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Spring And Starting Over quotes by John C. Maxwell
#1. Fellas, things are going to change. I know how bad DeMatha's teams have been during these last few years, but that's over with. We're going to win at DeMatha and we're going to build a tradition of winning. Starting right now ... But let me tell you how we're going to do it. We're going to outwork every team we ever play ... With a lot of hard work and discipline and dedication, people are going to hear about us and respect us, because DeMatha will be a winner. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Cherie Blair
#2. I think I'm one of life's copers. And picking myself up and dusting myself off and starting all over again is one of my mottoes, actually. #Quote by Cherie Blair
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Bill Russell
#3. I don't have very many regrets, not because I lived a perfect life but because life is a bunch of rolling hills, not mountains, or speed bumps instead of stop signs, and so you come to a situation and it's neither good or bad, it just is, and what it means to you is what's your take on it. But the second part of the equation is what are you going to do about it. A lot of times I'm completely wrong, but all you do is back up and start over. #Quote by Bill Russell
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Paul Virilio
#4. In industrialized warfare, where the representation of events outstripped the presentation of facts, the image was starting to gain sway over the object, time over space. Soon a conflict of strategic and political interpretation would ensue, with radio and then radar completing the picture. #Quote by Paul Virilio
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Ted Danson
#5. I first saw the ocean as a kid. We would drive from Arizona in the summer and arrive as the sun was starting to come down over the hill near Laguna in southern California. We would always sing a song, and it was a big joyous family moment when we came over the hill. #Quote by Ted Danson
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Richard Engel
#6. ...if the United States never intended to help, it shouldn't have built up the expectation. The false promise of help was cruel and inexcusable and it would only get worse over time. If a man is drowning and a boat drives past in the distance, the man accepts his death and goes down quietly. If a man is drowning and a boat pulls up beside him, dangles a life jacket, tells the world he wants to help, but then doesn't throw the life jacket, the drowning man dies crying and his family might take a blood oath to take revenge on the boat's crew. This type of anger was already starting to build in Syria and al-Qaeda would capitalize on it. #Quote by Richard Engel
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Alison Hawthorne Deming
#7. I like to joke that I started writing long poems out the anxiety over ending and starting poems. It just seemed easier to keep going. #Quote by Alison Hawthorne Deming
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Sarah Miller Beebe
#8. This process is like starting a fitness regimen for the brain. At the beginning, your muscles burn a little. But over time and with repetition, you become stronger, and the improvements you see in yourself can be remarkable. Becoming a better thinker, just like becoming a better athlete, requires practice. We challenge you to feel the burn. #Quote by Sarah Miller Beebe
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#9. [Riley] slapped his hands to his face and then dropped them as if in surrender. 'I always say the wrong thing around you. Look, can we start over?'
Yes. Over. Wipe the board clean.'
But I would have to go back to hating you and not trusting you' I said
Oh, well don't do that.' He paused and chewed his lip. 'Does that mean you like and trust me now?' "
- Riley and Trella #Quote by Maria V. Snyder
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Bill Maher
#10. I don't think all life is precious. I know people say that all the time, "Life is precious." I think some life is precious, and some life is just a waste of protoplasm. Start over. #Quote by Bill Maher
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Kristy Cunning
#11. The vampire's smile is so bright and cheery that you'd genuinely believe he just found heaven.

"This shit is seriously fucked up. Stop acting like it's so exciting, please. I'm internally freaking out because how pleased you look, and I don't want to freak out so soon after giving my monster so much freedom. I…liked it too much."

Arion's smile only grows.

The more she talks, the more it starts sounding as though this is undeniably Violet.

"Again, you're seriously freaking me out. That's not a good thing, Arion," Violet tells him with an abundance of conviction. "For whatever reason, you all think I'm so damn sweet, which means you're all entirely too fucked up. But you can't just grin after what you've seen tonight. Not even you're that crazy."

The vampire is falling in love all over again right in front of our eyes, because she's underestimating just how crazy he gets when he's in love. Unlike her, he loves being underestimated.

Obliterating an adversary, starting a war, dancing on a bloody field, and underestimating him…

She's spent the last several hours doing all his favorite things. #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Rick Riordan
#12. Naturally, Coach Hedge went ballistic; but Percy found it hard to take the satyr seriously since he was barely five feet tall.
"Never in my life!" Coach bellowed, waving his bat and knocking over a plate of apples. "Against the rules! Irresponsible!"
"Coach," Annabeth said, "it was an accident. We were talking, and we fell asleep."
"Besides," Percy said, "you're starting to sound like Terminus."
Hedge narrowed his eyes. "Is that an insult, Jackson? 'Cause I'll - I'll terminus you, buddy! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#13. All I wanted to do was get back to Africa. We had not left it, yet, but when I would wake in the night I would lie, listening, homesick for it already. Now, looking out the tunnel of trees over the ravine at the sky with white clouds moving across in the wind, I loved the country so that I was happy as you are after you have been with a woman that you really love, when, empty, you feel it welling up again and there it is and you can never have it all and yet what there is, now, you can have, and you want more and more, to have, and be, and live in, to possess now again for always, for that long sudden-ended always; making time stand still, sometimes so very still that afterwards you wait to hear it move, and it is slow in starting. But you are not alone because if you have every really loved her happy and untragic, she loves you always; no matter whom she loves nor where she goes she loves you more. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Spring And Starting Over quotes by John Medina
#14. If you wanted to create an education environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you probably would design something like a classroom. If you wanted to create a business environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you probably would design something like a cubicle. And if you wanted to change things, you might have to tear down both and start over. #Quote by John Medina
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Jeanette Coron
#15. If you're tired of starting over, then you need to learn to stick through and overcome difficult things instead of running away from them. #Quote by Jeanette Coron
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Valerie Simpson
#16. It's interesting when you've been a partner with someone for so long. So now to sing solo and starting all over again I am learning that I am more bodacious than I thought. I don't know where it's coming from but I am glad. #Quote by Valerie Simpson
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#17. Do you think Archer is right about everyone here being de-magicked? Or maybe the fog, like, made his and Evan's magic…de-magic."
Crossing over to the closet, I sighed and said, "I'm betting the kids here are de-magicked, but it doesn't really matter." I flung open the closet. Just as I'd thought, the only things hung up inside where Hex Hall uniforms. "I'm pretty much de-magicked myself these days," I said to Jenna over my shoulder. "Also, maybe we should stop saying de-magicked. It's starting to sound weird."
She sat up straighter. "What?"
"You know, when you say things too much, and-"
"Sophie," Jenna said, tilting her head and frowning at me.
Sighing, I sat down on my own bed, facing her. "Thanks to some mojo from the Council, I'm currently powerless."
Her expression softening, Jenna breathed, "Oh, Soph. I'm so sorry."
"It's not as bad as it sounds," I told her. "My powers aren't gone gone. They're still bumping around in here, but I can't use them unless I touch this particular-whoa."
I crossed the room to grip the footboard of Jenna's bed. "There's this spell in the Throne family grimoire. If I touch it, my powers will be restored. And Dad was sure the Casnoffs had the grimoire. It might be here, Jenna." I let go of her bed to pace as my magic pounded inside me. "If we find it, I could be demoning up the place by dinnertime. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#18. It was a cold blustery day when he walked out of the courthouse for the last time. He walked down the steps and out the back door and got in his truck and sat there. He couldnt name the feeling. It was sadness but it was something else besides. And the something else besides was what had him sitting there instead of starting the truck. He'd felt like this before but not in a long time and when he said that, then he knew what it was. It was defeat. It was being beaten. More bitter to him than death. You need to get over that, he said. Then he started the truck. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Steve Martin
#19. As she sits in a booth, it never occurs to her to observe herself, and thus she is spared the image of a girl sitting alone in a bar on Saturday night. A girl who is willing to give every ounce of herself to someone, who could never betray her lover, who never suspects maliciousness of anyone, and whose sexuality sleeps within her, waiting to be stirred ... She keeps working to make connections, but the pile of near misses is starting to overwhelm her. What Mirabelle needs is some omniscient voice to illuminate and spotlight her, and to inform everyone that this one has value, this one over here, the one sitting in the bar by herself, and then to find her counterpart and bring him to her. #Quote by Steve Martin
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#20. Psychologists say the best way to handle children at this stage of development is not to answer their questions directly but instead to tell them a story. As pediatrician Alan Greene explained, "After conversing with thousands of children, I've decided that what they really mean is, 'That's interesting to me. Let's talk about that together. Tell me more, please?' Questions are a child's way of expressing love and trust. They are a child's way of starting a conversation. So instead of simply insisting over and over again that the object of my son's attention is, in fact, an elephant, I might tell him about how, in India, elephants are symbols of good luck, or about how some say elephants have the best memories of all the animals. I might tell him about the time I saw an elephant spin a basketball on the tip of his trunk, or about how once there was an elephant named Horton who heard a Who. I might tell him that once upon a time, there was an elephant and four blind men; each man felt a different part of the elephant's body: the ears, the tail, the side, and the tusk . . . #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#21. Like realizing toward the end of a logic puzzle that you'd made a mistake early on, and that there's no way to reach the solution without starting over. Without erasing everything. Without throwing out all of your assumptions. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Spring And Starting Over quotes by James Dashner
#22. For the first time in his life, Michael understood why real soldiers coming back from real wars often had a hard time getting over the things they'd seen and done. And had done to them. If Michael had a soul, it was starting to leak out of his hopes. #Quote by James Dashner
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Donald Jeffries
#23. I can remember when believing in conspiracies wasn't cool. Now, in the
second decade of the twenty-first century, more people are starting to
sense that things may not be as they appear to be. The truth in Lord Acton's
classic axiom that "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"
becomes more self-evident every day. Politicians from the only two parties
we have to choose from break promises, are unresponsive to the will of the
people, and opt for war, austerity measures, and state control over and over
again. Gary Allen, author of the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, defined
things perfectly when he wrote, "It must be remembered that the first job of
any conspiracy, whether it be in politics, crime or within a business office, is
to convince everyone else that no conspiracy exists. #Quote by Donald Jeffries
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Malebo Sephodi
#24. Reinvent yourself over and over and over and over and over until you find home. There is no timeline for the soul. #Quote by Malebo Sephodi
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Pittacus Lore
#25. This is starting to look less like a rescue mission and more like you going on a leisurely road trip with two hot chicks," Nine grumbles.
Sarah rolls her eyes. I glare at Nine. "It's not like that. You know we need you here, in case something happens."
"Yeah, I'm backup," he snorts. "Johnny, do I have to start dating you to get some action around here?"
Sarah winks at him. "It might help."
Nine looks me over. "Ugh. Not worth it. #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#26. Starting over is an acceptance of a past we can't change, an unrelenting conviction that the future can be different, and the stubborn wisdom to use the past to make the future what the past was not. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Jeanne Bliss
#27. Over time, one of this engine's most potent impacts is in prioritizing investments for customer-driven growth by shifting the annual planning process. Instead of starting with the silos, leaders start with the customers' lives, identify priorities, and then determine collectively the investments to improve them to earn the right to growth. Without alignment among your executive team to regularly review the customer journey that this engine affords, investments are not fully optimized. Tactical actions are budgeted and implemented by silo, but complete customer experiences that drive growth are not improved. Rinse and repeat. #Quote by Jeanne Bliss
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Tillie Cole
#28. Mama always said the stars aligned when we were born, that God made us a match. From the first time we saw each other, Luka took me in his arms and swore his protection over me to my mother. Mama used to say she caught him starting into my crib only hours after I was born. Then when she asked what he was doing, he asked her if he could have me. #Quote by Tillie Cole
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Orson Scott Card
#29. Americans love to pick up, move on, start over. But instead of being somebody fresh and new, they become somebody lonely and lost, or, far too often these days, they become nobody at all, a machine for satisfying hunger, without loyalty or honor or duty. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Mary Doria Russell
#30. Eternal beginner, starting over and over in a new place in new circumstances, with new languages, new people, a new commission. They had this in common: the continual rushed confrontation with change, the feeling of being hothoused, forced to bloom early, the exhausting exhilaration of doing the unreasonable not just adequately but well and with grace. #Quote by Mary Doria Russell
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Lauren Gilley
#31. It was broken. It was haunted. Just like her.
But it had bones, and it had memories, and it had the ability to be something strong again. Just like her. #Quote by Lauren Gilley
Spring And Starting Over quotes by T.J. Kline
#32. You do realize trying to bribe an officer is a felony, right?"

She cocked a brow at him as she slid her helmet back over her head and slipped her sunglasses on, starting the engine. "Who said anything about bribing you? Maybe I was trying to poison you. #Quote by T.J. Kline
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Tilly Dunn
#33. With each day that our huge ship was on the ocean, my sense of being further and further away from my loved ones, my home, and my environment grew stronger. #Quote by Tilly Dunn
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Josephine Angelini
#34. Even though she was still so tired she felt glued to the matress, the yelling made Helen's eyes open. She saw Ariadne, Cassandra, and Noel standing over her bed. Correction, they were standing over Lucas's bed and Helen was in it. Her eyes snapped open and her head whipped around to look at Lucas. He was frowning himself awake and starting to make some gravelly noise in the back of his throat.

"Go argue someplace else," he groaned as he rolled over onto Helen. He tucked himself up against her, awkwardly fighting the drag of the casts on his legs as he tried to bury his face in Helen's neck. She nudged him and looked up at Noel, Ariadne, and a furious Cassandra.

"I came to see how he was and then I couldn't get back to my bed," Helen tried to explain, absolutely mortified.

She gasped involuntarily as one of Lucas's hands ran up the length of her thigh and latched on to the sloping dip from her hip to her waist. Then she felt him tense, as if he'd just realized that pillows weren't shaped like hourglasses. His head jerked up and he looked around, alert for a fight.

"Oh, yeah," he said to Helen as he remembered. His eyes relaxed back into a sleepy daze. He smiled up at his family and stretched until he winced, then rubbed at his sore chest, no longer in a good mood.

"Little privacy?" he asked. His mother, sister, and cousin all either crossed their arms or put their hands on their hips. #Quote by Josephine Angelini
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Rachel Caine
#35. It made her eyes fill up with tears, and she for a few more minutes starting it over, replaying it, watching his lips say the words: We can be lonely together. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Scott Sauls
#36. According to a recent study reported in Relevant magazine, only 10 to 25 percent of the typical American congregation tithes (that is, gives the biblical starting point of 10 percent) to the church, the poor, and Kingdom causes. The same report concluded that if the remaining 75 to 90 percent of American Christians began to tithe regularly, then global hunger, starvation, and death from preventable diseases could be relieved within five years. Additionally, illiteracy could be eliminated, the world's water and sanitation issues could be solved, all overseas mission work could be fully funded, and over $100 billion per year would be left over for additional ministry.[18] #Quote by Scott Sauls
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Steven Millhauser
#37. When a story or part of a story comes to me, I turn it over in my mind a long time before starting to write. I might make notes or take long drives or who knows what. By the time I give myself permission to write, I know certain things, though not everything. I know where the story is headed, and I know certain crucial points along the way. #Quote by Steven Millhauser
Spring And Starting Over quotes by Suze Orman
#38. When you are starting out in your 20s, it is natural to think about all that you will have and do once you start making money, and making more money. That gives money way too much power over your life. It's not about how much you make, but the life that you make with the money you have. #Quote by Suze Orman

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