders, the strikes, the bankruptcies, the fires, the poisonings, the suicides, the divorces, the cruel emotions of statesmen and actors, are transformed for us, who don't even care, into a morning treat, blending in wonderfully, in a particularly exciting and tonic way, with the recommended ingestion of a few sips of cafe au lait. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Strikes quotes by Anders Rydell
#150. What immediately strikes me is just how tattered the books are. Some of the spines have split. The binding has loosened and the threads stick out. Some of the books are in such bad condition that they seem to be held together only by their place on the shelf. They are neither old nor valuable, but they have had hard lives - emigres, some having arrived with refugees from Russia before the war, only to go back east at a later stage. More than sixty years later they have come home to Paris. #Quote by Anders Rydell
Strikes quotes by Henry Miller
#151. That's the first thing that strikes an
American woman about Europe – that it's unsanitary. Impossible for
them to conceive of a paradise without modern plumbing. If they
find a bedbug they want to write a letter immediately to the
chamber of commerce. #Quote by Henry Miller
Strikes quotes by John Niven
#152. It strikes me as one of nature's greatest jokes that the types of food we all like to eat more than anything (especially in winter) are the very things that cause the most insane weight gain - mounds of fluffy mashed potato, hot, thickly buttered toast, huge, steaming bowls of pasta, great big ... actually, I'll stop there. #Quote by John Niven
Strikes quotes by Jim Rohn
#153. Here's the major problem with going on strike for more money: You cannot get rich by demand! #Quote by Jim Rohn
Strikes quotes by Thomas Hardy
#154. At night, when human discords and harmonies are hushed, ... there is nothing to moderate the blow with which the infinitely great, the stellar universe, strikes down upon the infinitely little, the mind of the beholder ... Having got closer to immensity than their fellow-creatures, they saw at once its beauty and its frightfulness. They more and more felt the contrast between their own tiny magnitudes and those among which they had recklessly plunged, till they were oppressed with the presence of a vastness they could not cope with even as an idea, and which hung about them like a nightmare. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Strikes quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#155. Her eyes are green, angry. Her nipples are hard. Lust is absurd. It strikes in the strangest places at the oddest times. She doesn't even realize she's feeling it. She's erected a barricade of propriety and lies between us. I despise the type of woman she is. I loathe her soft pink innocence. My body doesn't concur. I wonder why her? Why not, say, a streetlamp, for all we have in common? She's chiffon and satin ribbons. I'm raw meat and razor blades. I have never been drawn to my opposite. I like what I am. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Strikes quotes by Garth Ennis
#156. The urge to fight, to maul, to murder: it is the greatest cancer that afflicts mankind. It obliterates the body of the victim, and the spirit of the the one who strikes the blow. I have seen it... #Quote by Garth Ennis
Strikes quotes by Joss Whedon
#157. I still believe that even though 'The Empire Strikes Back' is better in innumerable ways than 'Star Wars,' 'Star Wars' wins. #Quote by Joss Whedon
Strikes quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#158. To all apparent beauties blind, each blemish strikes an envious mind. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Strikes quotes by Larry McMurtry
#159. I suppose she's just dying of living
that's the one infection that strikes us all down, sooner or later. #Quote by Larry McMurtry
Strikes quotes by Phyllis Bottome
#160. When lightning strikes, the mouse is sometimes burned with the farm. #Quote by Phyllis Bottome
Strikes quotes by Christopher Flavin
#161. The sunlight ... that strikes Earth's land surface in two hours is equivalent to total human energy use in a year. While much of that sunlight becomes heat, solar energy is also responsible for the energy embodied in wind, hydro, wave, and biomass, each with the potential to be harnessed for human use. Only a small portion of that enormous daily, renewable flux of energy will ever be needed by humanity. #Quote by Christopher Flavin
Strikes quotes by Edwin Louis Cole
#162. A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God's commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands. #Quote by Edwin Louis Cole
Strikes quotes by Saundra Mitchell
#163. Because when I can believe in a villain, I can fear them. My pulse races, I worry about the heroes, I read through my fingers, and flinch when disaster strikes. I exhale my relief when all is well, and I really feel it when they fall in love. No matter how fantastic the world, how unique the magic that's written into it- I have to believe in the characters before I can believe in their gifts. #Quote by Saundra Mitchell
Strikes quotes by Steven Pinker
#164. The idea that boys want to sleep with their mothers strikes most men as the silliest thing they have ever heard. Obviously, it did not seem so to Freud, who wrote that as a boy he once had an erotic reaction to watching his mother dressing. But Freud had a wet-nurse, and may not have experienced the early intimacy that would have tipped off his perceptual system that Mrs. Freud was his mother. The Westermarck theory has out-Freuded Freud. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Strikes quotes by Jonathan Swift
#165. Men of wit, learning and virtue might strike out every offensive or unbecoming passage from plays. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Strikes quotes by Seneca.
#166. Treat your inferiors in the way in which you would like to be treated by your own superiors. And whenever it strikes you how much power you have over your slave, let it also strike you that your own master has just as much power over you. #Quote by Seneca.
Strikes quotes by David Lodge
#167. Language is the net that holds thought trapped within a particular culture. But if one could only strike the ball with sufficient force, with perfect timing, it would perhaps break through the netting, continue on its course, never fall to earth, but go into orbit around the world. #Quote by David Lodge
Strikes quotes by Dee Waldeck
#168. The voice of jealousy strikes from those who aim to hurt you, not those who love you! #Quote by Dee Waldeck
Strikes quotes by Sebastian Barry
#169. Because it strikes me there is something greater than judgement. I think it is called mercy. #Quote by Sebastian Barry
Strikes quotes by Steven Pressfield
#170. Someone once asked Somerset Maughham if he wrote on a schedule or only when struck by inspiration. "I write only when inspiration strikes," he replied. "Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o'clock sharp. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Strikes quotes by Kevin Killian
#171. Even when it was happening to me, I thought, 'This will make a good story someday,' but now that I think of it, its story's not that good at all. More important than its plot, it's the quality of feeling that strikes me now-something out of this world, 'outlandish' in its literal sense. #Quote by Kevin Killian
Strikes quotes by George W. Bush
#172. Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike? #Quote by George W. Bush
Strikes quotes by Dennis Ross
#173. You don't have any communication between the Israelis and the Iranians. You have all sorts of local triggers for conflict. Having countries act on a hair trigger - where they can't afford to be second to strike - the potential for a miscalculation or a nuclear war through inadvertence is simply too high. #Quote by Dennis Ross
Strikes quotes by Sun Yang
#174. There is no limit to childishness, if a person starts attacking the other one, they just strike back. Your weak point? Secret? They won't avoid it, and instead try to hurt you with it. So the reason you're fighting is totally lost. They'll just start thinking about how to hurt the other person most, so much that they'll cry out in pain. #Quote by Sun Yang
Strikes quotes by John R. Lott Jr.
#175. Criminals are motivated by self-preservation, and handguns can therefore be a deterrent. The potential defensive nature of guns is further evidenced by the different rates of so-called "hot burglaries," where a resident is at home when a criminal strikes.16 In Canada and Britain, both with tough gun-control laws, almost half of all burglaries are "hot burglaries." In contrast, the United States, with fewer restrictions, has a "hot burglary" rate of only 13 percent. #Quote by John R. Lott Jr.
Strikes quotes by Stephen Strasburg
#176. Guys don't want to get to two strikes, so you have to make quality pitches early in the count, try to get them to put the ball in play. #Quote by Stephen Strasburg
Strikes quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#177. No one has the right to be sorry for himself for a misfortune that strikes everyone. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Strikes quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#178. Strike the dog dead, it's but a critic! #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Strikes quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#179. For thirty years," he said, "I've sailed the seas and seen good and bad, better and worse, fair weather and foul, provisions running out, knives going, and what not. Well, now I tell you, I never seen good come o' goodness yet. Him as strikes first is my fancy; dead men don't bite; them's my views - amen, so be it. #Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
Strikes quotes by Honore De Balzac
#180. Neither the passions not justice nor politics nor the great social forces ever consider the victims they strike. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Strikes quotes by Hiromu Arakawa
#181. [Thinking about his first day if he were the Fuhrer] "On that day, all female officers will be required to wear ... tiny miniskirts!"
[Strikes pose]
Roy Mustang, The Flame Alchemist, Full metal Alchemist #Quote by Hiromu Arakawa
Strikes quotes by Adrienne Rich
#182. The worker can unionize, go out on strike; mothers are divided from each other in homes, tied to their children by compassionate bonds; our wildcat strikes have most often taken the form of physical or mental breakdown. #Quote by Adrienne Rich
Strikes quotes by Amy Ray
#183. I sit down and draw from my lyric book. I sit down and start looking through it and see if there is anything that strikes me that I've written. #Quote by Amy Ray
Strikes quotes by Robert Galbraith
#184. Strike's eyes followed her hand, but what caught his attention was not the small stack of neatly written papers she was showing him, but the sapphire engagement ring.

There was a pause. Robin wondered why her heart was pummeling her ribs. How ridiculous to feel defensive . . . it was up to her whether she married Matthew . . . ludicrous even to feel she had to state that to herself . . . #Quote by Robert Galbraith
Strikes quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#185. I smiled,Deoch, my heart is made of stronger stuff than glass. When she strikes she'll find it strong as iron-bound brass, or gold and adamant together mixed. Don't think I am unaware, some startled deer to stand transfixed by hunter's horns. It's she who should take care, for when she strikes, my heart will make a sound so beautiful and bright that it can't help but bring her back to me in winged light. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Strikes quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#186. It happened in Chicago in 1886.
On the first of May, strikes paralyzed cities across the country. The Philadelphia Tribune offered a diagnosis: 'The labor element has been bitten by a kind of universal tarantula - it has gone dancing mad.'
Dancing mad were the workers who fought for the eight-hour day and for the right to form unions
On every May first, the entire world remembers them. With the passing of time, constitutions, laws, and international accords have proved them right.
But some of the most powerful corporations have yet to find out. They outlaw unions and keep track of the workday with those melting clocks painted by Salvador Dali. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Strikes quotes by Michel Foucault
#187. What strikes me is the fact that in our society, art has become something which is related only to objects and not to individuals, or to life. That art is something which is specialized or which is done by experts who are artists. But couldn't everyone's life become a work of art? Why should the lamp or the house be an art object, but not our life? #Quote by Michel Foucault
Strikes quotes by Christine   Price
#188. It had been a nice night, but not one they'd repeat. Like, ever.

Why was he dialing his phone?

A few rings later, a familiar voice picked up on the other end. "Whitman."

Dammit, my subconscious really is out to get me. "Matt? Brennan. I was wondering if…" make it something good, "…you…wanted to…" his gaze flew around the room, settling on his DVD shelf, "…watch Star Wars with me?"Star Wars? A hundred DVDs on the shelf and he settled on fucking Star Wars? He was never going to get in Matt's pants ever again.

There was a pause on the other end.

Great, I've scared him off with my closet geekery. Go me.

"Which one?"

His heart skipped a beat. Or not."I have all six."

"My favorite is Strikes Back. I can be at my place in about twenty. I'll bring food?" Brennan's eyes squeezed closed and he grinned, kicking his feet in delight. I am such a girl. "You know we can't watch Strikes Back without immediately going to Return, right?"

"We should pace ourselves. Star Wars is serious business. Usually I don't watch them without consuming about five pounds of Skittles and three bottles of Coke."

"I'll grab the junk food. We can pull an all -nighter."

"It's a weeknight." Matt sounded ridiculously disappointed about the fact, which was so happy-dance-worthy that Brennan almost literally jumped out of his chair. "But maybe we could turn it into a three-part date? Start tonight? #Quote by Christine Price
Strikes quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#189. I am glad to see that a system of labor prevails under which laborers can strike when they want to. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Strikes quotes by Mark Twain
#190. What is it that strikes a spark of humor from a man? It is the effort to throw off, to fight back the burden of grief that is laid on each one of us. In youth we don't feel it, but as we grow to manhood we find the burden on our shoulders. Humor? It is nature's effort to harmonize conditions. The further the pendulum swings out over woe the further it is bound to swing back over mirth. #Quote by Mark Twain
Strikes quotes by Frank Rich
#191. The principal House sponsor (of the Defense of Marriage Act), Bob Barr of Georgia has been married three times
which raises the question of why the act doesn't contain a three-strikes-and-you're-out provision. #Quote by Frank Rich
Strikes quotes by Jan Potocki
#192. Words strike the air and the mind, they act on the senses and on the soul. #Quote by Jan Potocki
Strikes quotes by Yogi Berra
#193. Swing at the strikes. #Quote by Yogi Berra
Strikes quotes by J.D. Vance
#194. Barack Obama strikes at the heart of our deepest insecurities. He is a good father while many of us aren't. He wears suits to his job while we wear overalls, if we're lucky enough to have a job at all. His wife tells us that we shouldn't be feeding our children certain foods, and we hate her for it - not because we think she's wrong but because we know she's right. Many #Quote by J.D. Vance
Strikes quotes by Angel Payne
#195. In the last fifteen minutes, she'd knocked him flat on his back, reduced him to speechlessness, and for the first time in his life, made him wonder if lightning strikes from fate weren't metaphysical bullshit. #Quote by Angel Payne
Strikes quotes by Joseph Addison
#196. The very first discovery of beauty strikes the mind with an inward joy, and spreads a cheerfulness and delight through all its faculties. #Quote by Joseph Addison
Strikes quotes by Anne Frank
#197. It strikes fear to my heart when Peter talks of later being a criminal, or of gambling; although it's meant as a joke, of course, it gives me the feeling that he's afraid of his own weakness. #Quote by Anne Frank
Strikes quotes by Elie Wiesel
#198. My faceless neighbor spoke up:
"Don't be deluded. Hitler has made it clear that he will annihilate all Jews before the clock strikes twelve."
I exploded:
"What do you care what he said? Would you want us to consider him a prophet?
His cold eyes stared at me. At last he said, wearily:
"I have more faith in Hitler than in anyone else. He alone has kept his promises, all his promises, to the Jewish people. #Quote by Elie Wiesel
Strikes quotes by Jordan B. Peterson
#199. When things break down, what has been ignored rushes in. When things are no longer specified, with precision, the walls crumble, and chaos makes its presence known. When we've been careless, and let things slide, what we have refused to attend to gathers itself up, adopts a serpentine form, and strikes--often at the worst possible moment. It is then that we see what focused intent, precision of aim and careful attention protects us from. #Quote by Jordan B. Peterson
Strikes quotes by Fredrik Backman
#200. There's a label she used to love but which she loathes when it's pronounced in a Beartown accent: "career woman." Peter's friends call her that, some in admiration and some with distaste, but no one calls Peter a "career man." It strikes a nerve because Kira recognizes that insinuation: you have a "job" so you can provide for your family, whereas a "career" is selfish. You have one of those for your own sake. #Quote by Fredrik Backman

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