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Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Thomas Szasz
#1. All drugs of any interest to any moderately intelligent person in America are now illegal. #Quote by Thomas Szasz
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Noel Streatfeild
#2. It was all very well to be ambitious, but ambition should not kill the nice qualities in you. #Quote by Noel Streatfeild
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by James St. James
#3. And so it came to pass that i was strapped to a gurney and covered in raw liver and slabs of beef that very quickly turned rancid under the bright spotlights. there exists a videotape somewhere that documents me being wheeled about the dance floor by two burly "orderlies," while i desperately search for a bathroom big enough to accommodate the stretcher so i can do a bump of cocaine. watching me retch from the decomposing meat, and simultaneously fiend for drugs, makes for an entertaining time, indeed.
when i told my mother the extremes i went to in order to make a living, she just shook her head and said, "now don't you wish you'd finished college, dear?"
mothers are so wise, sometimes. #Quote by James St. James
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Kelly Williams Brown
#4. It is hard to convince people of this, but oatmeal truly is miraculous. It gives you an amazing amount of energy, like cocaine. #Quote by Kelly Williams Brown
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Lemony Snicket
#5. I recommend learning how to write a very good thank-you note. A child who can write a nice thank-you note can turn into a cocaine dealer five years later and be remembered as child who wrote nice thank-you notes. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by C. Everett Koop
#6. At a time when we are pleading with foreign governments to stop the export of cocaine, it is the height of hypocrisy for the United States to export tobacco. #Quote by C. Everett Koop
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Anonymous
#7. When you eat sugar, according to research by Bartley Hoebel of Princeton University, it triggers a response in the same part of the brain - known as the "reward center" - that is targeted by cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, and other addictive substances. #Quote by Anonymous
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Anne Lamott
#8. This is where I liked to be when I was hangover or coming down off a cocaine binge, here in the dust with all these dusty people, all this liveliness and clutter and color, things for sale to cheer me up, and greasy food that would slip down by throat. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Scott Stossel
#9. It is an irony of medical history that even as Freud's later work would make him the progenitor of modern psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is generally premised on the idea that mental illness arises from unconscious psychological conflicts, his papers on cocaine make him one of the fathers of biological psychiatry, which is governed by the notion that mental distress is partly caused by a physical or chemical malfunction that can be treated with drugs. #Quote by Scott Stossel
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Rory Carroll
#10. Throw in neglect and politicization of the judicial system and you see the result: soaring rates of cocaine trafficking through Venezuela and worsening corruption of institutions. #Quote by Rory Carroll
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Noam Chomsky
#11. If the principle is, "Let's not get lethal substances out to the public", the first one you'd go after is tobacco. The next one you'd go after is alcohol. Way down the list you'd get to cocaine, and sort of invisibly low you'd get to marijuana. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Noam Chomsky
#12. The police can go to downtown Harlem and pick up a kid with a joint in the streets. But they can't go into the elegant apartments and get a stockbroker who's sniffing cocaine. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Lily Allen
#13. I know lots of people that take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work every day, no problem. But we never hear that side of the story. #Quote by Lily Allen
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Astrid Kirchherr
#14. They were actually pills to make slimming easier for you. We used to take them with a couple of beers. They made you just a little speedy. But you can't compare it to speed from today or cocaine or anything. It's just baby food compared to that. #Quote by Astrid Kirchherr
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#15. A Republican, then?" Jack asked, after a moment. "Oh, for God's sake." Olive stopped walking, looked at him through her sunglasses. "I didn't say moron. You mean because we have a cowboy for a president? Or before that an actor who played a cowboy? Let me tell you, that idiot ex-cocaine-addict was never a cowboy. He can wear all the cowboy hats he wants. He's a spoiled brat to the manor born. And he makes me puke. #Quote by Elizabeth Strout
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Sigmund Freud
#16. I was making frequent use of cocaine at that time ... I had been the first to recommend the use of cocaine, in 1885, and this recommendation had brought serious reproaches down on me. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Jack Parsons
#17. I hight don Quixote, I live on peyote,
marijuana, morphine and cocaine.
I never know sadness, but only a madness
that burns at the heart and the brain.
I see each charwoman, ecstatic, inhuman,
angelic, demonic, divine.
Each wagon a dragon, each beer mug a flagon
that brims with ambrosial wine. #Quote by Jack Parsons
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Tom Petty
#18. I had to learn a new way of playing. I had to practice a lot, and just find ways around the limitations. So it was a bad idea to break my hand.
You said you were doing a lot of cocaine. Did that affect your songwriting?
No. I think it affected my breaking my hand. #Quote by Tom Petty
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Lana Del Rey
#19. Off To The Races"

My old man is a bad man but
I can't deny the way he holds my hand
And he grabs me, he has me by my heart
He doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas past
He doesn't mind I have an LA crass way about me
He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart

Swimming pool glimmering darling
White bikini off with my red nail polish
Watch me in the swimming pool bright blue ripples you
Sitting sipping on your black Cristal
Oh yeah

Light of my life, fire of my loins
Be a good baby, do what I want
Light of my life, fire of my loins
Give me them gold coins, gimme them coins

And I'm off to the races, cases of Bacardi chasers
Chasing me all over town
Cause he knows I'm wasted, facing
Time again at Riker's Island and I won't get out
Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and save me
I'm your little scarlet, starlet singing in the garden
Kiss me on my open mouth
Ready for you

My old man is a tough man but
He's got a soul as sweet as blood red jam
And he shows me, he knows me
Every inch of my tar black soul
He doesn't mind I have a flat broke down life
In fact he says he thinks it's why he might like about me
Admires me, the way I roll like a Rolling Stone

Likes to watch me in the glass room bathroom, Chateau Marmont
Slippin' on my red dress, puttin' on my makeup
Glass film, per #Quote by Lana Del Rey
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Nick Land
#20. Was Trakl a Christian? Yes, of course, at times he becomes a Christian, among a general confusion of becomings - becoming an animal, becoming a virus, becoming inorganic - just as he was also an antichrist, a poet, a pharmacist, an alcoholic, a drug addict, a psychotic, a leper, a suicide, an incestuous cannibal, a necrophiliac, a rodent, a vampire, and a werewolf. Just as he became his sister, and also a hermaphrodite. Trakl's texts are scrawled over by redemptionist monotheism, just as they are stained by narcotic fluidities, gnawed by rats, cratered by Russian artillery, charred and pitted by astronomical debris. Trakl was a Christian and an atheist and also a Satanist, when he wasn't simply undead, or in some other way inhuman. It is perhaps more precise to say that Trakl never existed, except as a battlefield, a reservoir of disease, the graveyard of a deconsecrated church, as something expiring from a massive cocaine overdose on the floor of a military hospital, cheated by lucidity by the searing onslaught of base difference. #Quote by Nick Land
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by David Sedaris
#21. Still, there were moments when, against all reason, I thought I might be a genius. These moments were provoked not by any particular accomplishment but by cocaine and crystal methamphetamine - drugs that allow you to lean over a mirror with a straw up your nose, suck up an entire week's paycheck, and think, God, I'm smart. #Quote by David Sedaris
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Big Pun
#22. Snorting cocaine is like feeding pork to the brain. #Quote by Big Pun
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#23. Everybody who does not live in a prostitute's bed and on a diet of cocaine snow is called an ascetic nowadays. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Kerry Patterson
#24. We make our food very similar to cocaine now. #Quote by Kerry Patterson
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Jo Walton
#25. There's something nice about out-and-out children's books with no sex and a happy ending - Ransome, Streatfeild, that kind of thing. #Quote by Jo Walton
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Denard Robinson
#26. Cocaine & Gatorade is why I run so damn fast. #Quote by Denard Robinson
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Carl Hart
#27. Much of the early work focused on dopamine and we were really looking for rewarding sorts of effects and sure enough, we only found that. But you can destroy the main dopamine-producing structures of the brain and you can still get an animal to self-administer drugs like cocaine. #Quote by Carl Hart
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by David Bowie
#28. It's not the side-effects of the cocaine - I'm thinking that it must be love.
It's too late to be grateful,
It's too late to be hateful,
It's too late to be late again,
The European cannon is here. #Quote by David Bowie
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#29. We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers ... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls.
Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Stephen King
#30. They know better than you, they're grown-ups. Jake thought that was bullshit. If being a grown-up really meant knowing better, why did his father go on smoking three packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day and snorting cocaine until his nose bled? #Quote by Stephen King
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Nicola Yoon
#31. love: a chemical history.
...The second stage, attraction, is governed by dopamine and serotonin. When, for example, couples report feeling indescribably happy in each other's presence, that's dopamine, the pleasure hormone, doing its work.
Taking cocaine fosters the same level of euphoria. In fact, scientists who study both the brains of new lovers and cocaine addicts are hard-pressed to tell the difference. #Quote by Nicola Yoon
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by William Gibson
#32. Bugis Street, once famous for its transvestite prostitutes - the sort of place where one could have imagined Noel Coward, ripped on opium, cocaine and the local tailoring, just off his rickshaw for a night of high buggery - had, when it proved difficult to suppress, a subway station dropped on top of it. #Quote by William Gibson
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Kiefer Sutherland
#33. I liked the ceremony, the ritual of preparing cocaine, as much as doing it. I did it for a year, loved it, then stopped. Now I feel the same way about cooking. #Quote by Kiefer Sutherland
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Jay Haizlip
#34. (After getting out of another treatment center) I came home one Sunday morning. I sat on the edge of my bed. I never grew up going to church. I never read a Bible. I wasn't anti-God. I just never thought about God. I just lived for myself and thought about myself ... I was married by this point. I'd been married for two years. So, here I am sitting on the edge of my bed, nine o'clock Sunday morning. I have a son who's not quite two yet and I just broke down crying because I had been out all weekend doing cocaine. #Quote by Jay Haizlip
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#35. It was early, late, lockjaw hour. #Quote by Sam Lipsyte
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#36. Breakfast is the only meal of the day that I tend to view with the same kind of traditionalized reverence that most people associate with Lunch and Dinner. I like to eat breakfast alone, and almost never before noon; anybody with a terminally jangled lifestyle needs at least one psychic anchor every twenty-four hours, and mine is breakfast. In Hong Kong, Dallas or at home - and regardless of whether or not I have been to bed - breakfast is a personal ritual that can only be properly observed alone, and in a spirit of genuine excess. The food factor should always be massive: four Bloody Marys, two grapefruits, a pot of coffee, Rangoon crepes, a half-pound of either sausage, bacon, or corned beef hash with diced chiles, a Spanish omelette or eggs Benedict, a quart of milk, a chopped lemon for random seasoning, and something like a slice of Key lime pie, two margaritas, and six lines of the best cocaine for dessert… Right, and there should also be two or three newspapers, all mail and messages, a telephone, a notebook for planning the next twenty-four hours and at least one source of good music… All of which should be dealt with outside, in the warmth of a hot sun, and preferably stone naked. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Taite Adams
#37. Every 19 minutes, someone dies from a prescription painkiller overdose. In fact, the number of painkiller overdose deaths now exceeds the number of deaths from heroin and cocaine combined. #Quote by Taite Adams
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by John Mayer
#38. Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me. Sexually it was crazy. That's all I'll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm. #Quote by John Mayer
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Jarod Kintz
#39. My love is powdered sunshine. Just add water. (Warning: Do NOT attempt to snort it or distribute as a healthy cocaine substitute.) #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Emma Chase
#40. But this kiss? This is one I won't forget any time soon. She tastes ... Jesus, I've never done drugs, but I imagine this is what that first snort of cocaine feels like, that first shot of heroine. Goddamn addictive. #Quote by Emma Chase
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by Carl Hart
#41. Take crack cocaine. Particularly in the early days of the policy, ninety percent of the people being arrested were black, even though they didn't use the drug at higher rates and even though their numbers in the general population are so low. How could that be? The thing is, you place all your resources in communities of color. And if you do that, you're going to arrest black people. #Quote by Carl Hart
Streatfeild Cocaine quotes by David Mamet
#42. What is Big Government but the Executive's cocaine dream, an activity devoted solely to jockeying for position, in which he may find license for malversation, and may take the company treasury and direct it toward those people who will support his continued incumbency--it is within the law. Its street name is 'earmarks,' but it is theft. #Quote by David Mamet

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