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Strange Places quotes by Matisyahu
#1. When I first started reading about the kabbalists, I would hear about them being seen in strange places. It would turn out that they were doing some kind of spiritual work to elevate the sparks. In my life and career, I've had the opportunity to find myself where I could make some spiritual moves, to do some work that is spiritually important. #Quote by Matisyahu
Strange Places quotes by Alan Moore
#2. People's lives take them strange places. They do strange things, and ... well, sometimes they can't talk about them. #Quote by Alan Moore
Strange Places quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#3. So in the streets of Calcutta I sometimes imagine myself a foreigner, and only then do I discover how much is to be seen, which is lost so long as its full value in attention is not paid. It is the hunger to really see which drives people to travel to strange places. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Strange Places quotes by Rob Bell
#4. Why would we ever be surprised when truth turns up in strange places? #Quote by Rob Bell
Strange Places quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#5. Millennials aren't look for a hipper Christianity ... We're looking for a truer Christianity, a more authentic Christianity. Like every generation before ours and every generation after, we're looking for Jesus - the same Jesus who can be found in the strange places he's always been found: in bread, in wine, in baptism, in the Word, in suffering, in community, and among the least of these. #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
Strange Places quotes by Alan Arkin
#6. Hollywood is a strange place. The class structure here is more rigid than almost anyplace I've ever experienced. It's made more difficult by the fact that it's constantly changing. You never know what class you belong to unless you're one of the two or three people that have been in the same echelon for a long, long time. #Quote by Alan Arkin
Strange Places quotes by Morgan Freeman
#7. My earrings are worth just enough to buy me a coffin if I die in a strange place. That was the reason why sailors used to wear them. #Quote by Morgan Freeman
Strange Places quotes by Melissa Broder
#8. When you're lonely and blacking out in strange places, you let other lonely people do what they want to you. You call it free love. #Quote by Melissa Broder
Strange Places quotes by Renny Harlin
#9. Several times we were stranded in strange places without any money and with our credit cards cancelled - trapped in a hotel that we couldn't check out of because we had no money to check out. #Quote by Renny Harlin
Strange Places quotes by Colleen Houck
#10. Every time I glanced at Ren, I saw that he was watching me.
When we finally reached the end of the tunnel and saw the stone steps that led to the surface, Ren stopped.
"Kelsey, I have one final request of you before we head up."
"And what would that be? Want to talk about tiger senses or monkey bites in strange places maybe?"
"No. I want you to kiss me."
I sputtered, "What? Kiss you? What for? Don't you think you got to kiss me enough on this trip?"
"Humor me, Kells. This is the end of the line for me. We're leaving the place where I get to be a man all the time, and I have only my tiger's life to look forward to. So, yes, I want you to kiss me one more time."
I hesitated. "Well, if this works, you can go around kissing all the girls you want to. So why bother with me right now?"
He ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "Because! I don't want to run around kissing all the other girls! I want to kiss you!"
"Fine! If it will shut you up!" I leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. "There!"
"No. Not good enough. On the lips, my prema."
I leaned over and pecked him on the lips. "There. Can we go now?"
I marched up the first two steps, and he slipped his hand under my elbow and spun me around, twisting me so that I fell forward into his arms. He caught me tightly around the waist. His smirk suddenly turned into a sober expression.
"A kiss. A real one. One that I'll remember."
I was about to say something b #Quote by Colleen Houck
Strange Places quotes by Joe Sacco
#11. And I think I find, I know a lot of people around, in different cities, and so it's not - it might sound strange - but it's not that hard to say good-bye, because I know there's other people where I'm going. I can sort of fit in in a lot of places. #Quote by Joe Sacco
Strange Places quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#12. The king was silent. "Ents!" he said at length. "Out of the shadows of legend I begin a little to understand the marvel of the trees, I think. I have lived to see strange days. Long we have tended our beasts and our fields, built our houses, wrought our tools, or ridden away to help in the wars of Minas Tirith. And that we called the life of Men, the way of the world.
We cared little for what lay beyond the borders of our land. Songs we have that tell of these things, but we are forgetting them, teaching them only to children, as a careless custom. And now the songs have come down among us out of the strange places, and walk visible under the Sun."
"You should be glad," Théoden King," said Gandalf. "For not only the little life of Men is now endangered, but the life also of those thing which you have deemed the matter of legend. You are not without allies, even if you know them not."
"Yet also I should be sad," said Théoden. "For however the fortune of war shall go, may it not so end that much that was fair and wonderful shall pass for ever out of Middle-earth? #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Strange Places quotes by Mary Stewart
#13. My lord, when you are looking for ... what I am looking for, you have to look in strange places. Men can never look at the sun, except downwards, at his reflection in things of earth. If he is reflected in a dirty puddle, he is still the sun. There is nowhere I will not look, to find him. #Quote by Mary Stewart
Strange Places quotes by Lili Taylor
#14. Cannes is a very strange place. I tried to show up as best I could and to try not to be cynical. #Quote by Lili Taylor
Strange Places quotes by James Hamilton-Paterson
#15. First nights in strange places can determine how one sees them forever after.

And now this same tropic opiate fills my lungs and heart and awakens memories of things which have never happened and foretelling things which will never be.

Experiences of great intensity - a special dream, a period of concentrated work, maybe a love affair - have in common that they are unusually real while they last. Yet it is precisely this quality which so easily vanishes. Afterwards, how unreal it all suddenly seems! #Quote by James Hamilton-Paterson
Strange Places quotes by Aleister Crowley
#16. So sweet is this song that no one could resist it. For in it is all the passionate ache for the moonlight, and the great hunger of the sea, and the terror of desolate places, - all things that lure men to the unattainable.

Omari tessala marax,
tessala dodi phornepax
amri radara poliax
armana piliu
amri radara piliu son;
mari narya barbiton
madara anaphax sarpedon
andala hriliu

I am the harlot that shaketh Death.
This shaking giveth the Peace of Satiate Lust.
Immortality jetteth from my skull,
And music from my vulva.
Immortality jetteth from my vulva also,
For my Whoredom is a sweet scent like a seven-stringed instrument,
Played unto God the Invisible, the all-ruler,
That goeth along giving the shrill scream of orgasm.

Every man that hath seen me forgetteth me never, and I appear oftentimes in the coals of the fire, and upon the smooth white skin of woman, and in the constancy of the waterfall, and in the emptiness of deserts and marshes, and upon great cliffs that look seaward; and in many strange places, where men seek me not. And many thousand times he beholdeth me not. And at last I smite myself into him as a vision smiteth into a stone, and whom I call must follow. #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Strange Places quotes by Justin Cronin
#17. What strange places our lives can carry us to, what dark passages. #Quote by Justin Cronin
Strange Places quotes by Lauren Willig
#18. Things turn up in strange places all the time. For example library books, which possess a disconcerting ability to move from place to place, seemingly of their own volition. #Quote by Lauren Willig
Strange Places quotes by David Sedaris
#19. For as long as I can remember, my father saved. He saves money, he saves disfigured sticks that resemble disfigured celebrities, and most of all, he saves food. Cherry tomatoes, sausage biscuits, the olives plucked from other people's martinis
he hides these things in strange places until they are rotten. And then he eats them. #Quote by David Sedaris
Strange Places quotes by Robert Pattinson
#20. If I could get any semblance of, not really anonymity, but control over my public image, that would be nice. But no, I think it's impossible [to maintain that], for one thing. I don't think anyone can do that, apart from Denzel Washington. It's a strange place that the film industry is at, where you can just play superhero after superhero. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Strange Places quotes by Douglas Adams
#21. We live in strange times. We also live in strange places: each in a universe of our own. The people with whom we populate our universes are the shadows of whole other universes intersecting with our own. Being able to glance out into this bewildering complexity of infinite recursion and say things like, 'Oh, hi, Ed! Nice tan. How's Carol?' involves a great deal of filtering skill for which all conscious entities have eventually to develop a capacity in order to protect themselves from the contemplation of the chaos through which they seethe and tumble. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Strange Places quotes by Patricia McCormick
#22. When I have run out of words to copy, I look out the window at this strange place called India. Inside the train, the people around me are snoring. I don't understand how they can close their eyes when there is so much to see. #Quote by Patricia McCormick
Strange Places quotes by Kenneth Patchen
#23. The rest of the letters were pretty much the same as I got every day now. Two hundred and forty-six proposals, a number of them for marriage. Almost five hundred photographs taken in various stages of undress, the majority in the last. Several invitations to strange places where they wring the necks of chickens and take turns beating each other with whips, etc. (In case any of these correspondents may chance to read my book, I'd like to just say this to them: Doubtless you are sincere in what you do, but it does strike me that more useful pursuits could be found for grown people to spend their time at.) #Quote by Kenneth Patchen
Strange Places quotes by Robin McKinley
#24. One of the things she'd learnt on her own, ragged, bemused, zigzag way was that the best sources of useful information were often in strange places... #Quote by Robin McKinley
Strange Places quotes by Meg Merriet
#25. The music of cri-cri and cigales droned on in a hypnotic rhythm, punctuated by the occasional croon of the nightingale. I thought of lullabies and how as a child they would placate my disappointment that another day had ended. I was used to sleeping in strange places, and would always focus on sound to relax. In the pawnshop, it was the ticking of grandfather clocks or the tuning of antique instruments. In the thieves' den, it was striking of a match, the bubbling of a water pipe and the gentle murmur floating in off the streets. On the Wastrel, it was the wind or the creaking wood. It was important to me to find lullabies where I could. If death came with a lullaby, perhaps fewer men would fear it. #Quote by Meg Merriet
Strange Places quotes by Buddy Hackett
#26. Golf is more fun than walking naked in a strange place, but not much. #Quote by Buddy Hackett
Strange Places quotes by Judy Garland
#27. Hollywood is a strange place if you're in trouble. Everybody thinks it's contagious. #Quote by Judy Garland
Strange Places quotes by Mads Mikkelsen
#28. I've always been interested in strange foods, coming from all different places. #Quote by Mads Mikkelsen
Strange Places quotes by Scott Speedman
#29. I mean, I love California, but LA to me is still a strange place. #Quote by Scott Speedman
Strange Places quotes by M.M. Kaye
#30. What could be more entrancing than a carefree nomadic existence camping, moving, exploring strange places and the ruins of forgotten empires, sleeping under canvas or the open sky, and giving no thought to the conventions and restriction of the modern world? #Quote by M.M. Kaye
Strange Places quotes by Melanie
#31. 'This' pain I can see it but I can't feel it It haunts me When I cut myself I can see where the pain is coming from and watch it heal And I can easily care for it 'This' pain doesn't have a specific place It moves around and creeps into strange places. #Quote by Melanie
Strange Places quotes by Charles Dickens
#32. In our course through life we shall meet the people who are coming to meet us, from many strange places and by many strange roads,' was the composed reply; 'and what it is set to us to do to them, and what it is set to them to do to us, will all be done. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Strange Places quotes by Frederick Lenz
#33. School was a strange place where they tried to make you into something. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Strange Places quotes by Louis Sachar
#34. There was something special about being in a strange place, all alone in a mass of people even if you had just screwed up your life, or perhaps especially if you had just screwed up your life. #Quote by Louis Sachar
Strange Places quotes by Nina Simone
#35. I don't like to go to strange places. #Quote by Nina Simone
Strange Places quotes by Son Lux
#36. Going onstage without my primary instrument is like being a guitarist and going up onstage with no guitar waiting for you. What do you do? That's why performance is painful for me, because I feel like I am always in a strange place with a bit of a handicap. #Quote by Son Lux
Strange Places quotes by Laurel Nakadate
#37. I'm always afraid going into strange places, but I also choose carefully and listen to my instincts. These were men I could trust. I'm a pretty good judge of crazy versus sad. I prefer sad. #Quote by Laurel Nakadate
Strange Places quotes by John Darnielle
#38. People do all sorts of things impulsively and follow those impulses into strange places. #Quote by John Darnielle
Strange Places quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#39. But I love the idea - whether it's in my work or where I live - exploring new frontier, and I like putting myself in strange places and trying to survive and figure things out and gather up an infrastructure. I like knowing that I could figure out a way to live anywhere. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Strange Places quotes by Gene Doucette
#40. I'm actually something of an aficionado in the "waking up in strange places" department. I've woken up in hay lofts, under a buttern churn, on roofs, in a choir loft (twice), under tables, on tables, in trees, in ditches, and half-pinned under a sleeping ox. One time in Bombay, I woke up to find myself lashed to a yak. #Quote by Gene Doucette
Strange Places quotes by Abigail Roux
#41. My wife has made up Ty's old bedroom for you," he told him in a low voice as Ty and Mara argued over the merits of the couch cushions versus the rocks out back.
"Oh Christ." Zane laughed, falling back in his chair. "He won't let me forget this. Losing his bed to me."
"Well," Earl said with a sigh, "it's either that or fight his mama over it." He sat and watched Ty and Mara for a moment, sipping at his coffee contentedly. "Ain't none of us ever won that fight," he told Zane flatly.
"Me and Zane'll just bunk together," Ty was arguing.
Mara laughed at him. "You two boys won't fit in a double bed any more than I'll still fit in my wedding dress," she scoffed.


"Good morning, Zane dear, how did you sleep?" Mara asked as she came up to him and pressed a glass of orange juice into his hands.
"Ah, okay," Zane hedged, taking the glass out of self-defense. "I don't do too well sleeping in strange places lately, but…."
"Well, Ty's bed is about as strange a place as you can get," Deuce offered under his breath. He followed it with a muffled grunt as Ty kicked him under the table. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Strange Places quotes by Douglas Adams
#42. We also live in strange places: each in a universe of our own. The people with whom we populate our universes are the shadows of whole other universes intersecting with our own. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Strange Places quotes by William Gibson
#43. My own preference, as a reader, for this sort of book, is to experience the closest possible equivalent to culture shock. I want to go to new, strange places, feel lost, and then (probably with quite a few subtle nudges on the author's part) gradually figure out where I am and what the heck's going on. As a reader, I enjoy few things more. From feedback, I know that I'm not alone in that, but also that some readers find it too demanding. But it's impossible to take care of both sides of that particular aisle at once. If you make it through the book, though, then go back and reread the beginning, you may find that you actually enjoy it this time, because everything's as coherent as I was able to make it, and you already know where you are. #Quote by William Gibson
Strange Places quotes by Edmond Manning
#44. I think Joy sleeps in strange places. We're always looking for her in shiny, happy, fun times, assuming that Joy prefers her twin brother, Pleasure, when she often hangs out with her somewhat stoic big sister, Strength. Joy is not always easy to recognize, dirt-smudged and sweating, brambles in her hair. I want to believe she sometimes wears a ski mask. #Quote by Edmond Manning
Strange Places quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#45. Have you lost your way? Don't be sad; be happy, because you will see new places, places that you have never been to! It is magical to lose the way! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Strange Places quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#46. It seems that the more places I see and experience, the bigger I realize the world to be. The more I become aware of, the more I realize how relatively little I know of it, how many places I have still to go, how much more there is to learn. Maybe that's enlightenment enough - to know that there is no final resting place of the mind, no moment of smug clarity. Perhaps wisdom, at least for me, means realizing how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Strange Places quotes by Lesley Livingston
#47. Well. I think it's safe to say that, in my absence, the power grabbing and backstabbing and political intrigue has officially reached an all-time Otherworld high.
#Quote by Lesley Livingston
Strange Places quotes by Stephanie Grant
#48. At first when you're learning a foreign language, what seems strange is that a different set of words exists for the things you know. But then, after a while, what seems strange is that so many words are the same, that two entirely different peoples, an ocean apart, would choose the exact same sounds. In the end, what causes the most trouble are the words that sound the same but mean different things: déception, nostalgie, grâce. #Quote by Stephanie Grant
Strange Places quotes by Elizabeth Lim
#49. Then, remembering that strange sword just to her side, she leaned over the mountain edge to inspect it. The hilt was dull with age, but still gold, with short wings at the base of the blade that pointed forward. It had to be hundreds of years old.
Mulan was about to leave it, but there was something inscribed on the blade itself. She could see only the first word. It was the same as in her name: Fa. Flower.
Curious now, she reached down and tried to wrench the sword free. It was stuck tight.
"Let me help." Shang knelt beside her and clasped the edge of the hilt. Together, they pulled. Out slid the sword. The weight of it nearly tipped Mulan over the mountain, but she caught herself in time and backed up away from the ledge.
Catching her breath, she laid the sword on the grass, wiping it clean of dirt and grime. The characters on the blade glittered in the moonlight.
"'The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. #Quote by Elizabeth Lim
Strange Places quotes by Connie Willis
#50. It's strange. When I couldn't find the drop and the plague came, you seemed so far away I would not ever be able to find you again. But I know now that you were here all along, and that nothing, not the Black Death nor seven hundred years, nor death nor things to come nor any other creature could ever separate me from your caring and concern. It was with me every minute. #Quote by Connie Willis
Strange Places quotes by Douglas Wilson
#51. God's grace is a tsunami that will carry us all away, and deposit us in places we would not have anticipated - and all of them good. #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Strange Places quotes by Timothy Pina
#52. Life is strange and funny with many winding roads ahead ... but the roads of greed and hypocrisy will lead to a person's downfall each and every time. #Quote by Timothy Pina
Strange Places quotes by Leland Hall
#53. There's a queer streak in human natures. Men come back to places for secret reasons, for feelings they cannot resist.'
More than men come back, I said. #Quote by Leland Hall
Strange Places quotes by Naomi Novik
#54. Fear and work weren't all bad, as companions went. They were both better than loneliness, and the deeper fears, the worse ones that I knew would come true: that I wouldn't see my mother and father for ten years, that I'd never live again in my own home, never run wild in the woods again, that whatever strange alchemy acted on the Dragon's girls would soon begin to take hold of me, and make me into someone I wouldn't recognize at the end of it. #Quote by Naomi Novik
Strange Places quotes by Gertrude Bacon
#55. They that go down to the sea in ships' see strange things, but what they tell is oft-times stranger still. A faculty for romancing is imparted by a seafaring life as readily and surely as a rolling gait and a weather-beaten countenance. A fine imagination is one of the gifts of the ocean-witness the surprising and unlimited power of expression and epithet possessed by the sailor. And a fine imagination will frequently manifest itself in other ways besides swear words. #Quote by Gertrude Bacon
Strange Places quotes by Lev Grossman
#56. It was strange to be naked in front of anybody. It was like that cold water out there in the bay: scary, you didn't think you could stand it, but then you plunged in and pretty soon you got used to it. There was enough hiding in life. Sometimes you just wanted to show somebody your tits. #Quote by Lev Grossman
Strange Places quotes by Henry James
#57. She had never yet encountered a personage so exotic, and she always felt more at ease in the presence of anything strange. It was the usual things of life that filled her with silent rage; which was natural enough inasmuch as, to her vision, almost everything that was usual was inqiuitous. #Quote by Henry James
Strange Places quotes by Donna Tartt
#58. And the flavor of Pippa's kiss
bittersweet and strange
stayed with me all the way back uptown, swaying and sleepy as I sailed home on the bus, melting with sorrow and loveliness, a starry ache that lifted me up above the windswept city like a kite: my head in the rainclouds, my heart in the sky. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Strange Places quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#59. I don't invent you
at sadly cooled-off places from which
you've gone away; even your not being there
is warm with you and more real and more
than a privation. Longing leads out too often
into vagueness. Why should I cast myself, when,
for all I know, your influence falls on me,
gently, like moonlight on a window seat. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Strange Places quotes by Elizabeth Kostova
#60. ...The strange thing, you know, is that Stalin openly admired Ivan the Terrible. Two leaders who were willing to crush and kill their own people-to do anything necessary- in order to consolidate their power...Can you imagine a world in which Stalin could live for five hundred years...or perhaps forever? #Quote by Elizabeth Kostova
Strange Places quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#61. There should be intensive research of all forms of clean energy - sun power, wind power, water power including wave power. In some places thermal energy is available. I stayed on a ranch which, with solar panels and two windmills, provided its own energy. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Strange Places quotes by Dan Lyons
#62. Believing that your company is not just about making money, that there is a meaning and a purpose to what you do, that your company has a mission, and that you want to be part of that mission - that is a big prerequisite for working at one of these places. How that differs from joining what might otherwise be called a cult is not entirely clear. What is the difference between a loyal employee and brainwashed cultist? At what point does a person go from being the former to the latter? #Quote by Dan Lyons
Strange Places quotes by James Joyce
#63. Unseen, one summer eve, you kissed me in four places. #Quote by James Joyce
Strange Places quotes by Zach Galifianakis
#64. I'm proud of The Hangover, but to be in movies like this, which are really the only places I can get work, it's really quite the opposite of what I am. I like sensitive art-house movies. I'm not even much of a partier. I mean, I'll drink myself into oblivion alone in my car. #Quote by Zach Galifianakis
Strange Places quotes by Bernhard Schlink
#65. The outside world, the world of free time in the yard or the garden or on the street, is only a distant murmur in the sickroom. Inside, a whole world of characters and stories proliferate out of the books you read. The fever that weakens your perception as it sharpens your imagination turns the sickroom into something new, both familiar and strange; monsters come grinning out of the patterns on the curtains and the carpet, and chairs, tables, bookcases and wardrobes burst out of their normal shapes and become mountains and buildings and ships you can almost touch although they're far away #Quote by Bernhard Schlink
Strange Places quotes by John Steinbeck
#66. I live alone," he said simply. "I live in the open. I hear the waves at night and see the black patterns of the pine boughs against the sky. With sound and silence and color and solitude, of course I see visions. Anyone would."
"But you don't believe in them?" Doc asked hopefully.
"I don't find it a matter for belief or disbelief," the seer said. "You've seen the sun flatten and take strange shapes just before it sinks into the ocean. Do you have to tell yourself everytime that it's an illusion caused by atmospheric dust and light distorted by the sea, or do you simply enjoy the beauty of it? Don't you see visions?"
"No," said Doc. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Strange Places quotes by Susan Fenimore Cooper
#67. The arbutus is now open everywhere in the woods and groves. How pleasant it is to meet the same flowers year after year! If the blossoms were liable to change–if they were to become capricious and irregular–they might excite more surprise, more curiosity, but we should love them less; they might be just as bright, and gay, and fragrant under other forms, but they would not be the violets, and squirrel-cups, and ground laurels we loved last year. Whatever your roving fancies may say, there is a virtue in constancy which has a reward above all that fickle change can bestow, giving strength and purity to every affection of life, and even throwing additional grace about the flowers which bloom in our native fields. We admire the strange and brilliant plant of the green-house, but we love most the simple flowers we have loved of old, which have bloomed many a spring, through rain and sunshine, on our native soil. #Quote by Susan Fenimore Cooper
Strange Places quotes by Arthur Ransome
#68. The island had come to seem one of those places seen from the train that belong to a life in which we shall never take part. #Quote by Arthur Ransome
Strange Places quotes by Ann Brashares
#69. I do believe that characters in novels belong to their writers and their readers pretty equally. I've learned a lot of things about the characters I write from people who read about them. Readers expand them in ways I don't think of and take them to places I can't go. #Quote by Ann Brashares
Strange Places quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#70. I've found that in places where women have not really been afforded full rights yet - for instance, in the Middle East - even very conservative politicians in the region will say, 'You know, my daughter would really like to meet you,' or, 'Would you send a note to my granddaughter?' #Quote by Condoleezza Rice
Strange Places quotes by Glennon Doyle Melton
#71. My unforgiveness is just another easy button. We aren't different. We are exactly the same. We are individual pieces of a scattered puzzle and we are just a little lost down here. We are all desperate for reunion and we are trying to find it in all the wrong places. We use bodies and drugs and food to try to end our loneliness, because we don't understand that we're lonely down here because we are supposed to be lonely. Because we're in pieces. To be human is to be incomplete and constantly yearning for reunion. Some reunions just require a long, kind patience. #Quote by Glennon Doyle Melton
Strange Places quotes by Dean M. Schroeder
#72. From reserved parking places to separate bathrooms, the last things managers need are extravagant status symbols that tell them that they are better than the people who work for them. #Quote by Dean M. Schroeder
Strange Places quotes by Andrew       Peterson
#73. Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art describes what he calls "Resistence," a mysterious force in the world that seems to challenge every creative act. Pressfield isn't a Christian, as far as I know, but when he talks about the way we have to fight an opposing force in order to bring something beautiful into the world, I resonate. I believe there's a Resistance, and it's made up of what Paul called the rulers, the authorities, the cosmic powers over this present darkness, the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (Eph. 6:12). If you're called to speak light into the darkness, then believe this: the darkness wants to shut you up. #Quote by Andrew Peterson
Strange Places quotes by Bo Derek
#74. I'm getting to the place where I can sort of go through airports now and there's no hysteria. I can go places alone even. But at the same time, if you get in trouble, you can find somebody in your age group who might recognize you. #Quote by Bo Derek
Strange Places quotes by James Nares
#75. I don't have a favorite place to see art. I like to encounter it anywhere, museum, gallery, home, studio, street ... I do prefer to see good art, when I see art, but it doesn't matter where I see it. #Quote by James Nares
Strange Places quotes by Max Lerner
#76. The tourist who moves about to see and hear and open himself to all the influences of the places which condense centuries of human greatness is only a man in search of excellence. #Quote by Max Lerner
Strange Places quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#77. Yet as the evening of Sunday came on, a sadness as of death would overtake me, for at nine o'clock I had to return to school, where everything was cold and strange and severe - where the governesses, on Mondays, lost their tempers, and nipped my ears, and made me cry. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Strange Places quotes by Gail Anderson-Dargatz
#78. A Complicated Kindness is just that: funny and strange, spellbinding and heartbreaking, this novel is a complicated kindness from a terrifically talented writer. #Quote by Gail Anderson-Dargatz
Strange Places quotes by Alyson Noel
#79. It's hard to form a lasting connection when your permanent address is an eight-inch mailbox in the UPS store.
Still,as I inch my way closer, I can't help the way my breath hitches, the way my insides thrum and swirl. And when he turns,flashing me that slow, languorous smile that's about to make him world famous,his eyes meeting mine when he says, "Hey,Daire-Happy Sweet Sixteen," I can't help but think of the millions of girls who would do just about anything to stand in my pointy blue babouches.
I return the smile, flick a little wave of my hand, then bury it in the side pocket of the olive-green army jacket I always wear. Pretending not to notice the way his gaze roams over me, straying from my waist-length brown hair peeking out from my scarf, to the tie-dyed tank top that clings under my jacket,to the skinny dark denim jeans,all the way down to the brand-new slippers I wear on my feet.
"Nice." He places his foot beside mine, providing me with a view of the his-and-hers version of the very same shoe. Laughing when he adds, "Maybe we can start a trend when we head back to the States.What do you think?"
There is no we.
I know it.He knows it.And it bugs me that he tries to pretend otherwise.
The cameras stopped rolling hours ago, and yet here he is,still playing a role. Acting as though our brief, on-location hookup means something more.
Acting like we won't really end long before our passports are stamped RETURN.
And that's all #Quote by Alyson Noel
Strange Places quotes by Anonymous
#80. 11 And the LORD will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be u like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. #Quote by Anonymous
Strange Places quotes by Alessandro Del Piero
#81. Italy have plenty of high-quality players. Newcomers need time to get adjusted to the set-up and the system of play. I'm very young, and although I think I have shown good quality in my international games, I realise that there are plenty of others competing for places. #Quote by Alessandro Del Piero
Strange Places quotes by Maceo Parker
#82. Me and my brothers started a musical group early on, and we were playing in places where we really weren't supposed to be. #Quote by Maceo Parker
Strange Places quotes by Radclyffe Hall
#83. My dear, don't be foolish, there's nothing strange about you, someday you may meet a man you can love. And supposing you don't, well, what of it, Stephen? Marriage isn't the only career for a woman. #Quote by Radclyffe Hall
Strange Places quotes by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke
#84. Their bodies are tall and skinny, but their legs are huge. Their knees allow them to walk backward. We call them the backward-walking people. They have strange heads. When they are walking, their heads flip backward so they can see where they are going. #Quote by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke
Strange Places quotes by Cynthia Breazeal
#85. If you look at the field of robotics today, you can say robots have been in the deepest oceans, they've been to Mars, you know? They've been all these places, but they're just now starting to come into your living room. Your living room is the final frontier for robots. #Quote by Cynthia Breazeal
Strange Places quotes by George Frazier
#86. ...there should be a few places where prairie dogs can just be prairie dogs, where they can kick back and fulfill their niches in the grand scheme of the shortgrass prairie, work on their whistles, try to dig to China or least to Amarillo. Sooner or later a hungry mother kit fox will strike blood, but until then there should be a few places where prairie dogs don't have to worry about two guys bumping chests behind a pickup truck after a single exploding bullet launches them heavenward for an extra eleven points. "Montana Mist!" If not on public lands like the Cimarron National Grassland, then where? #Quote by George Frazier
Strange Places quotes by Shahid Kapoor
#87. As an actor, you tend to live in a really small world, which is not very healthy. It is enriching to go to new places, meet different people know and learn about things which you didn't know about. #Quote by Shahid Kapoor
Strange Places quotes by Alain De Botton
#88. Nature puts us all in our places. Being made to feel small isn't something we welcome when it's done to us by another person, but to be apprised of our essential nothingness by something so much greater than ourselves is in no sense humiliating. Our egos, exhaustingly aware of every slight they receive and prone relentlessly to compare their advantages with those enjoyed by others, may even be relieved to find themselves finally humbled by forces so much more powerful than any human being could ever muster. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Strange Places quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#89. For me, New York is comfortable, not strange. #Quote by Karl Lagerfeld
Strange Places quotes by Erin Cummings
#90. When I thought about Detroit, I would think big city, very urban - not a lot of places to walk around, not a lot of parks. I sort of pictured Manhattan almost, where, besides Central Park, it's all city and big buildings. But now that I'm here, you see people pushing strollers, people hanging out in the park. #Quote by Erin Cummings
Strange Places quotes by Laura Hunsaker
#91. The strange unfamiliar feeling she'd had increased as they approached. She nervously twisted the amethyst ring on her middle finger. Aunt Gilly's ring. It felt hot against her skin. #Quote by Laura Hunsaker

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