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St Peter Canisius quotes by Aaron Sorkin
#1. You remind me of the man that lived by the river. He heard a radio report that the river was going to rush up and flood the town, and that the all the residents should evacuate their homes.

But the man said, "I'm religious. I pray. God loves me. God will save me." The waters rose up. A guy in a rowboat came along and he shouted, "Hey, hey you, you in there. The town is flooding. Let me take you to safety." But the man shouted back, "I'm religious. I pray. God loves me. God will save me."

A helicopter was hovering overhead and a guy with a megaphone shouted, "Hey you, you down there. The town is flooding. Let me drop this ladder and I'll take you to safety." But the man shouted back that he was religious, that he prayed, that God loved him and that God will take him to safety.

Well... the man drowned. And standing at the gates of St. Peter he demanded an audience with God. "Lord," he said, "I'm a religious man, I pray, I thought you loved me. Why did this happen?"

God said, "I sent you a radio report, a helicopter and a guy in a rowboat. What the hell are you doing here?

He sent you a priest, a rabbi and a Quaker. Not to mention his son, Jesus Christ. What do you want from him? #Quote by Aaron Sorkin
St Peter Canisius quotes by Amy-Jill Levine
#2. After a long and happy life, I find myself at the pearly gates (a sight of great joy; the word for "pearl" in Greek is, by the way, margarita). Standing there is St. Peter. This truly is heaven, for finally my academic questions will receive answers. I immediately begin the questions that have been plaguing me for half a century: "Can you speak Greek? Where did you go when you wandered off in the middle of Acts? How was the incident between you and Paul in Antioch resolved? What happened to your wife?"

Peter looks at me with some bemusement and states, "Look, lady, I've got a whole line of saved people to process. Pick up your harp and slippers here, and get the wings and halo at the next table. We'll talk after dinner."

As I float off, I hear, behind me, a man trying to gain Peter's attention. He has located a "red letter Bible," which is a text in which the words of Jesus are printed in red letters. This is heaven, and all sorts of sacred art and Scriptures, from the Bhagavad Gita to the Qur'an, are easily available (missing, however, was the Reader's Digest Condensed Version). The fellow has his Bible open to John 14, and he is frenetically pointing at v. 6: "Jesus says here, in red letters, that he is the way. I've seen this woman on television (actually, she's thinner in person). She's not Christian; she's not baptized - she shouldn't be here!"

"Oy," says Peter, "another one - wait here."

He returns a few minutes later with a m #Quote by Amy-Jill Levine
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter Kreeft
#3. Reason is His voice, His interior prophet, in our souls. We call that prophet conscience. (St. Thomas used two terms for it: "synderesis" was the awareness of its reality and truth and authority and rules, and "conscience" was the application of it. We use "conscience" for both.) Conscience is essentially the power of reason to know good and evil. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
St Peter Canisius quotes by Bill Shankly
#4. I've had many skilful men and the likes of Peter Thompson, Ian St John, Kevin Keegan and Steve Heighway were the ones who caught the eye. But the best professional of the lot was Gerry Byrne. He wasn't flashy and he wouldn't score you goals. But he was hard and skilful and gave you everything he had. More than that he was totally honest. Which is the greatest quality of all. He was a true Liverpudlian who couldn't look his fellow Scousers in the face after a game unless he'd given everything he had for 90 minutes. #Quote by Bill Shankly
St Peter Canisius quotes by Mother Teresa
#5. The other day I dreamed that I was at the gates of heaven. And St. Peter said, 'Go back to Earth, there are no slums up here.' #Quote by Mother Teresa
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter York
#6. London clubland divides itself between the St James's refuge for toffs, and the Conquest of Cool, for the arts and media. #Quote by Peter York
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter St. John
#7. Why weren't there any women in Jesus' gang?' asked Winnifred. 'Jesus' gang?' echoed the vicar surprised. 'Jesus never had a gang. Ah - you mean the Twelve.' Winnifred nodded. The vicar looked perplexed. 'Well, it wouldn't really have been appropriate, would it?' 'Why not?' I asked. 'It just wouldn't,' replied the vicar, looking annoyed at my question. 'But Jesus had a lot of girl friends,' said Pearl. 'He certainly didn't,' replied the vicar, shocked. 'But Vicar, what about Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus? The Bible says that Jesus loved them,' insisted Pearl. 'And then there was Mary Magdalene,' I added. 'She wanted to hug him in Joseph's garden when he had just come out of the tomb, but Jesus told her not to touch him.' 'Yes - well - ' said the vicar uncertainly. 'They were good followers of Jesus and they loved him - as we should all love him. No more questions now. We will be starting the service shortly.' 'Not very helpful,' I whispered to Winnifred. 'If Jesus had had a few women in his group of twelve, it would be much easier to know how to live with them. #Quote by Peter St. John
St Peter Canisius quotes by Malcolm Kushner
#8. Now, I have to tell you, this reminds me of a story. Actually, it's an old baseball story. You see, one day, old Lucifer down there from his headquarters called St. Peter in Heaven, said they wanted to challenge him to a baseball game. And St. Peter said, "Sure, let's play. But to be fair, I have to tell you all the great ones are up here. We've got Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Satchel Paige, Roberto Clemente. We've got all the best players, and our manager is the legendary Connie Mack. You won't have a chance." Well, old Lucifer says, "That doesn't matter, we'll win anyway." And St. Peter says, "How do you expect to do that?" "Well," he says, "simple, we've got all the umpires." Luncheon for Representative Connie Mack Miami, Florida June 29, 1988 #Quote by Malcolm Kushner
St Peter Canisius quotes by Daniel Prokop
#9. When two or three people come together in the name of Neverland then I will be there amidst them or if I am too busy or have a better offer, then I will send a proxy or you can just have the tantrum without me, whatever. (King James Version: Gospel of St. Peter (of Pan)Verse: Blah Paragraph: Blah, blah #Quote by Daniel Prokop
St Peter Canisius quotes by Anonymous
#10. If you love me, feed my sheep. #Quote by Anonymous
St Peter Canisius quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#11. We have to touch such men, not with a bargepole, but with a benediction," he said. "We have to say the word that will save them from hell. We alone are left to deliver them from despair when your human charity deserts them. Go on your own primrose path pardoning all your favourite vices and being generous to your fashionable crimes; and leave us in the darkness, vampires of the night, to console those who really need consolation; who do things really indefensible, things that neither the world nor they themselves can defend; and none but a priest will pardon. Leave us with the men who commit the mean and revolting and real crimes; mean as St. Peter when the cock crew, and yet the dawn came. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
St Peter Canisius quotes by Colin Wilson
#12. I have tried to show how religion, the backbone of civilisation, hardens into a Church that is unacceptable to Outsiders, and the Outsiders - the men who strive to become visionaries - become the Rebels. In our case, the scientific progress that has brought us closer than ever before to conquering the problems of civilisation, has also robbed us of spiritual drive; and the Outsider is doubly a rebel: a rebel against the Established Church , a rebel against the unestablished church of materialism. Yet for all this, he is the real spiritual heir of the prophets, of Jesus and St. Peter, of St. Augustine and Peter Waldo. The purest religion of any age lies in the hands of its spiritual rebels. The twentieth century is no exception. #Quote by Colin Wilson
St Peter Canisius quotes by M. Popplewell
#13. When I die and go to heaven, to St. Peter, I will tell: "one more soldier reporting for duty, sir. I've served my time in hell. #Quote by M. Popplewell
St Peter Canisius quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#14. Why can't we sit together? What's the point of seat reservations,anyway? The bored woman calls my section next,and I think terrible thoughts about her as she slides my ticket through her machine. At least I have a window seat. The middle and aisle are occupied with more businessmen. I'm reaching for my book again-it's going to be a long flight-when a polite English accent speaks to the man beside me.
"Pardon me,but I wonder if you wouldn't mind switching seats.You see,that's my girlfriend there,and she's pregnant. And since she gets a bit ill on airplanes,I thought she might need someone to hold back her hair when...well..." St. Clair holds up the courtesy barf bag and shakes it around. The paper crinkles dramatically.
The man sprints off the seat as my face flames. His pregnant girlfriend?
"Thank you.I was in forty-five G." He slides into the vacated chair and waits for the man to disappear before speaking again. The guy onhis other side stares at us in horror,but St. Clair doesn't care. "They had me next to some horrible couple in matching Hawaiian shirts. There's no reason to suffer this flight alone when we can suffer it together."
"That's flattering,thanks." But I laugh,and he looks pleased-until takeoff, when he claws the armrest and turns a color disturbingy similar to key lime pie. I distract him with a story about the time I broke my arm playing Peter Pan. It turned out there was more to flying than thinking happy thoughts and jumping out a window #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
St Peter Canisius quotes by Nick Hornby
#15. When I'm arguing with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, I'm going to tell him to ignore the Books Read column, and focus on the Books Bought instead. "This is *really* who I am," I'll tell him. #Quote by Nick Hornby
St Peter Canisius quotes by Hal Turner
#16. When one of the down Easters boasted of not having any gray hair, but who was bald, Dad told the story of how St. Peter had given his choice of getting bald or getting gray and he chose the latter. Have never smoked, chewed nor used tea coffee or liquor except for medicinal purposes. The want of it is more than the worth of it. #Quote by Hal Turner
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter Canisius
#17. It behooves us unanimously and inviolably to observe the ecclesiastical traditions, whether codified or simply retained by the customary practice of the Church. #Quote by Peter Canisius
St Peter Canisius quotes by John Fowles
#18. Medieval theologians used to dispute how the angels in the heaven spent their time, when not balancing on needle points and singing anthems to the Lord. I know. They slump glued to their clouds, glasses at the ready, as the Archangel Micheal (that well-known slasher) and stonewalling St Peter open against the Devils XI. It could not be Heaven, otherwise. #Quote by John Fowles
St Peter Canisius quotes by Annie Dillard
#19. Let the grass die. I let almost all of my indoor plants die from neglect while I was writing the book. There are all kinds of ways to live. You can take your choice. You can keep a tidy house, and when St. Peter asks you what you did with your life, you can say, 'I kept a tidy house, I made my own cheese balls. #Quote by Annie Dillard
St Peter Canisius quotes by Martin Luther
#20. Christians are to be taught that the pope would and should wish to give of his own money, even though he had to sell the basilica of St. Peter, to many of those from whom certain hawkers of indulgences cajole money. #Quote by Martin Luther
St Peter Canisius quotes by Bob Dornan
#21. St. Peter, on my judgment day, will not ask me about the B-2 or my defense votes. He will ask me about my vote to protect innocent human life ... #Quote by Bob Dornan
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter Uihlein
#22. St. Andrews is the Home of Golf and the greatest course in the world. Any time you can win at St. Andrews would be special. It's every golfer's dream to win out here. #Quote by Peter Uihlein
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter St. John
#23. Listen Peter,' he said seriously. 'What I'm about to say is extremely important, not only for your own good, but for the good of everybody. You've certainly seen the war posters about careless talk costing lives.' I nodded. 'What you've just said is an example of careless talk. It's very dangerous. It could even cost your own life. #Quote by Peter St. John
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter St. John
#24. You cackle a lot, but don't lay any eggs. #Quote by Peter St. John
St Peter Canisius quotes by St. Jerome
#25. Whosoever you are who introduce new doctrines, I beseech you to spare the ears of Romans! Spare that faith which was commended by the voice of an Apostle. Why should you attempt to teach us, at the end of hundreds of years, that which we never heard before? Why bring forward what Peter and Paul did not will to make known? Until this day, the world was Christian without your doctrine. Thus, I hold as an old man onto that faith wherein I was regenerated as a boy. #Quote by St. Jerome
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter Kreeft
#26. The rich fop Francis of Assisi was bored all his life―until he fell in love with Christ and gave all his stuff away and became the troubadour of Lady Poverty. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
St Peter Canisius quotes by John Henry Newman
#27. It is seldom we have the heart to throw ourselves, if I may so speak, on the Divine Arm; we dare not trust ourselves on the waters, though Christ bids us. We have not St. Peter's love to ask leave to come to him upon the sea. When we once are filled with that heavenly charity, we can do all things, because we attempt all things - for to attempt is to do. #Quote by John Henry Newman
St Peter Canisius quotes by John Strachan
#28. St. Peter announced the glad tidings of the Gospel to the people on the day of Pentecost, and converted, by the first Christian sermon, ever preached, three thousand - which formed the primitive Church. #Quote by John Strachan
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter Rogers
#29. Walk and talk with ST is the most powerful review method in the world. #Quote by Peter Rogers
St Peter Canisius quotes by Mark Twain
#30. A dream ... I was trying to explain to St. Peter, and was doing it in the German tongue, because I didn't want to be too explicit. #Quote by Mark Twain
St Peter Canisius quotes by Joss Whedon
#31. You give my regards to St. Peter, or whoever has his job, but in Hell. #Quote by Joss Whedon
St Peter Canisius quotes by Paul Johnson
#32. This was all very well: Columbanus's success indicates the appeal of his mission. But his activities, for the first time, brought the nature of Celtic monasticism firmly to the attention of the Church authorities
to western bishops in general, and to the Bishop of Rome in particular. The Irish monks were not heretical. But they were plainly unorthodox. They did not look right, to begin with. They had the wrong tonsure. Rome, as was natural, had 'the tonsure of St Peter', that is, a shaven crown. Easterners had the tonsure of St Paul, totally shaven; and if they wished to take up an appointment in the West they had to wait until their rim grew before being invested. But the Celts looked like nothing on earth: they had their hair long at the back and, on the shaven front part, a half-circle of hair from one ear to the other, leaving a band across the forehead. #Quote by Paul Johnson
St Peter Canisius quotes by Taya Kyle
#33. Chris used to say that he would spend a lot of time in the woodshed when he got to heaven, but believe me, if St. Peter takes him back there at all, it will be for the briefest of moments. The good far, far outweighed whatever bad there was. We're all human, of course, and none of us are perfect, but Chris was far above the average part of the spectrum. #Quote by Taya Kyle
St Peter Canisius quotes by Julian Noyce
#34. Vatican city is an independent state created by the Lateran treaty of 11th Feb 1929 which was signed by Pope Pius XI, the holy see and the Italian government. It covers an area of 108 acres on the hill west of the Tiber river. It is separated from the rest of Rome by high walls on all sides except at the Piazza of St Peter. #Quote by Julian Noyce
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#35. A letter from a French cleric to Nicholas of St. Albans, written c. 1178, rehearsed what was already a familiar perception: Your island is surrounded by water, and not unnaturally its inhabitants are affected by the nature of the element in which they live. Unsubstantial fantasies slide easily into their minds. They think their dreams to be visions, and their visions to be divine. We cannot blame them, for such is the nature of their land. I have often noticed that the English are greater dreams than the French. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
St Peter Canisius quotes by Peter St. John
#36. We're going to have a woman lodger.' 'Cripes,' said Jenno. 'That'll cramp yer style a bit. #Quote by Peter St. John
St Peter Canisius quotes by Mark Twain
#37. From the dome of St. Peter's one can see every notable object in Rome ... He can see a panorama that is varied, extensive, beautiful to the eye, and more illustrious in history than any other in Europe. #Quote by Mark Twain
St Peter Canisius quotes by Benjamin Kunkel
#38. It was like when I'd taken a trip to some foreign land and everyone asked about it when I got back: my accounts would grow similar, focusing on this impression, that cool place, a certain funny anecdote, until there was just the one account which then substituted for my memory. Remembering this tendency, I felt an honest fear. It was the familiar fear, made honest through sudden intensity, that once all the sensation had evaporated from my life the residue would be a cliché. I'd die, St. Peter would be like, "So how was it?" and I'd say, "Great place. I liked the food. I was sick for part of it. But all the people were really nice." And that would be it. #Quote by Benjamin Kunkel

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