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Stitches quotes by Ilona Andrews
#1. By the way," Arabella said, "you might get a call from school. I forgot to mention it before."
Mother paused. "Why?"
"Well, we were playing basketball and I guess I pulled on Diego's jersey. I don't even remember doing it. And Valerie decided it would be a good idea to snitch on me. I mean, I saw her walk over to the coach and pull on his sleeve like she was five or something. I even asked Diego if he cared, and he said he didn't even notice. It's a sport! I was into it."
"Aha," Mother said. "Get to the call-from-school part."
"I told her that snitches get stitches. And Coach said that I made a terrorist threat."
"That's stupid," Lina said, pushing back her dark hair. "It's not a threat, it's just a thing people say."
"Snitches do get stitches." Bern shrugged.
"Your school is stupid," Grandma Frida said.
"So he said I had to apologize and I refused, since she snitched on me, so I got sent to the office. I'm not in trouble, but they want to move me to third-period PE now."
Well, it could've been worse. At least she didn't hurt anybody. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Stitches quotes by Pierce The Veil
#2. When I sew you up ...
Don't let me,
Stop bleeding,
Tiny stitches that you placed into my skin,
Won't let me go,
And they're ruining the mood. #Quote by Pierce The Veil
Stitches quotes by Holly Black
#3. This is my room," he points out, affronted. "And that's my wife."

"So you keep telling everyone," the Bomb says. "But I am going to take out her stitches, and I don't think you want to watch that."

"Oh, I don't know," I say. "Maybe he'd like to hear me scream."

"I would," Cardan says, standing. "And perhaps one day I will. #Quote by Holly Black
Stitches quotes by Dean Koontz
#4. Tommy told Sal about the strange white-cloth figure with black stitches that he had found on the front porch.
"Sounds like Pillsbury Doughboy gone punk," Sal said. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Stitches quotes by Stan Crowe
#5. The movie resumed. The retro synth vibes were awesome; the hairstyles and clothing had us in stitches. With no nostalgia #Quote by Stan Crowe
Stitches quotes by Rick Riordan
#6. Nothing beats camping out in a dreary Jotunheim forest while your friend stitches runes on a giant bowling bag! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Stitches quotes by Bernard Levin
#7. If you cannot understand my argument, and declare "It's Greek to me", you are quoting Shakespeare; if you claim to be more sinned against than sinning, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you recall your salad days, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you act more in sorrow than in anger; if your wish is farther to the thought; if your lost property has vanished into thin air, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you have ever refused to budge an inch or suffered from green-eyed jealousy, if you have played fast and loose, if you have been tongue-tied, a tower of strength, hoodwinked or in a pickle, if you have knitted your brows, made a virtue of necessity, insisted on fair play, slept not one wink, stood on ceremony, danced attendance (on your lord and master), laughed yourself into stitches, had short shrift, cold comfort or too much of a good thing, if you have seen better days or lived in a fool's paradise -why, be that as it may, the more fool you , for it is a foregone conclusion that you are (as good luck would have it) quoting Shakespeare; if you think it is early days and clear out bag and baggage, if you think it is high time and that that is the long and short of it, if you believe that the game is up and that truth will out even if it involves your own flesh and blood, if you lie low till the crack of doom because you suspect foul play, if you have your teeth set on edge (at one fell swoop) without rhyme or reason, then - to give the devil his due - if the truth were known (f #Quote by Bernard Levin
Stitches quotes by E.J. Stevens
#8. Not so long ago we were all a tightly knit group of friends. Too bad someone had ripped apart the stitches that held us together, unraveling the cozy blanket of our friendship and leaving just enough strands to hang ourselves with. #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Stitches quotes by Treasure Stitches
#9. you are what you wear #Quote by Treasure Stitches
Stitches quotes by Henry Miller
#10. Now when he closes his eyes he can really look at himself. He no longer sees a mask. He sees without seeing, to be exact. Vision without sight, a fluid grasp of intangibles: the merging of sight and sound: the heart of the web. Here stream the different personalities which evade the crude contact of the senses; here the overtones of recognition discreetly lap against one another in bright, vibrant harmonies. There is no language employed, no outlines delineated. When a ship founders, it settles slowly; the spars, the masts, the rigging float away. On the ocean floor of death the bleeding hull bedecks itself with jewels; remorselessly the anatomic life begins. What was ship becomes the nameless indestructible. Like ships, men founder time and again. Only memory saves them from complete dispersion. Poets drop their stitches in the loom, straws for drowning men to grasp as they sink into extinction. Ghosts climb back on watery stairs, make imaginary ascents, vertiginous drops, memorize numbers, dates, events, in passing from gas to liquid and back again. There is no brain capable of registering the changing changes. Nothing happens in the brain, except the gradual rust and detrition of the cells. But in the minds, worlds unclassified, undenominated, unassimilated, form, break, unite, dissolve and harmonize ceaselessly. In the mind-world ideas are the indestructible elements which form the jewelled constellations of the interior life. We move within their orbits, freely if we fol #Quote by Henry Miller
Stitches quotes by Cat Patrick
#11. No trees in sight, just concrete
Still I see
Two roads twist and turn in front of me
No signs, but screams
Which way's reality?
So you choose; yeah, you choose
Maybe you lose
The sidewalk paved in hitches
Broken hearts not fixed by stitches
But morning's coming soon
No right in sight, just questions
And you find
There is no map to Mecca
It's just life
No right answer; perfect marks
It's no big deal; it's just your heart
Falling stars and lightning sparks
This will only sting a bit
We are all just
Magnets for fate
Stumbling, skipping, running at our pace
Making choices, losing voices
Making wishes for forgiveness
But morning's coming soon

And no matter where you sit, how fast you sip
The coffee tastes the same on magnet lips

"Magnets for Fate"
-Electric Freakshow #Quote by Cat Patrick
Stitches quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#12. For a strange second, none of them spoke.
Finally, Ronan said, "Jesus God, Sargent. Do you have stitches on your face? Bad. Ass. Put it here, you asshole."
With some relief, Blue lifted her fist and bumped it against his. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Stitches quotes by Katherine Dunn
#13. He had Oly letter a little card that he taped on his wall. The thing read, 'The only liars bigger than the quack are the quack's patients.' Arty used to just keep me in stitches. Eleven years old he was then. #Quote by Katherine Dunn
Stitches quotes by Phoebe Stone
#14. Rowan knew it was now possible to look directly at Zandra, Zandra the Princess of Jupiter, the one he had loved all his life. He reached out to take her hand. True, he was covered all over with scars and scratches and stitches, but then, in a way, so was she. The end. #Quote by Phoebe Stone
Stitches quotes by Joe Hill
#15. There's the real world, with all its annoying facts and rules. In the real world, there are things that are true and things that aren't. Mostly the real world s-s-s-suh-sucks. But everyone also lives in the world inside their own head. An inscape, a world of thought. In a world made of thought - in an inscape - every idea is a fact. Emotions are as real as gravity. Dreams are as powerful as history. Creative people, like writers, and Henry Rollins, spend a lot of their time hanging out in their thoughtworld. S-s-strong creatives, though, can use a knife to cut the stitches between the two worlds, can bring them together. Your bike. My tiles. Those are our knives. She #Quote by Joe Hill
Stitches quotes by Alice Hoffman
#16. But when it comes to most skills, failure is the only way to become better at something. Knitting teaches you that. You may have to unwind all of your stitches and start anew. That doesn't mean you've wasted your time. You learn from every stitch, even those that don't amount to anything. All writers should be made to knit a hat before they start writing a novel. It would help with understanding the importance of revision, and that the process is what can bring you the most #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Stitches quotes by J.K. Rowling
#17. Well, I don't know whether you know what - what stitches are?'
'It sounds as though you've been trying to sew your skin back together,' said Mrs. Weasley with a snort of mirthless laughter, 'but even you, Arthur, wouldn't be THAT stupid ... '
... As [the door] swung closed behind them, they heard Mrs. Weasley shriek, 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THAT'S THE GENERAL IDEA? #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Stitches quotes by Adelaide Crapsey
#18. I make my shroud, but no one knows
So shimmering fine it is and fair,
With stitches set in even rows,
I make my shroud, but no one knows.
In door-way where the lilac blows,
Humming a little wandering air,
I make my shroud and no one knows,
So shimmering fine it is and fair. #Quote by Adelaide Crapsey
Stitches quotes by Terry Pratchett
#19. There are no delusions for the dead. Dying is like waking up after a really good party, when you have one or two seconds of innocent freedom before you recollect all the things you did last night which seemed so logical and hilarious at the time, and then you remember the really amazing thing you did with a lampshade and two balloons, which had them in stitches, and now you realize you're going to have to look a lot of people in the eye today and you're sober now and so are they but you can both remember. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Stitches quotes by Phil Jourdan
#20. Love is opening up, removing stitches prematurely, letting the wound tremble in the sunlight. #Quote by Phil Jourdan
Stitches quotes by Ted Cruz
#21. If you can stitch together that kind of coalition with young people, bringing together conservatives and evangelicals - and I will tell you, in Iowa, we also won Reagan Democrats, working-class voters. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Stitches quotes by Cynthia Hand
#22. She lowered her work and began unknitting an entire row of stitches one at a time, erasing their tangled existence with much more finesse than she'd created them. (She had a lot of practice unknitting things. She could unknit entire wardrobes. You'd imagine that lots of practice unknitting would mean lost of practice - and improvement - knitting, but your imagination forgot to account for Jane.) #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Stitches quotes by Margaret Atwood
#23. Grace's will is of the negative female variety - she can deny and reject much more easily than she can affirm or accept. Somewhere within herself - he's seen it, if only for a moment, that conscious, even cunning look in the corner of her eye - she know she's concealing something from him. As she stitches away at her sewing, outwardly calm as a marble Madonna, she is all the while exerting her passive stubborn strength against him. A prison does not only lock its inmates inside, it keeps all others out. Her strongest prison is one of her own construction. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Stitches quotes by Donald Hall
#24. Ox Cart Man

In October of the year,
he counts potatoes dug from the brown field,
counting the seed, counting
the cellar's portion out,
and bags the rest on the cart's floor.

He packs wool sheared in April, honey
in combs, linen, leather
tanned from deerhide,
and vinegar in a barrel
hoped by hand at the forge's fire.

He walks by his ox's head, ten days
to Portsmouth Market, and sells potatoes,
and the bag that carried potatoes,
flaxseed, birch brooms, maple sugar, goose
feathers, yarn.

When the cart is empty he sells the cart.
When the cart is sold he sells the ox,
harness and yoke, and walks
home, his pockets heavy
with the year's coin for salt and taxes,

and at home by fire's light in November cold
stitches new harness
for next year's ox in the barn,
and carves the yoke, and saws planks
building the cart again. #Quote by Donald Hall
Stitches quotes by Kai Meyer
#25. If we were scars, our memories would be the stitches holding us together. You couldn't cut them apart, and if you did, it would tear you in two."
"But my memories hurt," she said. "I want to forget. There's so much I just want to forget."
"How are you going to do that ? Everything that's happened to you is still happening today. Once something has begun, it doesn't end. There, in your head, it never ends. #Quote by Kai Meyer
Stitches quotes by Joan Rivers
#26. Because I'm the only performer who comes out and says I've had plastic surgery, I've become the plastic surgery poster girl, which is hilarious, because everybody has done it and they all deny it. They stand there, like the Bride of Frankenstein, they've all got stitches, and they all say, 'I've done nothing.' I talk about it. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Stitches quotes by Treasure Stitches
#27. Humility is the best dress you can wear #Quote by Treasure Stitches
Stitches quotes by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
#28. It is a peculiarity of knitters that they chronically underestimate the amount of time it takes to knit something. Birthday on Saturday? No problem. Socks are small. Never mind that the average sock knit out of sock-weight yarn contains about 17,000 stitches. Never mind that you need two of them. (That's 34,000 stitches, for anybody keeping track.)
Socks are only physically small. By stitch count, they are immense. #Quote by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Stitches quotes by Frances Hardinge
#29. She could feel her mind pulling loose like knitting, the neat stitches of her artificial days unravelling to become one mangled thread. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Stitches quotes by Richard Cronshey
#30. 4. Full Circle

Today I like the traffic jam.
The engine noises heard in detail.
My whole life, a river of thresholds, stitches itself together
and gazes at me
from everywhere.
I like these places where time kinks and looks back over its shoulder
at itself. It confuses them, who are used to being blurs.
But I'm alright here with my terror. I'm in no hurry.
I get paid by the hour.
I let anybody merge in front of me.
I know there's nowhere to hide. #Quote by Richard Cronshey
Stitches quotes by C.J. Cherryh
#31. Women did such things and went on doing them while the sun died because in all of women's lives there were so many moments that would kill the mind if one thought about them, which would suck the heart and the life out of one, and engrave lines in the face and put gray in the hair if ever one let one's mind work; but there was in the rhythm and the fascination of the stitches a loss of thought, a void, a blank, that was only numbers and not even that, because the mind did not need to count, the fingers did, the length of a thread against the finger measured evenly as a ruler could divide it, the slight difference in tension sensed finely as a machine could sense, the exact number of stitches keeping pattern without really the need to count, but something inward and regular as the beat of a heart, as the slow passing of time which could be frozen in such acts, or speeded past. #Quote by C.J. Cherryh
Stitches quotes by Meredith Duran
#32. But here there were houses full of *stuff*, fancy sheets woven with silk floss as soft as a baby's bum; fancy washstands carved of dark wood that glowed like cherries where the light hit it; curtains the shade of the summer sky, heavy and glossy and smooth to the touch. The velvet-flocked wallpaper was so soft beneath her fingertips that had her eyes been closed, she might have thought she was brushing the belly of a rabbit.
And the stool in the corner! One wouldn't imagine you'd get too fancy with such a piece, but this stool was covered with embroidery so fine that her knuckles ached just looking at the stitches. Unbelievable. The rich even spoiled their arses! #Quote by Meredith Duran
Stitches quotes by Elizabeth Lim
#33. I knew then that we were like two pieces of cloth, sewn together for life. Our stitches couldn't be undone. I wouldn't let them. #Quote by Elizabeth Lim
Stitches quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#34. The day of the worst thing in the world was long and hot and bright, packed so full of summer autumn seeped out through the stitches. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Stitches quotes by Mark Jarman
#35. No moment is ever isolated
With history elsewhere, drilling its stitches. #Quote by Mark Jarman
Stitches quotes by C.G. Drews
#36. Sam looks down at his fingers wrapped around Avery's phone. "I'll catch him if he falls."
"Who catches you?" Moxie says.
Sam stitches on a pretend smile. "It doesn't matter. #Quote by C.G. Drews
Stitches quotes by Cynthia Lennon
#37. John was at his most relaxed with Ringo, who had him in stitches with his jokes. #Quote by Cynthia Lennon
Stitches quotes by Elan Mastai
#38. That's what love can do for you if you let it: build a person out of all your broken pieces. It doesn't matter if the stitches show. The stitches, the scars just prove you earned it. #Quote by Elan Mastai
Stitches quotes by George Antheil
#39. In the intermission, between group one and group two, you go to your dressing-room and change every stitch you have on you: underwear, shirt, tie, socks, pants and tails. Your other clothes are soaking wet. #Quote by George Antheil
Stitches quotes by Angelica Hopes
#40. Have a selective optimistic sight, transform the bitch glitch in stitches. #Quote by Angelica Hopes
Stitches quotes by Wendell Berry
#41. Love is what carries you, for it is always there, even in the dark, or most in the dark, but shining out at times like gold stitches in a piece of embroidery. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Stitches quotes by Richard Siken
#42. Cut me open and the light streams out.
Stitch me up and the light keeps streaming out between the stitches #Quote by Richard Siken
Stitches quotes by Philip Roth
#43. This is called a piqué machine, it sews that finest stitch, called piqué, requires far more skill than the other stitches.... This is called a polishing machine and that is called a stretcher and you are called honey and I am called Daddy and this is called living and the other is called dying and this is called madness and this is called mourning and this is called hell, pure hell, and you have to have strong ties to be able to stick it out, this is called trying-to-go-on-as-though-nothing-has-happened and this is called paying-the-full-price-but-in-God's-name-for-what, this is called wanting-to-be-dead-and-wanting-to-find-her-and-to-kill-her-and-to-save-her-from-whatever-she-is-going-through-wherever-on-earth-she-may-be-at-this-moment, this unbridled outpouring is called blotting-out-everything and it does not work, I am half insane, the shattering force of that bomb is too great ... And then they were back at his office again. #Quote by Philip Roth
Stitches quotes by Joe Hill
#44. Everyone lives in two worlds," Maggie said, speaking in an absentminded sort of way while she studied her letters. "There's the real world, with all its annoying facts and rules. In the real world, there are things that are true and things that aren't. Mostly the real world s-s-s-suh-sucks. But everyone also lives in the world inside their own head. An inscape, a world of thought. In a world made of thought - in an inscape - every idea is a fact. Emotions are as real as gravity. Dreams are as powerful as history. Creative people, like writers, and Henry Rollins, spend a lot of their time hanging out in their thoughtworld. S-s-strong creatives, though, can use a knife to cut the stitches between the two worlds, can bring them together. Your bike. My tiles. Those are our knives. #Quote by Joe Hill
Stitches quotes by L.D. Davis
#45. No, you started this shit. I don't know how they do it in Rhode Island, but here in Jersey, bitches get stitches for talking shit and fucking with something they shouldn't. #Quote by L.D. Davis
Stitches quotes by Amy Wright
#46. is the part of the hook that determines the size of the stitches. This part is also sometimes referred to as the shank. When a pattern directs a #Quote by Amy Wright
Stitches quotes by Anne Lamott
#47. You have to keep taking the next necessary stitch, and the next one, and the next. Without stitches, you just have rags. And we are not rags. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Stitches quotes by Jojo Moyes
#48. Beside me Sam had started to shake silently. "Stop them," he murmured. "I'm going to bust my stitches. #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Stitches quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
#49. Little girls love dolls. They just don't love doll clothes. We've got four thousand dolls and ain't one of them got a stitch of clothes on. #Quote by Jeff Foxworthy
Stitches quotes by Toni Morrison
#50. Make up a story ... For our sake and yours forget your name in the street; tell us what the world has been to you in the dark places and in the light. Don't tell us what to believe, what to fear. Show us belief's wide skirt and the stitch that unravels fear's caul. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Stitches quotes by Pippa Middleton
#51. Why not collect and clean chicken wishbones in the run-up to Christmas, spray them silver and use each to pinch together a white hem-stitch napkin? #Quote by Pippa Middleton
Stitches quotes by Elizabeth Zimmermann
#52. Knitting is formed by a series of loops pulled through loops to the end of time or to 'desired length'. By picking up loops and working in the opposite direction you are really picking up the concavities between the loops, and it is sheer unexpected witchcraft that stocking stitch and garter stitch will permit such an anomaly. Be grateful for this and don't expect anymore. #Quote by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Stitches quotes by Ace Antonio Hall
#53. My first day of teaching, I got hit in the head with a bandstand & needed 4 stitches. Welcome to #NYCity teaching in the 90s. #Quote by Ace Antonio Hall
Stitches quotes by William Shakespeare
#54. For this, be sure, tonight thou shalt have cramps,
Side-stitches that shall pen thy breath up. Urchins
Shall forth at vast of night that they may work
All exercise on thee. Thou shalt be pinched
As thick as honeycomb, each pinch more stinging
Than bees that made 'em. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Stitches quotes by Suzanne Collins
#55. Four people wheel out a huge wedding cake from a side room. Most of the guests back up, making way for this rarity, this dazzling creation with blue-green, white-tipped icing waves swimming with fish and sailboats, seals and sea flowers. But I push my way through the crowd to confirm what I knew at first sight. As surely as the embroidery stitches in Annie's gown were done by Cinna's hand, the frosted flowers on the cake were done by Peeta's. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Stitches quotes by Angie Fox
#56. row of stitches. #Quote by Angie Fox
Stitches quotes by William Boyd
#57. Is it possible to live reasonably without lying? Do lies form the natural foundation of all human relationships, the thread that stitches our individual selves together? #Quote by William Boyd
Stitches quotes by Shawn Mendes
#58. And now that I'm without your kisses, I'll be needing stitches. #Quote by Shawn Mendes
Stitches quotes by Karen Hancock
#59. If only [there] really was a door and [you] could walk through it into another life, where threads didn't snarl and stitches didn't go all tight and tiny. Where people loved you and didn't leave you for someone else. #Quote by Karen Hancock
Stitches quotes by Robert Macfarlane
#60. As the pen rises from the page between words, so the walker's feet rise and fall between paces, and as the deer continues to run as it bounds from the earth and the dolphin continues to swim even as it leaps again and again from the sea, so writing and wayfaring are continuous activities, a running stitch, a persistence of the same seam or stream. #Quote by Robert Macfarlane
Stitches quotes by Janet Fitch
#61. In a perverse way, I was glad for the stitches, glad it would show, that there would be scars. What was the point in just being hurt on the inside? It should bloody well show. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Stitches quotes by J.D. Salinger
#62. Would you like to know how Charlotte got those nine stitches?" I asked suddenly, in a tone of voice that sounded perfectly normal to me. "We were up at the Lake. Seymour had written to Charlotte, inviting her to come up and visit us, and her mother finally let her. What happened was, she sat down in the middle of our driveway one morning to pet Boo Boo's cat, and Seymour threw a stone at her. He was twelve. That's all there was to it.

He threw it at her because she looked so beautiful sitting there in the middle of the driveway with Boo Boo's cat. Everybody knew that for God's sake-me, Charlotte, Boo Boo, Waker, Walt, the whole family." I stared at the pewter ashtray on the coffee table. "Charlotte never said a word to him about it. Not a word." I looked up at my guest, rather expecting him to dispute me, to call me a liar. I am a liar, of course. Charlotte never did understand why Seymour threw that stone at her. My guest didn't dispute me though. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Stitches quotes by Pierce Brown
#63. His laughter stitches more of me together. Bit by bit, I feel like my friends are coming back to me. Or maybe I'm coming back to them. Suppose #Quote by Pierce Brown
Stitches quotes by Richelle Mead
#64. Dimitri moved closer to me, his eyes sparkling with a secret. "It gets better:you're Lissa's guardian."
"What?" I almost pulled away. "That's impossible. They'd never..."
"They did. She'll have others, so they probably figured it was okay to let you hang around if someone else could keep you in line," he teased.
"You're not..." A lump formed in my stomach, a reminder of a problem that has plagued so long ago. "You're not one of her guardian too, are you?" It had constantly been a concern, that conflict of interest. I wanted him near me. Always. But how could he watch Lissa and put her safely first if we were worried about each other? The past was returning to torment us.
"No. I have a different assignment."
"Oh." For some reason, that made me a little sad too, even though I knew it was the smarter choice.
"I'm Christian's guardian."
This time I did sit up, doctor's orders or no. Stitches tugged in my chest, but I ignored the sharp discomfort. "But that's...that's practically the same thing! #Quote by Richelle Mead
Stitches quotes by Caitlin Moran
#65. And how are . . . Mummy's stitches? This, I was slightly thrown by. I knew my mother had had forty-two stitches after the birth, and that she was washing the stitches every day with warm salty water - she made me go and get the warm salty water - but she hadn't passed on much more information about her vagina than that. I knew from Spiritual Midwifery (Ina May Gaskin, Book Pub Co., 1977) that postpartum women were often loath to share the details of their births with the virgins of the tribe, so I wasn't unduly concerned about it. Still, I did have some info, and I was going to share it. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Stitches quotes by Dana Marton
#66. The man's gaze hesitated on the four-inch cut on Joe's left cheek, courtesy of the log that had slapped him in the face on the river. With twenty-some stitches sticking out, the wound looked like a giant red caterpillar was crawling across Joe's face.
"Well, that'll disappoint the ladies." But then the captain grunted. "Never mind. With you, they'll probably like it, think it's all manly." He peered behind Joe. "Anyone naked in there?"
Joe stepped aside. "I'm having an off morning. #Quote by Dana Marton
Stitches quotes by Carl Hiaasen
#67. Only because you're injured," she said, and kissed him again. He pulled her close. "How's this going to work with all these stitches? Do I have to keep standing?" "Well," whispered Rosa, "I suppose you could kneel." Yancy lifted her sundress. "You're the doctor. #Quote by Carl Hiaasen
Stitches quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#68. Her dress was made of watered silk and was of the most gorgeous lavender I'd ever seen. The stitching was superb. A flash of the last cadaver I'd sewn back together crossed my mind. Not to boast, but my stitches had been as good. Perhaps a pinch better. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Stitches quotes by Marquesate
#69. Aye, and for now, would you mind if I get you out of your clothes and wrap myself around you? It's medicinal you know? For your stitches...and my knee...and, I guess, all the rest of us. #Quote by Marquesate
Stitches quotes by Jack Ketchum
#70. You think you know about pain?
Talk to my second wife. She does. Or she thinks she does.
She says that once when she was nineteen or twenty she got between a couple of cats fighting – her own cat and a neighbor's – and one of them went at her, climbed her like a tree, tore gashes out of her thighs and breasts and belly that you still can see today, scared her so badly she fell back down her again, all tooth and claw and spitting fury. Thirty-six stitches I think she said she got. And a fever that lasted days.
My second wife says that's pain.
She doesn't know shit, that woman. #Quote by Jack Ketchum
Stitches quotes by Gayle Forman
#71. Needle and thread flesh and bone Spit and sinew, heartbreak is home. Your suture lines, they sparkle like diamonds Bright stars to light my confinement Stitch, #Quote by Gayle Forman
Stitches quotes by Conor McGregor
#72. Fourteen weeks before the Mendes fight I tore 80 per cent of my ACL [anterior cruciate ligament]. That is the main ligament for stability. Every day in that training camp when I was working my way back, I was saying "real champions fight through any adversity". That is why I am a real champion and he is not. Look at my eye [he had seven stitches put in an old wound after an injury in training the night before we met]. Fighters fight on. Aldo got scared, he went running and I worry he will run again. #Quote by Conor McGregor
Stitches quotes by Kinley MacGregor
#73. The leech didn't stay long. Only long enough to check his bandages and proclaim this the most miraculous recovery he'd ever witnessed.
"I'll let the others know," Phantom said.
Adara nodded as she returned to sit on the edge of Christian's bed. He had yet to speak with words. But his loving gaze told her volumes. "Welcome back to the world of the living, Christian."
He swallowed, then coughed.
"Easy," she said, afraid he might tear the stitches in his chest.
"I'm sorry, Adara," he said, his voice raspy and strained. His words baffled her.
"Sorry for what?"
"That I disappointed you."
Her tears started anew. "You are never a disappointment to me, Christian. Never ... unless you die on me. That would make me dreadfully disappointed, and then I should have to kill you for it."
The corners of his lips lifted a tiny bit. #Quote by Kinley MacGregor
Stitches quotes by Honore De Balzac
#74. From the manner in which a woman draws her thread at every stitch of her needlework, any other woman can surmise her thoughts. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Stitches quotes by Jens Voigt
#75. I lost quite a bit of skin on the left side of my body and sustained some deep cuts in my hand and around my knee, but the doctors were able to stitch it all back together. Luckily I didn't hurt my shoulder but I'm now at the point where the only thing on my body which isn't hurting is my bad shoulder. #Quote by Jens Voigt
Stitches quotes by Gordon Korman
#76. Dear Mr. Weston,
Hello again. We were beginning to wonder what had happened to you. I guess things have been pretty quiet since the Salvation Army tried to take over the world.
We are sorry, but after much deliberation we have elected not to assign any men to Protect Trillium Air Base. We feel that the Forces can protect themselves, and if they can't, who is going to protect the country?
Also, thank you for sending us that shard of broken glass with the fingerprint on it. It was yours. Our mail clerk required four stitches and a tetanus shot.
Relay our condolences to your Mr. Waghorn. We have no idea what unfortunate circumstance (for him) drew him to your ever-watchful attention, but he has no criminal record and his face is not known to us. Yours Sincerely,
Bruce Hmmm, thought Sidney, Waghorn has no criminal record.
"Let me see one of those," said Tom.
"I'm sorry, Tom, but I can't show you the letters."
Tom muttered something about a lack of trust. He was extremely alarmed at the intensity of Sidney's expression. As Sidney himself would have put it, the investigation was progressing. That meant trouble. There was always trouble when his brother got to the letter-writing stage. Tom would have to stay on his toes.
Sidney opened the last letter. Dear Mr. Weston,
Please stop bothering us. Cordially yours,
The Ontario Provincial Police. #Quote by Gordon Korman
Stitches quotes by Lisa Mantchev
#77. Words are like the delicate stitches in the dress you wear, holding the fabric of the garmet together. Without them, the dress and the world are nothing but barren cloth #Quote by Lisa Mantchev
Stitches quotes by Mark Haddon
#78. And that is why a dog can go to the vet and have a really big operation and have metal pins sticking out of its leg but if it sees a cat it forgets that it has pins sticking out of its leg and chases after the cat. But when a person has an operation it has a picture in its head of the hurt carrying on for months and months. And it has a picture of all the stitches in its leg and the broken bone and the pins and even if it sees a bus it has to catch it doesn't run because it has a picture in its head of the bones crunching together and the stitches breaking and even more pain. #Quote by Mark Haddon
Stitches quotes by Tessa Dare
#79. I know how it wears on a soul. How it eats little pieces of your heart at unexpected times. How you can go whole weeks happily occupied, feeling no melancholy or deprivation, and then the smallest thing ... Someone opens a letter, perhaps. Or stitches up a ripped garment that belongs to someone else. And it makes you realize how ... adrift you are. Not tied to anyone. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Stitches quotes by Terry Pratchett
#80. But surely the purpose of - I mean, wouldn't it be nice if you ended up with some creature that started to think about the universe - ?" "Good gravy, I don't want anything poking around!" said the god testily. "There's enough patches and stitches in it as it is without some clever devil trying to find more, I can assure you. No, the gods on the mainland have got that right at least. Intelligence is like legs - too many and you trip yourself up. Six is about the right number, in my view. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Stitches quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#81. I hope we shall get on together, you and I;
I've come to cheer you up - That's why
I'm dressed up like an aristocrat
In a fine red coat with golden stitches,
A stiff silk cape on top of that,
A long sharp dagger in my breeches,
And a cockerel's feather in my hat.
Take my advice - if I were you,
I'd get an outfit like this too;
Then you'd be well equipped to see
Just how exciting life can be. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Stitches quotes by Tana French
#82. I threw flips and cartwheels straight across the grass, fuck my imaginary stitches, fuck whether Lexie had done gymnastics, I couldn't remember the last time I had been this drunk and I loved it. I wanted to dive deeper into it and never come up for air, open my mouth and take a huge breath and drown on this night #Quote by Tana French
Stitches quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#83. You really need stitches," she tells me."Or you're going to have a scar." I try not to laugh. Stitches aren't going to help. They fix skin, cuts, wounds, heal stuff on the outside. Everything broken with me is on the inside. "I can handle scars, especially one's on the outside. #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
Stitches quotes by Alan Titchmarsh
#84. Oh, and I have to mention one lady who does all of my book covers in cross stitch and frames them. Muriel. She's amazing. I just received one for my latest, Love And Dr Devon, actually. It's very sweet of her to do it. #Quote by Alan Titchmarsh
Stitches quotes by Jen Campbell
#85. Customer: Do you have any medical textbooks?
Bookseller: Sorry, no. They go out of date so quickly we don't stock them, but I can order one in for you.
Customer: I'm not worried about it being in date.
Bookseller: Does your university not request you have a specific edition?
Customer: Oh, I'm not a medical student. I just want to learn how to do stitches.
Bookseller: ... Right.
Customer: Do you have a book on sewing instead? #Quote by Jen Campbell
Stitches quotes by Mary Lindsey
#86. Let me see your arm, please, Lenzi," Alden requested after Spook leapt onto the front passenger seat.

I held it out, and he pushed up the sleeve of my sweater. He winced. "That's a lot of threat to fit on one tiny arm. Good thing Smith writes small."

"If that's a joke, it's not funny. Tell me it doesn't need stitches." I groaned.

"Nope. Just antiseptic, holy water, and time to heal."

Maddi looked over Alden's shoulder. "Aw, that's nothing. Remember the time he - "

Alden cut her off with a glare.

"Nice weather we're having," Maddi said as she strode to her truck. #Quote by Mary Lindsey
Stitches quotes by William Monahan
#87. On historical you take the known facts, dramatize them, and then stitch them together by invention. It's a projective thing. #Quote by William Monahan
Stitches quotes by Shawn Mendes
#88. Your words cut deeper than a knife. #Quote by Shawn Mendes
Stitches quotes by Michelle Rowen
#89. My recommendation is to keep up the good work. I'm changing your title to senior executive assistant, and giving you a three percent raise effective next payday. Congratulations."
Wow, three percent. I could move up that early retirement plan to age seventy-five now, instead of eighty. Lucky me.
Thank you," I said. "That's very generous."
You're quite welcome." Ms. Saunders nodded and grabbed a gold-plated letter opener to begin attacking her stack of mail.
I turned to leave. Didn't want to outstay my welcome.
Damn it!" she exclaimed, and I turned back around. She winced and nodded at the letter opener that she'd dropped to her desktop. "Damn thing slipped. I'm probably going to need stitches now. Can you be a dear and fetch the first-aid kit for me?"
She held her left index finger and frowned at the steady flow of blood oozing out. A few small drops of red splashed onto the other letters spread out on the desk.
I felt woozy. And suddenly dizzy.
I blinked.
When I opened my eyes, I was no longer standing by the door about to leave. I was crouched down next to Ms. Saunders's imported black leather chair, grasping her wrist tightly…… and sucking noisily on her fingertip.
I shrieked and let go of her, staggering backward. I grabbed at her desk to keep from falling, but I dropped on my butt, anyhow, taking most of the contents of the top of her desk with me.
She held her injured finger far away from her and stared at me, wide- #Quote by Michelle Rowen
Stitches quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#90. That which doesn't kill you will just require many stitches.
-Caillen #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Stitches quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#91. Tom Hyde, the tinker, standing on the gallows, was asked if he had anything to say. "Tell the tailors," said he, "to remember to make a knot in their thread before they take the first stitch." His companion's prayer is forgotten. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Stitches quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#92. I knit the afternoon away. I knit reasons for Elijah to come back. I knit apologies for Emma. I knit angry knots and slipped stitches for every mistake I ever made, and I knit wet, swollen stitches that look awful. I knit the sun down. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Stitches quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
#93. Books are meat and medicine
and flame and flight and flower
steel, stitch, cloud and clout,
and drumbeats on the air. #Quote by Gwendolyn Brooks
Stitches quotes by Davey Havok
#94. One time I was singing along with a boy that looked like me in the crowd and he pushed away the mic and started making out with me and accidently bit my lip and I had to get stitches. #Quote by Davey Havok
Stitches quotes by Jamie-Lynn Sigler
#95. I have a scar on my forehead. I was three years old, jumping on the bed with my brothers, and I fell off and hit my head on the dresser and cut it open, went to the hospital, got stitches, came home, went back on the bed, jumped with my brothers, fell again, and reopened the stitches. #Quote by Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Stitches quotes by Taylor Swift
#96. At 24 I decided that my life is enough for me, and I stopped looking for some other piece to complete it. I also learned how to needlepoint ironic cross-stitches of rap lyrics and gave them to my friends as presents. I'll let you decide which is the more important revelation. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Stitches quotes by Maxim Gorky
#97. The intelligentsia ... was kept busy embroidering white stitches on the philosophical and ecclesiastical vestments of the bourgeoisie - that old and filthy fabric besmeared with the blood of toiling masses. #Quote by Maxim Gorky
Stitches quotes by Sarah Waters
#98. It was as though their life, thought Frances, were being mercilessly spooled back on to a reel; or as if, one by one, the stitches that had fastened them together were being unpicked. #Quote by Sarah Waters
Stitches quotes by Brene Brown
#99. When they teach [doctors] how to suture, they also teach them how to stitch their self-worth to being all-powerful. #Quote by Brene Brown
Stitches quotes by Gwyneth Lewis
#100. The whole thing starts with a single knot
and needles. A word and pen. Tie a loop
in nothing. Look at it. Cast on, repeat
the procedure till you have a line
that you can work with.
It's a pattern made of relation alone,
my patience, my rhythm, till empty bights
create a fabric that can be worn,
if you're lucky and practised. It's never
too late
to pick up dropped stitches ...
(from "How to Knit a Poem") #Quote by Gwyneth Lewis
Stitches quotes by Traci Chee
#101. She made each suture perfectly - one neat stitch after another - until they were lined up across Archer's wounds like sharp black letters, as if every set of stitches was a healing word Doc had written to keep his skin together. There #Quote by Traci Chee
Stitches quotes by Ocean Vuong
#102. Maybe in the next life we'll meet each other for the first time- believing in everything but the harm we're capable of. Maybe we'll be the opposite of buffaloes. We'll grow wings and spill over the cliff as a generation of monarchs, heading home. Green Apple.

Like snow covering the particulars of the city, they will say we never happened, that our survival was a myth. But they're wrong. You and I, we were real. We laughed knowing joy would tear the stitches from our lips.

Remember: The rules, like streets, can only take you to known places. Underneath the grid is a field- it was always there- where to be lost is never to be wrong, but simply more.

As a rule, be more.

As a rule, I miss you.

As a rule,"little" is always smaller than "small". Don't ask me why.

I'm sorry I don't call enough.

Green Apple.

I'm sorry I keep saying How are you? when I really mean Are you happy? #Quote by Ocean Vuong
Stitches quotes by Jennifer Chiaverini
#103. The union of their shared lives could be a masterpiece, even if the colors of one piece clashed with another, even if uneven stitches showed, even if, from time to time, they had to pick out seams, realign the pieces, and sew them back together again. It would not be perfect, but it could be beautiful, if they worked together and persevered. #Quote by Jennifer Chiaverini
Stitches quotes by Wanda Sykes
#104. If something stinks, I say it stinks. But I try to massage it a little and not be as cutting, come behind it with a joke: Hey, I cut you deep, but now let me put a couple of stitches in you. #Quote by Wanda Sykes
Stitches quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#105. I take four or five heavy steps beyond the front door and Mom comes rushing down the hallway. "Shane! What in the hell-" Now she sees me, in all my dignified glory. I tell her I'm fine. Swear I stuck up for my sister, not an alien but an angel. By the time I get to, "I think I might need stitches," Mom is my mommy. She may have forgotten my birthday. But today she remembers me. (154) #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Stitches quotes by Jay Bell
#106. No wheelchair can support damaged self-esteem until it learns to stand upright. No cane can help emotions limp along until they can walk.
A cast or brace can't protect a vulnerable spirit, and not even the strongest painkiller can stop the ache cause by a failed relationship.
No, the only way a broken heart mends itself is with stitches of time and the sticky tape of hastily rearranged dreams. #Quote by Jay Bell
Stitches quotes by Suzanne Collins
#107. Time and tragedy have forced her to grow too quickly, at least for my taste, into a young woman who stitches bleeding wounds and knows our mother can hear only so much. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Stitches quotes by Adrienne Rich
#108. I've had to guess at her, sewing her skin together as I sew mine, though with a different stitch #Quote by Adrienne Rich
Stitches quotes by Tracy Chevalier
#109. Perhaps thee will best understand what Abigail is like if I tell thee that when she quilts she prefers to stitch in the ditch, hiding her poor stitches in the seams between the blocks. #Quote by Tracy Chevalier
Stitches quotes by Ali Wong
#110. And then I threw up from all the anesthesia and my teeth were still chattering and they were telling me not to vomit so hard, otherwise my stitches would bust open. I said,'I don't know how to vomit softly.' That's like telling someone to shit perfume. #Quote by Ali Wong
Stitches quotes by Treasure Stitches
#111. The most pleasant and alluring curve on a woman is the smile #Quote by Treasure Stitches
Stitches quotes by Julie   Murphy
#112. I get what he's saying. When you've known someone for so long, you don't see the same things in them that everyone else does. But then when you're friends because of who you were and not who you are, it's hard not to find the common thread that stitches you together. #Quote by Julie Murphy
Stitches quotes by Greg Fitzsimmons
#113. When I was in college, I would go out, and I would go to these open mic nights at Stitches and Nick's Comedy Stop, so I was going to classes during the day, and then at night, I would be signing up on the lists. #Quote by Greg Fitzsimmons
Stitches quotes by Hal Duncan
#114. See, you have the choice we didn't. You wanna think about it though, you do, before you decide to throw your lot in with us. Cause it's not just about living in society's stitches, you know, the bits in between, the squats and secret places. It's about being Fixed. #Quote by Hal Duncan
Stitches quotes by Sudha Murty
#115. Adinishtura is better than antyanishtura, which means that an initial disappointment is better than a disagreement at the end. #Quote by Sudha Murty
Stitches quotes by Debbie Macomber
#116. The yarn forms the stitches, the knitting forges the friendships, the craft links the generations. - Karen #Quote by Debbie Macomber
Stitches quotes by Joseph Heller
#117. It's a small wound. All we have to do is stop the bleeding, clean it out and put a few stitches in." "But I've never had a chance to operate before. Which one is the scalpel? Is this one the scalpel? #Quote by Joseph Heller
Stitches quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#118. Twelve men conducted the investigation, gathering as on a knitting-needle the accursed stitches of this complicated case all over Moscow. #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Stitches quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#119. "Hey, I skinned my palm," Tori said. "Ground it up pretty bad."
"You need to check Chloe's stitches, too," Derek said. "She got cut with glass a few days ago. They fixed her up, but it should be looked at."
Tori waved her injured palm. "Anyone? Anyone?" She rolled her eyes. "Guess not."
"It looks sore," I said. "We should get some iodine on it."
She gave me a wan smile. "I can always count on you, can't I? Guess I know who sent the cavalry back t rescue me." #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Stitches quotes by Zinaida Gippius
#120. Швея

Уж третий день ни с кем не говорю...
А мысли - жадные и злые.
Болит спина; куда ни посмотрю -
Повсюду пятна голубые.

Церковный колокол гудел; умолк;
Я всё наедине с собою.
Скрипит и гнется жарко-алый шелк
Под неумелою иглою.

На всех явлениях лежит печать.
Одно с другим как будто слито.
Приняв одно - стараюсь угадать
За ним другое, - то, что скрыто.

И этот шелк мне кажется - Огнем.
И вот уж не огнем - а Кровью.
А кровь - лишь знак того, что мы зовем
На бедном языке - Любовью.

Любовь - лишь звук... Но в этот поздний час
Того, что дальше, - не открою.
Нет, не огонь, не кровь... а лишь атлас
Скрипит под робкою иглою.

The Seamstress

For two days I have not said a word...
Spiteful thoughts gnaw me.
My back hurts; wherever I look
blue spots are floating.

The church bell booms out for a while,
then stops. I am left to myself. The scarlet silk squeaks and slips
as it suffers my hesitant stitches.

All things flow into each other,
but each has a mark of its own;
I fasten on objects, and wonder
What may lie hidden beyond.

The silk flares up in flames,
then turns to a pool of blood;
'love' is our paltry word
for the blood language cannot name.

'Love' is a meaningless sound...
But I sha #Quote by Zinaida Gippius
Stitches quotes by Sarah Moore Grimke
#121. It would be as wise to set up an accomplished lawyer to saw wood as a business as to condemn an educated and sensible woman to spend all her time boiling potatoes and patching old garments. Yet this is the lot of many a one who incessantly stitches and boils and bakes, compelled to thrust back out of sight the aspirations which fill her soul. #Quote by Sarah Moore Grimke
Stitches quotes by Johnny Knoxville
#122. Of course I've had a bunch of broken bones, sprains and I've had five or six concussions, with three serious ones. I also got a real heavy duty blood clot and internal bleeding from where I was shot in the stomach with a beanbag bullet that the police use for crowd control. I've also had six stitches in my head. #Quote by Johnny Knoxville
Stitches quotes by Rumer Godden
#123. The stitch of a book is its words. #Quote by Rumer Godden
Stitches quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#124. If I run or breathe too deep, the cheap stitches holding me together will snap, and all the stickiness inside will pour out and burn through the concrete. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Stitches quotes by Mary Roach
#125. I had a bike accident a few years ago, and I went to the emergency room, and I had to have a gash sewn up. And I am the kind of person that I was sitting up fascinated, watching, to the extent that the doctor said, 'Do you want to do a couple of stitches? You seem to be very interested.' #Quote by Mary Roach
Stitches quotes by Pam Munoz Ryan
#126. The needle rocked awkwardly and at the end of her beginning rows, Isabel held up her work to show Esperanza. "Mine is all crooked!"
Esperanza smiled and reached over and gently pulled the yarn, unraveling the uneven stitches. Then she looked into Isabel's trusting eyes and said, "Do not ever be afraid to start over. #Quote by Pam Munoz Ryan
Stitches quotes by Aldous Huxley
#127. The more stitches, the less riches. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Stitches quotes by Charlie Puth
#128. The scar on my eye is a result of the doctor's sewing up my face. It was 450 stitches and plastic surgery. #Quote by Charlie Puth
Stitches quotes by Vinnie Jones
#129. Over the years, I've had about 80 stitches in my head and face from football incidents and bar incidents, so I have lots of scars. I don't think I look intimidating, but I'm sure other people have their opinions. #Quote by Vinnie Jones
Stitches quotes by Jo Brand
#130. I took my husband to the hospital yesterday to have 17 stitches out - that'll teach him to buy me a sewing kit for my birthday. #Quote by Jo Brand
Stitches quotes by Janet Evanovich
#131. Babe, you've destroyed a car, burned down two buildings, stapled a guy's nuts, and you have sixteen stitches in your leg. Take a night off. Have a glass of wine, watch some television, and go to bed early.
-Ranger #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Stitches quotes by Kathy Reichs
#132. Instead, I gave them the only salute I could think of.
Two middle fingers. Held high for emphasis.
The six fiery orbs winked out at once. Hopefully, they'd died from affront.
Ben eyed me sideways as he maneuvered from shore. "What in the world are you doing?"
"Those red-eyed jerks were on the cliff," I spat, then immediately felt silly. "All I could think of."
Ben made an odd huffing sound I couldn't interpret. For a shocked second, I thought he was furious with me.
"Nice work, Victoria." Ben couldn't hold the laughter inside. "That oughta do it!"
I flinched, surprised by his reaction. Ben, cracking up at a time like this?
He had such a full, honest laugh - I wished I heard it more. Infectious, too. I couldn't help joining in, though mine came out in a low Beavis and Butthead cackle. Which made Ben howl even more.
In an instant, we were both in stitches at the absurdity of my one-finger salutes. At the insanity of the evening. At everything. Tears wet my eyes as Sewee bobbed over the surf, circling the southeast corner of the island. It was a release I desperately needed.
Ben ran a hand through his hair, then sighed deeply. "I love it," he snickered, steering Sewee through the breakers, keeping our speed to a crawl so the engine made less noise. "I love you, sometimes."
Abruptly, his good humor cut off like a guillotine. Ben's body went rigid. I felt a wave of panic roll from him, as if he'd accidently triggered a nuclear #Quote by Kathy Reichs
Stitches quotes by Louise Hawes
#133. Lamium

Migraine dreams, jagged seams,
A badge of love and pain.
Or dreamy eyes, sleepy eyes,
Drooping, closing, losing light.
Packages scattered under the tree,
Some torn open, some tied tight.

Is there a heartbeat in those purple veins?
Are those embryos or mouths or rosary beads?
The color of my first dress, gathered with love,
Fairy cups stirred with blades of grass,
notes clustered on a windy score,
Three blooms, three friends, alas!

Grape flowers, cloud flowers, love flowers,
Paper parasols upside down, a butterfly herd
Stopped to rest by a deep green pool.
Petals small as a child's tears good-bye,
Dropped stitches everywhere
From a blanket the color of sky. #Quote by Louise Hawes
Stitches quotes by Lurlene McDaniel
#134. I have a lot of boo-boos, cowboy."
"Maybe I should kiss them." He leaned forward, brushed his lips against her forehead, just above the stitches over her eyebrow.
She held up her arm where there was an abrasion. "Hurts here too."
He kissed the spot.
"And here." She pointed to her mouth.
He kissed her with a pressure as light as the brush of a butterfly's wing.
She thought of a hundred places on her body she wanted him to kiss. "I hurt all over. #Quote by Lurlene McDaniel
Stitches quotes by Rumer Godden
#135. If books were Persian carpets, one would not look only at the outer side. because it is the stitch that makes a carpet wear, gives it its life and bloom. #Quote by Rumer Godden
Stitches quotes by Ahmed Ghrib
#136. It cleaves our hearts apart but it stitches them back together just as easily. It is the language of the eyes for they speak it more eloquently than words will ever do. You fall in it and it may heave you higher than the seventh sky. Nothing makes sense without it despite its senselessnness. It comes in different shades and colors and if you're fortunate yours would be that of blood but it won't have you bleeding. You're a fool for trying to eschew its hold for it is everywhere but if you don't you may wind-up feeling like a fool. Good luck #Quote by Ahmed Ghrib
Stitches quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#137. The crickets, too, respect the silence. Their calls are like careful stitches in its fabric, almost too small to be seen. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Stitches quotes by Adam Rapp
#138. At the funeral my stitches were itching like crazy, but it didn't bother me much because I was like totally tripping on the codeine they'd prescribed for the pain. They cremated my mom and stuffed her ashes into a pine box and put an eight-by-ten photo next to it. In the photo she was wearing too much makeup and it made me want to smash it with my fist. #Quote by Adam Rapp
Stitches quotes by Kate Griffin
#139. Paranoia seems more reasonable when you've got twelve stitches in your side. #Quote by Kate Griffin
Stitches quotes by Teralyn Pilgrim
#140. People say the day your baby is born is the happiest day of your life. It certainly is for the dads. Call me crazy if you want, but the day I watched my doctor sew stitches into my torn vagina was not my favorite. #Quote by Teralyn Pilgrim
Stitches quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#141. Our frog lies on her back. Waiting for a prince to come and princessify her with a smooch? I stand over her with my knife. Ms. Keen's voice fades to a mosquito whine. My throat closes off. It is hard to breathe. I put out my hand to steady myself against the table. David pins her froggy hands to the dissection tray. He spreads her froggy legs and pins her froggy feet. I have to slice open her belly. She doesn't say a word. She is already dead. A scream starts in my gut - I can feel the cut, smell the dirt, leaves in my hair. I don't remember passing out. David says I hit my head on the edge of the table on my way down. The nurse calls my mom because I need stitches. The doctor stares into the back of my eyes with a bright light. Can she read the #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Stitches quotes by Gavin Francis
#142. Hennick's iliac artery and vein, as well as the artery and vein of the new kidney, were spliced together with neat embroidery stitches. Then the surgeon took a deep breath, stretched his arms like a stage conjurer, and said to me: "You're about to witness the most wonderful sight in the history of medicine." He removed the arterial and venous clamps in sequence, and Hennick's blood began to pump into the withered kidney. Each beat of his heart, visible in the pumping of the arteries, caused the kidney to swell. It was like watching a process of reanimation: a refutation of death. As the kidney grew, its defeated, dimpled surface began to fill out to a lucent pink. The surgeon held up the ureter of the new kidney (the tube that carries urine to the bladder) and I watched as a bead of urine began to grow at its cut end. #Quote by Gavin Francis
Stitches quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#143. His head bent over hers; she could feel the rush of his unsettled exhalations. The hairs on his chest were not flat and straight, but softly curling. She wanted to brush her nose and lips across them. He smelled of soap, male skin, clean earth and meadow grass, and every breath of him made her feel warm in places that hadn't been warm in years.
When the placket was finally unfastened, Mr. Ravenel raised his arms and let the shirt settle over his head, wincing as the neat row of stitches at his side was strained. Phoebe reached up to tug at the hem of the garment. Her knuckles inadvertently grazed the dark fleece on his chest, and her stomach did an odd little flip. From the surface of her skin down to the marrow of her bones, her entire body was alive with sensation. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Stitches quotes by Alan Hansen
#144. The scar on my forehead is from running through a plate-glass panel when I was 15. I had 27 stitches, which took two hours. #Quote by Alan Hansen
Stitches quotes by Real Friends
#145. I'm sorry for breaking down when I should've been stitching myself back up #Quote by Real Friends
Stitches quotes by Albert Camus
#146. We must stitch up what has been torn apart, render justice imaginable in the world which is so obviously unjust, make happiness meaningful for nations poisoned by the misery of this century. Naturally, it is a superhuman task. But tasks are called superhuman when men take a long time to complete them, that is all. #Quote by Albert Camus
Stitches quotes by Emo Philips
#147. When I was a kid, my nickname was Mr. Baseball. Because of the stitches. #Quote by Emo Philips
Stitches quotes by Richard Siken
#148. Hello, darling. Sorry about that. Sorry about the bony elbows, sorry we lived here, sorry about the scene at the bottom of the stairwell and how I ruined everything by saying it out loud. Especially that, but I should have known. You see, I take the parts that I remember and stitch them back together to make a creature that will do what I say or love me back. #Quote by Richard Siken
Stitches quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#149. You want to put a band-aid on something that needs stitches. #Quote by Eric Jerome Dickey
Stitches quotes by Lani Diane Rich
#150. When you knit, if you get something wrong and keep knitting, then when you discover it, you have to rip out all those rows of stitching to go back and fix it, Life is like that. Sometimes, it has to rip out all the stitches to go back and fix what's wrong. #Quote by Lani Diane Rich
Stitches quotes by S.R. Grey
#151. Tell me, Chase. Tell me what I think I already know. Tell me what you're feeling. I feel it too, I do.' My slaughtered heart stitches back together, more solid than ever. `I love you,' I whisper. `I love you so fucking much. #Quote by S.R. Grey
Stitches quotes by Nelson Mandela
#152. Whether you change the linen or stitch up wounds, cook the food or dispense the medicines, it is in your hands to help build a public service worthy of all those who gave their lives for the dream of democracy #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Stitches quotes by Bobby Williams
#153. I've endured quite a bit of physical pain. My mom says that I got my first set of stitches when I was one-and-a-half. A cat got my eye. #Quote by Bobby Williams
Stitches quotes by Tana French
#154. I used to think I sewed us together at the edges with my own hands, pulled the stitches tight and I could unpick them any time I wanted. Now I think it always ran deeper than that and farther, underground; out of sight and way beyond my control. #Quote by Tana French
Stitches quotes by Ibtisam Barakat
#155. To Alef, the letter
that begins the alphabets
of both Arabic and Hebrew-
two Semitic languages,
sisters for centuries.
May we find the language
that takes us
to the only home there is -
one another's hearts.
Alef knows
That a thread
Of a story
Stitches together
A wound. #Quote by Ibtisam Barakat
Stitches quotes by Mary Oliver
#156. I began to pick through the red rivers
of confusion;

I began to take apart
the deep stitches
of nightmares. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Stitches quotes by Lisa Wingate
#157. There will always be those memories that tie us together, those invisible strings. The careless stitches of mother and daughter. Suddenly #Quote by Lisa Wingate
Stitches quotes by Abigail Roux
#158. When Ty was truly hot and bothered, it could be an amazing experience, like being mauled by a lion without the fuss of needing stitches after. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Stitches quotes by Robert Downey, Jr.
#159. Im such a work in progress at the moment, its crazy, and life wants me on edge, I swear to you. But as long as I dont forget the past, Im cool. One must always be mindful, just like you might forget that old girlfriend who tried to slit your throat, but shes really still hot. If you remember the stitches more than you remember the pussy, youre going to be just fine. #Quote by Robert Downey, Jr.
Stitches quotes by Bill Cosby
#160. I'm not going out and hitting a 95-mph fastball where I can't see the stitches. I'm not on a professional football team looking to tackle a fullback who is built like solid wood. I'm a thinking person, and I've been blessed with the ability to see some things and talk about them in a way that registers in a humorous and funny way. #Quote by Bill Cosby
Stitches quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#161. But ... when I left you, Bella, I left you bleeding. Jacob was the one to stitch you back up again. That was bound to leave it's mark - on both of you. I'm not sure those kinds of stitches dissolve on their own. I can't blame either of you for something I made necessary. I may gain forgiveness, but that doesn't let me escape the consequences. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Stitches quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#162. Kestrel."
She discarded a tile and drew another. She didn't look at him. He'd noticed--of course he had--how she avoided looking at him now. And no wonder. Arin's face stung. The stitches itched. He was tempted to rip them out. "Look at me," he said. She did, and Arin suddenly wished she hadn't. He cleared his throat. He said, "I won't try anymore to convince you not to marry him."
She slowly added the new tile to her hand. She stared at it, and said nothing.
"I don't understand your choice," Arin said. "Or maybe I do. It doesn't matter. You want it. That's clear. You've always done exactly what you wanted."
"Have I." Her voice was flat and dull.
He plunged ahead. "I was wondering…" Arin had an idea. He'd had it for some time now. He didn't like it. The words lay bitter on his tongue, but he had thought about it, and thought about it, and if he said nothing…
Arin made himself study his tiles again. He tried to think which Sting tile would profit Kestrel least. He discarded a bee. The instant he set the tile down, he regretted it.
He pulled a high Bite tile. This should have encouraged him, yet Arin had the sense of flying toward the inevitable moment when Kestrel won and he asked her what she wanted.
"I thought…"
She looked concerned. That decided him. Arin took a deep breath. His stomach changed to iron. His body was girding itself in a way he knew well. Arin was tightening the muscles needed before a plunge into dee #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Stitches quotes by Pierce Brown
#163. Yet how many times have I already been pieced back together? How much longer can all these stitches hold? In the end, will there even be pieces left of me? #Quote by Pierce Brown
Stitches quotes by Louise Erdrich
#164. To sew is to pray. Men don't understand this. They see the whole but they don't see the stitches. They don't see the speech of the creator in the work of the needle. We mend. We women turn things inside out and set things right. We salvage what we can of human garments and piece the rest into blankets. Sometimes our stitches stutter and slow. Only a woman's eyes can tell. Other times, the tension in the stitches might be too tight because of tears, but only we know what emotion went into the making. Only women can hear the prayer. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Stitches quotes by John E. Douglas
#165. And yet often when I was out in the park or the woods, say, with my own little girls, I'd seen something and think to myself, That's just like the such-and-such scene, where we found the eight-year-old. As fearful as I was for their safety, seeing the things I saw, I also found it difficult to get emotionally involved in the minor, but important, scrapes and hurts of childhood. When I would come home and Pam would tell me that one of the girl had fallen off her bike and needed stitches, I'd flash to the autopsy of some child her age and think of all the stitches it had taken the medical examiner to close her wounds for burial. #Quote by John E. Douglas
Stitches quotes by Robert Breault
#166. So often the end of a love affair is death by a thousand cuts, so often its survival is life by a thousand stitches. #Quote by Robert Breault
Stitches quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#167. Real faith, however, is required to endure this necessary but painful developmental process. As things unfold, sometimes in full view, let us be merciful with each other. We certainly do not criticize hospital patients amid intensive care for looking pale and preoccupied. Why then those recovering from surgery on their souls? No need for us to stare; those stitches will finally come out. And in this hospital, too, it is important for everyone to remember that the hospital chart is not the patient. Extending our mercy to someone need not wait upon our full understanding of their challenges! Empathy may not be appreciated or reciprocated, but empathy is never wasted. #Quote by Neal A. Maxwell
Stitches quotes by Annie Dillard
#168. Last year I had a very unusual experience. I was awake, with my eyes closed, when I had a dream. It was a small dream about time. I was dead, I guess, in deep black space high up among many white stars. My own consciousness had been disclosed to me, and I was happy. Then I saw far below me a long, curved band of color. As I came closer, I saw that it stretched endlessly in either direction, and I understood that I was seeing all the time of the planet where I had lived.

It looked like a woman's tweed scarf; the longer I studied any one spot, the more dots of color I saw. There was no end to the deepness and variety of the dots. At length, I started to look for my time, but, although more and more specks of color and deeper and more intricate textures appeared in the fabric, I couldn't find my time, or any time at all that I recognized as being near my time. I couldn't make out so much as a pyramid. Yet as I looked at the band of time, all the individual people, I understood with special clarity, were living at the very moment with great emotion, in intricate detail, in their individual times and places, and they were dying and being replaced by ever more people, one by one, like stitches in which whole worlds of feeling and energy were wrapped, in a never-ending cloth. I remembered suddenly the color and texture of our life as we knew it- these things had been utterly forgotten- and I thought as I searched for it on the limitless band, "that was a good time then, #Quote by Annie Dillard
Stitches quotes by Tom Rob Smith
#169. To stand up for someone was to stitch your fate into the lining of theirs. #Quote by Tom Rob Smith
Stitches quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#170. Here is the world, sound as a nut, perfect, not the smallest piece of chaos left, never a stitch nor an end, not a mark of haste, or botching, or second thought; but the theory of the world is a thing of shreds and patches. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Stitches quotes by Cyndi Lauper
#171. I wanna go south and get some more. Hey, they say that a stitch in time saves nine, they say I better stop or I'll go blind. #Quote by Cyndi Lauper
Stitches quotes by G.A. Aiken
#172. Good. You're awake."
Annwyl gulped and prayed the gods were just playing a cruel joke on her. She raised herself on her elbows when that deep, dark voice spoke again, "Careful. You don't want to tear open those stitches."
With utter and almost heart-stopping dread, Annwyl looked over her shoulder and then couldn't turn away. There he was. An enormous black dragon, his wings pressed tight against his body. The light emanating from the pit fire causing his shiny black scales to glisten. His huge horned head rested in the center of one of his claws. He looked so casual. If she didn't know better, she'd swear he smirked at her, his black eyes searing her from across the gulf between them. A magnificent creature. But a creature
nonetheless. A monster.
"Dragons can speak, then?" Brilliant, Annwyl. But she really didn't know what else to say.
"Aye." Scales brushed against stone and she bit the inside of her mouth to stop herself from cringing. "My name is Fearghus."
Annwyl frowned. "Fearghus?" She thought for a moment. Then dread settled over her bones, dragging her down to the pits of despair. "Fearghus . . . the Destroyer?"
"That's what they call me."
"But you haven't been seen in years. I thought you were a myth." Right now, she silently prayed he was a myth.
"Do I look like a myth?"
Annwyl stared at the enormous beast, marveling at the length and breadth of him. Black scales covered the entire length of his body, two black horns #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Stitches quotes by Diana Palmer
#173. Colby arrived the next day, with stitches down one lean cheek and a new prosthesis. He held it up as Cecily came out to the car to greet him. He held it up as Cecily came out to the car to greet him. "Nice, huh? Doesn't it look more realistic than the last one?"
"What happened to the last one?" she asked.
"Got blown off. Don't ask where," he added darkly.
"I know nothing," she assured him. "Come on in. Leta made sandwiches."
Leta had only seen Colby once, on a visit with Tate. She was polite, but a little remote, and it showed.
"She doesn't like me," Colby told Cecily when they were sitting on the steps later that evening.
"She thinks I'm sleeping with you," she said simply." So does Tate."
"Because I let him think I was," she said bluntly.
He gave her a hard look. "Bad move, Cecily."
"I won't let him think I'm waiting around for him to notice me," she said icily. "He's already convinced that I'm in love with him, and that's bad enough. I can't have him know that I'm…well, what I am. I do have a little pride."
"I'm perfectly willing, if you're serious," he said matter-of-factly. His face broke into a grin, belying the solemnity of the words. "Or are you worried that I might not be able to handle it with one arm?"
She burst out laughing and pressed affectionately against his side. "I adore you, I really do. But I had a bad experience in my teens. I've had therapy and all, but it's still sort of traumatic for me #Quote by Diana Palmer
Stitches quotes by Arianna Huffington
#174. About five years ago, I fainted from exhaustion. I hit my head on my desk. I broke my cheekbone and got four stitches on my right eye. It started me on this journey of rediscovering sleep and balance and integrating my life. I think everyone should stop and reassess their lives before you hit your head on your desk. #Quote by Arianna Huffington
Stitches quotes by T.K. Lukas
#175. I took care of that evil man. I sewed a curse into his pocket. Sewed it tight. First five stitches take away his health, happiness, love, money an family. Six be the number of Evil. Sixth black stitch make it final. Satan his self gonna steal his breath and escort him to hell. #Quote by T.K. Lukas
Stitches quotes by Adrienne Martini
#176. I am a writer who does not enjoy writing. I can find innumerable ways to avoid it. But, to rip off Dorothy Parker, nothing else - nothing - gives me the same thrill as having written. I'm the same way with knitting. The process is fine, mind you, and keeps my hands busy. But nothing else - nothing - gives me the rush that I get from finishing something.

"The parallels between writing and knitting go even further. Like writing, knitting has a finite number of raw ingredients. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Those letters can combine to give you David Foster Wallace or freshman composition papers. There are only two basic stitches: the knit and the purl. Those stitches can add up to a gorgeously complicated sweater or a pastel pink toilet paper cozy. The difference is in the mind that shapes them. #Quote by Adrienne Martini
Stitches quotes by Rhodri Morgan
#177. There's more likelihood of Ian Paisley being the next pope, than of me agreeing to a fix or a stitch-up. #Quote by Rhodri Morgan
Stitches quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#178. Some catastrophic moments invite clarity, explode in split moments: You smash your hand through a windowpane and then there is blood and shattered glass stained with red all over the place; you fall out a window and break some bones and scrape some skin. Stitches and casts and bandages and antiseptic solve and salve the wounds. But depression is not a sudden disaster. It is more like a cancer: At first its tumorous mass is not even noticeable to the careful eye, and then one day -- wham! -- there is a huge, deadly seven-pound lump lodged in your brain or your stomach or your shoulder blade, and this thing that your own body has produced is actually trying to kill you. Depression is a lot like that: Slowly, over the years, the data will accumulate in your heart and mind, a computer program for total negativity will build into your system, making life feel more and more unbearable. But you won't even notice it coming on, thinking that it is somehow normal, something about getting older, about turning eight or turning twelve or turning fifteen, and then one day you realize that your entire life is just awful, not worth living, a horror and a black blot on the white terrain of human existence. One morning you wake up afraid you are going to live.

In my case, I was not frightened in the least bit at the thought that I might live because I was certain, quite certain, that I was already dead. The actual dying part, the withering away of my physical body, was a mere formal #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel

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