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Stalking quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#1. I didn't look over my shoulder; there wasn't a sound behind me on the pavement, but I knew he was coming slowly after me. The crawl of the skin up and down my back told me. Little needles of warning that gathered at the back of my skull told me. I'd never known until then that the jungles aren't so very far behind us, after all, and tails, and four feet instead of two. Where else did those symptoms come from?
("Don't Wait Up For Me, Tonight") #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Stalking quotes by Ashley Poston
#2. On your left!" my bodyguard shouts again, skirting around me. "Looks like you only got two speeds - slow and slower!"

I glare after him. "Excuse me?"

Lonny spins around and begins jogging backward. "Prove me wrong, pretty boy."

That is it.

He has followed me. He has towered over me with that serious, terrifyingly calm face of his. He's been a quiet, stalking Weeping Angel for as long as he's been around. But Hades'll freeze over before I let him throw shade like that. #Quote by Ashley Poston
Stalking quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#3. Blood stopped binding us the instant he came at my throat. If this thing is stalking me because of him, then I'm more than ready to slash his throat and laugh while he bleeds to death at my feet. Give me the knife and stand back. (Aiden) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Stalking quotes by Jaclyn Moriarty
#4. And everywhere I turned: Riley and Amelia.
I suppose this could have been because I was always following them around. #Quote by Jaclyn Moriarty
Stalking quotes by Siobhan Davis
#5. I engage in subtle stalking. That's entirely different and perfectly socially acceptable. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Stalking quotes by Joe Meno
#6. His face almost looked the way it did when he was a teenager, when there was the subtle expression of both confidence and mischief in his darkly handsome eyes. When I think of him now, though, I don't picture his face the way it is. What I see is from a memory, from a moment when he must have been eleven or twelve years old and we were both in our backyard and it was summertime and I was drawing in a coloring book and he was there in the green grass and he didn't know I was watching him. He was crawling around on all fours; he was practicing being a lion or a tiger or more probably a leopard and he was growling to himself, stalking the shadow of a bird, and he didn't see me staring at him and I think my mother was there, looking at us from an upstairs window, watching us both and gently smiling, and what I remember most is that all of us were happy then with who we were at that moment; at that moment, all of us were quietly happy. #Quote by Joe Meno
Stalking quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#7. Catch me if I fall, all right?"
A smile curved his lips in a most delightful manner. "I've already fallen hard, Wadsworth. Perhaps you should have warned me sooner. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Stalking quotes by Aaron-Michael Hall
#8. Druehox was a smug churl who wouldn't have given her the time of day had she wanted his attention. Since the opposite was true, his advances bordered on stalking. Every night, he appeared to have a different woman's company. They doted and sniffed behind him as if he was the ruler of the twelve kingdoms. #Quote by Aaron-Michael Hall
Stalking quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#9. Love has a way of making the sane insane and the insane normal. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Stalking quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#10. A witch there was, who webs could weave
to snare the heart and wits to reave,
who span dark spells with spider-craft,
and as she span she softly laughed;
a drink she brewed of strength and dread
to bind the quick and stir the dead.
In a cave she housed where winging bats
their harbour sought, and owls and cats
from hunting came with mournful cries,
night-stalking near with needle eyes. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Stalking quotes by Sophie Blackall
#11. Someone wrote to me asking me to illustrate a missed connection that "hasn't happened yet." This guy has seen the same girl waiting at a bus stop on his morning commute for weeks, and has been trying to find a way to approach her. He thought it would be fun to put up a Missed Connections poster [of my painting] on the corner where she waits and see what happens. It is kind of an intriguing idea but there's something a bit too manipulative about it for my liking. It's a fine line between being creative and stalking! #Quote by Sophie Blackall
Stalking quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#12. Plants do everything animals do, but slowly. They migrate, communicate, deceive, stalk their food and, with an ostentation of styles and perfumes to put the animal kingdom to shame, they make love. It's just that catching them in flagrante delicto might require time-lapse photography. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Stalking quotes by Saint John Chrysostom
#13. Intemperance is a hydra with a hundred heads. She never stalks abroad unaccompanied with impurity, anger, and the most infamous profligacies. #Quote by Saint John Chrysostom
Stalking quotes by Benjamin Myers
#14. Each time he returned to town, to home, to lie in bed perfectly still beside his sleeping wife, his senses enlivened, William Deighton felt utterly exhausted, yet he was nevertheless imbued and infused with a sort of joyful drunkenness too, and increasingly a part of him was still out there, stalking the moor, a half-feral man whose very dreams were now scented by heather and lit by moonlight, crackling with the mute power of all things connected. #Quote by Benjamin Myers
Stalking quotes by Hannah Harrington
#15. Sketchy black van? Weird stalking of my house? What are you going to do next, offer me some candy? #Quote by Hannah Harrington
Stalking quotes by William Sarabande
#16. Torka extended a conciliatory hand and laid it upon the old man's shoulder. "Umak, Manaravak, Dak, and Tankh and Chuk will walk at my side. We will miss your strength, courage, and wisdom, but a man in possession of these qualities is needed here".

They left Grek standing at the edge of camp with his spear in hand and his pack frame on his back. As Torka walked on without looking back he wondered if he had ever done anything in his life as difficult as that.

"You had no choice." Umak came to walk beside him with Dak and Companion at his side. Manaravak and the two boys trotted on ahead.

Torka eyed Dak and Umak without slowing his step. "Do you two imagine that you will never be old?"

Dak replied with his usual curtness. "When I am old, I will have sense enough to know when it is time to step aside and let younger men take my place on the hunt".

"It would seem the best thing to do," Torka agreed. "But will you know when you are old? Or will your years sneak up on you like hunters tracking caribou… one after the other, each looking just the same until the stalking cloaks fall away and the spears of truth come out to wound you… until one day you are a young man trapped and rattling around in an old man's skin, still believing that your old bones can do all the things they once did in your youth and trying to prove it even if it kills you? #Quote by William Sarabande
Stalking quotes by Shaun Sipos
#17. The Internet is great for things, like finding the answers to things you pretended to know or stalking people. #Quote by Shaun Sipos
Stalking quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#18. Gideon rose up to his full height, watching their progress as they faded into the night. He then turned his diamondlike eyes until they narrowed on the female Demon who had remained so still and quiet that she had gone unremembered. An interesting feat, considering the remarkable presence of the beauty.
"You have grown strong, Legna," he remarked quietly.
"In only a decade? I am sure it has not made much of a difference."
"To teleport me from such a great distance took respectful skill and strength. You well know it."
"Thank you. I shall have to remember to feel weak and fluttery inside now that you complimented me."
Gideon narrowed his eyes coldly on her. "You sound like that acerbic little human. It does not become you."
"I sound like myself," Legna countered, her irritation crackling through his thoughts as the emotion overflowed her control. "Or have you forgotten that I am far too immature for your tastes?"
"I never said such a thing."
"You did. You said I was too young to even begin to understand you." She lifted her chin, so lost in her wounded pride that she spoke before she thought. "At least I was never so immature that Jacob had to punish me for stalking a human."
Gideon's spine went extremely straight, his eyes glittering with warning as she hit home on the still-raw wound. "Maturity had nothing to do with that, and you well know it. It is below you to be so petty, Magdelegna."
"I see, so I am groveling around in t #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Stalking quotes by Charles Bukowski
#19. Is that death
stalking me
no, it's only my cat,
time. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Stalking quotes by Fiona Davenport
#20. My ears pricked at a sound from the bathroom, a familiar moan, and I shot up from the bed, racing to the door. Throwing it open, I froze at the sight of Gianna in the shower, with her hand between her legs. Oh, fuck no. Stalking over, I shoved the door open, snatched her wrist away, and used it to drag her up against my body. Bringing her fingers to my mouth, I licked them clean, eliciting another moan. Satisfied that I'd gotten all of her essence, I gripped both of her wrists and anchored them behind her back. "No one makes you come but me," I snarled. "Not even you. Those sounds, your moans and screams of pleasure, they belong to me, Gianna. They are mine and I will not share them." I stared at her with a hardened gaze, making sure my warning was clear. "If you need a release, you will come to me, or you will wait. Do you understand? #Quote by Fiona Davenport
Stalking quotes by Fleur Adcock
#21. It is 5 a.m. All the worse things come stalking in and stand icily about the bed looking worse and worse and worse.

-From the poem Fear #Quote by Fleur Adcock
Stalking quotes by Barry Lyga
#22. Billy Dent stared in the mirror. He didn't quite recognize himself, but that was nothing new. Billy had almost always seen a stranger in mirrors, ever since childhood. At first he had hated and feared the figure that seemed to pursue him everywhere, stalking him through mirrors and store windows. But eventually Billy came to understand that what he saw in the mirror was what other people saw when they looked at him.
Other people somehow did not see the real Billy. They saw something that looked like them. Something that looked human and mortal. Something that looked like a prospect. #Quote by Barry Lyga
Stalking quotes by Chris Abani
#23. We are hunting the demons that haunt others. We get a smell and off we go. And you know why, Sunil? You know why we are so good at hunting the demons of others? Because we are so good, gifted even, at stalking and evading our own. But all demons hunters think that they are really heroes, and you know what all heroes need? #Quote by Chris Abani
Stalking quotes by Kiersten Fay
#24. Her heavy breathing echoed off the thick walls, her body frozen in shock, but when Marik reappeared in the mouth of the cave, she reached for the sword. He was still in a state of bloodlust and was, what she could only describe as, stalking her. #Quote by Kiersten Fay
Stalking quotes by Sally Thorne
#25. Where are you actually going?" My voice rings down the empty street. "I just told you. I'm going out stalking." "What, on foot?" I come closer by another six paces. "You were going to walk?" "I was going to run down the middle of the street like the Terminator. #Quote by Sally Thorne
Stalking quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#26. Awkward situation. I think Ash is off to rock back and forth in a corner and seriously wonder how his life got to be this way. He's a sensitive plant."
Jared nodded. "Might be better than stalking out to a balcony to wrap yourself in a cloak of bitterness and self-hatred like metaphorical Batman, though."
"Or trying to make light of a situation with constant awkward jokes." Kami agreed. "Whatever. Emotional health is for losers. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Stalking quotes by Rick Yancey
#27. I took one look at it and demanded that he name three things he isn't good at.
"Roller skating, singing, and talking to girls."
"You left out stalking," I told him as he helped me out of the bed. "I can always tell when you're lurking around corners."
"You only asked for three. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Stalking quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#28. You know, Micah, that first night, when I saw you on Bridge Street, I wanted to kill you. I wanted to cut your throat and watch your blood soak into the dirt. I wanted to wrap a strangle cord around your neck and throttle you while you kicked and messed yourself."
"I'm shaking in my boots," Micah said, looking Han dead in the eyes.
Han stood and took a step toward him. "I'm what's hiding in the side street when you walk home from The Four Horses," he said. "I'm the shadow in Greystone Alley when you go out to take a piss. I'm the foot pad in the corridor when you visit the girlie at Grievous Hall."
Micah's eyes narrowed, his self-assurance wilting a bit. Han could tell he was going back over a hundred suspicious sights and sounds. "You've been following me?"
"I can come and go from your room, any time I want," Han said. "I can tell you what you say when you talk in your sleep. I know what your down low girlie whispers in your ear." He laughed...
Michah licked his lips. "Perhaps you take some kind of perverse pleasure in stalking me... #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Stalking quotes by Kathleen  Hale
#29. I absent-mindedly returned to stalking #Quote by Kathleen Hale
Stalking quotes by Tucker Carlson
#30. I think Canadians, they may be offended that I pointed out that they're stalking us. But at least we're paying attention. #Quote by Tucker Carlson
Stalking quotes by Cassandra Clare
#31. Is this one of those days where we all stalk out in fury? Because I simply haven't got the energy for it. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Stalking quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#32. Daemon: I checked out your blog.
Katy: Stalking me again, I see. Do I need to get a restraining order?
Daemon: In your dreams, Kitten. Oh wait, I'm already starring in those, aren't I?
Katy: Nightmares, Daemon. Nightmares. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Stalking quotes by Julie Kagawa
#33. I found myself hating him, wanting to hurt him, to drive him away from the red-haired girl who was supposed to be mine.
Breathless, I slumped to the wall, numb with the realization. This anger, these illogical feelings of rage and possessiveness ... I was jealous. I was jealous of a girl I was supposed to be stalking, seducing, for the sole purpose of revealing her true nature. This had become more than an objective, more than a mission.
I was falling for her. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Stalking quotes by Laurie Faria Stolarz
#34. Stalking the girls' softball team again? #Quote by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Stalking quotes by Leonore Fleischer
#35. A cat is a purring parcel of paradox, a cunning collection of contradictions. A cat is lazy and busy, dainty and savage, affectionate and aloof, greedy and finicky, sound asleep in one instant, and awake and stalking in the next. A cat is a limp puddle of softness, surrounding a steel-hard and ever-alert set of muscles ... A cat has the face of a pansy flower, and is just as velvety. A cat holds infinity in her eyes, and your heart in her front paws. #Quote by Leonore Fleischer
Stalking quotes by Dana Spiotta
#36. Incidentally, if you have never stalked someone close to you, I highly recommend it. Check out how it tranforms them. How other they become, and how infinitely necessary and justified the stalking becomes when you realize how little you know about them, how mysterious every aspect of them seems with an at a distance but close examiniation. #Quote by Dana Spiotta
Stalking quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#37. At least, that had been what he had thought until the night he had lost himself to Legna's wicked eyes. He had blamed it on the moon, reaffirming the weakness to himself later on when he found himself stalking the halls of Noah's home far oftener than could be explained away, always watching as Legna floated from one room to another, seemingly oblivious to him, never remaining in his sight for more than a minute at a time. #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Stalking quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#38. What must it be like, knowing you raised the devil? It probably felt the same as knowing you sat by a monster day in and day out, never noticing the blackness of his soul. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Stalking quotes by Tom Waits
#39. I saw a crow building a nest, I was watching him very carefully, I was kind of stalking him and he was aware of it. And you know what they do when they become aware of someone stalking them when they build a nest, which is a very vulnerable place to be? They build a decoy nest. It's just for you. #Quote by Tom Waits
Stalking quotes by Camille Paglia
#40. In negotiating with rejected lovers or husbands, women must stop thinking they can make everyone happy. In many cases of harassment and stalking, it is clear that the woman never learned how to terminate the fantasy which requires resolution and decisiveness on their part. Wavering, dithering, or passive hysterical fear will only intensify or prolong pursuit. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Stalking quotes by Christina Lauren
#41. You really think it's a good idea for me to reconnect with him?" I ask.

"I've always thought that."

"How?" I hear how small my voice seems and pull out my keys, propping my phone between my ear and shoulder when I drop them to the dark porch. "We had breakfast and I bolted. I don't have his number or address. No way does he have Facebook or Twitter or anything. Normal modes of stalking are out."

I can hear Sabrina's pensive hum as I search blindly for my house key. "You'll think of something. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Stalking quotes by Jennifer Echols
#42. I'm not stalking her," I insisted.
"I'm making sure she's safe. Besides, how could you stalk Lori McGillicuddy?
She'd see you and come out to your truck and say, "Hi, I'm Lori. Are you my stalker? It's so neat to meet you! While you're stuck here watching my every move, can I bring you anything? Sweet tea? #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Stalking quotes by Tammara Webber
#43. On the sofa, a huge orange tabby cat regarded me with characteristic feline apathy before hopping down and stalking to the door.

"This is Francis." Lucas opened the door and the tom wandered lazily outside, stopping on the landing to clean a paw.

I laughed, moving to the center of the room. "Francis? He looks more like a… Max. Or maybe a King."

He shut and locked the door, his ghost smile turning his mouth up on one side. "Trust me, he's superior enough without a macho name to back it up #Quote by Tammara Webber
Stalking quotes by Suzy McKee Charnas
#44. Creatures stalking each other over time grew a bond from mind to mind. #Quote by Suzy McKee Charnas
Stalking quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
#45. In other words, if someone had a known history of being stalked or bullied, their so-called self-imposed death could provide a killer with the perfect cover for committing a crime. #Quote by Louise Burfitt-Dons
Stalking quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#46. What is a man's soul made of that a woman's is not? #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Stalking quotes by Dean Koontz
#47. But with the morning almost gone, with seven bodachs in the recreation room, with living boneyards stalking the storm, with Death opening the door to a luge chute and inviting me to go for a bobsled ride, I didn't have time to put on a victim suit and tell the woeful tale of my sorrowful childhood. Neither time nor the inclination #Quote by Dean Koontz
Stalking quotes by C.S. Quinn
#48. London is an ancient city,' he added. 'She holds bound in her belly the bones of giants and her soul is of old magic. Some wicked thing is abroad with this plague Charlie, all of us feel it. Perhaps something terrible has arisen with the King's return. A long-sleeping demon awoken and now stalking among us. #Quote by C.S. Quinn
Stalking quotes by Bijou Hunter
#49. I heard you're having dinner with Lark," she said, wiggling her eyebrows. "Hurry up and marry her, so we can double date and annoy Vaughn."
"Can't you double date with Tawny and Judd?"
Cooper and Farah laughed. "Yeah, right," they said in unison, causing me to wonder if their brains had merged from too much sex.
"If I have my way, Lark will be mine."
"He's stalking her," Cooper told Farah. "Draws pictures of her naked too."
Farah laughed and pated my cheek. "Romantic."
"Clearly, I've fucked her brains out," Cooper said and she gave him the pissed wife look.
Sighing, he lowered his gaze and mumbled, "Yes, ma'am. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Stalking quotes by Amanda Lance
#50. It's better to not think about the night and how badly I want her, so I let it sort of stew there in my mind instead. And when I get her all to myself again, I'll be grateful just to see her smile, just to have her with me.
Even if it's only for one more night. #Quote by Amanda Lance
Stalking quotes by Gavin De Becker
#51. I've successfully lobbied and testified for stalking laws in several states, but I would trade them all for a high school class that would teach young men how to hear "no," and teach young women that it's all right to explicitly reject. #Quote by Gavin De Becker
Stalking quotes by Amanda Hocking
#52. Your boyfriend spent the night sleeping outside your door. I haven't decided if that's romantic or creepy yet. Maybe both. #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Stalking quotes by Isaac D'Israeli
#53. This is one of the results of that adventurous spirit which is now stalking forth and raging for its own innovations. We have not only rejected AUTHORITY, but have also cast away EXPERIENCE; and often the unburthened vessel is driving to all points of the compass, and the passengers no longer know whither they are going. The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by QUOTATION. #Quote by Isaac D'Israeli
Stalking quotes by Seth Rogen
#54. I don't even have a stalker. I'm just not the guy that people stalk. #Quote by Seth Rogen
Stalking quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#55. I was just about to ask you the same thing. I know you followed me. Don't look so suprised. It's called a rearview mirror. Are you stalking me for a specific reason? #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Stalking quotes by Peaches Geldof
#56. A lot of paparazzi wanted to be real photographers but they failed, and they did that instead, and it's not right; it's stalking. #Quote by Peaches Geldof
Stalking quotes by Claire Coffee
#57. In real life I do a lot of reconnaissance and then kind of choose the guy I'm going to go after. Not like stalking, but I just want a little background info. That might be why I haven't had many bad dates. #Quote by Claire Coffee
Stalking quotes by Richard Castle
#58. Around 11 P.M., unable to concentrate on his work or even watch the news, he had started to wonder if this was how it started with stalkers. And then he started to think maybe he'd do his next article as an investigation of stalkers. But then he wondered ... if you do a ride-along with a stalker, are you stalking the stalker?
It all got very weird. #Quote by Richard Castle
Stalking quotes by Douglas Adams
#59. like a hunter stalking his prey. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Stalking quotes by C.M. Palov
#60. The dead tread softly ... And those stalking the living tread even more lightly. #Quote by C.M. Palov
Stalking quotes by Marlon James
#61. I'd spent seven years in an all-boys school: 2,000 adolescents in the same khaki uniforms striking hunting poses, stalking lunchrooms, classrooms, changing rooms, looking for boys who didn't fit in. #Quote by Marlon James
Stalking quotes by Erin Hunter
#62. I'm more lopsided than a one legged badger!" Graypaw stopped his careful stalking to wander comically across the clearing "I will have to settle for hunting stupid mice I shall just wander up to them, and sit on them until they surrender! #Quote by Erin Hunter
Stalking quotes by John Grisham
#63. I have neither the talent nor the patience for the usual mating rituals - the stalking, the accidental encounters, the blind dates, the silly gifts, the awkward phone calls, the referrals from friends, the endless Internet chatting. Nor do I have the guts to go online and lie about myself to strange women. And, I fear I'm forever scorched and gun-shy from the Judith disaster. How can one human possess so much meanness? Naomi #Quote by John Grisham
Stalking quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#64. One way of keeping your dreams alive is to keep it to yourself. It can save you and protect your dreams to a greater extent. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Stalking quotes by Hosho McCreesh
#65. Stalking
the dusty curio-aisles of
some crazy Asian market,
"Jezus," you say
to your buddy,
"we should ask that dude
which aisle the fucking
Gremlins are on… #Quote by Hosho McCreesh
Stalking quotes by Kresley Cole
#66. Mariketa: Stalking me, Mr MacRieve?

Bowen: No' likely, witch. I only stalk what I want to catch. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Stalking quotes by Sophie Jordan
#67. What are you doing out here this late?" A frown pulls at his mouth. "It's one in the morning."
"Me?" I walk across the lawn slowly, still not fully trusting. "What are you doing here?" And no, I don't believe he had just been driving by. "Are you stalking me?" Hunting me? I want to add.
He blinks. Some of the tension carving his face loosens then. Replaced with something else. He rubs at the back of his neck. The move is self-conscious. Innately human. Embarrassed.
"I - "
"You are," I pronounce, an unbidden smile coming to my mouth.
"Look," he grumbles, his eyes angry. Defensive. "I just wanted to see where you live."
I stop before him. "Why?"
He rubs the back of his neck again, this time the motion is savage, annoyed. With me or himself, I'm not sure. #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Stalking quotes by Molly Ringle
#68. Tell me again how you're not stalking me? #Quote by Molly Ringle
Stalking quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#69. As in 1925, creationists are not battling for religion. They have been disowned by leading church men of all persuasions, for they debase religion even more than they misconstrue science. They are a motley collection to be sure, but their core of practical support lies with the evangelical right, and creationism is a mere stalking horse or subsidiary issue in a political program ... The enemy is not fundamentalism; it is intolerance. In this case, the intolerance is perverse since it masquerades under the 'liberal' rhetoric of 'equal time'. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Stalking quotes by Ann Rule
#70. The most basic bit of advice given to women who have to walk alone at night is, 'Look alert. Be aware of your surroundings and walk briskly. You will be safer if you know where you are going, and if anyone who observes you senses that.' The stalking, predatory animal cuts the weakest from the pack, and then kills at his leisure. #Quote by Ann Rule
Stalking quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#71. Trochee trips from long to short; From long to long in solemn sort Slow Spondee stalks. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Stalking quotes by Samuel Adams
#72. And if we now cast our eyes over the nations of the earth, we shall find that, instead of possessing the pure religion of the Gospel, they may be divided either into infidels, who deny the truth; or politicians who make religion a stalking horse for their ambition; or professors, who walk in the trammels of orthodoxy, and are more attentive to traditions and ordinances of men than to the oracles of truth. #Quote by Samuel Adams
Stalking quotes by John Cowper Powys
#73. Man is the animal who weeps and laughs - and writes. If the first Prometheus brought fire from heaven in a fennel-stalk, the last will take it back - in a book. #Quote by John Cowper Powys
Stalking quotes by William Shakespeare
#74. He uses his folly like a stalking-horse, and under the presentation of that he shoots his wit. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Stalking quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#75. He even moved like an animal, fluid strength and surety. And all the devil ever wants in exchange, a small voice said warningly, is a soul.
Oh, puh-lease, Chloe rebuked herself sternly. He's a man, nothing more. A big, beautiful, sometimes scary man, but that's all.
Graceful as a stalking tiger, the big, beautiful, scary man dropped into a crouch on the ground before her, his dark eyes glinting in the shadowy night. They knelt mere inches apart. When he spoke, his words were painstakingly articulated, as if speaking was an immense effort. His words were carefully spaced, tight, coming in rushes, with
pauses between.
"I will give you. Every. Artifact I own. If you kiss. Me and ask no. Questions."
"Huh?" Chloe gaped.
"No questions," he hissed. He shook his head violently, as if trying to scatter something from it. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Stalking quotes by Alexis Hall
#76. I'd been about to say something...something...about human naivety...and the fact we had no fundamental right to happiness...or something...but his hand moved over my thigh, fingers brushing my cock through my trousers, and my breath hitched and my thoughts scattered, and I did not mourn them. He pushed me back onto the kitchen floor, crawling over me like some mountain cat stalking its prey. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Stalking quotes by Will Advise
#77. If Jarod Kintz was a cat, he'd stalk people silently and deadly. Right now, all he does is bark at them for no good reason, like all the good people do. #Quote by Will Advise
Stalking quotes by Cormac Millar
#78. Stalking from the President's House towards the Servants' Lodge was an enormous cat, as broad as he was tall, with ginger hair fluffed out in a great halo. His expression was one of angry disdain. He placed his paws with great care. It was not that the ground actually trembled as he walked, but his ponderous gate suggested that he was distributing his weight with due regard for the fragility of the earth's crust. #Quote by Cormac Millar
Stalking quotes by Jennifer Echols
#79. He sighed, then said, "So basically, you're stalking her."
"I am NOT stalking her." I insisted.
"That's where you come in. If I followed her by myself, someone who did not understand the situation and did not realize that I am so responsible-"
McGillicuddy snorted.
"- might mistake what I am doing for stalking.
However, her big brother is with me. Therefore we are protecting her. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Stalking quotes by Kate Chisman
#80. I cried for all of those things that should have just been for us ... #Quote by Kate Chisman
Stalking quotes by Robert Crais
#81. Stalking the Angel
[Joe]"I could off anybody in this place five times over."
[Elvis]"Could you off someone and get away with you here?"
[Joe]Head shake. "I'm too good even for me. #Quote by Robert Crais
Stalking quotes by Tracy Malone
#82. I believe in karma, I know you will never really be happy and that makes me very happy. It's time for you to call your stalking monkeys in from the barn before I drop a house on you! Be Gone! #Quote by Tracy Malone
Stalking quotes by Chelsea Handler
#83. A Catholic priest who's been sending threatening notes to Conan O'Brien was charged with stalking in the fourth degree. It just goes to show you that people can become obsessed with redheads. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Stalking quotes by Molly Ringle
#84. Fine, I'm a stalker, FINE. #Quote by Molly Ringle
Stalking quotes by Cynthia Hand
#85. So who's lucky number three?
No answer.
I turn around to look at him again.
He grins.
Now I get it, I tell him. You're stalking me. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Stalking quotes by Stewart Stafford
#86. Stalkers have an obsessive over-identification with their unwilling target but also a latent envy of their talents and/or beauty, If they can't possess the person totally, they will destroy the victim's qualities that they can never have. #Quote by Stewart Stafford
Stalking quotes by Samantha Young
#87. Without a word he started stalking down the street in the opposite direction my grandparents had taken. I started after him, my steps slower.
And then quite abruptly Caine whipped around and marched back toward me. Features etched with determination, he yanked me roughly to him and crushed his mouth down over mine. I made a noise of surprise in the back of my throat before my instincts took over. I couldn't help sinking into his kiss.
When he finally let me go we were both breathing hard. Caine smoothed his thumb over my cheek, his eyes still dark with passion and anger.
I could give a fuck who saw that. #Quote by Samantha Young
Stalking quotes by Neil Gaiman
#88. CHORONZON: I am a dire wolf, prey-stalking, lethal prowler.
MORPHEUS: I am a hunter, horse-mounted, wolf-stabbing.
CHORONZON: I am a horsefly, horse-stinging, hunter-throwing.
MORPHEUS: I am a spider, fly-consuming, eight legged.
CHORONZON: I am a snake, spider-devouring, posion-toothed.
MORPHEUS: I am an ox, snake-crushing, heavy-footed.
CHORONZON: I am an anthrax, butcher bacterium, warm-life destroying.
MORPHEUS: I am a world, space-floating, life-nurturing.
CHORONZON: I am a nova, all-exploding ... planet-cremating.
MORPHEUS: I am the Universe
all things encompassing, all life embracing.
CHORONZON: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds ... of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?
MORPHEUS: I am hope. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Stalking quotes by Marilyn Manson
#89. When I was stalking my special lady friend on MySpace, people would always say, 'Is this really Marilyn Manson or some kind of psycho?' And I'm like, 'Both.' #Quote by Marilyn Manson
Stalking quotes by Candace Calvert
#90. How was she ever going to feel new, clean and hopeful, with her ugly past stalking her? #Quote by Candace Calvert
Stalking quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#91. I pinch the sentence's butt with my other hand and tug it from my skin like a leech, smack it back on the page and clamp the book shut. Part of it's hanging out, and it waves jerkily at me with what appears to be blatant hostility. I stick the book back on the upside-down shelf over my head, pissed off sentence first, counting on the gluey base to hold it in. All I need is a badly mangled, irate sentence stalking me. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Stalking quotes by Srikumar Rao
#92. Stress is the demon in our society, stalking the cities and the countryside, striking down young and old and growing in strength daily. #Quote by Srikumar Rao
Stalking quotes by Sarah MacLean
#93. You think my feelings toward you apathetic? You think you bore me?"
"Don't I?"
He shook his head slowly, continuing toward her, stalking her in the small space.
"No.God knows you are infuriating . And impulsive ... " Her back came up against the wall, and she gave a little squeak, even as he advanced. "And altogether maddening ... " He placed one hand to her jaw, carefully lifting her face to his, feeling the leap of her pulse under his fingertips. "And thoroughly intoxicating ... " The last came out on a low growl, and her lips parted, soft and pink and perfect.
He leaned close, his lips a fraction from hers.
"No ... you are not boring. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Stalking quotes by Terry Pratchett
#94. It is generally thought, on those worlds where the mall lifeform has seeded, that people take the wire baskets away and leave them in strange and isolated places, so that squads of young men have to be employed to gather them together and wheel them back. This is exactly the opposite of the truth. In reality the men are hunters, stalking their rattling prey across the landscape, trapping them, breaking their spirit, taming them and herding them to a life of slavery. Possibly. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Stalking quotes by Louise Rennison
#95. Oh dear. I have just seen Angus hunkering down in the long grass. He's stalking their poodle. I'll have to intervene to avert a massacre. Oh, it's OK, Mrs. Next Door has thrown a brick at him. #Quote by Louise Rennison
Stalking quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#96. Honestly, I sort of thought it was you." Well it wasn't. And I really wish you'd mentioned this sooner. I pause at the top of the stairway. "Why?" Because it seems you have a Reaper stalker on your hands. "Like you?" I ask sarcastically. I'm not stalking you. I merely see something I want and refuse to give up until I have it. "Which #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
Stalking quotes by Don DeLillo
#97. The TV was a rage-making machine, working at him all the time, giving him direction and scope, enlarging him in a sense, filling him with a world rage, a great stalking soreness and rancour. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Stalking quotes by Tim Minchin
#98. Love without evidence is stalking. #Quote by Tim Minchin
Stalking quotes by Sally  Thorne
#99. I'm going out stalking. #Quote by Sally Thorne
Stalking quotes by Ednah Walters
#100. Nice chatting with you, Torin. I'd say don't ever speak to me again but that would be pointless because you're always around, stalking me, waiting to play the hero. Whatever game you're playing, it's not working. I already have a hero and he's... he's mortal and amazing. When we kiss, I don't think, I feel. #Quote by Ednah Walters
Stalking quotes by Deborah Blake
#101. Not very smart," Chudo-Yudo growled. "Stalking a Baba Yaga." He showed a set of sharp white teeth. "Maybe he has a death wish. I could help with that You want me to eat him? #Quote by Deborah Blake
Stalking quotes by Karl Marx
#102. Value, therefore, does not stalk about with a label describing what it is. #Quote by Karl Marx
Stalking quotes by Nick Hornby
#103. I don't think you can call it stalking when it's just phone calls and letters and emails and knocking on the door. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Stalking quotes by Alexa Riley
#104. If stalking you is thinking about you every night while I stroke my cock and cumming with the sweet name 'Josephine' on my lips, then yeah, I've been stalking. I've been stalking the fuck out of you since I moved back here. #Quote by Alexa Riley
Stalking quotes by Krisi Keley
#105. And I, a vampire who had seduced countless mortals in his impossibly long existence, was forced to admit that it was she, this beautiful young human female, who had instead seduced me. #Quote by Krisi Keley
Stalking quotes by Christopher Paolini
#106. But ask yourself this Eragon: If gods exist, have they been good custodians of alagaesia? Death, sickness, poverty, tyranny and countless other miseries stalk the land. If this is the handiwork of divine beings, then they are to be rebelled against and overthrown, not given obeisance, obedience, and reverance. #Quote by Christopher Paolini
Stalking quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#107. She'd always believed that people come in two varieties: those who look out the windshield and those who stare in the rearview mirror. She'd(Julie) always been the windshield type: gotta focus on the future, not the past, because that's the only part that's still up for grabs. Mom throws me out? Gotta get some food and find a place to live. Husband dies? Gotta keep working, or I'll end up going crazy. Got some guy stalking me? Gotta figure out a way to stop it. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Stalking quotes by Gregg Olsen
#108. Her daughter's comment amused Emily. 'I didn't know stalking could be a group activity #Quote by Gregg Olsen
Stalking quotes by Mary Russell Mitford
#109. I do not think very highly of Madame D'Arblay's books. The style is so strutting. She does so stalk about on Dr. Johnson's old stilts. #Quote by Mary Russell Mitford
Stalking quotes by Mary Oliver
#110. When loneliness comes stalking, go into the fields, consider the orderliness of the world. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Stalking quotes by Virgil
#111. Rumor goes forth at once, Rumor than whom No other speedier evil thing exists; She thrives by rapid movement, and acquires Strength as she goes; small at the first from fear, She presently uplifts herself aloft, And stalks upon the ground and hides her head Among the clouds. #Quote by Virgil
Stalking quotes by Tessa Gratton
#112. [We] stared at each other. It was intensely surreal. Four people in a country kitchen, plotting bloody magic. With a psycho, body-snatching murderer stalking us through flocks of birds. #Quote by Tessa Gratton
Stalking quotes by William Cowper Prime
#113. Stalking along from log to log, or plunging their long legs in the oozy swamp, two large herons paid no attention to my presence, but occupied themselves with their own fishing arrangements, as if their wilderness were their own. #Quote by William Cowper Prime
Stalking quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#114. Here's a lesson for you Weapons Master," she said, stalking past him. "Give me real men to fight. Then maybe I'll bother trying. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Stalking quotes by Paul Rosolie
#115. The jungle at night is the greatest freak show on earth. When the sun goes down the landscape welcomes a churning nightshift of murdering, slithering, creeping, fornicating, stalking, swimming, glowing life. To walk the Amazon by night is to enter a world where you are gravely disadvantaged compared to millions of sensory savants. #Quote by Paul Rosolie
Stalking quotes by Robert Moss
#116. Australian Aboriginees say that the big stories - the stories worth telling and retelling, the ones in which you may find the meaning of your life - are forever stalking the right teller, sniffing and tracking like predators hunting prey in the bush. #Quote by Robert Moss
Stalking quotes by M.R. Merrick
#117. No matter how many times I survived, there was always another danger around the corner, and I still wasn't used to being the victim. I was Chase Williams, a demon hunter. I wasn't supposed to be the one looking over my shoulder, I was supposed to be stalking prey. #Quote by M.R. Merrick
Stalking quotes by S G
#118. Memories haunting her,
laughters chasing her,
sweet talks stalking her.
Everywhere she go,
everything she does,
it all leads back to him. #Quote by S G
Stalking quotes by Caleb Followill
#119. You can't make someone love you, all you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in #Quote by Caleb Followill
Stalking quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#120. I'm so tired. Sleep's been stalking me for too long to remember. Inevitable I suppose. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Stalking quotes by E. M. Forster
#121. She had been so wicked that in all her life she had done only one good deed-given an onion to a beggar. So she went to hell. As she lay in torment she saw the onion, lowered down from heaven by an angel. She caught hold of it. He began to pull her up. The other damned saw what was happening and caught hold of it too. She was indignant and cried, "Let go-it's my onion," and as soon as she said, "my onion," the stalk broke and she fell back into the flames. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Stalking quotes by T.L. Martin
#122. Why would he call the cops if you're just cleaning his house?"
"Because I'm stalking him. I gotta go. #Quote by T.L. Martin
Stalking quotes by Samantha Chase
#123. She longed to find out if the sparks would still be there, if her body would still quiver at his touch.
When Rob arrived five o'clock sharp, Jordan had her answer.
He climbed out of the truck. Seeing her standing in the doorway, he walked very slowly toward her, like a predator stalking its prey. He was a man on a mission, and Jordan stood frozen to the spot. Rob stopped short in front of her and without any notice, cupped her face, and brought his mouth down on hers. #Quote by Samantha Chase
Stalking quotes by Margaret Watson
#124. She thinks you're stalking me."
"Why the hell would I do that? I see too much of your ugly mug as it is. #Quote by Margaret Watson
Stalking quotes by T.M. Frazier
#125. Preppy leans back on the siding and hooks his thumbs under his suspenders, stretching and releasing them several times before he speaks. "Sooo…I hate to be the bearer of interesting news, but you're looking at her like you want to eat her. Stalk much?"
"No, I'm fucking not," I snap defensively. Too defensively.
Preppy releases his suspenders and holds up his hands like he's on the receiving end of a hold-up. "Whoa, whoa. Don't go getting your panties in a twist, little brother. I didn't say stalking was a bad thing. In fact, if you need some pointers, I'd be happy to enrol you in Preppy's How To Stalk Like a Mofo 101. #Quote by T.M. Frazier
Stalking quotes by Tim Kreider
#126. Often you don't know whether you're the hero of a romantic comedy or the villain on a Lifetime special until the restraining order arrives. #Quote by Tim Kreider
Stalking quotes by Kerry Winfrey
#127. It doesn't matter how someone in a romantic comedy affords their absurdly nice house, or whether or not their profession makes sense, or if technically they're sort of stalking someone they heard on a call-in radio show. What matters is that they have hope. Sure, they find love, but it's not even about love. It's the hope that you deserve happiness, and that you won't be sad forever, and that things will get better. It's hope that life doesn't always have to be a miserable slog, that you can find someone to love who understands you and accepts you just as you are. #Quote by Kerry Winfrey
Stalking quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#128. I watched her, waiting.
She smiled. Her lips curved up and the edges, and her chocolate eyes warmed.
I'd just admitted to stalking her, and she was smiling. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Stalking quotes by Gavin De Becker
#129. There's a lesson in real-life stalking cases that young women can benefit from learning: persistence only proves persistence - it does not prove love. The fact that a romantic pursuer is relentless doesn't mean you are special - it means he is troubled. #Quote by Gavin De Becker
Stalking quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#130. I touched Thor's hammer, then Serpent-Breath's hilt, for death was stalking us. God help me, I thought, touching the hammer again, Thor help us all, for I did not think we could win. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Stalking quotes by Sanober Khan
#131. i am
stalking you, my dear.

with my thoughts
my words.
my breath. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Stalking quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#132. The box opens and the razors slide out, whisper sweet.
Used to be that my whole body was my canvas-hot cuts licking my ribs, ladder rungs climbing my arms, thick milkweed stalks shooting up my thighs. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Stalking quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#133. I make bean stalks, I'm A builder, like yourself. #Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Stalking quotes by Ruth Rendell
#134. The knives of jealousy are honed on details. #Quote by Ruth Rendell
Stalking quotes by David Coleman
#135. There is a fine line between serendipity and stalking. #Quote by David Coleman
Stalking quotes by Timothy Zahn, Star Wars: Thrawn
#136. It is believed by many that the military life is one of adventure and excitement. In truth, that life more often consists of long periods of routine, even boredom, with only brief intervals of challenge and danger.
Enemies seldom seek out their opponents. The warrior must become a hunter, searching and stalking with craft and patience. Successes are often achieved by a confluence of small things: stray facts, unwary or overheard conversations, logistical vectors. If the hunter is persistent, the pattern will become visible, and the enemy will be found. Only then will the routine be broken by combat.
It's not supervising, therefore, that those seeking sometimes weary of long and arduous pursuits. They are relieved when the enemy appears of his own accord, standing firm and issuing a challenge. #Quote by Timothy Zahn, Star Wars: Thrawn
Stalking quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#137. Shahrzad followed him with her eyes, aware she likely resembled a predator stalking prey. #Quote by Renee Ahdieh
Stalking quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#138. Stalking me again, I see. Do I need to get a restraining order?" "In your dreams, Kitten." He smirked. "Oh wait, I'm already starring in those, aren't I?" I rolled my eyes. "Nightmares, Daemon. Nightmares. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Stalking quotes by Laurelin Paige
#139. I thinking? Internet-stalking was for the old Alayna Withers. I would not stoop to that level. Hudson wanted me with him. Always. What other proof did I #Quote by Laurelin Paige
Stalking quotes by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
#140. Someone had my number and they started text-stalking me. I've never replied to them. It was tempting to write back, but I resisted. #Quote by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Stalking quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#141. Would it discourage a stalker from stalking if he knew that they knew? #Quote by Donna Lynn Hope
Stalking quotes by Wallace Stevens
#142. The leaves hop, scraping on the ground. It is deep January. The sky is hard. The stalks are firmly rooted in ice. It is in this solitude, a syllable, Out of these gawky flitterings, Intones its single emptiness, The savagest hollow of winter-sound. #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Stalking quotes by Laini Taylor
#143. It's not stalking if you don't follow them home, right? #Quote by Laini Taylor
Stalking quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#144. I touched the frame of the painting. And then I placed my whole palm on the dry, rumbling surface of the canvas, simply to prove to myself that there was no god stalking my soul. Time was not immemorial. Things were just things. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
Stalking quotes by Denis Healey
#145. I often compare Margaret Thatcher with Florence Nightingale. She stalks through the wards of our hospitals as a lady with a lamp. Unfortunately, it's a blowlamp. #Quote by Denis Healey
Stalking quotes by Jena Leigh
#146. You coming?"
She hesitated, weighing her options. Risk running back down the flaming aisles to find another exit? Or trust the guy who'd been stalking her all afternoon?
The fire spread to the nearby shelves. The heat was growing unbearable.
"You cut me deep," he said. "You'd actually choose a fiery death over the prospect of my company. I have to admit, that stings a bit. #Quote by Jena Leigh
Stalking quotes by Lora Leigh
#147. Remember that, Crowe. Monsters walk on two legs, and they're crafty. They're real good at fooling even the smartest of men. Don't forget that. Because sometimes, you don't realize monsters are stalking you until it's too late. It's far better to be smart, to be safe, and to watch for monsters in everyone you know."
"Even Logan and Rafe?" he whispered, suddenly wondering if somehow his cousin were monsters.
He couldn't hurt his little cousins. He'd promised Dad he'd always watch out for them, and for his baby sister. What was he supposed to do if one of them was a monster?
His father gave him on of those small, man-to-man smiles Crowe always tried to get.
"Well, maybe not Logan and Rafe," his father amended. "It's hard to imagine a Callahan as a monster, don't you think?"
Crowe nodded quickly. "They're just dumb kids sometimes," he sighed. "But I make sure to tell them when they're dumb so they'll get smart. #Quote by Lora Leigh
Stalking quotes by George R R Martin
#148. Beyond the Wall the monsters live, the giants and the ghouls, the stalking shadows and the dead that walk, but they cannot pass so long as the Wall stands strong and the men of the Night's Watch are true. So go to sleep Brandon, my baby boy, and dream sweet dreams. There are no monsters here. #Quote by George R R Martin
Stalking quotes by Thomas Randall
#149. Her whole body tenses, heaves, tries to scream, and her eyes burn with tears of frustration and terror.
In the moonlit shadows of her bedroom, she hears a cat begin to purr.
Kara runs, shaking, out into the short corridor.
The cats are black and white, ginger and gray, fat and starved. They sit on tables, on chairs, on tatami mats. One sits so still beside a lamp that it looks carved from wood. She wants her father, wants to go into his room and wake him, but three of them sit, barring his door.
As one, they follow her with their eyes as Kara weaves through the living room.
As one, they hiss.
As one, they begin to follow, stalking her. #Quote by Thomas Randall
Stalking quotes by Ilona Andrews
#150. When a lion stalks a herd, he sneaks in close, lies down, and surveys them to choose his victim. He takes his time. The deer or buffalo have no idea he's near. He finds his prey and then he explodes from his hiding place and grabs it. Even if another, perfectly serviceable animal ends up within his reach, he isn't going to alter his course. He has chosen, and he would rather go hungry than change his mind. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Stalking quotes by Jack London
#151. The effect of civilization is to impose human law upon environment until it becomes machine-like in its regularity. The objectionable is eliminated, the inevitable is foreseen. One is not even made wet by the rain nor cold by the frost; while death, instead of stalking about gruesome and accidental, becomes a prearranged pageant, moving along a well-oiled groove to the family vault, where the hinges are kept from rusting and the dust from the air is swept continually away. #Quote by Jack London
Stalking quotes by Lujan Matus
#152. Stalking is a very difficult art to come to terms with, for in reality, you can't apply yourself to it. This art inevitably has to apply itself to you. #Quote by Lujan Matus
Stalking quotes by Kendall Grey
#153. The shadows outside tamed none of him. No, they cast him as stronger and more dangerous than ever before. He was bigger. Hungrier. Predatory.

He said nothing as he crawled through the window, but his dark, flashing eyes and body stalking toward her spoke volumes. #Quote by Kendall Grey
Stalking quotes by Barry McCaffrey
#154. We've got a national campaign by drug legalizers, in my view, to try and use medicinal uses of drugs and legalization of hemp as a stalking horse to get in under the radar screen. #Quote by Barry McCaffrey
Stalking quotes by Graham Roumieu
#155. Ok. Listen. I not know where all you morons come from but holy water no hurt Bigfoot. Garlic and Crucifix also no. Fire, Pitchfork, Silver Bullet OK. Cryptonite do nothing. It not even real. Please stop sending letters asking "What you vulnerability? What Bigfoot?" Like I tell. What next me bank account number? Why not you invest time in moving out of parent basement? Maybe have sex or something. Yes I be talking to you Steve. Youuu! Stalking is a crime Steve. #Quote by Graham Roumieu
Stalking quotes by Michelle McNamara
#156. I am both nowhere and everywhere. You may not think you have something in common with your neighbor, but you do: me. I'm the barely spotted presence, the dark-haired, blond-haired, stocky, slight, seen from the back, glimpsed in half-light thread that will continue to connect you even as you fail to look out for each other. #Quote by Michelle McNamara
Stalking quotes by Nicky Raven
#157. There are vampires. They are real, they are of our time, and they are here, close by, stalking us as we sleep ... #Quote by Nicky Raven
Stalking quotes by E.L. James
#158. Holy fuck, he's here. #Quote by E.L. James
Stalking quotes by Stefan Zweig
#159. He was the kind of young man whose handsome face has brought him plenty of success in the past and is now ever-ready for a new encounter, a fresh-experience, always eager to set off into the unknown territory of a little adventure, never taken by surprise because he has worked out everything in advance and is waiting to see what happens, a man who will never overlook any erotic opportunity, whose first glance probes every woman's sensuality, and explores it, without discriminating between his friend's wife and the parlour-maid who opens the door to him. Such men are described with a certain facile contempt as lady-killers, but the term has a nugget of truthful observation in it, for in fact all the passionate instincts of the chase are present in their ceaseless vigilance: the stalking of the prey, the excitement and mental cruelty of the kill. They are constantly on the alert, always ready and willing to follow the trail of an adventure to the very edge of the abyss. They are full of passion all the time, but it is the passion of a gambler rather than a lover, cold, calculating and dangerous. Some are so persistent that their whole lives, long after their youth is spent, are made an eternal adventure by this expectation. Each of their days is resolved into hundreds of small sensual experiences - a look exchanged in passing, a fleeting smile, knees brushing together as a couple sit opposite each other - and the year, in its own turn, dissolves into hundreds of such days in wh #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Stalking quotes by Rachel Fershleiser
#160. First comes love, then comes stalking.
- Jeff Metcho #Quote by Rachel Fershleiser
Stalking quotes by Jana Aston
#161. Everly rolls her eyes. "I'm stuck here until tomorrow because Finn is waiting until the last minute to go home. He thinks if he waits long enough I'll take the train and he won't have to drive me." She shrugs. "Sometimes I'm not sure why I put up with him."

"What exactly are you putting up with? You're the one stalking him."

She sticks a cup under the syrups and pumps out several. Experimenting with drink concoctions is a Everly specialty. They're mostly awful. "It's not stalking when we are meant to be together. I can't help it that I imprinted on him when I was six."

I spit my drink out. "Everly, did you just use a Twilight reference to explain your obsession with Professor Camden?"

"I did." She pauses from her drink-making. "Is that weird?"

"Um, let's see, Twilight wasn't written yet when you were six," I start.

Everly scoffs and turns back to the syrups. "That doesn't mean it didn't happen."

"And you're not a werewolf," I add before she can object.

"Whatever. #Quote by Jana Aston
Stalking quotes by William Wordsworth
#162. Now when the primrose makes a splendid show, And lilies face the March-winds in full blow, And humbler growths as moved with one desire Put on, to welcome spring, their best attire, Poor Robin is yet flowerless; but how gay With his red stalks upon this sunny day! #Quote by William Wordsworth
Stalking quotes by Molly Harper
#163. I think the very word stalking implies that you're not supposed to like it. Otherwise, it would be called 'fluffy harmless observation time'. #Quote by Molly Harper
Stalking quotes by Lucy McConnell
#164. She eyed him. "You could be stalking me."
"I am the stalkee, never the stalker. #Quote by Lucy McConnell
Stalking quotes by Eve Langlais
#165. Are you stalking me again?" Lucifer turned to glare suspiciously at Gaia. "It's not stalking if we're dating. It's called an unhealthy suspicion of your activities." Mother Nature wore a smile Auric knew all too well. Now he knew where Muriel got it from. "I hate it when you twist my own sins against me." "I know. Which is why you're obsessed with me. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Stalking quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#166. It doesn't matter for crap that you've got three years of sobriety or that you finally look good in a two-piece bathing suit or you've met that perfect someone and you've fallen deeply, wildly, passionately in love. Today, as you pick up your dry cleaning, fax those reports, fold your laundry, or wash the dinner dishes, something you'd never expect is already stalking you. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Stalking quotes by Jess Rothenberg
#167. Not that I was obsessive or anything.
Au contraire, mon frere.
For the record, I would like to point out that it is NOT obsessive to memorize a boy's schedule so that you can accidentally bump into him. It is called being efficient. Why waste time and energy running around town trying to guess where a guy's going to be, when instead, you can actually know? And then you can actually be there. Pretty straightforward stuff, I tend to think. #Quote by Jess Rothenberg
Stalking quotes by Dan Beachy-Quick
#168. I like the moment of failure that finds us on that line, abandoned of intent, caught in an experience of a different order, stalking the line between two different worlds and imperfectly taking #Quote by Dan Beachy-Quick
Stalking quotes by Andrew Wyeth
#169. I love to study the many things that grow below the corn stalks and bring them back to the studio to study the color. If one could only catch that true color of nature - the very thought of it drives me mad. #Quote by Andrew Wyeth
Stalking quotes by Ron Silliman
#170. art is
a mode of stalking #Quote by Ron Silliman
Stalking quotes by Colleen Hoover
#171. You already know if I'm a senior? You're slacking on your stalking skills. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Stalking quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#172. When someone is stalking you because they think you are stalking them, it makes you wonder who really is the true stalker? #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Stalking quotes by Graeme McDowell
#173. Thats the thing about better. You cant own it. You can only pursue it. Stalk it. But once youve tasted it, better is never truly beyond your reach. #Quote by Graeme McDowell
Stalking quotes by Pablo Neruda
#174. You can say anything you want, yessir, but it's the words that sing, they soar and descend ... I bow to them ... I love them, I cling to them, I run them down, I bite into them, I melt them down ... I love words so much ... The unexpected ones ... The ones I wait for greedily or stalk until, suddenly, they drop ... #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Stalking quotes by James Madison
#175. That this liberty [of the press] is often carried to excess; that it has sometimes degenerated into licentiousness, is seen and lamented, but the remedy has not yet been discovered. Perhaps it is an evil inseparable from the good with which it is allied; perhaps it is a shoot which cannot be stripped from the stalk without wounding vitally the plant from which it is torn. However desirable those measures might be which might correct without enslaving the press, they have never yet been devised in America. #Quote by James Madison
Stalking quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#176. Your tears are never invisible
there is always an insecure woman that lights up when you point them out. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Stalking quotes by Alaska Angelini
#177. You're giving me fucking consent to stalk you? Oh, slave ... #Quote by Alaska Angelini
Stalking quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#178. Imagine," Tyler said, "stalking elk past department store windows and stinking racks of beautiful rotting dresses and tuxedos on hangers; you'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life, and you'll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. Jack and the beanstalk, you'll climb up through the dripping forest canopy and the air will be so clean you'll see tiny figures pounding corn and laying strips of venison to dry in the empty car pool lane of an abandoned superhighway stretching eight-lanes-wide and August-hot for a thousand miles. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Stalking quotes by Tara Sivec
#179. Will you stop calling it 'stalking'? That's such a harsh term. I prefer 'anonymous following. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Stalking quotes by Kristen Ashley
#180. We've had the works. Indy's kidnappings and murder. Jet's kidnappings and rape attempt. Roxie's kidnapping and stalking. Car bombs. Grenades. Knife fights. Female wrestling at Chinese restaurants. Mayhem at a haunted house. Gunshots at a strip club. Showdowns at society parties. Now we got a vigilante on our hands. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Stalking quotes by Ruth Reichl
#181. I lay there unable to move, reading about disasters in the far corners of the world. What could I do? Write letters, send checks. But there will never be a time when terrible trouble is not stalking the earth, and I began to see how important it is to appreciate what you have.

For too long I'd been waiting for the wonderful. But there is so much joy in everyday occurrences: a butterfly in the sun the first crisp bite of an apple, the rich aroma of roasting meat. Maybe I had to break my foot to open my eyes, but I finally understood why cooking means so much to me. In a world filled with no, it is my yes. #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Stalking quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#182. Kami," said Holly, seeming stricken with a sudden terrible thought. "Please be subtle."

"Totally," said Kami. "You can rely on me absolutely. I will have the stealth of a lioness stalking the grasslands. In this metaphor Angela is an antelope, and she'll never know what hit her."

Holly did not look reassured.

"I promise you, Holly, 'Subtle' would be my middle name, except I'm too subtle to have a middle name that's such a giveaway. You don't have to worry about a thing. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Stalking quotes by George R R Martin
#183. Orell had been slain by the turncloak crow Jon Snow, and his hate for his killer had been so strong that Varamyr found himself hating the beastling boy as well. He had known what Snow was the moment he saw that great white direwolf stalking silent at his side. One skinchanger can always sense another. Mance should have let me take the direwolf. There would be a second life worthy of a king. He could have done it, he did not doubt. The gift was strong in Snow, but the youth was untaught, still fighting his nature when he should have gloried in it. #Quote by George R R Martin
Stalking quotes by Meg Cabot
#184. And yeah, okay, the majority of guys I have met since moving to California have turned out either to have psychopathic killers stalking them, or were actually psychopathic killers themselves. But that's really not a very good excuse for falling in love with a ghost. It really isn't. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Stalking quotes by Rachel Bertsche
#185. With some people there is easy conversation and not enough time in one meal to get out everything you want to tell her
all the things you didn't know you'd been holding in until you're suddenly confessing to Facebook-stalking ex-boyfriends and how nerdy you are for coveting the iPad
and with others there is that subtle but heavy weight of constantly trying to think of what you might say next to avoid an uncomfortable silence. #Quote by Rachel Bertsche
Stalking quotes by Simon John Cox
#186. a ghost clown stalking you through your house with a lawnmower. #Quote by Simon John Cox
Stalking quotes by Pamela Aidan
#187. He had been the recipient, he now gratefully acknowledged, of a rare and precious gift. In demanding the hand of a woman he neither understood nor was capable of knowing, he had instead received from her the chance to see himself and the opportunity to become a better man. And he had changed. He knew he had. He knew that he was not that man stalking angrily back to his chambers in Rosings Hall. What had happened to him in those intervening months? He was not sure; he could offer no complete explanation, but the man who had opened Rosings's doors, already prepared to write an angry letter, was a stranger, a man who had been walking through his entire life asleep. But now, he had awoken. #Quote by Pamela Aidan
Stalking quotes by Raymond Chandler
#188. The plants filled the place, a forest of them, with nasty meaty leaves and stalks like the newly washed fingers of dead men. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Stalking quotes by Clementine Hunter
#189. Painting is a lot harder than pickin' cotton. Cotton's right there for you to pull off the stalk, but to paint, you got to sweat your mind. #Quote by Clementine Hunter
Stalking quotes by April Mae Monterrosa
#190. I find it quite entertaining that girlfriends and wives of some of my friends and the mistresses of my ex-husband feel the need to keep up with my social media. I didn't realize my life was so interesting since I am a simple person...I guess that's what happens when you have trust issues, bitterness, and/or nothing better to do. #Quote by April Mae Monterrosa
Stalking quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#191. Their minds were crying out to be set free, but they refused to unbind them. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Stalking quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#192. I will gladly accept any and all books, however. A person can never have too much reading material. Especially on a fall or winter evening. If you're feeling extra generous, you may include tea. I love a unique blend. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Stalking quotes by Harry Emerson Fosdick
#193. I hate war ... for the dictatorships it puts in the place of democracies, and for the starvation that stalks after it. #Quote by Harry Emerson Fosdick
Stalking quotes by Francois Arago
#194. Let us award a just, a brilliant homage to those rare men whom nature has endowed with the precious privilege of arranging a thousand isolated facts, of making seductive theories spring from them; but let us not forget to state, that the scythe of the reaper had cut the stalks before one had thought of uniting them into sheaves! #Quote by Francois Arago
Stalking quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#195. I feel a bit apprehensive as I see that he's looking directly at me. But I'm not doing anything wrong, am I? I mean, it's not like stalking is against the law.
Oh. Well, OK, maybe stalking is against the law. But I've only been doing it for five minutes. Surely that doesn't count. And anyway, how does he know I'm stalking anyone? I might just be sitting here for my pleasure. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Stalking quotes by Gwen Moore
#196. Over 13 percent of women in college have reported being a victim of stalking during the school year, and one out of every five college women has reported being sexually assaulted. It is simple to talk about statistics. It is more difficult to remember that each number is a victim and represents a daughter, a sister or a friend. #Quote by Gwen Moore
Stalking quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#197. Some ghosts should remain good and buried, Niece. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Stalking quotes by Cynthia Hand
#198. Hi there," Tucker says brightly, like we're bumping into each other on the street.
"Uh, hi."
"Nice night for stalking," he observes.
"No, I was
"Get your butt in here, Carrots. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Stalking quotes by Ariel Seraphino
#199. This is me being ridiculously stalking someone. #Quote by Ariel Seraphino
Stalking quotes by Charles Dickens
#200. And when it has got in; as one not finding what it seeks, whatever that may be, it wails and howls to issue forth again: and not content with stalking through the aisles, and gliding round and round the pillars, and tempting the deep organ, soars up to the roof, and strives to rend the rafters: then flings itself despairingly upon the stones below, and passes, muttering, into the vaults. #Quote by Charles Dickens

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