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Spongebobs Grandma quotes by John Wright
#1. A grandma is old on the outside and young on the inside. #Quote by John Wright
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#2. Grandmothers can grow wings just to fly and rescue their grandchildren, that's grandma's love. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Lindsey Stirling
#3. YouTube - holy cow! - I can do my career at my own pace. I didn't have anybody to tell me I wasn't ready, and I learned how to self-market and how to strategize. 'Spontaneous Me' had already been up on iTunes, but besides my mom and grandma, no one bought it. Once it was up on YouTube, it went crazy. #Quote by Lindsey Stirling
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Renata Suerth
#4. Grandma always has an opinion, especially about other people. #Quote by Renata Suerth
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Christopher Titus
#5. How far would you go for someone you love ? I heard this story, about this woman, who actually lifted a car off of her baby. 'Course I would have said, Dude! Back up. But, wasn't my kid. When I was born, if I'd have known all the stuff my dad was going to do for me, I'd have crawled right back in. #Quote by Christopher Titus
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Reba McEntire
#6. We all love being outdoors. Grandma was in her garden or fishing; Mama loves to fish and I love to be outside. We all love the Lord. #Quote by Reba McEntire
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Sophia Nikolaidou
#7. Grandma calls it the Socratic Method. She considers it the highest pedagogical technique. I call it cornering a person. Instead of just telling you what I want you to know, I ambush you with questions. You try to escape, but you can't. You can run whichever way you like, but in the end you'll fall right into my trap. #Quote by Sophia Nikolaidou
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Ilona Andrews
#8. How is it going with your boyfriend?;););) - text from Grandma Frida #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Crystal Woods
#9. To all those who care,
You can't forever.
Time steals the years,
And your reflection in the mirror.
But I can still see the story in your eyes,
And your timeless passion that's never died.
While your skin became tired,
Your heart became strong,
The present became the past,
And your memories like a song.
And though the moment at hand is all that we have,
You've taught me to live it like it is our last.
Since two words don't say 'thank you' the way they are meant to,
I'll try all my life to be something like you. #Quote by Crystal Woods
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Tea Obreht
#10. I do no writing while I'm in Belgrade visiting my grandma. #Quote by Tea Obreht
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Nancy Naigle
#11. Jill Clemmons started each day with Grandma Pearl's favorite quote mind: Live your life in such a way that every single morning when your feet hit the floor, Satan shudders and says, "Oh shit, she's awake!"
Nancy Naigle
Sweet Tea and Secrets #Quote by Nancy Naigle
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Lindsey Stuffel
#12. Given that there is every indication I'll be checking the single box on all official forms from now until I'm dead, hopefully at the ripe old age of 98 like Grandma Sanders, an unreasonable number of cats seems to be the next logical step in my life. #Quote by Lindsey Stuffel
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Edmund Kemper
#13. I just wanted to see how it felt to shoot Grandma. #Quote by Edmund Kemper
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Emily Cassel
#14. My grandma raised her eyes to the heavens, put her hand on her heart and sighed dramatically. "Dear God, one day let my family love me for my soul instead of my remarkably elegant possessions, my shoe box full of cash, and my outstanding high-interest-rate back account... #Quote by Emily Cassel
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Judith Ellen Levy
#15. When a child is born, so are grandmothers. #Quote by Judith Ellen Levy
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Mollie Gross
#16. Grandma, everyone out here is bleaching their anuses. What do I do?"
Her advice? "Baby, go outside in the sun and squirt a little lemon juice on it. #Quote by Mollie Gross
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Abbi Glines
#17. This is the most precious gift anyone has ever received. You gave me back a memory that I will cherish forever. You gave me something from my grandma I didn't know I had. And you kept it and it lef you back to mme. It gave me you'
I felt a wetness in my eyes and I blinked confused from the strange sensation. A small trickle of water rand down my cheek. I stared into the darkness as I held Pagan in my arms in amazement Death had just shed a tear. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Henny Youngman
#18. A little Jewish Grandma is at the Florida coast with her little Jewish Grandson. The grandson is playing on the beach when a big wave comes and washes the kid out to sea. The lifeguards swim out, bring him back to shore, the paramedics work on him for a long time, pumping the water out, reviving him. They turn to the Jewish Grandma, and say, we saved your grandson. The little Jewish Grandma says, He had a hat! #Quote by Henny Youngman
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Janet Evanovich
#19. The dog ran into the kitchen, stuck his nose in Grandma's crotch, and snuffled.
Dang," Grandma said. "Guess my new perfume really works. I'm gonna have to try it out at the seniors meeting. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Ilona Andrews
#20. He killed a man," Mom said. "He was framed," Grandma Frida said. "You don't even know the story," Mom said. Grandma shrugged. "Framed. A man that pretty can't be a murderer." Mother stared at her. "Penelope, I'm seventy-two years old. You let me enjoy my fantasy." "Go Grandma." Arabella pumped her fist in the air. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Liv Ullmann
#21. Soon I will be an old, white-haired lady, into whose lap someone places a baby, saying, "Smile, Grandma!" - I, who myself so recently was photographed on my grandmother's lap. #Quote by Liv Ullmann
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Kevin Henkes
#22. Martha had come up with the nickname Godbee by accident when she was younger than Lucy. Dorothy Boyle had been referred to as Grandma Boyle or Grandma B, for short, to distinguish her from Martha's other grandmother, Anne Hubbard. As a toddler, Martha couldn't pronounce Grandma B correctly, or had misheard it, and had, for as long as she could remember, called her favorite grandmother Godbee. For some reason, it had caught on. Not only with everyone in Martha's family, but with some of Godbee's friends and neighbors, too. #Quote by Kevin Henkes
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Janet Evanovich
#23. I'm thinking about getting a computer so I can have cybersex," Grandma said. "Anybody know how that works?" "You go into a chat room," Valerie said. "And you meet someone. And then you type dirty suggestions to each other." "That sounds like fun," Grandma said. "How does the sex part happen?" "You sort of have to do the sex part yourself." "I knew it was too good to be true," Grandma said. "There's always a catch to everything. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Carew Papritz
#24. I want to remember ... Smelling your newness upon this earth. The baby-Jesus smell as Grandma used to put it. Pure. Unsullied. Like the imagined smell in the twirling air of eiderdown feathers spin-floating around the yard on a new spring day. #Quote by Carew Papritz
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Fredrik Backman
#25. She got lost in my heart, I think. Couldn't find her way out. Your grandma always had a terrible sense of direction. She could get lost on an escalator. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Luke Bryan
#26. Tangle me up like Grandma's yarn, #Quote by Luke Bryan
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Nicole Baart
#27. All-too-familiar homes. There were at least a dozen people waiting at the meat counter, and the dairy case had already been emptied of the pound blocks of butter Grandma liked to use for baking. I tried not to get annoyed and made substitutions whenever I came across an item on my list that had sold out. It actually seemed appropriate somehow to have such a hodgepodge holiday. I had to settle for chicken instead of the traditional Cornish game hens that Grandma prepared for our Christmas feast. Low-fat eggnog because the regular cartons were already gone. Margarine substituted for butter. At the checkout, I counted the cash that Grandma #Quote by Nicole Baart
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Grandma Moses
#28. I don't advise any one to take it [painting] up as a business proposition, unless they really have talent ... But I will say that I have did remarkable for one of my years, and experience. #Quote by Grandma Moses
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Lee Bennett Hopkins
#29. When Grandma read me:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall ...
I never
all. #Quote by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Shamir
#30. My grandma has a picture of Louis Farrakhan playing violin in her house. #Quote by Shamir
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Regina Barreca
#31. I could do worse than become my own grandma, or anyone of the strong women who raised us. Our strengths emerged from theirs; we build on their heritage and transform their resilience and competence into our own. #Quote by Regina Barreca
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Denis O'Hare
#32. When you think of Grimm's fairy tales, they are deeply, deeply psychological. They're so powerful, so bloody, and really, really disturbing. Think about five-year-olds reading that stuff. Even 'Little Red Riding Hood' is a really freaky story. Grandma is gobbled up by a wolf, and the wolf is going to eat the girl. That's scary stuff. #Quote by Denis O'Hare
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Brandon Mull
#33. Oh, Kendra, before I forget, Gavin asked me to give you this letter." He held out a gray, speckled envelope.
"Happy birthday to you!" Seth exclaimed, his voice full of implications.
Kendra tried not to blush as she tucked the envelope away.
"Dear Kendra," Seth improvised, "you're the only girl who really gets me, you know, and I think you're very mature for your age
"What about some cake?" Grandma interrupted, holding the first piece out to Kendra and glaring at Seth. #Quote by Brandon Mull
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Drew Daywalt
#34. I just want to be entertained. The stories that have aged the best are the ones where the wolf eats grandma, or the woman is going to bake children in an oven, or the bear is going to eat the girl for eating the porridge. There are lessons in there, but they're deeply engrained and hidden. #Quote by Drew Daywalt
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Janet Evanovich
#35. Grandma Mazur reads the obituary columns like they're part of the paper's entertainment section. Other communities have country clubs and fraternal orders. The Burg has funeral parlors. If people stopped dying, the social life of the Burg would come to a grinding halt. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Jenny Han
#36. There's our homecoming picture. Last Halloween, when I dressed up as Mulan and Peter wore a dragon costume. There's a receipt from Tart and Tangy. One of his notes to me, from before. If you make Josh's dumb white-chocolate cranberry cookies and not my fruitcake ones, it's over. Pictures of us from Senior Week. Prom. Dried rose petals from my corsage. The Sixteen Candles picture.
There are some things I didn't include, like the ticket stub from our first real date, the note he wrote me that said, I like you in blue. Those things are tucked away in my hatbox. I'll never let those go.
But the really special thing I've included is my letter, the one I wrote to him so long ago, the one that brought us together. I wanted to keep it, but something felt right about Peter having it. One day all of this will be proof, proof that we were here, proof that we loved each other. It's the guarantee that no matter what happens to us in the future, this time was ours.
When he gets to that page, Peter stops. "I thought you wanted to keep this," he said.
"I wanted to, but then I felt like you should have it. Just promise you'll keep it forever."
He turns the page. It's a picture from when we took my grandma to karaoke. I sang "You're So Vain" and dedicated it to Peter. Peter got up and sang "Style" by Taylor Swift. Then he dueted "Unchained Melody" with my grandma, and after, she made us both promise to take a Korean language class at UVA. She and Peter took a ton of se #Quote by Jenny Han
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Jeanne Elium
#37. Fences, unlike punishments, clearly mark out the perimeters of any specified territory. Young children learn where it is permissible to play, because their backyard fence plainly outlines the safe area. They learn about the invisible fence that surrounds the stove, and that Grandma has an invisible barrier around her cabinet of antique teacups. #Quote by Jeanne Elium
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Christopher Bollen
#38. I would stay at my grandma's house on my birthday every year and I remember she had a bookshelf of murder mystery books along with really frightening books, like one on Jack the Ripper. She also had a poster of a shark in the closet which also terrified me at the time. #Quote by Christopher Bollen
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Jillian Dodd
#39. Like every girl who grew up being read fairy tales, I thought love was all about big gestures. But now I understand exactly what Grandma meant. It's the heart he drew in the sand on our honeymoon, driving miles to get me the best chicken noodle soup when I was sick, making me coffee every morning. #Quote by Jillian Dodd
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Rachel Renee Russell
#40. I was like, JUST GREAT! Grandma is finally going SENILE! Doesn't she understand that some things in life you're STUCK with and powerless to change?! Jeez! #Quote by Rachel Renee Russell
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Ilona Andrews
#41. I'm going to shoot him," I squeezed through my teeth. "No, that would be murder," Grandma Frida told me, her voice soothing. "You've had a long day. Let's put your magic away. You know what you need? A nice cup of chamomile tea and a tranquilizer . . ." I #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Ben Montgomery
#42. I would never have started this trip if I had known how tough it was, but I couldn't and wouldn't quit. #Quote by Ben Montgomery
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Liya Kebede
#43. A small gold plain cross was passed down from my grandma to my mom, then to me, and now to my daughter. It is always nice to own something that connects you to the women who made it possible for you to exist. #Quote by Liya Kebede
Spongebobs Grandma quotes by Hal Boyle
#44. Does Grandpa love to baby-sit his grandchildren? Are you kidding? By day he is too busy taking hormone shots at the doctor's or chip shots on the golf course. At night he and Grandma are too busy doing the cha-cha. #Quote by Hal Boyle

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