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Sparingly quotes by Wendell Berry
#1. If you're a writer and you are at all inclined to speak as a Christian in some way, you realize very quickly that the conventional language is pretty much useless. It takes a long time to get past that, or it has taken me a long time. People in conventional Christianity have spoken lightly and sometimes frivolously of God for a long time. It's a word that needs to be used sparingly, in my opinion. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Sparingly quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#2. I c-c-class p-p-profanity with declarations of love. Best used sparingly and only when wholeheartedly m-m-meant.
-Darlington #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Sparingly quotes by Viola Di Grado
#3. We used electricity only sparingly because we had so little money, and we used our faces to smile only sparingly because happiness wasn't something we did well. #Quote by Viola Di Grado
Sparingly quotes by Jarod Kintz
#4. An ice sculpture in the Sahara makes about as much sense as donkey left open gaping wagon, Sergeant (add cream cheese sparingly). #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Sparingly quotes by Andy Quan
#5. I think the word 'love' should be used sparingly and truthfully. #Quote by Andy Quan
Sparingly quotes by Philippa Gregory
#6. Take care with your words, Jacquetta, especially in cursing. Only say the things you mean, make sure you lay your curse on the right man. For be very sure that when you put such words out in the world they can overshoot-like an arrow, a curse can go beyond your target and harm another. A wise woman curses very sparingly. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Sparingly quotes by Elder Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
#7. Question: How can we consider created matter to be better than us if God has endowed us with a rational mind and has called us His sons?

Answer: If you place your hand over your heart and are entirely sincere with yourself, you will realize that you are indeed less than many created things. Look at the bee, how diligently it labors! It gives of itself without reserve, sparingly. The lifespan of a bee is a month and a half at the most. It often dies working, without going back to its home, the hive. And we? How we pity ourselves and spare ourselves! Or, look at the ant who is never tired of dragging a heavy burden. Even when its burden falls down, the ant patiently picks it up and goes on with its work. As for us, we give up immediately if things do not go the way we want them to! #Quote by Elder Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
Sparingly quotes by Jane Austen
#8. She thought it was the misfortune of poetry, to be seldom safely enjoyed by those who enjoyed it completely; and that the strong feelings which alone could estimate it truly, were the very feelings which ought to taste it but sparingly. #Quote by Jane Austen
Sparingly quotes by James Howell
#9. Feed sparingly and defy the physician. #Quote by James Howell
Sparingly quotes by Mark Twain
#10. The truth is a precious commodity. That's why I use it so sparingly. #Quote by Mark Twain
Sparingly quotes by Tom Robbins
#11. If we're ever going to get the world back on a natural footing, back in tune with natural rhythyms, if we're going to nurture the Earth and protect it and have fun with it and learn from it - which is what mothers do with their children - then we've got to put technology (an aggressive masculine system) in its proper place, which is that of a tool to be used sparingly, joyfully, gently and only in the fullest cooperation with nature. Nature must govern technology, not the other way around. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Sparingly quotes by Pauline Reage
#12. Keep me rather in this cage, and feed me sparingly, if you dare. Anything that brings me closer to illness and the edge of death makes me more faithful. It is only when you make me suffer that I feel safe and secure. You should never have agreed to be a god for me if you were afraid to assume the duties of a god, and we know that they are not as tender as all that. You have already seen me cry. Now you must learn to relish my tears. #Quote by Pauline Reage
Sparingly quotes by Courteney Cox
#13. Sometimes I use Botox. Compared to most, I use it very sparingly. One time I did too much, though. I feel weird if I can't move my face, and that one time I overdid it, I felt trapped in my own skin. #Quote by Courteney Cox
Sparingly quotes by Pauline Reage
#14. Your jealousy does not deceive you. It is true that you make me healthy and happy and a thousand times more alive. Yet there is nothing I can do to prevent this happiness from turning against you. The stone also sings more loudly when the blood flows free and the body is at rest. Keep me rather in this cage, and feed me sparingly, if you dare. Anything that brings me closer to illness and the edge of death makes me more faithful. It is only when you make me suffer that I feel safe and secure. You should never have agreed to be a god for me if you were afraid to assume the duties of a god, and we all know that they are not as tender as all that. #Quote by Pauline Reage
Sparingly quotes by Patrick Suskind
#15. Although he had used it very sparingly, the perfume that he had mixed in Montpellier was slowly was slowly running out. He created a new one. But this time he was not content simply to imitate basic human odor by hastily tossing together some ingredients; he made it a matter of pride to acquire a personal odor, or better yet, a number of personal odors ...
Protected by these various odors, which he changed like clothes as the situation demanded and which permitted him to move undisturbed in the world of men and to keep his true nature from them, Grenouille devoted himself to his real passion: the subtle pursuit of scent. #Quote by Patrick Suskind
Sparingly quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#16. A speech idiosyncrasy, in the same way as an air quote, is really justifiable only if it's employed very sparingly and if the user consciously intends to be using it. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Sparingly quotes by Alex Tabarrok
#17. Patents are like fertilizer. Applied wisely and sparingly, they can increase growth. But if you apply too many chemicals, or make patents too strong, then you can leach the land, making growth more difficult. #Quote by Alex Tabarrok
Sparingly quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
#18. Better beware of notions like genius and inspiration; they are a sort of magic wand and should be used sparingly by anybody who wants to see things clearly. #Quote by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Sparingly quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#19. He that is rich need not live sparingly,
and he that can live sparingly need not be rich. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Sparingly quotes by Austin Kleon
#20. Try it: Instead of keeping a rejection file, keep a praise file. Use it sparingly - don't get lost in past glory - but keep it around for when you need the lift. #Quote by Austin Kleon
Sparingly quotes by Charles Bukowski
#21. I like women who haven't lived with too many men.
I don't expect virginity but I simply prefer women
who haven't been rubbed raw by experience.
There is a quality about women who choose
men sparingly;
it appears in their walk
in their eyes
in their laughter and in their
gentle hearts.
Women who have had too many men
seem to choose the next one
out of revenge rather than with
When you play the field selfishly everything
works against you:
one can't insist on love or
demand affection.
You're finally left with whatever
you have been willing to give
which often is:
nothing. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Sparingly quotes by Craig Childs
#22. Most animals show themselves sparingly. The grizzly bear is six to eight hundred pounds of smugness. It has no need to hide. If it were a person, it would laugh loudly in quiet restaurants, boastfully wear the wrong clothes for special occasions, and probably play hockey. #Quote by Craig Childs
Sparingly quotes by Alice Foote MacDougall
#23. You realize the futility of worry. You learn to hate the small and the little. Life is a pie which you cut in large slices, not grudgingly, not sparingly. You know your limitations and proceed to eliminate them; your abilities, and proceed to develop them. You are free. #Quote by Alice Foote MacDougall
Sparingly quotes by George Soros
#24. We [at Soros Fund Management] use options and more exotic derivatives sparingly. We try to catch new trends early and in later stages we try to catch trend reversals. Therefore, we tend to stabilize rather than destabilize the market. We are not doing this as a public service. It is our style of making money. #Quote by George Soros
Sparingly quotes by Ryan Hall
#25. I race kind of sparingly. #Quote by Ryan Hall
Sparingly quotes by Naomi Novik
#26. She was thinner than she had been. The thing ate only sparingly. Enough to keep Kasia alive, not enough to keep me from watching her wear away, her body growing gaunt and her face hollow-cheeked. #Quote by Naomi Novik
Sparingly quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#27. Annoyance in the Gansey household was like a fine vanilla extract. It was used sparingly, rarely on its own, and was generally only identifiable in retrospect. With practice, one could learn to identify the taste of it, but to what end? There's some anger in this scone, don't you think? Oh yes, I thin a little - #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Sparingly quotes by Frances Hardinge
#28. There was a hunger in her, and girls were not supposed to be hungry. They were supposed to nibble sparingly when at table, and their minds were supposed to be satisfied with a slim diet too. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Sparingly quotes by Lewis Thomas
#29. The commas are the most useful and usable of all the stops. It is highly important to put them in place as you go along. If you try to come back after doing a paragraph and stick them in the various spots that tempt you you will discover that they tend to swarm like minnows into sorts of crevices whose existence you hadn't realized and before you know it the whole long sentence becomes immobilized and lashed up squirming in commas. Better to use them sparingly, and with affection, precisely when the need for each one arises, nicely, by itself. #Quote by Lewis Thomas
Sparingly quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#30. Curse thee, Life, I will live with thee no more! Thou hast mocked me, starved me, beat my body sore! And all for a pledge that was not pledged by me, I have kissed thy crust and eaten sparingly That I might eat again, and met thy sneers With deprecations, and thy blows with tears, ... #Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sparingly quotes by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
#31. An artist must eat sparingly and give up a normal way of life. #Quote by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Sparingly quotes by James Berardinelli
#32. The term "godawful" should be used sparingly in connection with motion pictures. With Angels & Demons , however, it seems oddly appropriate. Not only does this prequel-turned-sequel to The Da Vinci Code make its predecessor seem like a masterwork of pacing and plotting, but it may represent a nadir for director Ron Howard and is probably the worst instance of acting from star Tom Hanks since back in the days when he was struggling out from under the shadow of Bosom Buddies . #Quote by James Berardinelli
Sparingly quotes by Leonard Ravenhill
#33. The law of prayer is the law of harvest: sow sparingly in prayer, reap sparingly; sow bountifully in prayer, reap bountifully. The trouble is we are trying to get from our efforts what we never put into them. #Quote by Leonard Ravenhill
Sparingly quotes by M. Scott Peck
#34. If they love their children parents must, sparingly and carefully perhaps but nonetheless actively, confront and criticize them from time to time, just as they must allow their children to confront and criticize themselves in turn. Similarly, loving spouses must repeatedly confront each other if the marriage relationship is to serve the function of promoting the spiritual growth of the partners. #Quote by M. Scott Peck
Sparingly quotes by Jan Struther
#35. The fact that we are now crusaders needn't blind us to the fact that for a very long time we have been, as Badger would say, echidnas. I can think of a hundred ways already in which the war has "brought us to our senses." But it oughtn't to need a war to make a nation paint its kerbstones white, carry rear-lamps on its bicycles, and give all its slum children a holiday in the country. And it oughtn't to need a war to make us talk to each other in buses, and invent our own amusements in the evenings, and live simply, and eat sparingly, and recover the use of our legs, and get up early enough to see the sun rise. However, it has needed one: which is about the severest criticism our civilization could have. #Quote by Jan Struther
Sparingly quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#36. severed heads,' Cosca was explaining, 'never go out of fashion. Used sparingly and with artistic, sensibility,They can make a point a great deal more eloquently then those still attached. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Sparingly quotes by George Eliot
#37. I think the effective use of quotation is an important point in the art of writing. Given sparingly, quotations serve admirably as a climax or as a corroboration, but when they are long and frequent, they seriously weaken the effect of a book. We lose sight of the writer - he scatters our sympathy among others than himself - and the ideas which he himself advances are not knit together with our impression of his personality. #Quote by George Eliot
Sparingly quotes by George Murray
#38. I think, for me, humour needs to be used like a strong spice - sparingly. #Quote by George Murray
Sparingly quotes by Samantha Young
#39. What must it be like to be loved by him? I imagined it a heady thing, winning the love of a man who offered it so sparingly. #Quote by Samantha Young
Sparingly quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#40. It's a lovely mask," Sara said, toying with the narrow black silk ribbons before tying it in place. Monique had artfully fashioned it out of black silk and lace, and glinting blue sapphires that matched her gown. "I'm not nervous at all." It was true. She felt as if some reckless stranger had replaced her usual cautious self. The midnight-blue gown molded to her figure, cut so low that her breasts seemed ready to spill from the meager bodice. A broad satin sash fastened with a gold buckle emphasized her small waist. The mask covered the upper half of her face but revealed her lips, which Monique and Lily had insisted on darkening with the faintest hint of rouge. Laboriously they had arranged her hair in a cluster of curls on top of her head, allowing a few ringlets to dangle teasingly against her cheeks and neck. A perfume that reminded Sara of roses blended with some deeper foresty scent had been applied sparingly to her bosom and throat.
"A triumph," Monique had declared, gloating over the transformation. "Beautiful, worldly, but still fresh and young... ah, chérie, you will make many conquests tonight!"
"Stunning," Lily had said, beaming with delight. "What a stir she'll cause. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Sparingly quotes by Diane Ravitch
#41. Anyone who truly cares about children must be repelled by the insistence on ranking them, rating them, and labeling them. Whatever the tests measure is not the sum and substance of any child. The tests do not measure character, spirit, heart, soul, potential. When overused and misused, when attached to high stakes, the tests stifle the very creativity and ingenuity that our society needs most. Creativity and ingenuity stubbornly resist standardization. Tests should be used sparingly to help students and teachers, not to allocate rewards and punishments and not to label children and adults by their scores. #Quote by Diane Ravitch
Sparingly quotes by J.K. Rowling
#42. Because if taken in excess, it causes giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence,' said Slughorn. 'Too much of a good thing, you know . . . highly toxic in large quantities. But taken sparingly, and very occasionally . . . #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Sparingly quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#43. Kissed. Cath loved that word. She used it sparingly in her fic, just because it felt so powerful. It felt like kissing to say it. Well done, English Language. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Sparingly quotes by Sandy Vaile
#44. Backstory is like a flavour you can't quite pick, lurking in the layers of a curry. You know it's there and it enhances the flavour, but it's intangible and fleeting. Use it sparingly! #Quote by Sandy Vaile
Sparingly quotes by Bill Murray
#45. I think we're all sort of imprisoned by - or at least bound to - the choices we make ... You want to say no at the right time and you want to say 'yes' more sparingly. #Quote by Bill Murray
Sparingly quotes by Philippa Gregory
#46. Ill wishing is a curse on the woman who does it, as well as the one who receives it. When you put such words out in the world, they can overshoot-like an arrow. A curse can go beyond your target and harm another. A wise woman curses very sparingly. I would hope that you never curse at all."
"Bless you my daughter, and may you remain pure in heart and get your desires. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Sparingly quotes by Mitt Romney
#47. We use Ann sparingly right now so that people don't get tired of her. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Sparingly quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#48. When the Europeans conquered America, they opened gold and silver mines and established sugar, tobacco and cotton plantations. These mines and plantations became the mainstay of American production and export. The sugar plantations were particularly important. In the Middle Ages, sugar was a rare luxury in Europe. It was imported from the Middle East at prohibitive prices and used sparingly as a secret ingredient in delicacies and snake-oil medicines. After large sugar plantations were established in America, ever-increasing amounts of sugar began to reach Europe. The price of sugar dropped and Europe developed an insatiable sweet tooth. Entrepreneurs met this need by producing huge quantities of sweets: cakes, cookies, chocolate, candy, and sweetened beverages such as cocoa, coffee and tea. The annual sugar intake of the average Englishman rose from near zero in the early seventeenth century to around eighteen pounds in the early nineteenth century. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Sparingly quotes by Max Brooks
#49. Public support must be husbanded as a finite national resource. It must be spent wisely, sparingly, and with the greatest return on your investment. #Quote by Max Brooks
Sparingly quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#50. Cheese and salt meat, should be sparingly eat. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Sparingly quotes by Roxane Gay
#51. I followed many conversations about what happened in Norway and the death of Amy Winehouse because they happened one after the next. Too many of those conversations tried to conflate the two events, tried to create some kind of hierarchy of tragedy, grief, call, response. There was so much judgment, so much interrogation of grief - how dare we mourn a singer, an entertainer, a girl-woman who struggled with addiction, as if the life of an addict is somehow less worthy a life, as if we are not entitled to mourn unless the tragedy happens to the right kind of people. How dare we mourn a singer when across an ocean seventy-seven people are dead? We are asked these questions as if we only have the capacity to mourn one tragedy at a time, as if we must measure the depth and reach of a tragedy before deciding how to respond, as if compassion and kindness are finite resources we must use sparingly. We cannot put these two tragedies on a chart and connect them with a straight line. We cannot understand these tragedies neatly. #Quote by Roxane Gay
Sparingly quotes by Kiersten White
#52. Honestly, Evie," I huffed, flopping back to the centre of my bed and glaring at the ceiling. "Why don't you whine some more instead of actually doing anything?"
"Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness," Arianna volunteered, leaning on the frame of my open door.
"Yeah, so's seeing things no one else can, but people seem to like that about me."
"Good point. Odds are, you've been crazy for years now. I'm probably nothing more than a figment of your imagination."
"If that were true, I'd imagine you as less of a slob."
She sighed. "Isn't it sad that you hate yourself so much you can't even dream up a pleasant roommate?"
"Not as sad as the fact that you admit how bad you suck as one."
Flashing a wicked grin, she narrowed her eyes. " I'd use the term 'suck' sparingly around me. Don't want to go planting ideas in my pretty, dead head."
I threw a pillow at her. #Quote by Kiersten White
Sparingly quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#53. Severed heads never go out of fashion. Used sparingly and with artistic sensibility, they can make a point a great deal more eloquently than those still attached. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Sparingly quotes by Carlos Castaneda
#54. For a warrior, to be inaccessible means that he touches the world around him sparingly. And above all, he deliberately avoids exhausting himselfand others. He doesn't use and squeeze people until they have shriveled to nothing, especially the people he loves. #Quote by Carlos Castaneda
Sparingly quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#55. The more sparingly we make use of nonsense, the better. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Sparingly quotes by Jan Struther
#56. It oughtn't to need a war to make us talk to each other in buses, and invent our own amusements in the evenings, and live simply, and eat sparingly, and recover the use of our legs, and get up early enough to see the sun rise. #Quote by Jan Struther
Sparingly quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#57. Think health, eat sparingly, exercise regularly, walk a lot, and think positively about yourself. #Quote by Norman Vincent Peale
Sparingly quotes by Sharon Law Tucker
#58. Give your trust sparingly and only to those who have earned it. #Quote by Sharon Law Tucker
Sparingly quotes by Paul Arden
#59. Being right is based upon knowledge and experience and is often provable. Knowledge comes from the past, so it's safe. It is also out of date. It's the opposite of originality. Experience is built from solutions to old situations and problems. The old situations are probably different from the present ones, so that old solutions will have to be bent to fit new problems (and possibly fit badly). Also the likelihood is that, if you've got the experience, you'll probably use it. This is lazy. Experience is the opposite of being creative. If you can prove you're right you're set in concrete. You cannot move with the times or with other people. Being right is also being boring. Your mind is closed. You are not open to new ideas. You are rooted in your own rightness, which is arrogant. Arrogance is a valuable tool, but only if used very sparingly. Worst of all, being right has a tone of morality about it. To be anything else sounds weak or fallible, and people who are right would hate to be thought fallible. So: it's wrong to be right, because people who are right are rooted in the past, rigid-minded, dull and smug. There's no talking to them. #Quote by Paul Arden
Sparingly quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#60. Of course we did other things too. We walked. We talked. We rode bikes.
Though I had my driver's license, I bought a cheap secondhand bicycle so
I could ride with her. Sometimes she led the way, sometimes I did. Whenever
we could, we rode side by side.
She was bendable light: she shone around every corner of my day.
She taught me to revel. She taught me to wonder. She taught me to laugh.
My sense of humor had always measured up to everyone else's; but timid
introverted me, I showed it sparingly: I was a smiler. In her presence I
threw back my head and laughed out loud for the first time in my life #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Sparingly quotes by Juanita M. Kreps
#61. I think we should never underestimate the power of women's threats. If you have ever faced an angry group of women, you know that it makes one very nervous. How can we get groups of women to act in such ways as to make corporations nervous? I should like us to use this method sparingly; but it can be used. #Quote by Juanita M. Kreps
Sparingly quotes by William Strunk Jr.
#62. Nice. A shaggy, all-purpose word to be used sparingly in formal composition #Quote by William Strunk Jr.
Sparingly quotes by Christiana Figueres
#63. We have already used more than half of that budget. This means that three quarters of the fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground, and the fossil fuels we do use must be utilized sparingly and responsibly. #Quote by Christiana Figueres
Sparingly quotes by Harold B. Lee
#64. There are promises of protection in the Word of Wisdom. The Lord's word of wisdom commanding abstinence from a worldly "king's portion" of tobacco, tea and coffee, and alcoholic beverages that are habit-forming, and which counsels the simple diet of fruits, grains, and vegetables in season, with meats used sparingly, has been given you as a revelation of God's great law of health. It stands today as a challenge to a world surfeited with things condemned as unclean and unfit for the human body.

If you have faith as the youthful Daniel and his brethren and purpose in your hearts that you will not defile yourselves with "king's meat and wine," even though you may be two thousand miles east of the Suez Canal, your faith will have the reward of hidden treasures of knowledge, of strong bodies that can "run and not be weary and walk and not faint." If by faith in this great law, you refrain from the use of food and drink harmful to your bodies, you will not become a ready prey to scourges that shall sweep the land, as in the days of the people of Moses in Egypt, bringing death to every household that has not heeded the commandments of God. #Quote by Harold B. Lee
Sparingly quotes by Ted Kooser
#65. I like the idea of there being times when even words cost so much you used them sparingly. I have known a lot of old men and women who talked as if they were paying Western Union by the word. #Quote by Ted Kooser
Sparingly quotes by Dexter Palmer
#66. She was fast approaching thirty, and with that impending birthday the way she thought of her own life was beginning to change. When she was twenty, she thought of people in their thirties as, well, old: after all, they had lived as long as she had and half as long again, and so they must have been tired, with the beginnings of aches in their bones and the first intimations of their own mortality.

But the peculiar horror of growing older was not what she expected. In fact, she felt the same age as she had eight years ago, and twenty-eight years of life had managed to compress themselves into a life-span that once comfortably held twenty. It wasn't that she was getting older, but that the years were getting shorter, and were therefore more precious. You had to use them sparingly. #Quote by Dexter Palmer
Sparingly quotes by John Calvin
#67. God sometimes bestows his bounty more profusely, and, at other times, more sparingly, upon his children, according as he sees it to be most for their good; #Quote by John Calvin
Sparingly quotes by John Green
#68. As far as I can tell, there are two basic (kissing) rules: 1. Don't bite anything without permission. 2. The human tongue is like wasabi: it's very powerful, and should be used sparingly. #Quote by John Green

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