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Starbury Shoes quotes by Karen Elson
#1. If a model is going to make some shoes, she's going to make them comfortable. #Quote by Karen Elson
Starbury Shoes quotes by Jennifer Shirk
#2. Georgie?" He reached out with both hands to steady her - and himself. His mind had trouble focusing. He couldn't believe Georgie was actually standing in front of him. She looked liked an angel - in knee-high biker boots. Those boots looked even better in real life than in his imagination. He gazed into her eyes and was filled with so many emotions, so many things he wanted to say to her, he didn't know where to start. "I like your shoes," he said. #Quote by Jennifer Shirk
Starbury Shoes quotes by Jarod Kintz
#3. Kindly remove your shoes from my bullshit. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Starbury Shoes quotes by Renata Adler
#4. Those for whom there was, first dimly, then more bright, then dimly again, a possibility. Which, though dimly, perhaps still exists, but which they know, have somehow always known, would never come to anything. They were never, how can I put this, going to be a part of life. It is as though, going through a landscape, through the seasons, in the same general direction as everybody else, they never quite made it to the road. Through the years, humanity, like a tide of refugees or pilgrims, shoeless and in rags, or in Mercedes, station wagons, running shoes, were traveling on, joined by others, falling by the way. And we, joined though we may be, briefly, by other strays, or by road travelers on their little detours, nonetheless never quite joined the continuing procession, of life and birth, never quite found or made it to the road. Whose voice is this? Not here. Not mine. #Quote by Renata Adler
Starbury Shoes quotes by Eugene Kennedy
#5. The whole world feels that it knows Francis, not so much because he follows Francis of Assisi but because he is always himself. We have seen him pay his own hotel bill and heard that Francis called Buenos Aires for a pair of ordinary black shoes, like John XXIII, who preferred stout peasant shoes to the traditional papal footwear. #Quote by Eugene Kennedy
Starbury Shoes quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
#6. You might be a redneck if you have to check in the bottom of your shoe for change so you can get Grandma a new plug of tobacco. #Quote by Jeff Foxworthy
Starbury Shoes quotes by Bill Watterson
#7. I've always been a huge fan of fantasy and adventure, putting yourself in someone else's shoes, I'm sure that's why I'm an actor. It's why I played with action figures as a kid, that's why I wrote and drew and read comics as a kid. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Starbury Shoes quotes by Marc Jacobs
#8. I've learned a lot about doing accessories and making shoes and handbags. I don't think my perspective has really changed. The subtlety of understanding yarns, what makes a fabric what it is - I've learned technical skills and more about the craft. #Quote by Marc Jacobs
Starbury Shoes quotes by Sarah Brightman
#9. I don't force myself to exercise; I find going to gyms really boring. I find it easier to go for a fast walk or a jog in Central Park. I wear sensible shoes because my ballet dancing left me with a bunion on one foot after all the pointe exercises. #Quote by Sarah Brightman
Starbury Shoes quotes by Dakota Cassidy
#10. Do you promise to help me pack up my apartment and get all my stuff? I have a lot of stuff. A lot. Shoes and purses and clothes and nail polish. I have way more purses than you brought and at least a gatrillion dresses. I can't live without them-'
'I promise to haul your shit around. #Quote by Dakota Cassidy
Starbury Shoes quotes by Graham Coxon
#11. I'm a bit of lunatic with shoes and jackets and jeans. It's just how I am. #Quote by Graham Coxon
Starbury Shoes quotes by Marcello Lippi
#12. What happened in the United changing room has happened to me 50 times in my career. I have kicked bottles of mineral water, bags and shoes but I never hit a player. It's a question of technique, and the Scots must have a better technique. #Quote by Marcello Lippi
Starbury Shoes quotes by Penny Reid
#13. waiting for the other shoe to drop. Did you know it originated in cities like Chicago and New York?" "No. I did not" He tilted his head, his mouth hooking upward to one side as though he were trying not to laugh. "Tell me about it."He was teasing me again. "Well, it did. So…"He lifted his eyebrows, "That's all? You're not going to tell me the specific origin of the idiom waiting for the other shoe to drop'?"I shook my head, "I don't know it."He mimicked me and shook his head in response, "You're lying. You do know.""Nope. I don't.""This is just like the mammals." He sighed and placed his phone on the table. Before he took a bite from his sandwich he said, "You're stingy with information."My frowned deepened, "No, I'm not-"His words were somewhat garbled as he spoke between chewing, "You're an information tease.""What?!""Or maybe you don't really know the origin and you're just making things up to impress me-" he took another bite. "I am not! It originates from the late industrial revolution, in the late 19th and early 20th century.Apartments were all built with the same floor plan, in similar design so one tenant's bedroom was
under another's. Therefore it was normal to hear an upstairs neighbor removing his or her shoes and hearing one shoe hit the floor, then the other, when they undressed at night.""I wonder what else they heard." His gaze held mine, seemed to burn with a new intensity."I suppose anything that was loud enough. #Quote by Penny Reid
Starbury Shoes quotes by Ornitha Danielle
#14. On this literary journey. I never thought that this would ever come true. I'm finally living out my dreams. Not trying to be a carbon copy I'm the blueprint, I am who I am and not going to make excuses for who I am. I'll never trying to pretend to be someone else its too hard being me as it is, nor would I try to walk in another's shoes, don't need the foot fungus. I'm too much of a Diva for that, I love my own Stillettos! Now that is my swag ™ #Quote by Ornitha Danielle
Starbury Shoes quotes by Stacey Lewis
#15. Please don't leave," she whispers. Her voice is barely audible and when I hesitate she hurriedly says, "Never mind, I'll be okay. You don't have to stay."

Her softly spoken words make the decision for me, and as I slip my shoes and socks off, I grin at her. "Darlin', if you want me here, I'm not going anywhere. #Quote by Stacey Lewis
Starbury Shoes quotes by Johnny Cash
#16. I'm thankful for a pair of shoes that feel really good on my feet; I like my shoes. I'm thankful for the birds; I feel like they're singing just for me when I get up in the morning ... Saying, 'Good morning, John. You made it, John.' I'm thankful for the sea breeze that feels so good right now, and the scent of jasmine when the sun starts going down. I'm thankful ... #Quote by Johnny Cash
Starbury Shoes quotes by Erling Kagge
#17. After having put my shoes on and let my thoughts wander, I am sure of one thing – to put one foot in front of the other is one of the most important things we do. #Quote by Erling Kagge
Starbury Shoes quotes by Marie Helvin
#18. I've slipped enough times over the years to know the peril of a too-smooth sole, so every time I buy a new pair, I take a pair of scissors or a piece of sandpaper to the bottoms to roughen them up. In my catwalk days, I even used to spit on the soles of shoes before I ventured down the runway. #Quote by Marie Helvin
Starbury Shoes quotes by Kathy Reichs
#19. Edmonton is Canada's answer to Omaha. Solid, unassuming, and surrounded by a whole lot of nothing. It's a place that makes you think of sensible shoes. #Quote by Kathy Reichs
Starbury Shoes quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#20. Horses are of a breed unique to Fantasyland. They are capable of galloping full-tilt all day without a rest. Sometimes they do not require food or water. They never cast shoes, go lame or put their hooves down holes, except when the Management deems it necessary, as when the forces of the Dark Lord are only half an hour behind. They never otherwise stumble. Nor do they ever make life difficult for Tourists by biting or kicking their riders or one another. They never resist being mounted or blow out so that their girths slip, or do any of the other things that make horses so chancy in this world. For instance, they never shy and seldom whinny or demand sugar at inopportune moments. But for some reason you cannot hold a conversation while riding them. If you want to say anything to another Tourist (or vice versa), both of you will have to rein to a stop and stand staring out over a valley while you talk. Apart from this inexplicable quirk, horses can be used just like bicycles, and usually are. Much research into how these exemplary animals come to exist has resulted in the following: no mare ever comes into season on the Tour and no stallion ever shows an interest in a mare; and few horses are described as geldings. It therefore seems probable that they breed by pollination. This theory seems to account for everything, since it is clear that the creatures do behave more like vegetables than mammals. Nomads appears to have a monopoly on horse-breeding. They alone possess the se #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Starbury Shoes quotes by Anne Fadiman
#21. When the Irish novelist John McGahern was a child, his sisters unlaced and removed one of his shoes while he was reading. He did not stir. They placed a straw hat on his head. No response. Only when they took away the wooden chair on which he was sitting did he, as he puts it, 'wake out of the book'. #Quote by Anne Fadiman
Starbury Shoes quotes by Michael Connelly
#22. Twelve-hundred-dollar chairs and wore sleek designer shoes with tassels. Gone were the days of thick rubber soles and function over form, #Quote by Michael Connelly
Starbury Shoes quotes by Frances Hardinge
#23. She realized now that she had been expecting old-fashioned instruments – pipes, fifes, fiddles and tinny drums. Instead there came the cocksure, brassy warble of a saxophone, the blare of a cornet and the squeak and trill of a clarinet being made to work for its living. Not-Triss had heard jazz with neatly wiped shoes and jazz with gritty soles and a grin. And this too was jazz, but barefoot on the grass and blank-eyed with bliss, its musical strands irregular as wind gusts and unending as ivy vines. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Starbury Shoes quotes by E. Lockhart
#24. And Gat did shut up, but his face contorted. He stood abruptly, picked up a rock from the sand, and threw it with all his force. He pulled off his sweatshirt and kicked off his shoes. Then he walked into the sea in his jeans. Angry. #Quote by E. Lockhart
Starbury Shoes quotes by Geraldine McCaughrean
#25. The chief thing is to make children feel good about themselves. They want to step into the shoes of a hero who is bigger and stronger, to face tremendous dangers and come home safely for tea. #Quote by Geraldine McCaughrean
Starbury Shoes quotes by John Fante
#26. These were my countrymen, these were the new Californians. With their bright polo shirts and sunglasses, they were in paradise, they belonged. But down on Main Street, down on Towne and San Pedro, and for a mile on lower Fifth Street were the tens of thousands of others; they couldn't afford sunglasses or a four-bit polo shirt and they hid in the alleys by day and slunk off to flop houses by night. A cop won't pick you up for vagrancy in Los Angeles if you wear a fancy polo shirt and a pair of sunglasses. But if there is dust on your shoes and that sweater you wear is thick like the sweaters they wear in the snow countries, he'll grab you. So get yourselves a polo shirt boys, and a pair of sunglasses, and white shoes, if you can. Be collegiate. It'll get you anyway. After a while, after big doses of the Times and the Examiner, you too will whoop it up for the sunny south. You'll eat hamburgers year after year and live in dusty, vermin-infested apartments and hotels, but every morning you'll see the mighty sun, the eternal blue of the sky, and the streets will be full of sleek women you never will possess, and the hot semi-tropical nights will reek of romance, you'll never have, but you'll still be in paradise, boys, in the land of sunshine.
As for the folks back home, you can lie to them, because they hate the truth anyway, they won't have it, because soon or late they want to come out to paradise, too. #Quote by John Fante
Starbury Shoes quotes by Mark Owen
#27. When you're more experienced and have been in the car crash a million times, and have made mistakes and learned from them, everything slows down and something as small as shoes can stand out. #Quote by Mark Owen
Starbury Shoes quotes by Andrew Matthews
#28. A healthy self-love means we have no compulsion to justify to ourselves or others why we take vacations, why we sleep late, why we buy new shoes, why we spoil ourselves from time to time. We feel comfortable doing things which add quality and beauty to life. #Quote by Andrew Matthews
Starbury Shoes quotes by John Gay
#29. Let firm, well hammer'd soles protect thy feet Through freezing snows, and rains, and soaking sleet; Should the big last extend the shoe too wide, Each stone will wrench the unwary step aside; The sudden turn may stretch the swelling vein, The cracking joint unhinge, or ankle sprain; And when too short the modish shoes are worn, You'll judge the seasons by your shooting corn. #Quote by John Gay
Starbury Shoes quotes by Andre Benjamin
#30. Everybody's got opinions on the way you're livin',
But see, they can't fill your shoes. #Quote by Andre Benjamin
Starbury Shoes quotes by Marian Keyes
#31. I never wear flats. My shoes are so high that sometimes when I step out of them, people look around in confusion and ask, "Where'd she go?" and I have to say, "I'm down here. #Quote by Marian Keyes
Starbury Shoes quotes by Jack C. Monroe
#32. Hey, Mrs. Jakes, how come people can't afford new shoes or food, but they can still buy candy?" She smiled and waved him off. "Oh, people will always find a way to buy chocolate, Elliot. Chocolate is forever. #Quote by Jack C. Monroe
Starbury Shoes quotes by Zsuzsi Gartner
#33. Wisteria hangs over the eaves like clumps of ghostly grapes. Euphorbia's pale blooms billow like sea froth. Blood grass twists upward, knifing the air, while underground its roots go berserk, goosing everything in their path. A magnolia, impatient with vulvic flesh, erupts in front of the living room window. The recovering terrorist
holding a watering can filled with equal parts fish fertilizer and water, paisley gloves right up over her freckled forearms, a straw hat with its big brim shading her eyes, old tennis shoes speckled with dew
moves through her front garden. Her face, she tells herself, like a Zen koan. The look of one lip smiling. #Quote by Zsuzsi Gartner
Starbury Shoes quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#34. Check on Ren." – Sundown
"In the electricity cube? What kind of psycho are you?" – Sasha
"Sasha…" – Sundown
"Fine. I get shocked, you better start checking shoes before you put them on." – Sasha #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Starbury Shoes quotes by Manolo Blahnik
#35. You get two weeks after you do a shoe where you can test whether it's good or not - if you're going to like it in 20 years. Then I know that it's going to be my shoe for a long time. That doesn't happen very often, but it happens. #Quote by Manolo Blahnik
Starbury Shoes quotes by Jandy Nelson
#36. How will I survive this missing? How do others do it? People die all the time. Every day. Every hour. There are families all over the world staring at beds that are no longer slept in, shoes that are no longer worn. Families that no longer have to buy a particular cereal, a kind of shampoo. There are people everywhere standing in line at the movies, buying curtains, walking dogs, while inside, their hearts are ripping to shreds. For years. For their whole lives. I don't believe time heals. I don't want it to. If I heal, doesn't that mean I've accepted the world without her? #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Starbury Shoes quotes by Lena Dunham
#37. So I have to get started now. It's time to get started now. And why not? I wonder. I have a job. I am in love. We have an extra bedroom that we are currently using for shoes, boxes, and occasional guests. I am told my dog is unusually good with children. I already look fucking pregnant. Why the hell not. #Quote by Lena Dunham
Starbury Shoes quotes by Emily Post
#38. Bread is like dressed, hats and shoes - in other words, essential! #Quote by Emily Post
Starbury Shoes quotes by Navid Negahban
#39. You just need to put yourself in someone else's shoes and then see how they feel and then you will understand why they are reacting or why they are behaving the way that they are behaving. We need to be fair. #Quote by Navid Negahban
Starbury Shoes quotes by Alan Tudyk
#40. That's where I'm comfortable - playing a jackass on the scene, rolling in with my pocket watch and my buffoon hairdo, with my shoes. #Quote by Alan Tudyk
Starbury Shoes quotes by Jarod Kintz
#41. I wanted "300" to be less about fighting, and more about bowling. At least they could have had the Spartans wear bowling shoes. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Starbury Shoes quotes by Ilya Ilf
#42. A Spaniard and a Pole worked in the barbershop where we got our hair cut. An Italian shined our shoes. A Croat washed our car. This was America. #Quote by Ilya Ilf

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