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Soushi I Love quotes by Faraaz Kazi
#1. I inhale loneliness like it is the sweet smell of virgin earth conquered by fiery rain drops. Within me, I'm a thousand others. #Quote by Faraaz Kazi
Soushi I Love quotes by Ben Whishaw
#2. I love the characters I've had the opportunity to play. #Quote by Ben Whishaw
Soushi I Love quotes by David Levithan
#3. I can't pretend to know what love is. It just is. #Quote by David Levithan
Soushi I Love quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#4. I love life more than I love death. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Soushi I Love quotes by Karen Robards
#5. You need to eat more." ( ... )
"Then I'd get fat, and you wouldn't like me."
Johnny tweaked her nose in teasing response and shifted her into a more comfortable position with her back against his chest. Her head lolled against his shoulder, and his arms hugged her waist before they were settled to his satisfaction. Rachel, spellbound, cast a sideways glance up and back to find that his eyes on her face were as bright and hot as the clear August sky overhead.
"You still don't get it, do you, teacher? I'd like you any way I could get you, any way at all. Besides, I bet you'd be cute fat. A little round dumpling. #Quote by Karen Robards
Soushi I Love quotes by Samuel Beckett
#6. I didn't understand women at that period. I still don't for that matter. Nor men either. Nor animals either. What I understand best, which is not saying much, are my pains. #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Soushi I Love quotes by Dominic Monaghan
#7. I'd love to play a gangster but I think people might say I looked a bit too young and cheeky to play a character who'd just blown someones head off! #Quote by Dominic Monaghan
Soushi I Love quotes by Michelle Goncalves
#8. I like to think that love is like a rose. A rose that is beginning to sprout is like a person feeling love for the first time. It will grow in time as the couples interact and along the way, they may hurt themselves by the thorns of pain and misunderstanding. But it is all worth it to see the rose in full bloom as the two share their true love.
What happens after that is unknown. The rose may last forever and create others, or it may wither away and start anew. #Quote by Michelle Goncalves
Soushi I Love quotes by Kelly Oram
#9. If anybody fell for anybody in the last few months it was me. I love her, Aiden. #Quote by Kelly Oram
Soushi I Love quotes by Heather M. Orgeron
#10. Soft touches turn frantic. Gentle kisses become bruising. Rapid breaths progress to sensual moans. I allow the moment to completely take me; getting lost in the way her body responds to mine. #Quote by Heather M. Orgeron
Soushi I Love quotes by Melissa Haag
#11. If I'd spoken, even just one word, I would have never been able to hold back what I feel for you. You would have run. #Quote by Melissa Haag
Soushi I Love quotes by James Hannah
#12. It doesn't mean I'm not thinking it. I always feel a bit defeated when I have to follow up with "I love you too". It's like the sequel to a film: I Love You and I Love You Too. You know the second one's always going to be a predictable reworking of the first. #Quote by James Hannah
Soushi I Love quotes by Danielle Steel
#13. Perfume is like a personal signature, which is why I like to mix my own. For years I've paired Femme by Rochas with Shalimar and love the results. #Quote by Danielle Steel
Soushi I Love quotes by Drew Chadwick
#14. Love is priceless. And all I really want is a good night kiss. So if tears were diamonds, more valuable gold, then a fortune in the corners of my eyes I would hold. #Quote by Drew Chadwick
Soushi I Love quotes by Jonathan Carroll
#15. Dogs are minor angels, and I don't mean that facetiously. They love unconditionally, forgive immediately, are the truest of friends, willing to do anything that makes us happy, etcetera. If we attributed some of those qualities to a person we would say they are special. If they had ALL of them, we would call them angelic. But because it's "only" a dog, we dismiss them as sweet or funny but little more. However when you think about it, what are the things that we most like in another human being? Many times those qualities are seen in our dogs every single day
we're just so used to them that we pay no attention. #Quote by Jonathan Carroll
Soushi I Love quotes by Todd Haynes
#16. I think that's what I love about glam-rock. It invited you to participate. It asked you to change yourself in all these different ways, or offered up all these options. #Quote by Todd Haynes
Soushi I Love quotes by Brigitte Bardot
#17. Solitude scares me. It makes me think about love, death, and war. I need distraction from anxious, black thoughts. #Quote by Brigitte Bardot
Soushi I Love quotes by Billy Joel
#18. Well I never had a place that I could call my very own/That's all right, my love, 'cause you're my home. #Quote by Billy Joel
Soushi I Love quotes by Gregory Colbert
#19. Letter 4

As I lay dreaming, Montezuma introduced himself and put his hand on my shoulder. The palm of the Aztec king felt like ancient papyrus.
When I looked up at him, I saw that his nose was chipped like that of a sphinx. His arms were like long ivory ropes that frayed into hands.
He led me down to the river, where we sat together and shared the river's silence. Then he spoke:
„Allow me to tell you my story. It may help you understand your own.
At dusk, in the year of one thousand rivers, the Spanish explorer Cortés arrived at the gates of my city. I welcomed him with open arms.
I showed Cortés hundreds of aviaries that had built in the city, and finally I took him to the most aviary of sighs. These birds carried only love letters.
Cortes laughed and said that all the bird songs made him feel like a virgin bride who is drunk with faith as she walks down the aisle of the church. On her wedding night, she undresses for her husband and he takes her in his arms. She believes everything is possible.
When Cortés stared straight into my eyes and said 'It is a night that is always colored in blood'." He paused for a long time before he spoke. Then he said, „Cortés returned with a small army of soldiers on horseback. When they ransacked the city, I was Cortes's own hand that lit the torch that set fire to the aviary of sighs.
The fires raged. The birds painted the blue sky black with the ashes of their wings. The gardens were redde #Quote by Gregory Colbert
Soushi I Love quotes by Candice Olson
#20. I simply love classic design when it's reinterpreted. These collections reflect the spirit of this design philosophy; clean pared down lines and forms rooted in tradition yet made to feel new and modern with unexpected or stylized scale, finishes and detailing. This contemporary take on tradition creates a look that's at once current yet timeless, fresh yet familiar ... the essence of both beautiful design and a beautifully designed home. #Quote by Candice Olson
Soushi I Love quotes by Akiane Kramarik
#21. The Dreamfence

kittens wait to jump into my dreams
each time I visit heaven
they jump over a dreamfence
red clouds are ready for loving
as I love
my love paints my cats
our minds are somehow stuck together
as we dream together
of our own heaven
amd after tjeu cir; i[
inside my sweater
we knit our own heavens. #Quote by Akiane Kramarik
Soushi I Love quotes by Gillian Jacobs
#22. For me, I really love 'Tim and Eric' and 'Dr. Steve Brule' and a lot of the Adult Swim shows, so I like strange, weird, sometimes slightly upsetting humor. #Quote by Gillian Jacobs
Soushi I Love quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
#23. Every second of everyday I still love them, and I won't believe they are dead until I see it for myself. #Quote by Shannon A. Thompson
Soushi I Love quotes by Mindy Warshaw Skolsky
#24. My favorite thing in the world to do is read a book. I read Heidi, which I love, then I read another book, then I read Heidi again. If I stopped reading Heidi in between the other books, I'd be able to read twice as many books, but the thing is I like reading Heidi. So I do. #Quote by Mindy Warshaw Skolsky
Soushi I Love quotes by David Nicholls
#25. The sad fact is that I love Dickens and Donne and Keats and Eliot and Forster and Conrad and Fitzgerald and Kafka and Wilde and Orwell and Waugh and Marvell and Greene and Sterne and Shakespeare and Webster and Swift and Yeats and Joyce and Hardy, really, really love them. It's just that they don't love me back. #Quote by David Nicholls
Soushi I Love quotes by Monica Drake
#26. Ooo la la! That kiss was fine, and it was full of all the words I didn't need to say. #Quote by Monica Drake
Soushi I Love quotes by Patti Roberts
#27. I live precariously through my characters - so I want them to be loved passionately, live vibrantly, love unconditionally. Make friends they would die for - Explore unimaginable possibilities from all warps of life. And to never forget those that held their hands when life got scary. Wiped their tears away after a broken heart. Helped them back on their feet when others let them down. I want my characters to have family and friends - just like mine #Quote by Patti Roberts
Soushi I Love quotes by Jarod Kintz
#28. A flowing flurry of flowers fell to the floor when I fell in love, as if my heart were a garden that gushed forth and flooded her being with the fragrance of romance. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Soushi I Love quotes by John Steinbeck
#29. I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is indestructible. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Soushi I Love quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#30. Oh, it's you," Sebastian said in a tone of mild surprise, seeming to ponder how he had ended up kneeling on a bathroom rug with his wife in his arms. "I was prepared to debauch a resisting servant girl, but you're a more difficult case."
"You can debauch me," Evie offered cheerfully.
Her husband smiled, his glowing gaze moving gently over her face. He smoothed back a few escaping curls that had lightened from ruby to soft apricot. "My love, I've tried for thirty years. But despite my dedicated efforts..." A sweetly erotic kiss grazed her lips. " still have the innocent eyes of that shy wallflower I eloped with. Can't you try to look at least a little bit jaded? Disillusioned?" He laughed quietly at her efforts and kissed her again, this time with a teasing, sensuous pressure that caused her pulse to quicken. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Soushi I Love quotes by Billy Joel
#31. Sweetness flows from your appearance and your beauty makes me fall more in love with you. Anytime I feel low, I think about the good times you have given me and everything seems good again. #Quote by Billy Joel
Soushi I Love quotes by Dwight Edgar Abbott
#32. I saw a bunch of kids who needed love and acceptance and to be allowed to live as normal children, instead of having to fight to conceal their misery, fear, and weakness. #Quote by Dwight Edgar Abbott
Soushi I Love quotes by Sappho
#33. Peer of gods he seemeth to me, the blissful
Man who sits and gazes at thee before him,
Close beside thee sits, and in silence hears thee
Silverly speaking,
Laughing love's low laughter. Oh this, this only
Stirs the troubled heart in my breast to tremble!
For should I but see thee a little moment,
Straight is my voice hushed;
Yea, my tongue is broken, and through and through me
'Neath the flesh impalpable fire runs tingling;
Nothing see mine eyes, and a noise of roaring
Waves in my ears sounds;
Sweat runs down in rivers, a tremor seizes
All my limbs, and paler than grass in autumn,
Caught by pains of menacing death, I falter,
Lost in the love trance. #Quote by Sappho
Soushi I Love quotes by Anthony Trollope
#34. I do not know whether there be, as a rule, more vocal expression of the sentiment of love between a man and a woman, than there is between two thrushes. They whistle and call to each other, guided by instinct rather than by reason. #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Soushi I Love quotes by Laila Ibrahim
#35. But I know a good man make life more sweet. Someone to hold you and love you, someone to share your dreams with, someone kind and thoughtful. A good man's a treasure. #Quote by Laila Ibrahim
Soushi I Love quotes by Jack Whitehall
#36. I love stand-up, but the process of writing is a little more lonely. I want to keep doing both, though. #Quote by Jack Whitehall
Soushi I Love quotes by D.B. Reynolds
#37. Cyn stepped up and grasped his sweater in her fist, pulling his face down to hers. I love you more than life, Raphael. But I won't be dismissed like some piece of fluff whenever it's convenient. #Quote by D.B. Reynolds
Soushi I Love quotes by Ron Funches
#38. I love a good Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple, and I had to give those up. And Philly cheesesteaks. I love Philly cheesesteaks, and now they really aren't around anymore. #Quote by Ron Funches
Soushi I Love quotes by Zelda Fitzgerald
#39. Don't you think I was made for you? I feel like you had me ordered - and I was delivered to you - to be worn. I want you to wear me, like a watch-charm or a buttonhole bouquet. #Quote by Zelda Fitzgerald
Soushi I Love quotes by Rupert Murdoch
#40. So long as I can stay mentally alert - inquiring, curious - I want to keep going. I love my wife and my children, but I don't want to sit around at home with them. We go on safaris and things like that. I can do that for a couple of weeks a year. I'm just not ready to stop, to die. #Quote by Rupert Murdoch
Soushi I Love quotes by Sarah Curtis
#41. Who was that?"

"A one-night stand that didn't want to let go."

Alexis looked over the sea of people, trying to find the woman. "There seems to be a lot of those."
"Too late to change my past now, but if I could, I would."

Alexis gave him a disbelieving smirk. "Are you saying, if you could have changed things, you would've waited for me?"

He gave her his wicked grin. "I'm saying I would have found you sooner. #Quote by Sarah Curtis
Soushi I Love quotes by Thomas Jane
#42. I'm a really huge fan of the old romantic comedies from the '30s and '40s ... Huge fan. I love all that stuff. #Quote by Thomas Jane
Soushi I Love quotes by Vera Jane Cook
#43. It was perfect. The birds and the sky and the yellow leaves of Autumn. This was what it was, this life. It was tenuous and frail and yet fraught with beauty, and with beauty comes sadness. If you opt in to loving then you opt in to being human, to having your heart break a million times over. It's a circle of sorts. The more you go round the more laughter you find, the more laughter, the more joy, the more sadness. That is what life is. I felt something warm in my heart and I reached for Angus' hand. #Quote by Vera Jane Cook
Soushi I Love quotes by Mariel Hemingway
#44. I was taken by the romanticism of being thought of as an adult and living in a world that was completely new to me. I fell in love with acting then. #Quote by Mariel Hemingway
Soushi I Love quotes by Rahul Yadav
#45. I promise you that i won't promise you anymore.,,, #Quote by Rahul Yadav
Soushi I Love quotes by Jenim Dibie
#46. I write to create a sky where the moon can touch the sun and not get burned. #Quote by Jenim Dibie
Soushi I Love quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
#47. I vow I am, and always will be, constant and faithful in my love for you, Anais. Nothing you or anyone else does shall alter these feelings. I am forever loving, forever waiting, forever yearning ... forever yours. #Quote by Charlotte Featherstone
Soushi I Love quotes by Ella Dominguez
#48. All I think about is you." He moves my hand to his chest and I feel his heart beating rapidly against my palm and his eyes gloss over. "I love and live for only you." Then he guides my hand down to his crotch. He's completely erect and his dick is pressing firmly inside his slacks. "I want only you," he says as he presses his forehead against mine. God I love this man. #Quote by Ella Dominguez

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