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Stink Bugs quotes by Jill Twiss
#1. Stink bugs are temporary.

Love is forever. #Quote by Jill Twiss
Stink Bugs quotes by John Steinbeck
#2. On the black earth on which the ice plants bloomed, hundreds of black stink bugs crawled. And many of them stuck their tails up in the air. "Look at all them stink bugs," Hazel remarked, grateful to the bugs for being there.
"They're interesting," said Doc.
"Well, what they got their asses up in the air for?"
Doc rolled up his wool socks and put them in the rubber boots and from his pocket he brought out dry socks and a pair of thin moccasins. "I don't know why," he said. "I looked them up recently--they're very common animals and one of the commonest things they do is put their tails up in the air. And in all the books there isn't one mention of the fact that they put their tails up in the air or why."
Hazel turned one of the stink bugs over with the toe of his wet tennis shoe and the shining black beetle strove madly with floundering legs to get upright again. "Well, why do you think they do it?"
"I think they're praying," said Doc.
"What!" Hazel was shocked.
"The remarkable thing," said Doc, "isn't that they put their tails up in the air--the really incredibly remarkable thing is that we find it remarkable. We can only use ourselves as yardsticks. If we did something as inexplicable and strange we'd probably be praying--so maybe they're praying."
"Let's get the hell out of here," said Hazel. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Stink Bugs quotes by Gillian Flynn
#3. (never entirely erased the stink, though - she must have one rank pussy), #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Stink Bugs quotes by Anonymous
#4. You know what they say. Good men stink of soil, oil, and other toil; villains smell of roses. #Quote by Anonymous
Stink Bugs quotes by Ted Hughes
#5. With a sudden sharp hot stink of fox, It enters the dark hole of the head. The window is starless still; the clock ticks, The page is printed. #Quote by Ted Hughes
Stink Bugs quotes by Raymond Simard
#6. Fortunately, the second-to-last bug has just been fixed. #Quote by Raymond Simard
Stink Bugs quotes by Dave Foley
#7. The important thing to remember is that bugs don't actually talk. #Quote by Dave Foley
Stink Bugs quotes by Liu Cixin
#8. Let's go drinking and then go back to sleep like good bugs. #Quote by Liu Cixin
Stink Bugs quotes by Aleister Crowley
#9. When Celia cums, 'tis earthquake hour
The bed vibrates like kettledrums
It is a grand display of power
when Celia cums.

An up exhales a greasy stench
for which you curse the careless wench;
so things which must not be exprest,
when plumpt into the reeking chest,
send up an excremental smell
to taint the parts from whence they fell
the petticoats and gown perfume
which waft a stink around every room
thus finishing his grand survey
disgusted Strephon stole away
repeating his amorous fits

Oh! Celia, Celia, Celia shits! #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Stink Bugs quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#10. One of the things that bugs me about the Western Literary Tradition is that the conventions of narrative in particular seem to confine the stories you can tell about characters to tropes of bone-headed action and old models of psychological realism. And as readers, too, we have been conditioned to understand characters as - and forgive me for saying it out loud - what the market says they should be. Namely, safe, clean, proper. #Quote by Lidia Yuknavitch
Stink Bugs quotes by Catherine Pierce
#11. The Geek Girls

Were we never robins? No, we never were.
No one recognized spring in us, though great elms
grew inside our rib cages. They pushed their spiny

tips outward, so that we felt small stabbings daily,
but they never broke through. So we were never spring,
never foliage. We were the small and oddball beasts:

anoles, silverfish, shrimp. We moved fast and sideways,
upways, allways but straight. We heard of nights lit
with lightning bugs and cigarettes. With rumflame

and tonguefire. We needed none of it. The nights were
black puzzleboxes and we solved them. It was easy -
in the darkness, our minds sparked like flint. #Quote by Catherine Pierce
Stink Bugs quotes by Peter Weir
#12. Well, all these stars have their houses swept quite regularly by people who work in the surveillance security business. They come in and they look for bugs and things. #Quote by Peter Weir
Stink Bugs quotes by Kim Harrison
#13. Jenks made a face as he levered himself up on the sill. Much as I enjoy this horrific outpouring of estrogen, I'm going to go say good-bye to my wife. Let me know when you're ready. I'll be in the garden - probably next to the stink weed. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Stink Bugs quotes by Joel Garreau
#14. Swarmers run the risk of skittering like water bugs on the surface of life. By being quickly and constantly connected, they can avoid deep contact in time-consuming and meaningful ways ... You're flitting from one place to another. You're more likely to pursue superficial engagements rather than deep pursuits. It contributes to this certain MTV approach to life where you engage in something for a few minutes and then there's a commercial ... You have to get a grip on reality. Unless you know what is real-what is a real friendship and relationship-neither can have an effect on you. #Quote by Joel Garreau
Stink Bugs quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#15. Anyone can squash a bug but all professors of this world couldn't build one. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Stink Bugs quotes by Hal Porter
#16. I immediately cotton on to the fact that intelligence thus lightly used, and one-upmanshipishly displayed, is a birthmark giving me a two-coloured face, is a goitre, a hump on the back, webbed toes, and makes me stink like the night-man. Once again I learn what I knew on my very first day at Kensington School, and have carelessly forgotten, that it is more intelligent to appear less intelligent. I henceforth rein myself in, and publicly give back only what I have been given - fifty-six for seven- eights. #Quote by Hal Porter
Stink Bugs quotes by Bruce Lansky
#17. The only thing in my bag that works is the bug spray. #Quote by Bruce Lansky
Stink Bugs quotes by Nathan Fillion
#18. I think TV has been a little bit irresponsible in how they portray these people because homicide detectives are not brooding, tortured souls who are stained with the stink of the city and who have blood on their hands. They are real, live people that are incredibly entertaining. #Quote by Nathan Fillion
Stink Bugs quotes by Clare Vanderpool
#19. Still, the question remained. Was he straitjacket strange or just go-off-by-yourself-at-recess-and-put-bugs-in-your-nose strange? #Quote by Clare Vanderpool
Stink Bugs quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#20. Snake," Wyatt announced. "A big black one."

"There's dozens of them," Royce explained.

"Where?" Alric asked.

"Mostly behind you on the walls."

"What?" the king said, aghast. "Why didn't you say something?"

"Knowing would only make traveling slower."

"Are they poisonous?" Mauvin asked.

They could all see the silhouetted shoulders of Royce's shadow on the far wall shrug.

"I demand you inform me of such things in future!" Alric declared.

"Do you want to know about the giant millipedes, then too?"

"Are you joking?"

"Royce doesn't make jokes," Arista told him as she looked around, anxiously hugging herself. Immediately her robe brightened and she spotted two snakes on the walls, but they were a safe distance away.

"He must be joking," Alric muttered quietly. "I don't see any."

"You aren't looking up," the thief said.

Arista did not want to. Some instinct, a tiny voice, warned her to fight the impulse, but in the end she just could not help herself. On the low ceiling, illuminated brightly by the robe, slithered a mass of wormlike bugs with an uncountable number of hairlike feet. Each was nearly five inches in length and close to the width of a man's finger. There were so many that they swarmed over each other until it was hard to tell if the ceiling was rock at all. Arista felt a chill run down her back. She clenched her teeth, f #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Stink Bugs quotes by Eric S. Raymond
#21. Rushing to optimize before the bottlenecks are known may be the only error to have ruined more designs than feature creep. From tortured code to incomprehensible data layouts, the results of obsessing about speed or memory or disk usage at the expense of transparency and simplicity are everywhere. They spawn innumerable bugs and cost millions of man-hours - often, just to get marginal gains in the use of some resource much less expensive than debugging time #Quote by Eric S. Raymond
Stink Bugs quotes by Doc Rivers
#22. Winning is like deodorant - it comes up and a lot of things don't stink. #Quote by Doc Rivers
Stink Bugs quotes by Gwen Stefani
#23. It's not about me - it's like, "How can I help you?" And when you give like that, you receive so much. It was an incredible experience, but it also gave me that bug: I wanted new music so badly. #Quote by Gwen Stefani
Stink Bugs quotes by John Ringo
#24. On the deck was a skeleton. Some of the bugs seemed to be fighting for the last scraps of flesh but pretty much everything but bone and some scraps of skin and hair were gone. Bugs were even crawling in and out of the eye sockets, cleaning out the brains.

"Holy crap," Woodman said, "I don't want those getting on me!"

"I just figured out what they are," Gardner said, stepping through the hatch after a flash around with her light. Every step caused a crunch. "And they won't bite."

"They stripped that guy to the bone!" Woodman said.

"That's what they do," Gardner said, bending down and picking up one of the beetles. It skittered along her arm and she shook it off. "They're carrion beetles."

"Carrion?" Woodman said. "So they eat people?"

"They eat dead flesh," Gardner said. "I'd heard Wolf say he'd 'seeded' the boat. I didn't know it was with these."

"Wolf did this?" Woodman said angrily. "To our people?"

"Six of us came off, Woodie," Gardner said softly. "Ninety-four and twenty-six refugees didn't. You've carried bodies. You know how heavy they are. Now . . . they're not."

"That's horrible," Woodman said.

"No," Gardner said, flashing her light around. "It's efficient, simple and brutal. It's Wolf all over if you think about it. These things only eat dead flesh. They may get into some of the electronics but those are mostly thrashed by the infecteds, anyway. It cleans the #Quote by John Ringo
Stink Bugs quotes by Gayle Forman
#25. Edible. But I still hated the shows and hated myself for hating them. The clubs were smoky, which hurt my eyes and made my clothes stink. The speakers were always turned up so high that the music blared, causing my ears to ring so #Quote by Gayle Forman
Stink Bugs quotes by Garrison Keillor
#26. And then I stand in front of God's Throne squinting up at His blazing glory and He says, 'You had your opportunities, boy. But did you listen? No. You went on heedlesly reading that garbagey magazine with pictures of naked girls in it. How juvenile! I gave geese more sense than that.'

Please, God. I'm only fourteen years old. A teenager. Have mercy. Be loving.

I was,' says God. 'For eons. And look at what it got me. You.'

God turns in disgust, just the way Daddy does. 'Sorry, but I'm the Creator. I take it personally. There are slugs and bugs and night-crawlers I feel better about having created - I mean, there are sparrows - I've got my eye on one right now. Is that sparrow consumed with lust? No. He mates in the spring and that's the end of it. Consider the lilies. Do they think about lily tits all the time? No. They look not and they lust not, and yet I say unto you that you will never be half as attractive as they. Therefore, I say unto you, think not about peckers and boobs and all that nonsense and your Heavenly Father will see that you meet a good woman and marry her, just as I do for the sparrow and walleye - yea verily, even the night-crawler and the eelpout. But I've told you this over and over for nineteen centuries. And now, verily, it's too late. Time's up, buster. Lights out! Game's over! #Quote by Garrison Keillor
Stink Bugs quotes by Terence McKenna
#27. The current operating system [culture] is flawed. It actually has bugs in it that generate contradictions. We're cutting the earth from beneath our own feet. We're poisoning the atmosphere that we breathe. This is not intelligent behaviour. This is a culture with a bug in its operating system that's making it produce erratic, dysfunctional, malfunctional behaviour. Time to call a tech! And who are the techs? The shamans are the techs. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Stink Bugs quotes by Chuck Jones
#28. Every great artist must begin by learning to draw with the single line, and my advice to young animators is to learn how to live with that razor-sharp instrument or art. An artist who comes to me with eight or ten good drawings of the human figure in simple lines has a good chance of being hired. But I will tell the artist who comes with a bunch of drawings of Bugs Bunny to go back and learn how to draw the human body. An artist who knows that can learn how to draw ANYTHING, including Bugs Bunny. #Quote by Chuck Jones
Stink Bugs quotes by Steve Jones
#29. I don't want to play stinking, beer-ridden clubs. It depresses me even thinking about that. I really hate it when you're finished with a show and you're in your dressing room with that stink of beer and sweaty girls. It brings back an ugly picture for me. I'd hate to have to do that again. #Quote by Steve Jones
Stink Bugs quotes by Charles Bukowski
#30. then I saw a church. I didn't particularly like churches, especially when they were filled with people. but I didn't figure it out to be that way at 9 p.m. I walked up the steps.
hey hey, woman, come see what's left of your man.
I could sit there a while and breath in the stink, maybe make something out of God, maybe give him a chance. I pulled at the door.
the motherfucker was locked. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Stink Bugs quotes by Jennifer Estep
#31. Emotions flickered in the amber depths, one after another, like lightning bugs winking on and off. Disgust. Anger. Mistrust. Suspicion. Curiosity. #Quote by Jennifer Estep
Stink Bugs quotes by Eoin Colfer
#32. My bugs don't have bugs. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Stink Bugs quotes by Brent Purvis
#33. Nothing say Alaska like dead humpy stink. #Quote by Brent Purvis
Stink Bugs quotes by Nick Mason
#34. I started racing myself and once you get bitten by that bug you really are hooked. #Quote by Nick Mason
Stink Bugs quotes by Chris Hadfield
#35. I even reached a point of detachment where I was able to see clearly that he was a top operator of a complex vehicle who had some great skills and some fundamental problems. The trick to working well with him was to understand that the problems were his, not mine, and they all seemed to stem from his insecurity. He was unable to view his colleagues as anything other than competitors out to destroy him, who therefore needed to be squashed like bugs. Once, flying up to Washington in a NASA jet, I stopped to refuel and a military guy I'd never met before noticed the plane and said, Hey, do you know ____? What an asshole! #Quote by Chris Hadfield

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