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Stage Managers quotes by Anne Sweeney
#1. Pages were always supposed to be off-camera - we were supposed to be invisible. But I had a moment where I saw a kid who was ready to flip himself out of the balcony, so I ran down and grabbed him and put him back in his seat. I remember the stage manager taking me aside and saying, "Can you please never do that again? I know you were saving his life, but we have you in the shot." #Quote by Anne Sweeney
Stage Managers quotes by Lisa Mantchev
#2. Peaseblossom-decorous, proper Peaseblossom-dropped her trousers to waggle her naked, pale bottom at the Stage Manager. Bertie laughed involuntarily, choked on her coffee, and nearly died as it came out her nose, but it was worth the searing pain in her nostrils to see the look on the Stage Manager's face. #Quote by Lisa Mantchev
Stage Managers quotes by Adam Rapp
#3. Sometimes when I'm directing, the stage manager will have a good idea and that's okay with me. #Quote by Adam Rapp
Stage Managers quotes by Laurence Sterne
#4. You can't make theater happen without actors. The actor is the central ingredient in making theater happen. Audiences may come to theaters to see the work of stage managers, directors and producers, but the only people who can communicate theater magic to audiences, through ideas and emotions, are the actors. They are the only ones who can communicate this by themselves, and if necessary, they can get along without you. But you can't make theater without the actor. #Quote by Laurence Sterne
Stage Managers quotes by Joe DiMaggio
#5. I feel like I have reached the stage where I can no longer produce for my club, my manager, and my teammates. #Quote by Joe DiMaggio
Stage Managers quotes by Estelle Parsons
#6. The staff, stage managers, ushers all behaved as if they respected the actors. #Quote by Estelle Parsons
Stage Managers quotes by Brene Brown
#7. I asked the stage managers to bring up the houselights so I could see people. I needed to feel connected. Simply seeing people as people rather than "the audience" reminded me that the challenges that scare me - like being naked - scare everyone else. I think that's why empathy can be conveyed without speaking a word - it just takes looking into someone's eyes and seeing yourself reflected back in an engaged way. #Quote by Brene Brown
Stage Managers quotes by Eli Broad
#8. The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels. #Quote by Eli Broad
Stage Managers quotes by Corey Reynolds
#9. I got a note from the stage manager one night that someone wanted to meet me. And it was Steven Spielberg. #Quote by Corey Reynolds
Stage Managers quotes by Rebecca Wells
#10. As a writer, I am not goddess of the universes I create. I am at most a stage manager of the plentiful gifts which tumble out of the horn of plenty, which is to say there is a source so sweet and forgiving and generous that I pray every day to let that source be my guide. #Quote by Rebecca Wells
Stage Managers quotes by Ben Hartman
#11. A farmer's work in many ways is like setting a stage. In theater, stage managers lay out furniture and props, set up lights, and clean to get a set ready for actors to take over and create a show. Farmers plow, fertilize, set up irrigation systems and fences, and otherwise prep the stage of their farms for the real actors -- the sun and the life within the seeds and animals -- to create the show. #Quote by Ben Hartman
Stage Managers quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#12. Getting drunk every Friday night and thinking that it's normal, only to get mad every Monday, looks normal only because most people are insane. It becomes abnormal when it affects your relationships
and you push people you want away with a smile and cry when they're gone. That's when a person should question her own sanity. If that still doesn't make one question it, then that's a very deep stage of insanity. That's not life. That's the scenario for an apocalyptic movie. #Quote by Robin Sacredfire
Stage Managers quotes by Rita Rudner
#13. If you are who you are on stage, people pay attention. #Quote by Rita Rudner
Stage Managers quotes by Frankie Knuckles
#14. I have worked with a lot of different great people. One of the things my partner, my manager Judy Weinstein, instilled in [David] Morales and myself is that the quality goes in before the name goes home. #Quote by Frankie Knuckles
Stage Managers quotes by Brian De Palma
#15. Do i have political views? you bet! i think the best way to express them is in your work, and then get the hell off the stage #Quote by Brian De Palma
Stage Managers quotes by Norman Lock
#16. While my father was out boozing, she'd read to me by the stub of a candle, a thread of soot twisting upwards from its pinched, meager flame. By her voice alone, she could raise up the old stories from the bones of their words and--lilting between shades of comedy and melodrama--turn the dreary space around me into a stage for my wildest imaginings. #Quote by Norman Lock
Stage Managers quotes by Charles Dickens
#17. I do must decidedly object, and have a most invincible and powerful repugnance to that frequent reference to the Almighty in small matters, which so many excellent persons consider necessary in the education of children. I think it monstrous to hold the source of inconceivable mercy and goodness perpetually up to them as an avenging and wrathful God who - making them in His wisdom children before they are men and women - is to punish them awfully for every little venial offence which is almost a necessary part of that stage of life. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Stage Managers quotes by Tim Hecker
#18. Because I refuse to perform my music in a traditional sense of instrumentation, I don't have an amazing live stage spectacle to provide, and I don't want to go there. I don't see how the music would stay true to the spirit of the work. #Quote by Tim Hecker
Stage Managers quotes by Erik Erikson
#19. There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding, which constitutes a new hope and a new responsibility for all. #Quote by Erik Erikson
Stage Managers quotes by Karl Robert Eduard Von Hartmann
#20. Man's only hope lies in "final redemption from the misery of volition and existence into the painlessness of non-being and non-willing." No mortal may quit the task of life, but each must do his part to hasten the time when in the major portion of the human race the activity of the unconscious shall be ruled by intelligence, and this stage reached, in the simultaneous action of many persons volition will resolve upon its own non-continuance, and thus idea and will be once more reunited in the Absolute. #Quote by Karl Robert Eduard Von Hartmann
Stage Managers quotes by Gore Vidal
#21. I believe in justice, I want redress for all wrongs done, I want the good life-if such a thing exists-accessible to all. Yet, emotionally, I would be only too happy to become world dictator, if only to fulfill my mission: the destruction of the last vestigial traces of traditional manhood in the race to realign the sexes, thus reducing population, while increasing human happiness and preparing humanity for its next stage. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Stage Managers quotes by Kate Winslet
#22. My parents met because my father was an actor friend of one of my mom's brothers, but my mother has never set foot on the stage - she's quite shy. So it's a strange thing because people say, 'Oh, coming from acting parents,' when the idea of acting would literally make my mother just want to throw up. #Quote by Kate Winslet
Stage Managers quotes by Gelsey Kirkland
#23. There was a stage when Balanchine and I didn't talk. I was trying to develop my classical technique as opposed to the fast-track technique that he was pushing. We were very quiet with each other. But after two years he saw what I was doing and sent messages through other people that, yes, this is good. #Quote by Gelsey Kirkland
Stage Managers quotes by J.D. Salinger
#24. All these angels start coming out of the boxes and everywhere, guys carrying crucifixes and stuff all over the place, and the whole bunch of them - thousands of them - singing "Come All Ye Faithful" like mad. Big deal. It's supposed to be religious as hell, I know, and very pretty and all, but I can't see anything religious or pretty, for God's sake, about a bunch of actors carrying crucifixes all over the stage. When they all finished and started going out the boxes again, you could tell they could hardly wait to get a cigarette of something. I saw it with old Sally Hayes the year before, and she kept saying how beautiful it was, the costumes and all. I said old jesus probably would've puked if he could see it. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Stage Managers quotes by Donna Cooner
#25. I'm always aware of being observed. Always self-conscious. I'm evidently living my life with stage fright. #Quote by Donna Cooner
Stage Managers quotes by Victor Garber
#26. The stage is where I feel most comfortable, and I miss it all the time. #Quote by Victor Garber
Stage Managers quotes by Frances E. Willard
#27. In externals we advance with lightening express speed, in modes of thought and sympathy we lumber on in stage-coach fashion. #Quote by Frances E. Willard
Stage Managers quotes by Ritchie Blackmore
#28. If you can play well in the studio, you can play well on stage. #Quote by Ritchie Blackmore
Stage Managers quotes by Bertrand Russell
#29. Science does not aim at establishing immutable truths and eternal dogmas; its aim is to approach the truth by successive approximations, without claiming that at any stage final and complete accuracy has been achieved. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Stage Managers quotes by Orson Scott Card
#30. Saving the human race is a frantic one. Or a tedious one. It all depends on what stage of the process you're taking part in. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Stage Managers quotes by Mary Chapin Carpenter
#31. I feel that it's nothing if not an incredible privilege to be able to get up on stage and play for people, and I don't ever take it for granted. #Quote by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Stage Managers quotes by Charles Dickens
#32. Ah! poetry makes life what light and music do the stage - strip the one of the false embellishments, and the other of its illusions, and what is there real in either to live or care for? #Quote by Charles Dickens
Stage Managers quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#33. Another savage trait of our time is the disposition to talk about material substances instead of about ideas. The old civilisation talked about the sin of gluttony or excess. We talk about the Problem of Drink
as if drink could be a problem. When people have come to call the problem of human intemperance the Problem of Drink, and to talk about curing it by attacking the drink traffic, they have reached quite a dim stage of barbarism. The thing is an inverted form of fetish worship; it is no sillier to say that a bottle is a god than to say that a bottle is a devil. The people who talk about the curse of drink will probably progress down that dark hill. In a little while we shall have them calling the practice of wife-beating the Problem of Pokers; the habit of housebreaking will be called the Problem of the Skeleton-Key Trade; and for all I know they may try to prevent forgery by shutting up all the stationers' shops by Act of Parliament. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Stage Managers quotes by Fabio Capello
#34. Every manager dreams of a job like this [the England job] and I will be sure to learn English within one month. #Quote by Fabio Capello
Stage Managers quotes by Liz Garbus
#35. Managers all over the world will go crazy when their artists are not touting the party line and making things pretty in the way that they're supposed to, but it's different when your manager is your husband. It's contrary to your soul. That commercial interest presses in upon your whole personal life. #Quote by Liz Garbus
Stage Managers quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#36. Was it only that explosion of atavism which is now evasively called "the cult of personality" that was so horrible? Or was it even more horrible that during those same years, in 1937 itself, we celebrated Pushkin's centennial? And that we shamelessly continued to stage those self-same Chekhov plays, even though the answers to them had already come in? Is it not still more dreadful that we are now being told, thirty years later, "Don't talk about it!"? If we start to recall the sufferings of millions, we are told it will distort the historical perspective! If we doggedly seek out the essence of our morality, we are told it will darken our material progress! Let's think rather about the blast furnaces, the rolling mills that were built, the canals that were dug... no, better not talk about the canals.... Then maybe about the gold of the Kolyma? No, maybe we ought not to talk about that either.... Well, we can talk about anything, so long as we do it adroitly, so long as we glorify it.... #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Stage Managers quotes by Arthur Golden
#37. I felt I was standing on a stage many hours after the dance had ended, when the silence lay as heavily upon the empty theater as a blanket of snow. #Quote by Arthur Golden
Stage Managers quotes by Neil Warnock
#38. If something is not right we give out about it. He is almost a Yorkshireman with a Portuguese accent. #Quote by Neil Warnock
Stage Managers quotes by Pankaj Ghemawat
#39. 'The system made me do it' is the perfect cop-out for today's managers. #Quote by Pankaj Ghemawat
Stage Managers quotes by Nate Powell
#40. I did grow up in a military family but lacked the perspective to grasp the cognitive dissonance carried by most people who serve in the armed forces or the circumstances that push lots of folks into the military. I don't blame G.I. Joe or Rambo for that atmosphere, but they certainly reflected the final stage of a two generation cultural myth. #Quote by Nate Powell
Stage Managers quotes by Robbie Coltraine
#41. Well, I quite like animals, but theyre unpredictable. I mean, look at old whats-his-name in Vegas. Tiger dragged him off the stage, you know? The guy brought up tigers. Theyre quite unpredictable. #Quote by Robbie Coltraine
Stage Managers quotes by Barry Lopez
#42. If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. #Quote by Barry Lopez
Stage Managers quotes by David Duchovny
#43. I was about 26 or 27 and it was imperative that I make a living right away and it's hard to make a living on stage, so I started in television and film. #Quote by David Duchovny
Stage Managers quotes by David Bowie
#44. I knew that I was 'interesting' at 18 because I was aware that I could get away with doing things on stage. #Quote by David Bowie
Stage Managers quotes by David Foenkinos
#45. Markus definitely wasn't comfortable. He was sorry about having long legs; as regrets go, it certainly was a useless one.* Not to mention another fact that amped up his torture: there's nothing worse than being seated next to a woman you're dying with desire to look at. The show was to his left, where she was, not on stage. Not only that, but what was he seeing? It was so-so. The fact that it was a Swedish play wasn't exactly helping matters! Had she done it on purpose? As if that weren't enough, the playwright had studied in Uppsala. Might as well have dinner at his parents'. #Quote by David Foenkinos
Stage Managers quotes by Joe Torre
#46. Getting fired is what happens to a manager sooner or later. #Quote by Joe Torre
Stage Managers quotes by Andy Summers
#47. You're on the stage and you've got all those people yelling at you, so you better be right in the moment, reacting to that. It's completely live and organic. Even 20 years later, it's the same thing. You may be even better on your instrument. Hopefully, you are. #Quote by Andy Summers
Stage Managers quotes by Christine Lahti
#48. I loved the stage and then grew to love the camera. #Quote by Christine Lahti
Stage Managers quotes by Ed Catmull
#49. Our job as managers in creative environments is to protect new ideas from those who don't understand that in order for greatness to emerge, there must be phases of not-so-greatness. Protect the future, not the past. #Quote by Ed Catmull
Stage Managers quotes by Jeff Britting
#50. Sometimes, I stood at the front of the E train, watching the tunnel ahead, imagining what Anthem would look like on stage. #Quote by Jeff Britting
Stage Managers quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#51. Do not settle for living a version of your life designed by another. You are not meant to be gatekeeper or the holder of secrets and shame. You are here to live free and clear and into your own wide open truth. If you are spending too much time around people who expect otherwise you will begin to notice a feeling of constriction. Sometimes the life we create can be come a cage of our own making. Sometimes we stifle our truths to make others comfortable. Do not sacrifice your own comfort and freedom for that of another. The price you pay for this is too high. Define your own space. Remember your own divinity. You have a responsibility to this existence to live in fullness of your truth and art and purpose. Do not be diminished by circumstance or opinion or judgement. Your story is your own; nobody can write it but you. You hold the paper, you choose the pen, and you write your life story the way only you can. So, if someone tries to build you a box, rip that fucker apart and use the wood to build yourself a stage, then ditch your indoor voice and sing it loud. People are not meant to live quietly in small containers no matter how beautiful. A gilded cage is still confinement. You are a wild child – only the open air of freedom will do. #Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc

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