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Specifics Crossword quotes by Robert Sean Leonard
#1. I want to know everything there is to know about Lewis and Clark. And I want to do the Sunday crossword in less than an hour. I want to be the best dad in the world. I want to play Richard II, and I want to win another Tony award. #Quote by Robert Sean Leonard
Specifics Crossword quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#2. What depressed me, I think, was that McGovern was the only alternative available this time around, and I was sorry I couldn't get up for it. I agreed with everything he said, but I wished he would say a lot more - or maybe something different. Ideas? Specifics? Programs? Etc.? Well #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Specifics Crossword quotes by Charles Schumer
#3. I think on this issue more than any other we're going to see sort of a bipartisan longing to get something done, and hopefully you're not going to find the fisticuffs that you would find on lots of other issues. I think you'll be able to glean a sense of progress without us revealing the specifics. #Quote by Charles Schumer
Specifics Crossword quotes by Caroline Knapp
#4. My recipe for bliss on a Friday night consists of a 'New York Times' crossword puzzle and a new episode of 'Homicide;' Saturdays and Sundays are oriented around walks in the woods with the dog, human companion in tow some of the time but not always. #Quote by Caroline Knapp
Specifics Crossword quotes by Tom Kenny
#5. Some people like doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku. I love auditioning. On camera, I hated auditioning. But voiceovers I like trying to figure it out, then getting in there and seeing how close you can get. #Quote by Tom Kenny
Specifics Crossword quotes by Jason Giambi
#6. I can't get into specifics. Someday, hopefully, I'll be able to. #Quote by Jason Giambi
Specifics Crossword quotes by Kimberly Peirce
#7. I think it's why we're able to look at with comic book stories or origin stories, why is it that we can keep retelling these stories over and over? And hopefully it's because it hits something so universal and so primal inside of us that we actually yearn for that same story over and over. But toned and different form, and updated and modernized, and I can go into the specifics. #Quote by Kimberly Peirce
Specifics Crossword quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#8. Still, as long as you keep pointing to the specifics, you will miss the full meaning of your pain. You will deceive yourself into believing that if the people, circumstances, and events had been different, your pain would not exist. This might be partly true, but #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Specifics Crossword quotes by Camille Lucy
#9. Love is something so relevant, so powerful and encompassing, yet we all have our own interpretation of what it is. Some versions are watered down, some are based on magical fairytales we hear as a child, and some are developed by watching those around us as we were growing up. No matter what the specifics, love has become a subjective term, verb and noun. #Quote by Camille Lucy
Specifics Crossword quotes by Amor Towles
#10. I told him I'd always found the description a little too long on adjectives and a little too short on specifics. #Quote by Amor Towles
Specifics Crossword quotes by Ralph Fletcher
#11. When students write from experience, they can breathe those specifics into their writing- dialect, odd smells, precise names of plants- that can animate even the most tired and tedious text. #Quote by Ralph Fletcher
Specifics Crossword quotes by Colleen Hoover
#12. Let's leave the specifics up to the situation. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Specifics Crossword quotes by Saul Bellow
#13. I have always had a weakness for footnotes. For me a clever or a wicked footnote has redeemed many a text. And I see that I am now using a long footnote to open a serious subject - shifting in a quick move to Paris, to a penthouse in the Hotel Crillon. Early June. Breakfast time. The host is my good friend Professor Ravelstein, Abe Ravelstein. My wife and I, also staying at the Crillon, have a room below, on the sixth floor. She is still asleep. The entire floor below ours (this is not absolutely relevant but somehow I can't avoid mentioning it) is occupied just now by Michael Jackson and his entourage. He performs nightly in some vast Parisian auditorium. Very soon his French fans will arrive and a crowd of faces will be turned upward, shouting in unison, 'Miekell Jack-sown'. A police barrier holds the fans back. Inside, from the sixth floor, when you look down the marble stairwell you see Michael's bodyguards. One of them is doing the crossword puzzle in the 'Paris Herald'. #Quote by Saul Bellow
Specifics Crossword quotes by Damian Loeb
#14. Our memories are convenient lies we create, cribbing images from others' experiences. We discard the personal specifics which don't conform to the ideal conventional beauty created by art directors and cinematographers. #Quote by Damian Loeb
Specifics Crossword quotes by Daniel Abraham
#15. And still, all specifics aside, it was a fascinating thought. When something can't be known, when the particulars are lost forever, to look at the events that followed from it, that echoed it, and trace backwards toward the truth. Like seeing the ripples in a pond and knowing where the stone fell in. #Quote by Daniel Abraham
Specifics Crossword quotes by John Galsworthy
#16. Every phase and question of life is brought more and more into the limelight. Theatres, cinemas, the radio, and even lectures, assist the process. But they do not, and should not replace reading, because when we are just watching and listening, somebody is taking very good care that we should not stop and think. The danger in this age is not of our remaining ignorant; it is that we should lose the power of thinking for ourselves. Problems are more and more put before us, but, except to crossword puzzles and detective mysteries, do we attempt to find the answers for ourselves? Less and less. The short cut seems ever more and more desirable. But the short cut to knowledge is nearly always the longest way round. There is nothing like knowledge, picked up by or reasoned out for oneself. #Quote by John Galsworthy
Specifics Crossword quotes by Terryl L. Givens
#17. Dante thought a state of eternal, rapturous contemplation, and few have proffered more specifics than that. Post-redemption theology seems an oxymoron. #Quote by Terryl L. Givens
Specifics Crossword quotes by Fred Rogers
#18. It's easy to convince people that children need to learn the alphabet and numbers. . . . How do we help people to realize that what matters even more than the superimposition of adult symbols is how a person's inner life finally puts together the alphabet and numbers of his outer life? What really matters is whether he uses the alphabet for the declaration of war or the description of a sunrise - his numbers for the final count at Buchenwald or the specifics of a brand-new bridge. #Quote by Fred Rogers
Specifics Crossword quotes by Jase Robertson
#19. My parents have always been vocal about "the birds and the bees." People who watched the Duck Dynasty episode in which my dad gave Willie's son John Luke and his girlfriend the sex talk while motoring down the river in a boat might not be surprised that I heard this exact speech countless times in my childhood. I remember coming home one day after hearing my buddies talking about sexually transmitted diseases and asking my dad about it. I don't remember the specifics of his speech, but I would never forget the last thing he said. "Son, you keep that thing in your pocket until you get married and you'll never have to worry about it," he told me. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Specifics Crossword quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#20. Well, so you don't get too cocky, I myself often complete the TV Guide crossword puzzle." He puffed out his chest. "In pen. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Specifics Crossword quotes by Daniel S. Loeb
#21. I don't remember much about the specifics of the economics courses that I majored in - I apparently internalized the key concepts - but I still remember vividly the thrill of reading 'Don Quixote,' Epictetus, 'The Aeneid,' 'King Lear' and 'Candide,' and how contemporary the stories and ideas in these old and ancient texts struck me. #Quote by Daniel S. Loeb
Specifics Crossword quotes by Douglas Adams
#22. Laden with all these new possessions, I go and sit at a table. And don't ask me what the table was like because this was some time ago and I can't remember. It was probably round." [...]
"So let me give you the layout. Me sitting at the table, on my left, the newspaper, on my right, the cup of coffee, in the middle of the table, the packet of biscuits."
"I see it perfectly."
"What you don't see," said Arthur, "because I haven't mentioned him yet, is the guy sitting at the table already. He is sitting there opposite me."
"What's he like?"
"Perfectly ordinary. Briefcase. Business suit. He didn't look," said Arthur, "as if he was about to do anything weird."
"Ah. I know the type. What did he do?"
"He did this. He leaned across the table, picked up the packet of biscuits, tore it open, took one out, and . . ."
"Ate it."
"He ate it."
Fenchurch looked at him in astonishment. "What on earth did you do?"
"Well, in the circumstances I did what any red-blooded Englishman would do. I was compelled," said Arthur, "to ignore it."
"What? Why?"
"Well, it's not the sort of thing you're trained for, is it? I searched my soul, and discovered that there was nothing anywhere in my upbringing, experience, or even primal instincts to tell me how to react to someone who has quite simply, calmly, sitting right there in front of me, stolen one of my biscuits."
"Well, you could. . ." Fenchurch thought abo #Quote by Douglas Adams
Specifics Crossword quotes by Miranda Kenneally
#23. I never said this was your fault, Woods. But when did you become the Angel of Drama?" Smiling, he stares at his crossword book. "What's a five-letter word for polo participant?"
"I dunno, man…a shirt? Like a polo shirt?"
••• #Quote by Miranda Kenneally
Specifics Crossword quotes by Merrill Markoe
#24. Since - in my belief system - we each get only one go-round here on planet Earth, it is the task of the writer to interpret, examine, and reflect on the specifics of their one and only life experience. #Quote by Merrill Markoe
Specifics Crossword quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#25. My being a writer and playing Scrabble are connected. If I have a good writing day, I'll take a break and play online Scrabble. My favorite word as a child was 'carrion,' before I knew what it meant. I later created crossword puzzles, which was a lot about puns, and how words would create these strange, strange things. #Quote by Meg Wolitzer
Specifics Crossword quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#26. A mama's boy, loner, intellectual, voracious reader and gourmand, Dimitri was a man of esoteric skills and appetites: a gambler, philosopher, gardener, fly-fisherman, fluent in Russian and German as well as having an amazing command of English. He loved antiquated phrases, dry sarcasm, military jargon, regional dialect, and the New York Times crossword puzzle - to which he was hopelessly addicted. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Specifics Crossword quotes by Astro Teller
#27. Without getting into specifics, I assure you we are looking at very substantial opportunities for Loon - Google-scale opportunities. #Quote by Astro Teller
Specifics Crossword quotes by Betty White
#28. I am interested in a lot of things - not just show business and my passion for animals. I try to keep current in what's going on in the world. I do mental exercises. I don't have any trouble memorizing lines because of the crossword puzzles I do every day to keep my mind a little limber. I don't sit and vegetate. #Quote by Betty White
Specifics Crossword quotes by Jo Nesbo
#29. For many years, it seemed as if nothing changed in Norway. You could leave the country for three months, travel the world, through coups d'etat, assassinations, famines, massacres and tsunamis, and come home to find that the only new thing in the newspapers was the crossword puzzle. #Quote by Jo Nesbo
Specifics Crossword quotes by John Taylor Gatto
#30. Few institutions are considered so universally to have failed as our schools, yet in spite of this dreary record a prescription of increased dosage is making its way to the national agenda. The specifics of this proposal: a) Schools should be open year-round, avoiding long summer holidays for children. b) Schools should extend from 9 to 5, not dismissing students in mid-afternoon as is currently the case. c) Schools should provide recreation, evening meals, and a variety of family services so that working-class parents will be free of the "burden" of their own children. The bottom line of these proposals is reduction of the damaging effects of "freedom" and "family" on a subject population. #Quote by John Taylor Gatto
Specifics Crossword quotes by Donald J. Trump
#31. Recently though, they have been claiming I haven't put out enough specifics. There's a good reason for this, and it fits perfectly with my overall philosophy of leadership: Many of our problems, caused by years of stupid decisions or no decisions at all, have grown into a huge mess. If I could wave a magic wand and fix them, I'd do it. But there are a lot of different voices - and interests - that have to be considered when working toward solutions. This involves getting people into a room and negotiating compromises until everyone walks out of that room on the same page. #Quote by Donald J. Trump
Specifics Crossword quotes by Nana Awere Damoah
#32. Collectively, as a people, we have to upgrade our standards and expectations of our political leaders and ourselves, hold them and our own selves accountable for the promises we make, and insist on specifics – projects, deadlines, processes, funds to be committed, and follow-up! Otherwise, we will continue to be dribbled and deceived, and nothing would get done. #Quote by Nana Awere Damoah
Specifics Crossword quotes by J.A. Huss
#33. If you don't know what you want, and you won't tell me specifics, then I'll tell you what I think you need. You're mine now, Ashleigh. I'm claiming you. I'm claiming Kate too. If you want to be with me then I call the shots. And I've made my first decision. #Quote by J.A. Huss
Specifics Crossword quotes by Rashida Jones
#34. My activities tend to revolve around crossword puzzles, reading and playing piano and games with my friends. #Quote by Rashida Jones
Specifics Crossword quotes by Marc Andreessen
#35. If the Net becomes the center of the universe, which is what seems to be happening, then the dizzying array of machines that will be plugged into it will virtually guarantee that the specifics of which chip and which operating system you've got will be irrelevant. #Quote by Marc Andreessen
Specifics Crossword quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#36. You have to be very specific when it comes to magic," A-Through-L said sheepishly. "You must say things as carefully as you can. Magic is like a machine that only does exactly what you tell it to do. So you have to speak to it in a way it can understand. And magic only understands you if you spell it out slowly. And use small words. You didn't tell the card which Prince or how quickly you wanted to go. For all we know this is the shortest path - or it thought you meant our fragrant friend here! Or perhaps the Alleyman is some sort of Prince, too. The word Prince is very open-ended. You can't really trust anything that far down in the alphabet. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Specifics Crossword quotes by Seth MacFarlane
#37. You break the story first, and then you go into the specifics. #Quote by Seth MacFarlane
Specifics Crossword quotes by Cathy Guisewite
#38. The specifics of Cathy's and my life are different now, but the basic life challenges are exactly the same. #Quote by Cathy Guisewite
Specifics Crossword quotes by M. Pierce
#39. No pictures," I told Hannah on Skype. "No specifics, no last name, no phone number. Nothing. I don't want to know you, and I don't want you to know me. #Quote by M. Pierce
Specifics Crossword quotes by Susan Cain
#40. Introverts feel "just right" with less stimulation, as when they sip wine with a close friend, solve a crossword puzzle, or read a book. Extroverts enjoy the extra bang that comes from activities like meeting new people, skiing slippery slopes, and cranking up the stereo. #Quote by Susan Cain
Specifics Crossword quotes by Sean Penn
#41. Well, it was interesting because when I was going to do it the first time in my head was Leonardo DiCaprio [for Chris] and Marlon Brando was going to play the character that Hal Holbrook eventually played. But then when it wasn't to be and there was no promise that it ever would be I think some part of me didn't want to attach specifics to it anymore - actors or anything else - because I wanted to see it made that much more badly. #Quote by Sean Penn
Specifics Crossword quotes by Marilyn Vos Savant
#42. People who work crossword puzzles know that if they stop making progress, they should put the puzzle down for a while. #Quote by Marilyn Vos Savant
Specifics Crossword quotes by Taylor Swift
#43. Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there's no right answer #Quote by Taylor Swift
Specifics Crossword quotes by Dan Bern
#44. Every time I write a song, it's different. I'm all about the rhythm of the words and the melody. Musically, you gotta have a throbbing pulse going. But as far as what it's all about, there's a million ways to go. You have to invent a new code for every song. Then you have to break it. It's like Scrabble or a crossword puzzle on steriods. I could talk about the process for days. But it's never dull and there's no one way in. #Quote by Dan Bern

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