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Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Dinakar Phillip
#1. To speak your Heart out
nothing can be better than Night and Acoustic guitar !! #Quote by Dinakar Phillip
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Antoine Leiris
#2. On Friday night, you stole the life of an exceptional being, the love of my life, the mother of my son, but you will not have my hate. I don't know who you are and I don't want to know. You are dead souls. If that God for whom you blindly kill made us in his image, every bullet in my wife's body will have been a wound in his heart.

So, no, I will not give you the satisfaction of hating you. That is what you want, but to respond to your hate with anger would be to yield to the same ignorance that made you what you are. You want me to be scared, to see my fellow citizens through suspicious eyes, to sacrifice my freedom for security. You have failed. I will not change.

I saw her this morning. At last, after days and nights of waiting. She was as beautiful as when she went out on Friday evening, as beautiful as when I fell madly in love with her more than twelve years ago. Of course I'm devastated by grief, I grant you that small victory, but it will be short-lived. I know that she will be with us every day and that we will see each other in the paradise of free souls to which you will never have access.

There are only two of us – my son and myself – but we are stronger than all the armies of the world. Anyway, I don't have any more time to waste on you, as I must go to see Melvil, who is waking up from his nap. He is only seventeen months old. He will eat his snack as he does every day, then we will play as we do every day, and all his life this #Quote by Antoine Leiris
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#3. Stop fussing," Legna admonished her, tapping her finger against Isabella's absently energetic hand.
"I'm getting married in a few minutes, Legna, I think I've a right to fuss." Isabella felt her heart turn over as she spoke aloud, listening to herself talk about her impending marriage.
"Well, brides are supposed to be blushing, as I understand it. At the moment you are no less than five shades of gray." Legna continued with her interrupted weaving of more ribbons in Isabella's hair. "And as much as it matches the silver of your dress, I think you would look better with a little natural color." Legna reached to smooth down a portion of the shimmering silver fabric that draped off of the bride's shoulders in a Grecian fashion. "You know," she pressed, "there are only two nights in a year when Demons perform a joining ceremony. Samhain and Beltane. If you pass out tonight, you will have to wait until next spring."
"Thanks for the bulletin. You're too kind," Isabella retorted dryly.
"Actually, purely out of kindness, I will tell you that your future husband is just shy of tossing his cookies himself, so you can take comfort in knowing he is just as nervous as you are."
"Legna!" Bella laughed. "You're a wretch!" She turned to look at the female Demon, briefly admiring how pretty she looked in her soft white chiffon gown. "And how would you know? You're standing too close to me to be able to sense his emotions."
"Because when I went to fetch the ribbon #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Mia Asher
#4. You know what? Let's have the fucking truth. I've heard your pathetic excuses, how about you hear me out now? Let me tell you something, Cathy, I hope you're happy because Arsen may own your heart, your body, but you'll always be empty because I own your fucking soul. Your soul is part of mine and it always will be. I will heal, I will learn to love again, but you…I pity you. #Quote by Mia Asher
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Teddy Thompson
#5. It's what is strange about doing a job that is also the thing you love, the thing you feel passionate about. People get to the point where they're burned out and disillusioned by the whole thing because when things aren't going well at work it also means they aren't going well in your heart, in your soul. They're all wrapped up together. #Quote by Teddy Thompson
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Andre Aciman
#6. What if my body - just my body, my heart - cried out for his? What to do then?

What if at night I wouldn't be able to live with myself unless I had him by me, inside me? What then? #Quote by Andre Aciman
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Emma Chase
#7. I gesture to his jacket. "Do you really think you're qualified to give fashion advice?"

He laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. "I thought I looked like an absolute tool - now I'm sure of it."

"Did the producers pick that out for you?"

"Yes. I'm supposed to ride down to the castle on horseback. Make my grand entrance." Briskly, his long fingers unbutton the jacket. He shrugs it off, dropping it on the ground, revealing a snug white T-shirt and gloriously sculpted arms.


"Yes," I squeak.

The teasing smirk comes back, then he grips the back of his T-shirt, pulling it off. And my mouth falls open at the sight of warm skin, perfect brown nipples, and the ridges and swells of muscles up and down his torso.

"What do you think of this?" he asks.

I think this is worse than I thought.

Henry Pembrook isn't a Fiyero - he's a Willoughby. A John Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility - thrilling, charming, unpredictable, and seductive. Marianne Dashwood learned the hard way that if you play with a heartbreaker, you can't be surprised when your heart gets shattered into a thousand pieces.

I shrug, trying to seem cool and unaffected. "Might look a bit too 'Putin' on the horse."

He nods, then puts his shirt back on, and my stomach swirls with a strange mix of relief and disappointment. #Quote by Emma Chase
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Julia Hoban
#8. I bought you something" Willows blurts out.
"You bought...What?"
Willow closes her eyes for a second. She's a little surprised she's going to give it to him after all, but there's no going back now. She has to.

"At the bookstore." She reaches into her bag again, and pushes the package across the table towards him.
Guy takes the book out of the bag slowly, Willow waits for him to look disappointed, to look confused that she would buy him such a battered, old-

"I love it when used books have notes in the margins, it's the best," Guy says as he flips through the pages. "I always imagine who read it before me." He pauses and looks at one of Prospero's speeches. "I have way too much homework to read this now, but you know what? Screw it. I want to know why it's your favorite Shakespeare. Thank you, that was really nice of you. I mean, you really didn't have to."

"But I did anyway," Willow says so quietly she's not even sure hears her.

Hey," Guy frowns for a second. "You didn't write anything in here."

"Oh, I didn't even think...I, well, I wouldn't even know what to write," Willow says shyly.

"Well, maybe you'll think of something later," he says.

Willow watches Guy read the opening. There's no mistaking it. His smile is genuine, and she can't help thinking that if she can't make David look like this, at least she can do it for someone. #Quote by Julia Hoban
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Joyce Meyer
#9. A new heart will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you, and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you shall heed My ordinances and do them. Ezekiel 36:26,27 #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#10. If you want to heal your heart surround yourself with people that won't tell you hating other people is how you get over being hurt. Surround yourself with people that will tell you to be more like Christ and reach out to those you don't understand or are offended by. Bitter insecure and anxious people will tell you everything you need to hear to help you move on, but very little of it will be the true teachings of Christ. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Debbie Mason
#11. I don't know why you're making such a big deal about me wearing the engagement ring," Shay said to Michael from behind the wheel of his Range Rover.
Before he had a chance to respond, she shifted from reverse to drive and shot out of the parking lot. Straight into oncoming traffic.
"Shay, watch out for . . . " He trailed off, his heart in his throat as she expertly avoided being creamed by another speeding SUV. With his hand still gripping the door and his foot
pressed on the floor as if he could somehow miraculously slow the vehicle down, Michael said, "Obviously the ring is a big deal to you or you wouldn't be trying to kill me."
"Being aggressive will save you. Being cautious, that's what'll kill you."
"No doubt you'll live to be a hundred and ten, then." He relaxed when the speedometer needle inched down toward a more reasonable speed. "I'm taking it that your life lesson only refers to driving; otherwise you would've been applauding my efforts at the club."
She glanced at him, a smile tipping up the corner of her mouth. "So, you actually choked on purpose to cozy up to Costello's hired henchman and disrupted the dancer's performance so the bouncers would haul you to Kozack's office?"
He ignored everything else but the part that would get him an answer to his earlier question. "I choked because you took my breath away, and - "
She laughed. "Either you're easily impressed or you don't get out to many strip clubs. Kozack was going to #Quote by Debbie Mason
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Pat Williams
#12. The right books are like crowbars for our imaginations. When we find ourselves stuck at some place in life, the right book can pry open our inner idea banks. You know those moments: life has become so routine you could do it in your sleep-in fact, you wish you could. You need a change, but you're not sure if it calls for a career switch, a life overhaul, or just a new hairstyle.
During these seasons, the right book challenges you to think differently, to see life in a new light, to bring resolution to a problem, or make a life-changing decision.
Books can propel you out of life's occasional ruts. Through their mind-expanding, heart swelling, pulse-quickening words and ideas, books become like WD-40 for our brains #Quote by Pat Williams
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Karen Salmansohn
#13. Do activities you're passionate about - which make your heart and soul feel perky - including things like working out, cooking, painting, writing, yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, being in nature, being around art, or reading inspiring books. #Quote by Karen Salmansohn
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by John Ortberg
#14. This is precisely why when somebody asked Jesus once, "What is the most important of all the commandments?" he answered, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength." It is not coincidental that all the parts of the person we have been talking about are here in the most important commandment. Your heart (that is, your will, your choices), your mind (all your thoughts and desires), your strength (all of your body), and your soul are all to be bound together and focused on love of God, and then the love of all that flows out of this. #Quote by John Ortberg
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#15. And the sound of your heart," he continued. "It's the most significant sound in my world. I'm so attuned to it now, I swear I could pick it out from miles away. But neither of these things matter. This," he said, taking my face in his hands. "You. That's what I'm keeping. You'll always be my Bella, you'll just be a little more durable. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#16. If your taste, and therefore the taste buds of your soul, have grown accustomed to the flavor of bitterness - and consuming it to the last drop, your playful spirit has run completely dry - do this, and you'll discover the highly sought but rarely found fountain of youth.

Push far out from the populated shore, then stretch out over the side of your canoe, and peer down into the deep deep waters. When the shark begins to emerge within your reflection, don't be afraid, let it completely devour your big head, as you have also taught the beast to consume others. Fear not! You will no longer need it on your odyssey. The humiliating disfiguration will kill you but it won't hurt you.

Rather, it will make space for your heart to turtlehead as an old, wise, and happy sage with an insatiable thirst for the drunkenness of good spirits, that can be found in every home, temple, and tavern that litters the shore, and brings cheer and love of life to the rigid bitter bones. #Quote by Curtis Tyrone Jones
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#17. He's a filler," Cammie says with more conviction than a suicide bomber.
"What does that mean?" I am studying the menu, contemplating an almond croissant.
"You know - stuff something into your heart quickly to stop it from cracking open ... from
bleeding out ... #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#18. The music glides between the pores of your skin to bubble through your veins in place of blood, and you can't help but clutch the mic with both trembling hands and let the song flow out of you like blood from a wound. In those moments, when the music has replaced everything and even awareness of your own body has faded, you can't breathe, can't do anything but let the song own you, let the performance rocket through you. There's no people, no problems in your life, no buzz of alcohol in your blood or pain in your heart. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Noha Alaa El-Din
#19. You want to see my eagerness flooding my eyes,
(Moved) you wanted me to cry my heart out, and then, by the power of your presence again in my life, every granule of pain turns miraculously into a sparkling diamond of love. #Quote by Noha Alaa El-Din
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#20. Surviving isn't just about cutting out your heart and burning every feeling into ash. Sometimes it means taking what ever is thrown at you, beautiful or grotesque, poisonous or blissful, and carving out your life with the pieces you're given. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#21. Y-You love me?"
Gazing down at her pert nose and the freckles that made him think of an adorable pixie, he felt his throat constrict. "I want you every hour of the day. I can't imagine a future without you in it. The idea of returning to my empty house alone is so hellish that I'd rather wander the world at your heels than be without you. Tell me, is that love?"
She cast him a blazing smile. "It sounds like it."
"Then I love you, my wonderful, sword-wielding, tart-tongued angel. I want you to be my wife. I want you to preside over my table and accompany me to balls and share my bed." A most uncharacteristic happiness surged through him. "And I want to have children with you, lots of them, filling every room in Halstead Hall."
A sudden understanding lit her face. His clever love didn't miss the fact that he was offering her not just himself, but everything else he'd neglected, as well. Everything that he wanted to put to rights. That he needed to put to rights.
"Not filling every room, I hope," she teased, even as tears shone in her eyes. "There are three hundred, after all."
"Then I suppose we'll have to get started right away," he said, matching her light tone. His heart near to bursting, he reached again for the buttons on the back of her gown. "These things should never be left until the last minute."
As a laugh of pure joy bubbled out of her, she began to untie his cravat. "I can see you're going to be quite the lusty husband, aren't you #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Emma Chase
#22. They will eat him alive. On his current course, Henry will fail spectacularly."

My chest constricts so tight it feels like my bones may crack.

Because she's right.

"He won't."

"You don't know that," she swipes back.

"I damn well do! I never would have abdicated otherwise."


"Don't mistake me - I wouldn't have married anyone but Olivia, and I would've waited a lifetime if I had to, until the laws were changed. But I didn't because I knew in my heart and soul that Henry will not just be a good king, he will be better than I ever could've been."

For a moment I don't breathe. I can't. The shock of my brother's words has knocked the air right out of my lungs.

Granny's too, if her whisper is any indication.

"You truly believe that?"

"Absolutely. And, frankly, I'm disheartened that you don't."

"Henry has never been one to rise to the occasion," she states plainly.

"He's never needed to," my brother insists. "He's never been asked - not once in his whole life. Until now. And he will not only rise to the occasion . . . he will soar beyond it."

The Queen's voice is hushed, like she's in prayer.

"I want to believe that. More than I can say. Lend me a bit of your faith, Nicholas. Why are you so certain?"

Nicholas's voice is rough, tight with emotion.

"Because . . . he's just like Mum."

#Quote by Emma Chase
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Pema Chodron
#23. Whole-heartedn ess is a precious gift, but no one can actually give it to you. You have to find the path that has heart and then walk it impeccably ... It' s like someone laughing in your ear, challenging you to figure out what to do when you don't know what to do. It humbles you. It opens your heart. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Ashlan Thomas
#24. Abigail Miller. I, Alexander Wright, already have your heart, as you have mine. I will never stop trying to fall for you until my heart beats as a human does. I will always reach out to hold you, a piece of my soul to make me complete. I will never stop loving you, not even when both of our hands are old and wrinkled. #Quote by Ashlan Thomas
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Robert Stone
#25. There were icons of the Magdalen on the walls and paintings in the Western manner, all kitsch, trash. Mary M., Lucas thought, half hypnotized by the chanting in the room beside him; Mary Moe, Jane Doe, the girl from Migdal in Galilee turned hooker in the big city. The original whore with the heart of gold. Used to be a nice Jewish girl, and the next thing you know, she's fucking the buckos of the Tenth Legion Fratensis, fucking the pilgrims who'd made their sacrifice at the Temple and were ready to party, the odd priest and Levite on the sly.
Maybe she was smart and funny. Certainly always on the lookout for the right guy to take her out of the life. Like a lot of whores, she tended towards religion. So along comes Jesus Christ, Mr. Right with a Vengeance, Mr. All Right Now! Fixes on her his hot, crazy eyes and she's all, Anything, I'll do anything. I'll wash your feet with my hair. You don't even have to fuck me. #Quote by Robert Stone
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Henry Miller
#26. No one asks you to throw Mozart out of the window. Keep Mozart. Cherish him. Keep Moses too, and Buddha and Lao Tzu and Christ. Keep them in your heart. But make room for the others, the coming ones, the ones who are already scratching on the window-panes. #Quote by Henry Miller
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Juliette Cross
#27. For a moment, she could do nothing but stare at the vaulted ceiling, sucking in deep breaths.

She didn't know. Stars above, she didn't know it could feel like this. The attentions she'd given herself had never felt that good. In her dreams, it had never felt that good. But then, it wasn't him in the flesh. Not like now.

Nikolai removed his fingers, then placed a gentler openmouthed kiss on her sex, licking slowly with the flat of his tongue. Sienna whimpered and scooted up the bed, far too sensitive there now.

He gazed up and grinned, licking his bottom lip before he sucked the two fingers he'd had inside of her with a long slide from his mouth. "I could taste you forever."

"My heart would give out in a day," she panted, incredulous he would do and say something so naughty. "Perhaps in an hour."

He chuckled and launched himself up and over her. "I like seeing that flush in your cheeks." He nipped her lips. "And hearing that smile in your voice."

She wondered how he could see anything, but then again, he was vampire. "Well, I like breathing." She panted heavily still. "So give me a moment to catch my breath."

He settled beside her, pulled the covers over them, and wrapped a strong arm around her waist, pulling her over till her head rested on his chest. "Take all the time you need."

His voice was light and airy, unlike his usual brooding self.

She tilted her head toward him. "You #Quote by Juliette Cross
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Gabby Rivera
#28. You'll meet people that you love who fuck up constantly. You'll learn how to weed out the assholes from the warriors. You'll know what groups of people to stay away from because they're not safe spaces for your heart. You'll learn when to forgive human error and when to eradicate the unworthy from your spirit. #Quote by Gabby Rivera
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Cat Clarke
#29. It doesn't get any easier. No matter what they say, time doesn't heal the wound. Time just unravels and shows you new and more painful ways to miss someone. The longer they've been gone, the worse it is. You start to forget their smile or the way they tilted their head when they were confused or the way they looked at you and knew exactly what you were thinking. You can look at them in photos, but it's not even close to the real thing, and pretty soon you feel like your real memories are being replaced by the photo memories - like the only way you can picture them anymore is in one of those photographs. They become two-dimensional, and it rips your heart out whenever you think about it so you really try not to. #Quote by Cat Clarke
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Lorelei James
#30. So suck it up, cream puff, and pour your black heart out, because you know I'm not going anywhere until I either see tears or your gooey marshmallow center. #Quote by Lorelei James
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Jean M. Grant
#31. The scene unfolded before him as though he were a ghost.
His mother stood on the raised stump, her body tied to the tall stake behind her. A pile of wood encircled her feet. Only a small crowd had gathered in the courtyard, despite his father's commands that all should attend. Alasdair sobbed at her feet, calling out to her. The young Alasdair climbed on the pile and clutched her flowing gown. She had been dressed in her finest, not stripped down to her chemise like the handmaid who stood tied to a post beside her. His father had always liked a display. Alasdair's hands reached and passed over his mother's large pregnant belly. With that, she sobbed, too. "Oh, Ali, be good for Momma. I'll see you in the pearly white heaven that God has promised us. Be steadfast, son. Trust your heart."
"Light it," his father ordered. #Quote by Jean M. Grant
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Cornelia Funke
#32. How ridiculous that water ran out of your eyes when your heart hurt. Tragic heroines in books tended to be amazingly beautiful. Not a word about swollen eyes or a red nose. "Crying always gives me a red nose," thought Elinor. "I expect that's why I'll never be in any book. #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Anne Nesbet
#33. It turns out that home is not mostly a place. Home is someone putting her arms around you and saying the words your heart longs to hear: always and everywhere. #Quote by Anne Nesbet
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Gautama Buddha
#34. Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Kalyn Roseanne Livernois
#35. Sometimes you're 23 and standing in the kitchen of your house making breakfast and brewing coffee and listening to music that for some reason is really getting to your heart. You're just standing there thinking about going to work and picking up your dry cleaning. And also more exciting things like books you're reading and trips you plan on taking and relationships that are springing into existence. Or fading from your memory, which is far less exciting. And suddenly you just don't feel at home in your skin or in your house and you just want home but "Mom's" probably wouldn't feel like home anymore either. There used to be the comfort of a number in your phone and ears that listened every day and arms that were never for anyone else. But just to calm you down when you started feeling trapped in a five-minute period where nostalgia is too much and thoughts of this person you are feel foreign. When you realize that you'll never be this young again but this is the first time you've ever been this old. When you can't remember how you got from sixteen to here and all the same feel like sixteen is just as much of a stranger to you now. The song is over. The coffee's done. You're going to breath in and out. You're going to be fine in about five minutes. #Quote by Kalyn Roseanne Livernois
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#36. She threw up her hands. "All right. Why not?"
Why not?"
His arms fell to his sides. "That's it? I pour my heart out. I love you so much I've got freakin' tears in my eyes. And all I get in return is 'Why not'?"
What did you expect? Am I supposed to fall all over you just because you've finally come to your senses?"
Would it be too much to ask?" ... He'd begun to glare at her again, his eyes growing stormier by the minute."When do you think you might be ready? To fall all over me, that is. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Joel Osteen
#37. You've got to listen to what God's telling you and not to what other people may tell you. People will try to talk you out of the dream in your heart. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Giuseppe Bianco
#38. Never let your mind talk you out of what your heart wants. #Quote by Giuseppe Bianco
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Jen Stephens
#39. Search your heart. He's there, Kate. You can ignore Him, try to run and hide from Him, even convince yourself that He's not there, but He promised us that he would never leave or forsake us." He tipped his head to the side. "Kind of like how you promised not to leave Maggie when she was going through labor. Maggie still had to go through it. You couldn't take her pain away, but you were there to hold her hand, to encourage her, to make sure she knew she wasn't alone, and when it was all said and done, something beautiful came out of what she endured. #Quote by Jen Stephens
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Missy Higgins
#40. So the floodgates open, but nothing comes out. I'm feeling no relief in my head, just doubt. But my heart keeps telling me, 'hold your ground. You'll never learn a thing if you bail out now. #Quote by Missy Higgins
Speak Your Heart Out quotes by Charlie Louvin
#41. What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings)

What are those things with big black wings
Circling descending from up over head
Lie to me tell me that they're only robins
Tell me that your love for me will never be dead

Today all the rooms in our home feel like strangers
I wonder what makes me feel so out of place
Why have you suddenly emptied your closets
And why can't you look me in the face

What are those things with big black wings...

You faithfully promised you'd never leave me
You told me your heart have no room for goodbyes
But tell me what makes all this distance between us
And who put that leavin' in your eyes

What are those things with big black wings...
What are those things with big black wings... #Quote by Charlie Louvin

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