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Storyboard Script quotes by Steve Buscemi
#1. When I get cast, I always flip to the end of the script to see if my character gets beaten up or killed. #Quote by Steve Buscemi
Storyboard Script quotes by Jan Tschichold
#2. The sanserif only seems to be the simpler script. It is a form that was violently reduced for little children. For adults it is more difficult to read than serifed roman type, whose serifs were never meant to be ornamental. #Quote by Jan Tschichold
Storyboard Script quotes by Mark Waid
#3. Comics are expensive. Don't make me resent the money I spend buying yours. Every single moment in your script must either move the story along or demonstrate something important about the characters - preferably both - and every panel that does neither is a sloppy waste of space. #Quote by Mark Waid
Storyboard Script quotes by Bahman Ghobadi
#4. It feels very, very good to make a film freely, to work without having to wait years for script approval, without looking over your shoulder. #Quote by Bahman Ghobadi
Storyboard Script quotes by Samuel Fuller
#5. Movement should be a counter, whether in action scenes or dialogue or whatever. It counters where your eye is going. This style thing, for me it's all fitted to the action, to the script, to the characters. #Quote by Samuel Fuller
Storyboard Script quotes by John Schlesinger
#6. We taped all this and then got it transcribed and picked the best lines or ideas or ways to take a scene. I've done that many times, and it can improve the script but also wreck a perfectly good scene. #Quote by John Schlesinger
Storyboard Script quotes by Ellen Page
#7. I didn't even think about it when I read the script and then shooting their movie and someone was like "boy, press is going to be fun". And I didn't really know what they were talking about because to me it's just a film shows it as an extremely viable option which is obviously the most important thing for young individuals. #Quote by Ellen Page
Storyboard Script quotes by J.R. Ward
#8. He closed his glowing eyes and shook his head. "Yeah. It's fucking stupid. It's crazy. It's dangerous. So it'll fit right into your life script. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Storyboard Script quotes by Danny DeVito
#9. What Tim does is, he calls me and sends me the script. And then he sends me a drawing, an illustration of his image of me as the character. It's so great. #Quote by Danny DeVito
Storyboard Script quotes by Jaime Camil
#10. I love to be a working actor, and I love to read scripts as they come in. If I find the script or character that is interesting, I want to transform myself into that character. #Quote by Jaime Camil
Storyboard Script quotes by Jonathan M. Goldstein
#11. That and when you're doing live action you don't normally get to see the thing before it's in production. In this case we'd go in every couple weeks and look at animatic and sketches. The way they do it - is they'll put it up on a screen and the storyboard artist who worked on that sequence will talk you through it. Kind of like a pitch session. Then they would leave and we would sit there with the directors and say 'Alright - what if we change that? What if we do that?' It's very different from live action. #Quote by Jonathan M. Goldstein
Storyboard Script quotes by Daniel Bruhl
#12. When I went to the 'Rush' audition, I was blown away by the script. I thought it was fantastic. #Quote by Daniel Bruhl
Storyboard Script quotes by Harold Ramis
#13. I've never taken a script to the stage or to principal photography and said, "This is perfect. This is as good as it can possibly be." It's not Shakespeare, you know; you know it can probably be better. #Quote by Harold Ramis
Storyboard Script quotes by David Simon
#14. Unless you loosen the hold that your past has on you, your future will unfold in much the same way ... it is time to begin writing a new script that accurately reflects the beautiful, powerful, and worthy being you are. #Quote by David Simon
Storyboard Script quotes by Julia Quinn
#15. An eternity later, they reached what he thought might be the end, and King Henry waved his turkey leg in the air, loudly proclaiming, "This land shall be mine, henceforth and forevermore!"
And indeed, it seemed that all was lost for the poor, sweet shepherdess and her strangely changeable flock. But just then, there was a mighty roar -
"Is there a lion?" Richard wondered.
- and the unicorn burst onto the scene!
"Die!" the unicorn shrieked. "Die! Die! Die!"
Richard looked to Iris in confusion. The unicorn had not thus demonstrated an ability to speak.
Henry's scream of terror was so chilling, the woman behind Richard murmured, "This is surprisingly well acted."
Richard stole another look at Iris; her mouth was hanging open as Henry leapt over a cow and ran behind the piano, only to trip over the littlest sheep, who was still licking the piano leg.
Henry scrambled for purchase, but the (possibly rabid) unicorn was too fast, and it ran headfirst (and head down) toward the frightened king, plunging its horn into his large, pillowed belly.
Someone screamed, and Henry went down, feathers flying.
"I don't think this was in the script," Iris said in a horrified whisper. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Storyboard Script quotes by Kiran Desai
#16. His lines had been honed over centuries, passed down through generations, for poor people needed certain lines; the script was always the same, and they had no option but to beg for mercy. #Quote by Kiran Desai
Storyboard Script quotes by Wong Kar-Wai
#17. In my first film, we always tried to have a script and work in a normal way, but I was constantly changing things during shooting. Because I worked as a scriptwriter for 10 years, I understood that directors always wanted to change what was originally written, to improve on it. #Quote by Wong Kar-Wai
Storyboard Script quotes by Jonathan Glazer
#18. I've always been better at informing the audience through images than through words, but I took on a script that was so dialogue-intensive, that the words had to do all the informing. #Quote by Jonathan Glazer
Storyboard Script quotes by Andrea O'Reilly
#19. The "new" Anglo-American feminist theory argues that too little mothering, and, in particular, the absence of mother-son connection, is what engenders both sexism and traditional masculinity in men. (...) This perspective positions mothering as central to feminist politics in its insistence that true and lasting gender equality will occur only when boys are raised as the sons of mothers. As the early feminist script of mother-son connection required the denial of the mother's power and the displacement of her identity as mother, the new perspective affirms the maternal and celebrates mother-son connection. In this, it rewrites the patriarchal and early feminist narrative to give (...) voice and presence to the mother and make mother-son connection central to the redesign of both traditional masculinity and the larger patriarchal culture. #Quote by Andrea O'Reilly
Storyboard Script quotes by Bailee Madison
#20. I wake up to an email from the writers with the new script, and I always get so excited because I know it'll be better all-around than the script from the week before. #Quote by Bailee Madison
Storyboard Script quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#21. The story also pointed out that most big cities and towns have chambers of commerce and economic development offices, but what makes Itasca unique, participants say, is a commitment to hard data and McKinsey-style analysis, as well as a willingness to depart from the script that drives many private sector lobbies. #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
Storyboard Script quotes by Alex Garland
#22. It slightly depends on your perspective, sort of how you look at these things, but when I sit down to write a script, I'm not planning to write a script; I'm planning to make a film, and so I only see the script as being just a step there. #Quote by Alex Garland
Storyboard Script quotes by Giovannie De Sadeleer
#23. Why are you staring at me?'
the girl asked.
The boy looked at her eyes.
'Because I wonder, of all the people in the world, why am I the lucky one who found you? #Quote by Giovannie De Sadeleer
Storyboard Script quotes by Stephen Collins
#24. But I loved the script to 7th Heaven and couldn't say no. It made me laugh and cry, and I was hooked. I'd love to know who turned it down, because I'm sure at least one other actor did. But I'm glad he did, whoever it was. #Quote by Stephen Collins
Storyboard Script quotes by Joe Manganiello
#25. I screen tested for Training Day many years ago, which was David Ayer's script with Antoine Fuqua directing. #Quote by Joe Manganiello
Storyboard Script quotes by Anton Corbijn
#26. I only make storyboards for action scenes. Once you make a storyboard, you don't film; it can be a stiff move. #Quote by Anton Corbijn
Storyboard Script quotes by Billy Marshall Stoneking
#27. Some writers might tell you that writing is like a piece of magic - a process of creating something out of nothing, and I guess I used to think about it that way too a long long time ago. But as I've lived my life and loved and lost friends and family, and seen dreams smashed and resurrected, and marveled at the pettiness, drear ambition and ignorance of the herd of which I am a part, I can no longer say that a poem or a story or a script comes from nothing. If it's any good, if it has any power, any potent emotional body, then it's something that a writer has paid for, not only in time, but in all the anxiety that accompanies living and those small fret-filled acts of becoming present that make it possible for us to see beyond our little patch of immediacy. It's not just a reaching out, but a reaching in, into the depths of our being from whence we've sprung. #Quote by Billy Marshall Stoneking
Storyboard Script quotes by Cliff Martinez
#28. I don't like to write any music to a script. Experience has taught me that's generally a waste of time. #Quote by Cliff Martinez
Storyboard Script quotes by Maggie Marr
#29. You've worked too hard to let an opportunity like this slip through your fingers - read the script. #Quote by Maggie Marr
Storyboard Script quotes by Tom Stoppard
#30. One of the nice things about the world of filmmaking is that you make friends in the business. Sometimes directors feel a script needs something, but they're not sure what it is, so they show it to a friend; if the friend is a writer, he ends up kicking around with that script for a while. #Quote by Tom Stoppard

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