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Spirit Guide quotes by E.J. Stevens
#1. Not so long ago we were all a tightly knit group of friends. Too bad someone had ripped apart the stitches that held us together, unraveling the cozy blanket of our friendship and leaving just enough strands to hang ourselves with. #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Spirit Guide quotes by E.J. Stevens
#2. Emma was doing something nice for Simon? Hell must be enjoying the snow day. #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Spirit Guide quotes by Linda Deir
#3. It's to your best interest to be patient with your REAL self as you nurture it back into existence." ~ Linda Deir #Quote by Linda Deir
Spirit Guide quotes by Rosemary Altea
#4. I have a spirit guide. His name is Gray Eagle. This is why some people think I am a really crazy person, but he is the one who helps me and guide me. So I'm talking to the spirit world all the time. #Quote by Rosemary Altea
Spirit Guide quotes by E.J. Stevens
#6. My heart, always so strong in the past, was like the fishnet stockings that clung to my legs - torn, shredded, and full of gaping holes. #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Spirit Guide quotes by E.J. Stevens
#7. I'm trying to decide whether to tell you two to get a room or go barf in the trash can," Emma said. "I'm leaning toward the second choice. You are both getting way too weird. And gross."
Cal barked out a laugh and slid his fingers down my arm to entwine with mine. His touch, and Emma's comments, only made me blush more. Looks like Emma saw Cal lick my face after all.
Now that wasn't awkward or anything. #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Spirit Guide quotes by Sylvia Browne
#8. I listen to my spirit guide. #Quote by Sylvia Browne
Spirit Guide quotes by E.J. Stevens
#9. So it's fate then?" I asked with him so close my lips brushed the line of his jaw with each word, "Us being together?"
"Absolutely," Calvin said with a low growl. Then he lifted my chin, tilting my head back, and kissed me deeply.
Who was I to argue with Fate? #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Spirit Guide quotes by Keith Giffen
#10. Lobo: "Hmph! Never figured I'd wind up in heaven...A bad-ass dude like me!

Spirit Guide: "It happens sometimes. The "Infinite Mercy" clause is only used in extreme cases. #Quote by Keith Giffen
Spirit Guide quotes by John Conroe
#11. I have no Native American heritage, but I had decided as a child that my spirit guide animal would be a bear. We were both loners and fighters, at least that's how I looked at it. I don't know how the Great Bear felt about it, as I had never given him the option to say no. #Quote by John Conroe
Spirit Guide quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#12. His task was to survive and endure through the harsh winter months, winnowing his soul until it could cross to the spirit world. There, he would undertake the search for his guide, a god embodied in some kind of beast or bird, who would protect him throughout his life. His spirit guide would enlighten his mind and guide his steps in myriad ways, until the end of his life. In those cold woods, he would learn his destiny. He said that if the spirit guide came to him in the form of a snake, then he would gain his heart's desire, and become pawaaw.
"I thought of the quarantine of Jesus, a similar harsh and lonely trial of character and purpose. But that vigil passed in searing desert, not snowy wood. And when, at the end, the devil came with his visions of cities and offers of power, Jesus shunned him. Caleb desired to bid him welcome. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
Spirit Guide quotes by Stephen Poplin
#13. Our Soul incarnates and, over thousands of years, has many lives, and thus personalities. As an analogy, one could say that our past lives are siblings to us, and the Soul is the parent. One could then say that the Spirit Guide is the god-parent. Our soul groups are our spiritual families; and we are all striving to get back to the One, the ultimate merging into unity, merging towards the One - and we are doing this together. Well, that is the plan anyway! #Quote by Stephen Poplin
Spirit Guide quotes by Anthea Wynn
#14. Spirit guides may be souls who you had shared past lives with and with whom you had had good experiences. They may also be angels, archangels, ascended masters or other senior beings whose role through all eternity is to be a spirit guide. #Quote by Anthea Wynn
Spirit Guide quotes by Stacey Kade
#15. Great. Not only do I have an angry spirit guide, but an angry spirit guide with a vindictive streak and an unnatural knowledge of show tunes. Better and better already. #Quote by Stacey Kade
Spirit Guide quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#16. Nonviolence means an ocean of compassion. It means shedding from us every trace of ill will for others. It does not mean abjectness or timidity, or fleeing in fear. It means, on the contrary, firmness of mind and courage, a resolute spirit. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Spirit Guide quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#17. Only a life of goodness and honesty leaves us feeling spiritually healthy and human. #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Spirit Guide quotes by Erik Paul Rocklin
#18. While there are many that journey who seek, not all that travel will find, for they are bound by what they have been taught and not of what they know."

- The Tapestry of Spirit #Quote by Erik Paul Rocklin
Spirit Guide quotes by Arthur Wallis
#19. What awe must have come to the hearts of that waiting band as they listened to that "sound as of the rushing of a mighty wind" - what a sense of the irresistible power of God! But there was also the appearance of "tongues parting asunder, like as of fire." Fire typifies the activity of God's holiness in relation to sin; fire consumes and fire purifies. When the Spirit came upon Christ, it was not as the fire but "as a dove," for there was no sin in Him, as the Father then declared, "Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased" (Luke 3:22). But here the tongues "like as of fire" sat upon each of them, bringing not only a sense of the infinite holiness of God but of the activity of that holiness in dealing with all that was unholy in themselves. #Quote by Arthur Wallis
Spirit Guide quotes by Ibn Hazm
#20. No one is moved to act, or resolves to speak a single word, who does not hope by means of this action or word to release anxiety from his spirit. #Quote by Ibn Hazm
Spirit Guide quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#21. The spirit of our accurate and exact philosophy is outraged by conclusions that contradict each other so glaringly. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Spirit Guide quotes by P.J. Hetherhouse
#22. There is no natural phenomenon greater than the human spirit in times of adversity. #Quote by P.J. Hetherhouse
Spirit Guide quotes by Pope Francis
#23. Forgiveness is not a result of our efforts, but is a gift. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit who showers us with mercy and grace that pours forth unceasingly from the open heart of Christ crucified and risen. #Quote by Pope Francis
Spirit Guide quotes by Plato
#24. According to Diotima, Love is not a god at all, but is rather a spirit that mediates between people and the objects of their desire. Love is neither wise nor beautiful, but is rather the desire for wisdom and beauty. #Quote by Plato
Spirit Guide quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#25. Nature is the symbol of Spirit. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Spirit Guide quotes by J. Grant Howard
#26. Find out what faith is and how you can put it into practice.
Learn how to pray, and do it.
Discover what pride is, and get rid of it.
Develop a self-concept that is adequate and accurate.
Clarify your values.
Identify your talents.
Probe the fact, meaning, and use of your sexuality.
Face the fact that you engage in self-deception.
Reflect on truth that you are made in the image of God.
Use your spiritual gift.
Clear your conscience.
Feel deeply.
Enjoy life.
Face death.
Treat your body right.
Conquer the flesh.
Depend on the Holy Spirit.
Be humble. #Quote by J. Grant Howard
Spirit Guide quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#27. But in the 17th century Russian Orthodoxy was gravely weakened by an internal schism. In the 18th, the country was shaken by Peter's forcibly imposed transformations, which favored the economy, the state, and the military at the expense of the religious spirit and national life. And along with this lopsided Petrine enlightenment, Russia felt the first whiff of secularism; its subtle poisons permeated the educated classes in the course of the 19th century and opened the path to Marxism. By the time of the Revolution, faith had virtually disappeared in Russian educated circles; and amongst the uneducated, its health was threatened. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Spirit Guide quotes by Jack Kornfield
#28. Our difficulties require our most compassionate attention. Just as lead can be transformed into gold in alchemy, when we place our leaden difficulties, whether of body, heart, or mind, into the center of our practice, they can become lightened for us, illuminated. This task is usually not what we want, but what we have to do. No amount of meditation, yoga, diet, and reflection will make all of our problems go away, but we can transform our difficulties into our practice until little by little they guide us on our way. The #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Spirit Guide quotes by Peter A. Levine
#29. The body has been designed to renew itself through continuous self-correction. These same principles also apply to the healing of psyche, spirit, and soul. #Quote by Peter A. Levine
Spirit Guide quotes by Ving Rhames
#30. I try to allow the spirit of the character to live through me. That's the only way I know how to approach acting. I have to live it. #Quote by Ving Rhames
Spirit Guide quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#31. Officers succumbed to the spirit of conspirators. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Spirit Guide quotes by Thomas More
#32. On his mounting the scaffold to be beheaded: 'I pray you, Master Lieutenant, see me safely up, and for my coming down, let me shift for myself.' To the executioner: 'Pick up thy spirits, Man, and be not afraid to do thyne office; my neck is very short; take heed, therefore thou strike not awry, for saving of thyne honesty.' #Quote by Thomas More
Spirit Guide quotes by Lawren Harris
#33. Art is the distillate of life, the winnowed result of the experience of a people, the record of the joyous adventure of the creative spirit in us toward a higher world; a world in which all ideas, thoughts, and forms are pure and beautiful and completely clear, the world Plato held to be perfect and eternal. All works that have in them an element of joy are records of this adventure. #Quote by Lawren Harris
Spirit Guide quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#34. Your productivity will double with increase physical activity. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Spirit Guide quotes by Jase Robertson
#35. I've enjoyed working with my hands building duck calls for more than thirty years to make an earthly living for my family, but introducing God to other people brings me a joy that is priceless. I'm far from perfect, and I'm certainly not a preacher who works for a particular religious denomination or supports an agenda outside of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. I'm not a theologian, nor do I claim to be an expert in anything - well, maybe except for sounding like a duck.
You can call me a quack, and you'd be right on target. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Spirit Guide quotes by Johannes Tauler
#36. He who desires to become a spiritual man must not be ever taking note of others, and above all of their sins, lest he fall into wrath and bitterness, and a judging spirit towards his neighbors. #Quote by Johannes Tauler
Spirit Guide quotes by Loren Weisman
#37. Calling for change and being part of making change are two very different things. Stop calling for change and be a part of making the change you want to see. #Quote by Loren Weisman
Spirit Guide quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#38. In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness. #Quote by Miyamoto Musashi
Spirit Guide quotes by Felix Wantang
#39. God knows what you need because all you need is Jesus who is God.Matthew 6:25-34. #Quote by Felix Wantang
Spirit Guide quotes by Rachel Gilson
#40. Marriage is not promised or preferred. It can't make you straight nor prove that you're committed. It's not the prize for faithfulness, nor the source. Jesus Christ is the prize. The Holy Spirit is the source. God is our Father, our husband, our friend. #Quote by Rachel Gilson
Spirit Guide quotes by St. Louis De Montfort
#41. The man who guides himself only by natural light does not comprehend the things of the Spirit of God. #Quote by St. Louis De Montfort
Spirit Guide quotes by Fatema Mernissi
#42. … not only the women of the Qurashi aristocracy were highly enough esteemed as a social group to come, like the men, to swear allegiance and to take part in the negotiations with the new military leader of the city, but also that they could express a boldly critical attitude toward Islam. They were not going to accept the new religion without knowing exactly how it would improve their situation. This critical spirit on the part of women toward the political leader remained alive and well during the first decades of Islam. It only disappeared with the onset of absolutism, with Mu'awiya and the turning of Islam into a dynastic system. This meant, on the one hand, the disappearance of the tribal aristocratic spirit with the formation of the Muslim state, and, on the other hand, the disappearance of Islam as the Prophet's experiment in living, in which equality, however merely potential it might be, opened the door to the dream of a practicing democracy. #Quote by Fatema Mernissi
Spirit Guide quotes by Karen Hackel
#43. You need to trust
To surrender
To ask for guidance
Go within for the answers
They're within you
You have the answers
All you need do is ask #Quote by Karen Hackel
Spirit Guide quotes by Nicolas De Montfaucon De Villars
Spirit Guide quotes by Chris Oyakhilome
#45. If the Holy Spirit takes over your family, your business or your health, it doesn't matter what troubles you've been experiencing or what's been going wrong, you will begin to go from strength to strength, from grace to grace, from faith to faith, from success to success and from greatness to greatness. When the Holy Spirit takes over your life, He'll drive every sickness out of your body; He'll make right everything that was wrong. #Quote by Chris Oyakhilome
Spirit Guide quotes by Brian Johnson
#46. I strongly believe that nothing is more spiritual than living at our highest potential while serving others. I believe that the more closely aligned we are to "spirit" the more fully we will give ourselves in service to the world. As such, my "spiritual path" is the path that leads me to a more complete manifestation of my unique Bodhisattvic duties. #Quote by Brian Johnson
Spirit Guide quotes by Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
#47. The Negro people of America ... have cut our forests, tilled our fields, built our railroads, fought our battles, and in all of their trials they have manifested a simple faith, a grateful heart, a cheerful spirit, and an undivided loyalty . #Quote by Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
Spirit Guide quotes by Vannevar Bush
#48. To pursue science is not to disparage the things of the spirit. In fact, to pursue science rightly is to furnish the framework on which the spirit may rise. #Quote by Vannevar Bush
Spirit Guide quotes by Nikki Rowe
#49. Each story provides a beginning, a middle and an end, the trick is, never seperate them through the chapters or you'll miss the meaning of the entire book. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Spirit Guide quotes by Henry More
#50. To be inspired is to be moved in an extraordinary manner by the power or Spirit of God to act, speak, or think what is holy, justand true; [Enthusiasm is] A Full, but false persuasion in a man that he is inspired. #Quote by Henry More

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