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Steege Piano quotes by Andrew Hollander
#1. As a kid, I was always listening to music. I would just go in to my room and put on an album, read the lyrics, and just spend hours and hours in there. Plus, my sister Laurie played piano (in fact she taught me my first few notes) so music was always around one way or another. #Quote by Andrew Hollander
Steege Piano quotes by Alicia Keys
#2. When I had nothing else, I had my mother and the piano. And you know what? They were all I needed. #Quote by Alicia Keys
Steege Piano quotes by Mike Shinoda
#3. I spent ten years playing classical piano, and that was what led to keyboards and eventually to production and to Linkin Park. #Quote by Mike Shinoda
Steege Piano quotes by Madisen Kuhn
#4. I am slowly learning to disregard the insatiable desire to be special. I think it began, the soft piano ballad of epiphanic freedom that danced in my head, when you mentioned that "Van Gogh was her thing" while I stood there in my overall dress, admiring his sunflowers at the art museum. And then again on South Street, while we thumbed through old records and I picked up Morrissey and you mentioned her name like it was stuck in your teeth. Each time, I felt a paintbrush on my cheeks, covering my skin in grey and fading me into a quiet, concealed background that hummed everything you've ever loved has been loved before, and everything you are has already been on an endless loop. It echoed in your wrists that I stared at, walking (home) in the middle of the street, and I felt like a ghost moving forward in an eternal line, waiting to haunt anyone who thought I was worth it. But no one keeps my name folded in their wallet. Only girls who are able to carve their names into paintings and vinyl live in pockets and dust bunnies and bathroom mirrors. And so be it, that I am grey and humming in the background. I am forgotten Sundays and chipped fingernail polish and borrowed sheets. I'm the song you'll get stuck in your head, but it will remind you of someone else. I am 2 in the afternoon, I am the last day of winter, I am a face on the sidewalk that won't show up in your dreams. And I am everywhere, and I am nothing at all. #Quote by Madisen Kuhn
Steege Piano quotes by Phil Cousineau
#5. Reading old travel books or novels set in faraway places, spinning globes, unfolding maps, playing world music, eating in ethnic restaurants, meeting friends in cafes ... all these things are part of never-ending travel practice, not unlike doing scales on a piano, shooting free-throws, or meditating. #Quote by Phil Cousineau
Steege Piano quotes by Khaled Naili
#6. Love is like the piano there are black and white and must play both for a beautiful melody. #Quote by Khaled Naili
Steege Piano quotes by Eddie Van Halen
#7. I never took guitar lessons. I took classical piano lessons from the age of six when we lived in Holland. #Quote by Eddie Van Halen
Steege Piano quotes by Anton Chekhov
#8. NINA
Your life is beautiful.

I see nothing especially lovely about it. [He looks at his watch] Excuse me, I must go at once, and begin writing again. I am in a hurry. [He laughs] You have stepped on my pet corn, as they say, and I am getting excited, and a little cross. Let us discuss this bright and beautiful life of mine, though. [After a few moments' thought] Violent obsessions sometimes lay hold of a man: he may, for instance, think day and night of nothing but the moon. I have such a moon. Day and night I am held in the grip of one besetting thought, to write, write, write! Hardly have I finished one book than something urges me to write another, and then a third, and then a fourth--I write ceaselessly. I am, as it were, on a treadmill. I hurry for ever from one story to another, and can't help myself. Do you see anything bright and beautiful in that? Oh, it is a wild life! Even now, thrilled as I am by talking to you, I do not forget for an instant that an unfinished story is awaiting me. My eye falls on that cloud there, which has the shape of a grand piano; I instantly make a mental note that I must remember to mention in my story a cloud floating by that looked like a grand piano. I smell heliotrope; I mutter to myself: a sickly smell, the colour worn by widows; I must remember that in writing my next description of a summer evening. I catch an idea in every sentence of yours or of my own, and hasten to lock all these treasures in my lit #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Steege Piano quotes by Micky Dolenz
#9. I had piano lessons at five and started guitar at ten, but although music and acting was always around me, my parents never pressured me into it. #Quote by Micky Dolenz
Steege Piano quotes by Cary Fowler
#10. The coldest growing seasons of the future [will be] hotter than the hottest of the past. Is agriculture adapted to that? I don't know. Can fish play the piano? #Quote by Cary Fowler
Steege Piano quotes by Maurizio Pollini
#11. Steinway grand pianos are the best in the world. #Quote by Maurizio Pollini
Steege Piano quotes by Adam Schlesinger
#12. I normally write on acoustic guitar, although piano is the instrument that I actually studied. Occasionally, I'll write on the piano or sometimes with no instrument at all. #Quote by Adam Schlesinger
Steege Piano quotes by Kody Keplinger
#13. Before he could say my name, I closed the space between us. Quickly, my lips moved against his. The mental and emotional emptiness took over instantly, but physically, I was more alert than ever. Wesley's surprise didn't last as long as it had before, and his hands were on me in seconds. My fingers tangled in his soft hair, and Wesley's tongue darted into my mouth and became a new weapon in our war.
Once again, my body took complete control of everything. Nothing existed at the corners of my mind; no irritating thoughts harassed me. Even the sounds of Wesley's stereo, which had been playing some piano rock I didn't recognize, faded away as my sense of touch heightened.
I was fully conscious of Wesley's hand as it slid up my torso and moved to cup my breast. With an effort, I pushed him away from me. His eyes were wide as he leaned back. "Please don't slap me again," he said.
"Shut up."
I could have stopped there. I could have stood up and left the room. I could have let that kiss be the end of it. But I didn't. The mind-numbing sensation I got from kissing him was so euphoric-such a high-that I couldn't stand to give it up that fast. I might have hated Wesley Rush, but he held the key to my escape, and at that moment I wanted him… I needed him.
Without speaking, without hesitating, I pulled my T-shirt over my head and threw it onto Wesley's bedroom floor. He didn't have a chance to say anything before I put my hands on his shoulders and shoved him ont #Quote by Kody Keplinger
Steege Piano quotes by James Blunt
#14. My mum was very good at making me take up musical instruments, so although there was no popular music she made me learn the recorder when I was three, the violin when I was five and the piano when I was seven. I took up the guitar myself when I was 14. #Quote by James Blunt
Steege Piano quotes by Burt Bacharach
#15. I started playing piano with a little band in high school. I was terrible. I thought I had absolutely no talent. I couldn't keep time. I only got into McGill, which was a lousy music school, because they were taking American music students. #Quote by Burt Bacharach
Steege Piano quotes by James K.A. Smith
#16. It's like we have moral muscles that are trained in the same way our biological muscles are trained when we practice a golf swing or piano scales. Now #Quote by James K.A. Smith
Steege Piano quotes by Andrew W.K.
#17. I always liked major-key music quite a bit, and that might have something to do with so many of the musical experiences of my childhood being based around the piano. On piano, it is very easy to move between major and minor and to really see how it looks and to feel how it sounds. #Quote by Andrew W.K.
Steege Piano quotes by Jason Robert Brown
#18. I don't want costumes and makeup between me and the audience - I want more direct communication. There's something for me about being honest on stage, and I'm at my most honest when I'm behind a piano. So I prefer my concert performances. #Quote by Jason Robert Brown
Steege Piano quotes by Miles Teller
#19. I was not a band geek, per say. But me and my two older sisters played instruments, so I would come home and my sister Dana would be playing the clarinet or playing the piano, and I would play the saxophone, my other sister would be singing, my mom would be singing. I was not afraid to be musical. That was not something that I thought was uncool. #Quote by Miles Teller
Steege Piano quotes by Glenn Gould
#20. One does not play the piano with one's fingers, one plays the piano with one's mind. #Quote by Glenn Gould
Steege Piano quotes by Steven Pressfield
#21. The children who were able to sit for three minutes with a marshmallow on the table in front of them without eating it were rewarded with two marshmallows when the experimenter returned. But that's as crazy as inbox-watching. Krishna said we have the right to our labor, but not to the fruits of our labor. He meant that the piano is its own reward, as is the canvas, the barre, and the movieola. Fuck the marshmallows. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Steege Piano quotes by Allen Toussaint
#22. As a young child, I thought that all pianists played everything. I mean, I thought anything on piano - any piano music, all pianists played it. #Quote by Allen Toussaint
Steege Piano quotes by Trevor Rabin
#23. I never actually had a guitar lesson. I taught myself the guitar from piano exercise books, which led me to have a pretty good technique on the guitar and allowed me to find different ways to do things. #Quote by Trevor Rabin
Steege Piano quotes by Kenny Smith
#24. "Playing" the resources of characterology for the sake of clarification and insight into the structures of actual existence is many times more daunting than playing a piano; it requires the thinking of chords of thoughts, not just isolated simplisms or abstracta; it demands the shaping or encompassing of morphological modes of intelligence that can comprehend gestalten, syndromes, historical and civilizational patterns in which it is not the particulars but their interactive significance (as an ensemble of actualities or principles) that is vital. #Quote by Kenny Smith
Steege Piano quotes by Samaire Armstrong
#25. Frankie Muniz is amazing at everything he does. Many people don't know that he can play the piano like you wouldn't believe, and he can bowl and play basketball like you wouldn't believe. #Quote by Samaire Armstrong
Steege Piano quotes by Austin Butler
#26. I've played guitar and piano for a while, so it's really fun to play music on film. #Quote by Austin Butler
Steege Piano quotes by E.L. James
#27. Good evening, Mrs. Grey," Christian says softly. He's standing by the piano, dressed in a tight black T-shirt, and jeans ... those jeans- the ones he wore in the playroom. Oh my. They are over washed pale-blue denim, snug, ripped at the knee and hot. He saunters over to me, his feet bare, the top button of the jeans undone, his smoldering eyes never leaving mine. "Good to have you home. I've been waiting for you. #Quote by E.L. James
Steege Piano quotes by Sylvia Plath
#28. Being with Jody and Mark and Cal was beginning to weigh on my nerves, like a dull wooden block on the strings of a piano. I was afraid that at any moment my control would snap, and I would start babbling about how I couldn't read and couldn't write and how I must be just about the only person who had stayed awake for a solid month without dropping dead of exhaustion. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Steege Piano quotes by Avril Lavigne
#29. Whenever I'm done with an album cycle, I still wanna write music. If I'm bored when I'm at home, which never happens, my first instinct is to go to the piano and bang something out. #Quote by Avril Lavigne
Steege Piano quotes by Jessi Colter
#30. It's part of what I do at my piano - the hymns. And then I write. #Quote by Jessi Colter
Steege Piano quotes by Jamie Foxx
#31. Actually, music gave me the support when I needed it. I would never have gone to college unless I'd gotten a piano scholarship. And now I'm so glad I got to learn to play the cello, which is a different experience, you're flexing a different muscle, but it's beautiful because it is music. #Quote by Jamie Foxx
Steege Piano quotes by Irene Cara
#32. My mother always wanted to be in show business, but her parents discouraged her. So when I started performing for the mirror she enrolled me in dancing, singing and piano lessons. #Quote by Irene Cara

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