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Famous Quotes About South Sudanese

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South Sudanese quotes by John Prendergast
#1. All South Sudanese deserve consistent and unimpeded humanitarian assistance, regardless of if they live in areas held by rebel or government forces. #Quote by John Prendergast
South Sudanese quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#2. A leaf does not resist the breeze. A goose does not resist the urge to fly down south. Is this not happiness? Is this not freedom? To access this incredible state, we need only one thing: Trust. Trust that, when you are not holding yourself together so tightly, you will not fall apart. Trust that it is more important to fulfill your authentic desires than listen to your fears. Trust that your intuition is leading you somewhere. Trust that the flow of life contains you, is bigger than you, and will take care of you - if you let it. #Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
South Sudanese quotes by Bill Hader
#3. I tried to get people at 'South Park' into 'Downton Abbey,' and it didn't work. I think they were like, 'Downton Abbey?' What?' And I kinda made a big plea in the writer's room, like, 'Guys, you should really watch it. It's good. It's addicting. My wife and I are obsessed with it.' #Quote by Bill Hader
South Sudanese quotes by Kit Williams
#4. The rabbit is significant in that the handle on the original South Pointing Chariot was carved in the form of a rabbit. Because the handle extended out front it meant that wherever the rabbit went the chariot had to follow. #Quote by Kit Williams
South Sudanese quotes by Richard Wright
#5. I was leaving the South
to fling myself into the unknown ...
I was taking a part of the South
to transplant in alien soil,
to see if it could grow differently,
if it could drink of new and cool rains,
bend in strange winds,
respond to the warmth of other suns
and, perhaps, to bloom #Quote by Richard Wright
South Sudanese quotes by Julie James
#6. Like a shot from a movie, the morning sun shone brilliantly around him like a god - his dark hair glinted warmly in the light, and his eyes gleamed bluer than the south Pacific Ocean.
Taylor's mind went blank. And suddenly, she couldn't remember why the hell she ever had been angry with Jason Andrews.
But then he spoke.
"Sleeping in this morning, Ms. Donovan?" he drawled.
Moment over. #Quote by Julie James
South Sudanese quotes by Tony Curran
#7. I've been lucky. I don't for a minute take for granted the good fortune I have had. You don't like to get ideas above your station, especially a boy from the south side of Glasgow. #Quote by Tony Curran
South Sudanese quotes by Brian Cox
#8. Even the Australians don't know how beautiful their own country is. Particularly where we were shooting 'The Straits.' Most of my stuff was done on an aboriginal settlement on the south shore, opposite Cairns, which I believe was the site where the last person was eaten in Australia. #Quote by Brian Cox
South Sudanese quotes by Henry Rollins
#9. The history of apartheid-era South Africa is incredibly sad and at times infuriatingly incomprehensible. #Quote by Henry Rollins
South Sudanese quotes by Jenny Nordberg
#10. Posing as someone, or something, else is the story of many women and men who have experienced repression and made a bid for freedom. It is the story of a gay U.S. Marine who had to pretend he was straight. It is the story of a Jewish family in Nazi Germany posing as Protestants. It is the story of a black South African who tried to make his skin lighter under apartheid. #Quote by Jenny Nordberg
South Sudanese quotes by Anonymous
#11. Statues and street names honoring Confederates are common sights in the South. Fears by some South Carolina whites that such tributes would be erased forced a compromise in a 2000 law that removed the Confederate flag from the statehouse dome in Columbia. The law also said no historical memorial may be "relocated, removed, distributed or altered" without legislative approval. #Quote by Anonymous
South Sudanese quotes by Kate Harris
#12. But when Polo travelled through the South Caucasus in the thirteenth century, he visited Silk Road territories long since vanished or metamorphosed, such as Lesser and Greater Hermenia, Turcomania, Georgiana, and Zorzania. 'Names are only the guests of reality,' the Chinese sage Hsu Yu noted in 2300 BCE, suggesting that borders are little more than collective myths--fictions that a certain number of people, for a certain period of time, believe are fact. #Quote by Kate Harris
South Sudanese quotes by Richard Rodriguez
#13. The first book by an African American I read was Carl T. Rowan's memoir, Go South to Sorrow. I found it on the bookshelf at the back of my fifth-grade classroom, an adult book. I can remember the quality of the morning on which I read. It was a sunlit morning in January, a Saturday morning, cold, high, empty. I sat in a rectangle of sunlight, near the grate of the floor heater in the yellow bedroom. And as I read, I became aware of warmth and comfort and optimism. I was made aware of my comfort by the knowledge that others were not, are not, comforted. Carl Rowan at my age was not comforted. #Quote by Richard Rodriguez
South Sudanese quotes by Nelson Mandela
#14. The time will come when our nation will honour the memory of all the sons, the daughters, the mothers, the fathers, the youth and the children who, by their thoughts and deeds, gave us the right to assert with pride that we are South Africans, that we are Africans, and that we are citizens of the world. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
South Sudanese quotes by John Prescott
#15. Down in the south, it's how we find the brownfield sites without taking too much land take to meet the tremendous demand for housing, and that's what I've done. #Quote by John Prescott
South Sudanese quotes by G. Edward Griffin
#16. [ ... ] it is generally accepted that the Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery. That, at best, is a half-truth. Slavery was an issue, but the primary force for war was a clash between the economic interests of the North and the South. Even the issue of slavery itself was based on economics. #Quote by G. Edward Griffin
South Sudanese quotes by Harper Lee
#17. All the little man on the witness stand had that made him any better than his nearest neighbours was that, if scrubbed with lye soap in very hot water, his skin was white. #Quote by Harper Lee
South Sudanese quotes by Margot Lee Shetterly
#18. Black newspapers and their readers wasted no time in making the link between America's inadequacy in space and the dreadful conditions facing many black students in the South. "While we were forming mobs to drive an Autherine Lucy [the black woman who integrated the University of Alabama in 1956] from an Alabama campus, the Russians were compelling ALL children to attend the best possible schools," opined the Chicago Defender. Until the United States cured its "Mississippiitis" - that disease of segregation, violence, and oppression that plagued America like a chronic bout of consumption - the paper declared, it would never merit the position of world leadership. An editorial in the Cleveland Call and Post #Quote by Margot Lee Shetterly
South Sudanese quotes by Isabel Wilkerson
#19. Many immigrants do not talk about what they endured back home. They were fleeing that world, and when they left they didn't want to talk about it because there had been pain and heartbreak under the caste system of the South. They didn't want to burden their children with what they had endured. #Quote by Isabel Wilkerson
South Sudanese quotes by Bharati Mukherjee
#20. Where, in Heaven's name, could anyone even be alone in Calcutta? What hanky-panky business, in my mother's words, could go on? Everyone knew the rules and the rules stated caste and community narrowed the range of intimate contact. #Quote by Bharati Mukherjee
South Sudanese quotes by Letta Mbulu
#21. I knew South Africa was going to change; you can't keep people down forever. It's unnatural. Somehow something had to crack, and it did. #Quote by Letta Mbulu
South Sudanese quotes by Edmund Kirby Smith
#22. I have broken all ties that bind me to the (U.S.) Army, not suddenly, impulsively, but conscientiously and after due deliberation. I sacrifice more to my principles than any other officer in the Army can do. I would rather carry a musket in the cause of the South than be commander-in-chief under Mr. Lincoln. #Quote by Edmund Kirby Smith
South Sudanese quotes by Judith Miller
#23. Saddam's forces had leveled about four thousand villages and killed some 180,000 Kurds in Anfal - a "counterinsurgency gone wild," I wrote.16 Thousands had been shot and buried in mass graves. Others had starved to death in desert prisons, or been gassed in Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan, where between 3,500 and 5,000 civilian adults and children had died on a single day in March 1988. Saddam had used chemical weapons against the Shiites in the south, but his attack in Halabja remains the world's largest chemical attack against a civilian-populated area in history. #Quote by Judith Miller
South Sudanese quotes by George Gordon Byron
#24. Gwynned lies two days westwards; still further south, the weregeld calls. Mayhap with All-Father Woden's favour, my deeds may yet inspire the skalds. #Quote by George Gordon Byron
South Sudanese quotes by Jill Leovy
#25. It was an evil thing, as the pastor had said. The Monster arose from what was meanest and most vicious in human nature. But the dark swath of misery it cut across generations of black Americans was a shadow thrown on the wall, a shape magnified many times the size of its source because of a refusal to see the black homicide problem for what it was: a problem of human suffering caused by the absence of a state monopoly on violence.

The Monster's source was not general perversity of mind in the population that suffered. It was a weak legal apparatus that had long failed to place black injuries and the loss of black lives at the heart of its response when mobilizing the law, first in the South and later in segregated cities. The cases didn't get solved, and year after year, assaults piled one upon another, black men got shot up and killed, no one answered for it and no one really cared much. #Quote by Jill Leovy
South Sudanese quotes by Strom Thurmond
#26. Segregation in the South is honest, open and aboveboard. Of the two systems, or styles of segregation, the Northern and the Southern, there is no doubt whatever in my mind which is the better. #Quote by Strom Thurmond
South Sudanese quotes by Voltaire
#27. Miss, you are seventy-two percent noble and don't have a cent. Whether or not you marry the greatest lord in South America - who has an extraordinarily handsome mustache - is entirely up to you. #Quote by Voltaire
South Sudanese quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#28. Magical realism is a blending of the unusual or supernatural into an otherwise ordinary setting. And, to me, this perfectly describes the South. 'The Sugar Queen' involves a lot of magical happenings, but in a very down-home Southern setting. It's full of things that could almost be true. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
South Sudanese quotes by P. W. Botha
#29. We do not want chaos in South Africa. #Quote by P. W. Botha
South Sudanese quotes by Stefano Gabbana
#30. We don't think only men can be powerful and strong. Behind the heads of the Mafia, the leaders of culture, there are always very strong women. European culture is a matriarchy, especially in the south. The women have a lot of power. #Quote by Stefano Gabbana
South Sudanese quotes by Kola Boof
#31. I wrote about my life just as I remembered it. I named names and it's very detailed. Hundreds of Sudanese refugees and people from Africa say that my journey is very similar to theirs. #Quote by Kola Boof
South Sudanese quotes by Damon Galgut
#32. South Africa is highly politicised; even small issues become politicised, and it becomes quite bitter. #Quote by Damon Galgut
South Sudanese quotes by Isabel Wilkerson
#33. It would take more than fifteen years before most of the South conceded to the Brown ruling and then only under additional court orders. #Quote by Isabel Wilkerson
South Sudanese quotes by Jimmy Carter
#34. Building confidence and constructive relations between Sudan and South Sudan is urgent #Quote by Jimmy Carter
South Sudanese quotes by Mitchell Burgess
#35. Our avian brothers are back to roost on the first leg of their annual sojourn south. Why them and not us? Maybe it's because we humans are meant to be rooted in one spot. #Quote by Mitchell Burgess
South Sudanese quotes by Nelson Mandela
#36. We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
South Sudanese quotes by J.D. Robb
#37. I'd rather lie bare-assed naked on the sidewalk and be trampled by tourists from South Dakota than be an accountant. #Quote by J.D. Robb
South Sudanese quotes by Antonio Guterres
#38. The international community has to overcome its differences and find solutions to the conflicts of today in South Sudan, Syria, Central African Republic and elsewhere. Non-traditional donors need to step up alongside traditional donors. As many people are forcibly displaced today as the entire populations of medium-to-large countries such as Colombia or Spain, South Africa or South Korea, #Quote by Antonio Guterres

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