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Stay Informed quotes by Ron Conway
#1. Technology does more than delight, entertain and make our lives more convenient, it's also an agent for social good. That is why it's important for tech startups to stay informed about, and make a mark on, policies that impact them. #Quote by Ron Conway
Stay Informed quotes by Johnny Depp
#2. If I can avoid the mirror when I brush my teeth in the morning, I will. I find security and safety in the most profound degree of ignorance. If you can just stay ignorant of almost everything you'll be OK. It's fine to stay informed and look at things, but to judge things will bog you down. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Stay Informed quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
#3. Work smart, stay informed, never give up, and great things will happen. #Quote by Ziad K. Abdelnour
Stay Informed quotes by Don DeLillo
#4. These are among the people I've tried to know twice, the second time in memory and language. Through them, myself. They are what I've become, in ways I don't understand but which I believe will accrue to a rounded truth, a second life for me as well as them.

Cracking jokes in the mandatory American manner of people self-concious about death. This is the humor of violent surprise.

How do you connect things? Learn their names.

It was a strange conversation, full of hedged remarks and obscure undercurrents, perfect in its way.

I was not a happy runner. I did it to stay interested in my body, to stay informed, and to set up clear lines of endeavor, a standard to meet, a limit to stay within. I was just enough of a puritan to think there must be some virtue in rigorous things, although I was careful not to overdo it.
I never wore the clothes. the shorts, tank top, high socks. Just running shoes and a lightweight shirt and jeans. I ran disguised as an ordinary person.

-When are you two going to have children?
-We're our own children.

In novels lately the only real love, the unconditional love I ever come across is what people feel for animals. Dolphins, bears, wolves, canaries.

I would avoid people, stop drinking.

There was a beggar with a Panasonic.

This is what love comes down to, things that happen and what we say about them.

But nothing mattered so much on thi #Quote by Don DeLillo
Stay Informed quotes by Otep Shamaya
#5. You know just because the majority thinks something is right, doesn't make it right. So, that is up to us, the people that see the wrong, that see the injustice, that stay educated, stay informed, stay involved. And there's an old phrase 'the squeaky wheel, gets the oil.' Right now, our wheels aren't very squeaky; the other side, they're the ones making all the racket ... We just have to get up, stand up, speak out, and don't be silent. #Quote by Otep Shamaya
Stay Informed quotes by Stephen Emond
#6. I'm on the Internet. I stay informed. They let old people on the Internet, you know. #Quote by Stephen Emond
Stay Informed quotes by Immortal Technique
#7. I think that learning to read between the lines of traditional media is one way to stay informed, and also realizing that eventually you're going to have to cross-reference all sorts of different information coming from different sources. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Stay Informed quotes by Barack Obama
#8. When we don't pay close attention to the decisions made by our leaders, when we fail to educate ourselves about the major issues of the day, when we choose not to make our voices and opinions heard, that's when democracy breaks down. That's when power is abused. That's when the most extreme voices in our society fill the void that we leave. That's when powerful interests and their lobbyists are most able to buy access and influence in the corridors of power –- because none of us are there to speak up and stop them.

Participation in public life doesn't mean that you all have to run for public office -– though we could certainly use some fresh faces in Washington. (Laughter and applause.) But it does mean that you should pay attention and contribute in any way that you can. Stay informed. Write letters, or make phone calls on behalf of an issue you care about. If electoral politics isn't your thing, continue the tradition so many of you started here at Michigan and find a way to serve your community and your country –- an act that will help you stay connected to your fellow citizens and improve the lives of those around you. #Quote by Barack Obama
Stay Informed quotes by C.J. Daugherty
#9. Help,' Jo moaned. 'I think I'm in a coma.'

It was seven o'clock. The library walls were scrubbed clean and Allie's neck and shoulders ached whenever she even thought about raising her arms as she sat on the dust sheet next to Jo.

'Do your arms hurt?' Allie asked, rubbing her shoulders.

'God yes.'

'Then you're not in a coma.' Gingerly Allie stretched out her legs. 'Jesus. What have I got myself into? Rachel has a swimming pool and horses. Horses, Jo. I could be floating in a pool and petting soft pony noses if I were still at her house.'

'Here.' Jo turned to face her. 'My nose is soft. You can pet it.'

Allie stroked her nose tiredly. 'Wow. This is just like being at Rachel's. Where's the pool?'

'No pool,' Jo said. 'Showers.'



'Are you two just going to lie there complaining? Or are you coming to dinner?' Allie looked up to see Carter standing above them, studying them doubtfully.

'Jo's in a coma,' Allie informed him. 'She no longer needs food.'

'Wait. Did you say food? I think I'm actually awake.' Jo scrambled to her feet.

'My God,' Allie said mildly. 'It's a miracle.'

'You've only been doing this one day, Sheridan.' Carter reached down to pull her up. 'You can't be tired already.'

'Everything hurts,' she said. 'Shoulders, arms, back …'

'Legs, feet, head …' Jo offered helpfully.
< #Quote by C.J. Daugherty
Stay Informed quotes by Anonymous
#10. We're fine, don't worry. I want to stay still and to keep moving. I want this life and another. Don't look for me! #Quote by Anonymous
Stay Informed quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#11. It's always there - fear - and if you don't stay on top of it, you'll drown. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Stay Informed quotes by Joanna Newsom
#12. I wanted to write songs which I think is a different thing. I wanted to write music that is informed by folk music. The chord progressions are obvious references. #Quote by Joanna Newsom
Stay Informed quotes by Pierce Brown
#13. My heart can't stay here in this cage she herself fled. It must move on. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Stay Informed quotes by Dick Clark
#14. If you want to stay young-looking, pick your parents very carefully. #Quote by Dick Clark
Stay Informed quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#15. I stay neutral with homosexuality; I neither support nor condemn it. But if people are happy with it we must not interfere. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Stay Informed quotes by Natalia Marx
#16. She would stay there, flying across the sea like a mermaid with wings, until the end. #Quote by Natalia Marx
Stay Informed quotes by Tracy Kidder
#17. Children get dealt grossly unequal hands, but that is all the more reason to treat them equally in school, Chris thought. "I think the cruelest form of prejudice is ... if I ever said, 'Clarence is poor, so I'll expect less of him than Alice.' Maybe he won't do what Alice does. But I want his best." She knew that precept wasn't as simple as it sounded. Treating children equally often means treating them very differently. But it also means bringing the same moral force to bear on all of them, saying, in effect, to Clarence that you matter as much as Alice and won't get away with not working, and to Alice that you won't be allowed to stay where you are either. #Quote by Tracy Kidder
Stay Informed quotes by Mark Manson
#18. Yes, breadth of experience is likely necessary and desirable when you're young - after all, you have to go out there and discover what seems worth investing yourself in. But depth is where the gold is buried. And you have to stay committed to something and go deep to dig it up. That's true in relationships, in a career, in building a great lifestyle - in everything. #Quote by Mark Manson
Stay Informed quotes by Daniel H. Pink
#19. An object in motion will stay in motion, and an object at rest will stay at rest, unless acted on by an outside force. #Quote by Daniel H. Pink
Stay Informed quotes by Rick Remender
#20. Fuck 'em. Call it whatever you want. Maybe it's just two people clinging to each other to stay alive. Maybe sometimes that's all love gets to be. And, maybe, if they hold onto each other long enough ... maybe something good finally happens. #Quote by Rick Remender
Stay Informed quotes by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
#21. With every morsel I consumed, I was informed that princes most love slender young ladies. As I was as interested in a prince's love as in sticking my fish fork into my ear, I reacted to this by cleaning my plate ever more thoroughly. #Quote by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Stay Informed quotes by Alice Sebold
#22. Since then he had taken these photos out too many times to count, but each time he looked into the face of this woman he had felt something growing inside him. It took him a long time to realize what it was. Only recently had his wounded synapses allowed him to name it. He had been falling in love all over again.
He didn't understand how two people who were married, who saw each other every day, could forget what each other looked like, but if he had had to name what had happened- this was it. And the last two photos in the roll provided the key. He had come home from work- I remember trying to keep my mother's attention as Holiday barked when he had heard the car pull into the garage.
'He'll come out,' I said. 'Stay still.' And she did. Part of what I loved about photography was the power it gave me over the people on the other side of the camera, even my own parents.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw my father walk through the side door into the yard. He carried his slim briefcase, which, years before, Lindsey and I had heatedly investigated only to find very little of interest to us. As he set it down I snapped the last solitary photo of my mother. Already her eyes had begun to seem distracted and anxious, diving under and up into a mask somehow. In the next photo, the mast was almost, but not quite, in place and in the final photo, where my father was leaning slightly down to give her a kiss on the cheek- there it was.
'Did I do that to you?' he aske #Quote by Alice Sebold
Stay Informed quotes by Madeleine M. Kunin
#23. Hugs are helpful, especially when women step out into a mostly male political world. Emotional support, at critical moments, enables women to stay in the race. #Quote by Madeleine M. Kunin
Stay Informed quotes by Richard Pryor
#24. The black groups that boycott certain films would do better to get the money together to make the films they want to see, or stay in church and leave us to our work. #Quote by Richard Pryor
Stay Informed quotes by Alanis Morissette
#25. I think some fans want everything to stay they same because they want to stay the same. #Quote by Alanis Morissette
Stay Informed quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#26. If you are a fish, stay away from the fishhook; if you are a lover, stay away from the suspicion. #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Stay Informed quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#27. He's right, you know. Kaz shouldn't send you to do his dirty work."
"It's all dirty work."
"But we do it just the same," he said with a sigh.
"You look exhausted. Will you sleep at all tonight?"
Jesper just winked. "Not while the cards are hot. Stay and play a bit. Kaz will stake you."
"Really, Jesper?" she'd said, pulling up her hood. "If I want to watch men dig holes to fall into, I'll find myself a cemetery."
"Come on, Inej," he'd called after her as she passed through the big double doors onto the street. "You're good luck!"
Saints, she'd thought, if he believes that, he really must be desperate. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Stay Informed quotes by Deborah Hautzig
#28. But I know that if I don't at least try, I'll stay the way I am till it kills me. Till I kill me, I mean. I never really accept that that's what I'm doing - I say it, but I don't believe it. #Quote by Deborah Hautzig
Stay Informed quotes by George R R Martin
#29. Drink and stay quiet, the king is talking. #Quote by George R R Martin
Stay Informed quotes by Mike Chinoy
#30. In a gesture of astonishing chutzpah, the North Koreans were submitting a bill of $3,241 for his enforced stay at the Yanggakdo Hotel. They'd even broken the room rate down, with six days at the "tourist season" rate of $75/day, and 36 days at the "ordinary season" rate of $60/day. Plus $591 for meals, $14 for dessert, and $23 for the phone call to Lee. And, as a final insult, there was a $3 fee for "a lost plate." Merrill asked the State Department whether paying might help the other Americans detained in North Korea, and was told no. The bill remains unpaid. #Quote by Mike Chinoy
Stay Informed quotes by Lauryn Hill
#31. I get mad when you walk away (don't walk away from me cmon now), so I tell you leave when I mean stay #Quote by Lauryn Hill
Stay Informed quotes by James Whitcomb Riley
#32. A Parting Guest
What delightful hosts are they
Life and Love!
Lingeringly I turn away,
This late hour, yet glad enough
They have not withheld from me
Their high hospitality.
So, with face lit with delight
And all gratitude, I stay
Yet to press their hands and say,
Thanks. - So fine a time! Good night. #Quote by James Whitcomb Riley
Stay Informed quotes by Michelle Akers
#33. At this level almost everyone has the physical tools to be the best. It comes down to a few things: how bad you want it, what you do when things get hard, and whether you are able to stay focused amid turmoil, challenge, chaos and demands. It's all in your head and in your heart. #Quote by Michelle Akers
Stay Informed quotes by Bell Hooks
#34. I'm such a girl for the living room. I really like to stay in my nest and not move. I travel in my mind, and that that's a rigorous state of journeying for me. My body isn't that interested in moving from place to place. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Stay Informed quotes by Masha Gessen
#35. When you're part of the opposition you want to stay. It's part of your identity. You're useless if you leave. You feel like you have failed. #Quote by Masha Gessen
Stay Informed quotes by C.S. Lewis
#36. I do love that tune - but really, I must go home. I only meant to stay for a few minutes. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Stay Informed quotes by Dale Seslick
#37. Stay safe. Stay alive. Stay unreanimated. #Quote by Dale Seslick
Stay Informed quotes by Amit Ray
#38. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to channelize our energy for the right cause, and stay motivated against all the odds. #Quote by Amit Ray
Stay Informed quotes by Bella Thorne
#39. It's not the traditional promise ring. It's basically to always stay truthful. I think that's a really important part of a relationship, that you're always honest with each other. #Quote by Bella Thorne
Stay Informed quotes by Jeff Bridges
#40. As far as 3-D goes, I don't know if that will stay very long because things are moving so rapidly. #Quote by Jeff Bridges
Stay Informed quotes by Franz Kafka
#41. I am not actually tired, but numb and heavy, and can't find the right words. All I can say is: Stay with me, don't leave me. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Stay Informed quotes by Levon Helm
#42. I never subscribe to the stay-at-home policy. I'm not sick of the road or sick of eating in good restaurants around the country. I like to travel. #Quote by Levon Helm
Stay Informed quotes by George Lucas
#43. You need to have a lot of close family around you, a lot of friends to keep you honest. Take your time, take a year and just slow everything down a little bit. Get away from the success part, stay with yourself. Go off on a beach somewhere or do something to keep yourself aligned right. #Quote by George Lucas
Stay Informed quotes by Katie McGarry
#44. Just a shower. If you want me to stay on the opposite side, I will. I won't kiss. I won't touch."
Echo flashes that siren smile. "What if I want to kiss you?"
"You're trying to kill me, aren't you? #Quote by Katie McGarry
Stay Informed quotes by Ronnie O'Sullivan
#45. So, all in all, the whore's drawers are back up, and with any luck they'll stay that way. #Quote by Ronnie O'Sullivan
Stay Informed quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
#46. People don't actually stay still, you know - when their area is a disaster, they go somewhere else, right? And that's just a natural human impulse. #Quote by Paolo Bacigalupi
Stay Informed quotes by Terrell Davis
#47. The one thing that scares me the most is failing. It scares me that one day I won't be at this level. But while I'm here and while I'm having success early, I'm trying to do everything to stay on this level. #Quote by Terrell Davis
Stay Informed quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#48. Stay focused; leave everything and do something #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Stay Informed quotes by John A.   Miller
#49. Missing you
I wish I could hold you in my arms again all through the night.
As we lay together I hold you so tight.
To feel your soft skin up against mine as we sleep.
I feel your breath on my skin and it feels so deep.
If this is a dream and you're not real I do not wish to wake.
I'm hoping this is true and I enjoy this time we take.
Two souls together as one with a single beating heart.
I'm thankful for this time and never want to be apart.
I don't want to rise and greet the new day.
I want you here forever and wish you could stay.
As the sun rises and god knows I try.
I awake alone and then begin to cry.
For you have left me and now its ben a year.
I think of you often as I wipe away a tear.
I miss you so much as I take a deep breath.
I will see you again when It's time for my death.
I want you to know that you are my love.
I think of you often when I look at the stars above.
I walk in a daze and talk to your stone.
I want to be with you I'm tired of being alone.
The day is over and night time is here.
I wait for you again and in my arms you appear.
For tonight is different and you won't have to leave.
Were together again and I'm happy, so please dont grieve.
John a Miller #Quote by John A. Miller
Stay Informed quotes by Christina Dodd
#50. I can't take this kind of suspense. Decide now." He untied the ropes around her wrists. "Walk out the door. In a year you'll be free of any entanglements with me. Or stay and be my wife. My real wife. Make your choice."
She looked down at the loosened ropes still wrapped around her, then up at him.
He wore an expression of fierce indifference, but she knew better. This proud man, this noble marquees, had made up his mind he wished to marry her without knowing who she was or what she'd done. She would guess the decision was his first impetuous gesture since the day his mother had disappeared.
Amy couldn't fool herself. For him to go so contrary to his own nature, he must feel an overwhelming emotion for her. #Quote by Christina Dodd
Stay Informed quotes by Teresa Medeiros
#51. Stay with me always, my sweet, my love . . . my Claire. #Quote by Teresa Medeiros
Stay Informed quotes by H. G. Bissinger
#52. The solution to the problem of poor performance scores had been a new system of grading that would encourage students to stay in school as well as improve their self-esteem. Beyond these important, admirable goals, it also had a more immediate purpose: it would undoubtedly reduce the school's notoriously high failure rate, which had become an embarrassment to the school and to the school board. Under the plan, equal weight was given to class participation (which to some teachers meant simply showing up, because how on earth were you supposed to quantify participation?), homework, weekly tests, and a final exam at the end of every six-week period. A student could flunk every weekly test as well as the final exam and still pass a course for that period. #Quote by H. G. Bissinger
Stay Informed quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#53. Wouldn't you like to order me to stay out on the porch, sir . . . so as not to overhear something somehow, by chance . . . . because the rooms are tiny."
"That's a good idea; stay out on the porch. Take the umbrella."
"Your umbrella . . . am I worth it, sir?"
"Every man is worth an umbrella."
"At one stroke you define the minimum of human rights . . . #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Stay Informed quotes by Bern Will Brown
#54. It's a great life, and Margaret and I are going to stay put above the Arctic Circle where we're happy. #Quote by Bern Will Brown
Stay Informed quotes by Lundy Bancroft
#55. I have sometimes said to a client: "If you are so in touch with your feelings from your abusive childhood, then you should know what abuse feels like. You should be able to remember how miserable it was to be cut down to nothing, to be put in fear, to be told that the abuse is your own fault. You should be less likely to abuse a woman, not more so, from having been through it." Once I make this point, he generally stops mentioning his terrible childhood; he only wants to draw attention to it if it's an excuse to stay the same, not if it's a reason to change. #Quote by Lundy Bancroft
Stay Informed quotes by George Andrew Olah
#56. During our stay in London for the first time I was able to establish personal contact with some of the organic chemists, whose work I knew and admired from the literature. I found them most gracious and helpful. #Quote by George Andrew Olah
Stay Informed quotes by Patrick Downes
#57. So I stay in bed, thinking, not even reading. I write poems. I cry. I sleep. I become one with the bed, rooted. I'm sort of a mushroom. #Quote by Patrick Downes

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