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Straitlaced Person quotes by Amish Tripathi
#1. If you want something from someone, you have to give that person something they want. #Quote by Amish Tripathi
Straitlaced Person quotes by Wesam Fawzi
#2. If Your Desire Is To Create A Better Future, Get To Work And Create A Better Today! #Quote by Wesam Fawzi
Straitlaced Person quotes by Auden Johnson
#3. The rivers had been drained overnight and what was left were things no person should have to image let alone see. She had been smart enough to stay away. But, other humans - were curious. They saw and the image planted in their heads made them bait for the demons.When they extended their hands and offered them peace of mind, the humans accepted without hesitation. #Quote by Auden Johnson
Straitlaced Person quotes by Agatha Christie
#4. You're quite right," said MacMaster. "You're putting your finger on the thing that matters. If you think it over, you know, that's always the interesting part of any murder. What the person was like who was murdered. Everybody's always so busy inquiring into the mind of the murderer. You've been thinking, probably, that Mrs. Argyle was the sort of woman who shouldn't have been murdered." "I should imagine that everyone felt that." "Ethically," said MacMaster, "you're quite right. But you know" - he rubbed his nose - "isn't it the Chinese who held that beneficence is to be accounted a sin rather than a virtue? They've got something there, you know. Beneficence does things to people. Ties 'em up in knots. We all know what human nature's like. Do a chap a good turn and you feel kindly towards him. You like him. But the chap who's had the good turn done to him, does he feel so kindly to #Quote by Agatha Christie
Straitlaced Person quotes by Theodor Reik
#5. No person loving or admiring himself is alone. #Quote by Theodor Reik
Straitlaced Person quotes by Phillip C. McGraw
#6. Power begins with having a crystal-clear view of reality and what each and every person in your life is driven by. #Quote by Phillip C. McGraw
Straitlaced Person quotes by Michael Johnson
#7. I work hard to improve myself as a person - as a father, as a husband, as a manager. I'm always on that mission. #Quote by Michael Johnson
Straitlaced Person quotes by Robert D. Putnam
#8. Many people have a stereotype of what it means to be poor. And it may be somebody they see on the street corner with a sign: "Will work for food." And what they don't think about is that person who's struggling every day. Could be the person who waited on us, took our bank deposit, works in retail, but who is barely above the poverty line. #Quote by Robert D. Putnam
Straitlaced Person quotes by Jess Rothenberg
#9. Just like Jacob, Larkin made me realize that no matter how much you think you know a person-no matter how pretty they are, how together they act, or how popular they seem, you can never know what their lives are really like.
Not until you ask them.
And not unless you're listening. #Quote by Jess Rothenberg
Straitlaced Person quotes by David Wong
#10. That ability to see the right choice, but not until several hours have passed since making the wrong one? That's what makes a person a dumbass, folks. #Quote by David Wong
Straitlaced Person quotes by John Hall
#11. As a person who is not confrontational by disposition I tend to see that the quality of being confrontational is a positive attribute. #Quote by John Hall
Straitlaced Person quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#12. It hard to stop the person determined to press onwards. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Straitlaced Person quotes by Stephanie Georgopulos
#13. The inside jokes have already dissolved into unordered words with no punchline. The gifts have been reduced to objects whose saving grace is their monetary value, no meaning and all function. There are photographs, somewhere, but I'm not the person posed in them anymore and whoever that is sitting next to me, all dressed up in your costume and wearing your mask, well, that's not you either. #Quote by Stephanie Georgopulos
Straitlaced Person quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#14. Writing is one of the most assertive things a person can do. #Quote by Jhumpa Lahiri
Straitlaced Person quotes by Scott Spencer
#15. You're all I care about," I said. "No. And me. The person I am when I'm with you, the way I see myself and know myself. That person who lives only when I'm with you. #Quote by Scott Spencer
Straitlaced Person quotes by Anna Sui
#16. I never intended being a business person I wanted to be a fashion designer. #Quote by Anna Sui
Straitlaced Person quotes by Melisa Cantiveros
#17. Sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us, but the truth is, it's not our loss, but theirs, for they left the only person who wouldn't give up on them. #Quote by Melisa Cantiveros
Straitlaced Person quotes by Rebecca Ferguson
#18. I'm quite good at knowing, 'This isn't right for me,' or, 'That person will be really good at singing that.' #Quote by Rebecca Ferguson
Straitlaced Person quotes by Wordions
#19. You think not meeting the right person is sad.
Wait until life brings you the beauty of meeting
the right person at the wrong time ! #Quote by Wordions
Straitlaced Person quotes by Liliana Hart
#20. I do love you, Jack. You've been the only person in my life I've ever said that to. And you'll be the only person from here on I'll ever say it to. #Quote by Liliana Hart
Straitlaced Person quotes by David Coverdale
#21. I'm the last person to ask 'what do you remember' from a particular time period ... I like to learn from the past ... not 'live' in it. #Quote by David Coverdale
Straitlaced Person quotes by Thomas Bernhard
#22. I always want to be somewhere else, in the place I have just fled from. In recent years this condition has, if anything, become worse: I go to and from Vienna at diminishing intervals, and from Nathal I will often go to some other big city, to Venice or Rome and back, or to Prague and back. The truth is that I am happy only when I am sitting in the car, between the place I have just left and the place I am driving to. I am happy only when I am traveling; when I arrive, no matter where, I am suddenly the unhappiest person imaginable. Basically I am one of those people who cannot bear to be anywhere and are happy only between places. #Quote by Thomas Bernhard
Straitlaced Person quotes by Alexander Lowen
#23. We must realize that we are all, like Dr. Faust, ready to accept the devil's inducements. The devil is in each one of us in the form of an ego that promises the fulfillment of desire on condition that we become subservient to its striving to dominate. The domination of the personality by the ego is a diabolical perversion of the nature of man. The ego was never intended to be the master of the body, but its loyal and obedient servant. The body, as opposed to the ego, desires pleasure, not power. Bodily pleasure is the source from which all our good feelings and good thinking stems. If the bodily pleasure of an individual is destroyed, he becomes an angry, frustrated, and hateful person. His thinking becomes distorted, and his creative potential is lost. He develops self-destructive attitudes. #Quote by Alexander Lowen
Straitlaced Person quotes by Annabel Monaghan
#24. I got home from the FBi that day, put on my pajamas got a pint of Chunky Monkey, and watched 'The Notebook'. Five times. Everyone left me alone. I suspect they were a little afraid of me.
I went up to my room and listened to Taylor Swift's 'White Horse' on replay, knowing she was the only person in the world who could relate. #Quote by Annabel Monaghan
Straitlaced Person quotes by Hermann Hesse
#25. It took me many years to lose my spirit, to unlearn thinking and forget the unity. Isn't it just as if I had turned about slowly and was on a long detour from being a man to being a child, from a thinker to a childlike person? And yet, this path has been very good, and the bird in my chest has not died. But what a path this has been! I had to pass through so much stupidity, so many vices, so many errors, so much disgust, so many disappointments and woes just to begin again. But it was fitting this way; my heart says "Yes" to it and my eyes smile at it. I've had to experience despair. I've had to descend to the most foolish of all thoughts
the thought of suicide
in order to be able to experience divine grace, to hear "Om" again, to be able to sleep and awaken properly again [ ... ] Where else might my path lead me? This path is foolish; it moves in loops, and perhaps it is going around in a circle. Let it go where it likes; I want to follow it. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Straitlaced Person quotes by C.S. Pacat
#26. Here in Aegina, they say Damianos takes the Prince every night, but that it's not seemly for a king to renounce his slaves and limit his appetites, denying himself all but one person.' 'I think it's romantic,' said Guilliame. 'Oh?' said Alexon. 'I heard Damianos disguised himself as a slave to uncover the secret of his brother's treachery, and the Prince of Vere fell in love with him not knowing who he was.' 'I heard that they allied themselves in secret months before,' said Alexon. 'And that the Prince hid Damianos from Kastor, pretending he was a slave, while they courted privately.' 'What do you think, Charls?' said Guilliame to the Prince. 'I think they had help,' said the Prince, 'along the way, from those who were loyal.' Charls #Quote by C.S. Pacat
Straitlaced Person quotes by Justin Chin
#27. A charm has only as much power as one puts into it./ I wear it because it is such a pretty thing./ And the person who gave it to me/ cared enough for my protection:/ a reason greater than any faith. #Quote by Justin Chin
Straitlaced Person quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#28. (A revolver is) just a tool, really, like stapler. A stapler that punch through a person. Pin them. Drive blunt metal through flesh and bone. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Straitlaced Person quotes by Anonymous
#29. Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person h be quick to hear, i slow to speak, j slow to anger; 20for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. #Quote by Anonymous
Straitlaced Person quotes by Melissa Bank
#30. Unfortunately, we all had to face that I was not the person they wanted me to be. #Quote by Melissa Bank
Straitlaced Person quotes by Andrea Hirata
#31. I am a working person. I always work, study or do research for my novel. I even work on Sunday. #Quote by Andrea Hirata
Straitlaced Person quotes by Myrtle Reed
#32. A letter has distinct advantages. You can say all you want to say before the other person has a chance to put in a word. #Quote by Myrtle Reed
Straitlaced Person quotes by Sanford I. Weill
#33. If a person is not willing to make a mistake, you're never going to do anything right. #Quote by Sanford I. Weill
Straitlaced Person quotes by Rin Chupeco
#34. It would be a really bad idea to let this person loose."

"How bad of an idea?"

"Kicking-Hitler-out-of-art-school bad. #Quote by Rin Chupeco

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